Epitome of love

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I want to share my experience of meeting Mohanji for the first time. I have been with Mohanji since May 2020. To give a little background information, Mohanji visited Canada in 2018 during the Prana pratishta of the Shirdi Sai Baba idol at the Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada. I received an invitation at that time to come and join. It is said that Mohanji is the Master who finds you, rather than you finding him. However, I didn’t pay attention and lost that opportunity; I probably wasn’t ready to meet him. 

After a few twists and turns, I reached Mohanji through YouTube videos about Shirdi Sai Baba. I have been Baba’s devotee for many years. The first video that I watched was “How to Surrender to Shirdi Sai Baba” by Mohanji. Everything he said in the video got imprinted on my mind and deeply touched my heart. It felt as if I understood the true meaning of surrender for the first time. 

I watched a few more videos by Mohanji and shared one of the videos with a friend who had given me the invitation to the Prana pratishta in 2018. She told me that this is the same Mohanji about whom I told you two years back. I was taken aback as I realized that he was the Guru for me. With each passing day, the desire to meet him was increasing in intensity. 

Mohanji came in my dreams, telling me that he would come to Canada, but Covid kept on testing everyone. Finally, the good news came that Mohanji would come to Canada on the 16th of March, 2022. Now I was ready to receive my Guru. So many emotions were passing through my mind. While there was excitement and joy in meeting my Guru, there was also worry about whether I would be able to spend time with him to my heart’s content. Additionally, there was sadness that he would leave Canada within a short amount of time.

Thus, I poured my heart into a letter and placed it under his Padukas. Mohanji took care of everything so beautifully. Ultimately, the much-awaited day arrived. The night before, I couldn’t sleep in excitement. My husband and I took half of a day off from work to receive Mohanji at the airport. I want to add here that my husband has back issues and isn’t able to drive for very long. I live approximately an hour away from both the airport and the Datta Tapovan Ashram. The distance between the airport and the Ashram is also around an hour. 

Initially, the plan was to greet Mohanji at the airport and come back. Though my heart was not satisfied with that arrangement, I agreed, considering my husband’s health. An evening before Mohanji’s arrival, my thoughts went to thinking about how my birthday had just passed and how beautiful it would have been to cut my birthday cake with Mohanji holding my hand and me being his little daughter. After that, I thought, why couldn’t I celebrate it with him now! 

I spoke to my husband, and we ordered a vegan cake. Luckily, the bakery was able to prepare the cake for the next day, even at such short notice, but the truth is that when Mohanji is at play, anything can be done. Now, the bakery was in Brampton, close to the airport. We decided to pick up the cake on our way to the airport. Looking at my desperation, my husband offered to take me to the Ashram as well, despite his health issues. I was on cloud nine!

The next day, Sanjay bhaiya reached the airport early and told us that due to Covid restrictions, it would not be a good idea to come to the airport. Instead, it would be better to go to the Ashram directly. The point to be noted here is that Mohanji reduced my husband’s 3.5-hour drive to 2 hours. Now, the question was that I still needed to pick up the cake from Brampton, so I called a friend and asked her if she would be able to pick up the cake, but the bakery was far from her place, and she was already running late! 

I was in a dilemma, but out of nowhere, Manisha didi called to ask me what my plans were about coming to the Ashram. While talking to her, I realized that the bakery was just a mere 4 minutes drive from her place. On asking, she readily offered to pick up the cake. I was relieved; Mohanji was at work! After Mohanji arrived at the airport, he left for the Ashram, and so did we from our home. My younger daughter made a little drawing for Mohanji, which we forgot at home, and this made my daughter sad, so we went back to fetch the drawing. However, this caused us to get delayed. 

I desired to reach the Ashram before Mohanji did, but he had different plans. On my way to the Ashram, Alpa ji called me and said that Mohanji was tired, so we will cut the cake tomorrow rather than today, to which I agreed (probably, Mohanji was testing me). Now I got worried that if I got late, Mohanji would go for rest before I had the chance to meet him. That one hour felt like one year, and every single second took so long to pass. In my head, I was talking to Mohanji, and I asked him, “Baba (Mohanji), don’t you want to meet your daughter the way I am longing to meet you?” 

We finally reached the Aashram only to realize that Mohanji had already arrived and Mohaji’s Aarti was going on. As I saw Mohanji for the first time, Mohanji uttered, “Supreet has come! Welcome, Supreet!” I had a mask on, but somehow, Mohanji knew it was me. Here I was thinking of welcoming him, but he received me with so much love.

I couldn’t hold myself back and, like a toddler, ran to him and hugged him. My tears of joy refused to hold back. I held him for a good five minutes, and he poured immense love on me and instantly, I felt so contented as if I was longing for this contentment for many lifetimes. 

He didn’t stop here. We all went to the basement to eat dinner. Mohanji was upstairs, but he came down to meet all present there. He was standing with us and said, “You are coming for Baba’s abhishekam tomorrow.” Although that was not my plan, how could I refuse when your Guru says it with so much love.

While we were talking, Manjiri didi mentioned to Mohanji that there was a cake to cut. He said, “Bring it; we will cut.” I said, “Baba if you are tired, we can cut it tomorrow.” His answer was, “No, no. We will cut it now; cake is always welcome.” He fulfilled my inner wish. Mohanji held my hand, and we cut the cake together, just the way I wanted. I don’t have words to convey what I experienced. The joy, the bliss, it was all beyond words. 

The next morning, we reached Baba’s abhishekam around 5 a.m. I got the opportunity to touch Mohanji’s lotus feet. Yesterday, when I met him, he was a parent to me and today, he is a Guru to me. The question he asked me at that time was, “Are you happy?” I said, “Yes, Baba. Very happy.” Mohanji knows everything, and he fulfils our every wish. 

With a heart full of gratitude, I want to thank my Baba (Mohanji) for these amazing moments that I will relive all the time in my heart. Thank you, Baba. I love you so much. You are truly the epitome of love. 


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Unconditional grace & love

By Sonia Mayur, Muscat

I was part of Mohanji’s Birthday Chanting that went on from 23rd January until Mohanji’s birthday. It was my first experience of group chanting, and it seemed to have become a lifestyle for me. I looked forward to waking up and getting ready with a pure body and mind for the chanting.

The chanting was done by Mohanji Acharyas, and not even knowing or meeting personally with anyone, it seemed there was a deep connection. For sure, the connection was common, as we have one FATHER who connected us all with one single thread. All through, it felt as though I was a bead in this beautiful mala (garland) that Mohanji had brought together.

During the chanting sessions, I had so many experiences, which made me feel more deeply and unconditionally connected to Mohanji.

One experience that I want to share is of the unconditional grace and love that I received from Mohanji on his birthday.

On the day of Mohanji’s birthday, there was supposed to be a 24-hour chanting, and closer to the date, it was announced by Subashree Di that the chanting would happen on 24th February, as Mohanji’s birthday as per his star/Hindu calendar was falling on that date.

Subashree Di announced that a Google form would be shared, and whoever wanted to chant could fill in the slots.

I had always wanted to lead chanting, but being a shy person, I always feared speaking in front of people where I would be at the focus. This time I thought, “Let’s do it, and Mohanji will hold my hand if I shake out of fear.” Unfortunately, the slots during which I would have been able to do chanting got filled up so fast, and I was a bit disheartened.

