Dimensions of Conscious Walking

On this auspicious day of International Yoga Day we celebrate 3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking created by Mohanji. Today, three new methods are being added by Mohanji to the practice, to powerfully enhance, transform and elevate the practice of Conscious Walking. The techniques open up new dimensions into Conscious Walking and have huge benefits. We experienced that during our recent retreat at Berovo in Macedonia.


5J0A0186The first method is to be practiced only while walking consciously. While walking 3 to 4 people hold the hands while walking. This technique helps open up the heart chakra, multiplies the energy created by the Conscious Walking, and changes the energy pattern from vertical rotation to horizontal waves connecting heart centers. This method produces energy waves and increases Iccha Shakti or will power connected to our heart center.

While we do Conscious Walking we are stabilizing our energy inside our aura and within the auric boundary of our personal field. While holding hands and walking, it will become like a wave through the heart center of every practitioner. If there is lack of will power, inertia or depressive moods, with this method, all these states will reduce or completely dissolve based on its intensity. This is because the energy flows like a wave that cleanses the heart chakras.

5J0A0232Next stage is – if we lift our hands and up from the elbow and at the chest level – than it will create the effect of a pyramid and the energy will be one of action. Kriya Shakti or power of action will get enhanced.

Next two methods should be done only after a minimum of 30 minute Conscious Walking. They enhance the effects of the conscious walk and stabilizes the energy generated through the walking. The methods could be alternated.


After a 30 minute’s walk, after we stabilized our energy, we sit down on an insulated space – a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

5J0A1907From the root of the spine (perineum) we slowly and internally chant OM NAMAH SHIVAYA through the back of the spine, and reach the top of the head, center of crown chakra. From the top of the head and down the front side through the chest and down to the perineum we chant SHIVAYA NAMAH OM. This method is done for 15 minutes.

You will feel that your body is like a Shiva Linga. So, from the back part of the Shiva Linga it’s flowing all the way up and than it is coming down through the front of the Shiva Linga. Shiva Linga represents consciousness beyond limitations or dimensions. This method will stabilize and energize us.


5J0A1957After a minimum 30 minute’s walk, as we stabilized our energy, we sit down on a chair or a mat, not on the ground. Spine should be erect. Eyes closed.

We look down, and our head is down, shoulder erect, only the neck bent. Imagine the sun is rising. As the sun is rising, our head should also be rising all the way up slowly. And while the sun is rising, it should reflect on our face – that means, we should have a mild smile, and as the head is going up the smile should increase. When the head is all the way back as much as we could comfortably go, imagine the sun is at 12:00 noon. The eyes are up in Shambavi mudra, tongue is curled back inside the mouth in Ketchari mudra. The face should be really bright with a smile. So, 12 noon should be our brightest smile.

From 12:00 noon the sun is setting, you are slowly bringing your head forward and down from the neck until the chin touches the chest, and slowly your face becomes normal again. The smile on our face should tell us how much of sun adorns the sky. We can still have a mild smile after sunset. This is one cycle. This cycle is repeated at least 18 times.

This method teaches us two things. One is that sun always rises, so there is nothing called permanent dark times. Dark times are part of the sunrise. Dark situation is absence of the sun, but it doesn’t mean that the sun doesn’t exist. So, you are making yourself aware that the sun is available, and you are experiencing the sunrise in your life. This method could be suitable to change our habitual negative thoughts and feelings into positive attitude. When we consciously think and connect to the sun, we experience tremendous positiveness and lack of inertia.

If any of the methods are not clear how to be practiced please write to consciouswalking@mohanji.org or contact a local CW group in your area so that the CW moderator can explain the method in person.

3rd Anniversary of Conscious Walking

On 21st June 2018 (International Yoga Day) we mark our third year of practicing Conscious Walking technique. Conscious Walking is a powerful dynamic meditation created by Brahmarishi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and yet has so many tangible benefits. In the words of many global participants, it calms the mind and increases focus, creates a strong protective layer around the body, inner peace, joy of oneness, increases awareness, cultivates mindfulness, and the benefits are endless.

Please relax, breathe deeply, take our hand and we will guide you shortly throughout the many experiences of the participants from around the globe. Conscious Walking indeed changes lives and touches us deeply. We are eternally grateful to the creator of this beneficial tool for spiritual elevation, Brahmarishi Mohanji.


“Conscious Walking for me is a beautiful technique which helps me calm my mind and move more focused through the day. When I do the Conscious Walking I feel like Mother Earth cherish every step of mine. Just after few minutes of Conscious Walking attention shifts to my spine, integrates and it takes me to deeper realization that everything in this Universe happens for a reason.”

