Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 63 & 64

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 63 Lesson – Living Humility 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well today. 

Yesterday after packing, we said our goodbyes to the entrepreneurs’ group, who we’d spoken to and stayed with the night before. Everyone was really glad to meet Mohanji. Many of them had been hearing his voice and messages each day through the 4 am Club. (Mohanji records an inspirational message on a topic daily for the 4 am club members, a process that’s been on for a year now.)

 The Q&A yesterday was very practical, around business life, even spirituality. What Mohanji had provided the day before gave them plenty to think about and contemplate on. Recently, Mohanji had conducted a ten-session boot camp with the Invest in Awareness team and with all the heads of the Mohanji platforms. This talk was a condensed version of all of that. 

Later that night, when Mohanji went to rest, Madhu and I stayed there with the group listening to them. They spent several hours discussing the topics that Mohanji had spoken about, how they could implement them, which showed how much it was valued, and how practical it was. In the morning, we said our goodbyes and departed. We joined our host as we visited his business locations in the local area and later a steel factory. 

Travelling and being with Mohanji, you get to witness him interacting with many people, very different people from all walks of life. I have witnessed him interacting with drivers, local workers, accommodation staff, businessmen, serious entrepreneurs with large portfolios of businesses, priests, farmers, seekers, all people of various stature and positions.

What is admirable is that he meets people as they are, beyond the status, beyond the role, beyond the position. You can see him develop genuine heartfelt connections, especially with those who are kind and sincere. He connects to the person as they are, he gives everybody time, and he doesn’t position himself as a very high person, which makes him very approachable by all. He lives humility

Travelling and witnessing this is a real practical lesson for me about humility and also elegance. Contrary to this would be comparison, arrogance and pride, which doesn’t even come into the equation. Even though Mohanji has a definite status and stature in the world, he’s completely consistent with being humble and meeting everybody as they are. 

For example, yesterday in the morning, we had been staying at a very nice mountaintop retreat in nature. By mid-morning, we were having tea with our host – a serious businessman. We were at his home, which was hugely impressive and beautiful. Then by lunch, we were at a steel factory, having lunch in the canteen, with the local staff there. Wherever Mohanji is, he’s completely comfortable, and this goes for the accommodation wherever he is put up. His requirements are very minimal. He’s often well supported with friends and associates where he goes, who really look after him. Although he doesn’t outwardly ask, it’s gifted. 

Yesterday, we were at the steel factory, and it was a full tour. It was a large complex, so it lasted the whole afternoon, which meant we wouldn’t be back in time for food. So we had to pick something up on the way back. Mohanji being very practical, no pretensions – if we’re hungry, we need to get some food, so we stopped at a very bare-bones eating place, which I doubt many people would even take Mohanji to. But for him, there wasn’t even a thought; he’s not thinking about that. He’s not thinking: Okay, I’ll be humble, I’ll just cope. It’s just simply how he is – living humility all the time, and this was the same for our host too, who’s a serious businessman of stature, yet he was also completely fine there. 

 It was an experience to be part of this, witnessing humility in action, in all situations, just living it. My take away from this is how to practically live humility, that there is no need to position above anyone, to have pretence, arrogance or pride. Life and interactions have an elegant quality if you can live with humility and it actually becomes smooth; it flows.

I hope you have a great day ahead, and speak to you very soon.

Day 64 Lesson – Respect 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Last night we arrived at Guruvayur after attending the Nila River Aarti event, in which Mohanji was the main guest. It was a really beautiful event and also a momentous ceremony. I heard and understood that it was the first time an event like that had taken place in South India. They normally do this in North India, the Aarti to the river (like Ganga Aarti), but this was the first time here in South India. 

Earlier in the morning, we had had breakfast on the benches outside. Where we’re staying, there’s a nice open area that looks out onto the fields. Breakfast was very good; it consisted of the typical South Indian dishes of dosa, vada, and some other things like Pongal – all very tasty. 

Over breakfast, we were discussing the plan for the day and the evening, as we will be travelling from that location and staying over. We had to plan and prepare for our stay in Guruvayur, and then Mohanji began to share more details about the importance of this Aarti event – it was the first of its kind in South India, and the main essence of the ceremony was to show respect to the river. 

He talked more about respect being the core teaching or the core aspect of the tradition, which is why such importance is placed on respecting all beings, and all aspects of life. He explained that when we have respect for everything in our life, we begin to live in harmony with nature.  If people truly respect life, this will bring peace because people will be aware that everything has its relevance and its place. 

The worship of the river, in particular, is showing respect to water bodies that support all life on Earth and also the life within us. If we respect something, then we won’t treat it badly. In the same way, when we respect the river, we won’t dump waste, pollute it or destroy it as we understand its importance and the interrelatedness of our own life in connection with that water element. So, respect is very integral. The ceremony was the beginning of a tradition of respect for the river, which gives sustenance to so many states, particularly Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 

This conversation gave me a chance to reflect on my own level of respect for the things I often take for granted, such as water, which I often overlook, even though I know it is vital for our lives. Do I treat it with the respect it deserves? Am I wasteful? I realized that it’s very easy to become absent-minded about this. I know now that I can always take steps to become more conscious of my use of water, to treat it with due respect. I have shared this in a previous message that in Mohanji’s home, there’s a strong emphasis placed on making sure there’s no waste, whether it’s food, electricity, or even water. Everything is well respected. 

On the way to the event (it was maybe about two hours from where we were), we were travelling through Palakkad, which is Mohanji’s hometown, and as we were driving, Mohanji said to me, “Look, here is the spot where Ammu lost her life in a tragic road accident at the age of four.” Ammu was his daughter. I knew about this story, and as we got closer and he pointed out the spot, this made it very visceral and real. He pointed out the spot where the bus had stopped, where they got off the bus, the house which they were going to, where it happened, the hospital where she was first taken, which couldn’t accept her because they were not equipped to handle any emergencies and how they had to rush to a second hospital where they admitted her but unfortunately, the doctors said that there wasn’t anything more that they could do to help. 

Dear Ammu

This was 20 years ago, and I’m sure driving past that place would have brought back a lot of painful memories for Mohanji. He had said before that this was a big loss in his life, and everybody was devastated, though it’s one that had inspired all the charitable activities. He turned it into the inspiration to create Ammucare Charitable Trust, which provides assistance and is helping the helpless millions of people across many states in India. There were no words for me to say at that time, but it made me aware of those painful memories that are still something that Mohanji carries. 

After a short distance, maybe 10 minutes, we reached the location where Mohanji was received well with a garland. I hadn’t been a photographer before in my life, but on this trip, I’ve been thrown completely into it. You have to be really alert and very quick to get into the right position to take the photos quickly, especially when Mohanji was being received, and it all happened very quickly. 

There was time for people to come and meet Mohanji. Many offered their pranams; they wanted to talk to him, take his blessings, and also his pictures. After some time, the procession to the Shiva temple began, and we walked in line behind Mohanji and the musicians. There was a big crowd, and after taking the blessings of Lord Shiva, Mohanji gave a Satsang on the importance of the Aarti event and sharing this message of respect, respecting the water bodies, respecting all elements that makeup Earth and our bodies. 

Soon it was time to move to the ghat where the Aarti was to take place. (Ghats are like steps walking down to the river.) It was a wonderful ceremony to watch with all the steps at the ghat being lit up with small lamps. We were listening to the Aarti song, which had been composed by Devadas and also sung partly by Jyoti Bahl, who is a family member.

The pictures of the Nila River Aarti event can be viewed in the link below. 

Click here to view photos

We stayed for some time as people greeted and spoke with Mohanji, then we were on our way very quickly to Guruvayur, where we are currently. The pace has been very quick, and right now, we’re getting ready for the darshan of Lord Krishna in the form of a young boy of eight years old. However, I won’t be going in because it’s not possible for Westerners.

I hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you all very soon.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 45 & 46

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 45 Lesson – Extreme action for liberation

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. 

Yesterday I shared a story Mohanji had told me during one of our morning conversations, and this inspired me to look back through the archive of recordings that I have to see if there were any more useful stories that I could pick out to share with you. 

I found a couple that I really liked from when I had recently arrived at the house. I was adapting to the fast pace of work. At that time, I found that once I thought I’d got a grip on handling tasks and managing my workload, I would have another task added. And then another one. Just as I was becoming comfortable, there would be more and more to do, as still happens even now.

Usually, the conversation would begin like this: “Greenwood, I was thinking, it could be a good idea if you…”, followed by something else. And I knew that meant, “Here’s your chance to work something off.” Before meeting Mohanji, I was very connected, and still am, to the Swamis of the Skanda Vale community. They told me stories about how the Guru, the Master, operates. The disciples would always be given task after task to break comfort zones. Mohanji said that breaking comfort zones creates the space for liberation because then a pattern or habit is dropped off. 

In one of those recordings I found, he was explaining that the strength of a master is his silence. A master might not be what we usually think of as a master, but someone who has mastery over their mind and of their senses. Thus, they have mastery over their thoughts, desires, inclinations, and tendencies, which means they have mastery over karma, or they have a lack of karma. When there’s a lack of karma, we become masters because we’re running the show, rather than karma running the show. Karma is unfulfilled desires, what’s driving us into action within life. 

And in that audio, he was sharing that a connection should be more than physical; it should be non-physical, beyond the form, the appearance, and the expressions. I was talking to Mohanji, and Jelena was there too. Mohanji said that the Master you are connected to will always give you work for karmic cleansing. So, we may think it’s a normal thing, something very ordinary or just a task, but they see much more. They are orienting tasks and people based on what is good for them to do so that something is changed, something’s broken, something’s transformed. 

