Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 7 – “The hands that protect”

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We conclude Chapter 7 of Mohanji Satcharita with this soul-stirring sharing by our dear Preeti Duggal. This experience shows that we may forget our beloved Parabrahma by succumbing to mind games but He never forgets us. As Mohanji says, “I am always with you, holding your hand!”

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The hands that protect

by Preeti Duggal

Due to some reason, I was very upset for the past two days. Tears kept flowing down on their own as if they knew my pain. Yesterday I felt as if I was all alone in this world and no one really understood me. This thought depressed and alienated me further from everyone. I felt mentally exhausted with the intensity of these thoughts and suddenly I had the urge to lie down. As soon as I was in bed, I slept and rapidly went into a dream state.

What I describe here is the conversation that took place between Mohanji and I. In hindsight, it was not a dream at all, but an astral event that took place to help me understand the deeper meaning of my pain.


I saw myself with Mohanji. He was sitting as usual on His chair and I was on the floor next to Him. He took my hand and held it between His. I saw tears in His eyes and He said, “I really feel sad from inside when my people are unhappy. Everyone must go through the grinding of karma in this world, but don’t worry I’m always by your side holding your hand. You’re never alone as I am always walking along with you.” Suddenly my eyes opened, and it took me a couple of seconds to realize where I was. After waking up, I immediately felt better and did not feel depressed.

“Karma is not punishment oriented. It is accountability oriented. You are accountable for all your deeds, including all thoughts, words, and actions.” – Mohanji

In the evening I went to see Mohanji at the ashram as I do every day. He was surrounded by people, so I prostrated at His feet and went into the kitchen to get His dinner ready. About half an hour later, Aishwarya, our beautiful daughter in the ashram went to ask Him about dinner. He responded, “Whenever Duggal is ready with it.” I went up to Him and informed Him that the dinner was ready and served. He called everyone to eat with Him. By sharing food, He expresses His love and showers blessings on everyone visiting Him at the ashram.

unconditional love

After dinner, He came to me and said, “Thank you Duggal for everything that you do for us, you are the heart of this house.” When I glanced into His eyes, they gave me the same reassurance that I had in the morning. I said, “Mohanji, if I am the heart then you are the heartbeat, without which there is no existence, we are dead.” At that moment, I felt like falling at His feet and thanking Him for everything He does for us. He never shows His magnanimity and is always humble. On the other hand, we want importance and acknowledgement for every little thing we do. When He says, I am with you, He delivers and stays true to His word. Thank you Mohanji for always holding my hand and taking me through this cycle called life. I surrender every breath at your lotus feet.

“When I say, “I’m with you” I mean it. Because I don’t need the body to be with you.”




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Appearance of BABAJi on Mohanji’s Eye-card

Mahavatar Babaji

by Sandeep Mishra

With the permission of and with reverence to Mohanji, I am hereby writing my other divine experience.  Before narrating it, I would like to surrender and prostrate at the feet of my Guru Mohanji.  Being the Parabrahma, the supreme power, Mohanji is the only doer. I am an object and the use of “I” is just a grammatical necessity _/\_  J.

I do the Power of Purity mediation at home regularly with Mohanji’s permission.  On February 9th 2014, I attended a Power of Purity Mediation session in Mumbai for the first time.  I always wanted to have one of Mohanji’s eye-cards, as I only have a digital copy, not a proper paper eye card with “Unconditional love is your true nature” marked on it.

At this first session of Power of Purity mediation I was given an eye-card. I was very happy.  I wanted it and I got it J.  The mediation went well. I had a nice experience during the mediation.  Afterwards I took Prasad J and returned home happily. At home, before I went to bed, I took out the card and tried to connect with Mohanji. At that time I saw MAHAVATAR BABAJI in the lotus posture on Mohanji’s third eye. Moreover, I can see it now and all of the time!

Mohanji - Babaji appearing on his third eye

The next day I asked Mohanji about this and he said, “You are on the right track… Keep connecting. It is reaching where it should.” His words were more than a confirmation and assurance of higher elevation.

My mother is a simple minded woman and she is also a SADANANADA BABA devotee. She is very well connected to BABA. Whenever I start reading about any satpurusha (very holy and enlightened person), I generally don’t tell her so as not to confuse her. However, she always gets his vision or dreams of him. I spoke to Mohanji about this and he said it is a soul connection and that we all are connected J.

From the next day onwards, my mother started visioning white light in the form of NAAG (snake). I was not surprised and it was more than double assurance for me.

I know I am not worth much at all, and yet he has given me the wonderful gift of glimpsing the no mind state (timeless state). I now know what to strive for. I heartily thank you Mohanji. Thank you for your unconditional love, your attention and for everything. I know that I can give you nothing in return because everything is you, and everything is yours, even I am yours. Please keep us away from all mundane desires, from ego and jealousy. Please keep your blessing on each and every one of us.

Love you Mohanji _/\_  ❤