Guru Purnima Celebration Worldwide 2022

With unity, stability and determination, we express our gratitude to Mohanji through serving the world and thus taking it to something higher and more glorious. We express unconditional love, compassion, kindness, selflessness, and non-violence in our daily life. We always ask, “Is there something I can do for you?”, “Can I help you?”, “Is there something which we can do to make the life of the people around us better? etc. Many platforms express these true values ad add value to society. Our activities intensified on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima.

Global Platform Organisations

Here are some glimpses into the activities that took place on the occasion of Guru Purnima.





Global Program

Satsang with Mohanji

“Guru Purnima serves as a reminder of our possibility in this lifetime. The highest possibility. The possibility where you can achieve a state of extreme stability and stillness, which cannot be disturbed by any aspect of life around us.” – Mohanji 

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Watch Guru Purnima celeration in Datta Tapovan


A humble offering from Mohanji Farsi Team at the lotus feet of Mohanji Baba

Happy Guru Purnima Father

Guru Stotram with Farsi translation


Salutations are to that guru who showed me the abode, the one who is to be known, whose form is the entire universe and by whom all the movable and immovable are pervaded.

Salutations are to that guru who opened the eye of one blind due to the darkness (cover) of ignorance with a needle coated with the ointment of knowledge.

Salutations to that guru who is the Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer, who is the limitless one.

Salutations are to that guru who showed me the one to be known, who permeates whatever is movable, immovable, sentient, or insentient.

Salutations to that teacher who showed me (by teaching) the One to be known, who is but Awareness, and who is the pervader of all three worlds comprising the sentient and insentient.

Salutations are to that guru who is the Sun to the lotus of Vedanta and whose lotus feet are made radiant by the jewel of all Srutis (Upanishads).

Salutations are to that guru who is Awareness, changeless (beyond time), who is peace, beyond space, pure (free from likes and dislikes), and who is beyond the manifest and the unmanifest (Nada, Bindu, etc.).

Salutations are to that guru who is rooted in the knowledge that is power, adorned with the garland of Truth, and who is the bestower of the joy of liberation.

Salutations are to that guru who, by bestowing the knowledge of the self, burns up the bondage created by accumulated actions of innumerable births.

Salutations are to that guru; the perennial flow of wisdom from the one rooted in the vision of the sruti, dries up totally to the ocean of transmigration (samsara) and reveals the essence of all wealth (the freedom of want).

There is nothing superior to the knowledge of Truth, nothing higher than the Truth, and there is no purifying austerity better than the Truth; salutations to that guru.

Prostrations to that guru who is the Lord of the Universe, my Teacher, who is the Teacher of the Universe, who is the Self in me, and the Self in all Beings.

Salutations are to that guru who is the beginning and the beginningless, who is the highest Deity and to whom there is none superior.

O God of all gods, you alone are my mother, father, kinsman, friend, knowledge and wealth. You are everything to me.

United Kingdom

Mohanji UK family got together at the Quakers Hall, Rayners Lane, on the evening of 13th July to celebrate Guru Purnima together.

It was an exciting moment that the team came together again at the venue of our usual meditation center which had stopped over 2 years since Covid lockdown, and also meeting again just after the recent programs with Mohanji during his visit to the UK.

Many participants across the country who couldn’t join this physical gathering joined via Zoom online platform.

Everyone gathered and offered their respect to Guru through the Guru Paduka Puja amidst the chanting of Guru Paduka Stotram chant.

Then a series of devotion songs were sung by many devotees that filled in some emotional moments too, with a feeling of Mohanji’s presence.

Subhasree Thottungal, Mohanji Acharya, then spoke about the essence and significance of celebrating Guru Purnima and how this is in perfect synchronicity with Mohanji’s core teaching, “BE YOU”.

Chairman Vijay Ramanaidoo then spoke about the true meaning of connecting to Guru via selfless service, and he gave the example of the Act4Ukraine project. He also announced the new project of “ACT4SRILANKA” that the team has taken up, inspired by Mohanji.

Many devotees then shared their experiences of their journey with Mohanji, and their transformation.

Finally, everyone offered Aarati to Mohanji and then it was time to enjoy the home-cooked delicious vegan prasad that everyone had made and brought with so much love.

Devotion, music, motivation, emotion and scrumptious food – it was a complete platter of contentment and satisfaction for all.

An event celebrated well!


On this beautiful, sunny, auspicious day of Guru Purnima on a land surrounded by water which made it even more auspicious to include all 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Either, as an honouring to all the Masters we have conducted a sacred Homa fire ceremony.

Whoever was there was able to write down on a paper everything they would like to eliminate from their life and burn it in the fire, which helps reduce the karmic burden of this lifetime.

Kannaiah and Lennart from GKS Nederlands made it even more beautiful with chanting the sacred chants while the rest were meditating in silence.

Letting go of past heaviness and ready for a new fresh start in life the day ended with an amazing sunset and prasad made by the lovely ladies from Shri Lanka.

13 July, a beautiful, sunny, special day, the day of Guru Poornima we were on a country in Onderdijk, surrounded by water which made it even better to experience all the 5 elements Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Either. To honour all the Masters we held a sacred Homa fire ceremony.

Everyone who attended could write down on a piece of paper everything they would like to remove from their lives and burn it in the fire, which helps reduce the karmic burden of this life .

Kannaiah and Lennart of GKS Nederland made it even more beautiful by reciting the Sri Rudram while the rest meditated in silence.

Ended the day with a beautiful sunset and prasad made by the lovely ladies of Sri Lanka .

Denmark and Nepal

On Guru Purnima Mohanji Denmark, together with Mohanji Nepal, arranged annadan in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu Nepal, through our ACT4Hunger volunteers in Nepal.

In Denmark, we have community charity dinners for the benefit of underprivileged people in Nepal on a bi-weekly basis. This is a wonderful way to socialize and introduce Mohanji platforms to more people.

But for the special day, people from across the world within the Mohanji family eagerly contributed because they understood that feeding the Sadhus and disabled people living in the Pashupatinath temple area on the auspicious day of Guru Purnima was an opportunity of a lifetime.

The team served 300 kilos of dry rations to the Sadhus and disabled people in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Each ration package contained 10 kgs of rice, dahl, tea, sugar and ginger.

“Serving sadhus and needy people with rations gave great satisfaction. Getting blessings on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima from Sadhus made my day! Thank you, Mohanji Family, for organising Annadaan and giving me chance to serve them and get blessings. I would love to be part of your other further programs. Thank you.” Said Volunteer Manoj.


This year we celebrated Guru Purnima in Split. Helena Bjelaković, Mohanji Acharya, held a program of Conscious Mantra Chanting and Conscious Dancing. At the beginning of the program, Ivana Surya, a student of the Himalayan School of Traditional Dance, held a short Kathak dance. For the first time in Croatia, participants from other cities (Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Nova Gradiška, Barcelona) took part in the program via Zoom. At the end of the program, we performed Arti and stayed to enjoy the wonderful energy that connected us.
ACT Croatia team visited farm animals sanctuary ‘Grgin konak’ and donated 39 kg of animal food. In Split, ACT Croatia volunteers cooked 40 vegan meals for homeless people. ACT volunteers in Pula visited a shelter for the homeless and donated 34 kg of fruits. (See ACT Foundation below)


On 13th July, full moon day, in a joyous atmosphere, full of love and comradeship, we marked Guru Purnima – Day dedicated to gratitude to all teachers. This year, we celebrated this day in Mohanji Centres in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

All attendees enjoyed the dance performance by the Himalayan School of Traditional Dance. This type of dance which represents a unity of dance movements with deeper meaning and carefully selected music led us through ancient India. There was also mantra chanting, experience sharing and transformations that people experienced with him.

In Belgrade, the celebration was enriched with the performance and songs by the Lotus band, and in Novi Sad, by Natalija Mejandzijev.

Everything was spiced up with delicious vegan snacks – how else could it be?


On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, Spanish website has been launched

Kindly share it with your Spanish-speaking friends.

South Africa

Shiri Sai Baba ashram in Nonoti, Stanger


Chanting was happening across India



ACT Foundation

Himalayan School of Traditional Dance

Vedic Kids

On the occasion of Guru Poornima, the two groups of Vedic Kids had programs as offerings to the Guru Parampara.

Early Birds Club

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, the Early Birds Club Balkans website was launched.

Individual expressions of gratitude

By Giselle Mehta from India:

On Guru Poornima this year, I appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge the Guru’s presence in my life,  with a focus on the previous year.

My connection with the Guru has been an immense reassurance amidst the dangers and desolation of nights when I venture out to feed animals. I discern his handiwork in difficult acts of animal rescue and welfare activities that happen within my circle.

A desire of mine to attend a Mohanji program in Shirdi was fulfilled with the retreat in December 2021. It was an even bigger dream come true when Mohanji and family briefly stopped by at my home in Mangalore on the way back from their visit to the Kollur Mookambika temple. Mohanji and his lovely group spent some time on the beach adjoining my house. A week later, on New Year’s day 2022  there was an unusual natural phenomenon. My daughter and her friend had got into the water when they were suddenly surrounded by schools of fish and a pod of dancing dolphins. There have been no dolphin sightings that have been reported in this stretch of waters. I would term it the “Mohanji effect”- a gift of cosmic connection to a family of animal lovers from a spiritual figure who stands out in rare empathy for all beings. Awed…

In December, I commenced Bharatanatyam classes with HSTD. I was apprehensive about this bold leap having sustained fractures in both my ankles in the recent past. The fracture in my left ankle had not fully healed and I walked with a limp. My initial classes were with elastic bandages on; I  feared  the vigorous stamping and leg movements might hamper healing and aggravate injury. But my determination to avail the learning opportunity was strong and I surrendered to the Guru to get me through the challenges of each class. After a few classes, I shed the bandages and forgot about my injuries. My limp is a thing of the past, and I feel I now walk with a spring in my step. I  look forward to my weekly tryst with classical dance mentored by my lovely teachers and the subtle presence of the Guru.

The Empowerment programs I attended online propelled me into an active mode in some pending  areas of personal passion. The journey to discover and value one’s personhood  is indeed a precious  and practical takeaway. Love and Gratitude for each day’s growth in  consciousness…

By Farshad from USA

By Ruchika Gandhi from India:

When I try to look for words, I find only stillness and deep joy within.
When I try to think how best to express my feelings, I only find to serve all beings and witness their smiles.
And then I find You are in me and everyone around me.
When I think of you, I think of me
When I think of me, I think of you.
When this you and me is dissolved, the ocean of unfathomable love is born.
When I seek outside, you tell me to seek within. And then when I seek within, I lose everything.

Gratitude father for everything. Words may not be able to describe the grace and blessings you have showered on me and my family. Thank you for receiving me, loving me, guiding me and showing me the path of light within and without. Love you deva. Pranams at thy lotus feet.

By Sandra Sankar from South Africa:

I feel you everywhere beloved Parabrahma swaroopa Mohanji… in this restless world and in the very tapestry of nature. I am you. You are ME. So, I’ve learned to BE myself. I am the dust beneath your lotus feet and in all dimensions. I am learning to love myself and become the epitome of unconditional love like you. Let there be peace and freedom in this world with your grace and may we all attain our highest potential as KIND humans. Love love love you back mere pyaare Baba.

By Elham from USA

Mohanji Baba, I’m eternally grateful for your existence on this earth in this period of time. I don’t know how my life could be without you in my life. I cherish each one of many blessings that you shower on me in every moment. There’s no word to describe your greatness, kindness, compassion and love. You are unlimited ocean of love that everyone can get filled as much as they take and still you stay unaffected, such generosity. Always stay at your lotus feet.

By Nikolina Kasovic from Spain:

Beloved Guru, gratitude to all what you are giving is behond this world, love that you are sharing greatly, cannot be described with words! I love you and will continue to walk with you! Jai Mohanji!Beloved Guru, gratitude to all what you are giving is behond this world, love that you are sharing greatly, cannot be described with words! I love you and will continue to walk with you! Jai Mohanji!

Tashmin Ramesseur from South Africa:

Pranaams and humble prostration at your Lotus feet ShriGuruji.  I bow down at the Lotus feet of ShriGuruji on this auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima to express my Gratitude for always being with me and for all that you do for my family and I and most importantly for Empowering us
in all ways.  Love, Light, Healing and Blessings.  Wishing you a very Happy Guru Purnima. 

By Kamla Pillay from South Africa:

By Hamid from Iran

I am shifting.

