New Me After Being Disconnected, Alone & Attacked

By Mohana Priya (Annette/Alixandra van der Zon), USA

Jai Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji Ki Jai

I believe all experience sharing is precious, especially about lessons learned. No matter how tough or embarrassing such experiences may have been, I do believe they should be shared as valuable pointers to those who may encounter similar challenges on the path.

When I came back home to the USA from my last ten-day retreat with Mohanji on Hvar island in Croatia, I was flying. It was great. To be in His presence for so long was truly an honor. I have written about most of this before so, I won’t repeat the experiences here. It will suffice to say that I was honored with many visions, internally and externally. They were beautiful and I was blessed to spend so much time with Him, Devi and other sadhaks there and in Serbia and Bosnia.

Before sharing my experience further, I would like to digress a bit to offer the background story. In the past, my youngest son, Nicolas, had taught me that I was a healer. At a very young age, three and four years old, he would come and take my hands and put them on his wounds and they would heal under my hands.

I was truly amazed the first time it happened. He rolled his eyes like, “Wow my mommy is certainly not the sharpest tool in the shed.” And, he would run back outside to continue to play with his friends next door.

Recently, I had noticed that my ability to heal was less strong and so I wanted to go visit another ‘Spiritual Teacher.’ This Teacher really is a very powerful healer. This Teacher is also more local and easier for me to visit here in the USA. What I didn’t know, and what I soon learned to my great pain, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, is that he disconnected me from all other Masters and the Guru Mandala itself. He also energized my worst emotions, with the intent of teaching me to ‘dissolve my emotions.’

That year was sheer hell. For the first time in my life I broke a bone. I broke my leg, was stuck in bed, got angry at people during various communications online (I apologize once again for that) – all in all, I was not my usual self and I was in hell. I froze for days when our electricity went out in -14C weather with no help of any sort. In short, I couldn’t believe I was in the Guru Mandala. 

It took me some time until I finally figured out that I was completely and utterly disconnected. When I discussed this with one of his ‘healers,’ they told me, “Right, this Teacher definitely does that. That’s how he works. When he’s the Teacher, no one else is allowed inside you.”

Clear signs of this abnormal disconnection were there. For example, I lit camphor one evening to do aarati to Mohanji and the camphor jumped out of its container (with an inch high diameter circumference protecting the contents) and onto the bedding. Camphor is an inert object. It doesn’t jump. The lit camphor caught the bedding with such fast and furious flame that I was afraid the house would burn down! And, with my broken leg in the frozen snow and being home alone, there wasn’t anything else I could do but to fall on top of the fire. So I did. It was so frightening but I still hadn’t figured it out fully at that point.

When I finally found out, I was scared. Really. I didn’t want to be disconnected. When I told people they said, “That’s ridiculous, you can’t be disconnected.” Now, I happen to know the other Teacher is really not a joke. He can make the blind see and the lame walk with a wave of his hand. So, that he could disconnect me was not a surprise. But the fact that he actually did disconnect me was a huge surprise and a shock for me. I do believe I should have been told and/or asked beforehand.

What I found to be the worst of all was that I lost a lot of sacred inner energies that I had been building up diligently every single day, over the past thirty years with my spiritual practices. And I work hard. I don’t just complacently sit around waiting for things to miraculously happen. I understand that meditation is like running. No one can exercise for you. No one can do your yoga, swim your mile, nor raise your kundalini and calm the ocean of the mind for you (although without a Guru I don’t think the mind’s ocean can be tamed—certainly not mine).

To make things worse, aside from being disconnected, I also got attacked by black magic. I tried to tell people, but no one understood. They all laughed and said, “Of course you’re connected.”  No one listened. It was probably all part of the black magic. I had become mute. I smelled. I could not get rid of the smell. The black magic was like a poison. My house smelled and I felt horrible.

I had to wait over a year before our beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji came to the USA. By that time all my funds had dried up and I barely got there on a whisper and a prayer. I literally had to drag myself there. My health was a wreck, my finances, my life, everything was a disaster. When I finally sat in front of Him, I could smell this horrible smell coming from my body. The smell was really awful. I could also feel that His aura was cleaning the black magic from my body.

Three days in His golden light and my life was back to ‘normal.’  Nothing can compare to the mighty presence of the Master. I was back to life with a real Guru, a real Master. I told myself, “Oh my God, never, ever even think of putting your Soul close to another master.” Now when people invite me to some other exciting program, I just say “maybe,” because I don’t want to be rude. But really, there’s no way I’m going near another master. Ever. I am done with all my experimentation, unless under Brahmarishi’s direct guidance. I would need to hear Him say the words out loud. No intuitions, no mental connections, but words out loud!

Since I was rescued from the darkness, beautiful experiences started happening again. I had a blissful dream of having my baby in a dear friend’s arms, Archanaa Ananda. She loves Mohanji too but she does have another Guru with whom she was with previously. The baby looked very dark with slanted eyes and I was surprised it was my baby. The next day was Janmashtami and I saw a picture of Krishna as a baby and immediately recognized it. I called Archanaa and she said, “Very auspicious dream.” She was happy for me.

Then I saw a former assistant of Mohanji online for whom I was blessed to do an astrology reading and he said this dream is “the beginning of a new creative endeavor.”

I am happy. Any blessing is a good blessing.

Then I saw Shiva in the clouds (a photo which I posted on FB and others saw him too). And some time after that I dreamed I was an elephant and I was telling people that I needed to roam free. I absolutely could not be in a cage. That day it was Ganesh Chaturthi. These holidays and meanings are so foreign to me, unfortunately, that I had to look them up to write this. I couldn’t have dreamed these up if I had wanted to do so.

Soon after that I had a dream of an enormous white snake that was twice the length and breadth of a human with colored spots on it. I happen to know from one of my previous experiences what this means. This is a little flyer my subconscious sends me to tell me that the kundalini will go up . . . stay aware.

Lately I have been inspired to paint Goddesses and sing much more than usual – although I do tend to sing a lot. I’m trying to stay open to guidance, be completely surrendered, and stay in devotion.  I am continuing the practices which my beloved Guru, Brahmarishi Mohanji, has blessed me with, Consciousness Kriya and Healing.

Going with the flow…


I am humbled to see how fast and how far one can fall without a clue as to what happened. And really, all I had wanted was to be of service to others.
It has been some time since our short retreat in the USA and I feel connected again, looking forward to my service as guided by the Guru Mandala.

May I be graced with ever greater devotion, and remain in complete surrender.

Much Love,

Mohana Priya (Annette/Alixandra van der Zon – which means ‘from the Sun’)


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The Kailash of the South – Part 1

By Madhusudan Rajagopalan


Thiruvanamalai is a bustling temple town where the mighty Kailash of the south stands … the sacred mountain called Arunachala. It is believed that a trip around this tranquil mountain is equivalent to a parikrama of the great Kailash! Our dear Mohanji conducts retreats annually at this powerful center where the mind becomes absolutely quiet and we get to experience the silence which is our natural state. Enjoy this rich experience shared by Madhusudhan during his first trip with Parabrahma!

“Everything outside us is just suggestions. When we bring them inside, they become experiences and eventual memories. Be careful.” Mohanji.

 Rich flavours in experiences:

Experiences with Mohanji come in various flavours. There are the direct experiences as in retreats when people feel the impact of his presence, or from the practices there; or during satsangs where deep questions, often not verbalized, find answers. Some people report visions and astral experiences during meditations. In contrast, experiences that usually tend to get underrated are those that happen during travels with Mohanji. Trips with him are often impromptu and take their own twists and turns, seemingly random to the normal mind. Yet, the absolute spontaneity leads to perfection and order emerges at the very last moment from seeming chaos. The likelihood of attributing stray events and synchronicity to chance and coincidence is quite high as there are fleeting moments of “magic”. It is only with deeper reflection that we can understand the subtlety of grace that drives these experiences. Sometimes, this takes time to sink in, and perhaps a discussion or two with others to realise what just happened!

I have had the privilege of visiting Thiruvannamalai (the town where the holy mountain Arunachala is situated) with Mohanji twice, once in late 2015 and again in December 2017. In this blog, I would like to share some of my experiences of such nature from my trips to Thiruvannamalai with Mohanji, focusing on the 2015 trip that was epic in so many ways.


The sacred town -Thiruvannamalai

A view of the magnificent temple of Arunachala Shiva (Lord Annamalaiyaar)

A view of the magnificent temple of Arunachala Shiva (Lord Annamalaiyaar)

In November 2015, I participated in the Pancha Tattwa retreat with Mohanji in Kumbakonam. Towards the latter half of the retreat, Mohanji decided that he would go to Thiruvannamalai on a private trip. But of course, his private trips are never really private. So within a couple of days of this plan being shared, the travelling party grew to around 15 people, including a few people joining in from Bangalore. From looking at transport and accommodation for a small group of 4-5 people, we were suddenly looking at planning a much larger program. However, our retreat venue staff knew the GM of the best resort in Thiruvannamalai and with a few phone calls, our accommodation arrangements were set. In parallel, our travel arrangements also fell into place and we were ready for our trip.

Thiruvannamalai is one of the holiest centres in the world. The Skanda Purana (one of the largest Mahapuranas or main scriptures) states that “In the Dravidian region of South India, there is the greatest place called Arunachala, dearest to Chandrasekara (another name for Lord Shiva – literally He who wears the moon as his crest). It is the abode of Shiva and yogis. Arunachala is to this world what the heart is to the whole body. It is everything for Shiva. For the benefit of the world, Shiva took the form of a mountain and settled himself as Arunachala.

There is no better discipline than devotion. There is no better protection than that afforded by vibhuthi (consecrated ash). There is no happiness superior to detachment. There is no position superior to salvation. There is no sacred place like Arunachala. If other kshetras (holy places) are abodes of Shiva, Arunachala is the absolute form of Shiva himself.”

The town has the grand temple for Lord Annamalaiyaar (Lord Shiva in the form of Arunachala) and is considered to be home to thousands of siddhas (powerful masters), many in their subtle form. In more recent times, Thiruvannamalai is famous as the abode of Masters such as Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Seshadri Swamigal and several other great Masters. The town is bustling with serious spiritual seekers from around the world. The Karthikai Deepam festival and Girivalam (circumambulation around the Arunachala mountain) especially on full moon nights attract crowds in millions. Growing up in Chennai, I would hear about Thiruvannamalai all the time but never quite visited it. Before this trip, I had been there just once for a few hours. So I was really looking forward to this trip and to experience Thiruvannamalai in the true sense.

Day 1: 21st Nov 2015 – Arrival

We reached our hotel in Thiruvannamalai well after 6pm in the evening. It was raining that day, so Mohanji decided to rest a bit and asked the group to rest and finish dinner early. Mohanji had an appointment for a Skype satsang with South Africa later that evening, so he asked some of us to set things up. We spent the next hour trying to get the hotel wi-fi network to work. We called their tech support team who strode around purposefully but to no avail. We tried two different 3G dongles but all these routes gave us patchy signals, not good enough for a Skype conference. Finally it was time for the satsang and we just put the computer in front of Mohanji with a mental “Jai Mohanji”. Lo and behold, the signal worked fine now… the satsang went on for about 45 minutes uninterrupted, with no network issues or signal drops! Was this just chance, pure luck or the M factor? Furthermore, thanks to the SA team, several people in the group got an opportunity for an impromptu satsang with Mohanji!

