Guidance through dreams

Here are three beautiful experiences which highlight Mohanji’s statement, “I am always with you”. He understands the needs of every person who connects with him and fulfils their wishes or gives them the guidance needed to move on this path of pathlessness.

The price for gossiping is a heavy burden

By Dragana Tesanovic

“When somebody creates gossips, scandals; when somebody character assassinates another person, who’s responsible? Primarily, the person who’s initiating it is responsible. He or she ends up paying the real price. And it’s quite a huge debt, based on the impact it created. First of all, the person who initiates it has to pay a huge debt. Maybe it will take various lifetimes to clear. It’s absolutely not worth it. Secondly, the contamination that it creates in the minds of various people, who gets to pay for that? The person who initiates pays for that also. If that person whose mind has contaminated the reader, the listener, and they transfer it further; they also end up paying a part of it.” 


I would like to share my experience on this point. Even though my Guru Mohanji spoke many times about the price of gossiping, still I could not grasp the understanding of this important matter. I understood it intellectually, but never did I assimilate it properly.

Not that long ago, I was speaking to my friend, and I willingly indulged in gossiping and creating prejudices about certain people. Even though I am aware of Mohanji’s warning about the debts and everything, I still gave myself to it. That same night, while I was asleep, I got my lesson. The lesson revealed itself on Kailash (The holy mountain known as the abode of Shiva; symbolically represents the ultimate destination and the crown chakra of planet Earth; an energetically high spot; and one of the holiest places where the spiritual aspirants go on pilgrimages).


So, as I am sleeping, I see myself in a very familiar place, but I know for sure I have not been there yet in this lifetime. The sky is darkish blue; I knew it was several hours before dawn. All the people that are deeply connected to Mohanji were present in this place. Mohanji was also there, but not physically. He was working on all of us, energetically, cleansing us, helping us go easy through this journey. We were at some kind of a place before we started moving towards Kailash again. 

While waiting, everybody was scattered in random places, sitting at tables with random people. I was sitting with my two friends, the same people that I had gossiped with about the other people that night. In one moment, they both flew away, they went somewhere, and I stayed sitting at the table. We were about to move, but the two of them were still out of sight. Then, because we needed to start moving, I decided to take their stuff along with mine. I dragged their baggage with me. It was getting harder to take each new step forward, as the things that I was carrying were becoming heavier and heavier. 

I was feeling helpless but determined to keep moving. My each and every step was hard, as my legs were like stones, my head dizzy. I felt a big pressure in my head, and my mouth dried out completely. I was still moving, but very slowly, more slowly than it was normal. Still, I felt Mohanji was supporting each and every single one of us on this journey, but it was me who did not want to drop these bags.

During this dream, I was aware that the reason this is happening was the gossiping and prejudice that I had been a part of, with those people the previous night. I learned a lesson that these things are making us heavier, and it is only logical that they affect the speed and the factor of lightness on our journey towards liberation.

The reason why I wrote all this is that I always wanted to remind myself of this experience and that hopefully, I will not fall into the trap of gossiping and having prejudice about anyone ever again. My dream was just a brief reminder, how painful it was to be slowed down on my trip towards liberation.

I am deeply grateful to Mohanji because, without his grace, it would not be possible for me to realize this deeply. I am also deeply grateful to all our Masters of the Golden Tradition of Liberation – Dattatreya Tradition – and to Dattatreya himself, because of their constant support and upliftment we receive, without any judgment and discrimination.


All Masters are one!

By Nirupama Chowdary

I completely surrender to my Guru and the Guru Parampara with deep gratitude. I am always protected and taken care of. 

The last few weeks were not easy. A lot of things were happening. I knew my Guru (I was initiated into the Nath Tradition before I meet Mohanji) Shri Shri Gulaab Nath Ji was not well. He was 94 years old. Lately, he was not even talking on the phone. All who have taken birth have to go. This is the reality of life. And one midnight, I got the news of his merger with the supreme consciousness. 

There was an urge to go immediately and be there for his samadhi at his village in Rajasthan. Due to Covid, travelling by local transport was not possible. And my husband was just recovering from Covid. So I couldn’t make it. On one side, I wanted to be there to pay my Shradhanjali (a tribute to the departed) to Baba, who brought me to the path of liberation, to the Nath Tradition and brought Mohanji in my life. He always said to me to be with Mohanji, that Mohanji would lead me forward and give me the answers I needed.

Baba always gave pointers, and one had to search and find out what it indicated, whereas Mohanji clarified each concept in simple words. Once I mentioned to Mohanji that Baba only gives pointers. Mohanji laughed and said, “Nath Masters are normally quiet, I am different. I talk a lot. Ah! I have a different agenda.” Both Masters complemented each other. Both for me are like my own prana. 

