Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 143 & 144

Christopher Greenwood

Day 143 – Don’t try to tackle situations; tackle yourself

Life has brought many situations to me; these have been placed in intense, quick successions over the past year. All the events that I was destined to work through have been placed in quick order, so the people that I meet, the work that I’m involved in, and the places that I go; all give the right conditions for my fears and insecurities and other junk to surface. 

It’s like being squeezed out intensely. I’ve shared before that this feels like a constant shedding. Once a situation happens, and I go through something unpleasant, whether it’s feelings or mental agitation or something like this, once it’s passed, there’s a relief. But soon after, there’s something different to work through, which can be pretty challenging.

Mohanji and I have spoken about this before; he shared that we don’t know what is stored inside us. There’ll be lifetimes of patterns and impressions, and on this path, they all have to come out. I feel that many situations I encounter now are opportunities to work through. As situations have presented themselves, I know from understanding Mohanji’s teachings that they’re happening for a reason. There was a call somewhere, I may not be aware of it, but it’s happening because of something.

All I can do then is be with that, rather than trying to wrestle with the external situation, which I don’t have any control over, especially if it’s happening. The only thing I can do then is to focus on myself; how I can tackle myself and handle myself because that’s the only place that I have control over – my inner world.

Taking a cue from Mohanji’s teaching, I focus on myself and what’s happening internally rather than the situation itself. I’ve realized that I don’t have to react, speak or get involved every time and that before, I’d do this out of habit. Especially if someone said something terrible or criticized, I’d react almost immediately. I’ve learned we don’t have to. I can let the situation pass without much interference. We can watch, see the situation, be calm and see that there’s no need to interfere. Like that, it’s possible to move past things with simplicity.

For example, yesterday, this happened to me: Someone had said something very pointed towards me, but indirectly. Usually, I would have been pleased to reply in a certain way, but I kept silent this time. It passed; I was not bothered, disturbed or put out by it. It went by without any problem whatsoever. It could have been quite different if I had approached it, as I would have done maybe a few years ago.

This was the message for today – Don’t try to tackle the situations; tackle yourself.

Have a great day.

Day 144 – Nature supports those with conviction

A few days ago, I shared the lesson about believing in our actions. When we believe in an activity, there is much more momentum and clarity, bringing motivation to the work. Everything becomes much more straightforward, and even if obstacles occur, such as the opinions of others or unexpected diversions, this belief keeps the momentum.

Mohanji has also shared before that when you approach an activity with a pure intention and a strong conviction, nature comes to support you, and nature helps you. He said nature loves people who have conviction. Looking back on his words, he said that most people don’t have conviction in actions, which means the action becomes so weak that we don’t get the required result.

To be successful, express yourself in the world and become the world for people, you have to invest yourself with conviction. “And then”, he said, “All the required resources will come”. I can see this very clearly from his activities, all the platforms and the work we’re doing. Many people are now coming forward to support with resources, time, skill, and land; whatever it is, it’s all coming together for this single focus and his conviction. 

I’m now learning this myself and practising it. The Humane Airports Campaign is an example of this, where we have a clear, purposeful and pure intention to bring change to a system so that regardless of where people are from, their colour, or their nationality, people are treated with respect. There’s a conviction to move this forward. It’s amazing how people have come together; they’ve come forward to show their support, and we’ve moved a lot in the past weeks. We were able to get the website up and running in a very quick time. At least in the first version, social media channels and other conversations are progressing. We’re focusing now on what will be happening this coming week. 

It’s an excellent example for me and learning of having that conviction and what comes from it.

I hope you have a good day ahead.


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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 91 & 92

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 91 Strength in Conviction

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

These past days have been really busy. There has been no rest from Mohanji. In the space of hours yesterday, he kicked off another new initiative with Ammucare and some friends whom he had met on the recent trip to Kerala. I’m consistently amazed at how quick initiatives are coming together, people are coming together, and new ideas are coming forward. There’s a real pace. 

This morning, and part of yesterday, I was reflecting on the concept of gratitude for what Mohanji has developed for the global family that we all have, which we’re all part of, and we all share. We’re seeing how many people who left Mohanji in the past for various reasons now want to come back. But often can’t because either their ego blocks or the space they once had is no longer available as now there are new people, a new organization, and a new situation. 

