Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 75 & 76

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 75 Lesson – A devotee of Sai Baba 

Good morning everybody. I hope you are doing well.

(Before living with Mohanji, I read many of his blogs, and I especially enjoyed following his connection and his experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba in the ‘Sai and I’ blog.)

This morning, we were up early again, as it was the second day of the seventh anniversary of the consecration of the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Palakkad, which Mohanji attends every year. 

Something interesting for me to hear yesterday from Mohanji is that this is a service to Sai Baba to whom Mohanji credits much of his spiritual life and life in general. He has been looked after by Sai Baba because he never really had anybody – a Godfather or anyone who is looking out for him on his path, but there was always Shirdi Sai Baba there.

If you have read the blogs ‘Sai and I’, one of the stories is about when Mohanji was in Shirdi, a man from nowhere came to him and gave him a bag and said, this is from Baba. Later, Mohanji realized that it was Baba himself that gave it to him. There was a set of padukas (feet) in the bag, and those are actually in the Palakkad temple here; they sit on Baba’s feet. 

For me, having read the blogs and then seeing them there for real, it was a nice connection to make. In the morning, we went there, and it started with Abhishekam for Baba (a bathing ceremony), which went on for quite a few hours. 

It was a great atmosphere at the temple; the whole place had been set up for the festival, and everyone got the opportunity to come and bathe Baba. It was wonderful to watch. 

It was also interesting to watch Mohanji and his state because there was so much focus and bhaav towards Baba. He said in the car that for him, this is a service. He comes here every year as a devotee, and he doesn’t want to be seen as anyone higher than anybody else there. He just comes to give his service to Baba, which was nice, and it gives another testament to the humbleness of Mohanji. 

In between each of the events taking place, there’s a room for everybody who is coming in and speaking to Mohanji. Each person has their reason for coming. I’m always in admiration of how Mohanji operates and works because there’s never anything generic. Everyone comes with something, and he gives them what they need, as per what they can take, as per their capacity. Everything is always a personalized approach, depending on what the needs of that person are.

For whoever is coming to see him, he is available, which is nice. Some people travelled backwards and forwards with us between the temple and home. Throughout the day, there were people around coming to meet him, coming to see him, and it was a jolly family atmosphere, the way that he was speaking to everyone and caring for them. 

A good lesson for me yesterday was just to watch and observe Mohanji speaking to people about relationships. There was a married couple there and a few others who were just talking about relationships in general. 

Mohanji’s general view on relationships and marriage is that – people should always have their lives; they should always be free, and they should be able to come together. It shouldn’t be out of insecurity or out of a need to be there, but out of a genuine companionship for a higher purpose. 

He has spoken about this before as well. What was interesting to witness yesterday was that there was a lovely married couple there, and for them, one of the things which they must have had was a very close attachment to each other, and that was their pattern. They were never without each other, which was beautiful to see.  

Mohanji, recognizing what everybody needs, organized a situation where he brought the husband with us to the temple, so there was a momentary separation. When we came back and spoke about this, this was enough for a shift to happen for that couple, for them to bring awareness to it, recognize that pattern, and actually help them break it. 

I was just amazed at how fast, direct and practical Mohanji was and gave people whatever they needed at that time to raise their awareness. He mentioned as well that years of sadhana wouldn’t be able to bring that shift. So here I was witnessing the speed of everything happening; whilst Mohanji was attending the event, we were moving from one place to the next; he’s doing his duty and service to Sai, and he is still at the same time giving people all that they need. 

A miracle happened partly through the event, which I’ve heard about before, but I’ve never really been close to any experience of this. The lady who is running the temple invited Ananth to her home at lunchtime. 

What happened is that all the pictures in the temple/puja- room had started oozing Vibhuti – there was lots of it, all the pictures and the altar were completely covered with it. There’s one big full-size picture of Sai Baba with a flower mala decorated on him, and all you can see is the head; the rest is just completely coated with Vibhuti. That must have been a recognition from Sai Baba that he was happy with how the function was being conducted. 

A Master, whom Mohanji had met earlier, said that Sai Baba lives in Mohanji’s third eye. When I came back, one of the ladies who had been sitting there had taken a photo of Mohanji’s third eye with the kumkum on, and this very much resembles a picture of Sai Baba. I will send the pictures for you to see. 

Today again, we have another Abhishekam. It’s early morning, so we’re getting ready for that now. I hope you have a great day. Speak soon.

Read the blog – Sai and “I” – Shirdi Sai Baba

Day 76 Lesson – One family 

Good morning everybody. I hope you are doing well. 

Yesterday was the second day of the seventh-anniversary celebrations of the Sai Baba temple in Palakkad consecration. Mohanji attends this every year as a service to Baba, and he gives as much time as required for the various rituals taking place throughout the day. 

Yesterday (Day 2) for me was a real pleasure to witness Mohanji’s devotion to Baba; he was happy sitting down in front of him. Today, Day 3, Sulakhe Maharaj arrived, and he was a part of today’s ceremonies as well. He had said that Baba had spoken to him to ask Mohanji what he wanted. Mohanji simply answered, “Baba”. I think that gives a very clear picture of his devotion. 

Ceremonies yesterday started with an Abhishekam to Baba. This is the ritualistic bathing of the Sai Baba idol. It’s a really lovely atmosphere; it feels like being part of a family where everyone’s friendly and open. Even though I don’t know the language, everyone is very accommodating and welcoming. Everyone also takes part in that ceremony; they come up, take the water, and bathe Baba. It’s been really lovely to witness this. 

That’s the theme I wanted to speak about today, this idea of pulling all together as a family. After the event or the ritual, we came back to Amma’s and Acchan’s house -Mohanji’s parents, which is not far away. It’s a modest-sized house; it has a living room, then a long corridor that leads to a little foyer where the pooja room is, and then a kitchen, and with people coming in throughout the day, it’s extremely busy. 