The night of 22nd February, I kept praying and telling Mohanji how I wanted to do the chanting on his birthday and how I missed my chance because I was not proactive when the list came, and my fear overtook my decision.

I kept chanting the whole night to Mohanji, and his face was right there, crystal clear in front of me, and he was smiling all through. I kept thinking why Mohanji was smiling. Was there something he was telling me, and I was not understanding? Little had I known at that time that his unconditional grace was flowing upon me!

My chant was continuous all night with Mohanji’s strong presence along with me. I woke up at the usual time at 4:30 am Muscat time, thinking that the daily chanting would be going on as the 24-hour chanting had been moved to 24th now.

I never ever look at my phone when I wake up, leave alone put the Wi-Fi on. But that day, I did so while I was still in bed, and I was amazed to see many messages from Preeti Di, mentioning that she was going to start the 24-hour chanting at 6:00 am. It didn’t take me much time to understand that there had been some confusion, and instead of the 24th, the chanting was about to begin on the 23rd as scheduled.

I didn’t wait for much time and took a shower and connected, and all through, I just thought that this was what Mohanji’s smile was all about. The 24-hour chanting was about to be converted into a 48-hour chanting. It was all his leela but also all of Mohanji family, how each one of them connected and took this to ensure the chanting was happening nonstop.

It was a usual working day for me, but the hope of chanting on Mohanji’s birthday was still very strong. I was just waiting for the moment to arrive. I got ready for work and kept checking the messages on the group. Each and every slot kept filling up quickly, but at 12:30 pm IST, a message kept flashing that the slot of 1:30 pm IST was free if anyone was keen. I didn’t even think for a wink and typed “I will do it “.

My heart was pounding so fast just while typing that I would do it, and I wondered what would happen when I had to begin the chant. But I went with the flow and just surrendered to Mohanji, and I knew he would be there to hold my hand and walk me through this gracefully.

I immediately planned my exit from the office and went home to do the chanting session. My heart kept pounding, but there was some relief, as I knew Mohanji was holding me.

And it was my turn to begin, I just closed my eyes, and the light of the lamp and Mohanji’s picture on the altar gave me the courage to go ahead.

As I started chanting the mantra, “AUM SHATA SAHASRA SOORYAYA VIDMAHE, AVADHOOTAYA DHI MAHI, TANNO MOHANA PRACHO DAYAAT”, I felt a bit of heaviness right on the top of my head. I felt there was a hand on my head, and I even touched it to feel where the heaviness was coming from.

It was none other than my Mohanji who had kept his hand right on my head and was blessing me so I could overcome my life-long fear of speaking in public. The whole session just flowed gracefully, as I kept merging in his consciousness and kept feeling divine light all around me.

As I was nearing the close of my chanting, the hand was felt strongly on my third eye and filled me with gratitude, love and grace beyond words. I felt as if Mohanji granted me Shaktipat.
Beautifully, I closed the chant, folded my hands and bowed down to my Guru’s feet for the unconditional grace as he’d bestowed upon me this GIFT on the special occasion of his birthday.

When I finished, not only did the fear of public speaking vanish like it was never there, but the joy and grace my heart was feeling was beyond words.

In the evening, it was announced that there would be a session with Subashree Di for anyone who wants to wish Mohanji a very happy birthday and share their experiences. I attended it and fearlessly spoke to Subashree Di sharing my experiences since I met Mohanji and the two experiences that I’d recently had. I shared and spoke without any fear.

I can still feel the effect of the chanting on me and its impact on my dealing with the outside world and day-to-day life.

I really feel I got a new birth; I just felt so loved with so much blessing and grace that Mohanji bestowed upon me. I love you, Father, from the deepest of my inner self. I prostrate at your lotus feet for always being with me.


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Kalpataru Series – A birthday wish

By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Exactly a year ago….

It was exciting to book my flights to Serbia. The opportunity to see Mohanji again after a few months was a beautiful blessing. My plan was to volunteer during the Acharya training in October and return. While looking at the flights, my husband said that if I stayed a little longer, I would be with Mohanji for my birthday. It was a great suggestion and having managed to get a few more days of annual leave from work; we booked the trip to include the weekend retreat after the Acharya training.

This was my first visit to Serbia and how beautiful it was. All the wonderful ladies of Mohanji Foundation Serbia made me feel very much at home with their loving hospitality. Despite the back to back programmes and hectic schedules, they made sure I was comfortable, and well looked after. The Acharya training was intense and amazing. We were all so blessed with wonderful experiences with Mohanji.

There was a gap of a day to travel to the venue of the retreat after the training, and my birthday fell on that day. Therefore, it seemed unlikely that I would see Mohanji, but I couldn’t be disappointed as we had all been with him for more than a week, enjoying his loving presence with us immensely.

Following a long drive, we arrived at the beautiful hotel where the retreat was taking place. After helping the team to set up in the satsang hall, I went to my room to shower and rest. A little while later, there was a gentle knock on the door, and it was Monika asking me to join the rest of the team upstairs.

Unknown to me, through my husband and a fellow Acharya from the UK, the team had found out it was my birthday. To my utmost surprise, there was a cake organised for me. Everyone sang and wished me a happy birthday, and it truly was! The unexpected joy of having Mohanji, Deviji and little Mila coming into the room to wish me happy birthday was just awesome!

Having a loving hug from Mohanji on my birthday was so very special. After touching his feet with love and gratitude, I verbalised a prayer that I have made to Mohanji many times in my heart – “Mohanji, please bless me to love you more and more each day.” Placing his hand gently on my head, he said, “Tathastu!” (So be it). That wonderful affirmation from Mohanji, and the gentle touch filled with so much love, gave me immense joy. Often, words are not enough to describe our intense feelings, and this was one such magical moment.

While Mohanji was talking with the team about the preparations for the retreat which was starting the following day, and listening to the conversation flowing around me, I sat near Mohanji’s feet, totally filled with love and gratitude. A birthday wish fulfilled in such a wonderful way, will be cherished forever. Whenever I remember Mohanji’s single word of a powerful blessing and the gentle touch on my head, I’m filled with so much love, comfort and peace. It was a promise to my heart that he will always be with me.

My heartfelt gratitude to the Serbian team for making my visit so beautiful, to Deviji and Mila for all the memorable times, and to Mohanji for his loving grace which he showers on us all, fulfilling wishes, even the silent ones that we express to him in our hearts.


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Mohanji’s 55th Birthday Celebrations 2020

Mohanji’s 55th birthday was celebrated on February 23, 2020, in Sri Lanka. A group of about 100 devotees from over 15 countries assembled in Kataragama to celebrate. The day began with a visit to the famous Lord Murugan (Karthikeya) temple in Kataragama with the Mohanji family. Mohanji and the group were blessed with a special and sacred ceremony inside the temple.

The highlight of the day was the special satsang with Mohanji in the evening which was streamed live on social media for the devotees across the globe.

The evening began with a medley of devotional songs and chants that enlivened the entire audience. Seven new songs were released on this occasion by devotees from different parts of the globe.

In his opening remarks, Mohanji spoke about the importance of making one’s life useful to the world and working towards it, come what may. In his typical style, he kept the audience engaged with his easy wit and deep sharing of eternal truths.