All my soul is ready to dissolve in your consciousness.

Please hold my hand.
Please Fill me with your consciousness.
Please guide me.
Please accept me.
Please grace me.

You sitting in my heart center.
You are singing.

Every bit of my soul and being loves you.


Jai Mohanji

By Palak Mehta from India:

I don’t remember the day I was born, but I remember the day I found out why thanks to Mohanji! And it made my life complete.
Blessed are those who meet a true Master to guide them to find themselves.
It takes lifetimes to even recognise a true Master. He found me, and rescued me from my aimless, destructive self and guided me to light. I’m so grateful to have met Him in this life!

By Swami Bhaktananda from South Africa:

I asked myself how do I thank the person who has changed everything in my life. How do I thank the person that saved me from my own mind? How do I thank the person that saved me from so much pain, that I did not even know was there?

And I don’t really know. I don’t know how to say thank you for saving me when had no self-value. I don’t know how to say thank you to the person that held me together when my parents died. I do not know how to say thank you to the person who stood by me when I was alone.

All I can say now is I love you. All I can say is Happy Guru Poornima. All I can do is prostrate to you feet with all my heart.

By Smriti Mathur from Australia

By Ulla Bernholdt from Denmark:

Mohanji the Ultimate Sacrifice

How can I speak of the stature of my Guru?
I never knew him.
The most ordinary of men but still not a man.
I can only speak about my experience.

Mohanji, when I first met you, in an instant, you gave me everything I could ever think of.
Still, you keep giving and only giving. Never asking for anything in return.

No desire of mine is too big, too small or too silly.
To you, it’s all the same.
You sacrificed your own life so that I can have a life of fulfilment and transformation, ensuring I don’t need to return.

You are there for me through time and space.
Even in my dreams, you are there, always serving me.
When not possible in the daytime you allow me to be with you in my sleep.

My biggest desire is to serve you
But how is that possible?
You never needed anything from me.

Please let me serve you through thousands of mouths of those in need.
May I only see your face and your feet in everyone I meet.

Father, I bow at your holy feet on this Guru Purnima and every day.

My deepest respect and Love,

By Jyothi Bahl from India:

Amidst deep gratitude to our Guru Mohanji, the devotees rejoiced with love and happiness. On the occasion of Guru Poornima Miraculously, mid-way during the Bhajans, water (jal) manifested on Mohanji’s photograph as a blessing and acceptance of prayers. The devotees sang with astonishment, gratitude and increased devotion.

By Nirupma Chowdhary and Natesh Ramsell

An updated version of Nirupma’s song with a couple additional verses and words honoring Mohanji. Text by Nirupma Chowdhary and music by Natesh Ramsell.

The Journey of the Ring: From Baba’s Boy to Baba’s Son

Written by Biljana Vozarevic and Dirk van de Wijngaard

Biljana V.

Biljana and Mohanji

This year’s Guru Purnima (13th July 2022), a group of close and dedicated volunteers from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia and the Netherlands, gathered at the Mohanji Centre in Novi Sad to be in Mohanji’s presence. I also had the great privilege to celebrate this auspicious and joyous occasion with our beautiful Mohanji family. During the function, we gave Mohanji flowers, fruits and other offerings to express gratitude for his divine presence in our lives.

We also bowed down and touched his feet to physically demonstrate our surrender with deep love to his all-encompassing consciousness. I realised the deeper meaning of touching a Master’s feet. It denotes our surrender to rid of ownership, release our burdens and set an intention for our vision and ultimate life purpose. Thus, we can stay focused on achieving and expressing our highest while keeping our egos under control. It does not matter whether we bow down physically in Mohanji’s presence, in front of Mohanji’s image or even mentally. Can it be any simpler?

Touching and kissing the lotus feet of Mohanji, my Guru, Guardian, Guide and Goal, is the greatest gift I can get in all my past, present, and future lives. May He always permit me to be the servant of His servants, nothing more, nothing less.” – Dirk

When we gave our offerings to one of his assistants, he accepted it with a smile and gratitude, yet detached and disinterested. He blessed the offerings and later had them distributed among the assembled people. The pure intention of gratitude, respect and love in our hearts mattered more than our offerings. Sincerity and receptivity were the most precious gifts we offered from hearts melting in gratitude. In return, we received something precious beyond lifetimes, taking us to liberation and complete dissolution. I felt his occasional subtle smiles reveal his inner joy at the transformation he effected as he worked on us.

I realised that he cared not whether we gave him a million dollars or just a flower. From my Consciousness Kriya initiation as a fresher to the many times I volunteered as a photographer at various programs during my decade-plus association with him, Mohanji always behaved the same way. The growth of the mission has not changed him in any way. He always showed the same detachment and dispassion to avoid contamination by name, fame, adulation, wealth, and other Maya’s (the grand illusion) traps.

As Sai Baba has said (from the book ‘Sai Satcharita’- Chapter 13), “Though I have become a Fakir, have no house or wife, and though leaving off all cares, I have stayed at one place, the inevitable Maya teases Me often. Though I forgot Myself, I cannot forget Her. She always envelops Me. This Maya (illusive power) of the Lord (Shri Hari) teases God Brahma and others; then what to speak of a poor Fakir like Me? Those who take refuge in the Lord will be freed from Her clutches with his grace”.

When one is highly active in adding value to the world and increasing humankind’s awareness to being kind humans, one has to contend with opposing forces who aim to keep all beings in suffering and illusion. They even try to corrupt or contaminate Masters, trying to do good in the world, and, if that does not work, destroy them. The Masters of the Tradition know that and support Mohanji’s mission because it is the need of this time – to raise Earth’s vibration and re-establish dharma. Mohanji does this on a wide scale through various platforms that support the many varied and unique expressions of 7.5 billion people on the planet. He reminds people of their full potential and urges them to be themselves. 

One of the function attendees was Dirk van de Wijngaard from the Netherlands. He had lived with Sathya Sai Baba and is now Mohanji’s staunch devotee who is in deep loving communion with Mohanji all the time. Dirk says, “Sai Baba and Mohanji are one and the same. Mohanji is my all-in-one Guru (spiritual Master). If I pray to Krishna, Mohanji will appear as Krishna; if I pray to Radha, Mohanji appears as Radha, and so on. In my meditation, I can see everyone in Him! Mohanji is not his body, just as Krishna, Rama, Jesus etc., were not limited to their respective forms. Mohanji only uses his body so that you can experience His light, presence, guidance, and divine love. Mohanji can also come to love or test your devotion in any form – a bird, cat, dog, crazy man, beggar, weird person, etc. When you become a serious full-time devotee, you will always feel Mohanji’s presence and will never be alone anymore!”

Guru Poornima at the Mohanji Centre, Novi Sad

During the function, Dirk related his extraordinary experiences with Sathya Sai Baba and Mohanji. Before leaving, Mohanji asked us to continue our experience sharing. Then Dirk told us more stories. I could feel how Mohanji was working through him. His rhythm, tone, cadence and messages were similar to Mohanji. Dirk illustrated his learnings with examples from his life. Surprisingly, Dirk had never listened to Mohanji before Mohanji’s program in the Netherlands the previous month. A few of Dirk’s messages follow.

The following message from Mohanji has been the guiding principle in my life, “Turn pain into purpose. All successful people who have excelled in something had some pain in life.”

Do not be arrogant, self-important, or egoistic; else, life will pull you down. Be humble always. He related the following story to elucidate the point better. A lorry driver, proud of his earnings of fifteen thousand rupees, looked down upon rickshaw drivers who earned barely fifty rupees. This went on for a while. Once while driving, he was laughing at the rickshaw drivers when a bee entered his mouth and stung him. The piercing pain shocked him, and he lost control over the lorry. The lorry turned over, and it was severely damaged. When he filed damage claims with the insurance company, the officer inquired, “How did the accident happen?”. He responded, “A bee entered my mouth and stung me.” The officer replied, “Your insurance does not cover this.” He ended up paying his entire salary for the damages. That is how life orchestrates events to humiliate arrogant or conceited people.

Be Humble

In many cases, we don’t know what we need, what is good for us or our eligibility. Hence, we ask for the wrong things or get much less than we can receive. Masters give us what we need, not what we desire. They always give us more than what we deserve and our eligibility. Hence, it is best to leave it to the Master to decide what is best for us. Mohanji always emphasises the need to be focused in our approach. He says, “When you knock on one door countless times, you are a seeker. When you knock on many doors, you are a beggar. Follow One Master – One Path – One System – One Goal.”

A baby cries when hungry, thirsty, tired, or demanding attention. Who attends to it? Usually, the mother or father. If the baby is alone, other people would say, “Oh, no, someone’s baby is crying.” Similarly, who responds when you pray while sad, desperate, or eager for divine presence? Your Master! Because your Master connects to you through the love in your heart. Remember that when you pray to all Masters, nobody is responsible, and hence, none may come to help. If you pray to one Master, they come to help you, just like parents do for their aggrieved baby.

Your deep connection to one Master ensures grace from all Masters since they are one consciousness. Any Master suitable to provide the necessary help may show up. It is similar to your parent’s close family and friends being available to help you because they love your parent and, consequently, their child – you. Were it not for the parents, their close friends and family have no connection to you.

An Answer to my Longing

In striving to be one with Mohanji, a wish had crept in and kept growing. I was longing for regular communication with him and working under his direct guidance, as I did ten to twelve years ago. I already have responsibilities in his mission to lead or work as a member of several global teams. By connecting with Mohanji, I can see what is needed and attend to it or start new initiatives. But this desire was torturing me. I often wondered how to get closer to the fire (Mohanji). Instead of longing for a merger, the Maya-induced separation, slithering like a snake, entered my mind. I didn’t tell anyone about it, nor was I consciously aware of it much.

Translating Dirk’s talk filled me with profound wonder and awe. He told us about his sudden unplanned trip to Novi Sad. He wanted to spend Guru Purnima (13th July) sitting in a corner in silence in Mohanji’s blissful presence. On 9th July 2022, around 3.30 a.m., when Dirk was in deep meditation, Mohanji telepathically told him, “Dirk, I want you to be with me on Guru Purnima. ” Dirk asked, “For silent meditation, Mohanji?” Mohanji replied, “Yes.”

Dirk wondered how to arrange finances to buy flight tickets from the Netherlands to Belgrade and accommodation in Novi Sad. A friend offered to pay for the tickets, and the Mohanji community arranged for his stay. With all obstacles removed, Dirk came to Serbia on 12th July for the first time in his life. Yet, he felt that he had been there in previous lives. In the early morning, as usual, Dirk got up at 2.30 a.m., took a bath, recited his prayers and mantras, and made a beautiful flower garland for Mohanji for Guru Purnima. Later, Mohanji, his staff and Dirk travelled by train to Belgrade and arrived there early in the morning.

Dirk had planned to be in complete silence the whole day! But funnily enough, Mohanji invited him to talk about his experiences at all the sessions. Man proposes, God disposes. Dirk spoke several times in different cities. He held the audience spellbound as they listened to him in rapt attention. People were eager to hear about his experience with Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba, and Mohanji. Masters orchestrate events based on dharmic purpose, i.e. the cosmic order, not personal desires. 

Mohanji told us about Shirdi Sai Baba’s appearance in different forms after the prana pratishtha (ritual to infuse an idol with the deity’s energy) of his idol in the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in South Africa. The first time he came as a beggar who spoke perfect English, sat down but asked nothing. Mohanji directed one of the team members to donate clothes and a blanket to him. Later, when Mohanji was having a meal, he heard a voice, “You are eating inside, while I am hungry outside.” He looked outside and saw a dog. Realising it to be Shirdi Sai Baba in a dog’s form, Mohanji asked someone to feed the dog well. Thus, he impressed upon the audience to serve all beings with equal love and respect since deities and Masters can appear in any form.

After Dirk had related his experiences with Sathya Sai Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba and Mohanji, Mohanji turned to me and said, “See! We don’t talk via WhatsApp or any other way. It is all telepathic communication.” Thus, he addressed my longing. I realised that I should strive to communicate with him within- through meditation, Kriya or just deep silence. It was a wake-up call. A huge relief as I understood that Mohanji is always with me. There is no need to see or communicate with him. Of one heart, we communicate internally, and the message clarity will improve with time as I tune in more and more. This ‘innernet’ communication is not bound by time, space, or even the body. I am grateful for that forever.

