When we lose ourselves for the sake of love


By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

What is bhakti? The answer to this question touches a chord deep within. When we lose ourselves for the sake of love, that is bhakti bhaav. The spontaneous flow of bhakti is like the waves of a haunting whale-song reaching out through the unfathomable dimensions of time to touch the chords of one’s soul. Mohanji’s love for us is like that. Unconditional. He sees neither race nor colour nor ethnicity. Just the glorious brilliance of our magnificent souls. Unblemished. Pure.

When we lose ourselves in the expression of this love for Mohanji in this world… that is the highest bhakti. This is Mumuksha. A fierce burning that consumes all of this world’s transitory expressions. We burn with the ultimate longing for the union with the Self. Look at Mohanji. There is only love. No frills. No thrills. Simple. Complete. Unfettered. Free.

The un-liberated mind is like a dark cave filled with blind spots. For some, it’s the stuff of nightmares. For others, an exhilarating journey to liberation. In a maze of cobwebs, our defining life experiences are trapped within innumerable cocoons of unresolved emotional moments. By now, we all know that both karmic and family lineage blueprints bring this drama into our daily life experiences.

It is unimaginable to estimate just how much baggage there actually is. All stamped with an inevitable departure and expiration date. This is the cosmic game of karma that is always at play. Only Mohanji’s loving grace can change that. This is also why Mohanji reminds us to keep walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel. In his all-seeing state of omniscience, our beloved Parabrahma misses nothing! Nothing.

After seeing Mohanji turning into blinding white luminescent radiance during our first satsang, everything I knew changed from that fateful moment. Call it a mind-shift. Since then my awareness of SELF increased exponentially and continues to shift, to this day. I now realise that I am that blinding light, too. That was some trigger for my awakening, beloved Parabrahma!


How absolutely exhilarating is it to wake up to our exquisite radiance. I am Mohanji. Mohanji is me. There is no separation. We are ONE. This is how we become unshakable. Unstoppable. Unfettered. Free. Free like the wind blowing through Kailash.

Connecting to our beloved Parabrahma’s consciousness is an adventure. The only way is to DIVE right in. Straight and true like Arjuna’s arrow. Getting to the other end is like crossing a bottomless river filled with unpredictable swirling currents. Only Guru knows the way. Mohanji has made this journey before. He knows how to navigate those dangerous currents. Stay close to our eternal lifeguard. Our beloved Light of Lights.

Through the gamut of emotions on this highly eventful journey, our beloved Parabrahma holds our hand ever so tenderly. Rest assured HE will never let go. Sometimes we get so caught up with ourselves that we forget HE is there. We fall prey to our turbulent emotions. Mistaken by the empty promises and the accolades of doership and ownership, we almost always miss the point of this lifetime by a long mile.


Mohanji says that in this day and age, we have the privilege to indulge in so many more deflections from the introspection of SELF. Let us examine this statement further. Social media platforms and trendy gadgets are all the rage these days. The pervasive thoughts that flit through our minds daily are more like these.

How cool do I look in my touched-up selfies? How sleek is my online presence? How many likes and dislikes did I get today? Who can I block today? Who is blocking my sun? What, too many messages about someone else! Not what the message is about. Just preoccupation with who is the message from.

Not what can I learn. Does this make sense? Does the truth in the message resonate with me? So, let us take a moment to ask ourselves. Is it about selfishness or selflessness? Am I drowning in the noise of this world? And lastly, perhaps most importantly, am I evolving?

Like music and movie stars the world over, pop star Michael Jackson was loved and idolised by millions when he was first discovered. However, as soon as he became a global superstar some of his fans turned on him. Social media was quickly and efficiently used to spread disinformation and negativity about him. Such is the fickleness of the human monkey mind.

Our social conditioning makes us envious of someone else’s light. So, we switch from light to dark without realising it. The adoring mob suddenly becomes a sneering mob which turns into an uncontrollably violent rampaging mob. This is how wars are created from mere disagreements. This is not bhakti.

These are conditioned responses from the mind, designed to stop us from looking inside. To stop us from discovering how spectacularly beautiful and complete we are. Each one of us. There are no exceptions. This is why Mohanji keeps reminding us. Not outside. Look inside. Watch how our world triggers the mind. Watch.

These days we are so desensitized by the conditioned responses that we no longer connect to ourselves. Heavily syndicated media houses control information which keeps us trapped in the external or physical world. Our early conditioning takes place in schools and later on as adults, we are captivated by mostly empty rhetoric designed to keep us passive and compliant. Most of today’s electronic and print media contrive to keep us there.

Trapped by romantic notions of external fantasies and potential lovers we forget our greatest ETERNAL love of all time. Ourselves. Shy of our nakedness, we rush to cover up our SELF. Shielding our eyes from the breath-taking splendour of nature, we sit in concrete jungles and dream about freedom. Write about freedom. Talk about freedom. This type of self-imposed behavioural isolation from our true place within nature is directly related to the degree of desensitisation we are currently experiencing in our lives.

