Skanda Vale and London – Part 2

June 20, 2022

by Linda Abrol, Netherlands

In the first part of the testimonial, I wrote about Mohanji, catching the plane to Manchester just in time, the suitcase miracle and the amazing Protection Ring story. 

After the delicious meal at the Mexican restaurant, we continued our journey to Skanda Vale through the beautiful rolling countryside of Wales, which was a treat in itself, and we could not tell Rahul, who had graciously consented to drive us, how grateful we were. Fortunately for him, it was like a vacation trip. Just a day away from two busy kids. A win-win situation. I like that.

Arriving in Skanda Vale felt like coming home. At home with dedicated people with a beautiful frequency and at home in nature: a world without Wi-Fi. Although it took some getting used to, it was precisely this freedom from radiation, emailing, and apps that proved to calm my overheated mind. 

The wooden cabin with the bunk bed where I would sleep turned out to be very basic indeed. And quite dark with a small window. The toilet was further down the road in a detached building, and the showers were a little further still. But I was grateful that I had a place to stay, and I was used to some sobriety in terms of sleeping in an ashram. However, I did have a young and flexible body back then. 

Selma had really provided everything I could have wished for: a warm comforter, sheets, towels and even a warm, woolen vest and socks because she knew that could be needed in Skanda Vale. I felt blessed. Vijay and Brother Andy seemed much more bothered by the fact that I didn’t have a luxurious room than I was. I reassured them. After all, I had known about it from the beginning and was not forced to say yes to it by anyone. They wouldn’t hear me whining. 

Fifteen minutes later, Brother Andy came walking up to us happy. Someone had just cancelled, and I was immediately given the key to a beautiful room with a bathroom and a sweeping view of the valley! The building was called Saraswati, which is the equivalent of my Indian Swami-given name Bharati. Everyone was elated, including me, because everything felt so predestined and welcome. And my cold problem was solved because there was heating and the bed proved to be good support for my osteoarthritic shoulders. I slept wonderfully there. 

We slipped seamlessly into the ashram routine, from puja to abhishekam, from Murugan temple to Shakti temple to Vishnu temple. A Shirdi temple was still under construction. We were scheduled for four hours of seva each day that consisted of helping serve and clear food, cleaning, and cutting vegetables; fortunately, these were the only chores that we were capable of, as Nico and I had some disabilities. The heavier work in the gardens or around the Samadhi of Swami Subramaniam was done by fitter and more muscular residents and visitors. 

What dedication among the resident Brothers and Sisters! There was a quiet mood of devotion, seriousness, humor and work ethic. Nothing was too much for the Swamis and Sisters. ‘We just do the work in front of us, and we don’t think beyond that.’ Unceasingly one saw them working in many different places in the ashram. Then again in jeans, then in a sober brown habit or in dark blue rain pants. Rain or shine, the open-air pujas also continue throughout the year with a little bit of adjustment. A high energy frequency is built up and radiates from the area… one would almost wonder why there is still darkness left in the world. 

On Wednesday, Mohanji participated in the Vishnu puja. An elaborate puja for the large statue of Vishnu, who lies on a huge snake surrounded by water. We were seated under a canopy, but the statue of Vishnu was in the open with only the sky as a roof. 

After the puja, all attendees walked to the statue of Dattatreya, situated next to the Vishnu temple. Mohanji would partake in the arathi ceremony and waited quietly for his turn, with his hands in a namaste gesture in front of his chest. He bowed reverently to the statue, and I saw that he was making the same gesture – very subtly – to a small bird that was searching for food under the bush behind the statue, watching curiously as to what was going on. 

The deity had been placed in the open, embraced by the trees and the birds. I looked intensely from Mohanji to the statue and thought of the morning when I had inwardly asked him: who are you? At the time, I had known him only for a few days and knew virtually nothing about him. He answered immediately and unexpectedly, “I am Dattatreya.” I had heard the name dropped but hardly knew who that was and looked it up on the Internet. 

There I found not only all the information about Dattatreya but also the connection with Mohanji and the Tradition. Dattatreya was an incarnation of the trinity from Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – the creating, sustaining and destroying aspects of the universe. I was truly amazed by the magnificence of his state and since then have not seen him as my big, wise brother as I had initially, but as all-encompassing. In everything and beyond everything. The totality. 

While looking at the deity, the thought occurred to me that Mohanji – as soon as he finished the arathi and came down the steps, would look directly at me and at no one else. There were many of us standing. But he would say something to me. It didn’t matter what. It wasn’t just mind-matter, and it had nothing to do with me. It was a kind of knowing. It would be a confirmation of the inner statement that he was Dattatreya. 

In that high-energy bubble, I followed the puja. Mohanji always confirms one’s state. If it had been only the mind, there would have been some doubt. But there was none. Mohanji walked down the little stairs after the arathi, carefully watching where he walked. At the bottom of the steps, he looked up and straight into my eyes. His gaze confirmed what I had already felt. He and Datta are one consciousness, one state of being. 

He then said, “Nice sari,” which seems like a nonsensical comment in this context. But it was another confirmation. A double one, even. The sari I was wearing I had picked out and put on with love that morning. It had been given to me by Swami Gopal Baba. My Master who had passed away in 2020. An Avadhoota from the same Tradition as Mohanji. Swami loved saris, and when I wore this same color (white, with orange borders) for the first time in his presence during an interview, Swami made almost the same comment. 

Even then, I had lovingly put on the sari for him five minutes before the interview because I knew he appreciated it. And maybe you know how difficult it is to put on a sari, but in those few minutes, I had managed to go up and down three flights of stairs and wrap the sari elegantly around myself. Mohanji confirmed his oneness with Swami, the Tradition and Dattatreya with a penetrating look and two simple words: “Nice sari.” In the same manner, Swami Gopal Baba had always spoken, short and sweet. And with the same loving look in his eyes. 

On Thursday morning, I meditated while sitting on the lower part of the bunk bed in my room. In Skanda Vale, my alarm clock went off at 3:33 every morning. Then I had plenty of time for personal grooming, yoga and Kriya before the 5 o’clock Murugan puja began in the temple. Everyone staying at the ashram was expected to attend the daily pujas. Since I was rather groggy, my eyes threatened to close. I heard inside, ‘Don’t fall asleep.’ I asked, ‘How?’ ‘You can stay awake.’ Again I asked, ‘But how? I fall asleep.’ ‘Fall awake!’ was the surprising and original reply. ‘This is Shakti. It is within me.’ 

How unique! Fall awake. Normally we fall asleep. But for me, that often happens with a little jolt when I sit up. Then one is actually startled awake from falling asleep. And often, because of such a small ‘fall’, I am afterwards clearer and more expansive than before. I thought about it often that day and shared it with whoever wanted to hear it: Fall Awake! 

During several moments that week, especially moments with Mohanji, I was overcome by an intense need to fall asleep acutely. You can understand that I seized all those moments to ‘fall in the vastness of being present.’ It was not easy; I have to admit. Fortunately, everything Mohanji said was so catchy that I had a good reason to want to stay awake. 

More than one week later, back in the Netherlands, I understood the real reason for his words. When I go to sleep, I often listen to Mohanji’s mediation while lying in bed, and within minutes I feel safe and relaxed and fall asleep listening. It felt a little like cheating, but I didn’t want to be too hard on myself and allowed myself my divine ‘sleeping pill’. 

But it turned out to be a bad idea, after all. The body had gotten quickly programmed and seemed to express: when I hear Mohanji’s deep resonating voice, I fall asleep! That is exactly what happened during every Q&A during the week in Skanda Vale and London. As soon as I heard Mohanji’s voice, I would start yawning. And I would try to hide it for Mohanji, of course, for the last thing I wanted was to look disinterested. You can imagine that there was no meditative ‘Mohanji sleeping pills’ hereafter!

After the Murugan puja in the temple, I did my Kriya practice at the statue of Dattatreya. I sat there very awkwardly on a wobbly, wooden bench, and my hands and feet got cold. I visualized a warm sun in my solar plexus chakra but to no avail. So I stopped my visualization attempt. As I was about to get up to leave, my hands and feet began to radiate lovely softness and warmth from within. I stayed. And enjoyed it. Normally without an external source of heat – once I was cold – I did not get warm. This was really exceptional. 

In the evening, like on other evenings, we went to the Shakti temple for puja. High up on the mountain, near the enclosure of the three elephants, the bird sanctuary and the horse stable. The temple was full, and fortunately, I was practically sitting in the doorway because I could breathe freely there. The low ceiling and the many visitors made it stuffy. Suddenly I saw Chris, Mohanji’s executive assistant, Tea, the photographer and Subhasree, Mohanji’s personal assistant. Where there is Chris, Tea and Subha, there must be Mohanji! And indeed, I had not seen him coming at all. The mood and the bhav were intense. The energy rose to the ceiling, as did the warmth. 

During the last mantra, we walked forward in a line to pay our respects to Kali (an aspect of Shakti, the Mother Goddess / universal energy). Mohanji is Kali, I thought to myself. So before I bowed to Kali, I looked Mohanji straight in his eyes as I walked past him, bowed to him and chanted the Kali mantra to him. Mohanji looked at me with an intense and piercing gaze and blessed me. Another confirmation of his omnipresence as any form of God. I continued walking towards the altar, glowing with Shakti. 

It wasn’t until the next day that I realized how much more depth this brief event carried. After all, Mohanji’s inner guidance from yesterday morning had been: ‘This is Shakti. It is within me,’ which was a bit of a puzzle for me back then. That is why I had kind of ignored it. Now clarity started dawning. 

The day before we left Skanda Vale ashram, I was lying on my bed and suddenly got overwhelmed by the dread of the possibility that Mohanji could be attacked by dark energy. Or by people’s actions. My creative mind took over quickly. What can we do to protect him? I prayed to Sai for a solution. Mohanji would never stop his mission out of fear. And he wouldn’t ask for anything for himself, either. That only left a possibility for the devotees. Could we not pray for him altogether? Back then, I didn’t realize that my prayer had already been answered by Dirk’s donation of the Protection Ring. I had heard Mohanji talk about the story of the ring while having lunch at the Mexican restaurant, but the word protection had not reached my ears.

Part 3 to be contd…….


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 149 & 150

Christopher Greenwood

Day 149 – Experiences increase Faith

I started this morning with a quote from Mohanji: “Faith is the antidote for fear”. Whenever we have fear, we can understand that faith is lacking.

Faith is the antidote for fear.


This is a quote from Mohanji that I use as one of my personal barometers, or checks, or tests for all the work that I do and my interactions with people. The absence of fear, or recognizing that there is no fear, is a display not only of that faith but also of the awareness that whatever is happening, whatever is taking place, there is no need to have fear because fear always creates blockages.

I’ve learned that faith is something that needs to be built up over time. I was a very sceptical and analytical person. I always wanted to have the answers and to understand how and why. I was never a person to blindly believe in something. Now, brick by brick, as on a wall, all the experiences that I’ve had with Mohanji have built up my faith in him and my faith in myself.

I’ve shared many of these experiences in the recordings, and many of them have simply been impossible for me to understand with the level of awareness that I have. For example, the changes I’ve seen in Mohanji’s body shape or witnessing confirmation that he has been with other people while sitting there with me and speaking to me. I can’t explain this; it’s not possible, so the only thing I can do is: accept it and have faith. I see the effects, and that brushes aside any real questions that I have, the questions of “why?” and “how?”, which I’m happy about because it was actually a waste of time and energy. It’s much easier to just get on with work now.