I find that busy, but Ananth said this is nothing because earlier, it was even busier. I think because of COVID, it’s quieter. Everyone takes every possible space; everyone is squeezed and sitting down into any little nook and corner they can find to sit and listen to Mohanji speak. It is like a family atmosphere, with whoever comes served with tea and water with Mohanji giving everybody his time equally. 

What I’m noticing from this trip is that many people are coming forward and connecting to Mohanji, with very established experience in their field and wanting to help and contribute. In Mohanji’s inimitable style of ‘no postponement; no delay; it’s now,’ he’s pulling people together and putting people in contact with each other. I’m witnessing this coming together of that ‘one family’. 

People have said before about Mohanji that there’ll be a time when there will be 1000s of people wanting just even to catch a glimpse of his clothing, as it would be a blessing for people. 

With all this coming together, all the people were uniting; everybody was coming forward to support the visions that we have for the platforms like World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), EBC, ACT foundation, Ammucare, any of them – you can strongly feel the potential that’s about to unfold; because if this is just a small glimpse in Kerala of the people coming together, across the world you can see this happening. 

So that’s my observation that I took from yesterday, this really nice feeling of a genuine family coming together. And for me, even though I don’t speak the language, of being welcomed very well. 

We’ve come back this morning after the third-day celebrations, and we’re going back to the temple now where Mohanji will give a Satsang. I think this will be live on Facebook, but in the Malayalam language. 

Speak to you soon, have a great day.

Have a great day ahead.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 69 & 70

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 69 Lesson – Knitting the world together 

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you are doing really well. 

Today the pace continues, the activities continue. Yesterday morning was a real treat for me, as we went to visit a Kalari Center, where Mohanji had some marma treatment. They put on a show for us as well. I’ve never actually seen or experienced that, so it was really something special to see.  I took a video I can share with you all.

Something which has been emerging over the past days and has been really impressive to witness and watch are the connections that are coming together around Mohanji. The people who we are meeting are all fantastic and great people in their own right, starting from the first group of people we met, the entrepreneurs and businessmen, and continuing with the Kalari practitioners and the owners of the centre, which has a 45-year long tradition. 


This morning, we were meeting other people as well. As we meet family, relatives, old friends in this area, other connections are coming forward, and it’s almost as if Mohanji is stitching together one big family of all these people, the global family he talks about. All of these people have a good, positive outlook on life and also a philosophy towards what they want to see happening and changing in the world. 

So, rather than a lesson, it’s more of an observation today. As we’re moving, bringing people together and meeting people, it’s almost as if deep connections are being formed or being re-established. I’m very excited and interested to see what comes from this, because so far on our trip the people we’ve met have been fantastic and great in their fields. 

If I think about all the volunteers and the people we work with within the foundation, all of them have a similar mindset. As the momentum is picking up, as we’re growing, and as the Mohanji centres in Ganeshpuri and Slovenia are coming along very soon, it feels as if there’s a real change happening. 

Even though this year we’ll have the COVID restrictions, there are still many activities that are moving forward and becoming more established. For example, at the book release function, we were able to present well the Mohanji Global platforms. In around five minutes, we succinctly presented everything that we were doing. When you look at it, when you look across everything that’s happening, right from the teachings, all the book publications, the programs, and then, on the other side, all the selfless service activities, supporting people with food, shelter, clothing and everything else, disaster relief – it’s really great to work. When you put it down to figures, it’s been happening for 18 years now, and there’s still much more to come. 

So, that’s it for today. A bit of a short one, as we’re preparing for a spontaneous interview. This seems to be the case travelling with Mohanji; things just happen. A news reporter wanted to come and take an interview with Mohanji. We’re busy preparing for that and making sure that everything’s arranged for when they come. Also, please enjoy the Kalari video.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 70 Lesson – How much have I given to earth? 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. 

Like the previous days, yesterday was another packed day, right from the early morning until the evening. We started off with breakfast with a prominent architect in the area. This was another reminder for me that when travelling with Mohanji, I should always be prepared for the unexpected. I had thought that we’d have breakfast, then go back to the room, and I’d be able to do this morning message and everything else I needed to do. But, we were invited to go and visit the architect’s property, where construction was taking place, just to see the style of architecture which he created. 

So, straight after breakfast, we were in the car, travelling. It was a great experience to go there because it showed how quickly, after meeting Mohanji for the first time, a very strong connection was built. 

What I’ve witnessed throughout this whole journey is that there are many people who have come to meet Mohanji for the first time. A lot of them have come to know him through the 4 am Club talks which he does. He sends those out daily in the morning. However, for everybody that comes to meet him, an instant connection happens, like a renewal of a relationship. 

I’ll share some photos of the area because it was quite a nice location. I think Mohanji really likes that style, too, so it could be an inspiration for future buildings. 

Also, we had a surprise interview yesterday. An advertised article appeared in the paper about the book release function, and then, a journalist wanted to speak further to Mohanji to do a feature spread. They came to the hotel, and the interview took place. And again, it was amazing to see people connecting with all the platforms, all the activities we’re doing across the world. I am looking forward to that feature coming out. 

As always, witnessing all of this and Mohanji’s schedule from early morning to the evening, I admired that all this is done for the benefit of the platforms so that we can serve even more people. For me, it was also a reflection on my own life. I was thinking about how much I have contributed to earth in my time here. Up until three or four years ago, I was just living life, taking, consuming, eating, drinking, travelling, and doing all the things which I wanted to do. It was a complete contrast to Mohanji’s activity and schedule. I know that we shouldn’t compare, but it was a reminder of how much I have actually been contributing and also an inspiration for how much more I can contribute in the future. 

I was witnessing what he’s doing, all the activity that he goes through, often at the expense of himself, because it takes a toll on his body. I’ve shared in a previous recording that after he’s met people or done a Satsang, his belly swells. Once, it got almost three times the normal size. Also, with different types of food here, he is very sensitive to spices. So, he’s going through all that too, taking a lot on while still giving his time and dedication to all who come to see him. It’s really admirable.