Did you notice that we are surrounded by innumerable ‘negative’ triggers designed to arouse our basest instincts? This is why seemingly peaceful communities who have co-existed for a long time together turn on each other in the most violent ways. The question then is. Has this aggressive gene always plagued humankind?

Are our Himalayan Yogis actually wild men gone rogue? Or are they human beings who have mastered their minds and lost themselves in their radiance? It is a documented fact that some Yogis (or Yoginis) teleport, some use telekinesis, some of them manifest their thoughts effortlessly. Some are over a thousand years old. Some don’t age. They show us that our greatness cannot be hidden from us.


Mohanji stays in the world so he can reach us where we are. Open your eyes. Open your mind. Awaken to the infinite and glorious inner multiverses by connecting to our beloved Mohanji’s consciousness. Life is neither a quirky nor a romantic movie. It is filled with highs and lows. When the going is good, the whole world is your friend. When it gets tough then we discover our true friends, says Mohanji.

Those who already love themselves do not need us to tell them that. The love we receive from them is truly selfless. Some reach out in desperation when they are down. Sometimes they get out of a rut and ignore the hand that pulled them out. This is what happens when we look for Mohanji only in bad times and forget him in good times.

Again and again, we are pawns of the lower mind. Even passive-aggressive quirkiness is unsettling. Forgive and keep moving says our beloved Parabrahma. Everyone is evolving at their own pace. Judge not lest ye be judged. Our beloved Parabrahma is there 24/7. Are you? Let’s not delude ourselves. Consistency and conviction lead us within. Mohanji is equanimous. He is unaffected by ego.

People in our lives are not pawns. Every one matters. We all have good and bad days. So how can we recognise the vibration of truth that resonates so strongly in Mohanji’s words? It’s like connecting to the waves of an audible hum. An eternal hum that originates from deep inside us. But no. Phew. Some of us wake up with an agenda for our work and social media already in mind. Yes, we are ready to go at a drop of a hat. Go where? For how long? Why do we not balance life’s both short-term and long-term goals? Dare to develop consciousness with full awareness or clarity for our evolutionary growth in this short, short life.

Ask yourself honestly, did any of us wake up with thoughts of what can we do for the world today. Even better. What can I do in this beautiful Universe today? It’s time to expand our awareness of reality. Consciousness. Mohanji also said recently, it’s time to connect to my consciousness. Not to my picture or the frames. Stop. Look again.

The time for unity with our Consciousness is upon us. Pay attention to the speed of how fast life is happening to us and around us. Some may feel a sense of breathlessness. Some may feel the time in the day is too short. It’s time to tune into the wavelength of our intuitive senses. It’s time to connect to our loving guide in this life. Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji. No matter what the mind throws at you.

Remember it’s not accolades or titles that brought us here. Only Mohanji’s grace. Let us serve ourselves in ONENESS. The beautiful world awaits. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.

Love you eternally beloved Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji.



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Nine ways to connect with the Guru


By Shyama Jeyaseelan


Mohanji says, “The human mind needs forms to associate with. This is fundamental. It recognizes forms and connects to forms. Human constitution uses all faculties such as body, mind, and intellect to connect to the chosen form. And when the connection through faith increases, individual personality takes a back seat. The individual starts to merge with the object of worship. Non-duality happens. When oneness takes root, often the need for any of the individual faculties that the individual used for the primary connection also becomes redundant. Everything dissolves into oneness.”

In May 2018, towards the end of the Kriya Intensive programme and Volunteers Meet in Bosnia, some of us were sharing our experiences with Mohanji in the main satsang hall. Seated in a circle, heartfelt feelings and emotions were shared, all of us totally absorbed in Mohanji’s love and compassion. When it was my turn, I sang a bhajan that was close to my heart, one that I sing often at home to Mohanji. The words are simple yet so beautiful.

You are the centre of my life my Lord, You are the centre of my day

I open my heart to You and pray for Your grace

I feel the power of Your love my Lord, I feel the power of Your love

I open my heart to You and pray for Your grace.

Mohanji feet
The Guru’s feet

As I finished, Deviji who was also seated with us said with a lovely smile, “I am looking forward to meeting all the bhakti yogis in London soon.” A visit by Mohanji, Deviji, and little Mila was already planned to take place in August 2018 and we were all counting the days for their arrival with much excitement, looking forward to having them with us.

During their stay in London, many of us had the privilege of spending some time with Mohanji, Deviji, and Mila. So many beautiful moments, full of grace and joy, filled our days. Those few days flew by quickly and it was time to say good bye too soon. Afterwards, as I read the blogs and testimonials from others, I realised how each of us experienced Mohanji’s presence and love in our own unique way. We may have all been with Him at the same time during the same programme or event, but each one of us experienced Him according to our own constitution, perception, and eligibility.

During this visit, every moment I spent with Mohanji gave me a different emotion to the feeling of devotion. I recently read a beautiful article on ‘Nava vidha bhakti,’ the 9 forms of devotion, and realised that I had experienced these beautiful emotions and recognised them as such, purely because of Mohanji’s grace.