– Dragana Tešanović from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

12274313_1522744401381875_4628332664461493241_n“While doing CW I experience that I’m walking in an oval shape energy ball. I get lost completely  in that energy ball and sometime self withdrawal is hard from that energy.”

– Manisha from Toronto, Canada 

“Conscious Walk is way beyond the normal outward walk. Actually, it’s not a Walk for me but it’s a “Run” towards “Actual You.” CW has changed and is directing my life to internal journey. It’s not only that, but has also created a strong protective layer around me. Thank You MohanJi for giving us and The World, A Very Simple but Very Powerful way of Meditation.”

– Sanjay Acharya from Toronto, Canada 

CW (7)

“CW is walking toward our inner peace and connecting to ourselves in silence, with help of the element of air through breathing and the element of earth by walking. It is a journey to ourselves through slow walking.”

– Svetlana Milenkovic – Filipovic  from Vrsac, Serbia

For me, CW is the time which spend with my body…. feeling every parts of it…. Feeling pure joy of oneness with the nature… Joy of existence in the body and on our beautiful planet.”

– Maja Ozegovic from Vrsac, Serbia

11217516_1469170143405968_2930067410096562502_n“CW is a movement meditation where we merge ourselves with the nature and focus on our bodies in silence.”

– Hajnalka Pantovic from Vrsac, Serbia

“For me, CW is one of the fastest and most wonderful ways of achieving inner silence. At the same time, it connects me with myself and the whole creation… When I walk I feel that the whole Universe is within my consciousness… Space and time literally disappear… They merge into one eternal Now.”

– Suzana Vemic from Vrsac, Serbia

13221326_1619850491671265_528461184409498020_o“CW is a technique which helps us to dive into ourselves, to merge with ourselves and remember of our true nature over the time!”

– Felicija Zebeljan from Vrsac, Serbia

“CW takes me deep within into a meditative state from where I do not feel like coming out. It makes me feel protected with a shield of Divine Energy. I feel I am inside a Ball of Energy which is invincible from outside. It is so powerful that it takes me almost a full day to step out of the Energy Ball to do my daily chores.”

– Punam Kapoor from Canada 

“I feel meditative state – happiness during CW. When I walked  first time in the presences of Mohanji , After few minutes, I felt my  some energy is rotating through my body…felt so much happiness.. within 10 -15 minutes, I started walking in dancing motion.. 

 I  enjoy my moments of  Conscious Walk  with the inner-self. CW helps me to harmonize myself from the daily routine and stress.”

– Alpa Acharya from Toronto Canada

12748100_1573100229679625_8664186515604402874_o“This technique that Mohanji gave us is truly wonderful and so important. I don’t have words to thank him enough. Conscious walking helps me a lot to feel myself deeper. To be here and now, more then ever before. To wake up the spectator inside of me, and to accept myself.”

– Jasna Stojkovic Hadzic from Bjeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“A powerful meditation which connects us with our higher self, helps us realize our potential and feel the happiness within.”

– Elena Dimitrovska from Skopje, Macedonia

“Through Conscious Walking I felt the meaning of being centered in the spine. It also helps me to stay calm and aware, irrespective of the external influences.”

– Mohana Guru Priya from Skopje, Macedonia

12485930_1544396082550040_1541125363487539973_o“During the last two or three times on Conscious Walking few thoughts came into my mind. Later I realized that those thoughts were actually answers to some important questions that i had, at that point of time. With Conscious Walking we consciously get closer to our self, to our soul, which is all knowing.”

– Boban Kitanovski from Skopje, Macedonia

“The technique Conscious Walking given by Mohanji is as an elixir for my life. It gives me energy, equanimity and freshness. I offer my gratitude to Mohanji.”

– Tanja Trajkovska from Skopje, Macedonia








“Conscious Walking is a technique that I practice regularly for 2 years, it helps me to be more presents, to connect to myself and to connect with the nature around me. I feel more energy, better concentration and deeper inner peace after every Conscious Walk. When I started practicing this technique i used to have a lot of pain in my spine and  bad body posture. After 2 years, the pain in my spine is completely gone, and my body posture is better. I recommend to everyone to try this technique. Thank you Mohanji.”

– Tamara Ljubenoska from Skopje, Macedonia


“Conscious Walking is my quickest way to connect to Mohanji’s consciousness. After the 30 minutes of being one with the universal knowledge and energy, I feel my consciousness gradually rising. I recommend it to all.”