In this regard, Dirk sounded out a warning, “Please remember- ABC: Always Be Careful. Many mentally sick or selfish, egoistic people may say, “Mohanji speaks through me”. They tell you nice stories or what you may want to hear, offer Shaktipat or promise enlightenment. Some may even ask for money in return. Never believe them. Stay single-pointedly focused on Mohanji, who only wants your love through duty, discipline and sincere devotion. You can achieve the highest through sincere and honest prayers and selfless service to the poor, helpless, needy, animals, flowers, trees, birds and fishes. Just thinking of Mohanji can make your heart warm and the tears flow. Be assured that Mohanji is always with you and gives the darshan in the ashram of your heart.”

He continues, “Mohanji is all Gurus, all deities, all beings – Dattatreya, Krishna, Rama, Sarada Devi, Radha, Parvati, etc. Mohanji’s divine love is always available to those who need pure divine guidance. If you love him, you need nothing else. Only as full-timers can you experience his stature and purity. Your connection and dedication make Him responsible for you. He is helpless before those who surrender completely to him. He has been watching over us over many lifetimes and has come here only to take us back to our real home. Surrender 100% and live his teachings – you will never be alone anymore. I have spoken about my life story (given below) to inspire everyone to become full-timers and unconditionally connect to Mohanji’s lotus feet. Never question where He takes you because if you become a full-time devotee, you are already home! There is no need to go anywhere else.”

In addition to Dirk’s comments, I would close with this word of caution mentioned by Mohanji in his book, ‘The Silence of Shiva’

“Let me make one thing clear. This body, existing today, is called Mohanji, and it will remain so till my last breath. People may confer titles before or after this name, but the name stays the same. This body is not Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Sai Baba, or Jesus. These are names of bodies (of certain people) of the past. Their consciousness is certainly One, eternal and eternally available. Hence, one can connect to them effortlessly. One may see the reflection of their object of connection in me. That does not make me that object. There could be resemblances and character similarities, but one is certainly not the other. A son may resemble the father, but he is not his father. Do not be affected by or connected to me while imagining or thinking of this as someone else’s body. That will lead to disillusionment and disappointment. Do not be disillusioned.”

Dirk van de Wijngaard

Dirk and Mohanji

At just eight years, I lost my mother. She was raped and murdered. Sorrow and grief rent my heart, tearing me apart and accumulating immense pain and heaviness. My drunkard father always scorned me. At twenty-nine, my wife eloped with my ‘best’ friend. After she left, I was no longer interested in life and people and started drinking heavily – two bottles of whisky/cognac and twelve litres of beer daily!

On 25th June 1989, I had a clear dream where a man with a full Afro hairstyle, a mole on his cheek, wearing an orange-coloured lady’s night dress, was sitting on a huge lotus flower.  In a loving motherly voice, he told me, “Now the time has come to tell you about the Love of Life and the Life of Love, come to Me, and I will give you a mission.” I thought I was going mad.

The next day I went to see my doctor regarding my liver issues. I told him about the previous night’s dream of this ‘Turkish’ man with an Afro and asked if I had gone crazy. The doctor replied, “No, you are not going mad. You have a serious liver problem. You are hardly eating food and are coughing blood. Unfortunately, you barely have six to nine months to live!” Then he asked me to wait a moment and went inside to get something. He returned with a book titled ‘Sai Baba Avatar’ and asked if the man on its cover was the one I saw in my dream.

Cover of the book ‘Sai Baba Avatar’

I exclaimed,” Yes, that’s him – the Turkish man with the Afro hairstyle.” The doctor said, “He is Indian, not Turkish. His name is Sathya Sai Baba- an Avatar who lives in India at Puttaparthi.” Puttaparthi conveys the meaning: put apart ‘I’. (No ‘me’ or ‘mine’. No ownership.) The doctor continued, “I cannot save you from death. You have nothing to lose anymore. Please go there.” With help, I arranged for tickets for my maiden flight experience to visit India for the first time in my life, accompanied by the only trusted friends of a thirty-three-year-old alcoholic – two bottles of whisky and twenty-four half-litre bottles of beer.

I went to Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram in Puttaparthi. Being an alcoholic, no one paid me any attention. When I went for darshan for the first time, seva dals came to me and informed me that Sai Baba had invited me for an interview. I thanked them and said, “I am neither religious nor pure or devoted like the others. I can never be with such holy people. Also, I am a dying alcoholic. Please take someone else!” But, Sathya Sai Baba’s commands were words-of-law. Not giving up, the seva dals helped me to my feet and brought me gently to the interview room in Sathya Sai Baba’s presence.

He asked me, “How are you?” I said, “Good.” Baba said, “No, no, no,” and he tapped me on the chest thrice and saying, “Swami knows, mother pain, mother pain, mother pain.” I burst into tears, and they flowed abundantly like a waterfall. Sathya Sai Baba knew everything about me, including the agonising, traumatic wound from childhood. He materialised vibhuthi and told me to eat all of it.

After the interview, I was taken to the hospital. I soon became violently sick and had a high fever. Three holes appeared on my left foot, with puss slowly and constantly oozing out. This lasted for seven days.  The doctor who came to see me looked at the flowing pus and asked, “May I ask you a question?” Sick and ailing, I responded in a weak whispering voice, “Of course.” He asked, “Did you drink a lot of alcohol?” I affirmed. The doctor assured me, “Sathya Sai Baba is completely cleaning your liver!”

I am still with Sathya Sai Baba. He came now in the form of Mohanji. Mohanji has no form and contains all forms of all Gods. His real ashram is in the hearts of His children who live His teachings with pure and sincere selfless devotion.” – Dirk

I soon recovered fully, feeling like a newborn. When I later went for darshan, I was called for an interview with Sathya Sai Baba again. I thanked Him for His help and asked, “How can I honour God?” Sathya Sai Baba laughed and said, “God does not need any honouring. Selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy is the only way to serve and please God.”

I met some people and built my first orphanage in Kengeri, India. Later, I asked the Sathya Sai Baba community in the Netherlands to help His efforts to render selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy. My efforts did not meet much success. Hence, I made good on my promise to Sathya Sai Baba by starting my charity organisation and spoke on several forums, platforms and places about selfless service to the poor, helpless and needy. We built orphanages, old-age shelters, hospitals, job training centres, schools offering free education to ‘harijans’ (literally God’s people – referring to the oppressed lower castes), etc.

Initially, all the donations were used for charity work in India and later also in Nepal. In a few years, we adopted twenty-six villages in India and fourteen villages in Nepal. I attribute all this to Sathya Sai Baba’s grace and people’s belief in me. Subsequently, when I went for Sathya Sai Baba’s darshan, I was again granted an interview. Five other influential ladies, possibly from the government, were in the interview room. As was my usual practice, I kissed His Lotus Feet nine times and sat by His feet.

When one of the ladies came forward, Sathya Sai Baba said, “Don’t touch!” She protested, “But Swami, this boy is kissing Your feet so many times?” He replied very politely, “Yes, he does the same in Holland at least twice daily!” The omniscient Master knew I kissed a photo of His Holy feet nine times, at least twice daily. I have also experienced the same omniscience with Mohanji.

Sathya Sai Baba told me He was pleased with my sincere devotion and hard work for the poor and needy. He then materialised a gold ring with four huge diamonds and put it on the ring finger of my right hand. When I left the interview room, I met a diamond grader from America who exclaimed, “Wow, these four diamonds are of perfect quality. Their value is at least two hundred thousand dollars; you are fortunate!”

On hearing this, I ran to my room, slammed the door and spoke to Baba’s picture, crying profusely, “Why did you give me this ring? I don’t want gold or diamonds. You, my mother and father, are seated in my heart. I only want your love, nothing more, nothing less. I thought you were real, but you are fake! All I believed in was fake! Tomorrow, I will return this ring. If you refuse to accept it, I’ll commit suicide!” I cried the whole night.

The following morning I went for my ‘last’ darshan. When Sathya Sai Baba walked through the audience, he gazed silently at my teary eyes and gestured to let me come for an interview. In those days, the audience would be two to three hundred thousand. Some had visited Sathya Sai Baba every year for 20 years and yet not had an opportunity to touch His feet or get an interview! I have a sincere request to all Mohanji’s followers. Please realise that you have a once-in-a-eternity chance right now. You don’t realise how lucky you are. Sathya Sai Baba is now Mohanji! Shirdi Sai Baba is now Mohanji! Krishna is now Mohanji! There will be hundreds and thousands of people who can attest to Mohanji’s omnipresence and omniscience.

The same five ladies were in the interview room with Sathya Sai Baba. Immediately, I returned the ring to Swami, kissed His feet nine times, and then started to massage Sathya Sai Baba’s feet. After getting rid of the ring, I felt I could fly- so happy, relieved, and free.

Swami then threw the ring among the five ladies. As they scrambled to get their hands on it, Sathya Sai Baba silent spoke to me telepathically. “My boy, I very well know why you came here. You always come just for Me. Those ladies are more interested in miracles or presents and treat me like Santa Claus!  They have come to improve their career, name, and fame. I act like a shopkeeper and ask them, ‘What do you want?’ I give people what they want. If you ask for coffee, I give you coffee. If you ask for me, I give you myself.” Swami’s loving motherly face turned into a fierce, stern countenance as He thundered, “Return that ring!” The ladies immediately returned it to Him.

Sathya Sai Baba said, “Last night, my boy cried the whole night because I gave him gold and diamonds when all he wanted was Me. He decided that I was fake and refused to perform his usual practice of touching my feet and kissing them nine times.” He thankfully skipped mentioning my suicide threat. Thus, Sathya Sai Baba demonstrated His omnipresence. Mohanji does this often as well. However, many people miss the hints, even when they sit right before Him! 

Sathya Sai Baba then touched the ring to His third eye and thrice blew gently on it. The four diamonds were transformed into nine precious stones. He slid the ring on Dirk’s right finger. It was twice as big. Sai Baba said to the ladies, “Oh! This ring is too big.” He gently tapped the ring, which immediately shrank to the perfect size. I tried to take it off, but Swami stopped me and firmly said,” This is for my boy’s protection.” 

I looked at Sathya Sai Baba’s loving gift from a different perspective, “Through love for God, be the brightness that you are – complete, realised and fulfilled.” It is not eight plus one or seven plus two, but nine – fullness, total oneness, completion. With this insight, it made perfect sense. I melted and humbly and lovingly accepted the ring with gratitude. However, I was unsure why I needed protection. 

The protection ring

The ring was called Navaratna (nine ratnas or gems). Nine is a holy number signifying completion. The ring had eight hearts around the ring’s periphery, with a star in the middle that touches each heart. Each heart had a gem connected to a planet, the Sun or the moon. The gem positioned in the centre star was related to the Sun since it is the centre of the solar system. One of the gems was connected to the moon to align the mind and emotions. The single-pointed concentration of the mind devoid of emotions is essential for enlightenment. This is the symbolic meaning of the moon on Shiva’s head, secured by his matted locks. The rest of the gems were connected to other major planetary bodies- Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mars, etc. The gems are particularly suitable for prayer during the full moon.

The same night, I heard the loud cries of young girls in my meditation. In the morning, I met a professor from Nepal and mentioned the strange crying. The professor asked, “Have you never heard of trafficking?” I said, “No”. He explained how children as young as five were kidnapped from poor villages in Nepal, drugged, taken thousands of kilometres away from their homes, and sold for three to four hundred euros in the brothels of Delhi and Mumbai. I immediately understood my purpose, which required protection.

I travelled to Mumbai and Delhi and started two rescue centres, ‘Rescue Foundation’ in Mumbai and ‘STOP’ in Delhi, with professor Roma Debabratta and then set up rescue teams at these locations. I acted as a tourist paedophile, befriended the brothel keepers and rescued the children with the help of my team. Every rescued child who returned home to her mother made me intensely happy as I felt as if I were returning to my mother. The operation was dangerous and life-threatening. My Indian (brother) friend was indeed killed. The underworld had put a bounty of a hundred thousand US dollars to have me dead. Many a time, I felt the ring’s powerful protection. We have rescued around four thousand children and put hundreds of pimps and traffickers behind bars with sentences of fifteen to twenty years. In twenty-five years, the organisations have become self-sustaining and receive worldwide sponsorship that provides the funds required for this noble initiative.

