Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 23 & 24

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 23 Lesson – Types of connection and the importance of consistent connection 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing well. 

Today I share an observation on living with Mohanji. This is about how people connect to him, the different types of connection, and the importance of consistency in connection. This is from the conversations which Mohanji has shared. 

As a general statement, Mohanji is available; his position is that he’s a friend to the world. This means that the world can connect to him, and the world has a variety of people who have different orientations. So they connect to him as they are, and he allows that. 

My own connection with him is very much that of a mentor and a guide (to a learner/disciple). He gives me practical advice, steps on how I can become more efficient, more productive. And, in a way, this is why a large portion of the voice recordings I share have a theme of motivation or practical application in life. 

But for others, even in the house, it’s very different. It’s completely a personal connection. And what’s nice about that is that he asks nothing of anybody, and he allows everything. For Mohanji, there’s no right or wrong way to connect or to be; it’s all about us being us. And he values people’s expressions, their personal expressions, and their own experience. So, if people are satisfied with their interaction with him, he feels he’s done his job. That’s because his ultimate goal is to take people to higher awareness and ultimately to liberation. If they’re experiencing fulfilment, if they’re experiencing completion through that interaction, it’s helping them achieve that goal. 

Given the nature of my role, I see various types of people. Broadly, they fall into four main categories. The first would be those who are more devotional in nature. They have more of an emotional connection; the Bhakti; connect to Mohanji through songs, drawings, paintings, or worship. Then, there are the more intellectually inclined people, and it’s the teachings of Mohanji that they’re connected to. They are the Jnana Yogis. Thirdly, there are the people who love service. And they, the Karma Yogis, are working and contributing through the various platforms involved in organisations like Ammucare, Act4Hunger, or the ACT Foundation. Finally, there’s a very small number of people who connect to his consciousness, the consciousness behind the form of Mohanji. They are the Raja Yogis

These are the four classifications. People may be a mixture of categories, but this is generally the orientation that you can see in all the people connected to Mohanji, throughout the foundation and the family. And he’s not putting a judgment on any of them, he is allowing everybody to be as they are, and he wants to leave people free, with no bindings. Once people have a connection, what we were speaking about this morning with Mohanji, is that one of the most important things is having consistency in that connection and being focused on one point because that’s what will bring the transformation

He spoke about this in two ways. The first is that many people can come with an expectation, a condition when they approach Mohanji. They may have some type of situation in the family that they need to be resolved, something to do with a marriage, or they would like to get a job or expect a change in family circumstances with a husband, boyfriend, wife, something like that. There is generally something they’re looking to get or something to be solved by Mohanji. That’s conditional, “I come to you because I need this”. He says those types of people need to be very careful because if their expectations aren’t met, then quickly, that connection being weak, they can drop off, people leave. 

And then the second type is those who haven’t yet set their full focus in one place. Mohanji uses a story to illustrate this: you can only find water when you finally settle on one position in the ground and start digging. If you stop digging to try and dig somewhere else, you’ll never get anywhere. Similarly, people go to multiple Masters. They may feel like they’re getting more from all of them. But this is misleading because the mind is entertained. Actually, there hasn’t been sufficient connection developed for any real transfer of clarity or understanding to take place. It’s important to connect sufficiently consistently for that to happen. And so, if people are moving from Master to Master, they’re not giving it enough time for that to happen.

And, from my own experience, it’s only now that we spoke about that this morning that I could think back and recognise the point when I decided to connect with Mohanji and avoid any other distractions fully. That’s when I felt real progress was made, including me being here now and sharing a voice message like this. Because at an earlier time, when I first connected to Mohanji, I was searching, I was seeking and finding my way on who all these people were, what the world of Masters was, what a living Master was, who a guru was, etc., all those questions were all very new to me. 