– Stefan Acimovic from Skopje, Macedonia


28514479_2042158229440487_7801644372307633299_o“Inner silence is most precious
amount of love is copious
Walk with foot gentle like petal
while heart is full of love and mettle

Burning with the thirst for God
awareness makes our minds broad
expanding hearts with compassion
freedom within through such passion”

– Biljana Vozarević from Novi Sad, Serbia


“At first there were more sensations. Mind often chats, but I try not to listen to it. Sometimes I am overflowed by a feeling of happiness, sometimes of love. Sometimes I feel or think of Mohanji and tears start rolling accompanied by warmth. After this walking meditation a feeling of peace and silence stays in me for a long, long time. As if everything becomes brighter and lighter.”

– Predrag Dobrovic from Novi Sad



“At first I feel nothing, then I feel beautiful, then nothing and then beautiful and nothing.”

– Natalija Dobrovic from Novi Sad


“I will gladly describe the peace in my soul and all the things I feel when I walk consciously. 

I don’t know whether I use my heart or my soul to walk… I can hear the peace. I listen to the rhythm of my heart. I’m disconnected from the outside world. I feel myself and I’m important to myself. I feel I’m HERE and NOW. The feeling of happiness is immense… I’m full of love (which I want to give to the planet). The mind is calm, I’m relaxed…

In the end I feel this is some kind of new world, and I’m happy, full of energy. That’s when I feel I’m more stabile (physically, but in the first place spiritually).”

– Marko Božović from Loznica, Serbia


Dimensions of Conscious Walking: Methods for enhancing CW

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Testimonials from practitioners: Part 1

If you would like to learn Conscious Walking please write an e-mail to Conscious Walking Team at consciouswalking@mohanji.org and they will guide you further. You could also join our Global Conscious Walking community on Facebook and find out about updates, experiences and events happening across the world.



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Walking With Mohanji

By Lata Ganesh, USA

Mohanji 8

Following Mohanji on this Pathless Path of our Tradition, we are blessed with quite a few experiences from time to time:  some that we can perceive and some that we can’t, some experiences teach us valuable lessons while other ones transform us, and then there are yet other experiences that can only be described as mind-boggling!

I share below a few subtle experiences from the last category.  I perhaps lacked clarity at the time of occurrence to interpret them, but eventually I did connect the dots. While I had been completely alert at the time of having these experiences and for sure knew them to be real, I was still a little hesitant about sharing them, a part of me wondering if they had come from imagination, or whether they were hallucinations.

It was only after a recent experience, a long and most intense one that happened during the course of an Awakening Yoga Nidra (AYN) session, that I began to connect all the dots.

I shall start with a verse from Sri Guru Gita, the supreme scripture where Lord Mahadeva himself imparts the knowledge of the Guru Principle to Devi Parvati:

yenedaM darshitaM tattvaM, chitta chaityaadikaM tathaa; Jaagrat svapna suShupt yaadi, tasmai shri Gurave namaH

He enables the mind to perceive this world, although we cannot know Him with the mind; The witness of all three states of mind – Waking, Dreaming and Deepest Sleep, I prostrate at the auspicious feet of the Guru, the remover of ignorance.

Back in 2014 during Mohanji’s visit to Virginia, USA, we had arranged for a satsang at the local Shirdi Sai Baba temple.  At the end of the satsang, it was time for the evening aarati (ritual of offering light with reverence in front of an idol or murti).  The temple priest requested Mohanji to conduct it and as He started performing the arati before the idol of Shirdi Sai Baba, to the soulful singing of the aarati song by the gathered devotees, I fell into a deep trance.  In front of me, I no longer saw Mohanji’s physical body –  all I was seeing was a huge pillar of bright effulgence.  Mohanji and Sai Baba had merged together in a vertical beam of light.  I was ecstatic while witnessing this divine grace.


The same year there was also a retreat with Mohanji at Yogaville in Virginia.  There would be yoga sessions in the mornings, conducted by Devi Mohan and the chants during the session were being sung by Natesh.  Natesh was on his guitar singing a beautiful verse on Goddess Durga.  Mohanji was not physically present at the event hall, which was a few blocks away from where the retreat lodging was.  As I lay down deeply relaxed in shavasana pose after the yoga session, I saw a most powerful vision of Mohanji.  Though the form was physical, He was on a different plane, a thousand times brighter than the earth plane.  There was no one around him. He was walking gently, as if on clouds.  Though His physical form appeared the same as we see Him normally, the radiance was multi-fold.  This vision lasted for a few minutes.  The vision was so intense and so clear, that even by simply remembering it today, I can actually feel the experience right away.

Another unique experience that completely blew me away and still does, was one in Sedona in 2017.  Sedona is well-known as an area having several powerful energy vortices. Once again, I was attending a retreat there with Mohanji.  A guided meditation was to commence in the presence of Mohanji. Being one of the organizers of the retreat, I had to be seated in the front row a bit closer to Mohanji, to make myself available and alert in case anything was needed during the session.  But as the session began, instead of sitting alert I somehow slipped into deep meditation.  I don’t know for how long I was immersed in the peace and silence, but suddenly I felt myself going deeper and deeper, as though I were falling from high above, or one could say sinking slowly deep into the earth, all so gently that there was no fear.