Meanwhile, we were also planning for the next day’s activities. We were scheduled to do the Girivalam (circumambulation of the mountain) the next morning. Before the satsang began, Mohanji gave instructions that we should do a grand annadaan (food seva) for all the sadhus (mendicants) within the Arunachala temple. Mohanji always treats sadhus with great respect. Particularly in Arunachala, he would always tell us that various Masters, siddhas and higher beings could take the garb of simple looking sadhus, so one would never know who one is actually feeding! His advice was – treat them like you would treat me if I came to your home. In fact, this is his direction for all beings (humans, animals, birds, etc) that we feed – always feed what you would eat yourself. In this instance, He even specified the contents of each food packet – curd rice, pickle, papad (thin, crispy discs made from seasoned dough) and a fruit. Given the short notice (it was past 8pm when we started this effort), some members of our group went out to check a couple of the popular local restaurants to see if they could organize this. The first two attempts yielded no results as the restaurants could either not provide to our specifications or were too expensive. Meanwhile, it struck us that we could also evaluate if our own resort could cater to this. We managed to speak to the chef and worked out an arrangement by which he would give us neatly packed food packets as per our specifications, budget and timing. This made our logistics a whole lot simpler. Grace at work again!

Day 2: 22nd Nov, 2015 – Parikrama

The next morning was a milestone day for the group as we were going on the Girivalam with Mohanji leading our group. We were to leave early by 3.30am, the auspicious time of Brahma Muhurta. Mohanji is a stickler for time, so most of us were at the hotel lobby early waiting for him. Some members of our group couldn’t join us as we were travelling with some small children and someone had to stay back to tend to them. In addition, a couple of people were down with fever, probably due to a combination of the rainy weather and the post-retreat cleansing that many people were going through. For the rest of us, the excitement was building up. A couple of ladies had ordered for tea and toast, and I happily joined them for this early morning tea party. Shortly thereafter, Mohanji walked in, looked at us and said “This is a yatra (pilgrimage), not just a walk. It is meant to be done on an empty stomach. I have just had water and will eat only when we finish the Girivalam.” The toast that had tasted so good a few minutes back was now a villain! Well, having eaten already, we couldn’t “un-eat” them now, so we just tucked our tails between our legs, said a few prayers to Lord Shiva and Mohanji and started the Girivalam, chanting “Om Namah Shivaya Shivaya Namah Om” with each step.

2_Girivalam in Brahmamuhurat

We were walking bare-feet on the gravel path, so this also became a Conscious Walk, besides being a holy parikrama (circumambulation). Some of the group members were chanting loudly and singing bhajans. Mohanji encouraged one of the ladies to sing louder. He said that nagar sankeertan (devotional singing in public) was a part of an old tradition that was known to cleanse the surrounding area. More people joined and the group was immersed in the bhaav (devotion). However, there was a special significance to the instruction to that lady – we came to understand that only later.


The Girivalam experience was totally blissful. We stopped at different points to offer our respects to the holy mountain and to the various siddhas and elevated beings that reside there. The route has 8 main Shiva lingas. As per the Girivalam protocol, we stopped at each of these temples to offer our prayers there. Mohanji had told the group that there are tens and hundreds of millions of siddhas meditating physically and astrally on the holy Arunachala Mountain.


He asked us to stop at frequent intervals on the route, look at the holy Arunachala Mountain, pray in the direction of the mountain, offering our reverence to these siddhas and receive their magnanimous blessings. Hence, wherever we got a clear view of the Arunachala Mountain at different points on the route, we would stop, look at the mountain with reverence and pray as guided by Mohanji.


As we followed Mohanji, he would engage us in discussions every now and then; a serious discussion on spirituality would be followed by casual jokes on day-to-day things. Several people’s legs were pulled. It was pure spontaneity in action and a message to not get too serious about anything, including spirituality. It was also a master class of subterfuge as he was subtly distracting us from any physical discomfort and relieving us of that burden. As I think back on those few hours, I do not recall any pains – we were walking bare-feet on the road, with plenty of loose gravel thanks to the ongoing rains, and also getting drenched now and then from the intermittent rains, but nothing seemed to matter. I am sure several layers of karma were removed that day, but how can we ever see this?

As we walked, we were offering our respects not only to the mountain and the siddhas, but also to all living beings around us. We fed several beings on the path – dogs, monkeys and birds. We offered food to several people on the roads – sadhus and beggars. To some, we gave cash offerings. We bought breakfast and tea for some families and fed several other saints living on the road. While we initially did this on specific instructions from Mohanji, we understood the broader message behind his instructions and did it more spontaneously without judging the receiver. As Mohanji explains, true inner richness requires giving with an attitude of gratitude for the opportunity to serve, rather than an attitude of superiority or an expectation that the receiver should be thankful to us. Besides, especially in a place like Thiruvannamalai, the scruffy beggar in front of us could easily be a powerful Master! There are several tales from Sai Satcharitra where Sai Baba Himself has demonstrated this fact by promising to visit a devotee and showing up as a dog, a beggar, etc. The learning from these experiences is to see the innate divinity in every being and hence, serve without discrimination.

As we approached the part of the Girivalam road near the grand temple, we saw the temple chariots out on the road and crowds slowly building up. Many inside roads leading towards the temple were barricaded. We asked around and understood that this was the 7th day of the Karthikai Deepam festival, the largest festival of the year in Thiruvannamalai. On the day of the full moon in this month (typically Nov-Dec), a huge beacon is lit on top of the holy mountain. This beacon symbolizes the Shiva lingam of fire joining the sky. The decision to leave at 3.30am suddenly made total sense as a delayed start would have meant getting stuck in the crowds! We finished the 14km walk comfortably and headed back to our resort for breakfast. Even though a couple of folks were unwell and suffering from severe stomach cramps and fever, they were able to finish walking the entire distance. Again, a sign of pure grace!

Samadhi visits and Annadaan

After breakfast, we were chatting casually in our group and talking about our experiences. During this chat, Mohanji looked at the lady who had tea and toast in the morning and asked if she knew why he encouraged her on the nagar sankeertan. He then went on to explain how that was used to reverse the effect of her eating breakfast before the Girivalam. She was thankful, of course, but I was left wondering what I would need to do to reverse my breakfast. I anyway dismissed the thought quickly and started thinking about the next items on our agenda.

Thanks to our early start, we had some spare time that morning before the annadaan at the temple. Some of us planned to go to Ramanashram (the ashram of the saint Ramana Maharshi). Mohanji then spoke about a great Master called Sivasakti Ammaiyar. This saint maintains silence and speaks very rarely. He said she gave Shaktipat to people just through her eyes sans speech or touch. He asked us to visit her ashram and, if we were lucky, we could get her darshan (holy sighting of a saint).


So we hired a couple of autos and instantly left for her ashram. Amma was not there so we didn’t get the opportunity to meet her, however the Darshan hall was set up with her chair and a large photo of the saint. We sat there for some time in silence, prostrated at her chair and then left quietly in gratitude.

As we reached Ramanashram, the clouds opened up and it started raining heavily. We sat down in the Samadhi hall but my mind was unfortunately focused on the rains outside. I knew that we had to do the annadaan in a little while, and was more concerned about how we would manage that in this weather. I sent a silent prayer to Mohanji asking the rains to let up, which it did. We immediately returned to our hotel.

Back at the hotel, we collected the food packets (organized in a couple of crates) and rounded up our team of 7-8 volunteers to participate in this seva (service). We had a car and an auto rickshaw at our disposal. We loaded the crates, squeezed ourselves in and headed to the temple. As we approached the temple, we realized that the road barricades which had kicked into place in the morning, far away from the temple, blocked our path. So we had to improvise – we quickly parked the car at the first available spot and loaded all the crates into the auto. We started walking alongside as we tried to get close to the temple. The rains had stopped by now, but left all the streets flooded with ankle high water. It also happened to be the local mandi (marketplace) area, which meant a good deal of plantain leaves, sacks and other refuse mixed with the water on the streets! So far, nothing had worked out as anticipated – it looked like we were being tested at every point!

Before we left, Mohanji had asked us to distribute the food well before noon. But with these complications, the time was already around noon and we were nowhere near beginning the annadaan yet. A couple of us decided to run up to the temple and check if the swamis were still at the temple. This was my first visit to this ancient temple – considered one of the most important temples for Lord Shiva and when I reached the outer Gopuram (temple complex), I had no time to even think of the significance of the moment. All I was thinking was “Are the swamis still there? Can we complete the annadaan?” From the temple gate, I walked in and began to understand the scale of this magnificent temple! To come close to the main temple, I had to enter the main gopuram (monumental entrance tower), walk through the outer compound, go through some stairs to the next gopuram, walk through the next compound and enter another gopuram to come close to the main temple. My mission was to check if the swamis and sadhus who flock the temple were still there. Finally in one of the mandapams inside, I found one bespectacled sadhu with matted hair. I told him that we wanted to distribute food to all the sadhus in the temple. He said that most of the swamis had left by then, thanks to the rain. He also mentioned that they took their food at noon and it was past noon by now. I requested him to stay back and ran back to our auto, conveying the update to the rest of our team.

The auto was parked around 500m away from the temple, so we had to carry the crates to the temple. As soon as we started unloading the crates, we were mobbed as people swarmed all around us. We have always been used to annadaans where we distribute food in an orderly fashion. Here, every such assumption was being shattered – a lesson to be spontaneous, perhaps.

We were figuring out how to cope with this situation – some safeguarding the food from the people who were literally grabbing packets from our crates, while the others were gaping at this spectacle trying to decide what to do. Our group had a mixture of Indians and Serbians which made us stand out from the milling crowds and attracted even more attention. At this juncture, one swami crossed our path. He was dressed in saffron with a cloth bag slung over his shoulder but with a digital watch on his wrist. We offered him food, but he refused and instead told us “late, late”, and walked away quickly. Was this Mohanji sending us a message? Anyhow, this broke our reverie and we made fresh plans.

Our auto was parked very close to a junction, so people were walking in all directions. It became clear that we wouldn’t be able to carry the food packets to the temple and changed our plans. We decided to distribute the food packets right there and carried just the bananas to the temple. We split ourselves into two teams. Now it became clear why our volunteer group grew from the original plan of 3-4 people. We needed every single person with the situation changing every few minutes. When we reached the temple, we found very few swamis, as it was almost 12.45pm by then. However, the swami I met earlier was waiting for us. We offered him bananas and took his blessings. We then proceeded into the temple precincts and distributed to all we could see – ladies, children, swamis as well as devotees. We returned with empty crates but satiated from inside. On our way out, we took blessings from the same swami again. As we made our way back to the other group, we learnt that they had had a rough time managing the crowds, with many being unruly, snatching food, hoarding food packets etc. We have often been told that our job is only to give and we aren’t responsible for how others behave while receiving – we couldn’t get a better experience to drill this message home.

When we came back to our hotel, we updated Mohanji on the events and asked if we had done an OK job. He nodded and confirmed that the swami in the temple was a real siddha who was holding the fort for us. While we had not followed the original instructions exactly, our intent and efforts were genuine and he was helping us see that through. We told him about how difficult it was due to the rain and flooded streets. He also gave a mysterious smile about the auto swami (the sadhu with a digital watch who told us “late late”)! Then he looked at me and said “You asked me to stop the rain, I had to but it’s tough, you know. It affects other things.” As I mentioned earlier, I had sent this mental prayer from Ramanashram but did not meet Mohanji till now. This confirmed a couple of things – all our genuine, selfless prayers reach him, regardless of physical distance, and the elements are well within the realm of the Master’s control. We have read about this in Sai Satcharitra where Sai Baba looks at the skies and commands them. Mohanji is no different, except that his operating style is a lot more subtle and hard to catch. One could easily just thank the heavens not knowing that the Source was actually near us.