He told the story of a man, which highlights the misunderstanding that some people can have about that. That man was a very lazy man. He said to himself, “I can’t stay in this marriage anymore. I can’t be doing this; I need to go. I’ll go to the ashram; I’ll become a Swami.” So, he simply left his wife and children and went to the ashram. He was sitting there for some time. Then the Guru came and asked him, “Why are you here?” And he told him, “I’ve decided to renounce”. The Guru replied, “Okay, good, no problem. But if you are here, you have to do some work, or you have to pay for your time here. These are the only options that you have here.” The man thought about it, and said, “Well, I don’t have money, so I’ll do some work.” The Guru said, “Okay, good enough. We’ll start tomorrow.”

So, the next day, the man was sitting there in the morning, he was meditating. Well, not exactly meditating; he was probably just sitting and thinking. But he sat there, so nobody disturbed him. Then one of the other disciples of the Guru came with a bucket and a mop, broomsticks, cleaning stuff, and said, “Here you go. It’s your turn to clean the toilets.” Obviously, he was a bit shocked at this. He said, “What? To clean the toilets?! No, no, no, I’m practicing meditation here. I’m meditating. I’m becoming a Swami.” The disciple said, “No, no, that’s okay. That’s good. Maybe later then, but everybody works here. So, you have to clean the toilet. This is what the Guru said.” The man protested really strongly. He didn’t like that. He said, “I can’t do this. I didn’t even clean the toilet in my own house. How can I clean the toilets here?” The other disciple insisted, “Well, this is what the Guru said you are to do.” After that, the man decided to leave.

Mohanji said that this is what many seekers are like. They orient themselves in a way that suits an idea, rather than actually wanting to do the work needed for breaking comfort zones, transformation and liberation. He said that the Guru would tell you to do tough work to destroy comfort zones, and when they’re destroyed, then immediately that’s when the liberation takes place. There’s a space that’s created where moments of liberation can happen. 

I was thinking about this, from my time of coming here until now, because it’s very much been that experience for the whole time. The work that’s being given, all the tasks which have been made available, I’ve obviously taken because I want to contribute, serve, and do what I can. 

So, we were saying that the Guru or the Master gives that opportunity through tasks and activities, so it’s possible through that extreme action to reach a state where the mind is no longer concerned with all the things which it is used to and things naturally start to drop off. 

Mohanji shared another story from a book written by Upasni Maharaj, the disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Baba transferred all his powers to him. So, one man had come to him in a state of distress because he lost his children, his sons, and his marriage as well. He came looking for solace from the Master. And he was thinking, “I’ve just gone through all this trouble, and now I’ve come here, this man has given me work to do.” After some time passed and the man completed the given work, the Master kept giving more tasks. After some time, the Master asked him, “So how are you feeling now? Are you feeling any better?” The man said, “Well, actually, now when you mentioned it, I’ve had no time to think.” The Master said, “Very good. This means you’re stabilizing.” 

So, what happens through extreme action is that you reach a state of elevation, like a helicopter that raises you up. This is how he described it. The lower activities, habits, inclinations just start dropping off. Through extreme action, there’s no time to think. 

When I think back to the actions I was doing at the start, and now as well, most of the tests have put me in a situation where I can break through my resistance. For example, I was very reluctant and resistant to speaking in public about my experiences, even though I can do it. I’d learned how to do that; I spent many years practising it during my professional career. But it wasn’t something that came. Naturally, there was always resistance, and there still is now, but not so much. 

Therefore, all the tasks and activities have always come with some type of test or resistance to push myself to break a comfort zone. But now, having that understanding that everything that’s given is for the better helps the process. Sometimes, I feel that the mind wants to make excuses, “Why do I need to do this? Do I really need to do that? Maybe I don’t need to do this?” But I always catch it. I always manage not to let those thoughts or states become too strong. I just try to keep it simple in a way, knowing that whatever tasks and activities are here are actually opportunities for me to work through something. 

I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day ahead.

Day 46 Lesson – Positive action will always face obstacles 

Good morning, everybody. 

This morning was a quieter morning for the house. Mohanji’s parents left the other day to return to Palakkad for some time to spend the New Year there. So there are fewer people here now in the house, and the routines are slightly shifting. 

This morning, I spoke to Mohanji about somebody who’s doing great work, really positive and selfless work, not directly connected to the platforms, but Mohanji is supporting them. And they’ve met with hurdles in the work that they do. For some reason, everything that they had planned has been difficult to complete. Many obstacles have stopped or hindered the progress. Every time momentum had started gaining; there would be another challenge, which meant, what they intended to do by a certain time last year, hasn’t been possible. Some situations have even affected the people working on the project, too. 

I was asking about this, how can you suddenly get so many challenges in doing something which is really positive. It was an interesting discussion. Mohanji said it’s no joke. When there’s something positive happening, there will always be obstacles. He said you could take the life of Jesus, Krishna, or even Rama. They faced tremendous challenges. 

From what I understood from the conversation, we can all expect the same. It won’t be easy if we’re trying to do something positive in the world. I feel this is why he always places a strong emphasis on conviction and determination. Because first, we need to believe in what we’re doing and then have the determination to see that through to the end. Otherwise, these things can affect us; our activities might weaken and maybe also stop. 

I was thinking about this because when we first came back to the house, the planes suddenly started flying right across the house after one of the trips, which means it makes recording here very difficult. Even now still, I have to stop because there’ll be a plane flying across the house. Mohanji has to do this too when he is recording the podcast, his morning messages for the 4 am Club or any video.

It wasn’t like this before. They’ve actually changed the flight paths. So, when we spoke about this, he said that this is also how negativity can work. Not outrightly direct, but creating problems and obstacles. 

I wondered if it was the same for other people because sometimes, when they begin to connect to something positive, that can also bring challenges in their life. I know from personal experience that when I connected to Mohanji initially, and even still today, there have been difficulties that came up. Since being here, for example, I’ve had real trouble with my skin for months now. When I first connected to Mohanji, there were some mental and health disturbances too. 

I know many people have had similar experiences. I was speaking to an Acharya a few weeks back about the same thing. So, it isn’t a feel-good thing sometimes. I asked Mohanji why that is. He explained that this path (his path or our path) is the path of liberation. It takes people out of long-held patterns, suppressions, and things like this, giving them real freedom. So, when people begin to connect to Mohanji, many blockages can begin to clear for them; all the clutter that has accumulated over time, in this life and maybe even other lifetimes, begins to be dissolved and destroyed. This can present itself in our life in various ways; it can take any form. 

I mentioned in a previous recording that this is not completely a ‘feel good’ path of spirituality. It is a real transformation that takes place. The number of people who benefitted from connecting to Mohanji still amazes me to this day, just as learning that these types of things happen when they connect, too.

He also said before that his capacity is probably much, much more. So, the more people connect and the more people who can connect, he’ll be able to share the same with them. Or, speaking more correctly, when people begin to connect to Mohanji’s frequency, then that cleansing can happen, blockages can start being removed.

So, for me, this was a good reminder that when we attempt to perform positive activities, there can be obstacles. And there probably will always be obstacles. We should keep focusing on the main aim and purpose. That way, if anything comes, should we find any obstacles, we can always take a detour or take a slight change of direction. 

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.


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6th Anniversary of Conscious Walking

“Walking is a comprehensive exercise. Walking is good for health. Conscious Walking is meditative walking. Conscious Walking is good for body, mind, concentration and also the comprehensive alignment of all these.” 

– Mohanji

On 21st June 2021 (International Yoga Day) we are happy to celebrate our 6th Anniversary of Conscious Walking!

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique that is as affective as 3 hours of sitting meditation. This powerful but simple technique is created by world-renowned humanitarian Mohanji.

Conscious Walking has multiple benefits and a lot of people around the world practice Conscious Walking every week with their friends, family and pets.

This year there were three retreats with Mohanji at the Balkan region, Europe and a lot of people have practiced this technique for the first time.

One of the biggest highlights this year was the introducing of badges for the outstanding achievers who reached hourly milestones in Conscious Walking. Over global 20 practitioners reached milestones this year.

Congratulations to all those who regularly practice this amazing technique!

We are sharing few out of many wonderful experiences from CW practitioners around the globe:

“Being in peace with yourself is very prescious experience that l feel over and over again during Consious Walking and through all that day.”

– Tea Reic from Serbia 

“Conscious Walking helps me connect deeply with nature and myself. As I walk, I feel totally focused and immersed in the sounds and smell of nature. Feeling the circulation of energy within with each step, the walking trail disappears and all else is forgotten, dwelling only into silence within. Thoroughly rejuvenating for the body, mind and soul.” – Bridget Chen from Malaysia 

“Conscious Walking gives me peace and tranquility, which is more than needed in these times.” 

– Stefan Acimovic from Macedonia

“Conscious Walking has shown me how to calm the mind and surrender to the pure energy we receive from Mohanji while walking.”

– Ana Berner from Serbia 

Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

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Few videos from CW practitioners: Video 1Video 2Video 3 ,

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Testimonials from practitioners: Part 1

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.

Every moment

By Nikita Naredi, India

He said I am there with you every moment….

It’s been a year, and the whole world is grappling with the Covid 19 pandemic. No one is immune to this disease afflicted by the Corona virus; be it any age, sex, caste, creed, profession or religion, everyone is equally vulnerable. Being a health care professional, we are more exposed and need to be very vigilant and cautious. 

When the widespread Covid infection began last year, it didn’t bother and scare me much, to be very honest and frank. I was careful but not to a great extent. We were doing our OPDs, procedures and surgeries. Being an Ammucare volunteer, I did my share of going for annadaan and ration kit distribution at multiple places in the slums and construction sites where people were reeling with hunger due to the lock-down and being jobless; even though my relatives and friends always warned me about the scare of contracting the infection but I knew Mohanji was there. He mentioned, My armour is there with you; you go ahead.” I was unscathed.

Being in a government job, I am posted to a place different from my husband. My daughter was to get admitted to a medical school, and I had to travel multiple places for her counselling and admission process, six cities in a span of 10 days last year. The mother-daughter duo was doing airport hopping every other day. It was challenging, too, with the cases on the rise during that period. With Mohanji’s blessings, this exercise, too, went off smoothly. My daughter got her admission, and we reached home without infection; everyone was amazed at the kind of travel we had to do those days, but I was doing only one thing – surrender to my Guru, my God, my saviour.