And I saw many people doing things in different ways. And I remember one other Master that I was connected to, who I trusted because other people were there also. So there came the point where I was between Mohanji and this other person. Not that it was that type of comparison or judgement, but that is what was available to me. And what changed for me was when I had the opportunity to speak to Mohanji. And I asked him, “What do you do in these types of situations?”. Because I remember him saying that the right person for you, the right guide, the right Master, the right guru, however you would classify that, is the one that came to you. And so for me, both of these came. So I asked what happens in these situations? And he just said, didn’t answer it directly, but said, “One master, one tradition, one practice, that’s all you need to reach the ultimate“. And then I asked again: “But what if I didn’t ask for any of this, it just simply came?” And again, very clearly, concisely, he just said one word: “Tests”. 

So for me, that was the clear message that I, at that point, had to make a decision. And I did, I went home, I thought about it, and then set my intention and focus on increasing my connection with Mohanji. And from that moment, a lot has changed. 

So now I’m here, remembering that consistency of connection is important as well. However challenging, however tough it can be, going back to that goal, going back to that connection, is very important. So, the message that Mohanji gave today, I think, is useful for everybody: if we have a connection, it’s the consistency of connection that’s going to lead to transformation. So, if that’s conditional, or if we’re not strong in one connection but going to various other places, then it’s not likely we’re going to get the transformation we’re expecting. Because various others may bless us, but they won’t be able to do much because the pot that we hold is always moving. So it’s never steady enough for it to be filled. 

Thank you for listening. I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 24 Lesson – This is why Mohanji advises feeding beings of the air, Earth, water and humans 


Hello, and good morning, everybody. 

I want to share something that I learned today, which is a deeper understanding of why feeding the beings of nature and our species is beneficial for us and those in whose name we do the feeding. 

This is something that Mohanji has always advocated as a ritual for people for nearly all troubles that we face. It’s only today that I understood a little bit more about how this benefits us. 

This morning, I went to see Mohanji to discuss the agenda for today and take to him the questions that had come overnight. Now, more often than not, Mohanji’s busy when I go into the room to see him. He’ll be on this phone; he’s handling a conversation with somebody. And he’s working essentially with someone to help them remove something. So, he’s always busy. And I don’t interrupt; usually, I sit down, and I continue my own work until he’s ready because I don’t want to disturb him. I know that something is happening. 

So, we’re in silence for some time. In the morning, as well, he’ll open his window, sit in the chair, looking out of the window there. And birds and other beings come to see him (for his Darshan). And they don’t ask much; they just take a glimpse of him; the bird will come up to the tree branch and look through, and all the squirrels on the wall do the same. And then they’re happy, and they go. 

And when we started talking today, the same happened as other days. Sometimes Mohanji will be in conversation, and then he’ll stop mid-sentence. And today, he was responding, it seemed, to a bird call. He looked out the window for some time, and then we started speaking again. This is generally how it is spending time with Mohanji. He seems to be in constant interaction with everything around him, working on many different levels, which is not so easy to perceive. 

Today, I wanted to get clarity on many questions that come to the office, the other teams, and the help desk. What’s the best advice to give to people when they contact us seeking Mohanji’s answer about the more day to day things they experience in life? Because many people want to speak to Mohanji once they reach a problem. And that’s generally when people want to connect and ask for his assistance. 

This can be about a personal problem, something happening within a relationship, or about life purpose, feeling stuck in life, or family issues or there is death in the family. And more often than not, they fall into a similar category – there’s been some disturbance, or there’s an emotional situation about a personal relationship.

And in these situations, Mohanji has always been very matter-of-fact; he doesn’t sympathise, nor does he give pity, as he believes that it cripples a person, it keeps them in the state of victimhood. And often, when people seek help, they are still bound with that emotion of the situation. And, whilst Mohanji is always there to help, he is always available for us; he can only help if people want to move beyond the situation. He says that if people would rather keep hold than let go, he completely respects their free will. He cannot and will not take the experience they want to have, the experience of that feeling from anyone.

And in these situations, for me, I always refer to his own life as an example. He faced many tragedies, many adversities, such as the loss of his daughter Ammu. And he approached this head-on; he kept walking with a deep acceptance. And he continued. Like he often says, the scars of those situations on his face show that he survived. That’s the important thing. That’s how he sees it. 