I was unable to go for Baba’s samadhi. Then I thought of going for the 12th-day ritual. But again, I couldn’t make it. I was in great pain. Baba always treated me like a daughter. I was praying for a miracle. Nothing happened. 

One night, I had a dream. I found myself in an open desert-like place. Many people were there, scattered around the place and talking in small groups. Suddenly everyone was quiet. And we saw Mohanji coming. With him were few people. Mohanji was wearing a white kurta and dhoti. I ran and bowed down. He blessed me and made me stand. Then he started walking, signalling us to follow him. He went towards the raised platform where priests were sitting. He sat on the asana (special seat) and signalled me to sit near him. No words said. Prayers began. With full attention, Mohanji started putting flowers where ever the pundit (priest) indicated. This was followed by a homa. 

After the homa, Mohanji asked me to bring my forehead forward, and he placed his forehead to my forehead. An electric current passed through my body. I was dazed. No feelings left, only contentment and peace. Suddenly I heard my morning alarm and was back in this world. As I got up, I realised Mohanji had come to Babaji’s village, and sitting on the platform with the pundit had done puja for Baba on his samadhi. 

Now I realise Guru and Guru Tatwa (Guru Principle) are one. In his subtle form, Mohanji not only fulfilled my wish, but he did a puja also, to make me realise that both Nath Gurus are one. Only we see them as separate beings. My deep gratitude to Mohanji, who made this experience possible. Each time Mohanji says I am with you, he keeps his promise. 

Always in the consciousness of Mohanji. 

A dream that transformed me with many messages

By Madhuri Araligidad

Being Sai baba’s and Mohanji’s devotee, on Sunday, Nov 8, I started doing a weekly parayan (saptah) of the holy book Shri Sai Satcharitra. In the morning of the 4th day of my parayan, I had a dream. It’s one of many, and it goes like this.

Along with my friends, I visited one of our lecturers’ home, where we enjoyed a lot of hospitality and spent much time there. Then we left her house and went to a lush green park which surrounded a beautiful monument. Our time together was full of joy, laughter and chit-chat. We took so many pictures and had some good food. The park was filled with many people like us, and all were truly having a joyous time. 

Suddenly, we heard gunfire around the monument, leading to a stampede in the surrounding narrow streets. We were all in a panic, and I witnessed some grenades falling in front of me, causing a massive fire, but somehow I escaped, unhurt. I got to see some militants with snipers in their hands in ambush. Luckily, they couldn’t see and harm me. After a few moments, I, along with my friends, reached a nearby bus stop which seemed a very safer place compared to the former. 

In that area, charity workers were providing food for the people who were the victims of this incident. The place encompassed tables and chairs occupied by many people and as such, we managed to sit on the floor and were served some good food with a bowlful of dessert. They served everyone with a lot of compassion, and there was no trace of panic on their faces or in their behaviour, which baffled us. We all enjoyed sumptuous food. After a while, everything became peaceful again, and there was no trace of attack that had suddenly happened.

We all gathered in the park again and started having a good time and forgot to make our way home. After a few moments, the gunfire started again, and we regretted not going to a safe place, our homes. Then I saw two fighter aircrafts flying above us and dropping missiles in the vicinity of the monument. Luckily, the aircrafts missed the target, and the missiles fell in a pond, which was a part of the monument, causing a huge surge of water. Right at that moment (even though in a huge panic state), we all got to see fireworks in the sky indicating our victory over evil. 

Meanwhile, a group of militants boarded on a four-wheeler, started subjugating people gathered in the park, and again, nobody was hurt. So many people, including ourselves, took refuge near the huge beautiful walls of the monument. Amidst all these horrendous acts, there stood a small Shiva temple in the middle of the park, not affected by any negativity, instead of radiating solidarity and valour. And I got to see a huge surge of milk pouring on the Shivaling, without anyone’s assistance, in the sanctum of the temple through an inlet present in the sanctum. With this beautiful scene, peace pervaded again in that area.

Around 7:45 am, I opened my eyes and woke up from my dream. Suddenly, I thought to myself, this is why Mohanji promotes non-violence and peace, and this very statement kept lingering in my head. The dream was so vivid that it took a few minutes for me to cope with the real world, and I just wanted to wipe out the entire dream, which was so unpleasant to handle. I’m penning this down because I don’t want to disown my experience. As Mohanji says our gross minds are such that they often dismiss and disown true experiences and Mohanji also says anything that transforms you, be it tangible or intangible, is real. In this case, though it was a dream and an intangible entity, it had transformative effects.