The first wave went off, and we all became more lackadaisical. The vaccination phase started and being doctors, we were the privileged ones to get the first dose. The second dose also followed. We felt we are further immune, and then Corona decided to test me. In spite of the two vaccine doses, I got infected. I had exposure through a positive patient in the ICU. 

The symptoms started, but I was not ready to accept them. It was a bad phase of ill health. I could not get up from bed, experiencing severe fever and an incessant cough. I was alone with my daughter as my husband was in a different station, so I requested home treatment and quarantine and no hospital admission. I was on multiple drugs: multivitamins, paracetamol, cough syrup, ivermectin and whatnot but from day one, I surrendered to Mohanji – if it has happened, I accept but give me strength.

There would be nights when I could not get sleep because of severe body ache and asthenia (weakness). Some nights, I would get up crying in pain, and then I would look at Mohanji’s picture, which was just in front of my bed and say to him, give me strength to bear it and overcome it. In the subsequent two days, my daughter also became positive. Both of us would just be in bed due to the lack of energy. I have a domestic help who stays with me. I was scared for her now. She was the one who was giving us food, our necessary fluid requirements and tending to the house. The house ran that time because of her. I was scared for her. 

No matter the isolation which we were practising, her exposure to me before I was detected with the infection was there, and occasionally there would be a breach to the social distancing too. If she also falls ill, our house would have collapsed. There was a big board outside our accommodation stating, ‘Covid positive – no entry for anyone: no food, no help and three sick people. I kept praying to Mohanji that she should be fine. No matter whether we pray or not, his grace and blessings are always flowing for his people. It is indeed a miracle our help didn’t fall sick or turn positive. Mohanji’s blessings and my prayers to him to protect her was answered.

I knew he was there taking care of my family and me, and I don’t need to tell him anything but the human mind sometimes wants tangibility. I messaged for his blessings. This was his reply, “Just have faith. Even this will pass on. I am with you every moment.” A jubilant moment, should I say – a reconfirmation for this monkey mind. There was another loving message, “Main Hoon Naa.” I was sure nothing would happen. Clinically, I did deteriorate as my lungs also got affected. I was started on steroids, and then I started recovering. My daughter recovered much earlier. The residual loss of appetite and weakness did persist, but I didn’t land up in the ICU or put on a ventilator. His armour is always there all around us.

I would like to add that I had been initiated into Kriya almost three years back but was irregular in my practice initially, but I have been very regular with no breaks for the last nine months. As I fell sick with such low energies, I initially got apprehensive that my Kriya practice will get affected, but I didn’t want to discontinue, and in spite of the ill health and the weakness, I continued with my Kriya daily and again, this is his love and blessings.

As I recovered and went back to the hospital to resume work and saw the pandemic taking a more wicked shape with deaths and loss of near and dear ones daily in each and every household, I thank the supreme Parabrahma for being by my side in the form of my Guru who is taking care of us every moment.

The day I joined work, my boss asked, “So you are back alive. I only smiled and thought to myself, “Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake naa koi.” How can I not be when I am under his wings…


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By Stasa Misic, Serbia

Right at the beginning, I have to say that I have always had a wonderful life as far as material things are concerned, as well as the love of my beautiful family. I never really lacked anything, and I always had everything I needed and more. This only means that I had chosen perfect parents to whom I am grateful, for accepting me as their daughter. Since childhood, I have been tormented by questions on the meaning of life, that is to say, its meaninglessness. Does it really all come down to being born, studying, working, and dying? In one word: suffering! What’s it all for? I had a thousand and one questions to which my mother could not answer, so that in the end, she even bought me a book, ‘One Thousand Questions and Answers’, thinking that this will put her out of her misery. However, I found no answers to my questions in that book. I recall how even in preschool, I was pondering upon the question: “If I hadn’t been born and did not exist in this world, would I know that?”

My intensive search for answers began in the year 2000 when I fell into depression. That’s when for the first time, I experienced homeopathy, which without a doubt helped me the most. The cause of my sorrow was the course of my life which, upon finishing secondary school, was no longer going down the ‘normal’ path. Everyone around me was finishing their studies on time, getting a job, getting married, having children, while I was feeling completely stuck in the midst of it all. Absolutely nothing in my life went the way “it’s prescribed, and it should be”. Of course, that’s when I started reading many books on spirituality. One of the first ones was ‘Awakening’, which was bought once again by my lovely mother, who made the right choice this time.

After that came other books, TV programs, videos… followed by the workshops on psychological wellbeing and self-help. I tried all sorts of things and methods, which I practiced scrupulously, continuously, and for a long time to change my life in a material sense (and by that, I don’t mean just financially). But nothing was happening. While applying each of those methods, I’d always develop a big expectation. I wouldn’t have been doing them in the first place if I hadn’t been expecting some positive results, at least in some aspect of my life. But nothing was happening. Afterwards would always follow disappointment and sorrow. And then I’d lift myself up once again, giving it another try, which would always end up with the same negative outcome.

Then came May 2013, and my first meeting with Mohanji in a satsang in Novi Sad. I remember him answering the first question on free will, saying in his first sentence that free will is just a myth and that it exists only before we take this body. At that moment, I had a feeling as if I was relieved of an enormous burden, and I felt an incredible lightness! Since then, I started attending the meditations regularly, and the next year followed the first retreat as well.

Soon I discarded all the techniques I used to practice, which were only adding to my burden, and I simply started gradually accepting life circumstances. Thanks to Mohanji, I now realized that the only thing that I can change is the way in which I perceive my situations in life and nothing else! And even more important, I was paying less and less attention to what others think I should do with my life and whether they think my lifestyle is normal or not. Peace started settling within me. Of course, this peacefulness still gets disrupted, but the states of peace and bliss are becoming longer and longer. 

My life, as seen from the outside, was still the same! Nothing has changed! I still don’t have a ‘normal’ steady job, nor my family, husband, nor children. I have nothing that is considered ‘normal.’

However, deep inside, I have changed. I no longer have expectations, and for that reason, I also don’t have disappointments because of something that didn’t happen. I accept life situations more and more, and the urge for an impulsive reaction is less. I also started releasing myself from the guilt for not doing things differently. I stopped forcing myself to be something I’m not. And all those people who were making me feel guilty and who had plenty of ‘wise’ advice for me are gone from my life. I also started interfering less in other peoples’ lives with my advice, as I finally realized that everyone has their own path to follow and that it could be no other way, no matter how disastrous this path might look to us, the outsiders! 

Naturally, I am still far from that complete inner purity, and I still get upset, bothered and angry by others. But when it happens, I am aware of my anger, and I try to see the situation from a different perspective. For who am I to determine whether something is right or wrong and whether someone should behave differently?!

Apart from meditations, Conscious Walking, Kriya, and Yoga, I found incredible help in Mohanji’s blogs that I have been translating for a long time and my modest volunteering engagement for Mohanji Foundation. I am very grateful for this opportunity to do something that I immensely enjoy doing and which is at the same time beneficial to others as well.

Never in my life have I searched for a Guru, nor did I have any idea what is the purpose of having one. It all simply happened the way it did because it had been written so even before we came here, just like Mohanji said. I try as much as I can to go with the flow of life, resist less, and give my maximum in the given circumstances. And all those other desires that I used to have, I no longer long for. If they are meant to come true, at the right time, they will; and if not, it only means that they weren’t supposed to happen in the first place.

I’d like to express my infinite gratitude to Mohanji for finding me, as well as to all the people who led me to him and to all of those who helped me realize Mohanji’s immense spiritual power. Not everyone has the privilege to comprehend His immense spiritual stature and power. I don’t know if I would have, hadn’t I been surrounded by such wonderful people who helped me in it.

Finally, of course, I’d like to express my gratitude to my wonderful parents and the entire family who have been supporting me immensely in all this in every sense of the word.

Infinitely grateful!


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Mohanji’s 56th Birthday Celebrations Touched the World

Mohanji’s 56th birthday was celebrated in Bosphorus, Turkey on 23rd February 2021, as well as in numerous other places around the world. Platforms which Mohanji created marked this day with highlighted and more intense activities, as a symbol of their purpose, which is selflessly and wholeheartedly adding value to the society while deeply respecting the universal laws of existence.

Mohanji welcomed some 60 participants from around the globe to the retreat “Transform challenges into opportunities” at the banks of the Bosphorus strait. With an hour-long satsang in which he emphasized Being You as his core teaching. This get-together being a sheer miracle in the time of a major calamity, as he underlined, will focus on the participants truly finding themselves, as only then they will find true contentment and be fully settled. Mohanji set the tone for the week-long program, among others, by urging everyone present to forget about the past and think about what more they can do for the world before leaving it. Further on, he urged them to think about their relevance on Earth and how best can each and everyone use each moment to make the lives of people around them more effective for this would mean true spirituality. The evening also included a short presentation of the platforms we now call Mohanji family as well as Mohanji personally handing each of the participants a gift bag including, among others, his latest book The Məst, a very dear gift to all. Watch Birthday satsang here








Book launch

“Guru Leela Volume 4 – Mohanji & I” book was launched on Mohanji’s Birthday.

“Mohanji & I” shares the exceptional experiences, witnessed in different situations that result from the beauty and purity of a follower’s connection with Mohanji. It brings out the different flavours of these wondrous experiences – a miraculous protection, a fulfilment of a wish, or a glimpse of divinity!

Book translations

A big novelty presented on the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday was the three new book translations – Tamil and Marathi translation of “Mast” and Marathi translation of “Kailash Inner Kora”. The participants were delighted to learn that “Guru Leela 4” as well as “Mast” were published as hard copies and it is now possible to purchase them both on Amazon in their Kindle and paperback versions.