There’s a change that comes with having a real, rooted faith, something that I can consider established on a level. I wouldn’t ever say that anything is complete or final, but at least I’ve reached a point I feel where I can firmly say, “Okay, this is where I stand.” I’m learning that this is built up over time.

The recent example of the incident at Frankfurt and the humane airports campaign is giving me an opportunity to reflect on me now versus me some years ago. I can recognize this change because I’m not sure I would have approached the situation with the same attitude of, “Let’s just get this done. This needs to happen”. The major difference is that I have developed faith; faith in that which is speaking for a good cause and needs to happen, that injustice has to be spoken about. I know that I can only do what I can, and that’s good enough, even if people don’t agree or criticize.

Finally, most importantly, faith in Mohanji is the complete backing to this. It’s his energy that’s empowering this. I already see doors open more easily. The right people are coming together to give their skills and the right inputs. It’s incredibly humbling to be a part of this and have the opportunity to take it forward. Deeply recognizing, as he has said many times before, “If you take one step, I take 100 for you. The tradition takes steps for you”. I can see that happening. It’s moving, and I’m simply the instrument to help this happen. I know from my previous experience that there’s no room for fears, doubts and anxieties because they really do block progress. I mentioned in the quote earlier that whenever we have fear, there’s a lack of faith.

Reflecting on this, I can now say that I’m incredibly thankful to Mohanji for the opportunity to spend time with him, practice his teachings as best as I can and for what he shares with us all. This has really brought some transformation in life. He said before that you would never really know what has changed in his presence until you look back and see where you came from. That’s when you can see the difference, and that’s what I’ve been experiencing now, especially with respect to the quote I’ve shared today.

Now, for me, faith is knowing that someone completely has my back in all this, in what I’m doing, and especially so with the campaign for humane airports; it is something that is good for the world, and something that needs to be done, so what’s there to fear?

I would only emphasize that whenever there’s a feeling of fear or anxiety, it’s always our own personal experiences with Mohanji that can remind us of who is there with us and what they’re doing.

Have a great day ahead.

Day 150 – The trap called ‘Ownership’

A few weeks back, we had a global volunteers’ meeting, which was a really great opportunity to listen to all the volunteers who are working across various Mohanji platforms. They were sharing their activities and plans. We also had some really good experience-sharing from some of the longer-term volunteers, such as Hanumatananda, who has been with Mohanji in the foundation for over ten years.

Mohanji himself also gave a great talk, and one of the topics he spoke about was the traps that can emerge when we are on the path of volunteering. He mentioned that the number one trap is ownership – ownership of our actions.

This is something that I’ve learned over time. I’ve learned to make sure that ownership of work is kept in check because it can be really detrimental. After taking a cue from Mohanji and watching how he is with all his activities, I started to make changes in my own working pattern. I know from experience that it can be very easy to begin to develop ownership of tasks and initiatives, especially when we’ve been entrusted with serious responsibilities. I like to do my best; this means that, in the past, I would become very attached to that initiative, having my own view of how something should be done, rather than simply focusing on giving what I can to the activity.

I found it was very subtle because when I started, it was simply about giving my time: whatever I can give, I will give, and that’s what I’d be happy with. But as soon as I had something new to start, I developed an attachment to it. What I found is that once ownership started to creep in, I began to compare much more. This was a slippery slope because I’d compare myself with others, how they were doing their tasks and what they were doing. This not only affected my self-esteem, but I began to form opinions of others, which I had never done before, didn’t need to do, and sometimes I even developed prejudices. Then the work became much heavier, and control started to creep in, which is the complete opposite of what Mohanji is teaching. The irony and the beautiful drama at play was that I was taking steps and volunteering so that I could move towards liberation but actually ended up creating more bindings, which really is a comedy.

So, this is the trap of ownership in volunteering, and taking my cue from Mohanji, I began to correct this. I brought much more surrender into my work and began to live his example. I simply looked at delivering the best I could with what had been entrusted to me. Let me do my best. More than anything, simply let the actions speak for themselves.

Letting go of this ownership or control brought much more lightness to the work. That doesn’t mean I’ve completely let go of responsibilities. Obviously, I have to keep some element of steadiness and direction in what I’m doing, but it means that there’s much less heaviness. It’s more joyful each day.

“Okay, what can I do today to the best of my ability?” This is what I’ve done, and I’ve simply let whatever I’ve done speak for itself. The best example of this attitude of having no ownership is Mohanji himself. When I look at everything – all of the platforms, all the meditations that exist, all the careers, all the practices – he has given it completely free, and once it has been delivered, it’s handed over to somebody else to take forward. Rarely does he interfere; he simply delivers, and he keeps on delivering. Many more initiatives and ideas are coming forward, but at no point in time is he concerned about having control over them, nor does he have ownership.

Mohanji also asked a rhetorical question in the meeting, which was: “What do we actually have control of in our life?”. He said, “We can’t even control the heartbeat, circulation or digestion, so there’s nothing called control really.” He concluded by saying that, with our work, there’s no need to prove anything. We simply focus on delivering what we can, and the actions will speak for themselves, which I think is always a good reminder.

Hope you have a great day ahead.


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Skanda Vale and London – Part 1

June 20, 2022

by Linda Abrol, Netherlands

‘We booked tickets to Skanda Vale and got a room even though everything was said to be full!’ Sita is clearly touched when she shares the good news with me. For it was in Skanda Vale that she married Nico, during the time when Swami Subramanian was alive, more than 45 years ago. It was the most beautiful time of their lives. They preferred to live there permanently. 

I had not made a decision to go to the UK until then because the excitement of Mohanji’s stay in the Netherlands (early June 2022) a week prior to this call was still tangible in my cells, and I was integrating all experiences. But there were only a few days left, and I really had to decide now before everything was full and sold out. Still, I was relaxed because if Mohanji wanted me to come, it would work out anyway. 

Skanda Vale had a certain attraction for me. Why? I did not know. I had never even seen a picture of the ashram or Guru Subramanian, the inspirator and initiator. But the sound in Sita’s voice when she told of her desire to visit Skanda Vale again and the prospect of a week in divine and natural surroundings sounded very attractive to me. It felt special and familiar at the same time. And when I heard that they would most probably be on the same plane as Mohanji, who would also go to Skanda Vale, I was convinced. 

For over thirty years, with countless blessings from my beloved Masters, it had never happened that I had been on a plane with my Guru. Only a few small problems to tackle:

  • A plane that was full.
  • No place to sleep.
  • A ticket sale that could come to a close at any moment. 

I decided to call Selma – who was very familiar with Skanda Vale – to ask if she would know of a place to sleep somewhere near the ashram since there were no more available rooms in the ashram. Selma liked the prospect of us coming so much that she immediately offered that she and Peter would sleep in the camper and I could sleep in Peter’s room. She had even spoken to him about the possibility beforehand! 

‘And you should book the June 24 event soon because Vijay is about to close ticket sales as we speak this afternoon. He’s just waiting for you! I will then bring you a comforter, pillowcase, towels, thick woollen cardigan, and anything else you might need. It’s a very small wooden shack with no bathroom or toilet, though. Do you mind?’ No, of course not! I had no expectations, so everything was a bonus. 

How could it be that she had already talked to Peter about the possibility of my coming, and how could it be that Vijay was waiting for my ticket request? And how could it be that Selma and Peter were willing to squeeze themselves into a camper with three children to grant me a room at the ashram and that she was also willing to arrange bedding, towels and clothing for me? If this wasn’t a higher plan?

The cold was a bit worrisome because just two weeks before, I had received the diagnosis ‘cold agglutination’ from the haematologist, a fairly rare condition that belongs to the autoimmune varieties. The blood attacks itself when it gets cold. It will then start to clot, and red blood cells get destroyed. But with all the help Selma so spontaneously offered, it could only work out well, right? It was too surprising for words. 

Within the record time of half an hour, I had a room, a ticket for the event at the end of the week in London, about the last plane ticket to Manchester, and an extra night’s accommodation on the night before the event. And someone was showing so much care for even the smallest details of my comfort! Being able to book such a complicated trip so quickly and surprisingly felt like a warm welcome and divine grace. 

My husband took us all to the airport on June 20. There were huge crowds at Schiphol Airport due to major staff shortages and long lines blocking the counters. Due to physical problems, Sita had booked airport assistance for Nico, so we sailed with the help of a friendly assistant along each row and were at the right gate in no time. 

Loes, Sita’s girlfriend, apprised us every few minutes of the whereabouts of Mohanji’s plane from Belgrade, which she followed via a sky scanner app on her phone. But their plane turned out to be delayed, and with our simple calculation, it didn’t seem possible that they were going to catch the plane to Manchester. I prayed quickly, and then Loes reported that our plane was also delayed. That would solve the problem, I thought gratefully, because once in my life, taking off with my Guru, even if only in kilometres instead of energy frequency, felt like an unexpected blessing I had never had the chance to experience before. 

One often reads in books on Sathya Sai Baba about people ending up in the skies with him, and somewhere deep inside, it must have settled in me as an unconscious wish. And my experience is that the Guru makes every wish come true even if you don’t know you have it. For years I have been trying to be without expectations towards the Guru. My way of dealing with desires was: I noticed them. If it was a good desire, I would picture the outcome, feel the happiness of it and let it go. And it has produced the most wonderful experiences. 

I even thought that my Guru Swami Gopal Baba, who passed away in 2020, had already fulfilled all my unconscious and conscious desires that a devotee can have. He was masterful at that, with divine timing and precision. 

At one point, we heard that we would probably leave at the scheduled time after all, to the relief of many and the sadness of us. Mohanji’s plane had yet to land, and to get out and arrive at the right terminal and gate on time would be a witch’s errand. Would he start running if he had to? Sita got antsy and started walking up and down the hall looking for Mohanji and the team. 

When she came back, I burst out, “Look! Behind you!” I threw everything off – including my bag with all my important papers, passport and cards that I always guarded like a guard dog when travelling – and flew up to greet Mohanji. His arms were immediately wide open, and his smile radiant. What a welcome! And they had made it! Miraculous. When I commented on it, Mohanji said, “I ran.” With which he immediately answered my unspoken question. 

He gave me a second warm hug. What had I done to deserve that? No idea. And why should I wonder? His love has no limits. Because I was so absorbed in his presence, I accidentally went through boarding with him while my section was still far from being called. On board, it felt like the entire plane was sparkling with Mohanji’s energy. 

Even though, of course, I saw nothing of him during the trip. I didn’t even want to read my brought book. Just enjoying the energy because when do you experience something like this? ‘Live like it’s your last day’ became very tangible. At Manchester airport, I lost Sita and Nico. Since they were in front of me on the plane, I assumed they were already at the baggage claim and quickly walked over. No Sita and Nico but Mohanji, who was waiting for his bags. 

Meanwhile, he was fumbling with the Wi-Fi connection, which wasn’t working, and he said it was probably because he didn’t like all that messaging but had to; otherwise others would complain that he wasn’t answering. I mentioned that I had lost Sita and Nico, and as the suitcases began to roll onto the conveyor belt, I wondered aloud which ones were theirs again. Without a moment’s thought, Mohanji looked up from his cell phone for a moment and, pointing to a burgundy suitcase, he said casually, “I think this one,” and continued searching for a Wi-Fi connection. 