Suddenly I was seeing Mohanji flying and he was pulling me up and making me fly beside him.  I was out of that dark room, flying in the open in beautiful sunny Sedona surrounded by red rocks.  Mohanji took me on a tour of the city.  Those familiar with Harry Potter books will know what a Quidditch game is.  This experience was exactly like flying mounted on a broomstick, except there was no broomstick!  Mohanji was turning back and looking at me with a twinkle in his eye. It was a most exhilarating and fun-filled ride.  Is this how astral travel is done?  I have no idea, but I can say for sure that Mohanji took me along on some kind of travel, flying beside Him. I could see the red rocks of Sedona, there were some caves, and then finally we came to a place where there were tall buildings. After some time, I came back to awareness of my body and surrounding.

I was completely shaken.  I opened my eyes to realize that the audio recording was still playing!  Mohanji’s eyes were open and He was looking straight into my eyes! He indicated to me to come closer as He wanted to say something. The audio track needed to be changed during the meditation process.  He said, “You were supposed to be alert and not fall into meditation.  You had a job to do!”  What could I say in reply?  I was still reeling from the experience and somehow stumbled back to the table where the audio system was, and barely managed to find the next track to play.  I have no clue what this experience was about, but know for sure that it was REAL.  There was no mind play here, nor was I hallucinating.  This was genuine and I am grateful to Mohanji for having nudged my skeptic mind towards the realm of spiritual possibilities.

Mohanji 4

Saturday, March 3, 2018 –   Awakening Yoga Nidra session with Devi Mohan (Session was via Zoom with Devi from Serbia). This was the very first Awakening Yoga Nidra session being offered by Deviji to the Mohanji USA family.  I had in the past, been fortunate to be part of Devi’s yoga sessions that included brief Yoga Nidra at the end.  But I had never participated in a full-length Awakening Yoga Nidra session before. I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Our Zoom session with Devi was scheduled for 11 am and hence I was fully rested and fresh.  As I had no preconceived ideas or expectations about the session, I was approaching it with a very open attitude. I feel compelled to say this, because of the experience I went through during the session.  I want to clarify that I was not asleep nor was I dreaming or imagining any of the visions that were to unfold.

As Devi was starting the session, I was very relaxed. In an attitude of complete surrender to Mohanji’s energy, I offered my prayers to Him and to the Guru Parampara, fully open to receive the divine blessings. During the entire hour and a half or more, I did not feel even the slightest interference from my mind.  There was not a single thought distracting me.  This was rather unusual for me, as even though I am normally able to experience brief periods of stillness of the mind, I can say for sure that until this experience, I had never experienced such an amazing state of non-interference of thoughts, for such an extended period of time.

As the session began, Devi began guiding us expertly through the process of bringing up various emotions, and going through these emotions and deeply embedded past experiences attached to those emotions. The session then moved to allow the participants to walk towards a holy hill.  When I followed this guidance, I continued to feel a total calmness and determination in walking out and venturing forth –  far, far away towards the hill.  It was an intense and beautiful feeling.  I approached the temple of all faiths – in my own vision it was an old deserted Shiva temple on the hill-top, and there was no one around. I was very much overwhelmed with emotion at this point and my eyes welled up with tears at the sight of Lord Mahadeva in the temple. Dissolving with love for the Lord, I offered my prayers in deep gratitude. I left the temple completely drained of emotion – but in a body that was half snake and half human (the upper part of the body was that of a snake or naga with raised hood, and the lower portion that of a young boy in a bright white dhoti and with human legs).  This form was brilliant and absolutely fearless, and there was an accompanying feeling of the deepest purity and firm resolve.

Mohanji 5

I continued walking in that form. I could feel the spine of my body to be very erect and warm, literally merged with the upper form of the snake, with the hood resting on my sahasrara. But there was absolutely no feeling of fear, even with such physical closeness between the body and the hood of the naga. I kept walking with absolutely no emotion, but steadfast with determination.  After passing the Ganesha shrine and offering a prayer, Mohanji appeared.  Mohanji’s form looked brilliant, and was devoid of any emotion, calm and very focused. (This was the same intense form of which I had a vision, back in 2014 at Yogaville as mentioned earlier in this piece).  There was no greeting or conversation. He led the way ahead while my form walked a few steps behind Him in total surrender and no other feeling.  (For lack of better words, I am using the word “I”, being unsure who this being was?!)