Prestigious publisher

On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, we are happy to announce that Penguin Random House India, the leading publishing house in India, will soon be publishing Mohanji’s book, The Power of Purity. The book will be released in April 2021. Stay tuned for more details on how to pre-order your copy.

New Projects

Mohanji also introduced two amazing projects: Loyalty program and Induction into Sanatana Dharma.

Loyalty Program

Mohanji Foundation introduced Loyalty Program to promote respect, integrity and commitment.

Induction into Sanatana Dharma

Another amazing project is Induction into Sanatana Dharma to promote righteousness and goodness on Earth.

Music Launch

On the occasion of Mohanji’s Birthday recorded audio of devotional songs were launched.

Bhajans by Manaswini Pattanaik, Odisha

Mohanji’s devotee and playback singer from Odisha, Manaswini Pattanaik recorded and launched 9 devotional songs offering as “Nine petals of the flower of devotion”.

See the Audio links of these heart-melting songs in the link below.

  1. “Shaym sundar Mohan”
  2. “Mere Mohan”
  3. “Lok Laaj”
  4. “Ya Allah, mere Maula”
  5. “Chandan Agar”
  6. “Kya tumbhi O’ Mohan”
  7. “Rom rom”
  8. “Kaise dhyan dharoon”
  9. “Hey Guru deva”

Harvey Araza from Philippines, Yastheel, Mohanji Acharya from South Africa and Neelu from India made thre videos out of these 9 songs which are uplaoded onto YoutTube in the following links.

  1. Rom rom tero naam Video
  2. Hey Guru Deva
  3. Kya tum bhi O Mohan

Mohanji Aarati by Sathya Shivakumar

Mohanji’s aarati, written in Tamil by Arun Vathavooran and rendered by Sathya Shivakumar was offered at Mohanji’s lotus feet on his birthday.

Mohanji Aarati

Bhajan by Jyoti Bahl, New Delhi

Mohanji’s devotee and popular singer Jyoti Bahl recorded and released yet another soul stirring devotional song offering on Mohanji’s birthday.

“Gopal dheere dheere”


On our beloved Master Mohanji’s Birthday, the Consciousness Kriya Team is happy to announce and offer the availability of Consciousness Kriya application & training in 6 Indian Regional Languages!

Please find the application forms for the same below:

*Marathi Application* : https://forms.gle/H1tFE2rZrzgvK3ns6

*Telugu Application* : https://forms.gle/iDLXQtizF4fbAtbX9

*Tamil Application* : https://forms.gle/rMznnMbtVEQKW5nG8

*Malayalam Application* : https://forms.gle/gZTc72b1GYt9MNAz5

*Kannada Application* : https://forms.gle/q7jfFPsowzPpiE6w5

*Hindi Application* : https://forms.gle/3NwM1muzdfHCtu2M6

*Our entire Consciousness Kriya Team wishes Mohanji a very Happy Birthday!*

For further information on the regional Kriya process, please email kriya.india@mohanji.org.



A 4-day Online Global Program was conducted from 20th to 23rd to celebrate Mohanji’s Birthday! More than 200 participants from different parts of the world took part in this unique celebration, where they enjoyed the purification and deep cleansing processes given by Mohanji, conducted by Mohanji Acharyas. Unconditional love, compassion, friendship filled the air and all hearts in the 4 days of mega celebration that culminated with a 12 hour chanting & bhajan session on Mohanji’s Birthday, Satsang with Mohanji from Turkey and finally a 5 hour long experience sharing session Live on Facebook.

The true feeling of Being Mohanji, being part of Mohanji Global family was truly heart-melting.

Preparation for the celebration!

In the daily group sessions conducted in different time zones, participants enjoyed the power of various Sanskrit Mantra chanting and some very deep cleansing, rejuvenating and aligning processes and techniques gifted by Mohanji, such as “Connect to Yourself” and “Forgiveness Process”.

Journey of Transformation

With the only motive of “Living for the world and to add value to society”, not just through his own life but also through numerous platforms, Mohanji has presented various opportunities for all to transform themselves. Few devotees came forward to tell the stories of Mohanji’s value adds to the world through these platforms.

Three live sessions where these devotees spoke their hearts out.

  1. Social transformation through individual transformations–  Ammucare & ACT Foundation
  2. Individual transformations through spiritual practiceMohanji given methods & techniques
  3. Raising collective awareness through creativity, individual expression & personal disciplineWCA, EBC, HSTY/HSTD/HSTL

12 Hours of Global Chanting on Mohanji’s Birthday

20 Mohanji Acharyas across the globe did a continuous chanting for 12 hours spreading positive vibrations.

Chanting by Mohanji Acharyas across the world for 12 hours

Click below on the links to enjoy these chants!

Devotional Singing before Mohanji’s Satsang

From Australia, India, Europe to Canada – devotees filled the air with devotion of bliss with some heart-melting bhajans.

Bhajan Session

Click below on the link to enjoy these Bhajans!

Experience Sharing Session

After Mohanji’s Live Satsang from Turkey, the participants of the Global event and other devotees got together in a very open, loving and heart touching experience sharing session on “Mohanji and I” Facebook page which lasted over 5 hours.

Click to watch the session

Experience sharing session by global family




The UK celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by with a video wishing Mohanji and cake cutting.

Click to watch the session

BALKAN (Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia)


🌺❤🌺 Happy Birthday Mohanji! 🌺❤🌺


On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, Mohanji Serbia organized a 3-day program where we expressed our gratitude to Mohanji by remembering the blessings in form of various techniques that Mohanji gave us (Meditations, Conscious Walking, Conscious Dancing, Consciousness Kriya, Mai Tri method). We have explained each technique and its benefits to the new audiences, via Facebook Live program. Click to watch the session

On the next day, we presented the platforms founded by Mohanji (EBC, ACT Foundation, Himalayan School, MYC).  We also touched upon Acharyas and their mission to spread Mohanji’s teachings worldwide, as well as the importance and joy of volunteering in any of the platforms. Click to watch the session

On the day of Mohanji’s birthday, Devi shared a video where she talked about the beginnings of Mohanji Foundation, from the first Power of Purity meditation until now and how everything grew beautifully. Click here to watch the session

We witnessed together the journey of Mohanji through the platforms he created to serve the world and humanity.   As Mohanji says “True wealth comes from what we give to the world, not from what we take from it.”

This was also an occasion to inspire people to give their contribution to society with selflessness, kindness and compassion.


Today is Mohanji’s birthday. It is natural that many need to show him love through birthday cards and gifts. But is that the best way? Read what Mohanji says about it.

🌼 Don’t spend money on me. Don’t waste your time on me.

🌸 Money or time you would love to spend on me can be spent nicely on the poor and helpless in the world.

🌼 If you are able to do something for other beings around you, even if you buy hot tea to some poor person on a winter morning, you have shown me love. This is true communication for me.Full blog ′′ No candles and sweets ′′ 👇

You can read the blog here


Mohanji always tells us that the best gift for his birthday is helping the helpless and feeding the hungry of all kinds. Watch the video here


In Denmark we celebrated Mohanji’s birthday February 23rd 2021 with a program based on the theme Veganism. A small group of six people watched Mohanji’s video on veganism follow by a discussion where we touched upon how to transit from eating meat to being vegan when one feel trapped by old habits.

Afterwards we cooked a vegan meal together which we had with a homemade vegan Mohanji birthday cake. We were all happy for Mohanji bringing us together in such a lovely way enjoying each other’s company.



  1. Bhajan Sandhya in different Indian languages

Click to watch the session

  1. Special dance performance by Prisha Menon

Click to watch the session.

Mohanji Hindi

  1. Bhajan- Lyrics by Nirupma and sung by Smriti

Click to watch the session

  1. Bhajans by Sonia Gandhi

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Malayalam

Celebrated a 3 day online program in honor of birthday of Mohanji on 21, 22 and 23rd February consisting of Experience sharing by Devadas, Surya, Anila, Atheetha, Anitha and Savithri. Mohanji Gayatri Chanting was done by Girija, Chitra and Jyothirmayi. Concluded with Bhajan and Aarati.

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Marathi

2 bhajans were sung by Manjiri

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Tamil

Mohanji Tamil conducted four-day program on Tamil Fb page to mark the celebrations. The program started on February 20th and ended on February 23rd.

Chanting of Mohanji Gayathri 27 times along with Mohanji quote of the day. Each day different version of Mohanji Gayathri was chanted. We also have had a topic discussion on 23rd. The topic was seva activities that are conducted as the best present for  Mohanji’s birthday. On the evening of the 23rd, two clssical songs were sung by Meera Gopalakrishnan with the meanings given by Sathya Shivakumar.

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Kannada

On Feb 23. On Mohanjis birthday, Mohanji Kannada page had bhajans by Vidya Iyengar and Jaya Mukund. They sang Siddha mangala stotra and Hanuman Chalisa.

Click to watch the session

Mohanji Odia

Bhajan and cake cutting program at evening ,  as  guest  executive officer of municipality , in charge of police ,and tahasildar also join us to celebrate Mohanji  birthday at Mohanji bhavan jatani

Click to watch the session

Offerings at various temples in India by devotees

Kamadgiri hill in Chitrakoot

On Mohanji’s birthday, Prashant Singh performed rudrabhishek with two laghu rudra as well as half of 125000 Mahamrityunjay chanting for Mohanji with the help of 23 brahmin priests. The pooja was performed in Ram Darbar temple at the base of Kamadgiri hill in Chitrakoot where Lord Ram made his residence during his exile. Prashant asked to be excused for not getting clear photos or videos since he was short of manpower. This will be continued and the remainder of Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting will be completed  on Mar 6th (Mohanji’s birthday as per the Hindu calendar)

2. Maha Maya Temple, Jammu:

Pooja and prasad was offered at famous Maha Maya temple in jammu and monkey feeding and cow feeding at cow shelter was also done on behalf of Mohanji by Sakshi Gupta in Jammu.