Day 3: 23rd Nov, 2015 – Visit to the temple and Samadhis

The next day, some members of our group wanted to go on a Girivalam as they couldn’t join earlier. I decided to make the most of our time there and joined them. My feet were tender from the previous day’s Girivalam, temple visit and the associated running around, so I thought I would wear my footwear today. As I met the group, I saw that all the others were barefoot, so I changed plans and proceeded barefoot. Today, I had been careful to start with an empty stomach, avoiding yesterday’s mistake! So I got my answer to my earlier day’s question of how to reverse the effect of the post snack-Girivalam – just do another Girivalam the right way!

We started walking and followed the same routine as the previous day, using the time to chant. At every opportunity, we stopped to feed dogs and people. The walk went by quite quickly, in spite of the roads being harder to walk on, and soon we were back at the hotel for breakfast. A day ago, I had only heard of people doing Girivalam and here I was after my second girivalam within two days. If one couldn’t see grace in this, he would have to be blind!

Later that morning, Mohanji joined our entire group of 20 people for a visit to the temple of Lord Annamalaiyaar. As this was the most special month of the year, the temple was extremely crowded and we were told at the entrance that we would have to go through the long queues to get into the temple. While we were making our way to the back of the serpentine queue, Mohanji pointed to another gate and asked me to check with the attendant there. I did and discovered there was a special queue and we managed to buy tickets on the spot and enter the temple. We finished our darshan in no time and were soon walking to the shrine of Goddess Unnamalai Amman (Goddess Parvati). We managed to complete this darshan too very quickly. Throughout this visit, it was raining intermittently. Every time it would stop, Mohanji would ask us to hurry along saying that it wouldn’t last for much time. We were experiencing how with Mohanji around, all doors opened and things speeded up or slowed down, seemingly on their own.

Seshadri Swamigal

After the temple visit, we were set to visit the Samadhi shrines of the Masters who had made Thiruvannamalai famous. We first went to Seshadri Swamigal Ashram, the space dedicated to the saint who cared a lot for Ramana Maharishi when Ramana Maharishi was still a young boy engrossed in his meditation. As soon as I put my forehead on the steps to his Samadhi, I felt my head spin. To make sure I wasn’t imagining this, I asked the others in the group and they had the exact same sensation. This then convinced me that there were really strong energies in the place – it also helped that we had just come out of an intense retreat with Mohanji, so we must have been more sensitive to high energies. We also took this as a blessing from the Master and proceeded to our next stop, Ramanashram. This complex is somewhat large and houses multiple structures including the samadhi hall of Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi, the cottage he lived in, some other quarters, a mini-temple and open courtyards. Unfortunately for us, the samadhi hall was closed as it was past 1pm. We paid our respects from outside and left.

Ramana Maharishi

Meanwhile, I was beginning to get worried about the time delays as we were scheduled to travel back to Chennai that afternoon, and we were still nowhere near completing our morning activities. We had heard that Chennai was experiencing heavy rainfall, so I was keen that we leave as quickly as possible. However, when travelling with Mohanji, things don’t move as per our mental map, but as per his purpose. He is completely spontaneous and does what is appropriate at that moment in time with 100% clarity always. And since there is no analysis of future risks or past events, he is completely at peace and lives every moment fully. Well, as for me, it is nice to write this in retrospect. But at that moment, I was panicking – what would happen if we got late? How will we manage the hotel who wanted us to check out 2 hours ago? Why are we taking so much time at each place? And the list went on…

After Ramanashram, we were supposed to visit the ashram of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Yogiji is a great Master who took samadhi only a decade and a half back in 2001. So he was a more contemporary guru. I had heard of him earlier but knew nothing about him. He was referred to as Visiri Saamiyar (i.e. Tamil for hand fan Swami) as he always used to carry a hand fan in one hand. I had also heard of him from my wife Preethi’s uncle and aunt who are ardent followers of Yogiji.


Yogi Ramsuratkumar alias Visiri Saamiyaar

Our vehicle reached the ashram and we were waiting for Mohanji’s car to arrive. I kept looking at my watch but that did nothing to make Mohanji arrive earlier! Finally, they reached around 1.45pm. It turned out that they had stopped at a book shop to get some books for Raj Sethi – there’s another story there about how that specific act fulfilled some desire of Raj! So finally, we went into the massive Samadhi hall around 1.45pm.

In the hall, there was a massive statue of Yogi Ramsuratkumar – this was not just a statue, as He looked alive and smiling. We prostrated at the statue and then did our circumambulation around his Samadhi. Meanwhile, Mohanji was waiting at the door to leave. Some of us were in the queue for prasad (consecrated food offering) and waiting for a refill as the vessels had gone empty.

22_Yogi_Statue 23_M_prostratingtoYogiRS_2017_dec

A unique feature of this ashram is the constant chant of “Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Jai Guru Raya” by someone in the hall. The two ladies handling the prasad distribution were talking loudly with each other. As one would talk, the other would continue chanting and when she had to respond, the first lady would be chanting. This was fascinating to watch, as I had never seen this elsewhere. This went on for a few minutes and the prasad was yet to arrive.

At that point, an elderly lady heard the loud voices and entered the hall. She saw Mohanji at the door and came to us to ask who he was. As soon as we mentioned his name, she walked over to meet him. She then explained that she had heard about Mohanji just a few days back from Preethi’s aunt who had spoken very highly of Mohanji. This led to an intense desire in her heart to meet Mohanji, but she dropped the idea as she had heard that Mohanji travelled around the world and how was she going to reach him from her base in Thiruvannamalai etc. Mohanji often says “Genuine and sincere intentions are very powerful”, and this intention of hers seemingly pulled Mohanji to the ashram within days! The lady was Devaki Ma, the chief caretaker of the ashram and a very close disciple of Yogiji. She then had a long chat with Mohanji and invited him for lunch. Our group was around 15 people and we did not want to impose, but she insisted and called all of us to the ashram canteen. It was past lunch hour at the canteen, so she had to first check if there was any food available. No surprise that there was just enough for us and we had our heart’s fill of prasad. When we were coming to Thiruvannamalai, one of our wishes was that we should partake of prasad at one of the ashrams. That wish was fulfilled on the very last available opportunity in this trip! What’s more, our group was the only one in the canteen, so we got extra attention. The canteen had a wonderful atmosphere. In the background, the sound system was playing chants by Yogiji in his own voice – apparently he used to chant his own name to help him have his body consciousness.

24_M_DevakiMa_2017Dec 25_M_DevakiMa_2017Dec.jpg

Devaki Ma with Mohanji

As I reflect on this visit, the divine hand of perfection is visible even in the small delays and hold-ups. If we had come earlier, we would have just mingled with the crowd. We would have had our prasad on time, and not seen the ladies arguing. This would not have drawn Devaki Ma towards us and we would have missed her!

Devaki Ma treated us with immense love and affection. Despite her busy schedule, she spent considerable time with us. After the lovely lunch, she showed us around various places in the ashram. Yogiji was a strong supporter of meditations (silence) as well as reviving the Vedic traditions of chants and prayers. He also wanted the ashram to organize daily annadaan. Accordingly, the ashram had space allocated for all these activities. Devaki Ma had had the privilege of serving Yogiji for over 8 years before his mahasamadhi (a saint’s conscious exit from the body) and had spent more time earlier visiting him in Thiruvannamalai regularly, so she had a wealth of anecdotes and lessons from Yogiji’s life. She shared a few examples with us:

–       Yogiji would refer to himself as a beggar and always say that he did nothing, and everything was done by his Father.

–       When the ashram was being built, he would supervise activities closely. Sometimes he would put a small stone in a specific place in the hall. If anyone touched or moved it, he would get very upset because this would affect something else at cosmic level. He used to say that majority of his work was invisible and what people saw him do was a very small fraction of what his work was.

–       Yogiji hailed from the North and came to Thiruvannamalai in the 1960s. This was a period of anti-Hindi protests in Tamil Nadu. Some protestors accosted him and wanted him to say “Down with Hindi”. He told them that he could not say that but he was happy to say some slogan to promote Tamil. However, the protestors didn’t agree and severely beat him up. He accepted it as “Father’s blessings”. Such was his lack of identification with his body or ego. He also explained to Devaki Ma and others that anything he says has to come true as he only spoke his Father’s words, hence he could never say “down” to anyone or anything.

–       Once a group was coming from Trichy to see him. Their car stopped on the way and they said that they had prayed to Him and the car started again. He just smiled at them and asked “If Father started the car, who stopped the car?” This was a powerful, yet supremely subtle message that everything moved only according to divine will. We couldn’t pick and choose which to attribute to grace and which to ourselves; this would only reflect our ignorance!

As we began to shuffle out towards our vehicles, I saw that some people were walking along the perimeter of the compound. I then learnt that the circumambulation of the outer perimeter of this ashram was considered to be equivalent to 5 Girivalams! Such was the power of Yogiji! We could even get a clear view of Arunachala Mountain from the front of the ashram. I sought Mohanji’s permission to do a parikrama and completed it in utter gratitude. So, effectively, in 2 days, I had managed to complete 7 Girivalams – what a great blessing! The ashram bookstore is located close to the outer gate. Mohanji always makes it a point to visit such stores and buy something to express his support for the cause. This time around, he picked a photo of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, blessed the picture and gifted it to me. This is now a prized possession that adorns our altar at home. Many of us also offered donations to the ashram office for annadaan.


Of all the places in Thiruvannamalai, I felt a very strong affinity towards Yogi Ramsuratkumar and his ashram; it felt like home. It might have something to do with the fact that I felt so much commonality between Yogiji and Mohanji – many of Yogiji’s words and actions were identical to Mohanji’s. Perhaps the outward style, contemporary dressing and language were different, but the messages and actions were remarkably similar!

We then got back to our hotel, bringing an end to a glorious 2.5 days in Thiruvannamalai. Though a short trip, it was a power-packed one, thanks to Mohanji’s grace.

As I said in the beginning, we often look for “stunning” experiences or visions to convince ourselves of the presence or effect of a Master. However, my key learning from this trip was about the subtlety of grace. Grace is visible in the smallest of things, if only one cares to see. This subtlety drives perfection. However, it takes faith and conviction. One has to follow the words of the Master without questioning and things get taken care of on their own.

We saw more evidence of this on our return journey to Chennai – another adventure altogether that merits a follow-up blog.

It is no surprise that each of us have various experiences during such travels with Mohanji or even when we connect with him in a way that is comfortable to us. Going within, introspecting on the events is what gives clarity/awareness on the learning behind these experiences.



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Facing the Dark Side, Part 1

Did you ever wonder how dark forces work? How entities manipulate? Do you suddenly feel heaviness, alienation, anger or sadness? 