I have to recognize the reality that people who were once extremely close to Mohanji are now not. I can’t exclude myself from that understanding, so I have to ensure that my attitude and behaviour display gratitude. That’s important because taking any of this casually or lightly, I feel, is a sure way for the tradition to take action, as it has before. 

Mohanji himself has always said to me that he never asked anyone to come, and he’ll never ask anyone to leave. But people’s complacency, disrespect, and ungratefulness can make that happen. The tradition works to move forward this mission, as well as to protect Mohanji and will ensure that there’s intervention. Whatever course needs to take, will take place. So it’s an important reminder for me.

I share the thoughts now that what I’ve been learning is a good reminder to myself, just to maintain that awareness and not to fall into any complacency. We have this platform, the Mohanji platform with its variety; all the things that are being founded with more coming. This opportunity for me to speak to you all like this is only possible because of one man and his hard work. That presence in the world has been built up in many ways across the years; it’s his hard work, vision, conviction, clarity of thought, and purity of intention that has created this.

Spending more time with him, seeing who he interacts with, how he is, especially as a leader, and as someone who is well experienced in business, it would be very easy for him to walk into a CEO position or a consulting job and earn a fortune. Even now, he is advising businessmen who have portfolios of high-earning businesses; he is advising them through complex situations, free of cost, and with no expectation.

Observing him here in the house for nearly a year now, I see his needs are very minimal – simply three meals a day (that’s what he takes) as well as some products for having the shower and clothes, and that’s it. Even when he receives a gift or money, the first thing that’s done is offered to the Lord; then, it is gifted. If received in a temple (when we’re outside), then he will leave it with the temple where it’s been received as a thank you for using that space. Everything that comes to him, he takes as a gift from the tradition, and he gives back accordingly. I’m sharing all this to give a picture of what I’m learning myself, as it is good to keep it as a reminder so that this attitude of gratitude can be cultivated. 

Coming back to who Christopher Greenwood really is! What relevance do I have now that I’ve had the privilege and experience to meet and talk to many great people worldwide? Through the World Consciousness Alliance, I have spoken/interviewed some of the leading stars in the Indian film industry and other fields of work. As just Christopher Greenwood, it would have been incredibly difficult to make those contacts and arrange those, but as Christopher Greenwood from the Mohanji Foundation, there was no problem; everything was smooth. It’s a good reminder that I’m riding on one person’s hard work despite all the adversities he faced in life. I would never get this kind of access or the power that the platform provides if there wasn’t all of that effort and that opportunity to make a real difference in the world and contribute to raising Earth’s consciousness. 

It wasn’t my intention to create this message as a poster or anything promotional; it’s more to expand my thought process and learnings over the past few days. I feel it’s good to share some of these learnings in more detail since being with Mohanji especially recording these messages, as conviction has developed. 

Also, learning that authenticity is a strength. Learning to overcome that fear of society and what others may think has been a real strength for me, and it actually helped me anchor my connection with Mohanji. ‘How do I know that?’ was a question I tested myself with. A couple of years ago, when I was first connecting with Mohanji, I would have hesitated to say that I was with Mohanji or following him proudly. I was a little bit worried about what people would think and speak about me. Now, all these that I would consider as very small insecurities. 

Just as an observation, not a judgment or anything, when I listen to others, within my friend circle or outside of the family, and even within, I find it easier to tell when someone is trying to hide or shy away or play down the connection for whatever they’re doing in life, especially their connection and how they’re presenting that with Mohanji. It shows insecurity, or maybe there’s an ego block or lack of confidence. It can also come across as pretentious or not so authentic. 

I know that people can feel that because you’re trying to hide a reality, which is your reality, our reality. So that’s been a big learning for me to own and share the reality that I’m experiencing day today. Suppose I’m worried about what others may think. In that case, I’m giving up my own personal experience of life and reality for the sake of other people’s changeable minds – one day they may appreciate, another day they may reject. So why do that?

This is an important lesson because only when the conviction has developed and solidified has it given the energy that can move activities forward really well. I’ve experienced that people can take things more seriously, especially what we’re doing in the world, and they should because we’re making a difference. It’s something that everyone can be proud of, especially to be with Mohanji, to work with him. 