3. Arunachala:

Kishore Mundanad based in Arunachala did abhishekam at Sivapadam and Guhai Namashivaya on Tiruvannamalai hill for Mohanji on his birthday. Photos for all to witness these blessed and rare spots of Lord Shiva.

4. Vrindavan:

Jayeeta Chkrabortay and our sisters in Vrindavan (the birthplace of Lord Krishna) offered prayers for Mohanji’s well being and protection at Chandi Paath, Katyayani Peeth (one of the 52 Mother power centers called Shakti Peeth), Tara Peeth (afternoon pooja and food offering) and Banke Bihariji (the main Krishna temple in Vrindavan). They had a beautiful day filled with temple visits, puja and fantastic darshans.

5. Mumbai Power Centers:

Sharad Grover from. Mumbai team visited all the power centers in Mumbai (Mumbadevi (the Goddess on whose name Mumbai is named) , Mahalakshmi; Haji Ali dargah (a Muslim Sufi saint’s dargah), Mount Mary’s Church and offered prayers for Mohanji for the birthday

6. Pune Power Centers:

Pune team visited the power centers (Shankar Maharaj, Jungli Maharaj, Hazrat Babajaan (master of Meher Baba) and did special poojas for Mohanji on his birthday.

7. Delhi Power Centers:

Jyoti Bahl visited power centers in Delhi and offered prayers for Mohanji there. Nizamuddin Aulia Sarah (Muslim Sufi Saint),  Damdama Sahib Gurudwara (Main Sikh Shrine in Delhi) and Sai Baba Mandir Lodhi Road.

8. Jwalaji, Dharmashala

Suresh Kumar Bhandari offered prayers on behalf of Mohanji at Jwalaji Dharamshala that is a very powerful temple of the Divine Mother where the fire coming out of the stones is worshiped. No one knows where the fire comes from. Sureshji saw the fire in the form of Om.


GK Hegdeji, the trustee and priest of Gokarna performed pooja  for Mohanji at Gokarna. Gokarna is the only place in the world that has the living aspect (atmalinga) of Lord Shiva. Hegdeji said, “It is a great privilege for me to offer prayers for Mohanji. A small work from my side to help with the immense work that Mohanji is doing in the world. Prayers were submitted at the feet of Lord Jagadeeshwara (the atmalinga of Lord Shiva) for every success in (Mohanji’s) life.”

10. Thali

Since centuries, many ancient and powerful temples have been plundered and destroyed during foreign invasions. These once famous temples were the support and foundation of ancient society that held the community together and actively ensured their cultural, economic, educational; spiritual and ethical well-being. The damage to the fabric of society due to their destruction is incalculable. Last week, Moksha trust was formed in Kerala for renovation and rejuvenation of these temples to their past glory. Mohanji was invited to be the honorary Chairman for the trust to which Mohanji agreed.

Their recent focus is on the re-dedication of 108 Shiva lingams at the Shiva Temple in Thali which is known as the “Village of Lingas” and has been amply blessed with Shiva consciousness since ages. Thali was a village with 108 Shiva temples built in the 9th century Sadly all but one were destroyed and many of the temple ruins were removed over time with the heritage slowly getting lost.

The first phase of land acquisition for the temple reconstruction took place on the day of Shivratri 2020. It has been decided to erect the 108 Shiva lingams in this reconstructed temple complex. Reconstruction and restoration work is underway.

Mother Power Centers:


The presiding priest of Mookambika arranged for pooja and prayers at Mookambika temple in Kollur and also conducted pooja and prayers at Kamakhya temple in Assam. These are two of the most powerful temples in India for the Divine Mother. 


Pooja and prayers were offered at the Lakshmi Narsimha temple in Ahobilam


Year after year, on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday on February 23rd, many events and celebrations are organised around the world as acts of kindness and compassion to the world, such as feeding the hungry, support those in need of clothing, shelter and so on. Mohanji explicitly says that this is the best gift – support those in need. Make a positive difference in the lives of many. There is no amount too small or big in the Mohanji world, the purity of intention is what makes the difference. Brick by brick, we build these homes together. 

This year, despite the pandemic restrictions, Mohanji Malaysia were able to organise a small cake cutting ceremony and vegan lunch at Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary KL, an orphanage home which shelters 55 children. The children beautifully sang birthday song and were delighted to receive ‘Angpou’ a gift of money inserted into a red packet which is a customary token given during Chinese New Year. We look forward to making every Mohanji’s birthday a day of great celebration and positivity around the world.

Click here to watch the session


We marked the auspicious day with 3 programs.

1)      Volunteers share “What Mohanji Means to Me” followed by chanting, bhajans and singing. Prathibha, Sunila and Bojana shared about their deep connection with Mohanji and how Mohanji’s has become an integral part of their life. Chanting, Bhajans and wonderful singing of “The Elernal” by Bojana marked the event.

2)      Singapore Team also had a great Mohanji’s Birthday celebrations with Migrant Workers in Singapore in the evening on 23rd Feb 2021. The two tiered lemon cake was a joy to see and very tasty to eat , not much was remaining by the end of the program.

Bojana sang “Reimagine” for them and Wowed everyone, it may have been the first time the Migrant Workers have had a live performance like this. There were many instances of fun and laughter, all had a good enriching time. Everyone Thanked Mohanji for spreading joy around the world.

3)      On this auspicious day of Mohanji’s birthday, Singapore Team would like to announce the launch of a new initiative – “Volunteering at Stray Dog shelter”. Under this initiative volunteers would offer services at the home for stray dogs under the CAS (Cause for Animals Singapore) program.

 Click here to view the session



Happy Birthday to our dearest Mohanji! Love from Mohanji South Africa 🇿🇦



Greetings from the USA family

Click here to watch the session

Celebration of Mohanji’s birthday

Click here to watch the session – Part 1

Click here to watch the session – Part 2


Happy birthday dearest Mohanji ❤️🎊💐🌹

Thank you for guiding, mentoring, motivating us. Your every word becomes a source of inspiration and helps us to walk the path that you have shown us to add value in the world with your teachings, loving , sharing and caring with people around us. Thank you for being our beacon of light. Mohanji Canada Team

  1. 12 hours chanting of Mohanji Gayatri Mantra by the team on February 21, 2021
  2. On 23rd Feb – Guru Paduka Pujan (Holy feet worship) as a mark of respect and gratitude to Mohanji. 
  3. Vegan cake, sweet and food offered to Mohanji and all deities in the Ashram.  
  4. Online activities like Group Consciousness Kriya, 360 degrees meditation, chanting , and blog reading.

Click here to watch the session


Click here to watch the session


We take pleasure in wishing our guru, mentor, and guide, Brahmarishi Mohanji a very Happy Birthday. We thank you Mohanji for being our inspiration as we aspire to follow each step you want us to take to raise the collective consciousness of this generation.

A very special and very beautifully expressed token of love, created by our lovely Sally, from Mohanji Australia family. It reached right in time before Mohanji’s birthday and was received with lots of love and blessings. Story of these paintings reaching their destination goes like this: Originally this drawing was made as a gift for Mila’s birthday in 2020. Due to Covid it wasn’t made possible. However Sally made all possible efforts to send to Bangalore ashram and finally succeeded. Mohanji’s parents were elated to see. In fact, Mohanji’s mother pointed out his drawing and said this is so real, just like him. Mohanji was deeply touched by Sally’s love ❤️

On the glorious occasion of Mohanji’s 56th Birthday, here’s a devotional song presented by Rakshitha. Do soak in the depth of love and devotion to the guru. Listen till the end❤️

Guru charan Preet Mori lagee re….

Here are the words followed by the meaning.

Guru Charan Preet  Mori Lagee  Re  !

Soti thi  main  janamojanamse Gurushabadhse  jagee re! – Guru charan..

Haat bajaar firun matvalee, Loklaj  sab  tyagi  re! – Guru  Charan…

Koham Koham Poochhat  ragee, Soham kahat viragi re! Guru Chalan…

Na main  Raagi na main viragee, Rang  raagse paagi re! – Guru  Charan…

I have fallen in love with the feet of my Guru

I have been asleep life after life but now awakened by the grace of my Guru.

I was wandering in the streets knowing nothing and giving into all illusions of glitters of the world until I found my Guru’s feet.

I was asking who am I, who am I and now I have realised – I am that – by the grace of my guru.

I am neither attached nor detached. I am only drenched in  ‘Rang’ guru’s love.



The World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is pleased to share birthday wishes for our beloved founder, MOHANJI, who has been an inspiration to us all.

Click here to watch the video greetings


Talk on Yoga on Mohanji Official Facebook page by Madhusudan Rajagopalan and Usha Lakshmi Narayanan in a group discussion. The topic of the discussion was “Raising collective awareness through creativity, individual expression & personal discipline”.

Click here to watch the whole session



Global member Sathya Shivakumar is talking on traditional Indian dance as art form to cross barriers and boundaries, to raise in consciousness. Click here to watch the whole session (dance is at 31 minutes).

Traditional practices revere elders and seek their blessings. We place Mother, Father and Guru above all and this is reflected in the lines – ”Mathru Devo Bhava, Pithru Devo Bhava, Acharya Devo Bhava” Our dear master Mohanji plays the role of all three in our lives!

As a token of our undying love and eternal gratitude, HSTD offers this dance rendition on the occasion of his Birthday – Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

MUSIC CREDITS – Special thanks to Shruthi Kumar for so spontaneously coming forward to do the music and rendition of Guru Brahma shloka.
Vocals, Veena, Music and Audio edit – Shruthi Kumar
Mridangam – Anand Ramakrishna
CHOREOGRAPHY – Radha Subramanian
VIDEO CREDITS – Smt. Lalitha Subramanian
DESIGN – Biljana Vozarevic
CREATIVE WRITING – Shivakumar Chandrasekaran


Global member Mina Obradovic talked about Early Birds Club in a group discussion on Mohanji Official Facebook page.