Continue reading Facing the Dark Side, Part 1

24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

A Poem By Biljana Vozarevic, Serbia


Lord Dattatreya.jpg
Lord Dattatreya


Dattatreya was looking for a guru, but could not find one

No one could take a role as an accomplished God’s son

Then he felt an impulse in his heart, heard a voice at last

“First you have to develop aspiration and faith steadfast

When you develop that, you will not feel separate from guru

And will learn from everyone and everything what is true

The knowledge of the Self will be delivered without asking”

So he started paying attention along the way, self-realising


1.       Earth

Earth image - 24 gurus of Lord Dattatreya - poem by Biljana Vozarevic

The Earth bears heat, cold, wind and rain with patience

A lot of dirt thrown on it with carelessness, negligence

It accepts people’s cruelty without exploding with anger

Like a mother observes, showing what she can forbear

It always revolves around its orbit regularly, endlessly

Creatures keep walking on her, feeding on her selfishly

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by watching mother Earth

These are divine attributes, he appreciated their worth


2.       Wind

Wind - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic.jpg

Wind is always in motion, changes direction, moves

Like life itself which never stagnates, dirt removes

At the same time it cools down places overheated

It gives beautiful fragrance while staying unaffected

It passes through everything and everyone, like Truth

Even changes the world like a gale or heals it like ruth

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by watching restless wind

These are divine attributes, he learnt them and grinned


3.       Sky

Sky - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic.jpg

Sky is endless and large, holding many worlds in its grip

It is resourceful, but without ego, a feeling of ownership

It is vast and spacious without being proud of its measure

It remains unaffected and serene beyond pain or pleasure

It experiences sunlight and various kinds of clouds, storms

Yet it remains limitless, never affected by thunderstorms

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by watching the huge skies

These are divine attributes, the sky above opened his eyes


4.       Water

Water - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic.jpg

Water cleanses and purifies everyone, yet it remains plain

It gives coolness to everyone, nourishes plants for their gain

In spite of being the son of the sea, it goes to everyone’s door

Sacrifices itself for the benefit of others, keeps giving more

It serves without pride or discrimination and gives life to all

It is transparent to everyone and remains steady without fall

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the water flow

These are divine attributes, water provided him a lot to know

 5.       Fire

Fire - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic.jpg

Fire is the best purifier – purifies, yet remains clean like before

Its energy melts and shapes things, extracts gold from its ore

What it comes in contact with, the heat of knowledge reforms

It teaches austerity, letting go of anger, hatred, negative forms

It burns things into ashes, disintegrates transient embodiments

It does not store anything, cannot be suppressed by treatments

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the fire burning

These are divine attributes, fire gave him important learning

6.       Moon

Moon 2- 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic.jpg

The Moon waxes and wanes, however, it remains unaffected

There are changes in the body but the soul remains unchanged

Like a soul is not affected by pain, illness, changes or older age

So birth, death, rebirth, cycle of karma should not affect a sage

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun without having it itself

The same way the soul of human reflects the eternal, real Self

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the Moon shine

These are divine attributes, the Moon gave him a lesson divine


7.       Sun

Sun- 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

Every single day at its time the Sun rises and sets, performs its duty        

The Sun has its own light and radiates it on all with absolute beauty

It is one and undivided, yet reflects in multiple bodies of creatings

The same way Consciousness is one, reflected in individual beings

The Sun makes water evaporate, gives it back fully detached

Performs daily task with commitment without being attached

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the Sun’s glory

These are divine attributes he discerned from the Sun’s story

 8.       Pigeon

Pigeon - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

Pigeon parents left their small fledgelings, the food to get

In the meanwhile a hunter came, trapped them into a net

Parents came back, saw the sight, in agony jumped as well

The bird-catcher took full catch happier than he could tell

Foolish couple was attached, possessive beyond measure

Could not stand personal loss, bound to transient treasure

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the pigeon

Pigeon taught him these traps of the spiritual destruction

 9.       Python

Python 2- 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

A python does not chase its prey, it lies in lurch and waits

It devours whatever comes its way, regardless of its taste

It has no preferences about quantity, taste, eats what it got

Ignoring whether it’s sufficient to appease its hunger or not

It is content with what it has while making the most of it

Fearlessly having faith in destiny, maintaining a high spirit

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the python

These are divine attributes from a python he has drawn

 10.   Bumblebee

Bumblebee - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

A bumblebee goes from flower to flower collecting food

It carefully chooses and doesn’t hurt a flower or intrude

If it stays in the sunflower which closes during the sunset

It gets trapped, dies, that’s what the greedy ones beget

It goes to the source of nectar directly, filters the useful

It does not overconsume but lives in harmony colourful

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by watching the bumblebee

These are divine attributes it taught him to set him free

 11.   Beekeeper

Beekeeper removing frame from beehive in field full of flowers
Beekeeper removing frame from beehive in field full of flowers

A bee spends time collecting pollen, making honey reserve

It stores the honey for later use, which it cannot preserve

A beekeper takes it away from a bee who wasted its time

It doesn’t pay to pile up material treasure during a lifetime

Better to spend time in acquiring inner treasure of the spirit

As neither body nor material wealth lasts for desired merit

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by watching the beekeeper

These are divine attributes he learnt as a spiritual seeker

12.   Hawk

Hawk - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

A bird of prey caught a rat and carried it along the way

Other birds noticed it and surged to seize its rat-prey

They attacked the hawk, pecked it, knocked its head

In order to protect its prey it almost plummeted dead

Then the hawk let go of the rat, feeling suddenly free

The birds rushed after the rat, hawk realised how to be

Dattatreya learnt to conquer craving for worldly things

These are divine attributes he learnt from hawk beings

13.   Ocean

Ocean - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

An ocean receives water from numerous various rivers,

Yet it remains the same, knows its depths without shivers

Changeable at the surface, but deep and undisturbed within

Its equipoise remains whether floods or droughts have been

Unconquerable, it cannot be troubled by anything splendid

Unfathomable, its wisdom cannot be easily comprehended

Dattatreya learnt this lesson by only watching the ocean

These are divine attributes, to be without any commotion

 14.   Moth

Moth 2 - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

A moth was tempted by fire, attracted by its beautiful glow

Ran to the flame in the lamp but the outcome it didn’t know

It left its body scorched and charred, deceived by its senses,

Remaining in the vicious cycle of birth, death and pretenses

On the other hand, when a wise man notices fire of wisdom,

He leaps in it with single-minded determination, burns illusion

Dattatreya learnt from moth to control desires as they bind

Not to give much importance to the perishables which blind

 15.   Elephant

Elephant - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

People raised a stuffed dummy cow-elephant in the forest

Attracted to the scent of a possible mate, ovecome by lust

An elephant fell into a pit, fettered by infatuation and rapt

Sensory gratification cost it freedom, it got entrapped

When one has a great passion for the highest truth, liberation

One shouldn’t be deluded by the traps of sensory gratification

Watching the elephant Dattatreya learnt this lesson very fast

He should put a ceiling to a sensual desire and beware of lust

16.   Deer

Deer - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

Version I – Lure

A deer, as swift as the wind, could not be captured, trapped

Nimble and swift of foot, it was on guard, alert and escaped

A hunter realised it was interested in or distracted by music

Used its vulnerability, it got enchanted with melodious trick

The deer lost its life due to its weakness, cause it lost alertness

On spiritual path it is substantial to maintain one-pointedness

Dattatreya learnt this lesson of sensuous music from the deer

He should put a ceiling to a sensual desire and watch his ear

 Version II – Fear

A deer, as swift as the wind, could not be captured, trapped

Nimble and swift of foot, it was on guard, alert and escaped

A hunter realised it can be frightened by making a big noise

He beat the drums and terrified it, it failed to keep its poise

The deer lost its life due to its weakness, cause it lost alertness

On spiritual path it is substantial to maintain one-pointedness

Dattatreya learnt from the deer he should never have any fear

Nor be afraid of others’ noise or succumb to pressure severe

17.   Fish

Fish - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

A fish was lured by the bait, swallowed the hook and got caught

Due to desire for food it was deceived, to death it was brought

Satisfying its taste buds it stayed in the cycle of birth and death

If palate is conquered, all else is conquered, this lesson is wealth

As a fish never leaves water, so too one should stay in true Self

With being always immersed in it, never stop connecting oneself  

Dattatreya learnt from the fish he should never greed the scraps

But put a ceiling to a sensual desire and beware of tongue traps

18.   Courtesan Pingala

Courtesan Pingala - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

One day, she eagerly waited a client with lust and greed till late

He didn’t turn up, she was frustrated and angry at her awful fate

Disillusioned, in highest suffering, she turned awareness within

Found a source of eternal bliss, became an enlightened being

She realised she had suffered because of desire and expectation

Through repentance she attained blessedness and transformation

Dattatreya learnt from Pingala how passion turned within elevates

Instead of directing ardour to desires, directing it to Spirit liberates

 19.   Child

Child - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

A child lives a life of delight, curiosity and innocence 

It does not nurse anger, hatred, jealousy, grievance

 It lives in the now, free from ego, worry, arrogance

Fully engrossed in the supreme joy due to ignorance

A sage is also happy, but due to self-transcendence

Trusting the destiny, carefree, joyous from penance

Dattatreya learnt from a child to draw bliss from inside

Be light and full of celebration, beware of vanity, pride

20.   Maiden (unmarried girl)

Maiden - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

An unmarried girl had guests while her mum was away

She was to show hospitality with food during their stay

Her bangles were making noise while she was preparing

Embarrassed she removed them, only one was remaining

Bangles are like spiritual aspirants living in the same place

Among a lot of people there is chat, dispute or disturbance

Dattatreya learnt from maiden that he should not seek attention

Only in solitude can he make a single-minded effort for liberation

 21.   Snake

Snake - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

A snake willingly, without fear, leaves its old skin and moults

A sage casts off his old body as he does his worn out clothes

Constantly sheds past, old ideas, welcomes the fresh and new

Fearlessly sheds the body, releasing the spirit which overgrew

Instead of making a new home, a snake occupies the existing

Inhabits whatever hole comes, it’s neither vain nor attaching

Dattatreya learnt from a snake that he should live anywhere

Instead of spending life building his own house somewhere

 22.   Arrowsmith

Arrowsmith - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

An arrowsmith was totally absorbed in moulding an arrow

He was so lost in his effort to make its tip sharp for the bow

That he did not notice the king’s procession passing nearby

He was so deeply engrossed, his concentration was so high

Like that single-minded, all-absorbing concentration

On the everlasting Supreme, eliminates all temptation

Dattatreya learnt this lesson from the arrowsmith’s routine

These are divine attributes, a secret in spiritual discipline

 23.   Spider

Spider 2 - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya - Poem by Biljana Vozarevic

A spider builds a beautiful web, destroys it and restarts again

He makes it from his heart, plays, enjoys and abandons it then

He swallows that very same web, never entangled, recreates

The same way Almighty creates, preserves and dissolves fates

An individual soul too bears body, mind matter to collaborate

At its birth it projects them out as constitution, to express fate

When leaving it withdraws the senses, mind, picks remainder

Dattatreya learnt this lesson from merely watching the spider

 24.   Caterpillar

Caterpillar - 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya

A special wasp catches a caterpillar and puts it in its hive

It stings it, lays its eggs inside and buzzes about to survive

The caterpillar listens to this wasp’s buzzing incessantly

Cannot think about anything else but its buzz consistently

Eventually it becomes a wasp itself, spreads its wings wide

Sees the world from a new perspective, the old view died

Dattatreya learnt from a caterpillar this lesson of constancy

Unintermitting devotion leads one to spiritual supremacy

 This poem is surrendered at the lotus feet of Lord Datta and my Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji.




The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

We reserve the right to delete, edit, or alter in any manner we see fit blog entries or comments that we, in our sole discretion, deem to be obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, in violation of trademark, copyright or other laws, of an express commercial nature, or otherwise unacceptable.

Guru Purnima Celebration Worldwide 2018

Mohanji’s Guru Purnima message

Mohanji - Happy Guru Purnima

“Happy Guru Poornima to all of you.
This is not one day dedicated for the remembrance of your Guru. We should remember guru every moment as a reminder of who and what we actually are.
This day is for you to remember that the true guru is the real you. Your highest truth is your real Guru. Life provides the presence of Guru in your life through various incidents. When incidents are witnessed, when there is a witness, you will feel Guru. When you do not see incidents, instead see only the essence behind all incidents, you dissolve into the Guru. You will realise that you and guru have always been inseparably one. There is essentially no Guru outside of you.