To my utter surprise, when I turned the suitcase, I saw that it was indeed the one. Sita had tied a red ribbon to the handle. I smiled warmly and said, “That’s what happens when one travels with divinity.” We both laughed. Sita, who had just arrived, asked why we were laughing, and I explained to her. Mohanji simply added, “I see those things,” – so ‘matter-of-factly’ that you would think it was nothing special.

Masters at airports have something very special. Years ago, when we waved goodbye to Swami Gopal Baba at Schiphol Airport, the clasp of my backpack was tangled in my hair, and my mother tried to undo it gently. It was a hassle. Swami suddenly watched the spectacle with a laser look, and the clasp came loose. 

A seemingly useless miracle but with great meaning. It probably helped me detach from my identification with the personality, whose clues were all in the bag, such as ID, bank cards, etc. What would this suitcase miracle mean except the proof that Mohanji is hugely involved, even in the smallest details, despite knowing and leading thousands of people. A ‘superhero’, Ana Divac (Guru Leela volume 3) would say. 

At the Luton Airport, Mohanji was lovingly welcomed by Vijay, Subhasree and others. Pictures could not be taken since Tea’s suitcase with her camera equipment was missing. In the parking lot, I heard Mohanji say that we should go somewhere for lunch. Because he felt the gnawing hunger of all the people, and he could not stand it. He doesn’t think about himself. He feels what others feel and reacts.

We stopped at a Mexican restaurant after a short drive along the way. Not only flying with my Guru but also driving together (not in the same car, as we were sitting with Rahul) and eating together on the road were unconscious wishes that I thought I had let go of for a long time. Seeing those wishes fulfilled made my heart sing.

At the restaurant, we were all seated at a table. And I realised that this was the second time I ate together with Mohanji at the table. Just like a few months ago in London after the BE YOU event in April. That was enough for me to consider the whole trip a loving sequence of unexpected, beautiful moments. Were they in my stars, or had they ended up there spontaneously by ‘fresh’ Mohanji’s grace? 

Mohanji was seated opposite Vijay, the president of Mohanji Foundation UK, and showed him his hand with a beautiful ring with nine stones. An amazing story followed, which turned out to be really significant. For the world ánd for Mohanji. And a little bit for me, for it turned out to be the answer to my prayer, which I will describe later.

During an interview, Sathya Sai Baba materialized a diamond ring for Dirk van de Wijngaard (different from this ring). But Dirk was not interested in the ring. What was the value of a ring when the Divine Maker, who was infinitely more important to him, was sitting right in front of him? When he found out that the ring was incredibly valuable in terms of money, he cried all night. Not out of happiness but out of sheer pain. He didn’t want gold or diamonds. He wanted only God! 

Please read the beautiful and authentic testimonial of Biljana and Dirk about the miraculous way the diamond ring turned into a nine-stone Protection Ring that ended up on Mohanji’s finger. Dirk, in his characteristic, childlike innocence and modesty, had expressed his sincere desire to remain anonymous as the giver of the ring to Mohanji. But he had not taken into account that Mohanji had different plans. I am getting the feeling that the anonymity thing didn’t work out very well after Mohanji himself told about the divine gift to different people. Then Dirk surrendered to Mohanji’s will and shared the amazing ‘Protection-Ring story’ with the world: 

Click here to read the testimonial about the protection ring.

Let’s look at the amazing significance of this Protection-Ring-event! In Miraculous Days with Mohanji, the book of Rajesh Kamath that every devotee should read and that I am translating at the moment, I have just read: He (Tyagananda) took out a long rudraksha mala (a string of prayer beads) and put it around Mohanji’s neck. He then narrated the story of the mala and the reason for his advent. This mala was worn by his Guru’s Guru, Swami Poornananda. He said that Swami Poornananda had done hundreds of millions of chants on this very mala. Swami Poornananda attained mahasamadhi on April 6, 2000. 

Before this event, he handed over the mala to Tyagananda and said, “One day, you will meet a powerful Master. Give this mala to him.” Tyagananda asked, “How will I recognise him?” Swami Poornananda replied, “His third eye will be like a blazing sun. You won’t fail to recognise him.” When he left Hyderabad, Tyagananda had doubts about Mohanji – whether Mohanji was a real Guru and whether Mohanji was the person to receive the mala. But now that he had met Mohanji, he was convinced that he had to come here to accomplish the task of handing over the mala entrusted to him by his Guru’s Guru fourteen years ago.

Let’s just look at the similarities! A great Master (Swami Poornananda) recognised Mohanji’s divine and omnipotent nature and stature through a gift through his disciple (Tyagananda), many years after his mahasamadhi

And here we are; Sri Sathya Sai Baba, a Divine Master and avatar, left a gift for Mohanji to be given to him by a disciple who recognised him. And that too, many years after his mahasamadhi. And like Tyagananda, Dirk had strong doubts about Mohanji at first. Doubts that evaporated after meeting Mohanji in person. 

Imagine this seemingly small event’s significance for many Sai devotees! As a Sai devotee, it might have felt like a valuable reassurance from Sai on the authenticity of Mohanji’s divine stature if I hadn’t already fallen in love with Mohanji completely and wholeheartedly!



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7th Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2022 (International Yoga Day) we are celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Conscious Walking technique!

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique, which if done correctly, is as effective as 3 hours of sitting meditation. This powerful yet simple technique is created by the world-renowned humanitarian Mohanji.

Conscious Walking has multiple benefits and a lot of people around the world practice Conscious Walking every week with their friends, family and pets.

This year was special since a new technique was created and launched by Mohanji named Mohanji Wellness Walking. This technique is millennia old and it has been practiced by Indian mystics since the ancient times.

It improves physical and psychological alignment, concentration, memory, eye-sight, body balance and brain function. By walking in a continuous curve like Figure 8 it improves concentration and is very effective in calming the mind and relieving one from stress.

In this past year, Conscious Walking was practiced in more than 20 cities globally, with more than 470 sessions. This simple yet profound technique is practiced globally in the Balkans, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, UK, UAE, USA, Ecuador, Finland, and many more.

For the great achievers who walked many hours regularly we issues more than 30 awards for the accomplishment and 1 certificate for more than 60 hours walked.

We share a few inspiring testimonials by CW practitioners from around the globe:

“After Conscious Walking I feel light as a feather. I feel at peace with myself, and as if I have no problem in the world.” – Ivana, Macedonia

“Conscious Walking helps me unwind and reconnect to peace within me.” – Ulla , Denmark

“After Conscious Walking, I feel energized, I have more strength, I feel lighter, and it’s indescribable how much peace I carry within me.” – Marijana, Serbia

“Conscious Walking allows me to connect better with myself, to calm the mind and listen to the silence within me. It brings me stability, peace, serenity, a sense of bliss … and it all lasts long after Conscious Walking. In everyday life if I feel only a bit of tension and anxiety, I strengthen my spine, take a deep breath and evoke the feeling I have during Conscious Walking. Like this, I manage to regain peace so that I can more easily cope with all the challenges in life.” – Dragana, Serbia

“During the Sunday Conscious Walking, which takes place in many countries, I always feel what a real blessing it is to be part of that flock that the Golden Tradition has gathered, and it works very subtly through us and opens us to Divine Love. Grace. Gratitude. Joy.” – Paulina, Croatia

“Conscious Walking brings me discipline and devotion on the spiritual path. Sometimes it gives me peace and sometimes restlessness, but it certainly helps me to more realistically perceive and relive the life experiences I am going through as I walk the spiritual path.” – Maja, Serbia

“Conscious Walking helps me enter the inner world of peace, silence and bliss.” – Branka, Croatia

Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

Watch Mohanji talk about Conscious Walking: Part 1Part 2, Part 3

Few videos from CW practitioners: Video 1Video 2Video 3 ,

Read more about Conscious Walking: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Testimonials from practitioners: Part 1

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.

A glimpse of the Divine 

By Sabyasachi Rath, USA

A merry band of devotees, followers and seekers gathered to meet the Master (Mohanji) in a retreat in Honesdale, PA, the abode of Swami Rama, around the time of Ram Navami (no coincidence there). Many adventures took place. However, I will just narrate mine.

My delightful better half, who was reluctant to come to a ‘spiritual’ retreat, got convinced to attend after she met Mohanji during a talk in Bethesda. As they say, once you smell the sambar, you have to taste the sambar (an old Tamil saying, maybe). So the whole family and I go to meet Mohanji over the weekend with satsangs, yoga and meditations. We were ‘lucky’ to get a house with a private bathroom with such short notice to better accommodate the whole family. 

We got to meet the Master in person and get his blessings, advice, and even Shaktipat for the whole family. No mean fact for a 1.5-day stay for the family. My plan was to drop off the family on Sunday and come back to my Mohanji family on Monday (it was a 4-hour drive one way from my house). The flip side of this was that I would miss the homa (fire ceremony), which was supposed to be done at 5 am. Again, ‘luckily’, I got to hear that the homa was shifted to 2 pm, giving me a good comfortable bandwidth to reach in time.

I will digress for a paragraph to relive the atmosphere of the retreat. It was my first physical retreat, and I could only describe it as ‘love’. It can sound cliché, but unconditional love was in abundance here. Unbelievable warmth, a feeling of deep family connections with anyone around there, and a sense of feeling looked out for were overwhelmingly present throughout the retreat. Another feeling was a sense of fulfilment by just being in the physical presence of Mohanji, a deep desire getting fulfilled. Two formulas that had been churning came to my mind by the end of the retreat – Unexpected bad news = karma; Unexpected good news = grace.

Coming back to the narrative, I reached the venue around 12 pm giving me ample time to relax before the homa. The homa remains one of the most memorable events in the whole retreat. There was a very definite sense of sacredness around it. Mantras (Shiva, Datta, Devi, Hanuman) were being chanted continuously. Coconuts were offered to the sacred fire on behalf of ourselves and our loved ones. It was another sense of fulfilment being experienced here.

My turn came at the Agni Kund, and Mohanji had covered his head with a white cotton cloth. I was wondering why. And I glanced towards him. Whoa… His eyes were upon me directly. And my mind scrambled to absorb the following… #1 They were piercing right through me. My soul lay bare right there. #2 They were not his usual eyes that you see in any of his pictures or in person. #3 The eyes were the kind of eyes you see in ‘animated’ movies. They were bigger than life, appearing surreal. They were big, intense, compassionate, orange/gold/yellow in color and glowing.

I felt that some form of divinity was expressing itself through Mohanji right there. I had the grace to receive a glimpse of that divinity. I turned my head away and again looked back at him to see if the previous glimpse was some figment of my imagination, but no, those divine eyes were still there. I went back to my chanting and the homa activities and let Mohanji do his work. I am pretty sure we all were experiencing a high degree of concentration and silence inside throughout the homa. There was no other choice.

My gratitude to Mohanji always.

By Mira van Duijn, Netherlands

Two days ago, I was on my way to meet Mohanji. He was visiting the Netherlands. It would be the first time that we met in the flesh. It was a long drive from my place to (Alkmaar), where he was in the Van der Valk hotel with his beautiful and lovely wife Devi. 