Sulakhe Maharaj, the chief priest of the Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi was a special guest on this occasion. Sulakhe Maharaj spoke a few precious words about the importance of the Guru-disciple relationship and the significance of this particular group coming together for this satsang. He emphasized that the coming together of the people meant the unity of hearts in Mohanji’s love, grace, and blessings.

Devi and Mila joined Mohanji to receive a blessed shawl of Shirdi Sai Baba brought by Sulake Maharaj.  After the cake cutting, Mohanji met each person and blessed them as the evening wound to a close.

Mohanjis 55th birthday celebration in Sri Lanka 2020

Across the world, the devotees celebrated Mohanji’s birthday in various ways. Click on the links below to know more.
Best wishes to Mohanji for a wonderful and fulfilling year.
With love,
Mohanji Global Family

Mohanji Foundation Birthday Activities 2020

February 23rd was an eventful day globally as Mohanji’s devotees gathered together to celebrate his birthday with meditations, pujas, activities, and food.  Read on about the celebrations in different parts of the world.



People from around the globe celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with delicious vegan cakes! Check them out. We’re all looking forward to know the recipes!





On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, on Sunday, February 23rd, in Novi Sad, a group of people gathered to watch the recording of the satsang with Mohanji that was held in Sri Lanka the same day. Enjoying hot tea and vegan refreshments, people followed the satsang with immense pleasure. Satsang was simultaneously translated into Serbian by Mohanji Acharyas. After the satsang, the participants chanted the Mohanji Gayatri mantra 108 times, which was accompanied by Mohanji energy transfer that made everyone feel a sense of peace, contentment, and love.

Mohanji's 55th birthday in Novi Sad, meditation


The morning Conscious Walking was followed by feeding birds and fish.

Belgrade Conscious Walking, feeding birds and fish, Mohanji's birthday 2020

The evening program consisted of chanting the Mohanji Gayatri mantra and the Bliss of Silence meditation. The session ended with a delicious cake which was a gift from a dear guest.

Belgrade meditation, Mohanjis 55th birthday


At the meditation centre in Vrsac, Zoran Milisic had an exhibition of his photographs from Kailash where he had been with Mohanji in August 2019. There was a Power of Purity meditation attended by 15 new people and a short discourse about the Shiva Principle and what Mohanji represents.

Slike sa Kajlasa - Zoran Milisic, Vrsac, Mohandjijev rodjendan

The month-long celebrations included yet another Power of Purity meditation on the night of Shivratri, which was attended by another 15 new people. On the day of Mohanji’s birthday, Blossoms of Love meditation was attended by 10 new people.

Vrsac meditacija Moc cistote


Celebrations commenced on Sunday, 23 February, by watching a part of the birthday satsang that was streamed live from Sri Lanka. It was a happy moment for the newcomers who were hearing and seeing Mohanji for the very first time. The scheduled meditation was Bliss of Silence which was exactly the silence about which Mohanji spoke about in the satsang. Some people felt the blessings and presence of the great Master Mahavatar Babaji. Mohanji’s aarati was performed for the first time. All the participants showed respect and felt an even stronger connection with Mohanji. The participants lingered amidst laughter, talking and delicious vegan snacks prepared by the loving devotees.  To carry the beautiful memory home, each person was gifted a card with Mohanji’s quote and photo. People sat in a circle and lovingly read out the messages in the cards.

Mohanji's 55th birthday 2020 - Serbia - Subotica


The evening of 23rd February was spent cheerfully by the Mohanji Macedonian Family. The group enjoyed chanting Mohanji’s Gayatri and singing Mohanji’s bhajans. The program ended with a short meditation in which the participants felt gratitude for Mohanji, followed by aarati.  The evening concluded with a delicious birthday cake and sumptuous vegan snacks.

Macedonia - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


On Mohanji’s birthday, a half-day Acharya program was conducted by Helena Bjelaković and Izabela Jovović. There were a vegan lunch and a healthy vegan birthday cake made by Mirjana Manjaka for everyone after the program.

Croatia - Mohanji's 55th Birthday - ACT Hrvatska

The group watched the live stream of Mohanji’s birthday satsang from Sri Lanka.


During the birthday week, volunteers visited an old age home for Freedom meditation, quiz, and songs. Weekly PoP meditation was started at a new location.

On the 22nd, Mohanji’s birthday was joyfully celebrated with chanting the Mohanji Gayatri, Guru Paduka Stotram, bhajans, a dance about Lord Shiva, Mohanji’s birthday message, cake cutting, aarati, and vegan dinner. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful vibrations and Mohanji’s presence without presence.

United Kingdom - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration

On the 23rd, a sadhana morning took place in Mohanji’s consciousness with Kriya, followed by Blossoms of Love meditation with MET, listening to the Shivakavacham, satsang and a vegan lunch.


Finland celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with Bliss of Silence meditation, watching Mohanji’s live satsang and a delicious birthday cake. Everyone felt blessed to be a part of this celebration.

Finland - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration - satsang


In Denmark, a group of four people came together to celebrate Mohanji’s birthday, with one person being a first-timer. After a powerful Blossoms of Love meditation, the group watched the live stream of the satsang from Sri Lanka. The celebrations concluded with homemade vegan soup and birthday cake. The participants felt that it was a lovely afternoon in Mohanji’s Consciousness.

Denmark - Mohanji's 55th birthday-meditation


In Bjeljina, there was Blossoms of Love meditation and in Sarajevo there was Conscious Walking. The team in Bjeljina visited and gave donations to a poverty-stricken family too.

Bosnia - Mohanji's 55th birthday - charity, meditation and Conscious Walking



Different parts of India celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with a lot of love and enthusiasm.


A blissful Power of Purity Meditation was conducted in Bangalore on February 23rd for Mohanji’s birthday. 10 people participated in the program of which 2 of them were doing the meditation for the first time. This was followed by aarti, prasad, and lunch. The participants witnessed an “M” on the flames of the aarati.

One newcomer said that he had tears in his eyes while doing the meditation and felt very happy and peaceful post-meditation. He expressed a desire to attend more of such sessions along with his wife. Another person who almost dropped out of attending the program due to a tough situation at home was glad to have joined as it completely transformed her into a very blissful state.

Bangalore 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020


It was party time for the Chennai team during Mohanji’s birthday. 5 volunteers spent a fun-filled morning at a girls’ home on 23rd February. The program commenced with singing the Happy Birthday song for Mohanji. The children were then taught to chant Aum after which they were gradually led into the Freedom Meditation in Tamil. A volunteer then taught them a Bhajan which the girls sang beautifully. There was a lot of dancing and singing followed by an activity in which the girls learnt to make a keychain with wool.

Chennai 1- 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020

Mohanji’s birthday was also celebrated at the Chennai Sadhana Center starting with Adhanga Pooja followed by Bliss of Silence meditation, satsang, and aarati. Some of the participants felt Mohanji’s presence very strongly.

Chennai 2- 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020


Delhi ushered in Mohanji’s birthday with the Power of Purity meditation, Nirvana Shatkam, and Mohanji aarati, during the auspicious Brahma Muhurta (early morning).