It is said that of the different types of yoga, bhakti yoga is the easiest way to reach the Lord in the Kaliyuga. When devotion and love for the Lord are pure, free from conditions, desires, and ego, transformation happens within. We become the instrument of the Lord. Through writing this article, I pray that my love for Mohanji becomes deeper and purer. May devotion fill my days and bring positive transformations within me.

The 9 forms of devotion which we feel and experience towards our Guru or God are shravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, paada sevanam, archanam, vandanam, daasyam, saakhyam, and aatma nivedanam.

1. Shravanam (Listening to the names and glories of God)

The first in the nine forms of devotion, shravanam is to listen to the divine glories of our Guru or God. As we listen and contemplate on His words, qualities, and divine plays, our mind merges with the thoughts of divinity. With easy access to social media, listening to satsangs, bhajans, and songs, seeing messages on whatsapp or Facebook were all tools for me to listen or read about Mohanji throughout the day. Listening to His teachings, seeing His messages and reading others’ experiences were all ways for me to connect to Him while being away from His physical presence. Planning His visit with the UK team was exciting and that itself was a satsang too. As I constantly listened and contemplated on Mohanji, love and reverence subconsciously grew and I also realised that these thoughts were purifying me in tangible and subtle ways.

As we cultivate a yearning to listen to His glory and teachings with faith, and as we practise what we have learnt, the act of shravanam helps us evolve in the journey of spirituality.

2. Kirtanam (Chanting the glories of God)

In the second form of devotion, kirtanam, one sings the glory of Guru or God with devotion. Whenever we recite or chant His name and sing His glory from the heart, we automatically become joyous; our hearts are filled with love, not just for our dearest Guru, but towards all those who are around us. Continuous chanting has the power to elevate us.

At the UK retreat, we had bhajans at the end of each day. Even if He was tired, Mohanji would stay and listen to everyone’s offering of love to Him, have a satsang with us afterwards, before retiring to His room. One of the highlights was to actually listen to Mohanji sing ‘Garuda Gamana’ with one of the devotees. We were all mesmerised, listening to His beautiful voice, giving such joy not only to the devotee He sang with but to all those who were assembled there.

Shyama singing a bhajan

One evening, we chanted the Sri Rudram in Mohanji’s presence. This chanting is done in praise of Lord Shiva and I was reminded of chanting it at the holy banks of Manasarovar and also during the parikrama of Kailash. Lord Shiva who was silent and majestic in Kailash had taken the form of the compassionate and loving Mohanji who was physically in the room with us.  Although thousands of miles apart, the innocence, divinity, and purity that I felt was the same in both occasions, and I felt so blessed to have Mohanji there with us while chanting. None of us wanted these evenings to end!

 3. Smaranam (Remembering God)

 Smaranam is the third form of devotion where one constantly remembers their Guru or God and His divine qualities. It is said that namasmarana, the constant chanting, and remembrance of the divine will help us attain liberation. Remembering and chanting the name of our loving Guru, remembering His compassionate form, seeing divinity in nature are all ways of remembering Mohanji’s presence in my life.

Shyama satsang
Satsang with Mohanji

Whether it’s chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, Healing Gayatri or singing devotional songs/bhajans, I feel that simply knowing/remembering that He’s always with me, keeps me connected to Him, making life the joyous journey it is. As faith and devotion increase, surrendering my actions to Him becomes second nature and from small miracles to large, I feel Mohanji’s presence throughout the day. As acceptance and patience increases, pain and suffering are greatly reduced and I am able to face life with equanimity more and more.


4. Paada sevanam (Serving the Lord’s feet)

In the fourth form of devotion, paada sevanam, one worships their Guru or God by surrendering all actions at His feet and serving Him. Recognising that a true Guru is connected to the supreme consciousness, worshiping the paaduka (sanctified sandals) is also a form of paada sevanam.

In the Indian tradition, people often refer to the Guru or God’s feet as paada pankajam (lotus feet), as they are described as soft and beautiful like the petals of a lotus. During this visit, we had the incredible opportunity of doing Paada puja to Mohanji’s feet. It was such a sacred event and all those who took part felt so blessed. Mohanji explained the significance of this sacred ritual and graciously allowed us to wash, decorate and do aarati to His feet. It was a dream come true, something many of us had yearned for but had not expected to happen.

Navavidha_Paada Sharanam
Guru Paada Puja

Bowing down at the feet of someone shows humility and lack of ego. As we bow down at the feet of our dearest Guru with an innate sense of surrender, we recognise His divinity and pray that He will grant us protection and lead us from the many bindings of life to freedom in existence.

5. Archanam (Worshipping God)

In the fifth form of devotion, archanam, one makes an ‘offering’ of love to their Guru or God. It may be ritualistic worship where food, flowers, and many other materialistic items are offered. It can also be singing bhajans, chanting the sahasranamam (1000 names), ashtothram (108 names) or doing aarati, which are all forms of archanam. When the rituals are combined with internal meditation and awareness, our hearts and minds are purified.