This is Rama, the first girl I rescued from the Delhi brothels. She was only 12 years old and raped by 20 ‘customers’ daily. After the rescue, she underwent many operations and also HIV treatments. She later worked in our rescue team for ten years. Dedicated to her duty with discipline and devotion, she helped hundreds of victims. She passed away two years ago. I feel she is still with me as my Guardian Angel and always helps me be a good servant for God’s children like herself.” – Dirk

With growth came recognition, name and fame. I became famous and even appeared on television. Once, I heard Sathya Sai Baba’s voice in my meditation, “No name! No fame! Be a star, not a film star!” The next day, I quit the organisations I had run for twenty-five years. 

On 5th June 2022, just when Mohanji visited the Netherlands, Sathya Sai Baba and Shirdi Sai Baba appeared in my dream early in the morning. They said, “Hey, boy, get up and give the protection ring to our son.” Being unsure, I clarified, “To Mohanji, Swami? Sathya Sai Baba gave an exasperated look to Shirdi Sai Baba and asked, “Are we talking to an idiot?” Turning to me, he said, “Yes, of course, Mohanji. Who else?” I knew it was not just a dream but a real communion. I asked Devi (Mohanji’s wife) for a private, confidential meeting alone with Mohanji and Devi.

In the meeting, I explained the command from Shirdi Sai Baba and Sathya Sai Baba and handed the ring to Mohanji. Mohanji simply said, “Ok,” and accepted the ring. With Sathya Sai Baba’s direction, ‘No name, no fame’, I swore my daughter Parvati to secrecy about the handover of the ring. With Mohanji’s advent into our lives, I have also ‘handed’ over my daughter, Parvati, back to her real father, Mohanji!

I always beg ‘my’ daughter Parvati, ‘Please never, ever, be a part-time follower’, because when you become a full-time follower, Mohanji has to be with you full-time and give permanent darshan in the ashram of your heart.

A few days later, Parvati travelled to Montenegro for a retreat with Mohanji. When people enquired about the ring, Mohanji answered, “Oh! Dirk gave it to me. Ask Parvati.” So much for secrecy! No secrets with our divine beloved, Mohanji. He is always transparent as he lives his teachings and showcases his example with his life, just like Jesus did. I pray that we understand the real Mohanji and not wait until He announces, “My Father and I are one.” I humbly beg everyone, “Please become full-timers, not part-timers,” Jesus had only twelve disciples, Buddha five.

I long for nothing else in this world but to remember, live and practise Mohanji’s teachings. I cry daily, knowing and feeling Mohanji’s infinite unconditional love for me. I would gladly refuse a million paradises just to be with Him. I never ever want to be alone anymore. Mohanji is my world, universe and all that I have been longing for all my lives. Helping hands are better than praying lips! I offer my body, mind and soul to be a willing instrument for whatever Mohanji wants to do through me.

Jesus has returned in the form of Mohanji and is asking you to join Him. I implore all to surrender your ‘crazy-horse’ mind that keeps you bound through temporary pleasures to a fake life full of pain. You can walk with Him full time if you attune your heart to Him and practise his teachings. It is as simple as ABC – Always BConnected. Hold Mohanji’s divine hand and never let go. Swami Mohanji is a Universal Atomic Bomb of Divine Love. We all should work hard to put his teachings into practice and please Him with our selfless service. Our faithful, sincere, pure, single-pointed devotion and unconditional love activate this bomb to explode in the whole Universe, thus allowing all beings to feel His divine love. I wish to split into 7.5 billion atoms and inject each living creature with the pure divine love of my all, who has now come as Mohanji.

My humble pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Mohanji, my Guru, Guardian, Guide and Goal. May He bless me with an uninterrupted flow of divine love towards His Lotus Feet and make me the lowest and humblest of His servants. I want nothing more, nothing less.

Jai Sai Mohanji!

Dirk, “Servant of his servants, nothing more, nothing less.”


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Mohanji’s 57th Birthday Celebrations Worldwide

What a memorable opportunity to celebrate Mohanji’s 57th birthday on 23 Feb 2022, unlike anything we have experienced before. Here is an overview of the activities around the world:





Mohanji’s satsang took place in Bangalore, India. Mohanji and all the people present were showered with blessings from priests of sacred and powerful temples in Bharat (India), including the chief priest of Jagannatha temple in Puri, the chief priest of Sai Baba temple at Shirdi, the main archakas of Mookambika temple (Kollur) and Ganagapur Dattatreya temple.

Participation by esteemed guests from Bengaluru and beyond. A whole host of followers not just in the hall but also online – we had people from over 6 continents watching our live stream.

Launch of new books adding a new dimension to the readers.

A delicious cake cutting. Bhajans and opportunities for people to come up close and offer their gratitude.

The program came together beautifully, demonstrating the values that Mohanji stands for and his mission in this world.

Even though the hall couldn’t receive many people, our global family could join us online for the live-streaming, and the lovely energy of unity was felt throughout.

For the first time, chief priests of some of the most powerful temples of India came together and showered their blessings on Mohanji and all of us present. Aside from them, distinguished businessmen and celebrities attended the event.

The evening began on an auspicious note with sacred chants by the children from Vedic Kids; a Mohanji inspired platform to encourage children to learn the virtues of Sanatana Dharma early in their life. This was followed by a colourful and joyous performance by the children trained by the Himalayan School of Traditional Dance (HSTD), led by Radha Subramanian, Artistic Director of HSTD.

Soon after, Mohanji took the stage and spoke for a short while, followed by an engaging Q&A session. Some of the questions ranged from “Is there an end-state for how the level of happiness or unhappiness is growing in the world?”, “How do you rate your level of contentment on a scale of 1 to 10?” to several other questions on life and practical aspects of spirituality. There was also a historical reference of how the Mohanji Foundation platform came to life, also beautifully shown in a short video about Mohanji that was launched in public on this occasion.

This was followed by an important segment of the program where special gifts were presented to Mohanji. The Chief Priest of the Lord Jagannath temple in Puri honoured Mohanji with a special vastra (cloth) that Lord Jagannath wore through the night, called “Bada Singhara Besa”. Mohanji and Devi were gifted a shawl draped on the idol of Sai Baba at the main Shirdi temple, enveloping them with the grace of Sai Baba. The main priest from Mookambika temple honoured Mohanji with a special saree that was worn by the Goddess Mookambika the previous day, and similarly, special blessings from the sacred temple of Dattatreya at Ganagapur were showered on Mohanji.

A beautiful birthday surprise by Devi and Mila Mohan followed – Devi shared the experience of her visit to Mohanji Ka Aangan, bringing joy to the kids through Latino and Bollywood dance, birthday cake and sweets. This birthday gift on behalf of the ACT Foundation was the recognition that the greatest gift we can give Mohanji is to serve the underprivileged and share our love unconditionally with those who need it the most.

2. BOOK LAUNCH (published by GURULIGHT)

The evening then proceeded with the launch of the following books:

The Mohanji Platforms Annual Report 2021 is a detailed compendium of all activities from various platforms founded by Mohanji in 2021. This was launched by Shri H Basavarajendra, IAS (Commissioner, Department of Animal Husbandry & Vet Services) and Mr K.D Row, Exec Director, Air India (Retired)

Power of Purity translated into Marathi – launched by Shri Pattajoshi Mahapatra, Shri Sulakhe Maharaj, Shri Subramanya Adiga and Shri Girish Bhatt

Power of Purity translated into Marathi

Power of Purity translated into Tamil – launched by Ms Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Mr R Vaikunth and Mrs R Suhasini (who translated the book into Tamil)

Miraculous Days with Mohanji translated into Malayalam, translated by Shankar Narayanan Meetna and proofread by Dr P.K Namboodiri. This book was launched by Mr Ullas Kamath, Mrs Vasanta Vaikunth and Mrs Shobha Chandran.

Guru Leela 5 – a collection of nine testimonials of people’s experiences with Mohanji. This book was launched by Mr Kamal Pant, IPS (Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru), Mr Suresh Senapathi, Mr Ram Chugh and Rekha Murali.

The evening was crowned by the cake cutting performed on stage by Mohanji’s closest family members (parents, wife and daughter). Mohanji also spent time meeting all the people who had congregated at the venue to wish him, as well as with the invited guests. Later, on behalf of EBC kids and Teens, Nanda Nair and Mila Mohan performed the song “Happy” on stage, to the delight of all present.

Finally, it was time to wind up, but no one wanted to leave the beautiful energy of the venue. The entire evening was a celebration of humanity and our highest expression.

See more photos here: part 1 and part 2


  • Since 23rd Jan, around 230 devotees across the globe came together to do daily 3 times chanting leading up to Mohanji’s Birthday. The aim was to do NON-STOP 24 HOURS chanting on 23rd Feb, that actually turned into a 48 HOUR NON-STOP Chanting!
    This was not planned! We all witnessed how Mohanji facilitated this beautifully, all coordinated by volunteers from different parts of the world. Sure enough, this was the need of the hour! 

    This chanting was not just for Mohanji’s well-being, but for using his unlimited energy source to spread peace, vitality and positivity to the whole world. Selfless service is not just in doing Annadaan, even chanting to raise the vibrations of the world with Mohanji’s energy is a great seva that you have all done.

Thank you to all the Acharyas and volunteers who have been leading the chanting sessions in the 3 slots every day for the entire month! Special thank you to Bhumika, Parizad, Smriti and others who coordinated the last 48 hours of NON-STOP chanting so efficiently! You were all beautiful instruments of Mohanji, indeed!

And the last chanting session was so powerful, where Mohanji showed his presence so beautifully! Thank you, everyone, for your devotion with purity, your seva with sincerity and your love for Mohanji, which is incomparable!

Deep gratitude to all of you!





On February 23rd,  Mohanji’s birthday, the new Mohanji Centre was opened in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. In this center, among other things, we meet in the early morning hours to practice Mohanji’s techniques that will make us more stable and stronger over time. There will also be regular activities, such as yoga, meditation, and Acharya programs. Over 40 people gathered together to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday  with beautiful vegan food and cake.  We chanted together Mohanji Gayatri mantra and read the chapters from the book MAST.


Mohanji said: ‘The only thing that makes me truly happy is your sincere expression of kindness towards the poor, sick and hungry people, the hungry and helpless birds and animals; the truly selfless trees and plants.’ That’s what we did in Croatia to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday!

  • Fruit tree plantation drive – 185 saplings in Rastoke – Slunj
  • FTPD – 10 saplings & feeding birds and fishes in Krk
  • FTPD – 7 saplings in the dog shelter Fido, donation of 12 kg of food for homeless shelter & 26 kg of food for the stray cats in Pula
  • Donation of 26 kg of food for the dog shelter & 6 packages of cloths for family in need in Rijeka
  • FTPD – 15 saplings in the homeless shelter in Varaždin
  • Feeding wild animals – birds and fishes in Zagreb
  • cooked 40 vegan meals for the homeless people in Split
  • baked 2 vegan cakes


We are very happy to announce that Mohanji Foundations Netherlands was registered on 24th Feb 2022. This has been one of the fastest registrations within the Mohanji family.
A big congratulations to the Netherlands team led by Dolf Zantinge. Also, the Dutch team has conveyed its gratitude to all the global team members who have helped them over the last several months.




The following events were executed by our Odisha team – Aishwariya, Smita, Manaswee, Sarada Prasanna & Manaswinee and supported by the Pandits of Pattajoshi’s team (The chief priest of Puri Shree Jagannatha Mandir).

38 exotic fruit-bearing trees were planted in a newly built temple complex  in a village near Puri by volunteers from the Mohanji Odisha team with the help of local villagers.

Around 350 people from the Leprosy Colony in Puri were given packed lunch organised by Ammucare and supported by the pandits from Pattajoshi’s team (the Head priest of Shree Jagannatha Temple, Puri)

Vishwa Shanti Homa: At the powerful Samadhi location of Totapuri, known as Adweta Ashram in Puri, a Homa was performed by the pandits of Pattajoshi’s team. The global family of Mohanji were included in the sankalpa of the homa.


Happy birthday dearest Father from the bottom of our hearts in Mohanji Farsi



In honour of Mohanji’s birthday on 23rd February, the Mohanji South Africa Facebook page presented experience sharing videos for a week – in celebration and gratitude of Mohanji.

