Lessons Living with Mohanji – Days 95 & 96


Christopher Greenwood

Day 95 Lesson – Set in place what you need to today 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Yesterday was the beginning of the annual Global Summit. (Date was the 14th of February 2021, if this is being listened to later) All the heads of Mohanji platforms, all the individual teams within the Mohanji Foundation – such as the Kriya team, the Sadhana team, and all individual country teams come together in this unifying event. All shared the activities that were completed last year and set the focus, the goals, the orientation, and the objectives for the coming year. 

Madhusudan, the CEO of Mohanji Foundation, introduced the day, kicked off the summit (which will last for a few days), set the format, and gave a great overview of the plans for the year. He spoke about our spaces, the Centers of Benevolence (which are coming up), the land in Ganeshpuri – what is happening there, plans, and the intentions of all the elements to be put in place. I’ve shared some of those before., but these will be messages to the world of living in harmony with nature, a safe space where people can come and take part in their practices. 

The land in Ganeshpuri is by the river, so there will be bathing Ghats going down to the river. There’ll be a Shiva Linga probably installed for people to worship. There’ll also be a forest with all the animals, beings and the 27 trees associated with 27 stars that are aligned to everybody. (Everybody is connected to a particular tree, animal and bird). When you offer to that tree, it helps your life as well as your lineage.

So, aspects like that will be included in these spaces, locations for practices – such as caves for meditations, halls for yoga, satsangs, and meditations, and a place where food will be served 24/7. It is quite exciting to listen to the progress being made there. 

Mohanji reiterated that we can always be looking to do more; what more can we do today to reach the hearts of more people. He reminded us that we have this one life; let’s use our time well, be effective, and live a fulfilling life. This is the theme I wanted to speak about today because Mohanji also had a conversation on the same subject this morning with a close friend (who’s in business and has many plans for the future and various business opportunities coming up).

Mohanji always supports and encourages people, especially if they’re making a living, supporting themselves, and giving stability to others. Mohanji asked him an interesting question; he asked, “This is all good, but how much time do you have on Earth?”

I think that’s quite an impactful question. Whilst, I’ve learned from Mohanji that we should make the most of our time each day, today, there was a new dimension of how Mohanji sees his life. He is always waking up with the question, “What more he can I do?” As we spoke more, he said that he’s very realistic about life – about the reality of life. For example, say he lives maybe up until 80 years, from where he is now that’s probably only 7000 days left. So for him in that respect, each day matters, and each hour probably matters as well. 

Mohanji also adds that what’s possible today might not be possible tomorrow. We can’t guarantee that the environment will be the same; we can’t guarantee that the health will be the same. For Mohanji, it’s a hardcore reality that today is the day. Whatever needs to be set and put in place should happen when it can be. Delays can happen; there are things that you can’t control. But putting steps, completing what needs to be done, and setting what needs to be done today, is something which he was reiterating. There’s no time to waste!

What arose for me from that message was not just doing the activity, because he also asked the question, “Are you satisfied? Is there contentment in the activity?” I think that’s important learning, which I’m finding too. More than just doing an activity and taking steps to move things forward, am I also putting what needs to be done in place today? Ask (ourselves) if there is satisfaction, contentment and fulfilment in every activity.

I’m learning that as important as the activity is, it is also the attitude that matters. It is important to set an attitude in place each day because if there’s criticizing, complaining, judging, being angry, frustrations, it’s probably not worth it. With every day being important, there’s no time to waste. There’s also no reason for activity and life not to be fulfilling. It was another depth to his message to use time well, not to waste any time and to be extraordinarily realistic, that today is the only moment that we have, so to set in place whatever we need to today. 

Yesterday was another example of how quickly Mohanji works and how swiftly he puts things in place. We had a request for a call with Mohanji from some doctors, introduced by a friend, and they wanted to contribute towards some of the activities. So late last evening, after the event was over, I arranged the call. They had a good talk. It was in Malayalam, so I couldn’t understand much. After it finished, Mohanji just asked me to put them in touch with one of the ladies, Savithri, running the animal care activities in Shirdi. 

I shared the number and connection, and they had a phone call/conversation within minutes. It all happened in the space of 20 minutes. What transpired in that 20 minutes is that – they had been looking for a doctor or a series of doctors for a long time in Shirdi (they desperately needed them). It so happened that these were the exact type of doctors they needed; thus, they came together and made an agreement within 20 minutes. It was organized in such a way that what they had been looking for, for some time, came about. Mohanji put it in motion and set it in place. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and will speak to you all soon.

Day 96 Lesson – Being there for people 

Good morning everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

This year’s theme for 2021 is flexibility, stability, and friendship. I thought today it would be good to share a conversation I had with Mohanji yesterday morning. For me, it summed up very nicely, a lesson that I’ve learned since being with Mohanji, which is we can always be there for people, and we can always stand by people. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to take on everything they’re going through, their situations, problems, or troubles. We can keep a nice healthy boundary so that we’re still there for them, but we don’t take on all their trash too. 

I found that this in the past, and even now, is important for my stability because I’d become very involved in someone else’s troubles trying to help, especially if we want to look out for people and help them. I thought this was a good message to share and something that can bring stability and help build great friendships. 