Click here to watch the whole session (EBC is at 45 minutes)


A beautiful and inspiring offering from Lori Werner for our beloved Mohanji’s Birthday.

This song is inspired by Mohanji and Nature, it is an experience sharing of the inner child filled with the joy of being in nature and expressing what it feels like to be alive. It is a celebration of every aspect of nature, reminding us of its magnanimity and beauty. A wonderful song for every child to wake up to.

As kids listen and sing this song every morning they are bound to imbibe Mohanji’s teaching to love and protect nature.

The seed of this song sprouted inside Lori during the silence she experienced at the Yoga retreat at Bangalore last year. At such an opportune time this song has reached fruition to be offered to Mohanji on his B’day.

Thank you to Priyanka K. for bringing this song to life with such beautiful visuals.

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Best Regards,
EBC Kids Team


The February issue of The Awakening Times is a Special issue to mark the birthday of Mohanji, a globally renowned humanitarian who has dedicated his life to serving the world. 🌏

⭐Mohanji has been active in serving the world since 2003 with the mission to add value to society. As he often says, “My only investment in this whole world is myself, that is the only authentic investment possible everything else has just appeared while we are living here, it does not belong to us.”.

⭐Mohanji has founded a number of organisations and initiatives, each with a specific purpose and vision, but collectively serving the world with the aim of raising human consciousness. Through narratives of the various facets of the Mohanji platforms, we seek to bring you more perspective on Mohanji’s vision of a kind, compassionate and peaceful world that is united in non-violence (Ahimsa).

We trust you find this issue inspiring and insightful!


Divine M Heritage wishes our dear Mohanji a very pleasant and blissful day!! We wish this year brings tons of joy and happiness for you and all beings around you!!

Lots of Love
DivineMHeritage Family



Dear Mohanjji, The greatest gift we can give you is to follow your teachings. I pray to give my heart, mind and soul, as best as I can, to give back to the world. You are our Inspiration, Guide, Friend, Guru and Spiritual Master in the flesh who has sacrificed so much to guide us on the right path. Everyday is your birthday you have said. For your birthday today, February 23rd, we celebrate your taking a body …so we can hear your sublime wisdom …always shared in a most understandable way.  Thank you! Much Love, Respect and Appreciation

Dimple Chowdhury

Wishing Mohanji a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thank you always for being my true friend, mentor and guide

Ruchika Gandhi, India

Gratitude father for everything. Humble pranams at thy lotus feet. May the world shine brighter with Mohanji’s love and light. And may we all walk with you with firm conviction, faith, surrender and devotion. Lots of love! I want to share this with you today. Beloved Mohanji, happy birthday to you.

Pravin and Jyotsna Thakkar, UK

Dear Mohanji, You’re a very Secial and Inspiring Person, who Captivates Everyone Around You. We Wish Your Day Is Incredible And Full Of Positive Energies. Many, Many Happy Returns Of The Day.       

Seema Nair


Mohanji is my God in Human Form!!

He is just everything to me.

Happy Birthday Guruji Maharaj, Beloved Mohanji!!!

Koti Pranams!! 

May every cell vibrate thy Mohanam, I pray.

Satguru mei teri patang… Sai ji mei teri patang

Hava vich udthi javanngi Saiyan dor hathon choddi na mai katti javangi

At the service of Lord

Ragam Ravindranath

My dear Guruji,
Wishing you a very happy happy birthday!!!…
Thank you for being there with us at all times.
Love and Gratitude,
Ragam, Ravi and Vishnupriya

Bhavana, Rituparna, Devavratan, Satyakaram and Sreejith Koupra

Dearest Mohanji,  May you live in our Hearts for this lifetime and if there are more then those As well. Please be the light to guide us all along. Love you immensely and Gratitude that we found you. Love love love and lots and lots of Love. Regards.

Jessica Moodley

Parabrahma Mohanji, Happy birthday. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. We are blessed to have you in our lives. May your light continue to draw us out of darkness and into light. With extreme gratitude, I thank you. Love and blessings 

Vani. (Vi Khn)

Dear Mohanji,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May your wishes granted to spread your UNCONTIONAL LOVE, COMPASSION, ACCEPTANCE and EMBRACING every moments on this EARTH. Your messages are spreading so fast  in the mind of the souls that we all came to this earth for a same PURPOSE.  I belief when this is planted their EGO will diminish which leads to LIBERATION. An immense LOVE to evolve this world.

Veni Pather

Namaste.  Happy birthday to my beloved guru,  Brahmarishi MOHANJI. My Guru I offer  flowers of my faith at your feet. Whatever I have, you have given to me and I dedicate it all to you. May you always be blessed with multitude of blessings today & always. Thank you for being in my life, your daily blessings & grace that shows up in my life continuously. Now Make me your instrument…all I am I offer to you!!!  Love. (P.s. I wrote this message in 2017 but it still holds true in my hearts) Jai Mohanji

Madhuri A, India

Namaste acharyas, I would like to convey birthday wishes to Mohanji.. “Many more happy returns of the day to Sri Brahmarishi Mohanji…!!! “Ever since I got to know about Mohanji and got connected to Mohanji, since August till now, my life has transformed drastically for good. Be it spiritually and intellectually.. A lot of churning, spiritual evolution and transformation has happened in my life…I’m indebted to guruji… And also more power to the conduits of Mohanji’s energy i.e Mohanji acharyas.. Jai mohanji…!!!

Nada Raković, Montenegro

Dearest Father, Thank You for sharing Yourself and Your Sacred Time with the world. Thank You for guiding us, protecting us and our families, healing us and making our life more meaningful. Thank You for giving us courage, stamina, acceptance, guidance and positivity to travel further throughout this crazy, but beautiful Life. Thank You for elevating our lives, and making them easier and more beautiful! Thank You for planting the seed of Liberation in all of us!  YOU are such an inexhaustible inspiration to the whole World! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY! Endless and Deep Gratitude, always at Your Feet, 

Diljeet Kaur, India

Jai Mohanji! Baba, you are the light of my life. You have guided me to the true essence of this life. Today I live only because of  your blessings. You are my Guru Nanak and My Sai. May you always show us the right path n guide us through this life to find true happiness of being true unconditional love and liberation.

Miriam Guimaray

Dear Mohanji, I have found that always living with gratitude allows you to be more connected to yourself. That way of life has been strengthened by your daily teachings and your sweetness. I wanted you to know today. Thanks and blessings to you Mohanji 


Countless Bow Downs beloved Mohanji! Thank you so much for being the beacon of light for all of us! We love you, honor you and appreciate you. Happy Birthday beloved Father

Murali Thangrila, India

Dear Father,

When I am joyful/happy, I think of you as you are The  one who gave me the moment of joy.

When I am depressed I think of you  and get inspiration.

When I look at my family I think of you as you are my family.

When I am sad I think of you to give me strength.

When I am worried I think of you to give me courage to face  situation.

When I see the trees, birds, animals I  think of you  and I feel  for them.

When I see myself I think about you  as you have taught us to love ourselves.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Happy Birthday

Jameela Jeyaraj, India

Happy Birthday dear Mohanji…for being the light of hope through an endless tunnel…I feel your presence and blessings every second of the day and I am ever ever grateful….Thank you for being there.

Bhumika, Canada

Happy birthday Mohanji. You are omnipresent. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. You are forever giving, holding my hand and walking with me.

Seema, Kuwait

My humble Pranams to Mohanjis Amma and Acha who has brought into this universe a God in human form. Gratitude… A very Happy Birthday to our Beloved Mohanji!!!

Getha, Malaysia


Maple and Lorraine, UK

Dear Father thank you for all of your love, guidance and protection. Hearts full of love and gratitude to you. Thankyou Guru Mandala for protecting Mohanji. Jai Mohanji

Photos and posters

Owen & Bertha from USA

Love u so much Mohanji. These are a video and a photo to you with all our love.

Click here to watch the video

Zoran Stefanovski

Wish you a Happy Birthday Mohanji. Thank you for blessing me with higher purpose, to live in gratitude and grace, and allowing me to be a part of your world. Love you endlessly!

Sanjay Acharya, Canada

Preeti Duggal, India

Pramod Nair, UK

Farshad, USA

Video Greetings

Javier Avila, Peru

Click here to view the video

Sakshi Gupta, India

Click here to view the video

Sayhiel, South Africa

Click here to view the video

Kathiuska Barrio A, Peru

Click here to view the video


On Master’s Birthday

by Charles Ndifon Londi (contemplating on Brahmarishi Mohanji’s birthday)

Ever-Blessed One in SUPREME  Awareness
Salutations on the day of your ingress into the School-of-hard-knocks, and the play-house of soul.
Your flesh embodiment concretized your Divine Nobility, conferred
Not by human conspiracies, but nurtured
On the play-fields beyond time and space.
You, who holds continuous, uninterrupted consort with the Heavenly Hosts,
Teach us the true purpose on entry into this dimension of life, a
Dimension with a bizarre celebration of birth and rebirth.

O Mohan, Prince of the ever-resplendent abode,
One-dimensionally your birth is a statistic, but you are
The eternal experience of ever-new births multi-dimensionally.
We’d gladly be affected by Your Elixir of Supreme Awareness, and become
Swans of Heaven–having perception and recognition of the True Self.
O Uncreated One manifested in flesh, in fulfillment of
The Divine Plan, we celebrate hopefully as 
Your birth is eloquent testimony of the Supremacy of Consciousness, which
Consciousness individually and collectively is
Made manifest by the unspeakable Light and Melodious Sound you exude.

A poem by Vesna Misic – (inspired by Mohanji)

 I know you well enough

And I see where this is leading:

If you have decided,

I have no choice but

To be great, 

To be gorgeous,

To be powerful.

You know me better,

You see all my parts

And a beautiful picture

That will appear 

But I have to fit the puzzles.