It was a difficult decision because my dearest husband is ill, but he was so happy for me because he knows I really love our dearest Mohanji. Also, I could stay the night with Sylvia and Gerard, who lived near the Ashram where the Kriya initiation would take place. Thank you, dear friends; you both made me feel very welcome. When I arrived, I saw how everyone from the Dutch team had done a beautiful job of taking care of everything!

When I met everyone, the greetings were overwhelming. I saw Eric Elbers also, for the first time in real life, as many of the Dutch team. From the corner of my eye, I saw Mohanji! I walked up to him and asked for a hug. When we put our arms around each other, I felt like I was disappearing into him, into love; I was home. Really at home. As I write this, I feel my heart beating in my throat. And my heart expanding, all the sadness, all my fears, they were gone. I only felt love and of coming home. No words to describe it. Purity in its purest form.

After Christopher did a PowerPoint presentation about Mohani and the various platforms, everyone received Shaktipat from Mohanji. Overwhelming energy flowed through my crown chakra straight through my body, and I felt myself become myself after a very long time. The extroverted me emerged, no fears, no thoughts, difficult to express in words, but ‘Being Me’ in the purest form. 

The next day was the Kriya initiation. I had the grateful pleasure of sitting next to Devi during the Kriya practice. Everything ran in a wonderful flow. The Kriya went wonderfully; everything flowed as it should flow, the energy strengthened by Devi sitting next to me, I thought! Then the initiation, kneeling down in front of Mohanji, I felt his hands touch my crown chakra. I feel blessed.

So thankful and grateful for this wonderful opportunity to meet with Mohanji. May you all feel the warmth when you get the chance to hug our beloved Mohanji.


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Mohanji’s 57th Birthday Celebrations Worldwide

What a memorable opportunity to celebrate Mohanji’s 57th birthday on 23 Feb 2022, unlike anything we have experienced before. Here is an overview of the activities around the world:





Mohanji’s satsang took place in Bangalore, India. Mohanji and all the people present were showered with blessings from priests of sacred and powerful temples in Bharat (India), including the chief priest of Jagannatha temple in Puri, the chief priest of Sai Baba temple at Shirdi, the main archakas of Mookambika temple (Kollur) and Ganagapur Dattatreya temple.

Participation by esteemed guests from Bengaluru and beyond. A whole host of followers not just in the hall but also online – we had people from over 6 continents watching our live stream.

Launch of new books adding a new dimension to the readers.

A delicious cake cutting. Bhajans and opportunities for people to come up close and offer their gratitude.

The program came together beautifully, demonstrating the values that Mohanji stands for and his mission in this world.

Even though the hall couldn’t receive many people, our global family could join us online for the live-streaming, and the lovely energy of unity was felt throughout.

For the first time, chief priests of some of the most powerful temples of India came together and showered their blessings on Mohanji and all of us present. Aside from them, distinguished businessmen and celebrities attended the event.

The evening began on an auspicious note with sacred chants by the children from Vedic Kids; a Mohanji inspired platform to encourage children to learn the virtues of Sanatana Dharma early in their life. This was followed by a colourful and joyous performance by the children trained by the Himalayan School of Traditional Dance (HSTD), led by Radha Subramanian, Artistic Director of HSTD.

Soon after, Mohanji took the stage and spoke for a short while, followed by an engaging Q&A session. Some of the questions ranged from “Is there an end-state for how the level of happiness or unhappiness is growing in the world?”, “How do you rate your level of contentment on a scale of 1 to 10?” to several other questions on life and practical aspects of spirituality. There was also a historical reference of how the Mohanji Foundation platform came to life, also beautifully shown in a short video about Mohanji that was launched in public on this occasion.

This was followed by an important segment of the program where special gifts were presented to Mohanji. The Chief Priest of the Lord Jagannath temple in Puri honoured Mohanji with a special vastra (cloth) that Lord Jagannath wore through the night, called “Bada Singhara Besa”. Mohanji and Devi were gifted a shawl draped on the idol of Sai Baba at the main Shirdi temple, enveloping them with the grace of Sai Baba. The main priest from Mookambika temple honoured Mohanji with a special saree that was worn by the Goddess Mookambika the previous day, and similarly, special blessings from the sacred temple of Dattatreya at Ganagapur were showered on Mohanji.

A beautiful birthday surprise by Devi and Mila Mohan followed – Devi shared the experience of her visit to Mohanji Ka Aangan, bringing joy to the kids through Latino and Bollywood dance, birthday cake and sweets. This birthday gift on behalf of the ACT Foundation was the recognition that the greatest gift we can give Mohanji is to serve the underprivileged and share our love unconditionally with those who need it the most.

2. BOOK LAUNCH (published by GURULIGHT)

The evening then proceeded with the launch of the following books:

The Mohanji Platforms Annual Report 2021 is a detailed compendium of all activities from various platforms founded by Mohanji in 2021. This was launched by Shri H Basavarajendra, IAS (Commissioner, Department of Animal Husbandry & Vet Services) and Mr K.D Row, Exec Director, Air India (Retired)

Power of Purity translated into Marathi – launched by Shri Pattajoshi Mahapatra, Shri Sulakhe Maharaj, Shri Subramanya Adiga and Shri Girish Bhatt

Power of Purity translated into Marathi

Power of Purity translated into Tamil – launched by Ms Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Mr R Vaikunth and Mrs R Suhasini (who translated the book into Tamil)

Miraculous Days with Mohanji translated into Malayalam, translated by Shankar Narayanan Meetna and proofread by Dr P.K Namboodiri. This book was launched by Mr Ullas Kamath, Mrs Vasanta Vaikunth and Mrs Shobha Chandran.

Guru Leela 5 – a collection of nine testimonials of people’s experiences with Mohanji. This book was launched by Mr Kamal Pant, IPS (Commissioner of Police, Bengaluru), Mr Suresh Senapathi, Mr Ram Chugh and Rekha Murali.

The evening was crowned by the cake cutting performed on stage by Mohanji’s closest family members (parents, wife and daughter). Mohanji also spent time meeting all the people who had congregated at the venue to wish him, as well as with the invited guests. Later, on behalf of EBC kids and Teens, Nanda Nair and Mila Mohan performed the song “Happy” on stage, to the delight of all present.

Finally, it was time to wind up, but no one wanted to leave the beautiful energy of the venue. The entire evening was a celebration of humanity and our highest expression.

See more photos here: part 1 and part 2


  • Since 23rd Jan, around 230 devotees across the globe came together to do daily 3 times chanting leading up to Mohanji’s Birthday. The aim was to do NON-STOP 24 HOURS chanting on 23rd Feb, that actually turned into a 48 HOUR NON-STOP Chanting!
    This was not planned! We all witnessed how Mohanji facilitated this beautifully, all coordinated by volunteers from different parts of the world. Sure enough, this was the need of the hour! 

    This chanting was not just for Mohanji’s well-being, but for using his unlimited energy source to spread peace, vitality and positivity to the whole world. Selfless service is not just in doing Annadaan, even chanting to raise the vibrations of the world with Mohanji’s energy is a great seva that you have all done.

Thank you to all the Acharyas and volunteers who have been leading the chanting sessions in the 3 slots every day for the entire month! Special thank you to Bhumika, Parizad, Smriti and others who coordinated the last 48 hours of NON-STOP chanting so efficiently! You were all beautiful instruments of Mohanji, indeed!

And the last chanting session was so powerful, where Mohanji showed his presence so beautifully! Thank you, everyone, for your devotion with purity, your seva with sincerity and your love for Mohanji, which is incomparable!

Deep gratitude to all of you!





On February 23rd,  Mohanji’s birthday, the new Mohanji Centre was opened in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. In this center, among other things, we meet in the early morning hours to practice Mohanji’s techniques that will make us more stable and stronger over time. There will also be regular activities, such as yoga, meditation, and Acharya programs. Over 40 people gathered together to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday  with beautiful vegan food and cake.  We chanted together Mohanji Gayatri mantra and read the chapters from the book MAST.


Mohanji said: ‘The only thing that makes me truly happy is your sincere expression of kindness towards the poor, sick and hungry people, the hungry and helpless birds and animals; the truly selfless trees and plants.’ That’s what we did in Croatia to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday!

  • Fruit tree plantation drive – 185 saplings in Rastoke – Slunj
  • FTPD – 10 saplings & feeding birds and fishes in Krk
  • FTPD – 7 saplings in the dog shelter Fido, donation of 12 kg of food for homeless shelter & 26 kg of food for the stray cats in Pula
  • Donation of 26 kg of food for the dog shelter & 6 packages of cloths for family in need in Rijeka
  • FTPD – 15 saplings in the homeless shelter in Varaždin
  • Feeding wild animals – birds and fishes in Zagreb
  • cooked 40 vegan meals for the homeless people in Split
  • baked 2 vegan cakes


We are very happy to announce that Mohanji Foundations Netherlands was registered on 24th Feb 2022. This has been one of the fastest registrations within the Mohanji family.
A big congratulations to the Netherlands team led by Dolf Zantinge. Also, the Dutch team has conveyed its gratitude to all the global team members who have helped them over the last several months.




The following events were executed by our Odisha team – Aishwariya, Smita, Manaswee, Sarada Prasanna & Manaswinee and supported by the Pandits of Pattajoshi’s team (The chief priest of Puri Shree Jagannatha Mandir).

38 exotic fruit-bearing trees were planted in a newly built temple complex  in a village near Puri by volunteers from the Mohanji Odisha team with the help of local villagers.

Around 350 people from the Leprosy Colony in Puri were given packed lunch organised by Ammucare and supported by the pandits from Pattajoshi’s team (the Head priest of Shree Jagannatha Temple, Puri)

Vishwa Shanti Homa: At the powerful Samadhi location of Totapuri, known as Adweta Ashram in Puri, a Homa was performed by the pandits of Pattajoshi’s team. The global family of Mohanji were included in the sankalpa of the homa.


Happy birthday dearest Father from the bottom of our hearts in Mohanji Farsi



In honour of Mohanji’s birthday on 23rd February, the Mohanji South Africa Facebook page presented experience sharing videos for a week – in celebration and gratitude of Mohanji.

Ami shares the experience of Mohanji’s presence in her life. She also shares interesting experiences of Kailash with Mohanji and talks about the power of the Shree Jagannatha Meditation. Watch here



On the auspicious occasion of Mohanji’s 57th birthday on 23 Feb 2022, Mohanji’s USA family joined together to celebrate with an outpouring of love, devotion, joy, and at times riotous laughter!
The evening began with Guru pada puja along with the chanting of Mohanji Ashtotram and offering of flowers and rice at Guru’s feet. It was followed by a series of programs performed by devotees all over the USA, including bhajans, chantings, and book reading. Various devotees offered their gratitude at Mohanji’s feet by singing bhajans and chanting Guru paduka stotram, siddha mangala stotram, Mohanji’s favourite ‘Garuda gamana’ stotram, Hanuman chalisa, Mohanji Gayatri, and bhakti yoga from Bhagavad-Geeta. A few pages from Mohanji’s book ‘Silence of Shiva’ were read out, mesmerizing and transporting everyone to Mohanji’s consciousness. The evening included a beautiful birthday surprise: a presentation on the topic of laughter that was a compilation of many delightful pictures of Mohanji’s laughing face along with his quotes on “causeless laughter”. In the end, no one wanted to leave this beautiful energy of love and lightness.