These aren’t the exact words, but this was the general message. Mohanji said that sometimes in life, we really won’t know the value of something until it’s gone, and once it’s lost, we regret it. Like everything in our lives, there’s a formation stage, an appearance stage, and then a dissolution stage. For every event in life, there’s a history, a cause, which can be internal or external. 

Internal comes from what we’ve collected over lifetimes, and through this life, maybe like prejudices, bad memories, hatreds. External can be something like, if we didn’t like the first impression of someone, then we take that, and it can cause us to take on something and a situation to occur later. 

When we think that every situation has its cause and it’s probably personal to the person as well, whether internal or external, we can recognize then that every situation and everybody is unique. So, it’s quite impossible to know the true cause of a situation somebody is going through. 

I shared this message with the help desk and the engagement team, who deal with people daily. It’s important that when we speak with people and counsel them, the utmost that we could probably do is to strengthen them. For those suffering, we can strengthen that side, and that’s probably only a real possibility sometimes. 

When somebody says there’s a problem or a situation, what can we really do? We’ll never know the full reality of how that occurred, or we don’t know the cause. Hence, the most practical thing is probably to stand in solidarity with that person. What’s good about that is we don’t have to accept their version of a situation or problem or trouble. That’s theirs to take. We don’t have the whole picture, but what we can say is, “Okay, this has happened. And I’m here, and we can walk together now.” Thus, we don’t have to let people put all the burden onto us, but we can stand, strengthen and stabilize. 

Mohanji also said at the end of the conversation that the easiest way to solve a problem, especially relationship problems, is by loving and letting go of the past, accepting weaknesses, forgiving and forgetting. Nobody is perfect, and we can’t truly love another unless we accept all imperfections. 

That was a nice message which he gave yesterday morning. I hope you have a great day ahead, and I shall speak to you soon.


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Lessons Living with Mohanji – Day 10

Day 10 Lesson – Importance of Vision & Mohanji Temples of Benevolence

by Christopher Greenwood

Yesterday when we were looking at the platform dashboard that I shared a few days ago, Mohanji reminded me of the importance of having a clear vision because, without it, we lack direction. He said that if we want to achieve something in life or to carve our place in the world, we must have a vision. And this needs to come with goals and timelines. 

He then said that probably people don’t know of his vision, especially for the temples and the centers of benevolence. It is a grand vision, and I share the high-level picture today. 

Good morning. I hope this message reaches you well. Today, I wanted to share with you a conversation I had with Mohanji about his vision. This came from a discussion that one needs to have a vision, goals, and a timeline if one wants to achieve anything in life. Having a vision is crucial, he was saying, because you’re essentially fumbling in the dark, walking around, or bumping into walls without it. So a vision gives you the destination, which makes it much easier to carve a road ahead. 

And this discussion came from looking at the dashboard to see where we could strengthen the vision. So the vision is very important: what does that end result look like? How does it feel? How are people interacting? What are people saying? How does it smell, taste, touch, and who is benefited? So anything can be included in a vision. And the clearer the picture, the easier it is to reach that. 

I think Mohanji said that we might not reach the exact destination, which is where flexibility becomes important. But at least if we have somewhere that we’re aiming for, we’ll roughly get there, and we can always adjust it. 

He then said that he’s not even sure that people know his vision at the moment. So he then shared his vision for the temples and the centers of benevolence, which is really exciting. And I want to share that vision with you now. The 23rd of October was a game-changer for the Mohanji foundation activities – a really big day for those who don’t know. That day, Mohanji registered 15 acres of land in Ganeshpuri. It was a Herculean effort to get this done in the pandemic situation with Madhu and Bharath and the rest of the team. And everything went incredibly smoothly. Even the chief priest from Shirdi made a surprise visit to see Mohanji in Bombay, and he brought him gifts from Shirdi – soil from Shirdi and udi from Shirdi. It was pretty much a blessing from Sai Baba for the activity. The registration itself took maybe 10 minutes in this local small-time registration office. Everybody was surprised because usually the office is packed, and there was no one there but us. It can normally take anything up to four hours, but this happened in just 10 minutes. The placing of the soil from Shirdi and the udi concluded in the last moments of the most auspicious time of the day. So, it was absolute grace. 

And this won’t just be a space; it won’t just be an ashram or a temple – it’s going to be a message to the world of the teachings of the Tradition. I want to share that vision with you of what this space will look like. On the grounds, this area itself has one main bank which borders a river and very natural land. So there’ll be a forest area built, and this forest will have 27 types of trees representing the 27 stars in the Vedic teachings that say that everybody is associated with a star. So worshipping a tree with that star connection brings benefits to the person. People will be able to go into the forest, walk around and give offerings. Then there’ll be the rishis and the munis in that forest sitting beneath the trees, alongside Dattatreya. So everything will be in nature. And all the animals will be there; all the small beings such as the rabbits, the mice, the birds, and obviously, the larger beings – all roaming free in nature. So, really a balanced ecology. There’ll be a pond; there’ll be fishes and turtles; there’ll be a river so people can feed animals throughout the location, so everything is in balance. Then there’ll be regular homas conducted, and Mohanji will have his personal dhuni. So the whole space will represent all the elements. 