My job is just to take you to yourself. You are the origin (of the journey) and you are the destination. I am just a reminder.

Happy Guru Poornima

With Love


This is how we celebrated it all over the world:





Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY)

Best wishes from Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga on the occasion of Guru Poornima.

Our everlasting gratitude to our gurus!

Ajyaana Timir aandhasya, jnaanaan jana shalaakaya |
Chakshur unmilitam yena, tasmai shri gurave namaha ||

I bow to my Guru who opened my eyes, that were blinded by the darkness of ignorance, and revealed to me the light of knowledge.

Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga

Traditional aarti to our yoga gurus during the Teacher’s Training course in Ganeshpuri, Jan 2018; Sanjay Sir leading group aarti to Brahmarishi Mohanji and all the Masters and Brahmarishi Mohanji and Sai Baba

Maryland, The USA

HSTY yoga and freedom meditation offered to the local community at the Thai temple in Maryland USA.

HSTY Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga, Maryland, USA


By Gurulight


Divine M Heritage

On the auspicious occasion of Guru Poornima and with the grace of Mohanji, we are presenting to you a new initiative   “DIVINE M  HERITAGE“.

Divine M Heritage  is an initiative to present products inspired by our beloved Mohanji  worldwide.

We are offering the products  to add on to  spiritual journey. Product’s at Divine M Heritage  are designed with great intricacy and with the blessing of our Guru.

All important aspect like ahimsa, compassion, seva are taken into consideration during the production.
Most important ingredient of the venture is Guru’s Grace. We bow down to our dear Mohanji for showering this immense blessing on us.

I will be  soon sharing with you the exclusive products truly inspired by Mohanji which is surely going to add on to our spiritual journey.

Stay tuned…
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to write us at

We are always happy to hear from you.

Divine M Heritage

Jai Mohanji


It is with gratitude that the Mohanji Centre in Johannesburg and the members came together to celebrate Guru Purnima with the presence of Swami Bhaktananda and members from the ashram.
Swamiji lovingly discussed what is Guru Purnima before we all proceeded to chant Mohanji’s Gayathri mantra.
A Homa dedication to Guru was then conducted and the energy in the room felt so calming, beautiful and pure.
Mohanji’s aarti was then performed followed by dhoop aarti to Shirdi Baba was done.
Love and gratitude to our beloved Guru Mohanji and the entire lineage of Masters!
Guru Purnima - Johannesburg - South Africa - Mohanji- colage
Mohanji Ladysmith Centre
With love and devotion to Guru Mohanji, the entire Guru Parampara and Lord Shiva, devotees began Guru Purnima with a food seva. Where various children were treated with snacks.
The centre continued with Guru Purnima celebrations through the night as chants, bhajans and prayers to Guru where done.
Members had done Freedom Meditation, followed by chanting of the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 108 times.
Members also listened to the Vishnu Sahastranam and did 108 × 5 rounds of Aum Namah Shivaya mantra.
Through the night, religious songs and chants were listened to and members concluded with Mohanji’s aarti. 
Mohanji Ladysmith Center - South Africa - Guru Purnima- food seva (0)



  1. In DELHI

Gurupurnima was celebrated in the newly opened Mohanji Sadhana Centre at
Janakpuri, Delhi.
The Celebrations included Mohanji Gayatri Mantra Chanting, Power of Purity
Meditation followed by Mohanji Aarati.

Guru Purnima - Mohanji - Delhi - sadhana centre


In Kolkata GuruPurnima was celebrated with Chanting and Bhajans and with a
session of Power of Purity Meditation.

Guru Purnima - Kolkata - Mohanji


Chennai city centre celebrated the Gurupurnima, starting with Guru Puja
with a chant of GuruPaduka Stotram, followed by Mohanji Gayatri Mantra
Chanting, and Power of Purity Meditation.



Jamshedpur team celebrated Gurupurnima by conducting the Power of Purity
Meditation, Shiva Kavacham chant followed by Aarati. And Arati was also
done at Mohanpur, a village near Jamshedpur where a centre for stitching
for women was opened recently.

Guru Purnima - Mohanji - Jamshedpur


GuruPurnima was celebrated in Gurugram, starting with the GuruStotram,
followed by Shiva kavacham and Mohanji Gayatri Mantra Chant.

Guru Purnima - Mohanji - India - Gurugram


GuruPurnima celebrations in Jammu included, Mohanji Gayatri Mantra
chanting, followed by Bliss of Silence Meditation, Bhajans and Mohanji

Guru Purnima - Jammu - Mohanji - India


GuruPurnima was celebrated in Kerala at various places like Palakkad,
Kochi, Malappuram and Guruvayur. Poojas were conducted for Mohanji in
various temples in Kerala. The celebrations included Guru Puja with Guru
Paduka Stotram, Mohanji Gayatri Chanting, Power of Purity Meditation, Sri
Gurugeeta Chanting and Mohanji Aarati.

Guru Purnima - Mohanji - India - Kerala


Guru Purnima week was celebrated from 22nd July – 29th July focussing primarily on Annadaan. Overall, 21934 beings have been fed including birds, dogs and other animals.

The cities spanned across Jhansi, Chennai, Bombay, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Hosur, Tirunelveli, Kolkata, Palakkad, Gurgaon, Jammu, Delhi, Jamshedpur, Assam and Pune.

Jhansi: The Ammucare team served food to 400 slums dwellers. These people live in huge number in an open area at the outskirts on Gwalior Road. Amongst the Ammucare volunteers was also an Army personnel who lent a helping hand seeing the huge crowd.   beings were fed.

Chennai: The team distributed rice mixed with lentils to workers and the homeless along the Marina Beach. 360 beings were fed including birds and dogs.

Bombay: Food distribution across various parts of the city. Despite the infamous Bombay rains, the team was determined and performed Annadaan at every available opportunity. 3109 beings were fed.

Bangalore: Food and stationary items were distributed at various slums. Also, in collaboration with another NGO, basic necessities along with an entire month’s groceries were provided at daycare centres of the kids of the migrant construction workers. 8355 beings were fed.

Hyderabad and Secunderabad: The teams performed various activities as part of the sewa. They visited a Cancer hospital where medical supplies were distributed. Various slums were visited through the week where food packets were distributed. Clothes, an air cooler and medical supplies were donated at an Old Age Home. Snacks, fruits, groceries and clothes were distributed at a Girls orphanage. 4004 beings were fed.

Kolkata: The team visited a blind school and a slum 830 and  beings were fed.

Thirunelveli and Hosur: Amar Seva Sangam is a charitable society. They have been doing a phenomenal job in empowering the differently-abled and people with special needs by helping them grow into the mainstream and become self-sufficient. Annadaan was performed here. 325 beings were fed.

Pune: Food packets and dentals kits were distributed at a slum. Also, part of the volunteering team was a dentist who gave demonstrated and educated the slum dwellers on the importance of dental hygiene. The team also visited an old age home where they shared groceries and distributed blankets and spent quality time with the elders. 1517 beings were fed.

Palakkad: The team visited 2 schools and served lunch to 300 kids.

Gurgaon: Food sewa was performed for 500 beings.

Jammu Aangan: Annadaan was done for 45 kids which also included distribution of juice and cupcakes to kids at a Cancer Hospital.

Delhi Aangan: Food seva was done for 200 kids.

Mohanpur/ Jamshedpur: Food packets were distributed throughout the week at various villages and 1890 beings were fed.

Assam: Food packets were distributed to 100 needy people.

The Ammucare team of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad concluded the GuruPurnima seva week spanning across 5 locations serving 1400 souls.

Location 1 : Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital.
To start with, the volunteers had the herculean task of managing the huge crowd gathered and they did a phenomenal job at it.
They were made to sit in lines post which commenced the distribution of rice, dal and clothes. The kids were excited to be treated with Halwa and other sweets. Also, dates and medical supplies were distributed to cancer patients.

Location 2 :
Meal packets were served at a Sai Baba Temple.

Location no 3: Kothaguda:

Leading the grp was a 83 yr young at heart and a strong willed lady.
Foodpacks were distributed to the homeless and the underprivileged.

Location no 4 :
Rice bags were distributed to a family at a Security house.

Location No 5 : Slums behind Vasantha
Valley :

Snacks and kichadi packets were distributed to the needy.

Kudos to the Ammucare team of Hyd & Secunderabad. This would have not been possible without the Guru’s Grace and the hardworking team.


Day 1

Day 1 had volunteers perform food seva for 200 souls at Minakshi Slum and Convention slum. In addition to this, new dresses were distributed to the needy.

The Ammucare volunteers were thanked profusely by one and all.

To volunteer, pls write to or

If you would like to contribute towards the same, PFB the details:

Ammucare Charitable Trust
Acc no: 10620047858
State Bank of India
State: West Bengal
IFSC Code: SBIN0014532
Branch Code- 14532


Day 2

Mother – The one who loves unconditionally. The one who provides before the child even asks. The one who sleeps on a half belly so that her child can have some extra. The one who leaves no stone unturned to ensure the child gets all the happiness in the world.

It is disheartening when the same child is unwilling to provide a safe roof, extend a supportive hand, a patient ear and a warm hug when the parent needs it the most, as they age.

Mother’s Nest Old Age Home for women is one such shelter which houses aged women who have been abandoned by their kith and kin. Ammucare volunteers at Hyderabad visited the shelter and distributed sarees, groceries and medical supplies and spent some quality time with them.

The elders very happy to just be able to chat with someone and have someone hold them.



Day 3

On 24th July the Hyderabad and Secunderabad Ammucare teams visited Cheers orphanage and Biodiversity slum.

Cheers is not only an orphanage but also a rehab centre. It houses 37 kids in the age grp of 4 – 17 years. Since the Ammucare team is a regular there, the kids were jumping with joy to greet them and wanted to know what goodies where they going to receive.
The team distributed snacks, groceries, text books and clothes to them.
There are a few college going girls who wanted to shop and buy clothes of their choice. The team has decided to pamper them and take them shopping this Sun.

The Jhansi Ammucare team served food to 400 slums dwellers. These people live in huge number in an open area at the outskirts on Gwalior Road. Amongst the Ammucare volunteers was also an Army personnel who lent a helping hand seeing the huge crowd.
Volunteer Preeti Yadav says “We were fortunate enough that the rain which was continuing for last four five days gave us enough time to serve the needy. Feeling blessed to do seva”.

Ammucare - Guru Purnima - Mohanji the founder - seva - charity


The Ammucare Kolkata team served a sumptuous lunch at a blind school to 130 kids during the Guru Purnima seva week. The children were very happy and thoroughly relished the food.

Heartfelt gratitude to the two sponsors who generously contributed.


Team Ammucare at Kolkata performed Annadaan for 600 humans at a slum colony near Narkeldanga.

“The hunger is the same for all. Rich or poor. It was so satisfying to do the seva today” says Ammucare volunteer Sunita Madan.

Thanks to all the donors for contributing generously.

Guru Purnima - Ammucare - Mohanji the founder - charity - seva

Jammu Ammucare team treats children – our future in the making, no lesser than a queen or a king.

At Mohanji’s Aangan, nutrition is provided to not only the body but the brain too;
Paucity of basic necessities is faced by many kids, not just a few.

Life lessons are imparted with all fervour;
Spreading smiles is our only endeavour.

Jammu’s Mohanji ka Aangan pampered its 45 kids on the occasion on Guru Purnima. The team also visited a Cancer Hospital and distributed juice and cupcakes to cheer up the kids.

