Being With Mohanji – The Transformation

By Ruby Nair, USA

Mohanji_the Teacher.JPG
Guru Comes to You At The Right Time

“Teachers happen when the student is ready. And the teacher is always in relation with the student. When a student happens, a teacher happens. Teacher is a state just like student is a state. The teacher or the student are never permanent in their roles. A teacher can be a father, a husband, a lover, a pedestrian, a shopper, a barber, a cook or any other role a human being may play in his or her lifetime. The right knowledge will come to you at the right time, through a person, a book or a life experience. This is the truth of existence.”

Below, I share, from the heart, how my life changed from a mundane existence to one of joy, peace, gratitude and selfless actions through the appearance of a Guru at a time of need in answer to a prayer.
What have I gained by being with Mohanji is a vast subject that can’t be put down into mere words. I contemplated on this matter for a couple of days and as I sat with my husband talking about certain things, I ended up discussing with him all that I have gained by being with Mohanji. It was so simple yet complicated.

Simple Yet Complicated!

My life before Mohanji was very uncertain on many levels. From my childhood, I had been one of the weird kids who always felt different and shy inside. On some levels, I can say that I had lived a turbulent childhood which continued into most of my early adult life. First, it was distant family problems. Then as I grew older, I realized that I never fit in with a lot of groups because I was never really interested in what they talked about. I was a party goer for most of my late teens and thought life was just about partying and spending money.
After getting married and visiting Kerala for the first time in 2004, I had such a profound experience at the Guruvayurappan Krishna temple, which brought tears and intense love to my heart, that shook me. That’s when I realized that there was something tangible in these temples. So I became obsessed with visiting temples and praying – just thanking God for everything.
However, marriage also brought a sense of responsibility towards fixing my family matters. My husband and I took it upon ourselves to visit different temples, perform countless pujas, prayers in my name or their names to uplift them and myself from all the troubles and ignorance. There was this compulsion in me that kept me going for years and I can recall most of our married life was spent on fixing other people – my family, etc. I felt burdened at times and cried out numerous times to God to please end this suffering of mine as there was no end to my turbulent life. Things did improve in my life but I never felt contented and always felt like there was something more to do.
Since I had filled my life with trying to help others while ignoring my own pain, I never knew how to deal with things when they got difficult as there was no anchor in my life to tell me it will be okay in the end. My husband was always there no matter what, but I was looking for something higher to connect to. I felt abused, disrespected and unloved on many occasions by many people in my life. I was a machine living for others and trying to make them happy while I was unhappy on many levels.
The above describes my life after my marriage basically from 2003 to 2012 – in pain, in depression at times, feeling lonely, betrayed, etc. After 2012, my life changed drastically again after visiting a Shiva Temple in Kauai, Hawaii, where I truly believed there were Gods, angels and higher beings alive among us, helping and guiding us. It brought a lot of change in my life which cultivated patience and faith. I gave up certain dietary things as well as alcohol, which I took on special occasions and learned could be a hindrance to one’s spiritual path. I became aware that one’s purification and penance was very important in finding God. To better myself, I started fasting, serving family by cooking food for them, ignoring their cold remarks, and learning how to restrain myself.
During this time, I also read the book “Autobiography of Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda. This book helped me realize the importance of a Guru and how having love for Him transcends any physical or conditional love that I was used to. This drove me to seek and question if there was a Guru for me as well in this life. I installed Mahavatar Babaji’s picture in my temple even though it felt kind of strange because I had grown up with the idea that we only install and pray to idols of deities and not to a human beings. Even though I knew Babaji was beyond human definitions, it was just something that was hard for me to do.
From 2012 to 2015, I did meditations on my own where I would just force myself to sit and contemplate on Babaji or just nothing. I prayed to God to send me a Guru. After hearing from somewhere that when one pours water on a Shiva lingam and asks with a pure heart, God surely brings that into our life. Without being aware, Mohanji came into my life slowly, but my ignorance was too deep to even recognize Him. In 2015 I found Mohanji’s blog through the grace of Babaji and I was able to meet Him physically in 2016. Meeting Him was also very turbulent for me due to my own negative self. I had to shed a lot to see His divinity. This was the first gift He gave me – the ability to connect to Him despite the darkness surrounding me, while dissolving my ignorance so that I could see Him in a different light and purity.