I continued following Mohanji who walked swiftly towards a dark cave, then stopped. I was instructed to go inside.  As I walked forward and got inside the cave, I could actually, physically feel the movement of my form, of this half-naga young boy, as a slithering into the cave.  The cave was dark and in the center was a beautiful shiva linga – a sphatika linga, translucent blue and crystalline. It was self-luminous, illuminating the dark cave.  As I circled the holy linga, its pure and calming energy completely engulfed me. When I came out of the cave, I could see Mohanji waiting outside.  I continued to walk behind Him as He moved towards a dark forest.  Again, there was no fear or apprehension but just a detached steadfastness, and my spine was totally erect and vibrating during this time (this I could feel in my body lying down on the mat as my spine felt rigid and very hot. I could not really sense the frame of my body, it was as though it was expanded).

I was then guided by Devi to enter the forest while Mohanji stayed behind.  Even though the forest was totally dark from the very dense vegetation, I had still no sense of apprehension. I walked bravely through till Devi guided us to a ditch in the middle.  We were to look inside the ditch and bring out the entities.  I did not see very many entities when asked to bring them up, and I recollect that there were about three which I embraced and then let go, and proceeded to walk out of the forest. But this time as I walked out to meet Mohanji again, the half-naga/half-boy form had turned into a pillar of bright light.  The light was much closer to Him as though merging, during the walk. Mohanji’s form was even brighter than before.

Hovering “I” on Bosnian Pyramid with Mohanji 1, experience

Even though He had a human form, it was not the Mohanji we see physically.  He was a super-energized form, very intense.  As I walked behind Him in that light form, the form of Mohanji disappeared as we reached the abode of Mahavatar Babaji. I could hear Mahavatar Babaji’s gayatri mantra being played on the audio system.  I did not see Babaji’s form there.  Mohanji’s form merged into the form of Hayagriva, seated in meditation under the tree.  By then, I could not see any form of myself at all. But I could feel that I was present there. I chanted the Hayagriva mantra loudly and clearly and prostrated to the Lord.


Aum jnanaananda-mayam devam, Nirmalasphatika-kritam; Aadharam sarvavidyaanaam Hayagrivam upaasmahey

As soon as I prostrated in the vision, I saw the form of Lord Hayagriva change into that of Mahavatar Babaji.  Babaji’s Gayatri, with the words

Mahavatara Vidmahe, Satguru devaya Dhimahi, Tanno BABAJI prachodayaat

continued to play on the audio system during the Awakening Yoga Nidra session, but I was hearing instead loud and clear, the words Tanno MOHANJI Prachodayaat.

I felt myself in a trance.  Mohanji’s form was merged with Babaji and the words of a new Gayatri mantra were revealed.  I remember the words as the following:

Om Parabrahmaaya Vidmahe, Mahaa-avataaraya Dheemahee, Tanno MOHANJI Prachodayaat


In the subtle realm of Gyanganj, Mohanji had merged into the form of Mahavatar Babaji, and I was among a group of followers chanting the above Gayatri.  There was the radiance of brilliant light everywhere. It was a very overwhelming moment. After this, Devi guided us to visualize a unicorn. However, I was simply unable to bring a unicorn into my visualization.  What I saw in front of me instead was a huge peacock with a shining vel (lance) hanging by its side, the beautiful and brilliant vahana (vehicle) of Karthikeya, son of Shiva.  The peacock then carried me out of that space and around the mountains to the lake.


Now at this point, a very strange thing began to happen.  For the rest of the session, all my visions were occurring before Devi’s guidance came. It was like I was visualizing, and Devi was doing a running commentary of it.  It was as though she was witnessing what was happening.  Surreal!  One of the visions of the Divine Mother Parvati overflowing with love and compassion, was very profound. As the session ended, the intensity and magnitude of what I had just had gone through, made me fall totally silent within. I was just awestruck by the experience.


Kartik_Ganesh_with Maa

I am deeply in gratitude to Mohanji for all that He has given me, and for carrying me along with Him and opening my vision to get a glimpse of me within. Mohanji had told me the first time I met him, that we are deeply connected.  I am not sure I clearly understand the meaning of that connection.  I have never asked him directly about it.  I have been very patient in my spiritual journey.  My receptivity has certainly intensified over the time and I have also deepened my sadhana.  This along with the supreme grace and compassion from Mohanji has allowed me to experience this intense and beautiful connection.  I am so thankful to our dear Devi whose deep devotion to the Tradition makes her a true and dedicated instrument to pour the light of grace on us.

Mohanji 7

As I recall this extraordinary vision revealed during the Awakening Yoga Nidra experience, I recognize my own ancestral connection with the deity Naga Subramanya, a form of Lord Karthikeya also known as Muruga, who is worshipped as the Lord of the Nagas. It was my forefathers who had built the temple for Naga Subramanya that still stands today in the village of Lakshmi Narayana Puram in Palakkad, Kerala, in South India. My ancestors had also been worshipping the “Vel”, symbol of Lord Muruga for generations.