I give this context because I asked Mohanji what we can do to help the people whose loved ones recently departed. Obviously, that’s a loss, and they want to have the best transit for them on to the next place. Also, people have general challenges in their lives: the blockages, the patterns, suffocations, maybe some illnesses. 

And, for people who want to connect to Mohanji for that advice, I found that the advice from Mohanji is always consistent. I package up this advice for the team so that they can handle it as well. The primary one, with some exceptions, for all these situations is: The best remedy is to give to the worldespecially feeding the beings of nature and helping the helpless. That’s the standard advice for all those types of situations we can face in life. 

And he gave some extra understanding to me today around why feeding is so beneficial. He said that feeding the beings of nature and our own species is really the most effective way to clear blockages and also to support family members who have departed in their transit. Because when we feed in their name, they receive the benefit. According to the being fed, the grace will flow to that person and help remove any blockages or attachments that they might have had. 

We categorise beings into four categories, which is the reason why we have the Act4Hunger platform. Act4Hunger is written the way it is to cover the four beings, four categories:

  1. We have beings of the air, beings such as birds and have the qualities of space, lightness, freedom.
  2. Herein is a variety, the beings of the Earth, I don’t know all of them; these can be associated with the various earthly attributes such as planets. For example, dogs are linked to the planets Rahu and Ketu.
  3. There are beings of the water, with the quality of movement, of flow. Fishes and the water element within us are connected to all the liquids inside, such as our blood. 
  4. Lastly, we have beings of our own species, i.e. humans, and the issues here can be related to the attachments that we have, the fears, the phobias. For example, some people may have a crippling fear of old age, sickness, or helplessness, or being abandoned, which can be carried into the next life. Also, some people may be overly attached to their children. 

So, when he was speaking, and I was looking at these categories, I understood that when we have blockages or attachments, we can feed the beings of the corresponding qualities, which brings grace to remove those blockages. And we feel that grace as lightness in our life. For example, say someone in the family has passed away, and we know that they were incredibly attached to their children, that was something they were clinging on to, and they didn’t want to leave because they really wanted to stay with their children. In this case, what can be done is feeding children in their name so that grace comes and helps remove that blockage for them. 

The same goes for if they feared disease, then we can feed the sick. With helplessness, then the elderly can be fed in their name. So, we’re doing something in their name to relieve something we know can be relieved. 

And I think Mai-Tri Practitioners can see this when they do Mai-Tri for people. For example, if someone had the feeling of suffocation in life, maybe in a relationship, or had a fear, feeding beings of the air can help bring that space. Illnesses of the blood and the issues associated with the water element in the body can be alleviated by feeding the fishes. 

If I’ve completely confused you with too much information, then the best advice is just to feed everybody, feed as many people and beings as you can, cover all your bases. 

I would also say, please don’t substitute any professional medical help for what I’ve just said. This is just the deeper understanding that I got this morning. And when I heard it, it brought more clarity for me of the power and the potential of the Act4Hunger platform, which stands for the four types of beings: beings of the air, Earth, water and humans. And the vision now is really powerful because the idea is to have regular patrons for the platform who support the activities and whose face will be on the website, and so, everyday food will be served in their name. So, they’ll be receiving the grace from all that service being done in their name every day. 

Likewise, for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, etc., people can become a patron for the week. So all that week’s food service is done in their name. And the same is for someone who has passed away; feeding in their name helps them in their transition. 

However, the platform is a neutral platform. So obviously, the spiritual aspect wouldn’t be shared openly. But, if this spreads across the world, just think how many people will benefit from that, not just individuals but generations and lineages too! 

So, to summarise the understanding I got today, for various blockages and situations in life, Mohanji shared that feeding the beings of nature and our own species is a real, effective way to clear those blockages. This is also an especially beneficial way to support members of the family who departed and are in their transit. And we feed in their name. And by feeding particular types of beings in their name, the grace flows. 

So beings of the air: the birds for lightness and freedom. Then, feeding the beings of the Earth: dogs, cats, various animals linked to the earthly element; beings of water: the qualities of movement, flow, blood and our own species, feeding the helpless, elderly, the sick, children. 