Now the vision for the river that borders the land is to have banks built to stop the flooding; so caves can be made inside them for meditation. And people will be able to book a place, and if they wanted to meditate there even for 24 hours, food would be brought for them. And in one cave would be a space for maybe ten people, and there’ll be an idol of Babaji in the centre. So people can go in there and meditate, do Kriya and anything like that. There’ll be spaces for silence, and people who are observing silence will have a badge that says they are in silence. And the grounds will be zoned very well. On the riverside again, there’ll be ghats which go down to the river where people can take a bath, and a Shiva Linga will also be installed, so people can take water from the river and perform abhishekam.

And from the outside, there’ll be a place where people can access the main temples. So they won’t necessarily need to go into the full compound, but people will be able to come to the temples. There will be Shirdi Sai Baba there, a regular place for the homa, and it will be separate from the main area. And there’ll be a hall, the space for regular yoga activities, meditation, and all of the Mohanji processes. So all the activities will be completely covered for the practices for people’s higher elevation and connection. 

Then there’s the benevolence aspect. Food will be available 24/7 with three main meals a day, and outside those times, this really delicious potato-type sandwich (vada-paav), will be served. So nobody leaves there with a hungry belly, and all the food will be vegan, completely vegan. Clothing will also be provided, branded with the temple name, so people can see where they’ve come from. And if possible, there’ll be medical care there too, but that can be more complex to arrange. Regarding education, there will be a space for children with Mohanji Ka Aangan. 

And people will be able to stay if they’re passing by, for a maximum of two nights, unless staying for a longer program. For the family members – Mohanji has made this really well because he really wants to respect all those that have contributed consistently to the platforms. So a community card will be launched, and people that have a status on this will have access to accommodation and maybe have preferred access based on their contributions. 

So it will be a complete space for stability and higher elevation. Now that will become the standard; a message of what we represent, what the Foundation represents, and what Mohanji represents, and then that will be taken to every corner of the world. So in countries and cities, there’ll be a Temple of Benevolence and where there’s no space for a forest or the temple, it will be a Center of Benevolence. It almost becomes a recognized brand so that no matter where you go in the world, when you see it, you’ll know what you’re getting – there’ll be a standard for the practices and for everything else. For example, when you go anywhere in the world, you know if you go into one of these, you’ll get a great vada-paav. 

So this is the vision that he was talking about, which is coming to life now – a grand vision that sounds really exciting. And it’s actually happening now. Work is progressing, planning’s on the way, and more land is coming, and things are moving. It’s all about developing assets at the moment, and there’s a lot of work to do. And, of course, anyone that wants to help is welcome. Have a great day ahead.


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Fond Memories of Vasudevan Swami

mohanjichronicles-author-Rajesh Kamath Mohanji Acharya

By Rajesh Kamath

Four years back to this day (July 12th 2020), Vasudevan Swami, a disciple of Bhagavan Nityananda and a powerful Master of the Nath tradition, took samadhi (a saint’s conscious exit from the body) in Ganeshpuri. Mohanji had the greatest respects for this spiritual powerhouse who hid within a bent, frail, old and very ordinary looking frame. One could easily dismiss him for a weak, old man who wouldn’t merit a second glance. His unassuming nature, innocence and purity, coupled with an unshakeable faith in his Master, Bhagavan Nityananda, were the hallmarks of his personality. Mohanji considered him a perfect epitome of devotion. He was the priest of the Nath Mandir at Vajreshwari, where Macchindranath and Gorakshanath, the leading lights of the Nav Nath Tradition did intense penance and were blessed by the Goddess to write the book, the Nath Rahasya (The Secrets of the Naths). This temple has the padukas (divine imprints of the feet) of Macchindranath and Gorakshanath.

Nath tradicija

The previous priest in the temple was designated to be a Shankaracharya (one of the four heads for each of the four directions, who are highly revered leaders of Hinduism). When he came to visit Bhagavan Nityananda, Bhagavan is said to have asked him to choose between fame or liberation. When he decided liberation, Bhagavan Nityananda asked him to leave everything and become a priest of this tiny temple that is right in front of the Vajreshwari temple. The place is extremely powerful, and Swamiji used to say that none can enter this place by chance. It is guarded by unseen divine beings who keep the causal visitors away. Only the fortunate few who have the permission of Bhagavan Nityananda and the Nav Nath greats are allowed by the Divine. It is genuinely so because even the flower sellers right outside the gates are unaware of the spiritual potency of this place. There are hardly any visitors in this temple even though it is literally a stone’s throw from the Vajreshwari temple which sees a steady throng of religious seekers. The priest of such a temple can hardly be an ordinary person, and one can understand the level of purity and subtlety that would be expected of one who is fortunate to bear that mantle.