While Mohanji believes that neither he nor his birthday is special and that this is a ‘consciousness day’, he has also said, “If you remember me as ‘consciousness’, and if my presence is a reminder to you of what we truly are, (that you and I are one), do celebrate.”
And we will never miss an opportunity to celebrate him!!!
This quote is from a letter of gratitude written by Mohanji on his birthday in 2019. 

To watch the recording of the birthday celebrations on Mohanji USA Facebook page, click

ACT Foundation members celebrated by spreading Mohanji’s message of ahimsa.
In Freedom Farm, which is an animal rescue farm located in Middlebury, CT, 1,043 lbs of animal feed  were donated that will feed the now safe donkeys, ducks, rabbits, and other innocent animals.
The Dallas team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by donating the most needed items requested by a local animal shelter in Allen, Texas. 

Team quad cities in Iowa donated supplies to an animal shelter and also gave some TLC to the cats there. 

Mohanji family members were thrilled to visit the Unity Animal Sanctuary Farm in Massachusetts, donate 146 lbs of Veggies/Fruits and feed some of the food directly to the animals.

In honour of Mohanji’s birthday, six fruit trees were donated to National Forest State Park in Sedona. The trees were picked up on the 23rd, and the planting date will be sometime in March.

As part of Mohanji’s birthday celebration in Illinois, 10 meals were donated to the Hope House – the safe haven of Libertyville. On behalf of Mohanji’s birthday in Chattanooga, TN, 130 servings of meatless veggie spaghetti were delivered to the Maclellan Shelter with 9 loaves of bread and 36 strawberry cupcakes.

Our USA family member ‘Jyoti Telang’, through her dedication, unconditional seva and endless hours of work, has translated the Power Of Purity book into the Marathi language while connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness with devotion and surrender. The book was released during Mohanji’s birthday celebrations in Bangalore, India.

Through generous donations by Mohanji USA family members, food donations were made for several struggling Venezuelan families and a dog shelter in Ecuador. Dry food supplies to more than 3 shelters serving over 140 elderly people in Lima were donated.

In addition, Mohanji USA family members who were in India during February donated to celebrate his birthday in India as well. 250 street children and orphans at Grace Divinity Orphan House in Varanasi, India, were treated to a party, cake, snacks and food. In New Delhi, a sumptuous lunch or bhog was served with love to 16 people working in services like garbage collection, etc.


Our founder, guide, and inspiration, Mohanji’s 57th Birthday celebrations, started with Mohanji Foundation Canada’s Blood donation Camp in Mississauga in a life partnership with Canadian Blood Services. A total of five volunteers donated blood and contributed to this noble cause. 

Guru Paduka puja (holy feet worship) and Homa (consecrated fire ceremony) was done to offer our gratitude for Mohanji’s unconditional love and guidance. Vegan cake was cut, after which food was offered, and Mohanji aarti was performed on this joyful occasion.

Food donations were made to a youth shelter in Orangeville, Foodbank in Shelburne by ACT Foundation Canada, along with bird feed donations. ACT Canada also delivered breakfast sandwiches, fruits and clothing donations to a homeless shelter in downtown Toronto. Thank you, Mohanji, for providing us with this opportunity.





HSTY organised a new intensive Pranayama course. Also, in cooperation with EBC Kids, our dedicated yoga teacher Stasa conducted an online yoga class for kids.



The source that lights many lamps!

On this auspicious occasion of our founder, Mohanji’s birthday, team HSTD offers its humble salutations and best wishes to Mohanji:


Right before Mohanji’s birthday, The Himalayan Academy launched its new department – the Himalayan School of Traditional Music. Propagate traditional music forms, training and entertain.

Music is a divine gift, a gift of God. It is tuning in the sacred and an expression of continuity. The origin of the Universe was in the form of sound, and scriptures says “OM”. Music is emanated from metaphysical principles and the manifestation of these ideas within lyrics and tunes of classical songs.


February in the EBC Balkan platform was very dynamic. Every month we cover a certain topic and have guests talk about it. The February theme was ‘The world around us’. We have focused on the energies that we surround ourselves with, and two guests have spoken. The first guest’s theme was ‘Balance of the energy through movement’, and the second one spoke on ‘The Light inside us’. 

The morning routine in the club has been shared and followed by consistent early birds members, in February, like in other months.


EBC Kids Team,

Empower Kids Through Entertainment

1. New initiative: Ignite the Spark – Mohanji with Kids

Every child is born with a spark to shine bright in this world. However, due to pressure from family, schools and society, we can see that children lose their inner joy and become dull from an early age. 

On Mohanji’s Birthday, EBC Kids is happy to announce Ignite the Spark, a unique online program for kids and parents with Mohanji to enable each child to reach their highest potential.

In a series of sessions, Mohanji is going to kindle the inner potential in children by directly interacting with them. During these sessions, Mohanji will also guide parents on the nuances of nurturing children to bloom to their best. Email for more information.

Little Medha got a unique opportunity to play a song on the piano exclusively for Mohanji on his birthday on 23rd Feb 2022 at the Taj Westend Hotel Bengaluru.

Such a beautiful video and how blessed Medha is. Watch here

2. A beautiful online workshop was conducted for kids as part of EBC Kids Balkan activities. The workshop included playful Yoga conducted by an HSTY certified instructor plus Freedom meditation and an instructive story about an eagle.

3. On the occasion of celebrating Mohanji’s birthday, our leader of the week M. B. SreeGanesh has designed the activity:  

Express in your own way love and gratitude to Mohanji. 

Swadha, 6 years old, made a birthday card covered with hearts and with birthday wishes with the hope that she will try to follow his path and meet him in person for the first time and many more times.  

Khyati, 9 years old, made a card with a poem and made words with his name.  

One with God 

Poem for Mohanji 

My day starts with your powerful voice 
Your eyes are what lead us from darkness to light 
Your words are strong like truth over lies 
Your smile tells us to be positive at all type of situations. 

Khyati_video link 

M. B. SreeGanesh’s heartfelt wishes:  

“You guided me to join EBC Kids, and from darkness, during the lockdown, it was a real light for me. After joining EBC Kids, I got my rhythm back. For all that, a heartful thank you, dear MOHANJI.” 

SreeGanesh Video link 


Children from Vedic Kids were invited to do the invocation prayers at Founder Mohanji’s birthday celebrations at Taj Westend Hotel, Bengaluru, India, on 23rd Feb 2022. (Starting at 9min10sec in the video)

The function was presided by priests of sacred and powerful temples in Bharat (India), including the chief priest of Jagannath temple, Puri, chief priest of Sai Baba temple at Shirdi, the main archakas of Mookambika temple (Kollur), and Ganagapur Dattatreya temple. Sreehari and Neeraja were blessed to get an opportunity to chant before such an esteemed audience. 

Participants included esteemed guests from Bengaluru, people who flew in from various parts of the world, and people from over 6 continents watching our live stream.


For Mohanji’s birthday, our MYC members joined the Fruit Tree Plantation Drive and planted 9 trees. We also have a global feeding initiative – by inviting people to feed animals and birds on this day. Also, we made a video expressing our gratitude to Mohanji and saying what he taught us.

ACT Foundation and MYC organized a food donation for C.A.S.A. (Centro Apoio Sem Abrigo) in Madeira.
In the spirit of the birthday of our founder Mohanji, the ACT and MYC team organized a food donation in Madeira Island. This was the first donation on the island, and we are keen to continue helping the less fortunate people here. On this day, around 35 kg of food were donated (bread, pasta, rice, cereals, vegetable milk, fruits, vegetables).


Interview with Mohanji conducted by Christopher Greenwood

Christopher Greenwood (CG): Mohanji, good to be here with you, thank you. I’m excited to ask these questions about your journey so far and the platforms that you’ve created. 2022 is quite a big year because it marks a decade since you embarked on selfless service. How would you describe your journey so far?

Mohanji (M): After 22 years in a shipping career, on June 18, 2021, I left my shipping career and completely deviated into spiritual services, philanthropic activities, and humanitarian activities. It was a big leap, and it was a plunge into uncertainty because I had no clue what to expect. All that I had done, all those years, did not matter anymore. It’s a new page, a fresh page. Now, looking back, I believe the purpose began then. In most of our lifetimes, or most times of our life, we are in a kind of autopilot mode; we take birth, go through education, job, marriage, children, house, retirement… things like that. It never fascinated me; I knew that there is something much larger, much bigger, much more meaningful. Read more:

On this day, one Mohanji’s Article was published in StateTimes Jammu. Read here


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Individual poems, songs and messages


A poem titled ‘One and only: Mohanji’ by Anand Nair, Dubai

Happy Birthday, Mohanji – a poem by Biljana Vozarevic

Nikita Naredi from India shares a beautiful poem, ‘Eternal Gratitude‘.

Birthday Dakshina to Guru Mohan is a poem by Charles Ndifon Londi, China


Our Garland of Gratitude includes 2 lovely bhajans sung live to music by young Veroshan Govender from Durban and Golden Beads of Love, Appreciation and Gratitude to Mohanji by beautiful souls from many parts of the world who love South African Vibe! We share a most beautiful hour together in shared Joy, honouring a being who cannot be put into any earthly frames. Watch here

Here are some professionally recorded devotional music videos that were releases on Mohanji And I YouTube Channel: Om Shata Sahasra Suryaaya – sung By Sanjaya Acharya, Video by Moushumi Trishuldhari Mahadeva, Mohan Deva – sung by Manaswini, Video by Neelu Shree Jagannatha Mantra Jaap – Nilachla Nivasaya – sung by Manaswini, Video by Moushumi Guru Govinda Hare – sung by Subham, Video by Sarada Prasanna Kya dun Tujhe uphar – sung & video by Sarada Prasanna



Madhuri A, India

My beloved sat-guru Mohanji “A very happy birthday to you”!

 .. It’s said that “Success is the magnitude of beneficial footprint that one leaves on society”! This statement befits you, and I have found your footprint. There has been no looking back ever since you came into my life. I cherish your divine presence in my life every day. Always at your feet, I’m indebted to you and the entire guru principle.

Subhasree Thottungal


(“LOVE YOU” instead of “Happy Birthday”)!
Many happy returns of the day, Dearest Mohanji.
May you keep shining like a million of suns!
May you live in the heart of million of devotees!
May you keep laughing like the little Krishna and spread that innocence and laughter filled with purity!
May you keep spreading the unconditional love and melt millions of Gopis & Gopas like the irresistible Krishna!
May you keep showering compassion and protection like Shri Ram to all the beings of Mother Earth.
May you give the ultimate silence & bliss like Shiva to all who merge with you!
May you be the sign of “Aloukik Prem” – Love beyond the gross world – the miraculous Love!
We love you Mohanji!

At your feet always,

Dr. Harpreet Wasir, India

Birthday is a special day to share the importance of having a Guru in one’s human life journey. This is the time to acknowledge the metamorphic changes which occur just by mere constant and consistent connection with total faith and surrender which happens with His acceptance. It’s a total change which happens and not be done in His presence. For me it is pure lifetime patience and surrender to my Guru Mohanji without expectation standing by His side as an ever empty vessel, to be filled in which ever way He feels so and when He feels so as that is His job. My job was and is to always be plugged in, rest it’s to Him and He secretly but surely delivers in His own way. I, myself, my work and my life is what He has chiseled and shaped for me.