So that’s all for today. Finally, I think experiencing is believing, as well. So you can experiment with this and see for yourself, maybe try a challenge for 41 days, get a bird feeder in the garden and feed the birds. See how you feel after. Or feed any other beings that are near you. Or, connect to any of the platforms such as Ammucare, ACT or Act4Hunger, which are all doing this service daily. 

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 4


Day 4 lesson: Who is Mohanji?

By Christopher Greenwood


I ask myself this question from time to time. I ask myself because the more time I spend with Mohanji, the less I know. Trying to understand Mohanji is like trying to hold water in a clenched fist. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to understand Mohanji until we become him, and I could record many messages on this topic. 

Today, I wanted to pose this question to all of you – Who is Mohanji? I also wanted to give you a sense of who he is from what I can see in front of me. 

Without a doubt, Mohanji is Mohanji. We cannot compare him with anyone else living now, or anyone else who lived before. His relevance to the world is now, and he is active in many ways. I can only perceive the terrestrial dimension of Mohanji, but I know from listening to the experiences of others who can see the subtle work that he is active in many ways. There are many testimonials from people about that. One day, we may be able to piece this jigsaw together to understand truly. 

Additional Message

Yesterday, he reminded me that everyone who connects with him is well protected and looked after and that we should always stand by those who we love and who love us, no matter what, especially during these challenging times. 

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well. This morning, I wanted to start with a question. And this question is, who is Mohanji?

Now, you can probably take some time to think about that. And I’m sure, if we were sharing our insights in a discussion, Mohanji would be different for all of us. Ever since I started living with him, managing his time, calendar, schedule, etc., it’s evident that people connect to Mohanji in many different ways, and see him in many different varieties. And for me personally, it’s something that I ask myself from time to time; who is this man called Mohanji? And I can honestly say that the more time I spend with him, the less I know. And that’s a fact. I’ll explain that.

Mohanji himself is very clear about who he is. He is Mohanji, and that’s it. He’s a friend to the world, and he’s not in competition with anybody. He’s not trying to be anybody else. His job is simply to be available to people. He’s definitely not asking anybody to worship him. I’ve been here with Mohanji every day for seven months now; I can say that with full confidence.

And actually, he’s pretty self-sufficient. I mean, we all brought him here, and we bring him food, tea, and that type of thing. But actually, he doesn’t need anybody; he’d be quite able to function on his own. And from morning till night, in fact, sometimes probably also through the night, he’s responding to people. He is guiding them; he’s helping them. And he’s giving clarity. And when he gives advice, there’s absolute clarity; it covers the length, the height, the width, the breadth, everything.

An example of that was when Ammucare had a campaign to raise money to buy a bicycle for an ice-cream seller. The man was the sole provider for his family. He had children, he had a wife and was selling ice cream from a small wooden box, and he was getting old and having to haul it around. So they wanted to buy him one of those bicycles with a refrigerator box on top of it, and they were raising money. 

So, I gave some money for this, and I happened to say to Mohanji in a conversation ‘Oh this came up, I gave some money’. He responded, “Did you think more about it?” As I watched him, he said, “Did you think more about what would really help that family?” I didn’t quite understand. He said he heard about this, and he contacted the team to provide clothes for the women in the family, some education for the kids, and support, food and materials for the wife and the house. I couldn’t believe that really. Not only did he consider that this man was under a lot of stress, (he had this box, he needed a bike so he could do more of his work), but he recognised the fact that if the stress of the family situation wasn’t removed, it would be incredibly difficult for him to start anew and get going. 

So Mohanji took away all that step by step, making sure there’s education, making sure there’s food, making sure there are clothes. So, when he sees a situation, he looks at everything. It’s incredible! I hope one day, my vision can expand to include all those types of things. 

And he is humble, as well. He’s very stable. He’s like a rock; no matter what situation arises, no matter what happens, he is unflinching. One of the things which I really admire in Mohanji is that he stands by people, and he lives what he says, “Never let go of those that you love, and that love you. Stand by them no matter what.” And he does do this.