While Mohanji was in London, I had the opportunity to make some of His meals along with a few other devotees. Cooking is usually not my passion, but making food for Mohanji is a blessing I will always cherish. I can only imagine this would be how Yashoda felt when she made food for Krishna! Mohanji’s enjoyment of simple food is lovely to witness. The times I spent in the kitchen gave me such a close connection to Mohanji. Nothing else existed apart from Him. In those moments I was not a parent, wife, sister or daughter. There was no personality, just an amazing feeling of not existing as a person with ego, etc., but being an empty instrument for divinity to work through. This state of perpetual meditation which seemed beyond my reach seems a little closer to attain now, a state I should attempt to be in, throughout the day.

My archanam or offering while Mohanji was here in the physical form for a few fleeting days has enabled me to surrender and offer all my actions to Him even when He’s physically not present. Expressing our love for Him and connecting to Him with mind and heart, all our actions become sacred when offered at the feet of the Guru.

6. Vandanam (Offering obeisance to God)

The sixth form of devotion is reverential prayer, vandanam, to our Guru or God. Prayer is a language of the heart and when expressed with sincerity and love, it becomes an intensely personal process which elevates us.  There are many types of prayers; of gratitude, for the well-being of others, for peace, etc.

Prayers and chanting have become a part of life and I realise Mohanji purifies us in subtle ways when we undertake these actions with the correct intent. Whether it’s chanting, singing or simply talking to Mohanji in my mind and seeing answers to my questions or thoughts through someone or something, my faith in prayers has increased manifold. Whether it’s an internal dialogue or an outward expression, prayers make me feel more close to Mohanji. I share an incident here which showed me again He knows everything that we think, say or do, that we always live in the presence of divinity.

On the last night before Mohanji’s family left, I was feeling so sad. I sent a text message to the host family saying, “Tomorrow morning will be the last meal with Mohanji for a while.” I had not asked to help make breakfast as I knew someone else was bringing food in the morning but went to help with other things. Just a short time before leaving for the airport, Mohanji said, “Let’s have some uppma.” I thought He was joking as He knew someone was bringing breakfast and said, “Mohanji, are you serious?” He replied with a smile “I never joke about food.” As we rushed about in the kitchen with last minute preparations, I realised that Mohanji knew my thoughts and feelings and in His usual compassionate way, asked me to make something to make me happy. Always so caring and loving, He spreads joy in every possible way. That morning we had two different items for breakfast, blessed by Mohanji!

 7. Daasyam (Serving God as His servant)

In the seventh form of devotion, daasyam, one aspires to be of personal service to their Guru or God. With no sense of inferiority, one yearns to serve the Guru as well as His devotees. Only those who are trustworthy, truly humble and are not self-centred are given this boon and it’s amazing to see Mohanji’s interaction with such beautiful people. He’s so relaxed and happy in the midst of those who love Him unconditionally and serve Him selflessly.

Serving Guru in any way is a blessing of lifetimes
Serving Guru in any way is a blessing of lifetimes

Hanuman’s devotion to Lord Rama is a great example of daasyam. I have heard Mohanji speak of Hanuman with so much love and share here a story He narrated a couple of years ago. When Valmiki completed the epic Ramayana, Sage Narada who read it said that Hanuman’s Ramayana was better. Valmiki was not happy that a ‘monkey’ had also written a Ramayana and wanted to find out if it was indeed better.

Valmiki found Hanuman in Kadali-vana (plantain grove) and the Ramayana inscribed on the broad plantain leaves. Reading it, he found it to be exquisite and unable to help himself, started to cry. When Hanuman asked if it was that bad, Valmiki replied he was crying because it was so beautiful and no one would read his Ramayana once they read Hanuman’s Ramayana.

Hearing this Hanuman simply tore up the banana leaves and said, no one will read Hanuman’s Ramayana. You wrote it so that the world remembers you, but I wrote it so that I remember Ram.” Hearing this story of Hanuman’s pure love for Lord Rama in Mohanji’s mesmerising voice was simply amazing and it brought tears to my eyes.

Even now, when I think back to this moment, I feel so humbled to be a part of Mohanji’s family, receiving His love and grace, and pray that such intense devotion and purity wells within me too.

8. Saakhyam (Developing friendship with God)

In the eighth form of devotion, saakhyam, the devotee considers the Guru or God as their friend. An example of this is Lord Krishna’s childhood in Vrindavan. He spent the days playing with his friends and taking care of the cows. His friends would chase him while playing, massage his legs while resting and feed him food with love. Their love for Krishna was complete. Mohanji is also our true friend, who accepts us as we are, with no judgements or expectations, interacting with us with pure love.