Interestingly, it was just yesterday that Mohanji was reminiscing about Vasudevan Swami during a discussion on devotion.  Mohanji used the example of Vasudevan Swami’s extraordinarily simple prayers to highlight the power of pure love. If Swamiji missed Lord Krishna, he would say, “Lord Krishna, I have grown old and feeble, and my eyesight fails me. How will I ever get your darshan (divine vision) now?” At these words, Lord Krishna would appear before Swamiji, stay with him for as long as Swamiji desired and leave an imprint of the form he appeared in, on the wall of the temple. Once when Mohanji visited him, he told Mohanji, “I am so happy today. Hanumanji came here today and meditated here while I was doing aarati. I saw someone come and sit behind me while doing aarati. After the aarati, I looked behind and saw Hanumanji sitting quietly and meditating. He just left.” One could see a greasy outline on the wall as if a giant person with oil all over his body had sat down with his back touching the wall. The entire wall was full of such impressions from the forms of the Divine Mother, avatars of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, the Naga Devatas (the deities from the highly evolved realm of Naga Loka who take the form of snakes on earth), and so on. Mohanji mentioned that each imprint was like a prana pratistha (an infusion of the living energy of the deity into an idol of a temple). Imagine the power of the place which had the imprint of every conceivable deity in that place. Mohanji further added that his call was so powerful and filled with supreme love and devotion that the Lord had no option but to show up.

Once when Mohanji was in Mumbai, he suddenly told us in the morning that he would like to visit Ganeshpuri, the place forever hallowed by Bhagavan Nityananda. Though unplanned, we always relished a visit to Ganeshpuri to be with Mohanji in the divine presence of Bhagavan Nityananda. Usually, before going to the main temple in Ganeshpuri, Mohanji visited Vasudevan Swami first at the Nath mandir. Mohanji often said that he preferred the peace in Swamiji’s temple to the milling crowds in the samadhi temple of Bhagavan Nityananda in Ganeshpuri. Swamiji loved Mohanji immensely. He was ecstatic to see Mohanji and welcomed him with a lot of love. As we sat down to talk to him, Swamiji told Mohanji that he just remembered Mohanji in the morning. He thought that it would be nice to meet Mohanji but then lamented that it may not be possible given Mohanji’s crazy travel schedule. He wondered that Mohanji could be anywhere in the world and was sad at the improbability of a meeting. Mohanji said, “Swamiji, your single thought was enough to make me so restless in Mumbai that I was literally dragged to Ganeshpuri to pay you a visit.” Mohanji told some of us then that the purity and love in Vasudevan Swami’s thoughts make them commands that the universe must obey. He told us many times that Swamiji does not request the deities. He commands them to make the outcome happen.

He would always give Mohanji the holy ash that was the residue of the incense sticks that he used during his daily prayers to Bhagavan Nityananda. Mohanji revered and respected this offering from Vasudevan Swami and gave it to many of his close followers for protection or as a solution to their situations and problems. Once when I visited him, Swamiji gave me some ash with this disclaimer, “This ash is made holy by this place and by my Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda. If you consider it powerful, it can heal anything. It has healed incurable diseases and fulfilled the desires of all who believed in its power and had faith in my Guru. If you don’t believe, then it is just useless ash. Use it as you will.” He attributed all the powers and the source of the miracles to his Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda. He had no ownership. His insignificance was his strength. Since he needed nothing other than his Guru, he had all his Guru’s powers at his disposal. In that way, I saw in him a reflection of Mohanji.

He once said, “Chant with every fibre of your being. Your very being should resonate with the love of the Lord. When you sing your devotions to the Lord, do it with the power that will bring the Lord before you. Sing shamelessly and loud. Never be ashamed of your devotion to the Lord. Let the whole neighbourhood hear your song. Every breath must sing the name of the Lord all the time. That is the key to being one with the Lord. Always remember that.” I asked him how one can ensure the name of the Lord with every breath. He said that you need to work hard to reach that state. Unfortunately, no shortcuts there. Whenever we visited, he would lovingly enquire about Mohanji and his location, schedule and activities. He would tell us that he prayed for Mohanji’s well being every day without fail.

Once when Mohanji came to visit him, he excitedly opened the cupboard and took out many nice, expensive dhotis and shawls and gave them to Mohanji. Mohanji objected and requested Swamiji, “You are wearing tattered and torn clothes while you have these nice clothes in the cupboard. I can’t accept your gift. Instead, I would be delighted if you wore them instead.” He persisted several times, but Mohanji declined and repeated his earlier request. Finally, Swamiji became silent, walked away and sat in the corner of the temple with a sad, sulking face. Mohanji went up to him and asked him the reason for his sadness. He did not reply. Finally, Mohanji asked him, “What will make you happy?” Swamiji said ruefully, “Only if you accept the clothes I wanted to give you.” Mohanji humbly told Swamiji that he would like to see Swamiji happy and would gladly accept whatever he gave him. Swamiji immediately got up with childlike joy and gave the entire bundle of clothes to Mohanji. Once Swamiji had been felicitated by the trust, who gave him a few clothes and a shawl. He wondered what to do with them and connected mentally to Bhagavan Nityananda seeking an answer. Bhagavan Nityananda responded, “Give them to Mohanji.” Swamiji was perplexed thinking, “How will I locate Mohanji? He could be anywhere in the world.” This time again, Mohanji was lovingly “dragged” the same day from a neighbouring city to being in Swamiji’s overpowering and loving presence. Mohanji asked Swamiji why he chose to wear tattered clothes when he had the opportunity to wear better clothes. Swamiji said, “If I wear nice clothes, people will think I am rich and will bother me. Now, they take me for a poor, useless old man and leave me alone. I prefer my peace to other’s glowing opinions of my terrestrial stature.”