Ami shares the experience of Mohanji’s presence in her life. She also shares interesting experiences of Kailash with Mohanji and talks about the power of the Shree Jagannatha Meditation. Watch here



On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s 57th birthday on 23 Feb 2022, Mohanji’s USA family joined together to celebrate with an outpouring of love, devotion, joy, and at times riotous laughter!
The evening began with Guru pada puja along with the chanting of Mohanji Ashtotram and offering of flowers and rice at Guru’s feet. It was followed by a series of programs performed by devotees all over the USA, including bhajans, chantings, and book reading. Various devotees offered their gratitude at Mohanji’s feet by singing bhajans and chanting Guru paduka stotram, siddha mangala stotram, Mohanji’s favourite ‘Garuda gamana’ stotram, Hanuman chalisa, Mohanji Gayatri, and bhakti yoga from Bhagavad-Geeta. A few pages from Mohanji’s book ‘Silence of Shiva’ were read out, mesmerizing and transporting everyone to Mohanji’s consciousness. The evening included a beautiful birthday surprise: a presentation on the topic of laughter that was a compilation of many delightful pictures of Mohanji’s laughing face along with his quotes on “causeless laughter”. In the end, no one wanted to leave this beautiful energy of love and lightness.

While Mohanji believes that neither he nor his birthday is special and that this is a ‘consciousness day’, he has also said, “If you remember me as ‘consciousness’, and if my presence is a reminder to you of what we truly are, (that you and I are one), do celebrate.”
And we will never miss an opportunity to celebrate him!!!
This quote is from a letter of gratitude written by Mohanji on his birthday in 2019. 

To watch the recording of the birthday celebrations on Mohanji USA Facebook page, click

ACT Foundation members celebrated by spreading Mohanji’s message of ahimsa.
In Freedom Farm, which is an animal rescue farm located in Middlebury, CT, 1,043 lbs of animal feed  were donated that will feed the now safe donkeys, ducks, rabbits, and other innocent animals.
The Dallas team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by donating the most needed items requested by a local animal shelter in Allen, Texas. 

Team quad cities in Iowa donated supplies to an animal shelter and also gave some TLC to the cats there. 

Mohanji family members were thrilled to visit the Unity Animal Sanctuary Farm in Massachusetts, donate 146 lbs of Veggies/Fruits and feed some of the food directly to the animals.

In honour of Mohanji’s birthday, six fruit trees were donated to National Forest State Park in Sedona. The trees were picked up on the 23rd, and the planting date will be sometime in March.

As part of Mohanji’s birthday celebration in Illinois, 10 meals were donated to the Hope House – the safe haven of Libertyville. On behalf of Mohanji’s birthday in Chattanooga, TN, 130 servings of meatless veggie spaghetti were delivered to the Maclellan Shelter with 9 loaves of bread and 36 strawberry cupcakes.

Our USA family member ‘Jyoti Telang’, through her dedication, unconditional seva and endless hours of work, has translated the Power Of Purity book into the Marathi language while connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness with devotion and surrender. The book was released during Mohanji’s birthday celebrations in Bangalore, India.

Through generous donations by Mohanji USA family members, food donations were made for several struggling Venezuelan families and a dog shelter in Ecuador. Dry food supplies to more than 3 shelters serving over 140 elderly people in Lima were donated.

In addition, Mohanji USA family members who were in India during February donated to celebrate his birthday in India as well. 250 street children and orphans at Grace Divinity Orphan House in Varanasi, India, were treated to a party, cake, snacks and food. In New Delhi, a sumptuous lunch or bhog was served with love to 16 people working in services like garbage collection, etc.


Our founder, guide, and inspiration, Mohanji’s 57th Birthday celebrations, started with Mohanji Foundation Canada’s Blood donation Camp in Mississauga in a life partnership with Canadian Blood Services. A total of five volunteers donated blood and contributed to this noble cause. 

Guru Paduka puja (holy feet worship) and Homa (consecrated fire ceremony) was done to offer our gratitude for Mohanji’s unconditional love and guidance. Vegan cake was cut, after which food was offered, and Mohanji aarti was performed on this joyful occasion.

Food donations were made to a youth shelter in Orangeville, Foodbank in Shelburne by ACT Foundation Canada, along with bird feed donations. ACT Canada also delivered breakfast sandwiches, fruits and clothing donations to a homeless shelter in downtown Toronto. Thank you, Mohanji, for providing us with this opportunity.





HSTY organised a new intensive Pranayama course. Also, in cooperation with EBC Kids, our dedicated yoga teacher Stasa conducted an online yoga class for kids.



The source that lights many lamps!

On this auspicious occasion of our founder, Mohanji’s birthday, team HSTD offers its humble salutations and best wishes to Mohanji:


Right before Mohanji’s birthday, The Himalayan Academy launched its new department – the Himalayan School of Traditional Music. Propagate traditional music forms, training and entertain.

Music is a divine gift, a gift of God. It is tuning in the sacred and an expression of continuity. The origin of the Universe was in the form of sound, and scriptures says “OM”. Music is emanated from metaphysical principles and the manifestation of these ideas within lyrics and tunes of classical songs.


February in the EBC Balkan platform was very dynamic. Every month we cover a certain topic and have guests talk about it. The February theme was ‘The world around us’. We have focused on the energies that we surround ourselves with, and two guests have spoken. The first guest’s theme was ‘Balance of the energy through movement’, and the second one spoke on ‘The Light inside us’. 

The morning routine in the club has been shared and followed by consistent early birds members, in February, like in other months.


EBC Kids Team,

Empower Kids Through Entertainment

1. New initiative: Ignite the Spark – Mohanji with Kids

Every child is born with a spark to shine bright in this world. However, due to pressure from family, schools and society, we can see that children lose their inner joy and become dull from an early age. 

On Mohanji’s Birthday, EBC Kids is happy to announce Ignite the Spark, a unique online program for kids and parents with Mohanji to enable each child to reach their highest potential.

In a series of sessions, Mohanji is going to kindle the inner potential in children by directly interacting with them. During these sessions, Mohanji will also guide parents on the nuances of nurturing children to bloom to their best. Email for more information.

Little Medha got a unique opportunity to play a song on the piano exclusively for Mohanji on his birthday on 23rd Feb 2022 at the Taj Westend Hotel Bengaluru.

Such a beautiful video and how blessed Medha is. Watch here

2. A beautiful online workshop was conducted for kids as part of EBC Kids Balkan activities. The workshop included playful Yoga conducted by an HSTY certified instructor plus Freedom meditation and an instructive story about an eagle.

3. On the occasion of celebrating Mohanji’s birthday, our leader of the week M. B. SreeGanesh has designed the activity:  

Express in your own way love and gratitude to Mohanji. 

Swadha, 6 years old, made a birthday card covered with hearts and with birthday wishes with the hope that she will try to follow his path and meet him in person for the first time and many more times.  

Khyati, 9 years old, made a card with a poem and made words with his name.  

One with God 

Poem for Mohanji 

My day starts with your powerful voice 
Your eyes are what lead us from darkness to light 
Your words are strong like truth over lies 
Your smile tells us to be positive at all type of situations. 

Khyati_video link 

M. B. SreeGanesh’s heartfelt wishes:  

“You guided me to join EBC Kids, and from darkness, during the lockdown, it was a real light for me. After joining EBC Kids, I got my rhythm back. For all that, a heartful thank you, dear MOHANJI.” 

SreeGanesh Video link 


Children from Vedic Kids were invited to do the invocation prayers at Founder Mohanji’s birthday celebrations at Taj Westend Hotel, Bengaluru, India, on 23rd Feb 2022. (Starting at 9min10sec in the video)

The function was presided by priests of sacred and powerful temples in Bharat (India), including the chief priest of Jagannath temple, Puri, chief priest of Sai Baba temple at Shirdi, the main archakas of Mookambika temple (Kollur), and Ganagapur Dattatreya temple. Sreehari and Neeraja were blessed to get an opportunity to chant before such an esteemed audience. 

Participants included esteemed guests from Bengaluru, people who flew in from various parts of the world, and people from over 6 continents watching our live stream.


For Mohanji’s birthday, our MYC members joined the Fruit Tree Plantation Drive and planted 9 trees. We also have a global feeding initiative – by inviting people to feed animals and birds on this day. Also, we made a video expressing our gratitude to Mohanji and saying what he taught us.

ACT Foundation and MYC organized a food donation for C.A.S.A. (Centro Apoio Sem Abrigo) in Madeira.
In the spirit of the birthday of our founder Mohanji, the ACT and MYC team organized a food donation in Madeira Island. This was the first donation on the island, and we are keen to continue helping the less fortunate people here. On this day, around 35 kg of food were donated (bread, pasta, rice, cereals, vegetable milk, fruits, vegetables).


Interview with Mohanji conducted by Christopher Greenwood

Christopher Greenwood (CG): Mohanji, good to be here with you, thank you. I’m excited to ask these questions about your journey so far and the platforms that you’ve created. 2022 is quite a big year because it marks a decade since you embarked on selfless service. How would you describe your journey so far?

Mohanji (M): After 22 years in a shipping career, on June 18, 2021, I left my shipping career and completely deviated into spiritual services, philanthropic activities, and humanitarian activities. It was a big leap, and it was a plunge into uncertainty because I had no clue what to expect. All that I had done, all those years, did not matter anymore. It’s a new page, a fresh page. Now, looking back, I believe the purpose began then. In most of our lifetimes, or most times of our life, we are in a kind of autopilot mode; we take birth, go through education, job, marriage, children, house, retirement… things like that. It never fascinated me; I knew that there is something much larger, much bigger, much more meaningful. Read more:

On this day, one Mohanji’s Article was published in StateTimes Jammu. Read here


We are super excited to announce on this auspicious day that our first FESTIVAL OF WOMANHOOD will happen on April 8-10th in Zagreb, Croatia, and tickets are available from NOW!

For women across the world, we prepared an option to join online. 

Women of the world are joining hands to experience healing, transformation and empowerment. This year we are focusing on the aspects of MOTHERHOOD – the power of creation. Choose what you would like to create in your life and book your space to join us, and light up your power house. 


Get the tickets now:

With Love, FoW team


Individual poems, songs and messages


A poem titled ‘One and only: Mohanji’ by Anand Nair, Dubai

Happy Birthday, Mohanji – a poem by Biljana Vozarevic

Nikita Naredi from India shares a beautiful poem, ‘Eternal Gratitude‘.

Birthday Dakshina to Guru Mohan is a poem by Charles Ndifon Londi, China


Our Garland of Gratitude includes 2 lovely bhajans sung live to music by young Veroshan Govender from Durban and Golden Beads of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude to Mohanji by beautiful souls from many parts of the world who love South African Vibe! We share a most beautiful hour together in shared Joy, honouring a being who cannot be put into any earthly frames. Watch here

Here are some professionally recorded devotional music videos that were releases on Mohanji And I YouTube Channel: Om Shata Sahasra Suryaaya – sung By Sanjaya Acharya, Video by Moushumi Trishuldhari Mahadeva, Mohan Deva – sung by Manaswini, Video by Neelu Shree Jagannatha Mantra Jaap – Nilachla Nivasaya – sung by Manaswini, Video by Moushumi Guru Govinda Hare – sung by Subham, Video by Sarada Prasanna Kya dun Tujhe uphar – sung & video by Sarada Prasanna



Madhuri A, India

My beloved sat-guru Mohanji “A very happy birthday to you”!

 .. It’s said that “Success is the magnitude of beneficial footprint that one leaves on society”! This statement befits you, and I have found your footprint. There has been no looking back ever since you came into my life. I cherish your divine presence in my life every day. Always at your feet, I’m indebted to you and the entire guru principle.

Subhasree Thottungal


(“LOVE YOU” instead of “Happy Birthday”)!
Many happy returns of the day, Dearest Mohanji.
May you keep shining like a million of suns!
May you live in the heart of million of devotees!
May you keep laughing like the little Krishna and spread that innocence and laughter filled with purity!
May you keep spreading the unconditional love and melt millions of Gopis & Gopas like the irresistible Krishna!
May you keep showering compassion and protection like Shri Ram to all the beings of Mother Earth.
May you give the ultimate silence & bliss like Shiva to all who merge with you!
May you be the sign of “Aloukik Prem” – Love beyond the gross world – the miraculous Love!
We love you Mohanji!

At your feet always,

Dr. Harpreet Wasir, India

Birthday is a special day to share the importance of having a Guru in one’s human life journey. This is the time to acknowledge the metamorphic changes which occur just by mere constant and consistent connection with total faith and surrender which happens with His acceptance. It’s a total change which happens and not be done in His presence. For me it is pure lifetime patience and surrender to my Guru Mohanji without expectation standing by His side as an ever empty vessel, to be filled in which ever way He feels so and when He feels so as that is His job. My job was and is to always be plugged in, rest it’s to Him and He secretly but surely delivers in His own way. I, myself, my work and my life is what He has chiseled and shaped for me.