Ammucare - Guru Purnima - Guru Ka Aangan - children - Jammu


On the occasion of Gurupurnima, Ammucare team at Palakkad did Annadan at 2 schools.
Food was distributed to 36 & 263 students at KM L.P. School and at Vidyaniketan School respectively.

Guru Purnima - Mohanji the founder - Ammucare- India- charity - seva

The Ammucare team at Chennai distributed Sambhar rice to workers and the homeless along the Marina Beach.

200 souls were fed including birds and dogs.

“We had a great time doing the food seva” says volunteer Rekha Murali.

Guru Purnima - Ammucare - charity - seva - Mohanji - the founder - Chennai

Ammucare team at Mumbai fanned itself across the entire city and performed Annadaan at various locations. “The smiles on the kids’ faces charges us up” says Ammucare volunteer Bharat V Gada.

The smiles on the kids’ faces is indeed precious, priceless and tugs at the strings of the heart. There can be nothing more valuable than spreading smiles and a compassionate heart and good intent is all it takes.
Spare a moment to reflect. Let us all do our bit and ensure that the needy do not sleep on an empty belly while we waste gallons of food.

Guru Purnima - Mumbai - India - Ammucare - Mohanji - the founder

On the occasion of Guru Purnima, the Ammucare team at Bangalore distributed food packets, notebooks and stationery to 75 kids of construction workers.

Guru Purnima - Bangalore - India - Ammucare - Mohanji - the founder - charity - seva

The Ammucare team at Pune carried out multiple activities on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

The team visited two slums where food packets were distributed to kids and adults alike. The icing on the cake was the distribution of a dental kit to the slum kids and a small demonstration and talk on dental hygiene by none other than a dentist herself who has newly joined the team as a volunteer.

The team also visited an old age home which houses 20 elders and shared groceries. This was followed by bedsheets distribution and spending some quality time with them.

“The love they showered on us and the stories they shared with us filled us with warmth. They desired only one thing and that was time” says volunteer Nikita Naredi.

Mohanji ka Aangan kids got their share of biscuit packets too.

Guru Purnima - Pune - India - Ammucare - charity - seva - Mohanji - the founder

Ammucare Gurgaon team performed the good deed of feeding 500 souls on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

Hunger is the same for all;
Rich, poor, big or small.

Donate while you can;
To all beings alike and not just man.

Share your love, share your time;
Heart filled with Compassion, that is the intent prime.

Guru Purnima - Gurgaon - India - Mohanji - the founder - seva - charity



On Saturday 28 July 2018, there was a lot of excitement in the air as we prepared for Puja of our dear Mohanji’s paduka. We started with the Maha Mantra and with each chant, beautiful sounds that seem like church bells ringing were heard. We flowed into chanting the 108 names of Mohanji whilst performing the Paduka Puja with offerings of milk and flowers and rose water.

Family members then performed Aarti and thereafter settled down for the Bliss of Silence Meditation. Peace and silence was experienced but one family member heard footsteps near the altar. Presence of Mohanji, Shirdi Baba and Devi Amma were deeply felt.

For the first time at the centre, our Prasad was food specially cooked by some family members topped up with a chocolate cake.

It was indeed a day of celebration remembering our beloved Guru Mohanji.🙏❤️

Malaysia - Mohanji - Guru Purnima

On Sunday 29 July 2018, visit to a childrens’ home began with the purchase of groceries under wish list of orphanage. Many family members, friends and devotees of Satya Sai Baba had generously contributed to the purchase and also tea for the home. Used furniture still in good condition was also arranged for delivery to the home.

The caretakers of the home are a couple and their children and two helpers. We had arrived at a time where the caretakers and some children had gone to arrange a burial ceremony of a dog which had been killed in an accident. The children had insisted on a proper burial for the dog. Love for animals flowed at such a young age.

There are 22 children ranging from 2 months old to 17 Years under the care of the home. We started with the Freedom Meditation. Children as young as 2 years and below, tried their very best to sit upright and keep their eyes closed. It was such a joy watching them. But alas, the warm day and lunch had taken its toil on them as they struggled to stay awake listening to the soothing music and voice of Mohanji.

There was much laughter and fun as the singing and games started and the highlight was tea time. Heart melting moments as we watched the children, the older ones feeding and taking care of the younger ones. The little ones ate their food with relish and even cleared their own plates and cups on finishing their meal.

Ending the event with sweets and chocolates distribution, brought more cheer and smiles from the little ones.

Malaysia - Mohanji - Guru Purnima - children



Datta Tapovan Canada

Gurupurnima, a remembrance to offer Gratitude to our Guru, Master, and all the teachers who gave us knowledge to recognize our best capacity and inner strength. Guru Tatwa that resides in Nature, Guru Tatwa that connects us to the Supreme Consciousness. Food was offered to shelter as part of the Gurupurnima celebrations. 
Devotees at Mohanji Datta Tapovan Canada got together to celebrate this auspicious day in Unison. Vegan is the theme of this Ashram. Vegan is one of Mohanji’s teachings and by following HIS teachings All the prasad that was prepared was total vegan. The event started with Pranav chants and Mohanji Pooja. All Deities were invited with deep gratitude and total surrender with devotion that drenched each eye and touched deeply within each heart. Mohanji Pooja was followed by Mohanji Gayatri Mantra chanted unanimously 108 times. The vibrations thus generated made many tremble and Speechless. All Devotees got their Padukas and we had a Paduka Abhishekham chanting Mohaji’s 108 names. That Holy water was then distributed as Prasad amongst all. After the Paad Pooja each heart was radiating with love and heartfelt gratitude towards Mohanji and all the Guru Tatwa that continuously guide us and bless us all.The bhaav was so deep that it inspired into spontaneous kirtans that became the soul of the event, many sang, many danced, many just swayed away in HIS Glory. Though externally to honour the flow of life the pooja was concluded by offering Bhog{Food} followed by aarti, internally the celebrations continued each moment with Mohanji’s presence residing in each heart. All present relished the Holy prasad and took home peace and love. We ever remain grateful in the Lotus Feet of Mohanji and Sainaath Maharaj. 
Jai Jai Sadguru Shree Mohanji Maharaj.
Canada Datta Tapovan - Mohanji - Guru Purnima colage


We started the Guru Poornima observance by the Mohanji Family in the USA on Friday, July 6 with a group chanting of the Mohanji Gayatri mantra for 108 times. This continued for 21 days until Thursday, July 26.  Our group of hosts, Vidya from Connecticut, Vidya from Florida, and Pia and George from the DC area took lead in chanting and were joined by a group of dedicated chanters from all over USA via Zoom. On the day of the Guru Poornima, devotees offered prayers individually, with devotion and reverence to the Guru Parampara and to our beloved Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji and some conducted group meditation in their homes.

Devotees here have had many service projects in the pipeline for a while and it is worth noting that even though many tasks have taken long to culminate successfully, they reached fruition just in time for Guru Poornima, owing to the Guru’s grace. The following are a few noteworthy contributions made by our M family members to honor Mohanji and to offer love and gratitude:

Vidya from Connecticut successfully worked with Insight Timer, a very popular meditation app, to add the Power of Purity Meditation, opening it to the community of meditators all over the world.

Pia introduced the HSTY Kid’s Yoga at the Wat Thai Buddhist Temple in Washington DC as she took the children on an imaginary and fun-filled journey through a jungle, enjoying various animals through yoga poses.  The pictures taken at the event reflect the palpable sense of joy among those children.

yoga - HSTY - Guru Purnima

Several members of the US family also participated in the global Guru Poornima Food Seva in Shirdi coordinated by Viji and other members of the ACT Foundation.

Anu introduced Conscious Dance in Virginia, to participants ranging from ages 3 to 75. Everyone who participated enjoyed the session with the same level of enthusiasm and energy.

GURUDEVA – OH MY MASTER LISTEN TO MY CALL – the trial recording of a new song, composed and sung by Lata, accompanied on the piano by Benjamin and video choreography by George was posted on Mohanji USA FB page here. We will be working further as a team to complete full recording.

With the blessings of Mohanji, the excerpt from a new recording of a chant originally conceived by Devadas, jointly sung by Natesh and Jelena – Guru Mohana Sharanam – was released. The full recording will be available through Gurulight.  A global effort led by Natesh!

Manu has been working hard for the past several months to put together some exclusive merchandise inspired by Mohanji. With Mohanji’s Grace Divine M Heritage was launched on the Guru Poornima Day.

Guru Poornima celebrations concluded on Sunday, July 29th with a beautiful gathering at the Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, Virginia. The magical evening started with the Freedom Meditation and everyone present became as a child.  The evening filled with joy and love, and moved on from meditation to dance, music and chanting, and concluded with a beautiful Arathi to Mohanji and the Guru Parampara.  Mohanji’s presence was felt intensely as unconditional love filled the air and the hearts, when Ben who joined the evening towards the end, played the song ‘Unconditional Love’ on the saxophone leaving everyone in bliss and silence.  JAI MOHANJI.

Conscious Dancing - USA - Guru Purnima - Mohanji



We celebrated this special day in several centers in Serbia.

In Novi Sad, Guru Purnima was celebrated with Devi Mohan and Conscious Dancing followed by Shirdi Sai Baba Aarati which was performed for the first time in Serbia, then Bliss of Silence meditation, chanting and Aarati to Mohanji. Participants say the energy was divine.

Guru Purnima Novi Sad
Novi Sad

People from Belgrade say there was laughter as well as tears, deep cleansing and most of all bliss and gratitude for being all together and for Mohanji’s presence in our lives.

Belgrade colage 1

In Zrenjanin the day started with going to a lake where little ducks, pigeons, fish, ants… were fed.
The evening started with Conscious Dancing, continued with Gayatri mantra chanting, meditation and ended with Aarati. The participants said it was all intense, they felt Mohanji’s presence very strongly, they celebrated, laughed, and their hearts were filled with tremendous gratitude.

Zrenjanin Guru Purnima

In Vrsac, it was magnificent, Mohanji’s presence was felt. It was heart-touching and overwhelming. For the first time experiences started flowing from each participant. “We were burning, shining with brightness, cried and laughed. Everybody opened their heart, which has not happened so far.”



Mohanji Macedonia did POP meditation with MaiTri Healing to mark Gurupurnima, with hearts full of gratitude towards our Guruji Brahmarishi Mohanji.Macedonia (3)


A blessed morning filled with purity, bliss, joy and grace of Guru to offer our gratitude to our Gurudev Mohanji and entire Guru Mandala.

Guru Paduka puja commenced with Maha mantra Om chanting, then Pratham Pujya Genesh mantra followed by Mohanji Gayatri mantra.
With the verses from Guru paduka stotra, we offered our gratitude to Guru’s paduka.
Finally we purified ourselves by chanting Mohanji Ashtotari mantra.
With every chant, the atmosphere was filled with purity and presence of Mohanji.
We felt totally merged with Guru Tatwa…

Finally after offering Arati and Prasad to Mohanji everyone enjoyed the prasad too with some informal satsang. Mohanji, with his usual joyful presence brought bliss and sparkle in everyone’s face, heart and soul.

Mohanji - Guru Purnima - UK - guru paduka puja

This was only the beginning of Guru Poornima celebration that will continue in Food Seva over the weekend at Skandavale.