In the loving embrace of Mohanji
Loving embrace of Mohanji

It is always a joy to see Mohanji relaxing at times, away from His back to back programmes. One evening after Mohanji had retired to His room, a couple of us were talking about a song that Mohanji really likes and we were listening to it on you tube.  The next morning while having breakfast, He started talking about the song as if He’d been there during our conversation! Then He asked us to play that song and started to sing along with Sonu Nigam (a famous Indian singer), His deep voice perfectly complementing the singer’s higher pitch. Very sweetly, Mohanji would explain the meaning of the song to me between singing the verses, as I was the only person there who didn’t understand the language. It was a privilege to see Mohanji’s carefree attitude and joyous singing. How blessed we are to have the eternal friendship of our Guru.

9. Aatma nivedanam (Total surrender of oneself to the Lord)

In the ninth form of devotion, aatma nivedanam, the devotee surrenders completely to the will of the Guru or God with no trace of ego. The devotee if completely filled with devotion, gains the knowledge of his true self and becomes one with the divine and all aspects of His creation. When we offer everything to our Guru with equanimity, we become His instruments, and the Guru takes complete care. He knows what is right for us, all we need is trust and full faith.

Mohanji Energy Transfer
Being Mohanji’s instrument – In the consciousness of Mohanji

Mohanji is a living example of simplicity and humility. He teaches us by being a true inspiration. Mohanji encourages us to serve with love and humility, not just those who visit Him or are in His fold, but all beings of the earth, to the best of our capacity. By cultivating love and serving the needy, we realise the existence of divinity in all forms.


Taking up one or a number of these paths to connect with our beloved Guru, understanding the path and following it with faith and consistency, we can make our lives purposeful and meaningful.  We become the pure instruments of the Guru, spreading unity, purity, and divinity to the world.

“Worshipping the Guru, considering him as representing the Lord Almighty or personification of the Lord is definitely the path of those who are inclined to Bhakti or devotional path of spirituality.”   Mohanji


1 Testimonial-Shyama



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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 – “A dream that transformed me”

mohanji on spirituality

Rakshitha Ananth shares a beautiful dream experience that was a wake-up call for her, in which Mohanji reiterates the importance of sadhana on this path of liberation.  Sadhana helps increase our devotion and through that our connection to our Guru remains steadfast. Enjoy this realistic story in our series: Mohanji Satcharitha – Chapter 6.

For more such stories, read the blogs on Mohanji Satcharitha – Chapter 6.

A dream, but not a dream

by Rakshitha Ananth

Mohanji says, “if there is no transformation in life, then there is no use in meeting Masters or listening to them. Inner transformation is the key.”

However, my dream is proof that it is not just physical presence, even a message conveyed in the dream can bring in transformation.

An understanding of my background and spiritual practices is a good place to begin. I was a very inconsistent practitioner, be it Kriya, chanting or meditation. However, I do like helping people and sharing the knowledge, whenever and however possible. So I maintain some Whatsapp groups where I share Mohanji’s messages every day. I also maintain a Facebook page to post positive posts. etc. I love to listen to stories of saints, read powerful books and blogs and watch documentaries, all of which keep me inspired. They help to keep the fire burning within me.

I was initiated into Kriya on Dec 12, 2016. I felt it was like a new life given to me after the initiation. But I did not practice Kriya. In the entire 1 year and 9 months, I might have practised Kriya only around 10 times. It reached a point where I almost forgot what I was taught. I attended the Kriya Intensive program in Bangalore in October 2018 and learnt the steps all over again. However, even after all this, I was not consistent. It seemed to be a challenge to sit down and do Kriya. I was able to complete 45 days of chanting the Mohanji Gayathri and 45 days of the Power of Purity meditation; but practising Kriya….. seemed difficult and I never could reason why!

A few weeks prior to the dream I describe below, I had watched Sant Tukaram’s movie and heard a soul stirring and  fulfilling discourse on Tukaram’s life. I prayed to Mohanji to bless me also with such unshakable devotion and that HE should guide me for the same. In short, I asked HIM “How do I increase my bhakti towards You? What can I do to have increasingly greater devotion to You? “

Mohanji speaks on when inner transformation happens

On 4th November early morning around 5 am, I had a dream. In the dream, I was with Mohanji in a tent like set up. It appeared there was a satsang of some kind, with people having their snacks and taking blessings from Mohanji before returning home. After all of them left,  only Mohanji and I were in that tent. It had few white chairs and a couple of tables. Mohanji was wearing His usual jeans and an orange jacket on top and had a black laptop shoulder bag with him. He was about to leave when I started having  this conversation.

Mohanji on dream state – it is very important!

I don’t remember exactly how it began, but within few minutes we were enveloped in an intense conversation where I was trying to convince Mohanji that I was doing good things and helping people and that I wish to do more. Mohanji counters this and says,

“What is the use? I am ready to give everything of mine to you? How will I ever get  the confidence that whatever I give you, will come back to me?”

I was shaken hearing these words at which point I was crying in the dream and in real life too! He continued saying,

“All good things that you do will add up to your spiritual bank balance. No doubt. But what that spiritual bank balance can give you is – to be born in a good family, to have good friends, a stable life, to get a guru and to have a path laid in front of you. But if you do not walk the path, what is the use? Your own sadhana is the only one that will take you further from here.  Else you will come back to the same point. And you have been at this point many times now.”