When we were at Ganeshpuri for a retreat, Mohanji decided to meet Vasudevan Swami, one morning towards the end of the retreat. He asked, “What’s for breakfast?” Someone said, “Dosa” (a pancake made from rice flour and ground pulses). Mohanji asked to pack some, and we left to meet Swamiji. We couldn’t find Swamiji in the temple or his living room. We then saw him hunched over the stove in the kitchen. He was thrilled to see Mohanji. He said that he would make tea and breakfast for Mohanji. Mohanji replied that he had brought him breakfast. He was overjoyed and almost moved to tears. He said, “Mohanji got me breakfast.” He then requested Mohanji to have breakfast with him. Mohanji said that he had only come for a brief visit and he wanted Swamiji to have all the breakfast. It was only for him. Swamiji reluctantly agreed. They spoke briefly, and Mohanji requested his permission to leave. For the first time, he walked Mohanji to the door of the temple and stepped outside to wave Mohanji goodbye. Normally, he would be seated on his bed or in the temple when we would leave. Before we left, he beckoned Mohanji to come near and said, “I want you to know two things. Firstly, Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. Secondly, I want you to know that my Guru, Bhagavan Nityananda, lives with you always.” He had tears in his eyes. As we looked back to wave back to him, Mohanji said, “Take a good look at him. This is the last time we will see him in the flesh. This was his final goodbye.” In a few months, he took samadhi while Mohanji was in Croatia (this is explained in vivid detail in this blog post by Madhusudan Rajagopalan)

I feel nostalgic as well as sad as I ruminate over the fond memories of our past moments with Swamiji, and I am deeply grateful to Mohanji for allowing us to meet this epitome of devotion and humility. My most profound and humble prostrations to this gentle saint as I seek his blessings to allow us to follow his example and develop the unshakeable strength of devotion in the Guru and the self-effacing, selflessness to do every task surrendered to the Guru’s will.

Please read the following blog posts to know more about Vasudevan Swamiji and the experiences of Mohanji and the community with the beloved saint:



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A Journey of Faith

By Subhasree, London

1st of January 2019. The beginning of a New Year. An unexpected opportunity to meet Mohanji at His home in Palakkad! (Especially after having a blissful meeting on 30th December evening with Mohanji along with my father, husband, son and sister-in-law.)

It was a miracle in itself. Mohanji was supposed to have left for Bangalore the previous day. I was leaving for London on the 1st morning too. Starting the New Year with meeting Mohanji and taking His blessings was a faraway dream, though it was a sweet desire of a devotee’s heart! As always, Mohanji heard. He stayed back on the 31st in Palakkad for some reason. I thus had the blessed opportunity to meet Him for a short while in the morning before He left for Bangalore and I left for London.

The brief meeting was very powerful indeed, along with His New Year message; He gave us some very powerful insights. He gave me clarity with His crystal clear instructions for a project that I was working on. I was in a blissful state. While Mohanji was talking with His gaze straight into my eyes, 1000 watts of energy transfer was taking place and I had totally lost the sense of my being-ness. It may have been just a few minutes, but that was enough to clear blockages from a life time for sure! In that blissful state, I had no more wishes, no more desires. I felt complete. With that satisfaction and utmost joy in heart, while I was about to leave, Mohanji asked me when was I leaving? I mentioned to Him I would be leaving in couple of hours through Mumbai with a 15 hours break there. Spontaneously Mohanji told me, “Why don’t you go to Nithyananda Ashram?” Super silly me, I asked Him, “Which ashram?” He said, “Ganeshpuri.” What? I was shocked. How could I go to Ganeshpuri in the evening? How would that be possible? Was it even practical? Though these thoughts had rushed into my mind, I did not utter any words to Him at that time. He also gave me suggestions about two other things to be done, which were related to the project that we had discussed before. So again, my logical mind agreed to these two tasks, but going to Ganeshpuri sounded an impossible idea.  Anyway, I did pranaam to Mohanji, received a hug from Him and bidding farewell, returned home.

While I was feeling blissful by meeting Mohanji, I also had a bit of sadness in me that my husband Harish could not come with me to Mohanji’s house to meet Him as he had gone to the airport to drop my father. I was then telling to myself, he is doing his duty, I am sure Mohanji knows. Little did I know at that point, a miracle was waiting to grace Harish! When Harish returned home from the airport, he had a mysterious smile on his face. He slowly showed me a photo on his phone. Looking at that, I was speechless, my mouth wide open! It was a picture of Harish with Mohanji! When? Where? I was speechless with excitement. The sadness that I had, melted immediately and gratitude flowed from my heart for this grace from Mohanji. Harish explained that while he was returning from the airport, on the highway, at a tollgate, his car driver spotted Mohanji standing outside His car on the other side of the road (going on the opposite direction, towards Bangalore). So, Harish asked the driver to stop the car and rushed to the other side of the road and met Mohanji. Well, now this was no less than a miracle! Spotting Mohanji standing on a highway lane that too on the opposite direction! How often do such coincidences happen? Why was Mohanji standing outside His car on a highway? Rajesh Kamath, who was travelling with Mohanji, posted a message on a WhatsApp group explaining so well, what had happened. I must share it here.