As part of Guru Poornima celebration, we carried out food seva at Skandavale temple on the weekend through a snack stall. While we served snacks and tea to the devotees outside the main food time (temple serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to all devotees) in the times while they wait between the pujas, the income generated from this snack stall goes as donation towards the Hospice that Skndavale trust maintains. So in turn, our seva was to the terminally ill people who are being looked after by the Hospice. More than 600 devotees were fed over the weekend and we generated a good amount from the snack stall, that went to Hospice. This seva was more than just merely a snack stall and generating money. This entire two days of event was, as ever, a clear sign of divine play. Things thats ususally not easy for us, happened smoothly. We will not exaggerate if we say that we feel Mohanji’s presence in every bit of activities that we did. From the food being tasty to people being satisfied and not hesitating to praise and buying more to even taking away our tiredness of constant standing and working with hardly any rest! There was joy all the time! Smile never left our face! This joy and happiness was so evident to others, we even get complimented on that! This is not ordinary. Times when we needed something and would have just thought of Mohanji, in no time, that issue would have got sorted out! On top of all this, we even got chance to be part of all the special Pujas in temple, which otherwise with so much crowd, is an impossible chance. Divine ensured that all our unasked desires were fulfilled too. We thought we were doing seva!!! In reality, we were blessed with the opportunity just with Mohanji’s pure grace! How much ever we explain, words will not be enough to express our gratitude to our “Incarnation of Compassion” – Mohanji for BEING with us every single moment!!! Mohanji your Love for us all is immesurable! Thank you for making our tiny effort, successful with your presence. All our efforts surrendered at your feet.

Guru Purnima celebration - Food seva at Skanda Vale - Mohanji colage


Guru Purnima in Split, Croatia with meditation Power of Purity and Mohanji Energy transfer & Aarti. We all felt the grace of pure energy of our Tradition. We felt exactly how much the energy was stronger than usual, thanks to the power of the full Moon eclipse. The program continued by chanting ‘Om namah Shivaya’ 108 times which deepened our connection with Shiva aspect of our dear spiritual master Mohanji. Finally, through Aarti, we thanked Mohanji for his blessings that he showered us with this evening. After the program, nobody felt like going home, so we continued enjoying in energies, good company and sharing our spiritual experiences.

Croatia, Guru Purnima 2018


Glimpses of Guru Purnima celebrations in Melbourne, Australia. It began with paduka puja accompanied by gurupaduka stotram, Mohanji Gayatri, Mohanji Ashtottri and Aarati. Another location had Gayatri chanting followed by Bliss of Silence meditation. Everyone experienced immense peace and upliftment. Prasad was served in the end

Guru Purnima, Australia, Mohanji


By Natesh Ramsell, Jelena Fassbender and Devadas

Our Beloved Guru has blessed the release of this excerpt from a new recording of a chant originally conceived by Devadas. The full recording is close to finished and will be available through GuruLight. Jelena F. joins on vocals. Details coming soon.

Guru Mohana Nayanam Sharanam
Guru Mohana Vadanam Sharanam
Guru Mohana Charanam Sharanam
Bhava Sagara Tharanam

Surrender to Mohanji Eyes,
Surrender to Mohanji’s Face,
Surrender to Mohanji’s Feet,
And cross the sea of samsara/suffering (to get liberated)!

Happy Guru Poornima everyone!

Mohanji Official Facebook Page launched the Mohanji Chalisa, sung beautifully by Sanjay Acharya, Canada

By Biljana Vozarevic

By Mohana Bhakti Priya

By Nikita
The Master’s Stroke

Grace was just another word in the dictionary
Till you took me under your wings;
Surrender was never a word I knew
Till your words taught me;
Surrender I did and what followed was only and only Grace.

Love, you gave me so unconditionally
Never did I fathom its boundaries till you loved me;
Faith, not a feeling but a tradition so powerful
Dawned on me as your blessings enveloped me
Richer and richer I became, no trophies or bounties could give me.

Service and Compassion could be so magical and expanding
Every cell of me started experiencing
Because you were present every moment
Guiding to be pure in thoughts, words and actions
Being meaningful in existence for one and all.

I have only one thing to offer you my Master
Gratitude and Gratitude every second of my life
Half a decade and a metamorphosis I have undergone
With your love, your grace,your blessings and omnipresence
For this, none other than me can vouch and comprehend.

On this auspicious day an amazing experience shared with deep gratitude by Neelu Vepu. As below:

“One more Mohanji Leela graced by Him on my family…

My cousin Sameer was admitted in a hospital in Hyderabad, last Saturday with high fever.(He is a young boy of 25 yrs old.He has lost his parents and little brother in a tragic road accident while returning from Shirdi ten years ago). Doctors first diagnosed it to be Dengue, owing to the rapid fall in his platelets.
But after some time, tests came positive for malaria and Jaundice too.His body temperature was not coming to normal even after medication for 3 days.As soon as I came to know of this, yesterday afternoon i messaged Mohanji for help. He immediately replied even though he was very busy and advised some thing to be done for removal of his Karma.His consciousness was there with him helping Sameer recover.When i prayed Mohanji before I went to bed yesterday and asked him, whether Sameer will be ok, then he replied in consciousness that he was there beside Sameer. Last night the situation was very grim.
Just in one night, Mohanji changed the whole scenario .
Now today, he is having a normal body temperature, no signs of malaria, dengue, or jaundice after further tests.And he has been shifted to a normal room in the hospital from ICU. And he will be discharged in just two days after some observation. Mohanji made the ordeal of one week over in just one night.

Such love and grace is possible only from him.
Thank you so much my Gurudev for everything.

Always at Your Lotus Feet,

By Sulosh Pillai

We fed 70 kids at Plastic View today. They had apples, oranges, bread, chips and a sweetie.

‘ “Big doors swing on small hinges” this saying comes to mind when we visited the Baby Home, home to abandoned children, poverty and homelessness are often causes of child abandonment but we can make a difference by sharing unconditional love for them, one person at a time! In honor of Guru purnima we spent time at this home today giving them token gifts but most importantly our Love! Spare a thought for these beautiful embodiments of Love by visiting these places and just spreading love by giving them the gift of your time and love, so simple! Blessings!’ says Sulosh Pillai

charity - children - Guru Purnima - Sulosh Pillai

By Preeti Duggal

By Preeti Duggal

By Sandra Sankar

By Sandra Sankar

By Salona Surjoo

By Salona Surjoo

By Sunita Madan

By Sunita Madan

By Usha

By Usha

By Ananth Sankaran

We all know nothing except your Feet Father. Please help us stay there forever.

By Sakshi Gupta

Guru Purnima by Sakshi Gupta

By Mahesh Bhalerao

Baba …keep us united, as always next to your lotus feet.

By Devadas

*गुरु ही सांस है*
*गुरु ही आस है*
*गुरु ही प्यास हैै*
*गुरु ही ज्ञान है*
*गुरु ही ससांर है*
*गुरु ही प्यार है*
*गुरु ही गीत है*
*गुरु ही संगीत है*
*गुरु ही लहर है*
*गुरु ही भीतर है*
*गुरु ही बाहर है*
*गुरु ही बहार है*
*गुरु ही प्राण है*
*गुरु ही जान है*
*गुरु ही संबल है*
*गुरु ही आलंबन है*
*गुरु ही दर्पण है*
*गुरु ही धर्म है*
*गुरु ही कर्म है*
*गुरु ही मर्म है*
*गुरु ही नर्म है*
*गुरु ही प्राण है*
*गुरु ही जहान है*
*गुरु ही समाधान है*
*गुरु ही आराधना है*
*गुरु ही उपासना है*
*गुरु ही सगुन है*
*गुरु ही निर्गुण है*
*गुरु ही आदि है*
*गुरु ही अन्त हैै*
*गुरु ही अनन्त है*
*गुरु ही विलय है*
*गुरु ही प्रलय है*
*गुरु ही आधि है*
*गुरु ही व्याधि है*
*गुरु ही समाधि है*
*गुरु ही जप है*
*गुरु ही तप है*
*गुरु ही ताप है*
*गुरु ही यज्ञः है*
*गुरु ही हवन है*
*गुरु ही समिध है*
*गुरु ही समिधा है*
*गुरु ही आरती है*
*गुरु ही भजन है*
*गुरु ही भोजन है*
*गुरु ही साज है*
*गुरु ही वाद्य है*
*गुरु ही वन्दना है*
*गुरु ही आलाप है*
*गुरु ही प्यारा है*
*गुरु ही न्यारा है*
*गुरु ही दुलारा हैै*
*गुरु ही मनन है*
*गुरु ही चिंतन है*
*गुरु ही वंदन है*
*गुरु ही चन्दन है*
*गुरु ही अभिनन्दन है*
*गुरु ही नंदन है*
*गुरु ही गरिमा है*
*गुरु ही महिमा है*
*गुरु ही चेतना है*
*गुरु ही भावना है*
*गुरु ही गहना है*
*गुरु ही पाहुना है*
*गुरु ही अमृत है*
*गुरु ही खुशबू है*
*गुरु ही मंजिल है*
*गुरु ही सकल जहाँ है*
*गुरु समष्टि है*
*गुरु ही व्यष्टि है*
*गुरु ही सृष्टी है*
*गुरु ही सपना है*
*गुरु ही अपना है*

By Sholane Surjoo

Inspired by Guru Brahmarishi Mohanji and the incredibly transforming impact He has in every moment of my life, (in all of our lives) coupled with His lovingly, fatherly nature – a video and song dedication spontaneously came together as a tribute to my beloved Guruji on Guru Purnima. These words are a small attempt to try to describe the indescribable way that Baba makes me feel. The song dedication “You raised me up” by Westlife (2005) felt like the most appropriate dedication to the One who truly Raised me up in every aspect of this life.
This video dedication can be viewed here.
Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji! Love, gratitude and surrender to the Feet of Guru.Sholane Surjoo
Pretoria, South Africa

By Pramod Nair

A Mystique Yogi Nath Mohanji

He captivates everyone
Like his name
He walks with a grace
Glow on his face

A Bewitching smile
With an innocence of a child

On his path
None goes empty
Animals or Humans
He showers his blessings

He gazes with compassion
With never ending love

Some address him as Guruji
Some call him Master or Baba
Some call him Father

For me he is my all in one
A “Big Brother”
An assurance he gives me
“I am always with you ”
Is a reminder from my beloved Guru
All I can say is I love him
All I can see is Love personified

Jai Matha ! Jai Bhagwan !!
Jai Mohanji ! Jai Guru Parampara !!

By K.D. Row

Rishiver. Pranaam!!! I cannot forget the day you majestically walked into my Life. I then understood the meaning of the maxim that when the time is ripe, the Guru will himself appear before you. My deep salutations n reverence at your Feet. I know nothing more. Happy Guru Purnima Father
Love you loads
My humble Pranam at your lotus feet
So blessed are all of us with you being with us at every moment of our life.

By Subhasree Thottungal

Pranam Mohanji. Happy Guru Poornima. I am out of words. Silence will probably be able to convey what I need to. Beyond this existence, in the true merger, You and I are One. Simply because I do NOT EXIST. Let me be WITH You, Let me be IN You, Let me BE You! After your beautiful message, I better keep Silence. Thank You for every moment.