At this juncture I woke up from the dream crying in real as well and realised it was a dream, but I was in shock. This message touched me deeply and I  contemplated on it for a long time. Soon enough, I understood his words with greater clarity.

Mohanji’s QandA on Let this be your spiritual practice

As I write my experience, I am glad to say that I have completed 43 days of Kriya successfully, without a break. The message in the dream was strong; it felt like a kick in the back and I needed it, in fact  it was an urgent necessity.

Mohanji on moment

Now I have the answer. Bhakti intensifies only when our sadhana intensifies. Having only devotion is like watching a movie and getting emotional. It is doing sadhana that makes you feel alive and present in devotion. With Kriya, I have now added chanting twice a day, Hanuman chalisa once a day, aartai once a day at least, reading Satcharita on Thursdays etc. I am now happy and confident about myself.

Mohanji Arati

I now understand why sadhana is very important alongside involving oneself in numerous positive activities. Positive activities are great, they raise your vibration. But sadhana makes it more meaningful.

Thank you Mohanji. I cannot thank you enough and I am sorry for trying to convince you in the dream. The all knower you are, what is there to convince you about me? I am a small piece of dust at your feet and you are as huge as this cosmos itself. Nevertheless, I had no control over what happened in the dream. But the transformation is what matters most.

At your feet always!

Meeting Mohanji _ Rakshitha with Mohanji



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Fragrance of Devotion


Fragrance of Devotion

Written by Bless The World Family

Three albums were released~ Fragrance of Devotion, M and Mohanji Gayatri Mantra. These CDs are a collection of Aartis and Bhajans; written, composed, and sung by Mohanji’s devotees, expressing their deep love and gratitude for their beloved Master.

2nd June 2013, was marked as a memorable day indeed for the entire Bless The World family. The launch of first ever music album sung by the devotees of Mohanji, expressing their deep love and gratitude towards Him, which otherwise is so beyond words.

The journey began when during the Power of Purity meditation in Muscat, Nandita Singh, one of the BTW members (resident of Gurgaon) saw a vision of many people performing Aarti of Mohanji. Nandita kept this to herself on that day. Next day when she visited Mohanji again, Mohanji said “Aarti has been written by someone and is in Pune.” Nandita understood the message. The vision was then shared with others, and then there was no looking back. ONE STEP TAKEN BY A DEVOTEE WAS SUPPORTED BY THOUSAND STEPS OF THE MASTER.

Nandita Singh receiving a memento of appreciation of Inherent Selflessness from Mohanji. A shining example of In deep devotion and faith in Mohanji, she single handedly encouraged all untrained singers, music players and lyricists and produced these three albums!! A much deserved memento!

He paved the path and showered guidance at every step from there on. Within next 24 hours Harshini, another devotee had the Aarti written. This was unexpected for our human minds. Yet Grace and the devotee’s devotion failed the mind. We all then started looking around for singers and musicians. Word was spread over. But Master didn’t want to wait! Within minutes of spreading the word, one devotee ‘happened’ to visit Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Lodhi Road, and her attention was taken straight to the singer performing there.  She asked him, and he agreed to sing the Aarti. NO DELAYS! The first Aarti was sung and recorded over the mobile phone! Master’s plan had started to take shape in front of our physical eyes. This first Aarti created ripples in the hearts of many, and touched the devotion unexpressed in them.

Mohanji presenting Memento to Harshini Titra who has written lyrics for various songs in the Album~ Fragrance of Devotion

Looking back it seems this Aarti triggered many devotees and gave them the way and opportunity to express their otherwise indescribable love for their Master. All stored emotions oozed out and took shape of many more Bhajans. The GLOBAL BTW family came together; Master was simultaneously working through all. HE became the lyricist, the musician, the technician, the coordinator and even the producer. Suddenly all were empowered and one could just step aside and see the flow of this phenomenon in complete awe. Bhajans started to flow in from across the globe. Now we needed a professional studio with musician. This was meant to be much bigger than we thought. It was not just one Aarti, but a collection of many Bhajans, and definitely not just one CD. Our list of Bhajans was extending with every passing day.

We soon found a recording studio. Aartis and bhajans were recorded again, with lot of rehearsals and in professional supervision. Before we knew we were working on almost 3-4 CDs, including CDs in Mohanji’s voice. He graciously accepted our request of coming to the recording studio and gave His voice to chants. The CD is in the making.

Mr and Mrs Ranjan are not professional musicians but the feeling in their bhajans and aarti’s were so strong that it touched each and every heart present there.

The production and preparation was a zero tamas activity. There was no scope of delays as it was happening at a break neck speed. One technical challenge that we faced at the last moment was the production of the CDs. When the final songs were recorded and finalized, there were only four days left for the launch. We approached Moser Baer for the production and they agreed to give it in this short time. Usually their minimum time line is two weeks. But it meant that they had to be giving all the cover designs, labels, etc in few hours! Tamas was beaten to death and four CD cover designs and CD labels were made in just four hours and delivered to Moser Baer! This certainly is unheard of in the music industry! And again, the design work was also done in-house and was the expression of love and devotion for the Guru

What was next! THE LAUNCH of this ‘phenomenon’.