It’s a good reminder for me and those who benefit from this because it’s certainly not for his benefit. He said before that, “I experienced that and didn’t need any of this at all.” He is especially not expecting any glory, but it’s beneficial for me. This has resulted in a shift in attitude within and learning that is now bringing more people in connection with Mohanji. Now my friends, family, and others who are not so much in the family feel the difference. In reflecting on my learning, I realize the strength comes with a clear conviction in my own reality of life and experience—especially my connection to Mohanji and my time to his activities.

I’m thinking that if we want to reach more people, more hearts, it’s this which is going to be useful for everybody to develop – conviction and authenticity – because that’s the visibility which people will be attracted to and being part of the Mohanji family is getting doors opened. When I think of the time before, I’d be shy to say that I was part of the family, especially in the early days when I was doing the Invest in Awareness. I can now look back and realize that because I wasn’t accepting that other people were reacting in the same way, they weren’t accepting it either because the connection wasn’t completely there. I feel when that connection is not there or the reluctance is setting in, it’s only a matter of time before detachment can happen and estrangement can set in.  

Coming back to the start of the recording: like now, all the people who have left Mohanji before (in the past) for various reasons are wanting to come back, I think one would know what is here is available only once, it’s gone. I also say this as a lesson to myself with a full understanding that although this is my reality today, and I can speak today what I feel authentically – one week from now, one month from now, a year from now, I can’t say. I understand that there have been many before me in this situation and within the family. In life, there can be no guarantees of what comes in the future. 

This sharing was more deeply about gratitude and pulling together some of the lessons that I’ve learned over the past days, weeks and months. Because of Mohanji’s hard work over the years, I’m grateful that doors are opening for my expression and experience of life. Now, many people I connect to wouldn’t be possible if I weren’t part of this beautiful Mohanji Global Family. Being part of the family has brought a real positive relevance to life.

Hope you have a great day ahead and we will speak soon.

Day 92 Lesson – Challenges of giving time to all 

Good morning everybody, I hope you’re doing very well. 

Now that we’re back in Bangalore, the routine that we had before is settling in. For me, this means I can come back to some stability to progress with the tasks, which were very difficult as we were travelling. 

In the morning, I spoke to Mohanji about the activities for the day. At the moment, one of the main things is planning for the retreat in Turkey. Given the current situation, especially with COVID, there are many more considerations. This will be the first time people have been able to meet Mohanji physically in a very long time, especially from Europe, and many people would really like to speak and meet with Mohanji. 

Being in charge of the office, it’s constant learning as it has to handle many requests for Mohanji’s time. Sometimes, unfortunately, people can become disappointed, and they feel terrible because they believe there was a denial, or more accurately, it felt like a denial, even to the case where they write bad things about us, or about Mohanji – that he doesn’t want to see people, or that there are only certain people who can now meet him. 

Personally, that’s tough, as neither the team nor I would ever want to deny anybody but the main reason it’s tough is that Mohanji especially will never deny anybody. Some new people may connect with Mohanji and others who have been with him for a long time, but to everybody who comes to him, he gives everything that he can. Essentially, he’s available as he’s here for the world. The situation now reeling with COVID has made it very difficult. There are some practical challenges of having access and time and especially travel. I’m sharing this to give an example of what it’s like working and living here; these are some practical considerations.

Often we will have a request come in, which might not be suitable for Mohanji – the answer might not be his cup of tea or something better suited for other people to handle it. This may be around health matters or complex issues, maybe with relationships or businesses, which might be better handled by a lawyer, someone who knows the law in the countries, or even the authorities if it’s something serious. There are all sorts of requests. 

Some people might be distressed, and they demand to speak to Mohanji now as if there’s a direct hotline to Mohanji. We always do our best to accommodate these, but sometimes it’s not possible because maybe I can’t reach him at that time, or he’s busy or taking a rest. Some people expect that immediate response, which can be difficult, especially if there’s a program. 

This was the case as well during his travel. You may have heard from my previous recordings, right from morning until evening, there was already a plan, and a schedule was taking place, and then that changes, so you constantly have to adjust. Then on top of that, the other requests for the time to see him and for conversations – it can be a real tough thing to coordinate. 