Delhi Nizamudin- 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020


At another centre, Vikaspuri, in Delhi, Mohanji’s birthday evening celebrations began with a calming session of  Power of Purity Meditation, followed by  Mohanji’s aarati and Baba’s aarati.

Delhi Vikaspuri- 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020


In Hyderabad, Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated on 23rd February with a blissful session of Power of Purity Meditation.

A small team from Hyderabad visited the Datta Temple at Ganganapur in Karnataka near the Datta Paduka, and Mohanji pooja was done inside the main shrine.

Hyderabad- 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020


The Jammu team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday by conducting a havan ceremony and chanting the Mohanji Gayatri 108 times. It was followed by a satsang and bhajans and concluded with Mohanji’s aarati.

Jammu 1- 55th Mohanji's birthday 2020

An article was published in  Jammu’s newspaper on Mohanji’s birthday.


Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated in Kerala by doing Archanas (worship) at various temples and also chanting was done at the Shirdi Sai temple, Palakkad, Kerala.


Kolkata Team celebrated on 23rd February, starting with the Guru Stotram, 108 times chant of Mohanji Gayatri, and a session of Power of Purity Meditation. This was followed by the Guru Paduka Stotram and aarati. Everyone relished the delicious birthday cake.

Kolkata - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


Birthday celebrations took place at Siddheshwar Mahadev temple, Palghar, Maharashtra. The program conducted by Mohanji Acharya Hemkant Pagdhare, commenced with Mohanji aarati and Dattatreya aarati followed by chanting the Mohanji Gayatri 108 times with Manas puja.  There were a total of 5 participants.  After prasad and refreshments, the noontime  Mohanji aarati was performed followed by PoP meditation and some experience sharing. The program concluded with feeding fish.

Maharasthra - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


Mumbai team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday in 2 centres – Malad and Mahim. At Malad, the Power of Purity Meditation was followed by aarati and cake cutting ceremony. At Mahim, Maha Mrityunjaya jaap was conducted for Mohanji’s good health,  followed by aarati, and a birthday cake.

In the evening at Matunga, Maha Mritunjaya jaap was chanted for Mohanji’s good health, followed by Mohanji’s aarati. Mohanji’s live stream of the satsang on his birthday was enjoyed by all. After the satsang, everyone relished the birthday cake and vada pav along with some sweets as prasad.

Mumbai - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


In Odisha, Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated at Taponga. Freedom Meditation was done with 30 multiple handicapped children. And also the Power of Purity meditation was conducted with 24 leprosy patients.

Odisha - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


The Pune team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday with Freedom Meditation, followed by chanting and aarati.


The Shirdi team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday in a Zilla Parishad School at Sakori. Freedom meditation and chanting were done by the kids of the school. The kids had beautiful experiences during energy transfer, and the teachers felt Mohanji’s presence very strongly.

Shirdi - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated in Qatar with meditation and Mohanji Energy Transfer.

Qatar - Mohanji's 55th birthday- meditationjpg


Singapore team celebrated Mohanji’s birthday at the picturesque location of the Botanical Gardens. The day started with Consciousness Kriya followed by Conscious Walking and Blossom of Love Meditation. The morning energy was so powerful and fulfilling.

A group of twenty people suddenly joined the participants for the birthday cake cutting. A few pigeons were fed with a delicious cake. The group then went on to feed the turtles, swans, fishes and more birds. It was a big party for many people, making everyone so joyful.

Singapore-Mohanji's 55th birthday



Various centers in South Africa celebrated Mohanji’s birthday on a grand scale.


Mohanji Centre: Randburg

On the very special day of Mohanji’s Birthday, the ‘Heal from Within’ program was conducted by Sameera Khan, Mohanji Acharya. The program began with a presentation on Frequency and Healing. It was then followed through with a short session of light traditional yoga while sitting before going into the Power of Purity meditation.

The events concluded with a live Youtube stream with Mohanji from Sri Lanka, aarati and a vegan cake.

Randburg - Mohanji's 55th birthday- Acharya program


The whole place was permeated with love as the devotees gathered at this beautiful home called Mohanji Centre-Centurion in South Africa. The atmosphere was of holiness, gratitude, respect and of heart-centredness,  as the group joined together in celebration of Mohanji. It was an extraordinary day with the guests enveloped in scintillating higher energies enhanced by live music and the sweetest of songs honouring Mohanji. A satsang by Mohanji Acharya Ami Hughes was welcomed and deeply appreciated by the guests. After lunch, a Paada Puja was done.  There was a delicious vegan cake that was enjoyed by all.
Centurion - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebration


Celebrations of Mohanji’ birthday commenced with the 6 am aarati. A refreshing session of Conscious Walking followed at a park. In the morning, though the park was closed, a guard came and opened the gates unexpectedly for the participants. It was felt as if Mohanji gave the group an opportunity to experience Conscious Walking at the park.

Ladysmith -Conscious Walking - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebrationjpg

Vegan cakes were prepared for Mohanji. The program began with Mohanji aarati, and then cutting the cake by a little boy called Ariv, who shares his birthday with Mohanji.  Ariv offered a piece of cake to Mohanji’s photo, and after a few seconds said, “He ate it”.

Ladysmith - Mohanji's 55th birthday celebrationjpg

All gathered to enjoy the offerings to Mohanji and soak into the beautiful teachings by watching Mohanji’s live satsang.


Dattatapovan Ashram, Durban

Mohanjis birthday celebrations extended over a few days at Mohanji Dattatapovan Ashram in Durban, South Africa. It was a spectacular event that brought devotees together with the joy of oneness with Mohanji’s consciousness.

The birthday celebration commenced with Shivarathri on Friday, with 12 hours of continuous chanting of the Maha Mritunjaya mantra while performing a special homa. The honorable minister of South African Parliament Shamim Rajbansi, who has been deeply connected to Lord Datta and following Mohanji, was present on this occasion. She has been very impressed with Mohanji’s teachings and hence been very supportive in various projects such as Shirdi Sai temple and Mohanji lifestyle village.

On Saturday evening, ‘Rhythm of Mohanji’ concert consisting of soul-soothing bhajans was rendered by a local artist.  The artist had many experiences in the ashram. Even though he visits so many temples, at this ashram he felt immense peace and did not want to leave the place. The artist’s Guru also unexpectedly joined him. His Guru also felt immense energy when he was offered a tulsi mala that was placed at Mohanji’s feet. He later described how this surge of energy moved through his body and how he had goosebumps and his hair stood on end.

Individuals then started chanting Mohanji Gayatri mantra from 6pm Saturday night till 6pm Sunday night continuously for 24hrs.

On Sunday, on Mohanji’s birthday, the group performed Shri Dattatreya sahasranam, Mohanji Guru Puja, Mohanji padam puja, and Guru Gita – Shri Maha Mritunjaya – Shri Narashima – Shri Pratangira protection homa and ended the puja with Mohanji aarati.

A beautiful vegan cake baked by a resident ashram devotee was cut in Mohanji’s honour and everyone sang for him. The programs concluded with Shirdi Babaji aarati.

Many new people connected with Mohanji and many people increased their connection over Mohanji’s birthday celebrations. Everyone got together and truly worked hard as a single-family. Devotees from Johannesburg and Newcastle also attended the celebrations, creating an increase in harmony and oneness.


Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated by distributing food to the homeless. There was also meditation, chanting and satsang held at the Centre. A  beautiful cake was cut and concluded with the aarati.



Mohanji’s birthday celebrations started on Friday, February 21st, with a beautiful program for children at an elementary school in Washington DC.  The kids sang the birthday song and did artwork as they fully had fun and laughter complete with cupcakes and goodies. Mohanji’s dear and beloved followers and Music and Art teachers, Benjamin Sands and Kimberly King organized the program.

elementary school in Washington DC - Mohanji's 55th birthday

Later that day, Maha Shivaratri was celebrated with all-night vigil, in lively prayer, chanting, bhajans and offerings of the ritual abhisekam 4 times during the night, in Virginia.

Completely energized with prayers all night long, the group continued with an HSTY session in the morning, followed by cooking some mixed vegetable rice and a hearty soup and bringing it to a nearby shelter with some bread, fruits, and juice.

Washington DC - Mohanji's 55th birthday

A very intense and highly energized Power of Purity meditation was conducted on the evening of Feb 22nd. Basking in the beautiful and powerful presence of Mohanji, the team celebrated his birthday with cake cutting and dinner.  As the group was enjoying the magnificent and abundantly blissful and auspicious aura of Mohanji, he acknowledged and thanked the team for the wishes through a text message.

As the meditation was completed in Virginia, a message was received from North Carolina that they simultaneously conducted the PoP meditation there, and the room was filled with a divine fragrance.

Celebrations all around the US included the Freedom Meditation in New York, PoP meditation in Michigan and New Jersey, Freedom Meditation in Florida, PoP and Freedom meditation in San Francisco.

Washington DC 2- Mohanji's 55th birthday

Mohanji’s Birthday Celebration in Connecticut

A meditation activity was conducted at the local Hindu temple on Feb 23rd, 2020. The volunteer conducted the Freedom meditation using the transcript and the 60 people of which 30 were children, sat quietly and enjoyed the short meditation session.

USA-meditations- Mohanji's 55th birthday


The joyful occasion of Mohanji’s birthday was celebrated with hearts expanded with love ️ and lots of gratitude and birthday wishes to Mohanji. The team celebrated with Paduka Pujan (Holy Feet Worship) and vegan cake cutting.

Canada - Mohanji's 55th birthday-puja


On the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday, there was Conscious Walking in Melbourne, Australia.



There was a stream of new songs offered by devotees that filled the air with devotion and bliss.
Mohanji’s Aarati in Tamil by Madhu’s mother from Mumbai
Mohanji’s Aarati in Marathi by Mahesh from Canada
Datta Aarati by Sanjay from Canada
A song by Sudha & Kirti from UK
A song by Sonia from Australia
Two songs by Ulla from Denmark.
From Neelu and Jyoti
Wishing  MOHANJI a very happy and blessed Birthday. A humble offering from Neelu and Jyoti on this happy occasion.
“I  want to share a beautiful experience with you all. I was preparing a song for Mohanji to dedicate on Mohanji’s birthday and it was almost done but at the last moment my recordist’s mother expired and the song could not come up. I was praying to Baba for direction yesterday as I was a little disappointed and within 15 minutes with his grace he made me write down the lyrics of the song “Mere Mohan Mehar Kar” and thanks to Neelu who volunteered to make the video on such short notice. It is amazing, we often take doership but actually, it is he who is doing everything.”
Jyoti Bahl

From Kirti, Rakesh and Sudha Thakur UK

This bhajan is a heartfelt tribute to Mohanji on his birthday 23rd Feb 2020 with love at his lotus feet.

From Ulla Bernholdt

From Sonia Gandhi

Here is yet another devotional song by our Sonia Gandhi that was offered to Mohanji on his Birthday and enjoyed by the audience present at the function.

Birthday offering at the lotus feet of Mohanji – a poem from Sudha Thakur, UK:

Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan

Chitta Mohan Tan  Mohan
Karta Mohan Karak Mohan
Bhav Sagar Se Tarak Mohan
Sthit Mann Mein Mann Mohan
Mere Mann Ka Mann Mohan

English translation :

My Heart’s joy is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
Consciousness is Mohan, Body is Mohan
Doer is Mohan, Done is Mohan
From the Ocean of life, the Liberator is Mohan
Resides in my heart, the joy Mohan
My heart’s joy is Mohan

A very Happy Birthday to my dear Mohanji

From Sneha Sadya



With lots of loving wishes to dear Mohanji.

Mohanji Foundation


Truth – From darkness to light with Mohanji

Truth of Darkness to Light With Mohanji _Mohanji Quote

By Lisa Q, UK

“Happenings happen through time and space

Everything is happening through you.

We all happened.

This moment in time is happening.

There is a lot of happenings happening.

This is how the whole play works in the Universe.

We feel we are making decisions but what decisions can we make?

Because choices are very limited between Yes or No.” Mohanji 

This is our beloved Gurudev Mohanji’s teaching and this is exactly what happened on the 23rd of February 2019 on His birthday. I surrender my every word on what happened on His holy birthday at my Gurudev’s feet. With this intense experience, everything changed inside and a new beginning happened. Using ‘I’ or ‘my’ is just to explain all these details, but in reality there is no ‘I’ left anymore.

Truth of Darkness to Light With Mohanji _Lisa
In Your light Mohanji, there is no more existence of “I”

 Since Mohanji happened to me, almost every single moment, every single day is a miracle. A lot of shifting happened, severe blockages were removed through healing, unconditional love happened, acceptance happened, realisations happened, but also negativity happened, which I constantly kept ignoring within me. A huge amount of ego happened inside me with lots of expectations, but finally Mohanji’s unconditional love and light showed me the way so smoothly and gave me lessons from within. There is nothing higher than unconditional love and nobody could be more important than the Guru, because Guru is Parabrahma.

 Supreme Consciousness is truth and purity.  The more we are able to surrender completely to that Consciousness, the more we will be free from all darkness. And indeed without Guru, we will not be able to cross this huge ocean of life. With Guru’s blessings everything is possible, it doesn’t matter how impossible it may seem. Without His blessings nothing is possible, it doesn’t matter how small we think something is, at least, not for me. I bow down at your lotus feet Gurudev Mohanji, because without your support and unconditional acceptance, I would not have been able to realize that how many things may look very simple, but in reality they could be a huge trap of the mind.

Truth of Darkness to Light With Mohanji _ALtar

 So, let’s start-up,

On Mohanji’s birthday I had planned to go to Subha didi’s place to join the UK team to celebrate His birthday. I had even planned which dress I was going to wear and which song I would be singing. But again, which decisions can we make? Divine plan was different for me and I was totally unaware what was going to happen, my inner transformation through the following experiences.  

A few days before the birthday, when one of my friends asked me to go to Skanda Vale with her, I happily agreed because Skanda Vale is always very special for me. We wanted to go on the 16th of February, but there was no accommodation available, so she booked us for the 23rd of February. When she called me about the change of dates, without a second thought, I said yes. Later on I realized that it was Mohanji’s birthday on that date and I had completely forgotten. It was too late to say no as the as the accommodation was booked. I was sad but I surrendered and said to Mohanji that may be this was predestined, but it’s ok. It was beyond my imagination that what kind of intense experience I will face within the next few hours.  