Yesterday, when we were travelling, it was good to see a side of Mohanji that I hadn’t seen before. The four of us, Moti, Madhu, Vipin and Mohanji, spent four or five hours in the car. . Although I couldn’t speak Malayalam, it was just like a road trip with the guys. That was the feeling because the connection that they have with him is very much like that of a friend, a companion. They were sharing stories, joking, laughing. We’d stop on the way to eat at the roadside cafés, and Mohanji was sharing lots of stories and jokes too. So, although I couldn’t understand the language, it was quite easy to catch the feel of the trip. 

Now we’ve arrived in another place, and there’ll be more people scheduled to meet on this trip. 

I hope you have a great day ahead. That was the main observation I was musing on today and yesterday: how much I have personally taken from the earth and how much I have given back.

Have a great day.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 43 & 44

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 43 Lesson – The family and people of the house 

Good morning, everybody. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy time of celebration connected with all your families. 

This year I am spending this time with my Mohanji family. Recently, someone sent me a message asking what it was like in the house and if I could share some more details on what the other people are doing who are staying here. I thought this time of the year when people come together as a family would be a fine opportunity to share that message. 

In the house currently, first, we have Mohanji’s parents – Achan and Amma, who oversee what’s going on in the house, whom Mohanji respects a lot. Achan is the head here and then obviously Mohanji, who we all know. Next, Rajesh, who’s been with Mohanji for many years and authored the ‘Miraculous days with Mohanji’, is a really great book (probably one of my favourites) for its honesty; its humour. Then there is Ananth, from Australia. Next, we have Geeta from Nepal, who manages the kitchen. This is the core family, the regular birds, the squirrels, and all the small beings who come for food and see Mohanji. 

Besides the core family, there are the Masters who are also living here. I don’t actually see them, though Mohanji has told us that they’re present here. Sometimes in the evenings, they will all be walking around and wandering about. 

Lastly, there is Preeti, who’s not staying here. But, she makes sure that everything is well organized here in the home and that we’re all well looked after. 

Now I’ll go through everybody, one by one, with a bit more detail to let you know what they’re up to. 

Achan, let’s start with Achan; Mohanji’s father is someone whom I really admire. He’s the personification of dedication and sticking to a purpose. He recently finished translating the divine book Sri Sreepada Srivallabha Charitamrutam into Malayalam. It is astonishing that when he was translating from English to Malayalam, he realized that the English translation didn’t have the essence; it didn’t have that flavour of the original script he had read because it didn’t do justice. So he, who is now 87-years-old, decided to learn a completely new language – Telugu, which is the language of the original manuscript as he wanted to ensure that the essence was maintained intact. This is dedication. This has been his focus for months since I’ve been here. He is an incredibly disciplined man. From dawn to dusk, he’s doing that work. He wakes up, he has his coffee, and he goes to work. Then breakfast and goes back again. After lunch and dinner, too, he is working relentlessly. Now it’s completed and going through the final stages of proofreading. This will be launched in early January. A great achievement, fantastic feat! He also keeps us on the straight and narrow for the protocol of things around Aarti and things like that. He taught me a lot in that respect. 

Amma and Achan with Mohanji

Amma, Mohanji’s mother, is like a hawk. Although she’ll be sitting there, she notices everything that’s going on in the house. She keeps a very keen eye on all the movements, particularly on Rajesh. She even knows when he’s been overeating. One event the other day made me realize this. We all have our cups in the house; Mohanji has his cup, and I’ve been using a particular one because it can hold more liquid than the other ones. So she knows what cup I use. The other day I took Geeta a cup of coffee; she was upstairs. She was curious and asked, “Where’s Chris going with that cup? Is he taking that to Mohanji because that’s not Mohanji’s cup?” She especially likes Rajesh and keeps a keen eye on him, and he too plays with her and teases her. I think she has quite a soft spot for him. Rajesh’s consistency in losing at the badminton matches makes her laugh a lot.

Rajesh has many activities within the foundation. He supports all the major programs that take place. Rajesh ensures that all content for the prep session for the recent online retreats was created. He’s also involved in some of the ashram’s work and heavily involved in Guru Light – 

 the book publishing division. It was Rajesh who actually worked very closely with Mohanji to complete Mast and then ensured that it was available on all outlets such as Amazon. He makes sure that all supplies are well kept and stocked, manages provisions in the house, food orders, any sort of work that needs to be done. He keeps a keen eye on gardening chores and ensures that it’s all well-kept. 

The most admirable thing which Rajesh does is waking up around 3 am and performing Homa daily. This has special importance because I’m not sure many people know about it, but Mohanji has always taken responsibility for the people who believed in him. He makes sure that they and their families are well-taken care of. He says, “If someone gives me their time; if someone takes one step towards me, I’ll take ten steps towards them.” He always gives more from his side than what he gets back. So he’s always taking responsibility for people. What Rajesh does every day, as Homa, is additional protection for all the people who love Mohanji and their families; that’s been taught to him by Mohanji directly. 

I didn’t know this, so I was quite taken aback when I found out that’s happening not only for all of us who are connected to Mohanji but also extends to our families. So Mohanji is really looking after the extended family. No money is taken for this. It’s purely as a Seva to all those people who are standing by Mohanji. 

Ananth has quite a challenging situation because he’s still working full time. His work time zone is in Australia. He’s up very early in the morning so that he can attend his work calls. He’s the main assistant to Mohanji; he helps with whatever’s needed, makes sure that the medication for Mohanji and his parents are always taken care of, that morning drinks and meals are all in the right order, and serves the meals. He coordinates tasks with the local people as well.

He is the vital technical support for the foundation – all the infrastructure for the websites, for Facebook, and payment gateways; all backend stuff, such as emails, which helps the machinery run, which we probably take for granted, is all due to Ananth. He is instrumental in setting up for the live meetings and even down to editing videos. He’s also learning the ritual of Homa at the moment, so afternoons one can see him practising it. 

Geeta is from Nepal, and she makes sure that we’re all well looked after, and our bellies are all full. She’s preparing fresh meals daily for the entire household – fresh vegetables and things like this. She runs the tight ship of the kitchen, and we help where we can. As Ananth is up in the morning, he helps with the preparation there. Later, we clean dishes and do whatever else that can be done. Thus we’re all working together. 