Rajesh wrote,
“A routine stop at a toll booth… As we pay and leave, we hear a bang! Looks like the bad boys behind hit our car. I come out but can’t locate the damage or find out the cause of the sound. I check with the toll booth attendant to find out what happened. He explains patiently in Greek, Latin and Malayalam. All I understand is the word bundy (which means car in Malayalam) repeated many times. Yes. I know it’s the tale of two bundies. But what happened? He responds in Creole, Taiwanese and Malayalam. I give up. Walk to our driver to request for help with an offline Google translate. Right then, Mohanji Himself steps out. The attendant explains that the bad boys were trying to avoid paying the toll and hit us in the rush. They sideswiped the fender on the left which was protruding slightly. Mohanji takes them to task in rapid-fire Malayalam. I rapidly interpret bits and pieces correlating intermittent English words and hand actions – can’t see bundy / speedbump? what’s the hurry? drunk? extended party? They sheepishly apologize and accept their mistake. Mohanji’s New Year message comes to mind. Everything starts with acceptance. But we all know that karma and bundy damage need to be paid in full. It’s the law. Mohanji asks me to take pictures of the number plate and the bad boys, and tells them to pull over to the shoulder to discuss further. They comply.


Unexpectedly, Harish Thottungal (Subhasree’s husband) makes a sudden entry! More Malayalam fire power. We move to the shoulder of the road. Turns out the bad boys know a thing or two about the bundy. No major damage. Fender is popped back in. Mohanji lets the bad boys go. They are taken in by Him, ask His name and request a selfie. Harish thanks Him for the unexpected grace, greets, hugs and takes a selfie. As I get back in the car, I wonder why this happened. Besides the crash course for me in Malayalam. Harish’s desire to see Mohanji? A spiritual push for the bad boys honouring a contract from some past life? Reducing karmic effects for the car passengers by transferring impact to the poor unsuspecting bundy? A seemingly casual incident that may have far reaching effects in the lives of those involved in this drama and also maybe someone in a hitherto unknown remote corner of the universe. We will never know. What we should know in this year and beyond is that He is much more than the eyes can see, the heart can feel and the mind can know. Never take Him or anything related to Him lightly!”

Hearing about the incident Harish narrated and reading what Rajesh wrote, I was in total awe! What a start to the New Year! Such grace! Eyes seeing it, heart feeling it. In this excitement, hidden was even more exciting events for the rest of the day. Take a coffee break (vegan) if you want, before starting to read on the remaining part of the exciting story of the day! Okay, so here you go!

After sometime, while on my way to the airport, I thought of Mohanji’s words, “Go to Ganeshpuri.” At that point, I realised, Mohanji would never say anything without a purpose. He will not give instructions if it can’t be done. So that’s it…the moment I heard this inner voice, I checked the temple timing on their website. It said 9:30pm, Shej aarati! My flight was supposed to land in Mumbai at 4 pm. I had to meet an ailing aunty for some time. I figured out that even if I meet my aunty and start around 6 pm, I would reach Ganeshpuri before aarati time. I also had to do the other two tasks that Mohanji had advised! Well, I surrendered to Mohanji and said, “Okay, I am ready…take me where you want me to go.”

Practically, it wasn’t as simple as saying, okay I am ready. I had two suitcases and a nine-year-old child with me. Taking a cab from the airport, doing the trip up to Ganeshpuri with the luggage and the child was not a very simple and easy plan. However, regardless of what the logical mind says, the moment surrender happens, Guru takes care! That’s always true!

When I checked in my luggage and asked if I needed to take it out in Mumbai, the person said that we would only get the luggage in London! A spontaneous, “WOW” came out! So now, I didn’t have to pull my luggage with me around in Mumbai or to Ganeshpuri, just the cabin bag. One problem was taken care of.
I was going to stay at a friend’s house for the night. Her dad had recently passed away, so not meeting her or not going to their house was not an option at all. However, going to their house around midnight made me a little apprehensive as I didn’t want to disturb them. But when I told my friend, Hemangi, about Mohanji’s advice to go to Ganeshpuri and invited her to join me too, she agreed immediately. I must mention here, my friend has some physical issues and she is not very mobile. For her to follow me to Ganeshpuri and returning so late wasn’t a very normal and easy thing. I was actually pleasantly surprised when she agreed to come! Well for me, another worry was taken of! Second problem sorted!

While waiting to board the flight, I had a chat with Preethi (Madhu’s wife) and I told her about this idea of going to Ganeshpuri. She and Madhu immediately agreed that they would join me too! In fact not just join me; they would actually take me, my son and my friend, to Ganeshpuri in their car! That meant I didn’t have to worry about booking a cab or worry about safety about going to a faraway place in the night and returning back! “Wow Mohanji,” I said in my head. Third problem sorted!

I relaxed before boarding the flight. Guess what, the flight was delayed by an hour! Ah, not a pleasant thing to happen! With 9:30 pm as the deadline to reach Ganeshpuri and meeting my aunty before that, amidst the Mumbai traffic, the travel was not going to be easy. Every minute was important. But what could I do. I realised, maybe it was a test for my conviction! Am I going to stick to the plan or drop it? No, I wasn’t going to give up. I knew if Mohanji wanted me to go, He would make sure I reach there. I held on to this thought for the rest of the evening.