A historic event indeed! Three albums were released; Fragrance of Devotion






and Mohanji Gayatri Mantra.



These CDs are a collection of Aartis and Bhajans; written, composed, and sung by His devotees, expressing their deep love and gratitude for their beloved Master.

The guest of honor was Mr. Dipak Haksar, COO of ITC Group. The singers shone with bhakti by having live performances and Mohanji Himself gave satvic prasad from Madhuban to all. The event was further graced when Mohanji presented Mementos of appreciation for inherent selflessness to all the volunteers. It was a day of immense love, grace and celebration for all.

Mohanji and guest of honour- Mr. Dipak Haksar inaugurating the CDs

The day ended with million smiles, love flowing in every heart, and a deep sense of gratitude, however the events of the day tried their best to deviate us from it all. This was a special event, first of its kind, for every member. The entire family was working as ONE to bring it together. Be it the production of CDs, preparation of venue, organizing the prasaad, or managing the event on the day. Few members got together even a night before to prepare the small packs of incense which were given to the people as a small token of ‘fragrance of devotion’, to label the CDs, to run through the list of ‘to do things’. It felt like a wedding in the family 🙂 The morning of 2nd June started off well, the venue was dressed and decorated with flowers, musicians came, volunteers were all dressed in Indian attires adding to the flavour of the evening, singers rehearsing, with Master’s pictures in the background.

Singers rehearsing with Masters’ pictures in the background

The entire ambience was only to be felt, HE was in every atom in that moment, so visible. Then the physical form arrived, Mohanji reached the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time. From our experience of organizing events in Delhi, we knew there was a reason to this, too. He quietly went into the library of Sri Ramana Kendra (the venue) to wait for the event to start. People were walking in, volunteers welcoming them with tilak and a small pack of incense. All were seated, eagerly waiting for Mohanji to enter the main hall, when JUST THEN WE HEARD SOME BLASTS. One after the other and we had a sudden power cut at the venue.

The main electricity unit of the building had caught fire. Everyone ran to the unit and there was a sudden panic due to the fire. Mohanji was informed and He immediately walked to it, too. In the meantime the fire extinguishers from across building were brought in, and the fire was put to rest. Mohanji stood there, SMILING, almost GIGGLING, and we knew who did it 🙂

And then we witnessed one of the most amazing things of the evening, NO ONE PANICKED ABOUT HOW THE LAUNCH WILL HAPPEN WITHOUT ELECTRICITY. Everyone was calm and composed, and certain that the live performances will happen as scheduled without microphones, audiences will sit without fans and air-conditioning in the Delhi heat. And just then Mohanji announced that we will go ahead without the electricity and WE DID!

Everyone was calm and composed, and certain that the live performances will happen as scheduled…

Master has His own ways! With this incident, we cannot even comprehend what He removed from so many of us. His ways are beyond our minds, all we can do is have FAITH, Surrender to His Divine sports and allow ourselves to flow. Launch evening was the perfect example of this.

A historic event! Mohanji lighting the lamp, inagurating the Album Launch.

Even without the electricity we had the most beautiful evening of Devotion. Devotees sang from their heart, which needed no microphones and speakers to reach the heart of others. About 60 people took turn to perform Mohanji’s aarti, with loud singing from hearts, high beats of claps with tabla and harmonium, we all experienced an indescribable HIGH.

We had the most beautiful evening of Devotion. Mr and Mrs Ranjan composed and sung Bhajans for “Fragrance of Devotion”

We are certain that the lives of all those who are a part of this ‘phenomenon’ have changed. Bringing this collection together was no less than a miracle. None of these singers or composers or even the producers, had ever stepped into a recording studio in their lives before this. Their inspiration is Mohanji and their intention is to share with the world the joy and transformation they experienced through Mohanji. When the hearts were open, the words flowed, the music came, shy housewives sang, corporate officials turned writers; a group of novice not-even-musicians followed the call of their hearts and sang praises of their Master, every word expressing deep Gratitude and Love


Mr. and Mrs. Ranjan – Composed and sung Bhajans for ‘Fragrance of Devotion’, share one of their many experiences.

I was driving in my car to office, one and a half hours drive from my home in Gurgaon, when there was a strong urge to write and sing a Bhajan for Mohanji.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, my eyes closed, it was as if words started filling me. In just a matter of 30 minutes the words for the Bhajan were with me. I have never in my life written even a poem what to talk of Bhajan of three stanzas but here it was – ‘Hum Sabke Ke Pyare Mohan’.  I instantly knew that my desire was given words by some divine power – who else could it be but Mohanji Himself!