I will never leave Him, He will never leave me. This is my path to Liberation which my Guru knows best as to how and when. My job is just to be and be with Him. This is the simplest thing of my life, to just be and be with Him.

I just have all my love for Him and work for Him relentlessly to deliver Him to all He sends to me in any form and condition.

A testimonial from Sanjay Acharya on the journey of ‘Shata Sahasra Suryaaya’ release today!*

“Dear Subhasree & Moushumi.  

I offer my deepest gratitude to you for making this happened in such a short time. I would like to share with you that I was after my music director since more than 6 months to re-record this powerful Mohanji Gayatri. It was just one for word, it was to re-record, which is “Sahasra” instead of “Sahastra”. He was consistently denying due to various reasons including Covid. I gave him many options but didn’t work. 3 days ago I was doing 360 degree Meditation, connecting through my cell phone with headphones on. I was feeling Father’s Energy so intense that within that intensity, I prayed Father to make this arrangement of re-recoding. And The Job Done in 2 minutes – my cellphone rang….I was forced to break the meditation. I opened my eyes and checked, it was  Out music director’s call. I picked up and he said, “ SanjayJi when is GuruJi’s Birthday? (I informed him earlier). Let us re-record GuruJi Gayatri on Monday. Please come at 4pm to my home studio.” Tears! I went on Monday. Recording done. Then I was thinking what is next? But then soon I decided not to do anything, no posting, no video etc….Then out of the way Subhasree sent me WA message, “ Do you have any songs to offer to Mohanji? If so, please send me to upload on Mohanji And I YT and premier” ….I was like oh my Mohanji…! I sent audio  to Subha then Out of the way Moushumi came in to picture and now a beautiful video has been created… What A Great Guru Leela! Thank you Father, offering to your Lotus Feet. 

Yours Only

Sanjay Acharya

Jyoti Bahl:

This is for Our Gurudev Mohanji on His birthday 

Happy birthday Gurudev Mohanji. Thanks so much for being in our lives and today more than ever, my deepest love and devotion and thoughts go to you. Kindly accept my love and joyous wishes on your birthday. What you are doing and have done for us all is a priceless gift of a lifetime. Love you always, Mohanji!

Tajinder Sian: Happy Birthday, beloved Mohanji. Thank you for taking this birth for the sake of all your devotees. Words cannot express gratitude and love. Please enjoy your special day. See you soon. Love forever.

Many many happy returns Poojya Guruji! Kodi kodi Pranamam!

Sunita Madan: Happy birthday, dear Father. Love you, love you.

Tina Arya: Happy Birthday, dearest Father. Eternal gratitude for being in our lives and blessing us. Thanks for being the sunshine of tens of thousands of suns and making this world a happy and bright place. Thanks for being our constant source of energy and inspiration to add value to the world. Love you.

Happy birthday! Jai Mohanji!

Sreeja Ranjit: I wish you a very happy birthday, dearest Mohanji!!! Thank you for blessing us with a higher purpose, to live in gratitude and grace, and allowing us to be a part of your world. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance to keep adding value to the world. Love you endlessly. Koti Koti Pranams at your lotus feet.

XX: Love you Father.

Soma Seal: Dearest Father, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Wishing you good health and happiness always.Thank you for always guiding and inspiring us. Love you lots, Father.

Sheila Gunness: Happy Birthday, dearest Mohanji. Wishing you a wonderful day and year ahead. Thank you for all that you do.

Geeta Iyer: The lyrics say it all for me:

Jai Gurudev

Closer than breath, you are the air
Sweeter than life itself, you are here
I am a wanderer, you are my peace
I am a prisoner, you are release
I am a pilgrim, your road so long
I am the singer, you are the song
Held in the open sky, so far above
I am the lover, you are the love
I follow your footsteps through the flame
All that I ever need is in your name
Carry your heart in mine, vast as space
All that I am today is by your grace.
By your Grace…
I live by your grace.

Happy Birthday, our beloved Mohanji. Here in the USA, Feb 23 is also your star birthday this year!


Monika Nedic: Happy birthday Mohanji

Ruchika Gandhi: Thank you Father, for everything. Wish you good health and lots of love. Here’s a humble offering of a beautiful video created by our dear Neelu di as a tribute to my beloved sister late Sonia Gandhi. Thank you for guiding each one of us on the path of oneness.


Watch the video of Birthday EXPERIENCE SHARING

Read this beautiful testimonial of unconditional grace and love by Sonia Mayur, Muscat

Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 91 & 92

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 91 Strength in Conviction

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

These past days have been really busy. There has been no rest from Mohanji. In the space of hours yesterday, he kicked off another new initiative with Ammucare and some friends whom he had met on the recent trip to Kerala. I’m consistently amazed at how quick initiatives are coming together, people are coming together, and new ideas are coming forward. There’s a real pace. 

This morning, and part of yesterday, I was reflecting on the concept of gratitude for what Mohanji has developed for the global family that we all have, which we’re all part of, and we all share. We’re seeing how many people who left Mohanji in the past for various reasons now want to come back. But often can’t because either their ego blocks or the space they once had is no longer available as now there are new people, a new organization, and a new situation. 

I have to recognize the reality that people who were once extremely close to Mohanji are now not. I can’t exclude myself from that understanding, so I have to ensure that my attitude and behaviour display gratitude. That’s important because taking any of this casually or lightly, I feel, is a sure way for the tradition to take action, as it has before. 

Mohanji himself has always said to me that he never asked anyone to come, and he’ll never ask anyone to leave. But people’s complacency, disrespect, and ungratefulness can make that happen. The tradition works to move forward this mission, as well as to protect Mohanji and will ensure that there’s intervention. Whatever course needs to take, will take place. So it’s an important reminder for me.

I share the thoughts now that what I’ve been learning is a good reminder to myself, just to maintain that awareness and not to fall into any complacency. We have this platform, the Mohanji platform with its variety; all the things that are being founded with more coming. This opportunity for me to speak to you all like this is only possible because of one man and his hard work. That presence in the world has been built up in many ways across the years; it’s his hard work, vision, conviction, clarity of thought, and purity of intention that has created this.

Spending more time with him, seeing who he interacts with, how he is, especially as a leader, and as someone who is well experienced in business, it would be very easy for him to walk into a CEO position or a consulting job and earn a fortune. Even now, he is advising businessmen who have portfolios of high-earning businesses; he is advising them through complex situations, free of cost, and with no expectation.

Observing him here in the house for nearly a year now, I see his needs are very minimal – simply three meals a day (that’s what he takes) as well as some products for having the shower and clothes, and that’s it. Even when he receives a gift or money, the first thing that’s done is offered to the Lord; then, it is gifted. If received in a temple (when we’re outside), then he will leave it with the temple where it’s been received as a thank you for using that space. Everything that comes to him, he takes as a gift from the tradition, and he gives back accordingly. I’m sharing all this to give a picture of what I’m learning myself, as it is good to keep it as a reminder so that this attitude of gratitude can be cultivated. 

Coming back to who Christopher Greenwood really is! What relevance do I have now that I’ve had the privilege and experience to meet and talk to many great people worldwide? Through the World Consciousness Alliance, I have spoken/interviewed some of the leading stars in the Indian film industry and other fields of work. As just Christopher Greenwood, it would have been incredibly difficult to make those contacts and arrange those, but as Christopher Greenwood from the Mohanji Foundation, there was no problem; everything was smooth. It’s a good reminder that I’m riding on one person’s hard work despite all the adversities he faced in life. I would never get this kind of access or the power that the platform provides if there wasn’t all of that effort and that opportunity to make a real difference in the world and contribute to raising Earth’s consciousness. 

It wasn’t my intention to create this message as a poster or anything promotional; it’s more to expand my thought process and learnings over the past few days. I feel it’s good to share some of these learnings in more detail since being with Mohanji especially recording these messages, as conviction has developed. 

Also, learning that authenticity is a strength. Learning to overcome that fear of society and what others may think has been a real strength for me, and it actually helped me anchor my connection with Mohanji. ‘How do I know that?’ was a question I tested myself with. A couple of years ago, when I was first connecting with Mohanji, I would have hesitated to say that I was with Mohanji or following him proudly. I was a little bit worried about what people would think and speak about me. Now, all these that I would consider as very small insecurities. 

Just as an observation, not a judgment or anything, when I listen to others, within my friend circle or outside of the family, and even within, I find it easier to tell when someone is trying to hide or shy away or play down the connection for whatever they’re doing in life, especially their connection and how they’re presenting that with Mohanji. It shows insecurity, or maybe there’s an ego block or lack of confidence. It can also come across as pretentious or not so authentic. 

I know that people can feel that because you’re trying to hide a reality, which is your reality, our reality. So that’s been a big learning for me to own and share the reality that I’m experiencing day today. Suppose I’m worried about what others may think. In that case, I’m giving up my own personal experience of life and reality for the sake of other people’s changeable minds – one day they may appreciate, another day they may reject. So why do that?

This is an important lesson because only when the conviction has developed and solidified has it given the energy that can move activities forward really well. I’ve experienced that people can take things more seriously, especially what we’re doing in the world, and they should because we’re making a difference. It’s something that everyone can be proud of, especially to be with Mohanji, to work with him. 

It’s a good reminder for me and those who benefit from this because it’s certainly not for his benefit. He said before that, “I experienced that and didn’t need any of this at all.” He is especially not expecting any glory, but it’s beneficial for me. This has resulted in a shift in attitude within and learning that is now bringing more people in connection with Mohanji. Now my friends, family, and others who are not so much in the family feel the difference. In reflecting on my learning, I realize the strength comes with a clear conviction in my own reality of life and experience—especially my connection to Mohanji and my time to his activities.

I’m thinking that if we want to reach more people, more hearts, it’s this which is going to be useful for everybody to develop – conviction and authenticity – because that’s the visibility which people will be attracted to and being part of the Mohanji family is getting doors opened. When I think of the time before, I’d be shy to say that I was part of the family, especially in the early days when I was doing the Invest in Awareness. I can now look back and realize that because I wasn’t accepting that other people were reacting in the same way, they weren’t accepting it either because the connection wasn’t completely there. I feel when that connection is not there or the reluctance is setting in, it’s only a matter of time before detachment can happen and estrangement can set in.  

Coming back to the start of the recording: like now, all the people who have left Mohanji before (in the past) for various reasons are wanting to come back, I think one would know what is here is available only once, it’s gone. I also say this as a lesson to myself with a full understanding that although this is my reality today, and I can speak today what I feel authentically – one week from now, one month from now, a year from now, I can’t say. I understand that there have been many before me in this situation and within the family. In life, there can be no guarantees of what comes in the future. 

This sharing was more deeply about gratitude and pulling together some of the lessons that I’ve learned over the past days, weeks and months. Because of Mohanji’s hard work over the years, I’m grateful that doors are opening for my expression and experience of life. Now, many people I connect to wouldn’t be possible if I weren’t part of this beautiful Mohanji Global Family. Being part of the family has brought a real positive relevance to life.

Hope you have a great day ahead and we will speak soon.

Day 92 Lesson – Challenges of giving time to all 

Good morning everybody, I hope you’re doing very well. 

Now that we’re back in Bangalore, the routine that we had before is settling in. For me, this means I can come back to some stability to progress with the tasks, which were very difficult as we were travelling. 