So, I arrived at Mumbai airport 1 hour late, yet managed to reach my aunty’s place and spent some quality time with her. Hemangi, my friend also reached there and soon, as decided, we were on our way to Preethi’s home to proceed on our journey to Ganeshpuri.
Then came more hurdles and tests; test of conviction, test of patience and test of faith! Evening time in Mumbai has traffic at its peak. A 15 minutes journey took us 1 hour 15 minutes! Much later than we had planned, we reached Preethi & Madhu, who were waiting for us in their car, right on the road! It was 7:30pm already. We had exactly 2 hours to reach the temple before it closed! Usually Ganeshpuri is a 2 hour drive from there, in normal traffic conditions. All were hopeful that we just might make it! Preethi was constantly praying to Mohanji, “Please keep the traffic clear.” Madhu had taken on a different avatar! His transformation into a rash driver in the depressing traffic condition was giving us goose bumps sometimes and sometimes the excitement of a roller coaster ride! Madhu had some magic wings on! He was literally flying the car! Suddenly Mohanji called Madhu to discuss something. When Madhu informed Him about our journey to Ganeshpuri, all He said was “Enjoy.” We all laughed out loud! What does He mean! Preethi screamed, “Mohanji you have to clear the traffic for us, please!” Madhu apologised for his rash driving. Sambhav, my 9 yr old son on the back seat, was quietly enjoying the bumpy ride! I was laughing inside – “You told me to go. I know You will make me reach there!”
As if the delay due to the heavy traffic was not enough, we even missed the exit to Ganeshpuri! Thankfully, before it was too late, Madhu realised it and at that exact time, noticed a small pass to be able to take a U-turn and zoom, he sped up again! Amidst all the excitement, we certainly had an amazing satsang talking all about Mohanji’s leelas. The two tasks that He had given me were also done during this time. While I was confident that Mohanji would make us reach there on time, I was still wondering, why did Mohanji ask me to go to Ganeshpuri? There must be a purpose behind His command. I had this question because my personal desire of any pilgrimage ends with meeting Mohanji. Meeting Him gives me the fulfilment of visiting any temple or place of pilgrimage. I don’t even desire or pray for going to places! Hence, I knew this was a command for a different purpose! What was it?
While I was sharing this with Preethi, she said that for her birthday that was coming in few days, she had a desire to go to Shirdi and Ganeshpuri. However, they had planned to go to Shirdi (and in fact they were supposed to leave the next morning) but didn’t have any plans of going to Ganeshpuri! Therefore, this sudden plan and that too Madhu agreeing for it instantly amidst his huge pile of tasks, was overwhelming for her. She was all teary while mentioning this and I thought “Ah, now I understand Mohanji…so this was your idea…to ensure that Preethi’s desire of visiting Ganeshpuri before her birthday was fulfilled!”
My friend Hemangi, who was with us, said that she had a wish to visit Ganeshpuri after her dad’s demise, as her dad used to regularly go to Ganeshpuri! But, with her health condition, it was impossible for her to plan a trip to Ganeshpuri! Ah, there you go! This was yet another purpose. I thought again, Mohanji’s leela was getting clearer to me.

That wasn’t all though. A friend from UK, Nelly-Anne, who was recently in India for a holiday and had a desire to visit both Shirdi and Ganeshpuri, had only managed to visit Shirdi. When she saw my message of going to Ganeshpuri, she immediately said, “Mohanji is fulfilling my wish of visiting Ganeshpuri through you. If possible, please can you bring a small idol of Bhagawan Nithyananda for me?” The purpose of Mohanji’s command was getting clearer.

The excitement was building up. We were counting minutes and seconds! Through the turns and bends of narrow roads leading to Ganeshpuri, over the potholes and bumpy roads, we were all sitting with tight lips, praying hard to Mohanji! I surrendered to Mohanji, “You told me to go, so You will make me reach there.” My faith was intact.

It’s worth mentioning that all this time, though it’s been 11 hours since Sambhav and I had started our journey from Palakkad in the morning, the 9 year old was amazingly calm! No restlessness, no stress, no uneasiness, no hunger, no call of nature….he wasn’t bothered nor did he bother any of us. This unexceptionally matured and calm behaviour from him was noteworthy! I realised, M magic was at work for sure!

Finally, the drama ended. Madhu parked the car in front of the temple gate. It was 9:26pm! We all jumped out of the car, rushed to the temple. Madhu helped my friend who had trouble walking. We all reached inside the temple, just about 2 minutes before curtains close. When we reached, the priest was putting the woollen cap and wrapping Bhagawan Nithyananda’s idol with a shawl. It was the usual wintery night ritual.
The moment my eyes fell on Bhagawan Nithyananda’s face, I froze.


Jan 2018 was when this new idol of Bhagawan was consecrated and I was one among the blessed ones to be there, sitting in this same hall, participating in the consecration events. That was my first ever meeting of Bhagawan Nithyanada (well in this life time!) Stepping into that hall, seeing Bhagawan’s face, memory of that day flashed back, my head bowed with immense gratitude to the Guru Mandala for having given me such a blessed opportunity, once again. While I touched my forehead at the marble Paduka of Bhagawan, I had no words to pray, all that was coming from my heart was, “Thank You Mohanji. Thank You Bhagawan for this darshan, for this grace.” I was too stunned to even pray for anything else or think of anything else!