By Dr Harpeet Wasir

I was looking forward to a blissful Guru Purnima day as the work front was light. Surprising it started with an Emergency at 5am. I was rushing to the hospital at the same time thanking Mohanji as I realised he had already planned my day. With His Grace all the four situations were handled and I cud reach back by evening. Was conscious of the Gurus day as well as instructions for the Lunar Eclipse ,when Mohanji said, Connect as much to me. Physical tiredness crept in yet prepared a small make shift Alter bed side and as I was by myself started a mixture of chanting, Mantras, Gayatri and few talks as means of connections with Father. Could go on till around 1.30 am when was conscious of total lunar eclipse. Same time like an small innocent child crying for ice cream, my mind also wanted to feel his presence but kept on telling myself to just stay connected as rest was his job. Was in and out of next side bed, still awake and throughout chanting something. By 3.30 am sat in the alter a bit more before retiring in about 15 minutes surrendering all what He could make my tired body do. Around 4am I am awakened, but to my utmost surprise not my myself but the VOICE OF MOHANJI who enters my room. No physical form seen but only in Ether form asking me, What about the Aarti? Is the speaker plugged in. All get ready for the Aarti.I immediately get up only to realise firstly that Mohanji is here completing my unfinished Sadhna with the Aarti.
The time coincided exactly with the end of the Eclipse. Secondly, the last candel finished the moment I opened my eyes after Aarti and thanking Mohanji for making it complete.
Thirdly, I was in Connect with all the Mohanji Family doing all Sewa throughout the day so am sure when Mohanji said, all of you get up, I truly believe that all of you were present in my subconscious in a big way. It was nothing to do with only me but the whole Mohanji Family.
Like always He just made me do my plugging in and rest of the Deliveries he made both on a physical and spirit level.
Am sure each one was blessed their own ways by Mohanji.
All in His feet🙏❤🙏

Harpeet Wasir

By Nyta Awotar

Mohanji - Guru Purnima, by Nyta Awotar

Dimensions of Conscious Walking

On this auspicious day of International Yoga Day we celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking created by Mohanji. Today, three new methods are being added by Mohanji to the practice, to powerfully enhance, transform and elevate the practice of Conscious Walking. The techniques open up new dimensions into Conscious Walking and have huge benefits. We experienced that during our recent retreat at Berovo in Macedonia.


5J0A0186The first method is to be practiced only while walking consciously. While walking 3 to 4 people hold the hands while walking. This technique helps open up the heart chakra, multiplies the energy created by the Conscious Walking, and changes the energy pattern from vertical rotation to horizontal waves connecting heart centers. This method produces energy waves and increases Iccha Shakti or will power connected to our heart center.

While we do Conscious Walking we are stabilizing our energy inside our aura and within the auric boundary of our personal field. While holding hands and walking, it will become like a wave through the heart center of every practitioner. If there is lack of will power, inertia or depressive moods, with this method, all these states will reduce or completely dissolve based on its intensity. This is because the energy flows like a wave that cleanses the heart chakras.

5J0A0232Next stage is – if we lift our hands and up from the elbow and at the chest level – than it will create the effect of a pyramid and the energy will be one of action. Kriya Shakti or power of action will get enhanced.

Next two methods should be done only after a minimum of 30 minute Conscious Walking. They enhance the effects of the conscious walk and stabilizes the energy generated through the walking. The methods could be alternated.


After a 30 minute’s walk, after we stabilized our energy, we sit down on an insulated space – a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

5J0A1907From the root of the spine (perineum) we slowly and internally chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA through the back of the spine, and reach the top of the head, center of crown chakra. From the top of the head and down the front side through the chest and down to the perineum we chant SHIVAYA NAMAH OM. This method is done for 15 minutes.

You will feel that your body is like a Shiva Linga. So, from the back part of the Shiva Linga it’s flowing all the way up and than it is coming down through the front of the Shiva Linga. Shiva Linga represents consciousness beyond limitations or dimensions. This method will stabilize and energize us.


5J0A1957After a minimum 30 minute’s walk, as we stabilized our energy, we sit down on a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

We look down, and our head is down, shoulder erect, only the neck bent. Imagine the sun is rising. As the sun is rising, our head should also be rising all the way up slowly. And while the sun is rising, it should reflect on our face – that means, we should have a mild smile, and as the head is going up the smile should increase. When the head is all the way back as much as we could comfortably go, imagine the sun is at 12:00 noon. The eyes are up in Shambavi mudra, tongue is curled back inside the mouth in Khechari mudra. The face should be really bright with a smile. So, 12 noon should be our brightest smile.

From 12:00 noon the sun is setting, you are slowly bringing your head forward and down from the neck until the chin touches the chest, and slowly your face becomes normal again. The smile on our face should tell us how much of sun adorns the sky. We can still have a mild smile after sunset. This is one cycle. This cycle is repeated at least 18 times.

This method teaches us two things. One is that sun always rises, so there is nothing called permanent dark times. Dark times are part of the sunrise. Dark situation is absence of the sun, but it doesn’t mean that the sun doesn’t exist. So, you are making yourself aware that the sun is available, and you are experiencing the sunrise in your life. This method could be suitable to change our habitual negative thoughts and feelings into positive attitude. When we consciously think and connect to the sun, we experience tremendous positiveness and lack of inertia.

If any of the methods are not clear how to be practiced please write to or contact a local CW group in your area so that the CW moderator can explain the method in person.

3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2018 (International Yoga Day) we mark our third year of practicing Conscious Walking technique. Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation created by Brahmarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and yet has so many tangible benefits. In the words of many global participants, it calms the mind and increases focus, creates a strong protective layer around the body, inner peace, joy of oneness, increases awareness, cultivates mindfulness, and the benefits are endless.

Please relax, breathe deeply, take our hand and we will guide you shortly throughout the many experiences of the participants from around the globe. Conscious Walking indeed changes lives and touches us deeply. We are eternally grateful to the creator of this beneficial tool for spiritual elevation, Brahmarishi Mohanji.


“Conscious Walking for me is a beautiful technique which helps me calm my mind and move more focused through the day. When I do the Conscious Walking I feel like Mother Earth cherish every step of mine. Just after few minutes of Conscious Walking attention shifts to my spine, integrates and it takes me to deeper realization that everything in this Universe happens for a reason.”

– Dragana Tešanović from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

12274313_1522744401381875_4628332664461493241_n“While doing CW I experience that I’m walking in an oval shape energy ball. I get lost completely  in that energy ball and sometime self withdrawal is hard from that energy.”

– Manisha from Toronto, Canada 

“Conscious Walk is way beyond the normal outward walk. Actually, it’s not a Walk for me but it’s a “Run” towards “Actual You.” CW has changed and is directing my life to internal journey. It’s not only that, but has also created a strong protective layer around me. Thank You MohanJi for giving us and The World, A Very Simple but Very Powerful way of Meditation.”

– Sanjay Acharya from Toronto, Canada 

CW (7)

“CW is walking toward our inner peace and connecting to ourselves in silence, with help of the element of air through breathing and the element of earth by walking. It is a journey to ourselves through slow walking.”

– Svetlana Milenkovic – Filipovic  from Vrsac, Serbia

For me, CW is the time which spend with my body…. feeling every parts of it…. Feeling pure joy of oneness with the nature… Joy of existence in the body and on our beautiful planet.”

– Maja Ozegovic from Vrsac, Serbia

11217516_1469170143405968_2930067410096562502_n“CW is a movement meditation where we merge ourselves with the nature and focus on our bodies in silence.”

– Hajnalka Pantovic from Vrsac, Serbia

“For me, CW is one of the fastest and most wonderful ways of achieving inner silence. At the same time, it connects me with myself and the whole creation… When I walk I feel that the whole Universe is within my consciousness… Space and time literally disappear… They merge into one eternal Now.”

– Suzana Vemic from Vrsac, Serbia

13221326_1619850491671265_528461184409498020_o“CW is a technique which helps us to dive into ourselves, to merge with ourselves and remember of our true nature over the time!”

– Felicija Zebeljan from Vrsac, Serbia

“CW takes me deep within into a meditative state from where I do not feel like coming out. It makes me feel protected with a shield of Divine Energy. I feel I am inside a Ball of Energy which is invincible from outside. It is so powerful that it takes me almost a full day to step out of the Energy Ball to do my daily chores.”

– Punam Kapoor from Canada 

“I feel meditative state – happiness during CW. When I walked  first time in the presences of Mohanji , After few minutes, I felt my  some energy is rotating through my body…felt so much happiness.. within 10 -15 minutes, I started walking in dancing motion.. 

 I  enjoy my moments of  Conscious Walk  with the inner-self. CW helps me to harmonize myself from the daily routine and stress.”

– Alpa Acharya from Toronto Canada

12748100_1573100229679625_8664186515604402874_o“This technique that Mohanji gave us is truly wonderful and so important. I don’t have words to thank him enough. Conscious walking helps me a lot to feel myself deeper. To be here and now, more then ever before. To wake up the spectator inside of me, and to accept myself.”

– Jasna Stojkovic Hadzic from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“A powerful meditation which connects us with our higher self, helps us realize our potential and feel the happiness within.”

– Elena Dimitrovska from Skopje, Macedonia

“Through Conscious Walking I felt the meaning of being centered in the spine. It also helps me to stay calm and aware, irrespective of the external influences.”

– Mohana Guru Priya from Skopje, Macedonia

12485930_1544396082550040_1541125363487539973_o“During the last two or three times on Conscious Walking few thoughts came into my mind. Later I realized that those thoughts were actually answers to some important questions that i had, at that point of time. With Conscious Walking we consciously get closer to our self, to our soul, which is all knowing.”

– Boban Kitanovski from Skopje, Macedonia

“The technique Conscious Walking given by Mohanji is as an elixir for my life. It gives me energy, equanimity and freshness. I offer my gratitude to Mohanji.”

– Tanja Trajkovska from Skopje, Macedonia








“Conscious Walking is a technique that I practice regularly for 2 years, it helps me to be more presents, to connect to myself and to connect with the nature around me. I feel more energy, better concentration and deeper inner peace after every Conscious Walk. When I started practicing this technique i used to have a lot of pain in my spine and  bad body posture. After 2 years, the pain in my spine is completely gone, and my body posture is better. I recommend to everyone to try this technique. Thank you Mohanji.”

– Tamara Ljubenoska from Skopje, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking is my quickest way to connect to Mohanji’s consciousness. After the 30 minutes of being one with the universal knowledge and energy, I feel my consciousness gradually rising. I recommend it to all.”

– Stefan Acimovic from Skopje, Macedonia


28514479_2042158229440487_7801644372307633299_o“Inner silence is most precious
amount of love is copious
Walk with foot gentle like petal
while heart is full of love and mettle

Burning with the thirst for God
awareness makes our minds broad
expanding hearts with compassion
freedom within through such passion”

– Biljana Vozarević from Novi Sad, Serbia


“At first there were more sensations. Mind often chats, but I try not to listen to it. Sometimes I am overflowed by a feeling of happiness, sometimes of love. Sometimes I feel or think of Mohanji and tears start rolling accompanied by warmth. After this walking meditation a feeling of peace and silence stays in me for a long, long time. As if everything becomes brighter and lighter.”

– Predrag Dobrovic from Novi Sad



“At first I feel nothing, then I feel beautiful, then nothing and then beautiful and nothing.”

– Natalija Dobrovic from Novi Sad


“I will gladly describe the peace in my soul and all the things I feel when I walk consciously. 

I don’t know whether I use my heart or my soul to walk… I can hear the peace. I listen to the rhythm of my heart. I’m disconnected from the outside world. I feel myself and I’m important to myself. I feel I’m HERE and NOW. The feeling of happiness is immense… I’m full of love (which I want to give to the planet). The mind is calm, I’m relaxed…

In the end I feel this is some kind of new world, and I’m happy, full of energy. That’s when I feel I’m more stabile (physically, but in the first place spiritually).”

– Marko Božović from Loznica, Serbia


Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

Watch Mohanji talk about Conscious Walking: Part 1Part 2

Few videos from CW practitioners: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 ,

Read more about Conscious Walking: Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4

Testimonials from practitioners: Part 1

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



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