In the morning, I spoke to Mohanji about the activities for the day. At the moment, one of the main things is planning for the retreat in Turkey. Given the current situation, especially with COVID, there are many more considerations. This will be the first time people have been able to meet Mohanji physically in a very long time, especially from Europe, and many people would really like to speak and meet with Mohanji. 

Being in charge of the office, it’s constant learning as it has to handle many requests for Mohanji’s time. Sometimes, unfortunately, people can become disappointed, and they feel terrible because they believe there was a denial, or more accurately, it felt like a denial, even to the case where they write bad things about us, or about Mohanji – that he doesn’t want to see people, or that there are only certain people who can now meet him. 

Personally, that’s tough, as neither the team nor I would ever want to deny anybody but the main reason it’s tough is that Mohanji especially will never deny anybody. Some new people may connect with Mohanji and others who have been with him for a long time, but to everybody who comes to him, he gives everything that he can. Essentially, he’s available as he’s here for the world. The situation now reeling with COVID has made it very difficult. There are some practical challenges of having access and time and especially travel. I’m sharing this to give an example of what it’s like working and living here; these are some practical considerations.

Often we will have a request come in, which might not be suitable for Mohanji – the answer might not be his cup of tea or something better suited for other people to handle it. This may be around health matters or complex issues, maybe with relationships or businesses, which might be better handled by a lawyer, someone who knows the law in the countries, or even the authorities if it’s something serious. There are all sorts of requests. 

Some people might be distressed, and they demand to speak to Mohanji now as if there’s a direct hotline to Mohanji. We always do our best to accommodate these, but sometimes it’s not possible because maybe I can’t reach him at that time, or he’s busy or taking a rest. Some people expect that immediate response, which can be difficult, especially if there’s a program. 

This was the case as well during his travel. You may have heard from my previous recordings, right from morning until evening, there was already a plan, and a schedule was taking place, and then that changes, so you constantly have to adjust. Then on top of that, the other requests for the time to see him and for conversations – it can be a real tough thing to coordinate. 

For me, this is the hardest part of the role and living here. Even though hundreds of people have had the chance and might be satisfied with the responses, it can take just one person who has become upset as we couldn’t meet any of the expectations to start speaking badly. Often this comes back as an attack on the team, but mostly, it’s an attack on Mohanji himself, sometimes blaming him, baseless assumptions, stories, reasons why time wasn’t given. Even though the most plausible responses have been given, it still leaves that feeling of denial, which sometimes turns into an attack. This is a shame, in my opinion, because it gives a distorted impression, especially because Mohanji is here for people. 

I think back to the Kerala trip as an example of this. When we were at his family home in Palakkad, a stream of people came and went, visiting, and there were no restrictions. No questions like, “Who are you, and why are you coming?” Mohanji was available for all. People were coming to see him, taking his blessing, some staying for a longer time. This was even more so at the Sai Baba temple in Palakkad. That was the main event. There was a small room and a chair, a table, and a couple of sofas, which looked out onto the Sai Mandir. The door was open, so people would come one by one, and everybody was welcome. It didn’t matter who came; some simply came to see him and leave, others brought gifts, others were looking for advice, and Mohanji was there until the last person had had their time.

Whatever money and gifts he received, he left them there out of respect for the tradition of using those premises. The same applies as well here; even if gifts arrive at the house or someone has come, and they brought a gift – it’s first offered to the gurus. I’ve learned from Mohanji that the way he operates is that he sees everything that comes to him as sent by the tradition, whether it is people, gifts, money, or anything else. First of all, it’s a thank you given at the feet of Baba, who’s in the pooja room.

Personally and for the team, it’s now a continuous refinement of approach and process so that we can fulfil everybody as much as we can. It’s a delicate balance because of the activities we’re trying to move forward and the time and the meetings taking place day to day.

The pace is increasing now, as there are many more activities coming up, and all of those are for the benefit of others and the world. I am really looking forward to the Centres of Benevolence being established as it will be better for the whole family; there’ll be a permanent place where Mohanji will be. He will be staying in one place, in each locality, probably between Europe and India, so it will be much easier for people to come at their time and see him.

Hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you very soon.


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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 63 & 64

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 63 Lesson – Living Humility 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well today. 

Yesterday after packing, we said our goodbyes to the entrepreneurs’ group, who we’d spoken to and stayed with the night before. Everyone was really glad to meet Mohanji. Many of them had been hearing his voice and messages each day through the 4 am Club. (Mohanji records an inspirational message on a topic daily for the 4 am club members, a process that’s been on for a year now.)

 The Q&A yesterday was very practical, around business life, even spirituality. What Mohanji had provided the day before gave them plenty to think about and contemplate on. Recently, Mohanji had conducted a ten-session boot camp with the Invest in Awareness team and with all the heads of the Mohanji platforms. This talk was a condensed version of all of that. 

Later that night, when Mohanji went to rest, Madhu and I stayed there with the group listening to them. They spent several hours discussing the topics that Mohanji had spoken about, how they could implement them, which showed how much it was valued, and how practical it was. In the morning, we said our goodbyes and departed. We joined our host as we visited his business locations in the local area and later a steel factory. 

Travelling and being with Mohanji, you get to witness him interacting with many people, very different people from all walks of life. I have witnessed him interacting with drivers, local workers, accommodation staff, businessmen, serious entrepreneurs with large portfolios of businesses, priests, farmers, seekers, all people of various stature and positions.

What is admirable is that he meets people as they are, beyond the status, beyond the role, beyond the position. You can see him develop genuine heartfelt connections, especially with those who are kind and sincere. He connects to the person as they are, he gives everybody time, and he doesn’t position himself as a very high person, which makes him very approachable by all. He lives humility

Travelling and witnessing this is a real practical lesson for me about humility and also elegance. Contrary to this would be comparison, arrogance and pride, which doesn’t even come into the equation. Even though Mohanji has a definite status and stature in the world, he’s completely consistent with being humble and meeting everybody as they are. 

For example, yesterday in the morning, we had been staying at a very nice mountaintop retreat in nature. By mid-morning, we were having tea with our host – a serious businessman. We were at his home, which was hugely impressive and beautiful. Then by lunch, we were at a steel factory, having lunch in the canteen, with the local staff there. Wherever Mohanji is, he’s completely comfortable, and this goes for the accommodation wherever he is put up. His requirements are very minimal. He’s often well supported with friends and associates where he goes, who really look after him. Although he doesn’t outwardly ask, it’s gifted. 

Yesterday, we were at the steel factory, and it was a full tour. It was a large complex, so it lasted the whole afternoon, which meant we wouldn’t be back in time for food. So we had to pick something up on the way back. Mohanji being very practical, no pretensions – if we’re hungry, we need to get some food, so we stopped at a very bare-bones eating place, which I doubt many people would even take Mohanji to. But for him, there wasn’t even a thought; he’s not thinking about that. He’s not thinking: Okay, I’ll be humble, I’ll just cope. It’s just simply how he is – living humility all the time, and this was the same for our host too, who’s a serious businessman of stature, yet he was also completely fine there. 

 It was an experience to be part of this, witnessing humility in action, in all situations, just living it. My take away from this is how to practically live humility, that there is no need to position above anyone, to have pretence, arrogance or pride. Life and interactions have an elegant quality if you can live with humility and it actually becomes smooth; it flows.

I hope you have a great day ahead, and speak to you very soon.

Day 64 Lesson – Respect 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Last night we arrived at Guruvayur after attending the Nila River Aarti event, in which Mohanji was the main guest. It was a really beautiful event and also a momentous ceremony. I heard and understood that it was the first time an event like that had taken place in South India. They normally do this in North India, the Aarti to the river (like Ganga Aarti), but this was the first time here in South India. 

Earlier in the morning, we had had breakfast on the benches outside. Where we’re staying, there’s a nice open area that looks out onto the fields. Breakfast was very good; it consisted of the typical South Indian dishes of dosa, vada, and some other things like Pongal – all very tasty. 

Over breakfast, we were discussing the plan for the day and the evening, as we will be travelling from that location and staying over. We had to plan and prepare for our stay in Guruvayur, and then Mohanji began to share more details about the importance of this Aarti event – it was the first of its kind in South India, and the main essence of the ceremony was to show respect to the river. 

He talked more about respect being the core teaching or the core aspect of the tradition, which is why such importance is placed on respecting all beings, and all aspects of life. He explained that when we have respect for everything in our life, we begin to live in harmony with nature.  If people truly respect life, this will bring peace because people will be aware that everything has its relevance and its place. 

The worship of the river, in particular, is showing respect to water bodies that support all life on Earth and also the life within us. If we respect something, then we won’t treat it badly. In the same way, when we respect the river, we won’t dump waste, pollute it or destroy it as we understand its importance and the interrelatedness of our own life in connection with that water element. So, respect is very integral. The ceremony was the beginning of a tradition of respect for the river, which gives sustenance to so many states, particularly Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. 

This conversation gave me a chance to reflect on my own level of respect for the things I often take for granted, such as water, which I often overlook, even though I know it is vital for our lives. Do I treat it with the respect it deserves? Am I wasteful? I realized that it’s very easy to become absent-minded about this. I know now that I can always take steps to become more conscious of my use of water, to treat it with due respect. I have shared this in a previous message that in Mohanji’s home, there’s a strong emphasis placed on making sure there’s no waste, whether it’s food, electricity, or even water. Everything is well respected. 

On the way to the event (it was maybe about two hours from where we were), we were travelling through Palakkad, which is Mohanji’s hometown, and as we were driving, Mohanji said to me, “Look, here is the spot where Ammu lost her life in a tragic road accident at the age of four.” Ammu was his daughter. I knew about this story, and as we got closer and he pointed out the spot, this made it very visceral and real. He pointed out the spot where the bus had stopped, where they got off the bus, the house which they were going to, where it happened, the hospital where she was first taken, which couldn’t accept her because they were not equipped to handle any emergencies and how they had to rush to a second hospital where they admitted her but unfortunately, the doctors said that there wasn’t anything more that they could do to help. 

Dear Ammu

This was 20 years ago, and I’m sure driving past that place would have brought back a lot of painful memories for Mohanji. He had said before that this was a big loss in his life, and everybody was devastated, though it’s one that had inspired all the charitable activities. He turned it into the inspiration to create Ammucare Charitable Trust, which provides assistance and is helping the helpless millions of people across many states in India. There were no words for me to say at that time, but it made me aware of those painful memories that are still something that Mohanji carries. 

After a short distance, maybe 10 minutes, we reached the location where Mohanji was received well with a garland. I hadn’t been a photographer before in my life, but on this trip, I’ve been thrown completely into it. You have to be really alert and very quick to get into the right position to take the photos quickly, especially when Mohanji was being received, and it all happened very quickly. 

There was time for people to come and meet Mohanji. Many offered their pranams; they wanted to talk to him, take his blessings, and also his pictures. After some time, the procession to the Shiva temple began, and we walked in line behind Mohanji and the musicians. There was a big crowd, and after taking the blessings of Lord Shiva, Mohanji gave a Satsang on the importance of the Aarti event and sharing this message of respect, respecting the water bodies, respecting all elements that makeup Earth and our bodies. 

Soon it was time to move to the ghat where the Aarti was to take place. (Ghats are like steps walking down to the river.) It was a wonderful ceremony to watch with all the steps at the ghat being lit up with small lamps. We were listening to the Aarti song, which had been composed by Devadas and also sung partly by Jyoti Bahl, who is a family member.