I need to mention here that I had been fighting with my inner darkness and felt completely helpless with that energy for a couple of weeks. I mentioned this to Mohanji and He said,

“Everything will be fine. Do not worry and I am with you.”

But when we are drowning in the dark energy field, most of the time mind/ego becomes so big that we cannot even recognise that. That is exactly what happened with me. I was restless but kept asking for help and stayed connected to Mohanji, as I knew when He said everything will be fine, it will be. Each word from Mohanji is so powerful and I had complete faith that it doesn’t matter how much darkness I feel inside me at this moment, my Gurudev will never fail me.

 On the 23rd of February,

We went to Skanda Vale, though I was very confused with many of fears and anxieties. What will happen if an accident occurs along the long drive, would it be very cold there, we have a small baby to carry with us (only 4 months), would this trip be successful etc. As these kinds of thoughts came across my mind, I wanted to call my friend to cancel the trip, but I surrendered my fears to Mohanji and prayed, waiting for His guidance. On the 22nd, I got confirmation telepathically that I should go ahead with the trip and it was a big relief for me. I asked my friend if we should buy a cake for Mohanji’s birthday so that we could offer it at the temple, but she said she will bake a blueberry cake and I agreed.

 We reached Skanda Vale so smoothly and safely, without a single hassle. When we reached there, first I said, “Thank you Mohanji for making this journey so smooth, but now we want to offer your birthday cake to Maha Shakti and Lord Dattatreya. Please help us.” We went to the Shakti temple for the evening puja and I mentioned to one of the monks there, “Today is Mohanji’s birthday, we have brought some cake and would like to offer it to Maha Shakti and Lord Dattatreya.” He was very happy and agreed to do so. It was fully packed with so many people that evening and when the Maha Abhishekam started, there was bhajans as usual. While singing, they took some cake and mixed with the other prasad and distributed to everyone. I felt so very happy and gave thanks to Mohanji and Maha Shakti for fulfilling my wish. Then a monk came to me and asked if I could cut the cake and give a big piece so that they could offer it to Lord Dattatreya. I felt so shy and requested him to cut the cake, but he insisted that I should. So I did and even blew out a birthday candle as if it was my birthday cake. I gave him a big piece of cake and it was offered to Lord Dattatreya.

Truth of Darkness to Light With Mohanji _Cake Offering
Offering Birthday cake for Mohanji

My wishes were fulfilled and I was very excited about it, but somewhere inside my mind I was not completely happy. Afterwards, we returned back to our cottage and slept.

 On the 24th of February,

I had no plans for the day after Mohanji’s birthday, but I was not happy inside. We couldn’t attend the Shakti puja in the early morning, but went for the Ranganatha temple puja later on. I sat in front of Lord Vishnu and as the puja started, closed my eyes. Inside my heart, I was screaming with so many questions…. Why is my Gurudev physically away from me, why do I not have the qualities to stay with Him physically, why am I so helpless….. There were lots of “Why,” and I cried a lot. Then we went to the Dattatreya temple and I felt Mohanji‘s physical presence there. Suddenly I was happy and shared with my friend that this was the place we were together with Mohanji when He did Lord Dattatreya’s Pranaprathishta and how magical that day was. It seemed impossible for me to join that auspicious day with Mohanji, but He made the impossible possible in an amazing way.

 After the Ranganatha puja we came back and waited for the Muruga puja to start. My head felt very heavy, as if I was drunk. At 1.30pm, the Muruga puja started and as we started chanting mantras, I started to feel very hot despite the cold weather. When the congregation started singing, I started singing very loudly and dancing. I started shaking, there was a burning sensation in my spine and I started sweating. Suddenly, as I looked at Muruga, I felt as if I was not there in my body, and felt Mahavatar Babaji’s presence. Although I didn’t see anything specific, I just felt his presence. Then I heard the voice of Guru Subramaniam saying, “Come to me and sit in front of me. Play Kaali Kavacham and Shiva Kavacham and meditate.” As I came back to my body, I felt disorientated and didn’t recognise where I was for a few moments. All of a sudden I felt something leave me and I felt very energetic, even my friend noticed and said that I looked full of energy. I asked her to come with me after lunch so that we could go to Guru Subramaniam’s Samadhi, as this was the first time he had called me.

 We had our lunch and I rushed to go to the Samadhi. We went there and I bowed down, offering my love and respect to him. Then I played the Kaali Kavacham and Shiva Kavacham and meditated.

Truth of Darkness to Light With Mohanji _Meditation at Guru Samadhi
Meditating at Guru Samadhi

After a few moments I realised that again I was outside of my body. As I opened my eyes, I saw that I was inside Guru Subramaniam’s Samadhi! I quickly touched my forehead on his feet and saw a bright light in the middle of his heart. I wasn’t sure what to do next, but gradually settled down and said, “Guru, you know everything about me and how powerless I am. I cannot stay with my Gurudev Mohanji nor am I able to serve Him properly. Why am I so powerless?” He started to speak very sternly, but with pure love and said, “You are not powerless, you have the highest power inside you.” I was so amazed to hear this. Then he said, “Why do you think I called you here? I only called you here because of that power which is burning inside your heart and that power is your LOVE for God and your PASSION for God. From now on never say again that you are powerless. With that power you can shake anything, even God too.” He blessed me and said, “Light a lamp on the top of my Samadhi,” and at that moment I returned back to my body. I lit two candles as instructed, chanted the Mohanji Gayatri mantra and made 9 circumambulations around Guru’s Samadhi. I sprinkled my hands, face, hair, chest and navel with the water from Guru’s Samadhi and drank some water from the Shivalingam there.

 By this time it was almost 6pm, so we went to the Shakti temple for the evening puja straight from there. I sat down in the temple and started chanting the Kaali mantra. When I closed my eyes it was as if there was nothing left in this world. The puja started, we did chanting and singing. I was looking at Ma and kept calling her within me, “Ma… Ma… Ma.” After a few moments, an amazing vision formed in front of me. It was really strange, and I have never had this kind of experience ever before. I saw my body slowly starting to expand; it became so very big that when I looked down I saw all the monks and other people looking like little puppets. It felt strange to observe them, as if it was a puppet show and I was watching the small puppets performing a holy play. Then I saw another vision, they were offering me a crown, lots of gold and new clothes. Very beautifully, they were decorating me as a new bride. Then all of a sudden, I was in my body again and when I looked at Ma, she asked me, “Where is the separation?” I said, “Ma, there is no separation between you and me. You are inside my heart and I am inside you. No separation at all Ma.” I felt so joyful and after the puja finished, we came back to our accommodation.

 That same night, Mohanji came in my dream. Actually, this was not a dream; it was another dimension of life. Initially I saw a small monster which slowly became bigger and bigger and finally so huge and it was trying to capture me, but certain divine forces came and destroyed it. After it was killed, I took a shower. After a few moments, I suddenly saw Mohanji sitting at a very special place and asking someone, “Where is Lisa?” I was nearly there and said, “Gurudev, I am here.” He looked at me and smiled. Then I went near and sat down beside Him and Mohanji said, “Tell me, what do you want from me?” I touched His feet and said nothing, and we sat there together for a little while. When I woke up, that feeling was still within me. It was more real than His physical presence. And I felt that everything had changed within me. A huge shift had happened to me with all these confirmations that there is no separation. We are all One Consciousness and that is the TRUTH. Until now, this truth was a theory to me but now I am able to realise what actually Mohanji says about Alignment. All these experiences were so intense and real that nothing can shake my trust in Mohanji anymore.