For me, this is the hardest part of the role and living here. Even though hundreds of people have had the chance and might be satisfied with the responses, it can take just one person who has become upset as we couldn’t meet any of the expectations to start speaking badly. Often this comes back as an attack on the team, but mostly, it’s an attack on Mohanji himself, sometimes blaming him, baseless assumptions, stories, reasons why time wasn’t given. Even though the most plausible responses have been given, it still leaves that feeling of denial, which sometimes turns into an attack. This is a shame, in my opinion, because it gives a distorted impression, especially because Mohanji is here for people. 

I think back to the Kerala trip as an example of this. When we were at his family home in Palakkad, a stream of people came and went, visiting, and there were no restrictions. No questions like, “Who are you, and why are you coming?” Mohanji was available for all. People were coming to see him, taking his blessing, some staying for a longer time. This was even more so at the Sai Baba temple in Palakkad. That was the main event. There was a small room and a chair, a table, and a couple of sofas, which looked out onto the Sai Mandir. The door was open, so people would come one by one, and everybody was welcome. It didn’t matter who came; some simply came to see him and leave, others brought gifts, others were looking for advice, and Mohanji was there until the last person had had their time.

Whatever money and gifts he received, he left them there out of respect for the tradition of using those premises. The same applies as well here; even if gifts arrive at the house or someone has come, and they brought a gift – it’s first offered to the gurus. I’ve learned from Mohanji that the way he operates is that he sees everything that comes to him as sent by the tradition, whether it is people, gifts, money, or anything else. First of all, it’s a thank you given at the feet of Baba, who’s in the pooja room.

Personally and for the team, it’s now a continuous refinement of approach and process so that we can fulfil everybody as much as we can. It’s a delicate balance because of the activities we’re trying to move forward and the time and the meetings taking place day to day.

The pace is increasing now, as there are many more activities coming up, and all of those are for the benefit of others and the world. I am really looking forward to the Centres of Benevolence being established as it will be better for the whole family; there’ll be a permanent place where Mohanji will be. He will be staying in one place, in each locality, probably between Europe and India, so it will be much easier for people to come at their time and see him.

Hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you very soon.


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Birthday blessings

By Rekha Murali, India

This year of the pandemic has been volatile yet transformative for most of us. We have all learnt to let go, accept life as is, adapt to the new ‘norm’. Amidst all this, we are still going through turmoil, upsets, emotional upheaval, and loss of possessions, positions and relationships.  

It was no different for me. The year did not begin well as I’d lost my dear brother-in-law to Covid, and it was not easy. I was helpless watching my sister go through the pain. I was also going through a state of helplessness, and fear crept in on the impermanence of life. Apart from these, there have been many more compelling tests that I am not comfortable articulating. I was being pulled into a vortex of emotions, although my dear Mohanji stood tall looking after me and guiding me. I was deeply involved in Acharya activities and was in a hyperactive mode flitting from one activity to another along with my regular work. This empowerment by Mohanji as an Acharya kept me going and I remained connected with my only source – Mohanji! I was steadfast and consistent with my Acharya work, was involved in all the global/country programs, and for Shivratri, conducted Conscious Gapless Breathing (CGB) for five days in a row. I mention this because it brought to the surface many pent up issues that needed clearing.

Soon, we fixed a date for my son’s marriage for the end of March. So I was in a flurry of activities, planning and organising the happy yet simple event amidst my other work. But I still found that I was emotionally being pulled down and would be in a frenzy in my alone time. I felt I was progressing very well as an Acharya, but at the same time, every few steps forward, I was also regressing a few steps backwards.

February dawned, and we (the testimonial team) had just finished editing the fourth volume of Guru Leela. I wrote a long message about my state to Mohanji, and I did not get any reply for the first time. Naturally, this upset me further, and I was in knots. The only thing that kept me going and balanced was the activities I was involved in. Keeping myself busy always gives me satisfaction, and that was the saving grace for me. I somehow did not share this state of affairs with anyone, knowing that Mohanji had my back and would walk with me. He is my all; every aspect of mine comes from him and merges into him.

It was also my birthday month, and 19th February 2021 was a memorable day etched in my heart forever. The previous day, I was in turmoil and extremely upset due to some personal issues and more than that, it was the culmination of the state of mind from previous months. CGB also aided in this process. Ultimately, I had a complete breakdown of sorts; I burst out crying amidst prayers to Mohanji to help overcome this mind and its affairs.