I will never leave Him, He will never leave me. This is my path to Liberation which my Guru knows best as to how and when. My job is just to be and be with Him. This is the simplest thing of my life, to just be and be with Him.

I just have all my love for Him and work for Him relentlessly to deliver Him to all He sends to me in any form and condition.

A testimonial from Sanjay Acharya on the journey of ‘Shata Sahasra Suryaaya’ release today!*

“Dear Subhasree & Moushumi.  

I offer my deepest gratitude to you for making this happened in such a short time. I would like to share with you that I was after my music director since more than 6 months to re-record this powerful Mohanji Gayatri. It was just one for word, it was to re-record, which is “Sahasra” instead of “Sahastra”. He was consistently denying due to various reasons including Covid. I gave him many options but didn’t work. 3 days ago I was doing 360 degree Meditation, connecting through my cell phone with headphones on. I was feeling Father’s Energy so intense that within that intensity, I prayed Father to make this arrangement of re-recoding. And The Job Done in 2 minutes – my cellphone rang….I was forced to break the meditation. I opened my eyes and checked, it was  Out music director’s call. I picked up and he said, “ SanjayJi when is GuruJi’s Birthday? (I informed him earlier). Let us re-record GuruJi Gayatri on Monday. Please come at 4pm to my home studio.” Tears! I went on Monday. Recording done. Then I was thinking what is next? But then soon I decided not to do anything, no posting, no video etc….Then out of the way Subhasree sent me WA message, “ Do you have any songs to offer to Mohanji? If so, please send me to upload on Mohanji And I YT and premier” ….I was like oh my Mohanji…! I sent audio  to Subha then Out of the way Moushumi came in to picture and now a beautiful video has been created… What A Great Guru Leela! Thank you Father, offering to your Lotus Feet. 

Yours Only

Sanjay Acharya

Jyoti Bahl:

This is for Our Gurudev Mohanji on His birthday 

Happy birthday Gurudev Mohanji. Thanks so much for being in our lives and today more than ever, my deepest love and devotion and thoughts go to you. Kindly accept my love and joyous wishes on your birthday. What you are doing and have done for us all is a priceless gift of a lifetime. Love you always, Mohanji!

Tajinder Sian: Happy Birthday, beloved Mohanji. Thank you for taking this birth for the sake of all your devotees. Words cannot express gratitude and love. Please enjoy your special day. See you soon. Love forever.

Many many happy returns Poojya Guruji! Kodi kodi Pranamam!

Sunita Madan: Happy birthday, dear Father. Love you, love you.

Tina Arya: Happy Birthday, dearest Father. Eternal gratitude for being in our lives and blessing us. Thanks for being the sunshine of tens of thousands of suns and making this world a happy and bright place. Thanks for being our constant source of energy and inspiration to add value to the world. Love you.

Happy birthday! Jai Mohanji!

Sreeja Ranjit: I wish you a very happy birthday, dearest Mohanji!!! Thank you for blessing us with a higher purpose, to live in gratitude and grace, and allowing us to be a part of your world. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance to keep adding value to the world. Love you endlessly. Koti Koti Pranams at your lotus feet.

XX: Love you Father.

Soma Seal: Dearest Father, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Wishing you good health and happiness always.Thank you for always guiding and inspiring us. Love you lots, Father.

Sheila Gunness: Happy Birthday, dearest Mohanji. Wishing you a wonderful day and year ahead. Thank you for all that you do.

Geeta Iyer: The lyrics say it all for me:

Jai Gurudev

Closer than breath, you are the air
Sweeter than life itself, you are here
I am a wanderer, you are my peace
I am a prisoner, you are release
I am a pilgrim, your road so long
I am the singer, you are the song
Held in the open sky, so far above
I am the lover, you are the love
I follow your footsteps through the flame
All that I ever need is in your name
Carry your heart in mine, vast as space
All that I am today is by your grace.
By your Grace…
I live by your grace.

Happy Birthday, our beloved Mohanji. Here in the USA, Feb 23 is also your star birthday this year!


Monika Nedic: Happy birthday Mohanji

Ruchika Gandhi: Thank you Father, for everything. Wish you good health and lots of love. Here’s a humble offering of a beautiful video created by our dear Neelu di as a tribute to my beloved sister late Sonia Gandhi. Thank you for guiding each one of us on the path of oneness.


Watch the video of Birthday EXPERIENCE SHARING

Read this beautiful testimonial of unconditional grace and love by Sonia Mayur, Muscat

In Reverence of Guru Purnima 2021

On this auspicious day of full moon, 24th July, 2021, Mohanji has shared a message on the importance of Guru Purnima as an opportunity to connect to our inner Guru, a state or a space that can elevate us to our highest level, the highest potential of our existence on Earth. Read his full message here.

A lot of people around the world expressed gratitude in various ways, which you can see below.

Festival of Consciousness

After nine years of retreats, now first-ever, a big Festival of Consciousness was organised and again in Serbia, in the Balkans.
This festival was born from a desire to create an extraordinarily positive platform, which delights both mind and body, that guides people to connect with their most authentic self. The courage to connect is a necessary remedy for the stress of modern living. The vision of the festival is to take people to a liberated existence, free from the bindings of the mind through awareness, self-acceptance and nurturing the universal values of truth, purity, compassion, non-violence and unconditional love. With the goal of creating a better world for the future, all our activities are united by a simple motto – Adding value to the world. Find out more here

Ammucare Charitable Trust

Guru Purnima was celebrated all over India by our Ammucare team with enthusiasm through various seva activities such as annadaan, fruit tree plantation, animal feeding and distribution of dry groceries.

See more here

Launch of Shree Jagannatha guided meditation by Mohanji

During the auspicious time of Guru Purnima we are excited to announce the launch of the Shree Jagannatha guided meditation, by Mohanji!
Mohanji has dedicated this meditation to Shree Jagannatha for all the devotees of Krishna. This will aid in transforming the devotees through the power of Bhakti yoga: devotion, unshakable faith and love for their deity. This meditation is available in English and Odiya language. 
For more information and to download the meditation, visit:

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Mohanji’s message for Himalayan School of Traditional Languages

Watch Mohanji’s message for Himalayan School of Traditional Languages here

CANADA Celebrations

Mohanji Datta Tapovan Canada Ashram

We started celebration with Shirdi Baba’s Abhishekam, offered New Clothes to Baba, Lord Ganesha and Lord Datta. We also welcomed Baba’s Palkhi on this occasion. Mohanji’s Paduka Pujan with Guru Stotram was done to express our gratitude on this auspicious day.

Homa was conducted with Mohanji, Sai Baba, Lord Dattatreya and Mata Kali’s 108 names to seek blessings and for the well-being of Mohanji Global Family and for the people of the world. 

On following Sunday we had Bhajans/Kirtans and dance celebration at the Ashram. Few new Devotees visited for the first time in the Ashram and had powerful divine presence of Mohanji. Food offering was distributed to all the devotees on these days of celebration.
We offer deep gratitude to our Gurudev Shri Mohanji. Surrendering to Mohanji’s Lotus Feet. 

USA Celebrations

Guru Purnima – Offered in love to our beloved Mohanji

The USA family had organized a very grand Guru Purnima celebration this year starting on July 1.  A 21-day program daily evening variety program beginning on Thursday, July 1 ended on July 21st.  Each day’s program was unique and offered a special perspective/practice from the teachings of our beloved Guru Mohanji. Thursday, July 22nd was set aside as a day of service or seva. We culminated the celebration on July 23rd, the day of Guru Purnima itself, by honoring Brahmarishi Mohanji with an elaborate Guru Paduka Puja followed by various chants and bhajan/kirtan evening.

The 21-day program kicked off with an introduction where Mohanji Acharya Lata Ganesh and Andra Baylus, both from Virginia, spoke about the significance of a spiritual master or Guru in a person’s life and the concept of the Guru tattva (Guru principle).

On the second day, Sreyashi Chakraborty (Indiana) introduced Mohanji’s signature Power of Purity meditation, which always has a powerful impact on participants and where many feel the presence of the master.

The third day was a Saturday evening, well-timed for a relaxing ‘bhajan sandhya’ or evening of devotional music. The singers presenting bhajans of their choice were Sreyashi (Indiana), Geeta and Vandana (California), Jayashree (Iowa), Anu and Lata (Virginia) and young VishnuPriya (New Jersey).

On Sunday July 4, Mai-tri practitioner Tina Arya (Michigan) conducted a healing and restoring Online Mai-tri session.

On Monday July 5, Mohanji Acharya Bhavani (NY) gave a talk on the significance of the Supreme Feminine followed by playing of Mohanji’s recitation of the Devi Kavacham. This Sanskrit chant is said to create the effect of a shield of protection from negativity as a blessing from the Divine Mother, and participants spoke up after the program to share that they could feel powerful waves of energy while they listened to the chanting.

On July 6, Mohanji Acharya Vidya Iyengar (Florida) read sections from Mohanji’s book ‘The Power of Purity’, followed by a discussion.

The first week ended with a topic discussion on Surrender, conducted by Sreyashi (Indiana) and Sabyasachi (Maryland). There was lively participation from the audience who shared their life experiences on the subject.

The second week started with a talk and discussion on the Golden Datta Tradition by Sabyasachi and Mohanji Acharya Jaya, who also chanted the Siddha Mangala Stotra, a hymn attributed to the first guru of the Datta Tradition, Sripada Srivallabha.

The next day July 9 was fortuitously New Moon Day as well as Lord Shiva’s asterism or Arudra nakshatra. Mohanji Acharya Geeta Iyer, gave a short introduction to, and recited the Shri Rudram. This Sanskrit chant is renowned as the most powerful protective and healing hymn associated with Lord Shiva.

The next day was a Saturday, a good day to sit down to do the long 360 degrees meditation. This was introduced by Jyoti Lal (Texas). There was a feeling of deep peace and centeredness in participants after the meditation.

Sunday July 11 was an evening of kirtan or devotional singing led by Mohanji Acharya Natesh Ramsell (Sedona, Arizona), on his guitar. He is well-known in the US kirtan circles, having cut many CDs to his name.

The next day was a much-awaited day of experience-sharing by those in the US family, who had traveled to Mount Kailash with Mohanji. These were Mohanji Acharyas Bimal and Bhavani (New York), Vidya Rajagopalan (Connecticut) and Tina Arya (Michigan) who kept the audience rapt with their memories of that pilgrimage. This was followed by a playing of Mohanji’s chanting of the sacred Shiva Kavacham.

The next day July 13 was chosen as an evening to chant Lord Krishna’s famous mantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavatey Vasudevaaya’ where Sreyashi, Geeta, Vidya Rajagopalan and Sumathi took turns to chant the mantra.

On July 14, there was a discussion on the topic of Gratitude conducted by Tina Arya and Kalpana Mewara(Texas), with the audience being welcomed to share their own thoughts and experiences.

The next day, Thursday, was the perfect day to listen to the VIshnu Sahasranama, as chanted by Sangeeth Jayanthan (NY). A brief introduction about this much-revered hymn of the thousand names of Lord Vishnu was given by Geeta Iyer.

On Friday, July 16 Mohanji Acharya Pia Puatrakul of Maryland a HSTY yoga instructor, conducted a relaxing yoga session for the benefit of the program participants.

Saturday July 17 was a delightful evening of music ensemble. Benjamin Sands Jr. Abhik Nath and Pia Puatrakul (all from Maryland) sang and played on their musical instruments, on the theme of Mohanji’s core teaching – Unconditional Love.  They were ably supported by a mesmerizing performance on the harp and cello by Laina (Sedona).

Mohanji Acharya Laurie Amodeo (NY) offered a second online Mai-tri session on Sunday July 18.

On Monday July 19, Lori (Sedona) and others joined to speak on the subject “In Gratitude with Nature”, based on the Dattatreya Tradition.

The next day happened to be the holy day of Ekadashi, and especially suited to chant mantras on Lord Rama. Mohanji Acharya Geeta spoke on the significance of the sacred name of Rama, followed by the chanting of ‘Shri Rama Jai Rama Jai Jai Rama’ by Jaya, Vidya I, Geeta and Vandana.