When I got up after my pranaam, I noticed a very tearful Preethi. I realised how overwhelming it was for her as her desire was fulfilled! I said again, “Thank You Mohanji for taking care of everyone!” And in what a way! Hemangi was speechless too! Sambhav was curious, though quiet.

The curtains then closed! The priest explained, it was Ekadashi that day and hence no Shej Arati. They have to close the curtains exactly at 9:30pm, strict rules! Well, we felt complete and satisfied even with the 2 minutes of powerful darshan from Bhagawan.

Suddenly I noticed a man wearing a white dhoti and kurta, with long curly hair, but short and thin in stature, coming towards us with a pot of purified water ‘teertham.’ He gave some to all of us and asked Sambhav to open his mouth and directly poured some teertham into his mouth. Then I noticed he was also drinking some the same way. My attention then turned the other way towards Sambhav who was asking me, “Is this all Mum, for which we travelled?” I said to him, “Even if it’s for two minutes, it’s very powerful and we are blessed to have had these 2 minutes of darshan.” At that moment, Hemangi asked me, where did the man who gave us the water go? I looked behind. Preethi, Madhu and I looked at each other. May be he rushed out quickly. That quick! Hmm…we were all thinking the same. Madhu then said, he had noticed this man earlier, sitting at the back near the curtains. He said he felt as if this man was keeping the curtains open for us. A divine guide, for sure! We realised who came there! No grace mark for this guess…

We slowly came out of the temple, still in awe of this journey that finally, we made it and we got the darshan of Bhagawan. I felt blessed for keeping my faith intact … As we were stepping out, Madhu gave us a message from Sulakhe Maharaj (the head priest of Shirdi temple, whom he was going to meet the next day), that even 2 drops of nectar from Bhagawan is as powerful as a pot of nectar! That meant a lot! 2 minutes of darshan from Bhagawan is no less than a two hour darshan!

We then went around the temple and finally came near the pool of a natural hot water spring. Few people were inside the pool. We just satisfied ourselves by taking a few mugs of water to wash our face, head and feet. There comes Sambhav, with a crazy idea. “Mum, I want to go inside the pool.” “What?” I was stunned. No towel, no spare clothes, cold night, how is he thinking of going inside the pool! But, he insisted and came up with a cool idea, that he could just remove his shirt and jeans and go into the pool with his underpants on and when he came out, wear the shirt and jeans back on! Well, the child, who at home, needs to dry off immediately with a towel was telling me he doesn’t need one! Sambhav also has a very sensitive nose and gets bothered easily with smells. He noticed the sulphur smell in the water and saying it smelt like sewage, but didn’t let that bother him or stop him from going into the pool. So I finally let him go inside and he really seemed to enjoy quite a few minutes there. A much-deserved reward for such amazingly good behaviour all this time!

We then started to get back towards the car and at that time I enquired with Madhu whether there was any shop from where I could buy a small idol of Bhagawan for Nelly-Anne. Ganeshpuri that night around 10 pm was already sleeping. Dark, quiet and all the shops were closed. Well, maybe it’s not meant to be, I thought. Suddenly, I noticed a small shop at the end of the street had a light on. So we went there and to our pleasant surprise, the shop was open and I could buy an idol for Nelly-Anne. Mohanji made sure that even this desire of a devotee from thousands of miles away got fulfilled. We got into the car and started our return journey back to Mumbai. Everyone was very content with such a fulfilling ending to our exciting journey.

Before we realised, we reached our destination much sooner and much smoother than it was during the onward journey. I realised, this is the ultimate truth – till we find our Guru, our journey in the gross life is so treacherous, full of hurdles, anxious, difficult etc…but after we find our Guru, our final journey is smooth, easy, pleasant and effortless!

I thank Preethi and Madhu from the bottom of my heart for coming out on a busy evening to take us to Ganeshpuri, just with my one chat…. It’s their love for Mohanji, understanding that every word Mohanji utters is a command not to be doubted, analysed or missed! Indeed, this was a lesson to learn and an example to follow. I thank my friend Hemangi for being so patient and supportive and having no objection, or resistance and welcoming us to her house so late. Her support in my endeavour of completing my Guru’s command was indeed commendable.

Above all, my heartfelt gratitude to Mohanji for every single thing behind this journey, giving my husband and I the abundance of His love on New Year’s morning, giving me such a pious purpose for visiting Ganeshpuri and getting the darshan of Bhagawan before the end of New Year’s Day. This blessing and grace for me personally was beyond my imagination. His grace of fulfilling the desires of many more, Preethi, Hemangi, Nelly-Anne and maybe other beings who travelled with us that evening whom we may not have recognised with our physical eyes.


I thanked Mohanji with a text message and sent Him the photo of Sambhav inside the pool. Honestly, I had no idea at that point in time, the value of being inside that pool until Mohanji texted back, “This is the place where Bhagawan used to take a dip.” I understood one more purpose behind this journey, Sambhav getting unseen, incomprehensible grace and blessings by being in this pious siddha dham of Ganeshpuri!
My head bows to my Guru, who gives us purpose to make our life more meaningful while being in eternal joy and bliss.

Thank you Mohanji for your eternal Love!
Jai Mohanji.





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