I am the one,

O yes, I’m the one.

I am a player in this game,

I’m looking for my lost parts,

I rediscover myself,

I put the puzzles in the picture

But you’re helping me solve this.

You gave me the answer

What is in the picture:

God rejoices through me,

He is laughing loudly,

He is dancing wildly. 

People see my body in ecstasy,

People hear my crystal voice, 

But I’m just a messenger.

A song in Tamil by Rekha Murali, India

குழல் ஊதி  நின்றாய் கண்ணா 

மெய் மறந்து நான் நின்றேன் 

கல் ஆன என் நெஞ்சம் 

உருகியதுன் கருணையில்!

மோகனா என்று நான் கூவ 

உன் கருணையில் அணைத்தாய் என்னை 

உன் அன்புக்கு நான் தகுதியோ 

என்ன புண்ணியம் நான் செய்தேன்!

உன் பாதங்கள் என் சொர்க்கம் 

வேறென்ன வேண்டும் எனக்கு 

உன் இருதயத்தில் நான் இருக்க 

என் இருதயத்தில் நீ இருக்கிறாய்


You stood playing the flute, Krishna

I stood mesmerised,

My heart of stone

Melted in your compassion.

Mohana,  I cry out

You hugged me in your arms

Am I worthy of this love

What good deeds have I done?

Your feet is my heaven

What else do I need

I reside in your heart

You reside in my heart!

A song by Shambhavi (Garima Agrawal)

Narayan Narayan
Bhaje mera mann
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Aankhiyo main ek hi rupam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Mukh jape ek hi naam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Shwaso ki mala main hardam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Angh angh mange tujhse Milan
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Tera dhyan hi hai mera kaam
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

Narayan Narayan
Ye jivan tujhko samarpan
Narayan Narayan
Narayan Narayan

How The Mohanji Forgiveness Process changed me

Two beautiful testimonials of The Mohanji Forgiveness Process shared by Mohanji Acharyas Mina and Rekha.

By Mina Obradovic, Serbia

I went through The Mohanji Forgiveness Process recently, listening to all the guidance given by Mohanji during the process on what to do, what to imagine, etc. During the whole process, I felt Mohanji changed so many things within me. 

It was a sight I’ve never seen in this life. My physical, mental, emotional, and energy body (layers) seemed like the inside of some computer and Mohanji’s hands were clearly visible while he was cutting some cords which I realized were some of my attachments and tendencies that stagnated me. I could also see that he reconnected some of the existing cords which I couldn’t realize what they represented. It seemed like science fiction, but now I can confidently say it was real for me because every time I saw him cut a cord, something changed in me. Some of the dimensions shifted, my perception changed, my confusion vanished as my clarity increased, self-confidence increased, my laziness reduced, I felt more energized and ready to face anything that comes my way. I haven’t felt that energetic in the past few weeks. 

Source: Google pictures

In the end, when we were supposed to visualize the fireplace and burn our negative memories there, I saw Mohanji was the one who burned all my negative memories of the past, and not the fire I visualized. It’s not only about what we visualize nor about what Mohanji’s words say during the process. The process works only because of his silent work behind the scenes, which we might not even see or acknowledge. The process as we see it or hear it seems like any other guided meditation. All that is almost irrelevant compared to what Mohanji actually does during the same. It’s clear that all Mohanji’s techniques are just ways for us to knock the door or give our permission for his energy to work on us (Masters from the path of liberation never help against one’s will or without our permission). Once we make ourselves available, he immediately does the rest. 

Mohanji will do his job, as always. All his power, protection, guidance and support come instantly. I warmly recommend everybody to go through the process. It’s helped me immensely, and it is more than pure gold what this process provides. Words are not enough to express my gratitude… Thank you, Mohanji!

By Rekha Murali, India

The Forgiveness Process is a priceless technique given to us by Mohanji to unhook and release all the baggage that we unconsciously carry. Layers and layers of pain and emotions were being peeled off as I went deeper in search of that empty space of freedom and silence. The heaviness in the heart got released slowly with repeated practice, leading to the birth of a new me… me full of love, compassion and purpose. My heartfelt, sincere gratitude to Mohanji for this beautiful gift to the world.”


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 29th October 2020


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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— Mohanji Testimonials Team

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Kalpataru Series – Ageless

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

23rd February 2020. Mohanji is 55. The truth is Mohanji is AGELESS. 

Mohanji’s 55th Birthday, Sri Lanka

Almost a year and a few months ago, one morning, this thought came to me…”Mohanji is ageless.” Peculiarly, the next morning around 3 am, I woke up (in the Brahma muhurta – the most auspicious period to connect to the self and the Supreme Consciousness) and happened to see a spiritual blog by someone deeply respected by Mohanji. Well, I am not a serious reader as such and don’t look out for blogs to read, but this one had appeared in my notifications. Following the experiences that happened post reading, I realise this was a divine plan for me to come across the blog at that auspicious time.

Katargama Lord Murugan

Well, the blog mentioned about a place named ‘Kataragama’ in Sri Lanka. Reading through the descriptions, I understood that this is the place where Lord Murugan (the son of Shiva, also known as Kartikeya or Subramanya) had reincarnated. This is also the place where one of the most famous amongst all spiritual seekers, ‘Mahavatar Babaji’ was taken into the discipleship by his Master/Guru Bhoganathar. At the age of 16, Guru Bhoganathar taught him the art of ‘Kaya Kalpa’ – which enabled him to remain a youth forever!

Reading this brought a thought in me that “Mohanji is ageless”. The first chord was struck.

The next point that struck yet another cord in my awareness was when I read that after Babaji returned to India, Sage Agastya initiated him to the secrets of the breath, which was followed by the birth of Kriya Yoga. This reminded me of Devi Amma’s (from Bangalore) confirmation of Mohanji being the spiritual son of Sage Agastya and that Mohanji initiates genuine seekers of liberation into Kriya Yoga. A similarity that my naive mind couldn’t ignore as mere coincidence!
Joining these dots gave me the awareness of the oneness of Babaji and Mohanji. Well, why ponder here and there. Let me ask the Master himself, I thought. But Mohanji, as always, never claims himself as an incarnation of any other Master.

He always says,

“I am born as Mohanji, I will die as Mohanji. I am only Mohanji.”

Mohanji in Sri Lanka

Well, after this naive expectation to hear a confirmation from Mohanji himself, I understood that realising the truth of the oneness of Mohanji and Babaji, is a truth that was meant for my awareness only and will stay as my truth. No justification, no evidence, no approvals, nothing is required. The awareness of this truth is beyond any revelations.

The next morning, I received a WhatsApp message from my friend Preethi Gopalratnam from Mumbai. This was a conversation between her and Mohanji on Kataragama. She had expressed her wish to visit Kataragama with Mohanji! Preethi was an ardent devotee of Mahavatar Babaji and always felt that Babaji had sent Mohanji to her to answer her seeking to experience Babaji in a physical form! This message from Preethi was a silent confirmation from Guru Mandala about what I realised the previous day with Katargama being a critical point of reference. We both spoke later, exchanged our realisations and surrendered our wish to visit Kataragama one day, with Mohanji. That was November 2018.

I had written a blog on this experience which you may find in this link here – “The truth beyond revelations”

With Preethi in Sri Lanka

One year and three months later, on 23rd February 2020, on Mohanji’s birthday, Preethi and I were with Mohanji at Kataragama! This trip to Kataragama wasn’t that easy. I wasn’t sure if I could make this trip. Surely it was for the completion of my realisation, and also a confirmation to Preethi’s questions that we were both taken, literally taken together to the place that played such a vital role in our realisation. And we were taken by the Master himself, appearing in the very ordinary physical form with whom we can connect so easily, but firmly and deeply.

With Preethi in front of Katargama Temple

Walking hand in hand with Preethi to the temple, I was elated with the feeling of eternal joy that our Master gives us through his grace and compassion. Standing inside the temple, watching Lord Murugan and Mohanji together, the vision of oneness was crystal clear!

Certainly, my question (that came as a silly and naive question earlier) was answered by the divine himself! There was nothing more that needed to be answered!
Mohanji stays as Mohanji for me, Mohanji will remain as Mohanji forever, but this lesson of oneness was probably one of the biggest lessons that I learnt.

Doing my Kriya practice at the very sacred place where Babaji used to meditate while he was with his Guru Bhoganathar, in the presence of Mohanji around us, gave complete clarity! The connection to the supreme Master, to Parabrahma, the Supreme Consciousness is the only eternal truth. It was indeed not just a coincidence that this completion happened on Mohanji’s birthday in Kataragama.

Regardless of the number of candles on the birthday cake, Mohanji will remain ageless for me, in my connection to Mohanji’s Consciousness.

Thank you Mohanji, for giving me such a beautiful gift on your birthday – physically, a very joyous occasion to celebrate with the global M family, and spiritually a fulfilling accomplishment.

Love and compassion of my eternal Guru


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A little GIANT

By Naren Shivappa

With Mohanji’s grace and blessings, Rajesh Kamath and I were with Mohanji in Mookambika for a ‘sadhana in solitude’ for 21 days, during the end of 2019.

My relationship with Mohanji was getting deeper by the day. I never understood him then, not that I can understand him now, but our bond was getting deeper with this journey. Many things unsaid and many glances unnoticed, there was magic happening within and this drew me closer to him unknowingly.

In those 21 days, one day, during our regular visit to the shrine of Mother Mookambika, Mohanji’s disciple Sri Rajendran, met us unexpectedly in the Mookambika temple. He then came to the place where we were staying. During the discussions, he mentioned two Avadhootas who stayed around Mookambika.

One was a lady saint, Amma, and the other Chandu Kutty Nair. But Sri Rajendran suggested that we meet Amma before meeting the old Avadhoota. It’s almost as if by protocol, before meeting Chandu Swami, we had to pass Amma’s test.

