Who is Mohanji?

Mohanji’s State of Mind


Yashik Singh

The Many Faces of Moahnji.
The Many Faces of Moahnji.

As our spiritual master, we need to emulate Mohanji in every way. We see him smiling, laughing, in deep concentration, playing cricket, engaging in deep meditation and doing the mundane activities of life. During all of these times, irrespective of the activity that he is doing, he is always calm. I remember times when Gurudeva was here in South Africa and I was panicking because we were late or if something was not working out and in all of this Mohanji was always calm. While I was rushing and driving somewhere, Mohanji was calmly staring out of the car window. While I was panicking that someone late, Mohanji was sitting in the lounge with his eyes closed, patiently waiting. Now that I reminisce about these moments, I wonder what was going on in Mohanji’s mind at those moments that allowed him to be so calm amidst the busy environment.

Mohanji has never preached that one must give up living in the world and retire to a forest and live your days under a tree. In fact, he teaches the opposite. He asks you to live in the world, work, earn a living, interact with all those around you, but in spite of all these activities, your inner space should be calm and clean. You inner space should be bursting with spiritual light, so much so, that even in the busiest of markets, you are still. I see this in Mohanji. Even at the busiest of times, he eyes reflect only calmness. How does he do this? What is his mind thinking about all the time, so that, even while amidst a huge crowd of people pushing and screaming while walking to the riverbank to do prayers, Mohanji is so calm? Is he occupying his mind with a secret mantra? He is continuously using his mind to visualise Lord Shiva or some calming image like mountains or a lake? Is he continuously thinking about his mission and the seva foundation? Understanding this, to me, is a step closer to merging with Gurudeva’s consciousness and reaching the goal of moksha.

Who can fathom what the eyes of a Master see?
Who can fathom what the eyes of a Master see?

The activity of the mind can be measured with sophisticated equipment available to us in this day and age. But in order to measure this, we need to understand a little about the brain. The brain is made up of millions of connections called neurons. Whenever we do anything, the neurons discharge an electrochemical signal, that activates other neurons and cause them to discharge an electrochemical signal, which in turn causes other neurons to discharge more electrochemical signals. Thus, even the smallest of movements, will cause millions of neurons to synchronously discharge electrochemical signals. The electrical component of these signals can be measured using sensors on the scalp of the head. This is called an electroencephalogram or an EEG. So this means that if you blink, millions of neurons produce and electric current or brain wave that can be measured. If you are afraid you produce a brainwave that can be measured. Every thought, every emotion, every activity or movement of the body, will produce a brainwave that can be measured.

Figure 1: EEG waves shown at different times.
Figure 1: EEG waves shown at different times.

There are normally four types of waves that are produced by our mind/brian. These are called Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta. Alpha waves are normally produced when you are relaxed and when you are in a state of complete rest. These waves change to Beta waves when you engage in an activity like walking or even thinking ordinary random thoughts as we all do at every second. Most of us are always thinking about something or the other…. What work do we have to do, what we did yesterday, what are the plans for tomorrow etc. Theta waves occur during when you are meditative or when you are between the awake and sleep state. Delta waves only occur during a very deep sleep when you are completely detached from your surroundings. These waves are shown in figure 1.

Living in a world that allows access to portable EEG machines is a great blessing. A scientist in Belgrade, Dr Goran R, contacted Mohanji to actually measure his brain wave functions. He came to test Mohanji at a random time, without giving Mohanji any time to prepare in any way. Mohanji did not have any time to do pranayama or meditation. He quickly attached the electrodes of the portable EEG machine onto strategic places on Mohanji’s head. He measured Mohanji’s brainwaves during a completely awake state and during the time he was meditating. The electrode positioning is shown in Figure 2. The results are shown in Figures  3 – 5.

Figure 2: Shows the electrode positioning on Mohanjis head
Figure 2: Shows the electrode positioning on Mohanjis head

Figure 3 shows that there is definitely lots of activity that happens in the third eye region. The closer the activity colour is to red, the more activity is registered by those electrode sensors. The red, yellow, green and cyan colours show lots of activity in the third eye. What is of significant interest is that only the Delta and Theta waves register activity. This is indicative that waves being produced are the ones when you are in a deep meditative state and you are detached from your surroundings. No Beta waves were read. This shows that there are no waves being created by thoughts. This is astounding! This implies that Mohanji has no thoughts the way we do. He does not think about the past or the future, no thinking about who offended him, no regrets… He has no thoughts at all. This was also confirmed in Figure 4. Only waves produced by a meditative state and a detached state were found. No waves from a busy mind were recorded.

Figure 4: Shows the activity at the crown chakra
Figure 3: Showing the different brainwaves at the third eye region
Figure 3: Showing the different brainwaves at the third eye region

Figure 5 also produced very surprising results. Hardly any overall activity was recorded in the external electrodes. The only time a reading was measured was during the time of physical movements, like blinking. Again, this is scientific proof that there is no thought activity happening in Mohanji’s mind. This type of activity is only found in deep meditation, indicating that Mohanji is ALWAYS in a deep meditative state.

Figure 5: Shows the activity on the various electrodes on Mohanjis head
Figure 5: Shows the activity on the various electrodes on Mohanjis head

This state of no-mind that is one of the major characteristics of Mohanji has been proven beyond a doubt using technology of today. When Mohanji speaks of moving to a “mindless” state, it is not just theory from the Vedas. It comes from direct experience. So how does Mohanji operate? He operates purely from his consciousness. He works from that formless bliss state that we call God. He always tells us “in the depth of silence you can hear the voice of God”.

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  1. Dear All, how can i meet Mohan ji, i live in Delhi ……… is there a way that i can reach him and tkae his blessings …….Regards


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