July 21 was chosen as a day to have a topic discussion about Guru’s Grace. Jayashree and Manu (Virginia) shared their thoughts and were joined by several members of the audience who spoke with gratitude about their experiences.

All in all, it was a beautiful series, helping the participants to build up connection to Guru Mohanji as well as cleanse, energize and stabilize themselves in preparation for Guru Purnima on July 23rd, a day when blessings from the compassionate and benevolent Guru are said to pour down on those who have prepared themselves to receive.

Thursday, July 22 was dedicated to food seva, annadhan.  Teams from around the USA served food at various local centers.  Anu and Lata served cooked food and fruits at the Lamb Center Homeless Shelter in Fairfax, Virginia.  Texas teams headed by Lakshmi Nair and Jyoti Lal for cattle feed at the Texas, Gaushala, and The City House Homeless Shelter in Houston, respectively. The members also served prasadam at the local Shirdi Sai Baba temple. Shambo and Uma in Connecticut walked around the streets offering warm food to the hungry. Our children from Mohanji families, Aeshon (California), Cooper (Tennesse) continue to offer unconditional seva in their communities and are a great inspiration. Detailed reporting will be provided by ACT USA Team.

As you have seen Mohanji family spread around the United States came together in unison, harmony, love and purpose to acknowledge, celebrate, experience and share the extraordinarily magnificent Grace of Mohanji.  Friday, July 23rd was a beautiful culmination of offering Gratitude to Mohanji.  A day started with group Consciousness Kriya sessions at brahmamuhurta, bringing together several CK practitioners within the country. 

As the moon was illuminating the skies in the east coast, we started our Guru Purnima function with a very loving and devotional Guru Paduka Puja and the chanting of Mohanji Ashtotra Namavali by the group in Virginia.  Followed by the Guru Paduka Stotram offered at Mohanji’s lotus feet in New Jersey (Sangeeth) and the Siddha Mangala Stotram offered to our Golden Datta Tradition in Iowa (Jaya).  The sublimity of the auspicious occasion was heightened by sweet devotional singing once again bringing together our bhajan singers from California (Ashish and Runa) to Sedona (Natesh), Indiana (Sreyashi) New Jersey (Vishnupriya) and Virginia Lata, Ben and Anu).  Benjamin Sands offering of “Unconditional Love” was followed by Natesh’s “Guru Mohana Charanam Sharanam…”, a befitting conclusion to this auspicious day. 

Please watch Guru Purnima Celebration on Mohanji USA Facebook page.

2021 Gurupurnima energized the entire country with a new wave of positivity and hope as we look forward for Mohanji’s exclusive USA satsang on August 14. Jai Mohanji.

Charity in Ethiopia

We were really blessed on Guru Purnima to serve a sumptuous lunch along with a bottle of water to 277 homeless and underprivileged people in Ethiopia.
Vegan lunch was served along with injera and 6 side dishes including rice.It included Messir,Shiro,Attar,2 Veggies and rice.This was served very lovingly to the needy by the volunteers.
They were really happy and relished the food.Few, even asked one more packet for dinner which we gave happily.Their smiles were really precious and tugged the strings of the heart.
The seva was conducted spanning across Cmc, Bole, and Gurushola in Ethiopia.
Birds were also fed as part of the celebrations.

South Africa

Mast (The Eternal Song)
South Africa’s Guru Dakshina to Mohanji on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima 2021

Early Birds Club Kids

As a part of Gurupurnima Celebrations, the Vedic Kids students Khyati and Anwita from New Jersey, USA performed a beautiful role play depicting the Guru and disciple relation in an amazing manner. Both the kids have planned and enacted this on their own. 

To join such sessions, register with Vedic Kids using this Google Form link – (open to all kids from 5-18 yrs)

Please spread the joy with family and friends!

Individual wishes

Prathibha Nair and Neelu Vepu

From time immemorial Gurus and Gods are guiding mankind from the darkness of ignorance to brightness of knowledge.

A humble offering to Mohanji on the eve of Guru Poornima – Guru Paduka Stotram
Thanks to Neelu for bringing this to life with the beautiful visuals.

Jyothi Bahl, Danesh and Neelu Vepu

On the occasion of Gurupoornima we dedicate this song at the Lotus feet of our Gurudev Mohanji thanks so much Gurudev for being in our lives and for giving each one of us a purpose to live.
Gratitude always

The singer: Jyothi Bahl; video made by Neelu Vepu


A beautiful Bhajan by Manaswini Mohanji

Sunila and Hari

108 Names of Mohanji, written by Sunila, chanted by Hari Maboothiri
Enjoy this beautiful chant:



A very happy Guru Poornima dear Mohanji (guruji) and to the entire guru mandala and guru tattwa! It’s almost been a year for me being in your consciousness and it’s my first Guru Poornima after your advent in my life. Being a devotee, it’s a big day for me as well. You are truly leading me to light. This soul needed master like you. You are my agape love: the highest form of love one dedicates to his/her guru/lord. I cherish your advent in my life. This vulnerable child always at your lotus feet. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!!!

Mohanji’s 56th Birthday Celebrations Touched the World

Mohanji’s 56th birthday was celebrated in Bosphorus, Turkey on 23rd February 2021, as well as in numerous other places around the world. Platforms which Mohanji created marked this day with highlighted and more intense activities, as a symbol of their purpose, which is selflessly and wholeheartedly adding value to the society while deeply respecting the universal laws of existence.

Mohanji welcomed some 60 participants from around the globe to the retreat “Transform challenges into opportunities” at the banks of the Bosphorus strait. With an hour-long satsang in which he emphasized Being You as his core teaching. This get-together being a sheer miracle in the time of a major calamity, as he underlined, will focus on the participants truly finding themselves, as only then they will find true contentment and be fully settled. Mohanji set the tone for the week-long program, among others, by urging everyone present to forget about the past and think about what more they can do for the world before leaving it. Further on, he urged them to think about their relevance on Earth and how best can each and everyone use each moment to make the lives of people around them more effective for this would mean true spirituality. The evening also included a short presentation of the platforms we now call Mohanji family as well as Mohanji personally handing each of the participants a gift bag including, among others, his latest book The Məst, a very dear gift to all. Watch Birthday satsang here








Book launch

“Guru Leela Volume 4 – Mohanji & I” book was launched on Mohanji’s Birthday.

“Mohanji & I” shares the exceptional experiences, witnessed in different situations that result from the beauty and purity of a follower’s connection with Mohanji. It brings out the different flavours of these wondrous experiences – a miraculous protection, a fulfilment of a wish, or a glimpse of divinity!

Book translations

A big novelty presented on the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday was the three new book translations – Tamil and Marathi translation of “Mast” and Marathi translation of “Kailash Inner Kora”. The participants were delighted to learn that “Guru Leela 4” as well as “Mast” were published as hard copies and it is now possible to purchase them both on Amazon in their Kindle and paperback versions.

Prestigious publisher

On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, we are happy to announce that Penguin Random House India, the leading publishing house in India, will soon be publishing Mohanji’s book, The Power of Purity. The book will be released in April 2021. Stay tuned for more details on how to pre-order your copy.

New Projects

Mohanji also introduced two amazing projects: Loyalty program and Induction into Sanatana Dharma.

Loyalty Program

Mohanji Foundation introduced Loyalty Program to promote respect, integrity and commitment.

Induction into Sanatana Dharma

Another amazing project is Induction into Sanatana Dharma to promote righteousness and goodness on Earth.

Music Launch

On the occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday recorded audio of devotional songs were launched.

Bhajans by Manaswini Pattanaik, Odisha

Mohanji’s devotee and playback singer from Odisha, Manaswini Pattanaik recorded and launched 9 devotional songs offering as “Nine petals of the flower of devotion”.

See the Audio links of these heart-melting songs in the link below.

  1. “Shaym sundar Mohan”
  2. “Mere Mohan”
  3. “Lok Laaj”
  4. “Ya Allah, mere Maula”
  5. “Chandan Agar”
  6. “Kya tumbhi O’ Mohan”
  7. “Rom rom”
  8. “Kaise dhyan dharoon”
  9. “Hey Guru deva”

Harvey Araza from Philippines, Yastheel, Mohanji Acharya from South Africa and Neelu from India made thre videos out of these 9 songs which are uplaoded onto YoutTube in the following links.

  1. Rom rom tero naam Video
  2. Hey Guru Deva
  3. Kya tum bhi O Mohan

Mohanji Aarati by Sathya Shivakumar

Mohanji’s aarati, written in Tamil by Arun Vathavooran and rendered by Sathya Shivakumar was offered at Mohanji’s lotus feet on his birthday.

Mohanji Aarati

Bhajan by Jyoti Bahl, New Delhi

Mohanji’s devotee and popular singer Jyoti Bahl recorded and released yet another soul stirring devotional song offering on Mohanji’s birthday.

“Gopal dheere dheere”


On our beloved Master Mohanji’s Birthday, the Consciousness Kriya Team is happy to announce and offer the availability of Consciousness Kriya application & training in 6 Indian Regional Languages!

Please find the application forms for the same below:

*Marathi Application* :

*Telugu Application* :

*Tamil Application* :

*Malayalam Application* :

*Kannada Application* :

*Hindi Application* :

*Our entire Consciousness Kriya Team wishes Mohanji a very Happy Birthday!*

For further information on the regional Kriya process, please email



A 4-day Online Global Program was conducted from 20th to 23rd to celebrate Mohanji’s Birthday! More than 200 participants from different parts of the world took part in this unique celebration, where they enjoyed the purification and deep cleansing processes given by Mohanji, conducted by Mohanji Acharyas. Unconditional love, compassion, friendship filled the air and all hearts in the 4 days of mega celebration that culminated with a 12 hour chanting & bhajan session on Mohanji’s Birthday, Satsang with Mohanji from Turkey and finally a 5 hour long experience sharing session Live on Facebook.

The true feeling of Being Mohanji, being part of Mohanji Global family was truly heart-melting.

Preparation for the celebration!

In the daily group sessions conducted in different time zones, participants enjoyed the power of various Sanskrit Mantra chanting and some very deep cleansing, rejuvenating and aligning processes and techniques gifted by Mohanji, such as “Connect to Yourself” and “Forgiveness Process”.

Journey of Transformation

With the only motive of “Living for the world and to add value to society”, not just through his own life but also through numerous platforms, Mohanji has presented various opportunities for all to transform themselves. Few devotees came forward to tell the stories of Mohanji’s value adds to the world through these platforms.

Three live sessions where these devotees spoke their hearts out.

  1. Social transformation through individual transformations–  Ammucare & ACT Foundation
  2. Individual transformations through spiritual practiceMohanji given methods & techniques
  3. Raising collective awareness through creativity, individual expression & personal disciplineWCA, EBC, HSTY/HSTD/HSTL

12 Hours of Global Chanting on Mohanji’s Birthday

20 Mohanji Acharyas across the globe did a continuous chanting for 12 hours spreading positive vibrations.

Chanting by Mohanji Acharyas across the world for 12 hours

Click below on the links to enjoy these chants!

Devotional Singing before Mohanji’s Satsang

From Australia, India, Europe to Canada – devotees filled the air with devotion of bliss with some heart-melting bhajans.

Bhajan Session

Click below on the link to enjoy these Bhajans!

Experience Sharing Session

After Mohanji’s Live Satsang from Turkey, the participants of the Global event and other devotees got together in a very open, loving and heart touching experience sharing session on “Mohanji and I” Facebook page which lasted over 5 hours.

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Experience sharing session by global family




The UK celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by with a video wishing Mohanji and cake cutting.

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BALKAN (Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia)


🌺❤🌺 Happy Birthday Mohanji! 🌺❤🌺


On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, Mohanji Serbia organized a 3-day program where we expressed our gratitude to Mohanji by remembering the blessings in form of various techniques that Mohanji gave us (Meditations, Conscious Walking, Conscious Dancing, Consciousness Kriya, Mai Tri method). We have explained each technique and its benefits to the new audiences, via Facebook Live program. Click to watch the session

On the next day, we presented the platforms founded by Mohanji (EBC, ACT Foundation, Himalayan School, MYC).  We also touched upon Acharyas and their mission to spread Mohanji’s teachings worldwide, as well as the importance and joy of volunteering in any of the platforms. Click to watch the session

On the day of Mohanji’s birthday, Devi shared a video where she talked about the beginnings of Mohanji Foundation, from the first Power of Purity meditation until now and how everything grew beautifully. Click here to watch the session

We witnessed together the journey of Mohanji through the platforms he created to serve the world and humanity.   As Mohanji says “True wealth comes from what we give to the world, not from what we take from it.”