Messages I learnt from the dream.

1) Throughout the experience in this dream, I didn’t witness any bloodshed or any casualties. That meant grace was protecting us. As Mohanji says, “Grace protects you; it does not stop an event. Grace flows. It is pitched against collective consciousness. Collective consciousness creates situations. E.g. it elects the ruler or the king! Grace protects you from the sun but cannot remove the sun.”

2) If we completely surrender ourselves to our Guru, he always keeps us protected and unhurt. In this dream, I found myself completely unhurt and safe.

3) Through the charity workers, I got to witness how positive collective consciousness saves the lives of many and sends positive vibrations to the universe.

4) If we discard doership, grace flows beautifully. We should practice beingness.

5) How our thoughts affect the beings on Earth. Hence non-violence in thought, word and action are very much necessary to have a peaceful, prosperous and happy existence.

6) Being a Power of Purity meditator, I also understood why we should express our gratitude to inanimate objects. In this case, the monument gave us refuge to keep us hidden and safe.

May Mohanji keep blessing and protecting all of us. May Mohanji provide everyone with good health, wealth, happiness and peace. May Mohanji fulfil our selfless wishes. May, by Mohanji’s grace, we all practice positive collective consciousness and make the world a better and peaceful place to live in.


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When we lose ourselves for the sake of love


By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

What is bhakti? The answer to this question touches a chord deep within. When we lose ourselves for the sake of love, that is bhakti bhaav. The spontaneous flow of bhakti is like the waves of a haunting whale-song reaching out through the unfathomable dimensions of time to touch the chords of one’s soul. Mohanji’s love for us is like that. Unconditional. He sees neither race nor colour nor ethnicity. Just the glorious brilliance of our magnificent souls. Unblemished. Pure.

When we lose ourselves in the expression of this love for Mohanji in this world… that is the highest bhakti. This is Mumuksha. A fierce burning that consumes all of this world’s transitory expressions. We burn with the ultimate longing for the union with the Self. Look at Mohanji. There is only love. No frills. No thrills. Simple. Complete. Unfettered. Free.

The un-liberated mind is like a dark cave filled with blind spots. For some, it’s the stuff of nightmares. For others, an exhilarating journey to liberation. In a maze of cobwebs, our defining life experiences are trapped within innumerable cocoons of unresolved emotional moments. By now, we all know that both karmic and family lineage blueprints bring this drama into our daily life experiences.

It is unimaginable to estimate just how much baggage there actually is. All stamped with an inevitable departure and expiration date. This is the cosmic game of karma that is always at play. Only Mohanji’s loving grace can change that. This is also why Mohanji reminds us to keep walking towards the light at the end of the tunnel. In his all-seeing state of omniscience, our beloved Parabrahma misses nothing! Nothing.

After seeing Mohanji turning into blinding white luminescent radiance during our first satsang, everything I knew changed from that fateful moment. Call it a mind-shift. Since then my awareness of SELF increased exponentially and continues to shift, to this day. I now realise that I am that blinding light, too. That was some trigger for my awakening, beloved Parabrahma!


How absolutely exhilarating is it to wake up to our exquisite radiance. I am Mohanji. Mohanji is me. There is no separation. We are ONE. This is how we become unshakable. Unstoppable. Unfettered. Free. Free like the wind blowing through Kailash.

Connecting to our beloved Parabrahma’s consciousness is an adventure. The only way is to DIVE right in. Straight and true like Arjuna’s arrow. Getting to the other end is like crossing a bottomless river filled with unpredictable swirling currents. Only Guru knows the way. Mohanji has made this journey before. He knows how to navigate those dangerous currents. Stay close to our eternal lifeguard. Our beloved Light of Lights.

Through the gamut of emotions on this highly eventful journey, our beloved Parabrahma holds our hand ever so tenderly. Rest assured HE will never let go. Sometimes we get so caught up with ourselves that we forget HE is there. We fall prey to our turbulent emotions. Mistaken by the empty promises and the accolades of doership and ownership, we almost always miss the point of this lifetime by a long mile.


Mohanji says that in this day and age, we have the privilege to indulge in so many more deflections from the introspection of SELF. Let us examine this statement further. Social media platforms and trendy gadgets are all the rage these days. The pervasive thoughts that flit through our minds daily are more like these.

How cool do I look in my touched-up selfies? How sleek is my online presence? How many likes and dislikes did I get today? Who can I block today? Who is blocking my sun? What, too many messages about someone else! Not what the message is about. Just preoccupation with who is the message from.