Preeti isn’t staying here, but she is always in support. She’s always making sure that supplies are coming on time to the house, surprises us with food and anything needed, such as furniture or equipment that we were getting for the live videos, ensures they’re all arranged from town by taking those trips there. She also comes on special occasions to make sure we have all the equipment and material for the poojas. 

On this special day, it’s nice to share with you some more information about the people that I’m staying with. I can say from my experience; it’s been really lovely to stay here. I have been here quite a while now, and it really does feel like home, really does feel like family. That’s the atmosphere that Mohanji really fosters as well, this friendliness. 

I’ve said before as well in previous voice recordings; I’m sure that this is what the atmosphere and the culture will be like too at our spaces when we have them – the Centers of Benevolence, and the Temples of benevolence, so when people come here, it’s as if they have come home, and are part of the family. 

So on this day, I hope you’re having a great time with all your families, good foods, celebrations.

That’s it from here about the current family at this house. I wish you all the best; I hope you have a fantastic day, and speak to you very soon.

Day 44 Lesson – Story of Mohanji’s time in Iraq

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. 

Today, I wanted to share the story of Mohanji rather than any specific lesson. Over the past recordings, I’ve shared several lessons around the theme of efficiency, productivity, organization. Mainly it’s part of some of the key discussion points I have with Mohanji in the mornings. Mohanji himself is incredibly efficient; he makes sure that nobody is waiting on him for work to move. This approach and attitude have made him successful now and in his earlier business life, where he rose in position from a sales executive to a country head of five countries in the shipping industry. An amazing accomplishment!

Once, we were speaking about plans for activity in the morning when he shared a story – a page from his business life – to give an idea of how he handled situations. I thought it could be of interest because it’s something that I hadn’t heard before. 

This story is dated 2004, during the Iraq war; Iraq had been invaded, and the war was on. Mohanji, who was in a senior position in those days, had an assignment to go to Iraq, which he accepted, he was alright with taking those risks, but he had to do a few things before he left for Iraq.

The first was to create a will with the insurance company (because some people don’t necessarily come back) even though the Indian government had banned its nationals from going to Iraq during the war. So he went to make the will, and as part of that, he decided that he wanted to donate his organs if any of them were usable to help the poor. He thought, “I don’t need the body once I’m gone. So why not give away if it’s possible for someone else.” 

Second, he also wanted to make sure that all the savings, whatever he had in the bank, went to his first wife and whatever came out of the insurance that would go to his parents. He said that the insurance guy was quite taken aback at how calm Mohanji was about the situation. He asked him, “Are you not worried? How can you be so calm about this? Potentially bad things might happen to you.” Mohanji replied, ‘I’ve got a job to do. And what will happen, I don’t know. So I’m making sure now that this is all set outright.” Thus he set off for Iraq amidst the war.

In Iraq, they travelled by road to where he was staying, a British camp near Basra. The camp was well protected and stocked with food and chef as well. All the walls were high, maybe 10 meters high or so. It was almost like a prison, but there were a few cottages inside. On the way to the camp at Basra, Mohanji saw beheaded bodies lying on the side road and many dead bodies as well on the way. It was a tense situation all around. He had seven bodyguards with him at that time, three four-wheelers at his disposal, a rifle, and a bullet-proof vest. One of the bodyguards, Mohanji said, was one of the main bodyguards of the famous ‘The Beatles’ in his time. 

When he was stationed at Basra, the British Army Base, he was responsible for overseeing the loading and unloading of oil tankers and commodity ships supplying the British and American Forces. Each day, Mohanji and his security guards went via different routes to the port to observe when tankers were being loaded and other commodities. As the situation was quite perilous, they would often go across the desert to make sure that they weren’t attacked and things like that. But even still, he said, often one would find dead bodies while driving past in the desert.

Each day, the chief bodyguard would chart a new route and plan to travel in a different vehicle. There were constant changes and alterations because they were being watched. Within the Basra camp itself, amenities were fairly limited; there was no TV, internet, entertainment, newspaper, mobile phones at that time. So it was purely just the work, like being in prison almost. 

One morning Mohanji had to head out to the port and sign the papers, but they weren’t ready yet, which was a bit unusual. So he said, “Okay, no problem. I’ll do it, I’ll send the car, and they can bring the papers back. When they come back, I can sign them, and the next day, I’ll take them back.” Mohanji arranged this, and two of his bodyguards took the Jeep.

On the way there, the bodyguards stopped at a makeshift roadblock which proved fatal. Later, it was discovered that a 12-year-old boy detonated an explosive device on the Jeep and completely destroyed it, killing the two bodyguards. That would have been probably the vehicle that Mohanji would have been travelling; he missed that very closely. This incident now implied that somebody must have let these people or the locals know about the situation, about who Mohanji was, where he was travelling to; the dangers increased. This meant the chief bodyguards and people would be under the radar of the locals as well.

There was a local man who was one of the leaders within the local area. He came to visit Mohanji at some point to arrange the shipping logistics and things like this. When he went back home, there was a note on the door for him saying, “We know where you went; if you go again, we’ll chop your head.” So, these were the messages which were being shared, “Don’t come anymore.” 

Mohanji said that everybody was carrying guns. Even he had to carry a gun from time to time, and the bodyguards would train him how to use them. But in the end, he wouldn’t carry it because they had surrounded him. This was the prevailing situation with all kinds of things happening around. Like Mohanji mentioned earlier while travelling by road, there would be dead bodies strewn, people were being kidnapped for ransom, even school children were not spared and kidnapped for ransom, even though the parents couldn’t pay much. 

As is Mohanji’s style, he sees humour in some of the most serious situations. He added that one of the funniest incidents was that, during that time he was there, shipments were going all the time; people were unloading the ship, putting it into trucks, and then they took it where it needed to go. There was a cargo load of manhole covers, the big sort of metal manhole things which you would put on some drainage system and this cargo was going by road. Times were such that everybody was trying to eke a living by taking stuff or thieving because some of it was worthwhile; even farmers would do it.  