Lord Muruga is the son of Mahadeva (Shiva) and Parvathi Devi.  Mahavatar Babaji is known to be an avatar of Lord Muruga.  Mohanji, during a satsang in Sedona, revealed his connection with Sage Bhoganathar, the Guru of Mahavatar Babaji. This vision only clarifies and confirms the connection with Mohanji, Naga Loka, Babaji and our Golden Tradition, and the grand collaboration.

It is only after seeing this vision that I went in search of a picture of our Kula Devatha (ancestral deity), Naga Subramanya, which I share above.  There is the Vel and the Peacock and the Naga’s hood and the form of Subramanya as a little boy.  Believe me, I had never ever seen this picture before and I feel that it is the Awakening Yoga Nidra event that has led me it. Please read Mohanji’s earlier blogs on Naga Loka and his visit to Palani and Sage Bhoganathar’s samadhi.

I end this blog with deep love and respect for my Guru, Brahmarishi Mohanji.  It has been a very interesting, intense and enlightening journey and I am sure that it will continue to be so, as the mystery and meaning of spiritual connections keeps unfolding little by little.  But all I wish for now, is to just remain at His Golden Feet.

Mohanji_at Golden feet

ajnaana-timiraandhasya / jnanaanjana-shalaakaya chaksur-unmilitam yena / tasmai shri-gurave namaha

Salutations to that Guru who applies the collyrium of knowledge with a sharp needle to open the eyes blinded due to ignorance (lack of spiritual knowledge).



Lata Ganesh, USA.

The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Revealing Truth about Mohanji


My name is Swami Brahmananda, formerly a member of the Skandavale Ashram in Wales UK, now continuing my sadhana as an individual traveling in India.

I first met Mohanji when he visited Skandavale in 2014. My own Guru having left his body in 2007, I was not looking for a replacement and as such connected with Mohanji as a familiar old friend. It was soon clear however that Mohanji truly embodies the Guru principle and seamlessly supported the sankalpa of all true Gurus in his unassuming, authentic and informal way.

Mohanji and the Guru Mandala
Mohanji and the Guru Mandala

In inviting me to participate in the Inner Kora yatra of Mt Kailash in 2016, Mohanji fulfilled the will of my own Guru, making himself almost invisible he acted as tour guide, translator and companion, where necessary imparting the right spiritual knowledge to guide me in my own inner journey.

Mount Kailash represents a daunting physical and logistical challenge, the Inner Kora even more so. It was truly humbling to witness how Mohanji supported every member of our group, directly taking their burdens upon himself when he could see their own resources were failing.

“I have only the weight of my soul to carry”

Asking him later how he was able to carry all these people Mohanji smiled and explained “I have only the weight of my soul to carry” In an instant, I understood who he was.

During the second day of the Yatra, we walked to the edge of the glacier at Charan Sparsh which extends from the north face of the mountain. The Tibetan Sherpas normally don’t allow anyone to walk on the glacier itself because of the danger (that year more than 30 people had died around Kailash) but when Mohanji started climbing up the ice himself it became clear a divine precedent had been set and a group of 12 were able to cross the expanse of ice to prostrate and embrace physically the north face of this most sacred of mountains. For me personally, this was surely the single most powerful transforming event of my life made possible through Mohanji’s grace.

Touching Kailash_Swami B
Embracing Kailash

Mohanji explained at the time this event represented the beginning of a dimensional shift in consciousness and we should be ready for dramatic changes in our life circumstances.

I didn’t fully understand his words until in September 2017 I was thrown out of the ashram which had been my home for 26 years amidst some extreme differences of opinion about spiritual life. Leaving the material security of the ashram at age 51 with a few clothes and enough money for a tank of petrol, my mind resonating with the turmoil of many harsh and critical voices surrounding my departure, my first instinct was to contact Mohanji. As is his habit, he responded personally within minutes and we arranged a meeting. At a time when my own self-belief had received a battering, Mohanji believed in me and for that, I will always be grateful.

Unconditional Loving Support

We met during Mohanji’s program in Switzerland and immediately his words went beyond opinions and superficial emotion to confirm in my mind that actually nothing bad had taken place and no one had done anything wrong. Rather evolution was taking place, I began to understand what the dimensional shift really meant, and my future as traveling renunciate came into focus, all leading to greater awareness and fulfilment in the years to come. From that discussion with Mohanji, I began to turn my mind away from the trauma of my departure from Skandavale and embrace the expansive vista of service on the stage of the world. Both in spiritual counsel and practical support through the extensive network of Mohanji’s organisation in India, I could embark on the next chapter of my own journey with renewed confidence knowing that unconditional loving support without judgement was at hand.

