Mohanji, the Brother in Truth: “Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai”

Author: Sujata Joshi, UK


Mohanji, The Brother in truth 1 Mohanji quote - fire of awareness

I was at Subhasree’s, after a troublesome period of experiencing energetic disturbances in my sleep. It did happen during the day as well. Eventually I chose to receive Mai Tri method as a last resort to help settle things. Subhasree explained to me that it was important to be open to receive, whichever way Mohanji chooses to work through you.

I prayed to Mohanji, “Let me know whatever you want me to know.”

You see, I was experiencing separation from my guru, who guides me from beyond. This caused me to feel abandoned and unwanted. I prayed to Him before I came to London, “Please, I need confirmation. I need to know You are with me and that I am loved.”

My intuitive guidance was blurred at this point and I had doubts about my own guru, who recently broke His own image and caused many people to be upset. I know gurus do that! They have harder tests than us! They have to break every bond in order to move to higher realms of spiritual heights!

I knew my guru was a high being, but I had no physical contact with Him, only strong intuitive guidance, which connected me to His consciousness like an umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to the mother.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 2 fire of awareness

My guru is very strongly linked to Mohanji.

Mohanji’s presence during the healing was palpable. He actually was there! Very gentle. Very soothing! As healing energies began to flow, my tears started to roll!

My guru was there! He was always there! He never left! His funny, witty, loving, flirtatious, even naughty, presence was unmistakable!

I had no doubt, He was with me, I was still loved and protected, despite my various outbursts and doubts about Him, He loved me beyond judgements and conditions my mind had set about His image! I remembered Mohanji’s messages. “A master is never bound by our mental frames. Trust Him! Because the mental frames will keep on breaking!” I bowed to both my gurus and asked for blessings.

Rights and wrongs are man-made! They change.

God isn’t bound by man-made laws of the society.

My Guru showed me the image of Lord Krishna with the chariot wheel, charging at Bhishma, despite His vows of non-involvement in the battle. He broke His own image to protect His disciple, Arjuna!


Such is Guru’s love for us. In truth, we are all Arjuna. We just doubt ourselves and forget we are loved!

I am so blessed to receive this communion through Mai Tri method.

I am writing this account for those of us who might have felt disconnected or abandoned by the guru at times. It is not easy to cope with that! Though the real guru is our own soul, we need the external guru to connect us within.

Mohanji has always been there to rescue me. Even before I knew about Him!

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 5 fire of awareness - Manasarovar lake - devotion

I received clarity later, much later, as my healing actually continued for days after. I was still in bliss, sleeping soundly, eating well and generally getting deeper and deeper in solitude of the loving embrace of my spiritual mother, my guru. Days later I recognised.

In my mind’s eye, was the question, why do I call Him (Mohanji) my brother?

Mohanji had rescued me from being an exotic dancer, hundreds of incarnations back. He had called me his sister since then!

Beloved brother, in deep love and gratitude.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 6 - silence - quote - more eloquent than words


3 thoughts on “Mohanji, the Brother in Truth: “Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai”

  1. On HANUMAN jayanti recently i experienced a kind of strong signal that yes very soon Mohanji’s physical presence is nearing in my life.

    1)A recent first time visit to Shridi

    2)Dinner at a vegan restaurant,Ahimsa where I was quietly listening to my fellow travellers talking to the chef who is a disciple of Mohanji told us he is an engineer by profession and was only doing seva as Mohanji’s instructions.

    3)with not much thinking picked by a flyer about Mohanji before leaving the restaurant.

    4)After 8 years of knowing and visiting Baba’s temple in my home town, guwahati,Assam I got an opportunity to visit Baba for the first time in Feb 2018.

    5)in almost a decade now Baba took me in a wonderful spiritual experience from visiting Brahma kumaris centre to Swami Kaleshwar ashram in penukonda learning yantra and mantras;to learning chakra healing from yoga prana vidya to learning iyengar yoga classes; to kriya yoga ;to coming across reading great books; to observing fast, rituals, seva to visiting power spots Shaktipeeth, jyotirling the list is on and on and on..
    Tantra, mantra, kriya, hatha, raja,bhakti almost all kinds of yoga Baba helped me experience all.

    Baba playing a role of a inner Guru amidst all these amazing experience somewhere i was yearning for a physical presence of a Guru though I cherish every moment the presence of non physical GURU all the way till now.

    And now from some 2 weeks or so ago somewhere knowing about Mohanji is like filling the vacuum and yearning of so long .
    I was able to connect the dots and figure out what and where Baba’s message is for me after my Shridi visit.

    Looking forward for a reply if I could join the scheduled himalayan September 2018 trip.

    Much love and gratitude

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