 The next day was the last day at Skanda Vale and Ma said, “Before you leave, come to me.”  We went and on the way to the Shakti temple, when we were standing in front of Guru’s Samadhi, the candle I had lit was still burning and my happiness had no limits. The burning candle was a symbol of my love for my Gurudev Mohanji!

 We returned to London with the bliss of silence and only I knew how big this experience was for my small logical mind. This whole experience was beyond any imagination, without any expectations and when I shared all this with Gurudev Mohanji, He told me that all these experiences were TRUE and that I must write them down in detail and chew it at leisure as a cow does and digest it with time.

Some experiences should be digested with time.

And I think I will need a long time to digest these huge amount of experiences.

I bow down at your lotus feet Gurudev Mohanji and the entire Guru Mandala for bringing me from Darkness to Light and giving me the realisation about ONENESS.

Truth of Darkness to Light With Mohanji _Lisa getting Shaktipat
At Your feet for ever!

 Jai Mohanji!


“The mission of every guide on Earth is to lead a generation and beyond to the light of truth. Truth is very simple – YOU ARE THAT. You are the imperishable, immovable, colourless, formless, self-illuminating, brilliant entity that exists beyond time and space.” — Mohanji


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A Different Dimension of Mohanji

Written by Biljana Vozarevic

Mohanji i Bilja FB 3

On 23rd February is Mohanji’s birthday and a very auspicious day for selfless actions, charity, helping the needy, then spiritual practices, prayers, chanting and connecting to the Highest. This Friday, like every day, I fed my flock of pigeons in front of my balcony first. I poured a few kilos of wheat. About 30-50 pigeons happily flew down to have breakfast, wheat grains.
The day before, I was happy to hand over the last full car boot of clothes out of three to Adriana, for ACT Serbia clothes and food donation activity in Petrovac na Mlavi. I am grateful to all my students and parents from „Speak Up“ school who donated their clothes or the clothes which their children had overgrown. You really did a great job.
Before this day, I thought how I would be busy with classes in two shifts, morning and afternoon until late at night and in between with making a cake for my son Vukasin’s 15th birthday celebration which was to be on Saturday. His birthday was on Wednesday but we were preparing for the Saturday celebration with his friends. No place for silence, spiritual practice, chanting, prayer, I thought. “That’s life“ I was consoling myself, “I must be practical.“ So I appreciated the day as I expected it to continue.

However, how the day continued was totally unexpected.

I had one morning class and was waiting for the next one. The student didn’t come.

I had time to go home and prepare the cake. Immediately after that, I squeezed in some moments with myself and focused on the best wishes for Mohanji’s birthday. I wanted to write a poem, and there it came! Just flowed out of me. Here it is:

Happy birthday Mohanji - poem by Biljana Vozarevic

I managed to write it in a few minutes but didn’t have time to make a poster. “I’ll make it tonight, I thought.“ And I did. I rushed to school and, unbelievable but true, I managed to arrive in the nick of time. I took off my jacket, unpacked my things, to find out that my hands were dusted with fragrant white-greyish flour-like powder. Oh, Gosh, my vibhuti! The sacred ash spilled all over the pocket in my bag.

Mala, vibhuti
Out of several things, I have kept mala in the pocket, too.

Don’t misunderstand me. It did not materialise out of thin air. This vibhuti had been in a well folded little plastic bag and then wrapped in its paper wrapping. I got it when I first went to India in 2011. I had kept it there all the time and it had been safe for 7 years. But after so long, untouched and with the wrapping undamaged, now, like ceremoniously thrown confetti on a celebration, it was all over my bag pocket. How did it happen? I didn’t know. I remembered that maybe Mohanji was playing with me. I took and ate some I also put some on my crown chakra. Cheers! I said to Him silently, within. Happy birthday! I feel Him very close to me.


Then I sat to start with classes. The student didn’t come. “Wow, I have time now to sit quietly and enjoy the silence and prayer, chanting,“ I felt, relieved.

An hour passed. I waited for the next student.

The next student didn’t come, either.

Good heavens! I sat and used the second hour for sitting quietly and enjoying the silence and prayer, chanting. I was melting in bliss, my eyes welled up with tears.

After the second hour, and in total, the third empty class that day, I really felt I managed to use the day for what my heart longed for – it was not hectic  and I was not turned to external world all day as I had thought I would. I was gifted something precious. Later on my classes continued regularly until late at night.

There have been too many coincidences here to be usual sequence of events. I know Mohanji took part in it and blessed me with His presence, showing me even physically one of His different dimensions, His presence in a totally different, but for me easily understandable way.

Dearest Mohanji, I love you sooo much. You love everyone who connects to You and in spite of numerous devotees, nobody stays unattended.



The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Mohanji’ Birthday – New birth for all of us!

Mohanji’ Birthday – New birth for all of us!

Written by Shashank Jaitely


 February 23 was Mohanji’s Birthday. It was celebrated at Shirdi, in the lap of Sai Baba.

                                         Shirdi temple

The day started with attending Kakad Aarti at the Shirdi Sai Temple. It was wonderful and electrifying atmosphere with Sai chants and aarti reverberation. Mohanji was feeling at home and after the aarti, took everyone around the temple and explained every corner of the place.  The first place to be visited was Baba Samadhi. He explained to us that Baba had promised, “I shall be active and vigorous even from the tomb,”.

After attending the aarti, we visited Gurusthan. The first thing that caught our eyes at Gurusthan was the huge neem tree. This tree gave shelter to Baba for a few years when he stayed beneath it. Neem has many medicinal properties, though its leaves are notoriously bitter. However, some people once reported that the leaves of one of the branches tested sweet. For them it was a sign of Baba’s grace; others see it as evidence of the tree’s exceptional sanctity.

We visited Dwarkamai and meditated near Baba’s Dhooni. To the devotees of Sai Baba, Dwarkamai is one of the treasures of Shirdi. The spirit of tolerance, acceptance and welcome for all is very much alive. Baba has said that merely going inside the mosque will confer blessings, and the experiences of devotees confirm this. Sai Baba respected all religions and creeds, and all had free access to the mosque. It is typically unique of Sai Baba that he regarded a place of worship – the mosque – as a mother. He once told a visitor, “Dwarkamai is this very mosque. She makes those who ascend her steps fearless. This masjidmai is very kind. Those who come here reach their goal !” 

                                            Shirdi Sai Baba – Live darshan – Mandir

On entering the mosque one is struck by its powerful atmosphere and the intensity and absorption with which visitors are going about their worship. Another point we notice is the great diversity of devotional expression. Some people will be kneeling before Baba’s picture of making offerings, others will be praying before the dhuni (perpetually burning sacred fire), some may be doing japa or reading from sacred texts, and others will be sitting in contemplation. If we spend some time here we may become aware of a mysterious phenomenon, unexplained, only experienced…. 