Both these saints stayed in opposite directions of the little town. Amma has done penance for 40 years in the forests near Chitramoola cave in Kodachadri mountain, where Shankaracharya got the darshan of Mother Mookambika. She had high regard for Chandu Swami, and with her blessings, we set out to meet the Swami. Along with us was a disciple of Amma, who escorted us to introduce us to the Swami.

mohanjichronicles - Farewell Chandu Kutty Swamy - Chandu Kutty Swamy Closeup-7

We bought some fruits and flowers on the way and reached his place in a short time. His place was fenced but there was a thick overgrowth of shrubs all around, amidst which there was a small gate made of some bamboo sticks. There was a surprise waiting for us. Mohanji, Kamath, and I, all of us heard a clear whistling sound along with a hissing sound. Mohanji immediately said, “There is an old snake that is guarding the Swami, so let’s wait outside.”

We could see a small hut about 50 feet away from the bamboo gate. There was a Chela (disciple) of Chandu Swami, who saw our escort from far and came to greet and take Mohanji inside. When we entered this small hut, we saw a man who was very tiny in stature, but after a while, we learned how big a giant he was. His demeanour was divine, his smile was so childlike and one can’t forget the cute chuckles of laughter that could give anyone goosebumps and bring a smile from within.

He was talking in Malayalam which I could hardly relate to, but I was getting a feeling that the two divine beings, both Mohanji and him were having a jolly good time.

By the Master’s grace, I was somehow able to get the gist of the conversation. Anyways, Chandu Swami suddenly mentioned about the Chitramoola cave and said that fellow (in his words “Anda Aaalu”) pointing at the back, also got darshan there. We were searching for the ‘fellow’ he mentioned and saw a picture of Adi Shankaracharya. Kamath and I were in splits as he so casually mentioned it as if they were buddies from ages ago.

I observed that Chandu Swami’s physical features were very different from the normal. Almost all the joints were twisted; all in all, he was four feet tall. He said he was 122 years old and he had met Bhagawan Nityananda. I noticed there were many lumps all over his body. I imagined the hard penance his body must have gone through in those dense jungles.

I was just watching them, Mohanji was engrossed in his conversation with Chandu Swami. After a while, he told us to come in the evening for aarati.


Mohanji thought it was time, and as he got up to leave, suddenly he noticed that there were no chairs and the Swami’s chair was also almost broken. Immediately he said to us, “We should have some chairs arranged for the Swami and for the people who come to see him.”

Mohanji asked the Swami if he wanted anything in particular, for which he replied, “No, nothing.” But suddenly, he noticed a sling bag on my shoulder that I carried and said, “Get me a bag like that as somebody took mine away and never returned it.” I am not sure what happened to me, but in a flash, I said, “Swami, please take this bag itself, I don’t need it.” I immediately emptied it in a jiffy and offered it to him. The Swami smiled and accepted it, softly stroked my back lovingly as I did my pranaam. That was so heartening for me.


When we set out of the hut, Mohanji said something beautiful. He said, “With this gesture of yours, Naren, you never know how many lifetimes of karma would have vanished.” I understood that these elevated beings operate from a different dimension unseen by mere mortals like me, they just make it seem obvious. Coming to think of it, it was not my bag he took but my baggage of lifetimes. He took off the weight of my shoulders to make me feel light.

In the evening, we returned at 4 pm to Chandu Swami’s place for the evening aarati. As I saw him, he removed all his clothes near the back door, and with hardly any body-consciousness he just walked to the back yard for his bath. The Swami changed his loincloth and started putting ash and vermillion to his forehead and other parts of the body. He started staring at the sunset and it seemed as though he was conversing with the universe. That scene melted my heart. He came back and sat with us, but seemed restless as though he was waiting for someone. Mohanji asked if the aarati was delayed, to which he said,  “Mother Mookambika is taking time, she has not yet arrived from Chottanikara, so I am waiting.” I listened in awe. This touched my heart, the very fact that he took the effort to purify physically by bathing, adorning himself with ash, and waiting to greet the Mother Divine. So immense must be his love for her. He was eagerly waiting every moment with the same intensity. Within my mind, I said, “Look at us, we have an ‘insight timer’ to meditate, counting minutes and hours.” Anyways, let’s get back to the topic.

mohanjichronicles - Farewell Chandu Kutty Swamy - 2nd Trip - Aarati-0

The Swami told Mohanji that Swami Veerabhadra guards the place when the Mother comes. After a while, we entered his temple which was a square hall with pictures of various gods and goddesses. When Kamath moved towards a corner, he asked him to sit by the side as that was the place where the Mother Divine sleeps. Swami sat for his prayers and seemed to sing something which none of us understood. He did some mudras which I thought was his way of communicating with the Mother Divine. And he started singing the aarati accompanied by the banging of two steel plates to the ground. It sounded quite weird but had an essence which pulled you; it had a rhythm that pulled your heart. The thought of how the learned and wise men pray and how this beautiful son of the Mother Divine prayed, was quite evident. For us, who witnessed the Nirmalya darshan of Mother Mookambika for 21 days in the most orthodox way every morning at 5 am in the shrine, to what we saw that evening with Chandu Swami was just worlds apart. All the puja was only between the Mother and him, nothing was done to please anyone else. It was so beautiful. It melts my heart to just relive this experience.

The next day, I went back and delivered the chairs and he was happy sitting on a new chair for once. He blessed me with some fruits and again slowly caressed and stroked my back with love. Those were the moments I can never forget.

By the grace of my Master Mohanji, I could be in the presence of such an Avadhoota. Today, I received a phone call from Mohanji who just said, “Chandu Swami has attained Mahasamadhi, that too he has chosen the day of the Gupt Navaratri.” I was taken by shock and surprise, because Chandu Swami had said, “I ask Mother when will you take me, this body is already 122 years old, but she says there is work to do, I don’t know what else is there to do.” Now I realize that he was just waiting for Mohanji before he left for his final abode.

That enchanting smile, those sweet words, the grace he carried in his actions; those moments will forever remain etched in my memory for this lifetime. My humble pranaams to this little GIANT, dear Chandu Swami. I am sure he must be now resting forever in the lap of the Mother Divine!

With all humility, this being prostrates in obeisance to this great Master, Chandu Swami!

 Always in reverence at the feet of my Master!



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5th Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2020 (International Yoga Day) we mark the 5th Anniversary of Conscious Walking, a powerful dynamic meditation created by Mohanji. This deeply transformative technique has many benefits ranging from reducing anxiety and fears to improving overall health and wellbeing.


We look at our past year in awe and gratitude, and share with you the experiences of our CW practitioners from around the globe.

“Conscious Walking makes me more disciplined. It helps me to accomplish all of my daily work as I planned.” – Marko Božović from Loznica, Serbia

“Conscious Walking helps me in concentration levels. In erra of social media it’s very easy to get distracted. Conscious Walking is not only helping me for concentration. It is helping me for Consciousness Kriya also. Because you are fully focussed and align with your breath.” – Kirti from India

“It was a blissful experience walking in calm and serene surroundings so close to nature. Ljiljana made us so comfortable since the beginning. Walking altogether gave me a sense of unity with the universe realising oneness and cherishing the present.” – Manjiri Bhalerao from Canada


“Every time I do the Conscious Walking, it transports me to a different world of serenity.” – Sahebrao from Surat, India

“I love nature and walk a lot, but Conscious Walking blends all flavours together in silence. I do not pay attention if I look unusual to the people, who are passing by. In that particular day, Conscious Walking really increases vibrations to the rest of the day. Conscious Walking also improved my concentration in general.” – Ljiljana Petrovic from Canada

83597239_2625147617808209_1222393167555330048_o“Conscious Walking has become very Powerful Meditation Tool for me. Every time I do Conscious Walking, it’s helping me in increasing my concentration and focus to go along with day to day routine. Thank You Mohanji for this Wonderful Blessing to The Mankind.” – Sanjay Acharya from Canada

“The Conscious Walking experience for both Parmesh and myself was very beautiful. As explained to us very well by Liliyana, we did the walk very much in awareness. So we could experience fully every small bug and any that came in our path, which normally we would stamp and not even notice their existence. It made me feel how even a tiny ant has a right to live.

Besides that, the sound of the flowing water in the stream and the birds chirping the rattling of the leaves in the morning breeze everything became so loud and clear. Parmesh and myself walk this path in this garden every week, but in those times we are focused on walking fast or discussing our problems our worries of the future or remembering the past that we don’t focus on the present.

Conscious Walking helped me to be in the present and enjoy the moment.”

– Geeta and Ganapathy Parmeshwar from Canada

84162445_2630734623916175_5868632601605963776_o“Conscious Walking brings me to mindfulness, a state of total calm and living in the present.” – Shanthi Mohan from Mumbai, India.

“For me CW is like a fuel that keeps me active on my long Working Sundays. It takes all my pressure away and rejuvenates my whole body and mind.” – Bojana Fabel from Singapore

“Conscious Walking provides me some intimate, private time with the Source.”Biljana Vozarevic from Novi Sad, Serbia

“Conscious Walking makes me happy, I am more focused, full of energy and without stress.” – Izabela Jovovic from Belgrade, Serbia


“Conscious Walking brings me back quickly to a place of inner peace and tranquility, which in turn helps me to cope easier with daily challenges.” – Mirjana Manjaka, Split, Croatia

“Each step while practicing Conscious Walking brings me back my energy which I usually give out to others daily, and in that way afterwards I feel more fresh, fulfilled and ready for a new day.” – Helena Bjelaković, Split, Croatia

“Conscious Walking is a wonderful technique which quickly gives me stability and peace, while helping me to center and balance myself. Breathing inside my aura while practicing Conscious Walking, I feel inner power and strength, which stays with me during the whole day. Gives me a wonderful feeling of confidence. Self-confidence. Thank you Mohanji 🙏 – Linić Eugen, Rijeka, Croatia


Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

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If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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