It so happened that two of the local farmers decided to capture this truck and take the manhole covers. It’s a big load of these very heavy manhole covers; later, they went down to the local market to try and sell them, carrying one or two. Obviously, no one was going to buy them; they tried for a few weeks. They just had this big truck of manhole covers, which nobody wanted. 

During that time, the insurance company would payout to the company transporting these (because it was a thing that could happen), then they would have their money returned and send another shipment. These farmers were chasing around, trying to find someone who could buy them. In the end, they found the location of the port of the company, and they came back with the truck convinced that they could sell back these manhole covers to the port. After some negotiations happened to and fro, they eventually sold the truck for much less than what it was worth. 

This was one of the stories from more adventurous times for Mohanji.

I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you have a great day ahead.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 2

Mohanji in jeans

By Christopher Greenwood

Day 2 lesson – Mother and Father

I hope you enjoyed the recording yesterday, which is one of the practical lessons I’ve picked up from Mohanji. “No delay. No postponement. No tomorrow. It’s now.” Today, I wanted to share a little bit more about the Mohanji home, and a living lesson from how Mohanji looks after his parents. 

Today I wanted to look at the idea of home and family, around that theme. Yesterday’s lesson was very practical, around not delaying. And today I wanted to give more of a view on living with Mohanji. Because whilst he has a very straightforward, no nonsense, matter of fact approach when it comes to work and activity, and moving forward with the activities across the Foundation, he brings the same dedication and commitment to all of his responsibilities, whether that’s a husband, a father, or a son. Here in the home, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time and observe that too. 

I call it a home because I was invited to come, as I was somewhat stranded here in India because of Covid. I had just started this role, so it made sense that we were closer together for practical purposes. As you could imagine, being invited to come and stay, I was really nervous at first. I didn’t know what to expect, or what to do, and I hadn’t really had much one to one contact time with Mohanji himself up until that point. Although I’d attended various retreats, and I’d spoken to him here and there, a few words or a few conversations, but nothing really more than that. So, to think about coming, and staying with him in close proximity, I was very nervous. And I think in the first weeks and days I would have been very, very stiff. But quite soon, the warm and the accepting nature that he has, and no expectations of how I should or shouldn’t be, completely allowed me to be myself.

Quite quickly I just relaxed into being a part of the home, and part of the atmosphere and it’s a really lovely harmonious atmosphere. The home itself is a modest size. It has a nice ring of Tulsi plants that have been planted outside by Rajesh and some of the gardeners. I didn’t know but apparently the Tulsi has an aura eight times the size of the actual plant, so that gives a real nice feel. And Rajesh diligently waters them with the coherent water each morning. There’s a section setup where there are some tomato plants growing, and I think some fruit trees have been planted too.

So it’s really nice outside. When you come inside, there is the main hall or the main room where Mohanji sits. On the wall, you have Sai Baba, Dattatreya, Babaji, a picture of Krishna, and other Datta Masters. This leads to an open space to the eating area where there’s a puja room, and there is a kitchen, and a bedroom, and some bedrooms upstairs as well. So, it’s a really nice family home and that’s the feel that it has. I’m pretty sure that when the ashram space is set up or the centres of benevolence like on the land in Ganeshpuri, they will welcome everybody similarly. Even the general environment is very harmonious. The only expectation from you is that you help clean and keep the maintenance of the place. This is for all to get a bit more of a picture of what it’s like here.

It’s from the family or the home that I want to share a lesson today from Mohanji. Mohanji doesn’t overly say something as a teaching. Generally, the way he acts, the way he lives, is a lesson in itself. How he behaves, if you observe him closely enough, you’ll be able to pick up some really great insights and lessons. And here in the home we have his parents. He has brought them here to look after them, because they are elderly now. They’re really looked after and respected; they are fully a part of the home.

I remember back in the Acharya training we were talking about righteousness, our duty and dharma. We all have within our lives a dharma, a duty, particularly to our parents. Because they are the people who brought us into this world, we have a responsibility towards them. I can’t remember the Sanskrit phrase so excuse me for that, but the English translation of order is: Mother, Father, Guru, and then Divine. That’s the order of reverence which you should give them in life.

The Mother is the most important because she’s the one who carried you and knew you for the longest on this Earth. She carried you for nine months before anybody else knew you. Then your Father, because both of them together, are the living representations of your lineage. Respecting the lineage, giving back to that lineage of where you’ve come from, that gave you the opportunity to be here on Earth and experience life. So hold them in really high respect and look after them. Then follows the Guru, the person who’s actually connecting you with the Divine; then the Divine.

So, Mohanji himself, his life, is the lessons. The way he treats his Mother and Father is fantastic. It’s really beautiful to watch because he truly is a great son. In the mornings when Amma is here, she’ll come out, she’ll have a coffee at the table and if Mohanji is here he’ll go and sit down, they’ll talk about the events of the day or the events of the hour and what’s happening in the world. Later Acchan comes for breakfast and they’ll have a conversation as well.

They are looked after well in the house, they’re well respected and they are given a place above Mohanji, especially, Acchan. Even though the home is, you could say Mohanji’s home, it’s Acchan here who has the saying what goes. He often gives us some orientation on things which we might need to improve on, especially me. When I was doing the aarati, and because it’s quite new for me, he made sure that I was doing it correctly.

When you see them interacting, it’s just lovely that they are part of the home. I mean in the Western culture, we have quite a common way of handling our parents and elders, which is as soon as they get to a certain age, they become a nuisance and then we put them in an old age home. The parents then just feel like they don’t want to be a burden to the children, so they accept that. But here, Mohanji lives that responsibility, that dharmic duty of looking after his parents. I’ve heard him in conversation with various people who have asked him: “How do I live up to my dharmic duty if I’m not in the same location?’’ And I’ve heard him give practical tips: ‘’Well, you can make their life better. You can make their life easier. So, be practical. If you can, hire some help for them. Have people go around and help them out with the gardening, with the chores, with fetching the groceries, so that their lives become more comfortable.’’ Some people have also said: ‘’I can’t fulfil that duty because I don’t have a good relationship with my parents.’’ Then he suggests helping the elderly. If you can’t fulfil that duty with your actual parents, then help the elderly. Go somewhere where there are elderly people who need some comfort, need some help and assistance.