Spiritual & Divine Communion

The day following our completion of the Inner Kora of Kailash Mohanji was in a deep state of spiritual communion with the divine powers dwelling in and around the mountain. He relayed to us in real time his communication, giving personal insights and reassurance about our lives and that the opportunity we had to go to the north face was indeed an unprecedented grace that would change our lives completely. That night, I had an intense dream experience where I found myself with Mohanji in a run down suburban street, somewhere in India I guessed, it was raining, litter and detritus was everywhere and the gutters overflowed with stinking effluent. I watched as Mohanji proceeded to prostrate face down in the road such that the foul water flowed over his head, protesting I called to him to stop, but he replied, “I must do this, it is my job”.

Greatness That Dwells Behind The Human Persona

Reflecting on this experience, l realised that I had been shown what Mohanji’s task in this incarnation is, to sanctify a polluted humanity and restore the sacred traditions of dharma. I was privileged and humbled to see the greatness of the soul which dwells behind the easygoing human persona.

Mohanji_a walk
Travel In The Path Of Liberation

Mohanji’s presence in the world continues to be a great source of reassurance, inspiration, and courage to travel the path of liberation to its end.

-Swami Brahmananda, UK


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Mohanji – A Love that Liberates

By Mataji T. Villareal Sharma, Roxas City, Philippines

The Look that can melt you!

Have you ever met somebody who, like the great Sun, could make you melt, and at the same time allow you to relax back into your comfortable self, like the moon blowing a cool breeze over the top of your head?

My husband kept looking at me when I was finally sitting right in front of Mohanji. He turned to me like I was a child who was in Disneyland for the first time and said with a sheepish teasing smile: “Look, that’s your Mohanji finally right in front of you! ” Since the top of my head felt like a hundred yarn threads were being pulled up, I couldn’t reply in a giggle even if I wanted to. I thought, “He’s on it, working on me now.”.

My husband could perceive every atom of my body smiling in a simultaneous sun and starstruck state. I felt my husband’s joy for me, as he had witnessed the days, nights and in-betweens that I was glued watching Mohanji’s videos online. Many times, I would fall asleep still with the earphones playing, in my ears, his voice in a guided meditation. My husband would gently remove it and would patiently, without complaints, watch me start my day again plugging myself with Mohanji.

For two consecutive years, my days went by on and off like this. Mohanji was like everything I have ever believed in, all in one: Kriya – Bhakti – Seva (Kriya – Devotion – Service)

Mohanji – All in One!

Someone actually exists with the package I have always resonated with! This is not to discount our gurus who have and are still deeply and lovingly guiding us. They are the ones, I believe who brought him to me, or the other way around. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief sometimes. “He is here! He is here!” my thoughts scream in a whisper. My heart quietly jumps in joy!

But when I met him… I didn’t find myself on my knees flat on the floor. I thought perhaps I would. I could see myself doing a triple flip in excitement, but instead… Instead…

His energy brought me to simply be myself. Centered, calmly joyful in knowing that I do not have to be anything else. I could be anything, dynamic, static or even ridiculous. I just felt I could never loose nor offend him. There were no rules in his presence -apart from authenticity. And even if I may not fully know what true authenticity is like, I was happy to be authentic with whatever arose in the present moment.

In front of me was the humblest most loving powerful energy I have ever encountered. He was never aloof nor distant. His laughter could shake the rust off your bones.

Guru and his unique expression!

Every guru has their own unique expression of the same innate qualities. Some of them smile, some of them pass a glance and some of them scream. I got them all. Every one of them changed and blessed my life beyond comprehension.

As Shibendu Lahiri once told me at Lahiri Mahasaya’s residence in Varanasi 17 years ago , “Ganga is the same even when you meet Her in the Himalayas, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Allahabad or Banaras.”

Mohanji is so empowering that he could make you feel like you swallowed Neale Donald Walsh’s CWG 1,2,3 books along with Friendship and Communion with God books all in one gulp!

The story behind this meeting is a Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys stirred in, Choose Your Own Adventure novels all in one. I don’t know where and how to begin, but to make the long and winding “Series of Fortunate Events” short, getting there was like the parting of the sea of Galilee.

All my life, though sometimes mocked and laughed for it, have always enjoyed the presence of the masters of Love, Faith, and Wisdom. I ask nothing from them, not even a blessing. Often, my questions to them are not mine. However, all I hoped for was to bask in their presence even just for a moment in this physical form. It has made me feel less estranged in a world I mainly could not understand. I feel less weird around them. It’s just a nice feeling to meet people with the same “strangeness” as you are. After every darshan, of every magnanimous being, I always feel charged to face the world again.