MOhanji_ruby nair1.png
Light & Purity with Mohanji

During one of my trips with Mohanji, He casually mentioned that having my second daughter accelerated my path to meeting Him, but I was destined to meet Him anyway, probably later in time. Many are His subtle ways that I can’t even begin to describe them.
The big question is what has been so different after meeting Him. Well, all my compulsions to fix things, others, or situations have gone. I no longer feel that I am in any control to fix anyone let alone help them, unless they themselves are seeking guidance. If I do happen to help someone, I have realized that it is not me but the energy of God working through me to help that person, so the ownership or doership has gone. I have also been initiated to Mai-Tri healing, so I can serve others selflessly and bring Mohanji’s healing to others.
I feel protected for the first time in my life. Not that I didn’t feel protected before, but this is where I know if I am in trouble or something is bothering me, He will be there no matter the time or space. It’s very comforting to know someone is always with me, guiding me no matter what.
I have also become stronger in myself and have more faith in myself and my abilities. I no longer wish to get gratification from others or listen to others. I know I am self-sufficient and I am perfect the way I am, despite being laughed at numerous times throughout my life. It is knowing that all of us are different, unique and loved by the Divine just as we are. Even though lack of acceptance is still there on minute levels, it is now a work in progress.
Another great thing I have gained from being with Mohanji is His global family. I just love meeting different people from all over the world and connecting with them instantly. It is like they are my real family at times and it brings me so much joy just to share love and stories with them. It’s a connection on a different level that I never experienced outside of His family.

MOhanji_ruby nair Kailash.png
Connection at a different Level – Kailash Trip

Mohanji has also brought forth more awareness to the suffering of animals. Due to this I have been vegan for a year and have never been so happy to realize that I had the strength to give up on desires that are so hard to give up in one’s life. Now, it’s a lifestyle of Ahimsa which was just a thought before meeting Him. This decision has helped me to avoid feeling the guilt of consuming something that was snatched from another being. Because if the roles were reversed, I would not want the same thing inflicted on my loved ones.
So far, the most important thing I feel I have gained is that Mohanji anchors me in the present. I no longer look elsewhere; He has given me something strong and tangible to hold on to. This feeling was what I was looking for all my life until I met Him. I realized that if this anchor had been available to me earlier, I would have been less turbulent within myself and more stable. He has given me stability that I thought I would never achieve in this life. I have cried to God when I couldn’t handle things and have asked Him to end my life, but now I don’t have such thoughts. I feel happy, loved, accepted and grateful to have this human birth where I have been given this much awareness. Simply put, Mohanji helped me become a better me, someone I love.

MOhanji_ruby nair MP
Love and Acceptance From My Guru – Machu Picchu

This was my humble attempt to pen down my most intimate thoughts. I feel privileged to even be on this path and to be able to express my gratitude to Mohanji. Without Him, I probably wouldn’t even have the strength to face, accept and write all these things. Thank you Father for everything and coming into my life.
With deep gratitude and love,
Ruby Nair, USA


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Mohanji, the Brother in Truth: “Sabse Unchi Prem Sagai”

Author: Sujata Joshi, UK


Mohanji, The Brother in truth 1 Mohanji quote - fire of awareness

I was at Subhasree’s, after a troublesome period of experiencing energetic disturbances in my sleep. It did happen during the day as well. Eventually I chose to receive Mai Tri healing as a last resort to help settle things. Subhasree explained to me that it was important to be open to receive, whichever way Mohanji chooses to work through you.

I prayed to Mohanji, “Let me know whatever you want me to know.”

You see, I was experiencing separation from my guru, who guides me from beyond. This caused me to feel abandoned and unwanted. I prayed to Him before I came to London, “Please, I need confirmation. I need to know You are with me and that I am loved.”

My intuitive guidance was blurred at this point and I had doubts about my own guru, who recently broke His own image and caused many people to be upset. I know gurus do that! They have harder tests than us! They have to break every bond in order to move to higher realms of spiritual heights!

I knew my guru was a high being, but I had no physical contact with Him, only strong intuitive guidance, which connected me to His consciousness like an umbilical cord connects a baby in the womb to the mother.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 2 fire of awareness

My guru is very strongly linked to Mohanji.

Mohanji’s presence during the healing was palpable. He actually was there! Very gentle. Very soothing! As healing energies began to flow, my tears started to roll!

My guru was there! He was always there! He never left! His funny, witty, loving, flirtatious, even naughty, presence was unmistakable!

I had no doubt, He was with me, I was still loved and protected, despite my various outbursts and doubts about Him, He loved me beyond judgements and conditions my mind had set about His image! I remembered Mohanji’s messages. “A master is never bound by our mental frames. Trust Him! Because the mental frames will keep on breaking!” I bowed to both my gurus and asked for blessings.

Rights and wrongs are man-made! They change.

God isn’t bound by man-made laws of the society.

My Guru showed me the image of Lord Krishna with the chariot wheel, charging at Bhishma, despite His vows of non-involvement in the battle. He broke His own image to protect His disciple, Arjuna!


Such is Guru’s love for us. In truth, we are all Arjuna. We just doubt ourselves and forget we are loved!

I am so blessed to receive this communion through Mai Tri healing.