I had an old Hindi Bhajan and I found that the words given to me were fitting beautifully to that. I discussed with my wife Vibha and we decided to sing it. We thought the song came out quite well and we were eager to present it to Mohanji. Nandita then informed us that a CD of Aartis and Bhajans is being planned but that the music should not be a copy of any song; and it should be original! She then said just take Mohanji’s name and try new original music and it will come! Neither me nor Vibha are music composers nor we have that in us. But on being coaxed by Nandita we sat with the harmonium and there was an absolute miracle. The music flowed and in less than 5 minutes the Bhajan in its present form was before us! We were totally overwhelmed with emotions at Mohanji’s help!

It was a exhilarating experience to sing the Bhajan live in Mohanji’s Divine presence on 2nd June at the launch of the CD at the Ramana Kendra.

Arihant Gupta – Singer and Composer for the Album ‘M’, shares his journey of the making his debut album.

Mohanji gracing Arihant Gupta with his memento

Birth of “M “(Music Album of devotional songs)

There is so much to tell about the experience of working of our father Divine Mohanji with me that one finds it difficult from where to start. But I would like to start right from the beginning.

Our group of BTW family members in Jammu started our journey to Kud  ‘Mohanji’s Dham’ in J&K by passing through Udhampur, as Mohanji had to meet the children in ISKCON temple there. I had decided a long time back that I will seek my Guruji’s opinion regarding my deep interest in music so that He suggests me which path to follow, as my efforts were useless otherwise. Finally when we reached Kud and were sitting with Him next morning I got the opportunity and I told Him. To my surprise Mohanji’s response was so quick and positive that without even thinking or testing me for once He straight away asked me to create an album of devotional songs for BTW family and most importantly He had so much of faith and confidence in me about my capabilities which no one had, not even my own parents. Even though they always have been a big support but they also feared if I would be able to handle such a huge responsibility.

I was overwhelmed with happiness and the confidence my Master had in me. He also mentioned that in SIX MONTHS time the album will be finished and launched. Then every bit of detail, like number of songs and title of the album, source and matter for lyrics etc. were automatically taking place in the same manner.

Devotional songs to the highest consciousness in body, Mohanji. Everybody was inspired to express their love in new ways. Arihan Gupta singing a song from his album “M”

From there started the journey and Birth of “M”. I had my own bit of doubts that how everything will go and take final shape. But since my Master had so much of confidence in me I became fearless and started working on the album. I wrote the first lyrics and then composed my first song ”O gracious one” which gave me inspiration to work further. Despite such a busy schedule with my studies, I was working on this album with a lot of interest and many creative thoughts started knocking at my door. It was clearly visible how Master was working through me and managing everything. 

I would also like to mention that whenever my thoughts were clear and surrendered to Master only then His Grace would flow in me. At times when mind was occupied and I felt as if I was out of connection with Him, doesn’t matter how hard I tried nothing happened. It was only when my heart was clear and thoughts channelized that music, lyrics and different compositions came within me.

Subtle beings always feel divinity easily …and are happy to take His blessings always.

One of the most astounding of all experiences was of composing of “Hare Krishna“.  We had come back from Kumbh Mela and I had a strong feeling that something really big has to happen. The very next day as I was sitting in my room alone after dinner and trying to sleep, suddenly a thought to play guitar came in my mind. The lights were all off and as I connected with Mohanji and started strumming on my guitar something out of the world happened. I started chanting Hare Krishna, which had completely taken over me during Kumbh Mela and with my eyes closed I first experienced white light. The words and chords automatically started flowing and so did the framing of song structure. It is hard to believe that the whole song was composed and designed in just 15 minutes, which is impossible as compared with the quality of the composition formed.

I was speechless and in a state of complete bliss!!!

Then came the time of final exams in college and I still had five more songs to work on. I started getting restless and a bit hyper as to how the things will go further. But with my faith in Master, the things went so easily, comfortably and beautifully.

Finally the composition part was done and now we were left with recording the Album in studio, but unfortunately I fell sick and was hospitalized. Constant thoughts of completing the album were always on my mind. There also with divine grace of Mohanji I recovered so quickly, that everything happened on time once again. Soon we started with recording of my vocals and guitar. Since time for producing the CDs needed at least 5 days, we were running short of time. But with Mohanji’s grace and His presence all the time we were able to give music to all 9 songs in just 18 hours. On last evening I and Guna (our studio guy) started at 1pm and completed the work at 6am the next morning. I still remember that even after working the whole night I had so much of energy in me that I was completely fresh without any urge to sleep or rest.

As Mohanji was in Delhi at that time, I went to meet Him after completing the work. He had just taken his bath and came out the room, we both had an eye contact and smiled. He, with such humbleness and simplicity, asked me, ‘how did it go? Are you satisfied?’ I was overwhelmed with happiness, wanted to tell Him everything I experienced, but His smiled conveyed that He knew already.

My father told me once that I and your mother may not be there with you forever but one thing you must know, that you have your divine father Mohanji is with you and will always be there with you forever. 

Mohanji and Evergrowing Global Family blessing the world