Though it be impossible, if I were to describe Mohanji in one sentence, it would be: “A Love that Liberates.”

Mohanji – A Love that Liberates!


The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.
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How to Listen to Mohanji?

Mohanji speaking

Mohanji speaks directly from the Source. What He says are not only words. While He is speaking, frequency is built. It becomes a command to your subconscious which triggers transformation in you.
A lot of times, people used to sit around a master and He wouldn’t even speak. Only with His look, He transfers energy and big transformation happens. Shaktipat happens through the eyes, words, walk, or physical touch. It happens on all levels. When He transfers energy through words, it enters into the system and triggers miraculous transformation. Therefore, do not interrupt this connectivity during a program with Him. While you listen, do not worry much about the very words and meaning. If you focus too much on the words, it becomes intellectual knowledge. Of course, it is also necessary so that the truth is clear to us.

Dilemmas are removed, confusions disappear, you get the answers. But you will not understand Mohanji. A lot of these answers are already in sacred books. Through Mohanji, they come to you directly from the Source because Mohanji is one with the Source. Try to go beyond words and absorb the essence. Omnipresence. Then you will feel the real quality, bliss, delight, calmness, serenity and happiness. That is the real thing. That is the point. Mohanji is not here to explain to you what masters have explained since time immemorial but to transform you. His talk is a creative phenomenon.
Do not worry that much about the content of what He says, but listen purely and innocently like a child, so that the energy goes from heart to heart, from being to being, feel this unity, meditative listening in that sacred communion. Do not think while He is speaking. Just listen. Then you will absorb and take far more than just words, that which is beyond meaning, that which isn’t written anywhere.

Team Mohanji

Mohanji, the Brother in Truth: “Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai”

Author: Sujata Joshi, UK


Mohanji, The Brother in truth 1 Mohanji quote - fire of awareness

I was at Subhasree’s, after a troublesome period of experiencing energetic disturbances in my sleep. It did happen during the day as well. Eventually I chose to receive Mai Tri healing as a last resort to help settle things. Subhasree explained to me that it was important to be open to receive, whichever way Mohanji chooses to work through you.

I prayed to Mohanji, “Let me know whatever you want me to know.”

You see, I was experiencing separation from my guru, who guides me from beyond. This caused me to feel abandoned and unwanted. I prayed to Him before I came to London, “Please, I need confirmation. I need to know You are with me and that I am loved.”

My intuitive guidance was blurred at this point and I had doubts about my own guru, who recently broke His own image and caused many people to be upset. I know gurus do that! They have harder tests than us! They have to break every bond in order to move to higher realms of spiritual heights!

I knew my guru was a high being, but I had no physical contact with Him, only strong intuitive guidance, which connected me to His consciousness like an umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to the mother.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 2 fire of awareness

My guru is very strongly linked to Mohanji.

Mohanji’s presence during the healing was palpable. He actually was there! Very gentle. Very soothing! As healing energies began to flow, my tears started to roll!

My guru was there! He was always there! He never left! His funny, witty, loving, flirtatious, even naughty, presence was unmistakable!

I had no doubt, He was with me, I was still loved and protected, despite my various outbursts and doubts about Him, He loved me beyond judgements and conditions my mind had set about His image! I remembered Mohanji’s messages. “A master is never bound by our mental frames. Trust Him! Because the mental frames will keep on breaking!” I bowed to both my gurus and asked for blessings.

Rights and wrongs are man-made! They change.

God isn’t bound by man-made laws of the society.

My Guru showed me the image of Lord Krishna with the chariot wheel, charging at Bhishma, despite His vows of non-involvement in the battle. He broke His own image to protect His disciple, Arjuna!


Such is Guru’s love for us. In truth, we are all Arjuna. We just doubt ourselves and forget we are loved!

I am so blessed to receive this communion through Mai Tri healing.

I am writing this account for those of us who might have felt disconnected or abandoned by the guru at times. It is not easy to cope with that! Though the real guru is our own soul, we need the external guru to connect us within.

Mohanji has always been there to rescue me. Even before I knew about Him!

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 5 fire of awareness - Manasarovar lake - devotion

I received clarity later, much later, as my healing actually continued for days after. I was still in bliss, sleeping soundly, eating well and generally getting deeper and deeper in solitude of the loving embrace of my spiritual mother, my guru. Days later I recognised.

In my mind’s eye, was the question, why do I call Him (Mohanji) my brother?

Mohanji had rescued me from being an exotic dancer, hundreds of incarnations back. He had called me his sister since then!

Beloved brother, in deep love and gratitude.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 6 - silence - quote - more eloquent than words