As I schedule his time and appointments, I can see that he’s fully benevolent, day in day out. He is here for the world. In fact, the only things I’ve seen him take for himself during the day are two modest meals, some fruits in the afternoon, and maybe some tea in the morning. Apart from that, he’s always giving. 

My interactions with Mohanji are very practical; he’s like a mentor to me. I haven’t had many visions or elaborate spiritual experiences, and my focus is really business-oriented. So, he gives me fantastic advice from the business point of view. At one point, he was running five countries for a shipping company. Thus, he had a vision, leadership skills and management skills, and that’s what we’re bringing into the corporate program that we’re developing to take to companies from the Foundation.

When Mohanji and I talk, I know that in the periphery, much more is happening from Mohanji. For example, as I’m speaking with him, Mai-Tri sessions are happening worldwide with his presence; Mohanji Transformation Method (MTM) is taking place, where he’s doing immense work, even clearing whole lineages for people. Some people have even messaged to say that they’ve felt his presence in their homes. All this happens as I sit in front of him in conversation, and he relays messages to me. So, even though he’s there, I can see him in front of me, he is everywhere else as well at the same time. 

Deep down, I know that when I’m sitting next to him, and when I’m looking at him, when I look into his eyes, inside my heart, I feel that here in front of me is someone or some presence that is established in something much higher than I could ever know or comprehend, at this point of time.

And how do I know that? Well, I can only speak from my own experience since being connected to him; I know from my own transformation. Because I’d say, I’m completely different now than two years ago. And how do I know? It’s quite easy when I look back and say what I’ve lost. I’ve lost anger. Rarely do I have jealousy now. I no longer hate anyone. All the grudges that I had have dissolved; all those hangovers of relationships have long gone now. I’ve also lost some blindness, having lived quite an insensitive life before, treating people poorly, even eating meat and causing suffering to animals. So, so many things.

So now, I know there’s something there, which I can’t tangibly see, but I just try and keep it very simple for myself. I know, and others have told me that it can be very easy to be misled by Mohanji as the form, a walking, eating, talking, sleeping, pooping being rather than what he actually is or what he represents.

So, I try to do simple things, which many people have advised before as well. I follow the basics; that’s having faith and patience. I think that’s what Sai Baba said, as well: a strong conviction that the guru whom you are learning from knows what’s right for your journey, as he’s a reflection of your inner self. And I don’t expect much or ask for anything personal in nature because I know that if I’m asking for something, it’s probably coming from my mind, and it’s what the mind needs, rather than what he can truly give me. You know, it’s like asking for a tuk-tuk when he can truly give you a Rolls Royce. The best gift I can give him is to try and live the teachings as best as I can. Those are the simple rules that I try and follow so that I don’t get too misled by the form that’s in front of me.

I know many other people connect to him in different ways. I think we classify them in roughly four groups. So, firstly, you have the people who are connected through Bhakti and devotion. They worship through songs, drawings, paintings; it’s really an emotional heart connection. Then, the Jnana people – connect to his knowledge and his teachings. Thirdly, the Karma Yoga people – connect to serving and his activities which he’s doing in the world. Finally, there are the Raja Yogis – those connected deeply to his consciousness. 

So, Mohanji is Mohanji. And, he said to me that he’s not a person. If we think of him as a person, we’re missing out on a lot. Because he’s the Tradition, he’s a living projection of the Tradition of Liberation. All Masters in one, yet very distinctly Mohanji. And that’s his relevance in the world. And he cares and loves everyone that’s connected to him. And he protects them all.

A few months back, I wanted to start reading Sripada Srivallabha Charitamrutam. And before I did, I asked for Mohanji’s blessing. He said to me: ‘Oh, it’s good, good that you’re reading that. You’ll understand me more after reading.’ So I thought: ‘Oh, great. I’ll learn something more about Mohanji.’ And I read the book. And it’s incredible; it’s a fantastic book. I advise anyone who has the interest to read it. It’s the story of the first incarnation of Dattatreya. 

However, after reading that book, I can confidently say that I know about Mohanji less than I did before reading it. And day-to-day, I know even less. 

So that’s the message for today. I hope it reaches you well, and I hope you have a great day ahead.


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