So today, that’s the lesson, dharmic duty to our Mother and our Father; the living representations of our lineage. Looking after them well, caring for them as they cared for us in our young age, we care for them in their old age. Watching Mohanji, he certainly lives that as well, as he performs his role in leading his organizations and all his activities. He’s giving equal attention to being a son too. 

I hope this was insightful for you, and have a great day ahead.

Here is the link to Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 1

chris and Mohanji


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Being With Mohanji – The Transformation

By Ruby Nair, USA

Mohanji_the Teacher.JPG
Guru Comes to You At The Right Time

“Teachers happen when the student is ready. And the teacher is always in relation with the student. When a student happens, a teacher happens. Teacher is a state just like student is a state. The teacher or the student are never permanent in their roles. A teacher can be a father, a husband, a lover, a pedestrian, a shopper, a barber, a cook or any other role a human being may play in his or her lifetime. The right knowledge will come to you at the right time, through a person, a book or a life experience. This is the truth of existence.”

Below, I share, from the heart, how my life changed from a mundane existence to one of joy, peace, gratitude and selfless actions through the appearance of a Guru at a time of need in answer to a prayer.
What have I gained by being with Mohanji is a vast subject that can’t be put down into mere words. I contemplated on this matter for a couple of days and as I sat with my husband talking about certain things, I ended up discussing with him all that I have gained by being with Mohanji. It was so simple yet complicated.

Simple Yet Complicated!

My life before Mohanji was very uncertain on many levels. From my childhood, I had been one of the weird kids who always felt different and shy inside. On some levels, I can say that I had lived a turbulent childhood which continued into most of my early adult life. First, it was distant family problems. Then as I grew older, I realized that I never fit in with a lot of groups because I was never really interested in what they talked about. I was a party goer for most of my late teens and thought life was just about partying and spending money.
After getting married and visiting Kerala for the first time in 2004, I had such a profound experience at the Guruvayurappan Krishna temple, which brought tears and intense love to my heart, that shook me. That’s when I realized that there was something tangible in these temples. So I became obsessed with visiting temples and praying – just thanking God for everything.
However, marriage also brought a sense of responsibility towards fixing my family matters. My husband and I took it upon ourselves to visit different temples, perform countless pujas, prayers in my name or their names to uplift them and myself from all the troubles and ignorance. There was this compulsion in me that kept me going for years and I can recall most of our married life was spent on fixing other people – my family, etc. I felt burdened at times and cried out numerous times to God to please end this suffering of mine as there was no end to my turbulent life. Things did improve in my life but I never felt contented and always felt like there was something more to do.
Since I had filled my life with trying to help others while ignoring my own pain, I never knew how to deal with things when they got difficult as there was no anchor in my life to tell me it will be okay in the end. My husband was always there no matter what, but I was looking for something higher to connect to. I felt abused, disrespected and unloved on many occasions by many people in my life. I was a machine living for others and trying to make them happy while I was unhappy on many levels.
The above describes my life after my marriage basically from 2003 to 2012 – in pain, in depression at times, feeling lonely, betrayed, etc. After 2012, my life changed drastically again after visiting a Shiva Temple in Kauai, Hawaii, where I truly believed there were Gods, angels and higher beings alive among us, helping and guiding us. It brought a lot of change in my life which cultivated patience and faith. I gave up certain dietary things as well as alcohol, which I took on special occasions and learned could be a hindrance to one’s spiritual path. I became aware that one’s purification and penance was very important in finding God. To better myself, I started fasting, serving family by cooking food for them, ignoring their cold remarks, and learning how to restrain myself.
During this time, I also read the book “Autobiography of Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. This book helped me realize the importance of a Guru and how having love for Him transcends any physical or conditional love that I was used to. This drove me to seek and question if there was a Guru for me as well in this life. I installed Mahavatar Babaji’s picture in my temple even though it felt kind of strange because I had grown up with the idea that we only install and pray to idols of deities and not to a human beings. Even though I knew Babaji was beyond human definitions, it was just something that was hard for me to do.
From 2012 to 2015, I did meditations on my own where I would just force myself to sit and contemplate on Babaji or just nothing. I prayed to God to send me a Guru. After hearing from somewhere that when one pours water on a Shiva lingam and asks with a pure heart, God surely brings that into our life. Without being aware, Mohanji came into my life slowly, but my ignorance was too deep to even recognize Him. In 2015 I found Mohanji’s blog through the grace of Babaji and I was able to meet Him physically in 2016. Meeting Him was also very turbulent for me due to my own negative self. I had to shed a lot to see His divinity. This was the first gift He gave me – the ability to connect to Him despite the darkness surrounding me, while dissolving my ignorance so that I could see Him in a different light and purity.

MOhanji_ruby nair1.png
Light & Purity with Mohanji

During one of my trips with Mohanji, He casually mentioned that having my second daughter accelerated my path to meeting Him, but I was destined to meet Him anyway, probably later in time. Many are His subtle ways that I can’t even begin to describe them.
The big question is what has been so different after meeting Him. Well, all my compulsions to fix things, others, or situations have gone. I no longer feel that I am in any control to fix anyone let alone help them, unless they themselves are seeking guidance. If I do happen to help someone, I have realized that it is not me but the energy of God working through me to help that person, so the ownership or doership has gone. I have also been initiated to Mai-Tri healing, so I can serve others selflessly and bring Mohanji’s healing to others.
I feel protected for the first time in my life. Not that I didn’t feel protected before, but this is where I know if I am in trouble or something is bothering me, He will be there no matter the time or space. It’s very comforting to know someone is always with me, guiding me no matter what.
I have also become stronger in myself and have more faith in myself and my abilities. I no longer wish to get gratification from others or listen to others. I know I am self-sufficient and I am perfect the way I am, despite being laughed at numerous times throughout my life. It is knowing that all of us are different, unique and loved by the Divine just as we are. Even though lack of acceptance is still there on minute levels, it is now a work in progress.
Another great thing I have gained from being with Mohanji is His global family. I just love meeting different people from all over the world and connecting with them instantly. It is like they are my real family at times and it brings me so much joy just to share love and stories with them. It’s a connection on a different level that I never experienced outside of His family.