We felt that Baba came to welcome His Son and His family to his house. There was so much love, so much compassion…

After spending a couple of hours at the temple, we reached Khandoba temple. Here Mohanji narrated the story about how Baba got his name – Sai. In the sequence of events that were destined to become famous as part of the early life of a most beloved and very great saint, this small temple is of two-fold importance: first as the spot where Shri Sai Baba halted on his entry into Shirdi with the wedding party of Chand Bhai Patil, and secondly as a place where he acquired his name.

It is said that a young man, dressed in the Muslim fashion in a Kafni (Robe) arrived in a bullock cart as the guest of the wedding party. As the party approached the temple, the temple priest, Mhalsapati, on seeing the fakir, called out, “Ya, Sai!” (“Welcome, Sai!”) and the name remained ever after (Sai is a Persian word meaning “saint” or ‘holy’, and Baba means “father”). In this way, it was Mhalsapati who was responsible for Baba’s name, which has become the sacred mantra of thousands of his devotees.

In those days, the temple was on the periphery of the village in the midst of a burial ground. The structure was very basic and did not even have a door. However, it seems to have appealed to Baba’s temperament as he commented to the incumbent priest, Mhalsapati that being so quiet and solitary, it would make a good spot for an ascetic like him to stay.

After spending some beautiful moments at the temple, we came back to the hotel to have tea and breakfast and after resting for a while, headed towards the Shirdi shrine again for Satya Narayan katha. After attending the katha, we visited Sai Sansthan Prasadalaya for lunch. It was an amazing experience.  Baba himself was there at the entrance to welcome us. Everyday,25 to 30 thousand Sai devotees take meal as a Prasad. During the time of festivals of Lord Sai baba the number of Sai devotees hikes up to 55 thousand. Free Prasad meals are served to poor, blind, handicapped and sages.


We then visited Sakori to the temple of Upasni Maharaj.  Mohanji explained to us about the role and greatness of Shri Sai of Shirdi in the the life of Kashinath Govind Upasani Sastri, who later came to be known as ‘Shri Upasani Maharaj’. Shri Sai’s deeds and life were full of miracles, but the greatest miracle was His creation of this once inconsequential person to the status of a Sadguru within a period of four years! The methods used by Shri Sai to completely transform Kashinath Sastri, the pain taken by him to protect the neophyte and the assurance with which he grew this unsure and confused disciple to the state of a Perfect Master, would indicate where in the spiritual hierarchy of this world Shri Sai remains.

It was almost evening when we ended darshan at Upasni Maharaj temple and it was time for the dhoop aarti. We all moved towards the temple. Another miracle was waiting to happen there. We got a bit late and there was huge crowd that had already gathered in the queue. We were almost at the end and it was literally impossible to get the glimpse of Baba during the aarti. There were some more people who had joined us and they were disappointed that they would not be able to see Baba. But when the door opened, somehow the people ahead of us scattered to different directions and we ended up just ahead of Baba’s idol! We could experience the full glory of Baba during the Dhoop aarti. It was not less than a miracle!

After the aarti, Mohanji asked us to go get Udi before the counters close. Few of us went to get it but the queue was overwhelming. Some of us took the courage and managed the queue to get it. Few of us were left. This was the manifestation of another plan of Mohanji which we came to know only later!

As it was Mohanji’s birthday, we had planned a dinner at a local restaurant. It was a blessed dinner with the family. Mohanji was in cheerful mood and acted as a host as he was feeling at home!

                                                      Mohanji loves and protects people

Finishing the dinner when we were planning to go back to the hotel, Mohanji suddenly asked if everyone had got Udi. It was almost 10 pm but four of us who had not taken Udi, decided to go back to the temple to get it. It was a matter of chance as the Udi counter closes early. But somehow we were pulled towards the temple. We were supposed to reach gate no 4 and there was a way from the temple compound to reach there. But we decided to take some other route. We were not sure why we did that, but we kept on going. When we reached gate no 4, the counter was closed. We were not really disappointed as we knew we were late, instead of returning back from the same route, we decided to take yet another detour. The moment we did that, we saw a small child in the corner crying! And there was no one with him. He was alone and scared. We tried talking to him but he did answer. We asked people around about his family, but no one knew about it. We picked him up and started walking toward the announcement door. The child kept on crying and did not answer any of our questions. We got hold of a security officer and very reluctantly he offered to help. After walking few meters, a man approached us and declared that he was child’s relative and has been looking for him! We wanted to be sure so walked with him to the child’s mother who was thrilled to see her lost child. We did not really reprimand them as we had understood by this time that it was all part of Mohanji’s leela. Few of us could not get Udi earlier as we were supposed to come back to the temple, not to get Udi but to help the lost child find his parents.


Greatness of a Master gets exhibited not by words, but through his experiences and learnings. And the day was full of them.ImageIt was his birthday, but it felt that it was a new birth of all of us!


Symbol of Protection – Fragrance of our Master

After the visit to Mahakumbh where we had experienced divinity in the lap of mother Ganga, it was time to head for Shirdi, the penultimate destination of a two week long pilgrimage.
Rajni Dasgupta and I planned to reach Pune on the 22nd February  night so that we could reach Shirdi by midnight, well in time for the first early morning Kakad aarti, marking the beginning of birthday celebration of Mohanji. Our schedule was tight but we had full faith that we would be able to make it on time.
Our flight landed on time and we hopped in the cab for Shirdi. We got the first sign of Divinity when we realized the number of the car. It totaled up to 9 which is a very sacred number!
We started our journey to Shirdi. I was wanting to sleep as the next day was starting very early, but could not. There was something unusual and I could feel it strongly. I tried to figure out and felt a familiar fragrance in the car! The fragrance that is associated with Mohanji! I looked around for car for the source but could not find any. The fragrance became strong as if some was wearing it was sitting amongst us. It struck me that Mohanji must be here! I went in silence and started to feel his divine presence. Till now I was not sure what Rajni was feeling. I turned towards her to share what I was feeling, and suddenly she said, “He is here!”. Even she has been experiencing the fragrance moment we had left the airport.
The fragrance remained with us for the rest of the journey. We were feeling elated and thrilled with joy that Mohan ji was with us, travelling with us on his birthday eve! And of course we could not sleep of excitement.
Somewhere in the middle of the journey, we noticed that the speed of the car had slowed down. We were running on a very tight time schedule and wanted to reach Shirdi as soon as possible. We asked the driver to hit the gas paddle a bit but he kept driving at a slow speed. I then noticed the reason for his driving…he was sleeping! I jolted him up and asked him to stay awake and drive carefully and offered that he could stop for a while to have tea to get fresh. But he continued to drive and became alert after that. We kept a watch on him for the rest of the journey.
We reached Shirdi and checked into the hotel where Mohanji was staying. We had to get ready in an hour’s time to attend the morning Kakad aarti at 4 am. We met Mohanji in the lobby. After wishing him on his birthday, we thanked him for being with us the whole of the journey but wanted to know the reason. He smiled and said, “I protected you from an accident! The driver had slept and I was driving the vehicle and avoided it getting hit by another car! “. The thought sent the chill in the spine..YES, the driver was sleeping and the car was still moving straight. It was Mohanji who had taken control of the car.
We could only express immense gratitude. He did ensure that we not only reach in time but also safe and sound. What a wonderful beginning to a blissful day!


                                   Shashank and Mohanji