Not what can I learn. Does this make sense? Does the truth in the message resonate with me? So, let us take a moment to ask ourselves. Is it about selfishness or selflessness? Am I drowning in the noise of this world? And lastly, perhaps most importantly, am I evolving?

Like music and movie stars the world over, pop star Michael Jackson was loved and idolised by millions when he was first discovered. However, as soon as he became a global superstar some of his fans turned on him. Social media was quickly and efficiently used to spread disinformation and negativity about him. Such is the fickleness of the human monkey mind.

Our social conditioning makes us envious of someone else’s light. So, we switch from light to dark without realising it. The adoring mob suddenly becomes a sneering mob which turns into an uncontrollably violent rampaging mob. This is how wars are created from mere disagreements. This is not bhakti.

These are conditioned responses from the mind, designed to stop us from looking inside. To stop us from discovering how spectacularly beautiful and complete we are. Each one of us. There are no exceptions. This is why Mohanji keeps reminding us. Not outside. Look inside. Watch how our world triggers the mind. Watch.

These days we are so desensitized by the conditioned responses that we no longer connect to ourselves. Heavily syndicated media houses control information which keeps us trapped in the external or physical world. Our early conditioning takes place in schools and later on as adults, we are captivated by mostly empty rhetoric designed to keep us passive and compliant. Most of today’s electronic and print media contrive to keep us there.

Trapped by romantic notions of external fantasies and potential lovers we forget our greatest ETERNAL love of all time. Ourselves. Shy of our nakedness, we rush to cover up our SELF. Shielding our eyes from the breath-taking splendour of nature, we sit in concrete jungles and dream about freedom. Write about freedom. Talk about freedom. This type of self-imposed behavioural isolation from our true place within nature is directly related to the degree of desensitisation we are currently experiencing in our lives.

Did you notice that we are surrounded by innumerable ‘negative’ triggers designed to arouse our basest instincts? This is why seemingly peaceful communities who have co-existed for a long time together turn on each other in the most violent ways. The question then is. Has this aggressive gene always plagued humankind?

Are our Himalayan Yogis actually wild men gone rogue? Or are they human beings who have mastered their minds and lost themselves in their radiance? It is a documented fact that some Yogis (or Yoginis) teleport, some use telekinesis, some of them manifest their thoughts effortlessly. Some are over a thousand years old. Some don’t age. They show us that our greatness cannot be hidden from us.


Mohanji stays in the world so he can reach us where we are. Open your eyes. Open your mind. Awaken to the infinite and glorious inner multiverses by connecting to our beloved Mohanji’s consciousness. Life is neither a quirky nor a romantic movie. It is filled with highs and lows. When the going is good, the whole world is your friend. When it gets tough then we discover our true friends, says Mohanji.

Those who already love themselves do not need us to tell them that. The love we receive from them is truly selfless. Some reach out in desperation when they are down. Sometimes they get out of a rut and ignore the hand that pulled them out. This is what happens when we look for Mohanji only in bad times and forget him in good times.

Again and again, we are pawns of the lower mind. Even passive-aggressive quirkiness is unsettling. Forgive and keep moving says our beloved Parabrahma. Everyone is evolving at their own pace. Judge not lest ye be judged. Our beloved Parabrahma is there 24/7. Are you? Let’s not delude ourselves. Consistency and conviction lead us within. Mohanji is equanimous. He is unaffected by ego.

People in our lives are not pawns. Every one matters. We all have good and bad days. So how can we recognise the vibration of truth that resonates so strongly in Mohanji’s words? It’s like connecting to the waves of an audible hum. An eternal hum that originates from deep inside us. But no. Phew. Some of us wake up with an agenda for our work and social media already in mind. Yes, we are ready to go at a drop of a hat. Go where? For how long? Why do we not balance life’s both short-term and long-term goals? Dare to develop consciousness with full awareness or clarity for our evolutionary growth in this short, short life.

Ask yourself honestly, did any of us wake up with thoughts of what can we do for the world today. Even better. What can I do in this beautiful Universe today? It’s time to expand our awareness of reality. Consciousness. Mohanji also said recently, it’s time to connect to my consciousness. Not to my picture or the frames. Stop. Look again.

The time for unity with our Consciousness is upon us. Pay attention to the speed of how fast life is happening to us and around us. Some may feel a sense of breathlessness. Some may feel the time in the day is too short. It’s time to tune into the wavelength of our intuitive senses. It’s time to connect to our loving guide in this life. Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji. No matter what the mind throws at you.

Remember it’s not accolades or titles that brought us here. Only Mohanji’s grace. Let us serve ourselves in ONENESS. The beautiful world awaits. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE.

Love you eternally beloved Parabrahma Swaroop Mohanji.



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