MOhanji_ruby nair Kailash.png
Connection at a different Level – Kailash Trip

Mohanji has also brought forth more awareness to the suffering of animals. Due to this I have been vegan for a year and have never been so happy to realize that I had the strength to give up on desires that are so hard to give up in one’s life. Now, it’s a lifestyle of Ahimsa which was just a thought before meeting Him. This decision has helped me to avoid feeling the guilt of consuming something that was snatched from another being. Because if the roles were reversed, I would not want the same thing inflicted on my loved ones.
So far, the most important thing I feel I have gained is that Mohanji anchors me in the present. I no longer look elsewhere; He has given me something strong and tangible to hold on to. This feeling was what I was looking for all my life until I met Him. I realized that if this anchor had been available to me earlier, I would have been less turbulent within myself and more stable. He has given me stability that I thought I would never achieve in this life. I have cried to God when I couldn’t handle things and have asked Him to end my life, but now I don’t have such thoughts. I feel happy, loved, accepted and grateful to have this human birth where I have been given this much awareness. Simply put, Mohanji helped me become a better me, someone I love.

MOhanji_ruby nair MP
Love and Acceptance From My Guru – Machu Picchu

This was my humble attempt to pen down my most intimate thoughts. I feel privileged to even be on this path and to be able to express my gratitude to Mohanji. Without Him, I probably wouldn’t even have the strength to face, accept and write all these things. Thank you Father for everything and coming into my life.
With deep gratitude and love,
Ruby Nair, USA


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“A Blast In All Directions” – Stunning Experiences and Experiments of Goran from Serbia

mohanji answers

Dear friends,

It’s been one month since, for the first time ever, I had the pleasure of having Mohanji’s company during the long-awaited trip to my country – Serbia (former Yugoslavia). His was a very brief visit of only 4 days, but it had a powerful, transformative effect…

Mohanji conducted two Power of Purity meditations, one in my home town Novi Sad, and one in Belgrade, the capital.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to be able to share this beautiful, intimate inner experience with the people from my own country – it was kind of surreal…

I will write about the experience of those meditations in my next post – would now like to share with you the experience of Goran from Novi Sad who connected with Mohanji and me very deeply ever since he attended the first meditation in Novi Sad (on April 16th, 2010). A beautiful, sincere communication/connection ensued ever since – I was deeply touched with all the developments.

A Brief Intro about Goran

It’s an honor to  introduce this unique, multi-faceted individual – a Tai Chi Master, Marathon runner, a Cardiologist, currently doing his PhD in Sports Rehabilitation, practices ‘Gong and Tibetan bowl therapy’ – but more than anything,  a sincere spiritual experientialist and a lovely human being! It was clear to me from the first encounter that he was indeed ‘ripe’ for in-depth experiences during BTW and Shaktipat because his sensitivity/purity level was already high. He stood out as the only person who was continuously smiling from within after ‘POP’

Goran was deeply impressed with the meditation Mohanji conducted in Novi Sad and said:

“The purity and Love that emanates from Mohanji is so incredibly high. It is unconditional. Shaktipat was a surprising and incredible experience, first of its kind for me. The effect of Shaktipat amazed me. I am under deep impressions, so grateful… Indeed, when the student is ready, the Master appears.

After Goran found out about the meditation that Marija (in Serbian language, ‘j’ is pronounced as ‘y’ 🙂 – please note ) was to conduct in Belgrade on May 7th, he decided to travel from Novi Sad and join in.

Before that happened, he mentioned to Mohanji that his son Dusan has a remarkable sensitivity to energy and wondered whether he should bring him along, although he is still only a teenager. I asked Mohanji and he said: “Tell him to bring Dusan. He is a high soul, a divine child. He will benefit a lot from ‘POP’.”

So friends, without further adue, this was Goran’s experience, starting with the BTW meditation on May 7th in Belgrade :-):

“Dear Mohanji, you were so right when you said I should bring my son Dusan for meditation as well. I may not be able to express my joy, gratitude and depth of the experience so well in English, but I’ll try.

I liked the meditation venue – full of positive energy. The first time I saw Marija, I felt, from the moment we met, that the instant communication at the level of Chakras was established! Her youth and serenity, inner glow… Immediately I liked her.

People slowly arrived. I stared carefully, trying to penetrate more deeply into their essence. I went to change my clothes, because I have my special clothes that I like to wear for meditation (with some black and white ornaments that I wore when I first met Biba and you in Novi Sad. I feel that this suit has absorbed great energy and creates some beautiful space around me when I wear it).

Moving on to the meditation – Marija said that she will start by invoking Mohanji’s energy and presence. Then, I can freely say that she was the right medium – it was felt immediately!

We slowly started relaxing. What happened after a while, I feel, words cannot describe! A complete feeling of weightlessness, like floating above the chair! Incredible sense of ease. Almost unreal. I had the impression that one could insert a thin cushion between me and the chair.

I enjoyed this incredible feeling, and then it happened! – I felt a gentle touch at the top of my head, my crown Chakra. What a power connection! I had the impression that I am a big energy ball, a balloon held by a tiny thread – and then the incredible joy spread up, in all directions, like a ray, but without stopping! What a feeling! What strength and sense of bliss… 

And when Marija put her finger on my forehead, the third eye, I can’t describe it – I’m feeling a strong stream of light rushing through her finger at me! A blast in all directions!