This was also an occasion to inspire people to give their contribution to society with selflessness, kindness and compassion.


Today is Mohanji’s birthday. It is natural that many need to show him love through birthday cards and gifts. But is that the best way? Read what Mohanji says about it.

🌼 Don’t spend money on me. Don’t waste your time on me.

🌸 Money or time you would love to spend on me can be spent nicely on the poor and helpless in the world.

🌼 If you are able to do something for other beings around you, even if you buy hot tea to some poor person on a winter morning, you have shown me love. This is true communication for me.Full blog ′′ No candles and sweets ′′ 👇

You can read the blog here


Mohanji always tells us that the best gift for his birthday is helping the helpless and feeding the hungry of all kinds. Watch the video here


In Denmark we celebrated Mohanji’s birthday February 23rd 2021 with a program based on the theme Veganism. A small group of six people watched Mohanji’s video on veganism follow by a discussion where we touched upon how to transit from eating meat to being vegan when one feel trapped by old habits.

Afterwards we cooked a vegan meal together which we had with a homemade vegan Mohanji birthday cake. We were all happy for Mohanji bringing us together in such a lovely way enjoying each other’s company.



  1. Bhajan Sandhya in different Indian languages

Click to watch the session

  1. Special dance performance by Prisha Menon

Click to watch the session.

Mohanji Hindi

  1. Bhajan- Lyrics by Nirupma and sung by Smriti

Click to watch the session

  1. Bhajans by Sonia Gandhi

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Mohanji Malayalam

Celebrated a 3 day online program in honor of birthday of Mohanji on 21, 22 and 23rd February consisting of Experience sharing by Devadas, Surya, Anila, Atheetha, Anitha and Savithri. Mohanji Gayatri Chanting was done by Girija, Chitra and Jyothirmayi. Concluded with Bhajan and Aarati.

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Marathi

2 bhajans were sung by Manjiri

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Mohanji Tamil

Mohanji Tamil conducted four-day program on Tamil Fb page to mark the celebrations. The program started on February 20th and ended on February 23rd.

Chanting of Mohanji Gayathri 27 times along with Mohanji quote of the day. Each day different version of Mohanji Gayathri was chanted. We also have had a topic discussion on 23rd. The topic was seva activities that are conducted as the best present for  Mohanji’s birthday. On the evening of the 23rd, two clssical songs were sung by Meera Gopalakrishnan with the meanings given by Sathya Shivakumar.

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Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

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Mohanji Kannada

On Feb 23. On Mohanjis birthday, Mohanji Kannada page had bhajans by Vidya Iyengar and Jaya Mukund. They sang Siddha mangala stotra and Hanuman Chalisa.

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Mohanji Odia

Bhajan and cake cutting program at evening ,  as  guest  executive officer of municipality , in charge of police ,and tahasildar also join us to celebrate Mohanji  birthday at Mohanji bhavan jatani

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Offerings at various temples in India by devotees

Kamadgiri hill in Chitrakoot

On Mohanji’s birthday, Prashant Singh performed rudrabhishek with two laghu rudra as well as half of 125000 Mahamrityunjay chanting for Mohanji with the help of 23 brahmin priests. The pooja was performed in Ram Darbar temple at the base of Kamadgiri hill in Chitrakoot where Lord Ram made his residence during his exile. Prashant asked to be excused for not getting clear photos or videos since he was short of manpower. This will be continued and the remainder of Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting will be completed  on Mar 6th (Mohanji’s birthday as per the Hindu calendar)

2. Maha Maya Temple, Jammu:

Pooja and prasad was offered at famous Maha Maya temple in jammu and monkey feeding and cow feeding at cow shelter was also done on behalf of Mohanji by Sakshi Gupta in Jammu.

3. Arunachala:

Kishore Mundanad based in Arunachala did abhishekam at Sivapadam and Guhai Namashivaya on Tiruvannamalai hill for Mohanji on his birthday. Photos for all to witness these blessed and rare spots of Lord Shiva.

4. Vrindavan:

Jayeeta Chkrabortay and our sisters in Vrindavan (the birthplace of Lord Krishna) offered prayers for Mohanji’s well being and protection at Chandi Paath, Katyayani Peeth (one of the 52 Mother power centers called Shakti Peeth), Tara Peeth (afternoon pooja and food offering) and Banke Bihariji (the main Krishna temple in Vrindavan). They had a beautiful day filled with temple visits, puja and fantastic darshans.

5. Mumbai Power Centers:

Sharad Grover from. Mumbai team visited all the power centers in Mumbai (Mumbadevi (the Goddess on whose name Mumbai is named) , Mahalakshmi; Haji Ali dargah (a Muslim Sufi saint’s dargah), Mount Mary’s Church and offered prayers for Mohanji for the birthday

6. Pune Power Centers:

Pune team visited the power centers (Shankar Maharaj, Jungli Maharaj, Hazrat Babajaan (master of Meher Baba) and did special poojas for Mohanji on his birthday.

7. Delhi Power Centers:

Jyoti Bahl visited power centers in Delhi and offered prayers for Mohanji there. Nizamuddin Aulia Sarah (Muslim Sufi Saint),  Damdama Sahib Gurudwara (Main Sikh Shrine in Delhi) and Sai Baba Mandir Lodhi Road.

8. Jwalaji, Dharmashala

Suresh Kumar Bhandari offered prayers on behalf of Mohanji at Jwalaji Dharamshala that is a very powerful temple of the Divine Mother where the fire coming out of the stones is worshiped. No one knows where the fire comes from. Sureshji saw the fire in the form of Om.


GK Hegdeji, the trustee and priest of Gokarna performed pooja  for Mohanji at Gokarna. Gokarna is the only place in the world that has the living aspect (atmalinga) of Lord Shiva. Hegdeji said, “It is a great privilege for me to offer prayers for Mohanji. A small work from my side to help with the immense work that Mohanji is doing in the world. Prayers were submitted at the feet of Lord Jagadeeshwara (the atmalinga of Lord Shiva) for every success in (Mohanji’s) life.”

10. Thali

Since centuries, many ancient and powerful temples have been plundered and destroyed during foreign invasions. These once famous temples were the support and foundation of ancient society that held the community together and actively ensured their cultural, economic, educational; spiritual and ethical well-being. The damage to the fabric of society due to their destruction is incalculable. Last week, Moksha trust was formed in Kerala for renovation and rejuvenation of these temples to their past glory. Mohanji was invited to be the honorary Chairman for the trust to which Mohanji agreed.

Their recent focus is on the re-dedication of 108 Shiva lingams at the Shiva Temple in Thali which is known as the “Village of Lingas” and has been amply blessed with Shiva consciousness since ages. Thali was a village with 108 Shiva temples built in the 9th century Sadly all but one were destroyed and many of the temple ruins were removed over time with the heritage slowly getting lost.

The first phase of land acquisition for the temple reconstruction took place on the day of Shivratri 2020. It has been decided to erect the 108 Shiva lingams in this reconstructed temple complex. Reconstruction and restoration work is underway.

Mother Power Centers:


The presiding priest of Mookambika arranged for pooja and prayers at Mookambika temple in Kollur and also conducted pooja and prayers at Kamakhya temple in Assam. These are two of the most powerful temples in India for the Divine Mother. 


Pooja and prayers were offered at the Lakshmi Narsimha temple in Ahobilam


Year after year, on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday on February 23rd, many events and celebrations are organised around the world as acts of kindness and compassion to the world, such as feeding the hungry, support those in need of clothing, shelter and so on. Mohanji explicitly says that this is the best gift – support those in need. Make a positive difference in the lives of many. There is no amount too small or big in the Mohanji world, the purity of intention is what makes the difference. Brick by brick, we build these homes together. 

This year, despite the pandemic restrictions, Mohanji Malaysia were able to organise a small cake cutting ceremony and vegan lunch at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary KL, an orphanage home which shelters 55 children. The children beautifully sang birthday song and were delighted to receive ‘Angpou’ a gift of money inserted into a red packet which is a customary token given during Chinese New Year. We look forward to making every Mohanji’s birthday a day of great celebration and positivity around the world.

Click here to watch the session


We marked the auspicious day with 3 programs.

1)      Volunteers share “What Mohanji Means to Me” followed by chanting, bhajans and singing. Prathibha, Sunila and Bojana shared about their deep connection with Mohanji and how Mohanji’s has become an integral part of their life. Chanting, Bhajans and wonderful singing of “The Elernal” by Bojana marked the event.

2)      Singapore Team also had a great Mohanji’s Birthday celebrations with Migrant Workers in Singapore in the evening on 23rd Feb 2021. The two tiered lemon cake was a joy to see and very tasty to eat , not much was remaining by the end of the program.

Bojana sang “Reimagine” for them and Wowed everyone, it may have been the first time the Migrant Workers have had a live performance like this. There were many instances of fun and laughter, all had a good enriching time. Everyone Thanked Mohanji for spreading joy around the world.

3)      On this auspicious day of Mohanji’s birthday, Singapore Team would like to announce the launch of a new initiative – “Volunteering at Stray Dog shelter”. Under this initiative volunteers would offer services at the home for stray dogs under the CAS (Cause for Animals Singapore) program.

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Happy Birthday to our dearest Mohanji! Love from Mohanji South Africa 🇿🇦



Greetings from the USA family

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Celebration of Mohanji’s birthday

Click here to watch the session – Part 1

Click here to watch the session – Part 2


Happy birthday dearest Mohanji ❤️🎊💐🌹

Thank you for guiding, mentoring, motivating us. Your every word becomes a source of inspiration and helps us to walk the path that you have shown us to add value in the world with your teachings, loving , sharing and caring with people around us. Thank you for being our beacon of light. Mohanji Canada Team

  1. 12 hours chanting of Mohanji Gayatri Mantra by the team on February 21, 2021
  2. On 23rd Feb – Guru Paduka Pujan (Holy feet worship) as a mark of respect and gratitude to Mohanji. 
  3. Vegan cake, sweet and food offered to Mohanji and all deities in the Ashram.  
  4. Online activities like Group Consciousness Kriya, 360 degrees meditation, chanting , and blog reading.

Click here to watch the session


Click here to watch the session


We take pleasure in wishing our guru, mentor, and guide, Brahmarishi Mohanji a very Happy Birthday. We thank you Mohanji for being our inspiration as we aspire to follow each step you want us to take to raise the collective consciousness of this generation.

A very special and very beautifully expressed token of love, created by our lovely Sally, from Mohanji Australia family. It reached right in time before Mohanji’s birthday and was received with lots of love and blessings. Story of these paintings reaching their destination goes like this: Originally this drawing was made as a gift for Mila’s birthday in 2020. Due to Covid it wasn’t made possible. However Sally made all possible efforts to send to Bangalore ashram and finally succeeded. Mohanji’s parents were elated to see. In fact, Mohanji’s mother pointed out his drawing and said this is so real, just like him. Mohanji was deeply touched by Sally’s love ❤️

On the glorious occasion of Mohanji’s 56th Birthday, here’s a devotional song presented by Rakshitha. Do soak in the depth of love and devotion to the guru. Listen till the end❤️

Guru charan Preet Mori lagee re….

Here are the words followed by the meaning.

Guru Charan Preet  Mori Lagee  Re  !

Soti thi  main  janamojanamse Gurushabadhse  jagee re! – Guru charan..

Haat bajaar firun matvalee, Loklaj  sab  tyagi  re! – Guru  Charan…

Koham Koham Poochhat  ragee, Soham kahat viragi re! Guru Chalan…

Na main  Raagi na main viragee, Rang  raagse paagi re! – Guru  Charan…

I have fallen in love with the feet of my Guru

I have been asleep life after life but now awakened by the grace of my Guru.

I was wandering in the streets knowing nothing and giving into all illusions of glitters of the world until I found my Guru’s feet.

I was asking who am I, who am I and now I have realised – I am that – by the grace of my guru.

I am neither attached nor detached. I am only drenched in  ‘Rang’ guru’s love.



The World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is pleased to share birthday wishes for our beloved founder, MOHANJI, who has been an inspiration to us all.

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Talk on Yoga on Mohanji Official Facebook page by Madhusudan Rajagopalan and Usha Lakshmi Narayanan in a group discussion. The topic of the discussion was “Raising collective awareness through creativity, individual expression & personal discipline”.

Click here to watch the whole session