After the tremendous release through this bout of crying, I recognised that it would not help me and that I would have to pull myself up and approach everything with a positive outlook. Setting the alarm for 4:30 am, I tried to sleep and promised myself a good birthday year ahead. I promised myself a fresh start, pressing the reset button. Adding to this, I heard the delightful news that Mohanji wanted to speak with me. He was in Mumbai preparing for his trip to Turkey.

With barely any sleep, I woke up cheerfully to do my kriya and my other practices. The kriya practice was powerful and a huge cleansing experience. I felt the blessings of Mohanji, and I received a download of some verses in Tamil (a regional language of India), which took me by surprise. I quickly noted it down after completing my kriya. I want to share that I am not proficient in this language, and I can only read and speak. The words were new to me, but I wrote them down in English to not forget.

Mohanji listening to the song

This was indeed my first birthday gift for the day as these verses were soon transformed into a beautiful song by our dear Manaswini and converted into a lovely video by Neelu Vepu with the blessings of Mohanji. Here is the link to the song with the meaning of the verses given as subtitles.

I was in a positive, happy frame of mind with a blissful feeling of Mohanji’s presence within me and a heart filled with gratitude. Soon, I got a text message from Subhasree that Guru Leela 4 was officially released by Mohanji and that I would get a signed copy of it. The book reached me precisely a month later (19th March). It was such a huge blessing. My second birthday gift!

Unfortunately, by mid-morning, I developed a severe migraine out of the blue. It was a raging tsunami, and I could just about pray to Mohanji for help, request for a Mai-Tri from dear Shyama and crash between bouts of vomiting and crying. At that point, it did not matter if Mohanji would call or not because my physical pain caused by the mind had taken complete control. Tossing and turning, every sane moment was a plea for help to Mohanji!

The biggest blessing of all was yet to come. Early in the evening, I was praying to Mohanji to take me away when I was at my worst physically, and the thought sprang up, “I am born alone and will die alone.” I brushed it aside, thinking it was a play of the mind, a mind wallowing in self-pity and loneliness.

Just then, my phone rang, and I heard the familiar, deep and loving voice at the other end apologising for not calling in the morning. It was a call I had been waiting for, and Mohanji’s voice was a balm for the tired soul. 

Tears flowed, and I don’t remember if he even wished me for my birthday or if he knew. All that I remember was saying thank you and the message he conveyed. He told me I could ask him one question, and as usual, I had none at that time, but he kept speaking.

“You are born alone and will die alone. You don’t have anyone in this life. You have earned me in this life. Stay connected with me, and I will take care of you.”


He also removed my anxieties regarding my son, “Your son is a fine young man, and you let him be. Be grateful to him for choosing you as his mother.”

He apologised for not messaging me earlier as he wanted to speak with me and said that he had telepathically sent messages in the morning. As usual, the dunce that I am, I could not recognise it, and when I told him, he said, “Doesn’t matter, it will reveal itself.” I wished him the best for his trip to Turkey.

I went straight to bed soon after in a daze and, after the wonderful Mai-Tri by Shyama, had a fitful sleep.

The next day was a rebirth for me – A new I! I wondered why Mohanji called me on that day and soon realised a connection was made to remove something from deep within me. I weighed myself that morning and found I’d lost two kgs overnight! Indeed a visible sign of his blessings!

The few minutes had probably removed lifetimes of karma. Subsequently, vivid dreams in the past few months have revealed how Mohanji has broken some unknown patterns of lifetimes which I would have never been aware of otherwise! Through this, he has assured me that I am on the path of liberation.

This entire experience was a lesson on stability, having shaken me from the roots. Staying stable, steadfast with conviction and staying connected with the source was the key. (Incidentally, this blog is also being published on 19th.)

Every wish that I have is continually being fulfilled, however subtle or commonplace it may be. He has given me everything, yet my heart yearns for his physical presence, although I am strongly connected with his consciousness. 

Kya Karein! Yeh Dil Maange More! (What to do! This heart asks for more!)

My heartfelt gratitude to you, dear Mohanji, for never leaving my hand!

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