Goran: “A Blast in All Directions”

I kept feeling this flow of energy, but any expression through words is too poor to describe it! As there is a “Sun Gaze”, this has been, shall I call it, a “Divine Gaze”. Something happened to me, beautiful, and the incredible feeling of peace and tranquility, it followed me constantly.

And that smile – it was literally as if I was smiling from inside myself.

Meditation ended. After opening the eyes, I exchanged with Marija a long look that said it all. And then, something even more interesting happened. When the lights were switched on, I saw quite clearly, as if it was painted, around each participant individually, something like an aura. But then, there was more to it – I could see/feel their thoughts and feelings too! Amazingly, I could almost touch them physically, their mind! I’ve seen that surreal living blueprint in each one of them individually and the reasons why they were there!

Aura around the person shows different qualities and emotions expressed in different colors…(sourced from the net)

Four of them especially stood out – they gleamed from the sincere emotions of love. Two were females, one of them my best friend Biljana, second a lady called Tijana, and one was my son Dusan. And the fourth one, of course, was Marija – so pure and bright!

There was one gentleman who looked at my son Dusan, who was silent all the time, and said:  “He was sent here with a special purpose. Does he have something to do with Far East?” I told him that his mother is half Japanese and that he is thus quarter Japanese. And he said to that: “He is special, he is sent with some kind of a big task. He radiates so much energy.”

I was so happy, and yes, proud – as any father would be… And when I told him that Mohanji said that Dusan is a “divine child” and should definitely join us for meditation, then he was thrilled!

We stayed at the venue for another hour – time was just flying.

Dusan then spoke to me privately and said: “Daddy, I have already seen all these people who are here somewhere before, including that man and Marija.” I know that is true because it is clear to me that he can tune into the higher realms of consciousness with ease…

I shared with him my experience and he surprised me even more when he said that he too felt and saw the same ‘auras/living blueprints’ around people as I did during the meditation. My joy knew no bounds!

Then another interesting thing happened while we were outside, in front of the door. There was a man with a dog on a leash. The dog suddenly began to wag its tail in great joy, overly excited, and went straight to Dusan. The man tried pulling the dog back, thinking he may harm Dusan, but the dog was attracted like a magnet, that was obvious.

(I know from before that Dusan has a special communication with dogs, so it was really interesting to observe this – thank you Biba for sharing with me Mohanji’s experience with the dog Happy in Dubai. Dusan read the story and felt very inspired by it. The next day, he tried communicated telepathically with another dog and it worked – the dog immediately came to him and started licking his palm! Mohanji’s story left a deep impression on him…).

Post-meditation experiences

During the following few days, I saw many changes in myself and Dusan. I started having visions at night and a whole lot is now happening in my inner space.  And Dusan’s sensitivity level increased manifold. His piano classes were one sign of that.

Dusan’s piano teacher said that never during the last 5 years of practice was he able to play piano with that much feeling, beauty and subtlety. And guess what, the teacher decided that next time, Dusan should play in public!

Intrigued by all this, one evening, while holding Mohanji’s visit card and looking at his eyes, Dusan noticed something very interesting. He ran to me and said: “Daddy, I can clearly feel that this card is radiating energy – it is alive!”

Due to many years of biomedical engineering and thermovision experience in medicine, sport and industry, the scientist in me immediately decided to test this visit card of Mohanji’s through Thermovision Photo (pls note, this is not a Kyrlian photography, but something more advanced – it is done through the latest Thermovision Camera, a recognized scientific method, which is used to show visually body temperature and any kind of energy which can be transformed into heat).

Thermovision Analysis (very short and clear, simplified, so that everybody can understand):

Image 017: Thermal photo taken after holding Mohanji’s card for 30 seconds, and Image 018: Thermal photo taken after holding Mohanji’s card for 60 seconds:

Rectangle R1: Max Temp. in that area is 37.1 Cdeg – jumped to 37.6 after 30 sec!

Rectangle R2: Max Temp. in that area is 36.2 Cdeg – jumped to 37.2, entire 1.0 Cdeg, in just 30 sec!

Max temperature on Image 017 is on the small right hand finger,(37.4 Cdeg), while after 30 sec (see Image 018), Max temperature shifted to the right thumb (37.6 Cdeg).

NOTE: Two spikes on the thermal profile indicate thermal convection of the heat from hands to card. This is normal conduction process in nature. BUT, a rise of temperature for 1 deg in 60 sec, without external source of heat… not possible in strictly controlled thermal area without strong light sources, sun, or air conditioning. No pressure in fingers can produce that temperature rise, because with pressure blood goes out of the pressured area, and temperature falls.

That was a little scientific game. In the future I intend to conduct serious type of experiments to measure indirect effect of chi and divine energy.

Of course my friends, we do not need that :-). I feel all that with my heart. If you enjoyed beautiful music, you do not care which sort of wood and materials was used to build that piano. Magic is in the Maestro, not in the tools.

So sorry for my heresy of using the camera in that divine process. Some branches of science are also art, and I use my intuition to bring those divine processes to the people who do not understand. If many people understood that, all of us would be in the world with more smiles. That is why I opt to apply the science for this purpose.

To further make sure this experiment is correct, I asked Dusan to hold any other ordinary visit card in his hands (the top photo). He did so, and even concentrated to produce Chi flow in the hands. But after 1 min., the temperature remained the same – 37.4 Cdeg.

We repeated the experiment with Mohanji’s card (photo below). At the moment of taking the card in hands, there was the same temperature as above, 37.4 Cdeg. But after 30 sec, I measured a rise to 37.9 Cdeg. So, Dusan very fast, in only 30 sec experienced the temperature rise in his hands.

After Dusan, I did the experiment myself and the result was also amazing. I registered 1 Cdeg rise after 60 sec with Mohanji’s card! But then again, I am also sensitive to Chi. So I asked my elder son Nikola, who does not share this interest in Chi, to do the experiment – and we recorded a rise of 0.4 Cdeg.

For the time being that is enough of science. Now it is time for love and hugs.

Lots of love from Serbia to all of you,