The pictures of the Nila River Aarti event can be viewed in the link below. 

Click here to view photos

We stayed for some time as people greeted and spoke with Mohanji, then we were on our way very quickly to Guruvayur, where we are currently. The pace has been very quick, and right now, we’re getting ready for the darshan of Lord Krishna in the form of a young boy of eight years old. However, I won’t be going in because it’s not possible for Westerners.

I hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you all very soon.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 45 & 46

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 45 Lesson – Extreme action for liberation

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. 

Yesterday I shared a story Mohanji had told me during one of our morning conversations, and this inspired me to look back through the archive of recordings that I have to see if there were any more useful stories that I could pick out to share with you. 

I found a couple that I really liked from when I had recently arrived at the house. I was adapting to the fast pace of work. At that time, I found that once I thought I’d got a grip on handling tasks and managing my workload, I would have another task added. And then another one. Just as I was becoming comfortable, there would be more and more to do, as still happens even now.

Usually, the conversation would begin like this: “Greenwood, I was thinking, it could be a good idea if you…”, followed by something else. And I knew that meant, “Here’s your chance to work something off.” Before meeting Mohanji, I was very connected, and still am, to the Swamis of the Skanda Vale community. They told me stories about how the Guru, the Master, operates. The disciples would always be given task after task to break comfort zones. Mohanji said that breaking comfort zones creates the space for liberation because then a pattern or habit is dropped off. 

In one of those recordings I found, he was explaining that the strength of a master is his silence. A master might not be what we usually think of as a master, but someone who has mastery over their mind and of their senses. Thus, they have mastery over their thoughts, desires, inclinations, and tendencies, which means they have mastery over karma, or they have a lack of karma. When there’s a lack of karma, we become masters because we’re running the show, rather than karma running the show. Karma is unfulfilled desires, what’s driving us into action within life. 

And in that audio, he was sharing that a connection should be more than physical; it should be non-physical, beyond the form, the appearance, and the expressions. I was talking to Mohanji, and Jelena was there too. Mohanji said that the Master you are connected to will always give you work for karmic cleansing. So, we may think it’s a normal thing, something very ordinary or just a task, but they see much more. They are orienting tasks and people based on what is good for them to do so that something is changed, something’s broken, something’s transformed. 

He told the story of a man, which highlights the misunderstanding that some people can have about that. That man was a very lazy man. He said to himself, “I can’t stay in this marriage anymore. I can’t be doing this; I need to go. I’ll go to the ashram; I’ll become a Swami.” So, he simply left his wife and children and went to the ashram. He was sitting there for some time. Then the Guru came and asked him, “Why are you here?” And he told him, “I’ve decided to renounce”. The Guru replied, “Okay, good, no problem. But if you are here, you have to do some work, or you have to pay for your time here. These are the only options that you have here.” The man thought about it, and said, “Well, I don’t have money, so I’ll do some work.” The Guru said, “Okay, good enough. We’ll start tomorrow.”

So, the next day, the man was sitting there in the morning, he was meditating. Well, not exactly meditating; he was probably just sitting and thinking. But he sat there, so nobody disturbed him. Then one of the other disciples of the Guru came with a bucket and a mop, broomsticks, cleaning stuff, and said, “Here you go. It’s your turn to clean the toilets.” Obviously, he was a bit shocked at this. He said, “What? To clean the toilets?! No, no, no, I’m practicing meditation here. I’m meditating. I’m becoming a Swami.” The disciple said, “No, no, that’s okay. That’s good. Maybe later then, but everybody works here. So, you have to clean the toilet. This is what the Guru said.” The man protested really strongly. He didn’t like that. He said, “I can’t do this. I didn’t even clean the toilet in my own house. How can I clean the toilets here?” The other disciple insisted, “Well, this is what the Guru said you are to do.” After that, the man decided to leave.

Mohanji said that this is what many seekers are like. They orient themselves in a way that suits an idea, rather than actually wanting to do the work needed for breaking comfort zones, transformation and liberation. He said that the Guru would tell you to do tough work to destroy comfort zones, and when they’re destroyed, then immediately that’s when the liberation takes place. There’s a space that’s created where moments of liberation can happen. 

I was thinking about this, from my time of coming here until now, because it’s very much been that experience for the whole time. The work that’s being given, all the tasks which have been made available, I’ve obviously taken because I want to contribute, serve, and do what I can. 

So, we were saying that the Guru or the Master gives that opportunity through tasks and activities, so it’s possible through that extreme action to reach a state where the mind is no longer concerned with all the things which it is used to and things naturally start to drop off. 

Mohanji shared another story from a book written by Upasni Maharaj, the disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba. Shirdi Sai Baba transferred all his powers to him. So, one man had come to him in a state of distress because he lost his children, his sons, and his marriage as well. He came looking for solace from the Master. And he was thinking, “I’ve just gone through all this trouble, and now I’ve come here, this man has given me work to do.” After some time passed and the man completed the given work, the Master kept giving more tasks. After some time, the Master asked him, “So how are you feeling now? Are you feeling any better?” The man said, “Well, actually, now when you mentioned it, I’ve had no time to think.” The Master said, “Very good. This means you’re stabilizing.” 

So, what happens through extreme action is that you reach a state of elevation, like a helicopter that raises you up. This is how he described it. The lower activities, habits, inclinations just start dropping off. Through extreme action, there’s no time to think. 

When I think back to the actions I was doing at the start, and now as well, most of the tests have put me in a situation where I can break through my resistance. For example, I was very reluctant and resistant to speaking in public about my experiences, even though I can do it. I’d learned how to do that; I spent many years practising it during my professional career. But it wasn’t something that came. Naturally, there was always resistance, and there still is now, but not so much. 

Therefore, all the tasks and activities have always come with some type of test or resistance to push myself to break a comfort zone. But now, having that understanding that everything that’s given is for the better helps the process. Sometimes, I feel that the mind wants to make excuses, “Why do I need to do this? Do I really need to do that? Maybe I don’t need to do this?” But I always catch it. I always manage not to let those thoughts or states become too strong. I just try to keep it simple in a way, knowing that whatever tasks and activities are here are actually opportunities for me to work through something. 

I hope you enjoyed this and have a great day ahead.

Day 46 Lesson – Positive action will always face obstacles 

Good morning, everybody. 

This morning was a quieter morning for the house. Mohanji’s parents left the other day to return to Palakkad for some time to spend the New Year there. So there are fewer people here now in the house, and the routines are slightly shifting. 

This morning, I spoke to Mohanji about somebody who’s doing great work, really positive and selfless work, not directly connected to the platforms, but Mohanji is supporting them. And they’ve met with hurdles in the work that they do. For some reason, everything that they had planned has been difficult to complete. Many obstacles have stopped or hindered the progress. Every time momentum had started gaining; there would be another challenge, which meant, what they intended to do by a certain time last year, hasn’t been possible. Some situations have even affected the people working on the project, too. 

I was asking about this, how can you suddenly get so many challenges in doing something which is really positive. It was an interesting discussion. Mohanji said it’s no joke. When there’s something positive happening, there will always be obstacles. He said you could take the life of Jesus, Krishna, or even Rama. They faced tremendous challenges. 

From what I understood from the conversation, we can all expect the same. It won’t be easy if we’re trying to do something positive in the world. I feel this is why he always places a strong emphasis on conviction and determination. Because first, we need to believe in what we’re doing and then have the determination to see that through to the end. Otherwise, these things can affect us; our activities might weaken and maybe also stop. 

I was thinking about this because when we first came back to the house, the planes suddenly started flying right across the house after one of the trips, which means it makes recording here very difficult. Even now still, I have to stop because there’ll be a plane flying across the house. Mohanji has to do this too when he is recording the podcast, his morning messages for the 4 am Club or any video.

It wasn’t like this before. They’ve actually changed the flight paths. So, when we spoke about this, he said that this is also how negativity can work. Not outrightly direct, but creating problems and obstacles. 

I wondered if it was the same for other people because sometimes, when they begin to connect to something positive, that can also bring challenges in their life. I know from personal experience that when I connected to Mohanji initially, and even still today, there have been difficulties that came up. Since being here, for example, I’ve had real trouble with my skin for months now. When I first connected to Mohanji, there were some mental and health disturbances too. 

I know many people have had similar experiences. I was speaking to an Acharya a few weeks back about the same thing. So, it isn’t a feel-good thing sometimes. I asked Mohanji why that is. He explained that this path (his path or our path) is the path of liberation. It takes people out of long-held patterns, suppressions, and things like this, giving them real freedom. So, when people begin to connect to Mohanji, many blockages can begin to clear for them; all the clutter that has accumulated over time, in this life and maybe even other lifetimes, begins to be dissolved and destroyed. This can present itself in our life in various ways; it can take any form. 

I mentioned in a previous recording that this is not completely a ‘feel good’ path of spirituality. It is a real transformation that takes place. The number of people who benefitted from connecting to Mohanji still amazes me to this day, just as learning that these types of things happen when they connect, too.

He also said before that his capacity is probably much, much more. So, the more people connect and the more people who can connect, he’ll be able to share the same with them. Or, speaking more correctly, when people begin to connect to Mohanji’s frequency, then that cleansing can happen, blockages can start being removed.

So, for me, this was a good reminder that when we attempt to perform positive activities, there can be obstacles. And there probably will always be obstacles. We should keep focusing on the main aim and purpose. That way, if anything comes, should we find any obstacles, we can always take a detour or take a slight change of direction. 

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.


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6th Anniversary of Conscious Walking

“Walking is a comprehensive exercise. Walking is good for health. Conscious Walking is meditative walking. Conscious Walking is good for body, mind, concentration and also the comprehensive alignment of all these.” 

– Mohanji

On 21st June 2021 (International Yoga Day) we are happy to celebrate our 6th Anniversary of Conscious Walking!

Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation technique that is as affective as 3 hours of sitting meditation. This powerful but simple technique is created by world-renowned humanitarian Mohanji.

Conscious Walking has multiple benefits and a lot of people around the world practice Conscious Walking every week with their friends, family and pets.

This year there were three retreats with Mohanji at the Balkan region, Europe and a lot of people have practiced this technique for the first time.

One of the biggest highlights this year was the introducing of badges for the outstanding achievers who reached hourly milestones in Conscious Walking. Over global 20 practitioners reached milestones this year.

Congratulations to all those who regularly practice this amazing technique!

We are sharing few out of many wonderful experiences from CW practitioners around the globe:

“Being in peace with yourself is very prescious experience that l feel over and over again during Consious Walking and through all that day.”

– Tea Reic from Serbia 

“Conscious Walking helps me connect deeply with nature and myself. As I walk, I feel totally focused and immersed in the sounds and smell of nature. Feeling the circulation of energy within with each step, the walking trail disappears and all else is forgotten, dwelling only into silence within. Thoroughly rejuvenating for the body, mind and soul.” – Bridget Chen from Malaysia 

“Conscious Walking gives me peace and tranquility, which is more than needed in these times.” 

– Stefan Acimovic from Macedonia

“Conscious Walking has shown me how to calm the mind and surrender to the pure energy we receive from Mohanji while walking.”

– Ana Berner from Serbia 

Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

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If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.