I am writing this account for those of us who might have felt disconnected or abandoned by the guru at times. It is not easy to cope with that! Though the real guru is our own soul, we need the external guru to connect us within.

Mohanji has always been there to rescue me. Even before I knew about Him!

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 5 fire of awareness - Manasarovar lake - devotion

I received clarity later, much later, as my healing actually continued for days after. I was still in bliss, sleeping soundly, eating well and generally getting deeper and deeper in solitude of the loving embrace of my spiritual mother, my guru. Days later I recognised.

In my mind’s eye, was the question, why do I call Him (Mohanji) my brother?

Mohanji had rescued me from being an exotic dancer, hundreds of incarnations back. He had called me his sister since then!

Beloved brother, in deep love and gratitude.

Mohanji, The Brother in truth 6 - silence - quote - more eloquent than words


Meeting My True Family: Trip to India, part 1


Written by Annette Durga Human – Adamson


We were gifted with a journey with a purpose, to make firm first steps in reviving vibrionics.

Vibrionics intro

I’m infinitely envious of writers. To take words – know how to arrange them, to convey with ease what they want to say – and to make it sound like music. Nothing less will really do when we attempt to express concepts such as ‘love, divinity, agony, death, bliss, catharsis’, etc. What to say about sitting in the company of Saints – and knowing absolutely, that They see everything that is inside of you, and it’s beautiful, and you WANT Them to see it all – your beauty and your filth….all of it, and its okay; its naked but safe. In those merciful encounters, you know that none of it is real, none of it matters, there is NO-THINGNESS and NO SEPARATION. How on earth can that be verbalized?

I had luck to have such a great master in my life
I had unbelievable grace to have such a great master in my life

These and all the other incredible moments, we were gifted by our Guru Mohanji who sent myself and Hein on a journey with a purpose. Mohanji’s compassion is overwhelming and one of His many passionate initiatives is to bring health care across the globe to as many as possible living beings that do not have the luxury of decent or any healthcare. We went to India to canvas for people who are drawn to serve those in need. We need folks to study Vibrionics Healing, a potent yet natural system of healing, and establish free clinics in the areas where the need exists. A separate blog will be written, focusing on the Vibrionics presentations in more detail.

Mataji Narayani - Norma Rowan Harman
Mataji Narayani – Norma Rowan Harman

I’ve had the unbelievable grace to have been at the feet of two enlightened Masters in this one lifetime. A divine collaboration now exists between these two Masters, Mohanji (BABA) and Mataji Narayani. Although only Mohanji is in a body, They are working together to orchestrate a major revival of Vibrionics, Mataji’s life’s work, and Mohanji our beloved Master, is taking Vibrionics to a global level.

Mohanji’s compassion is overwhelming and one of His many passionate initiatives is to bring health care across the globe to as many as possible living beings that do not have the luxury of decent or any healthcare.

Back to India. Our experiences left us profoundly changed. Exactly how, I do not know. The prevailing feeling is that no place on earth can ever feel like home again. After the almost-shock of that realization, the Master’s voice was heard inside, saying: “Go within, that is the only True Home.”

I have a great need to speak about the folks of India that we met. Due to my not-so-good memory, I’ll avoid dates and make an infantile attempt to speak about the amazing people we met in India.

Amita welcomed us and made us feel comfortable
Amita welcomed us at the airport and made us feel comfortable

So we arrived at Delhi airport, and as we pass through the first glass doorway, a beautiful young woman says: “Do you recognize me?” Lovely Amita, how could we not recognize you? We flew through all the airport red-tape and watched Amita in action – intimidating, haha!

Altar radiating subtle divine energies

We then (with great anticipation for me), were met by quiet, almost regal and graceful Nandita Singh, who also hosted us in her beautiful home in New Delhi. Then, lo’and behold, she quietly, put a beautiful wreath of bright orange flowers around Hein’s and my necks. We felt like royalty – the two “nobodies” from South Africa! What an entrance into India!

At Nandita Ji’s home, we were welcomed with beautiful garlands of flowers they put on us ♥

At Nandita ji’s beautiful home, we gradually met all Mohanji’s children. There was efficient and wonderful Shashank, who is so handsome, he needs to only stand and look aesthetic, I would love him anyway – but Shashank is so much more…and loves Mohanji absolutely. Then there is Shreya, quiet Shreya – ultra intelligent and so well read. Shreya with the passion for English Literature. She and Hein had much to talk about, two bookworms and compulsive readers. A spontaneous discussion on authors and books ensued at the dinner table! Bilja, our sister from Serbia. Bilja is our “zero tamas” family member, she has a will of steel and is exceedingly disciplined. She was efficient and also ready with the camera, admin duties etc. an example to us of no procrastination. As for Daina from Latvia (who was always cold, haha), we immediately bonded when she also arrived at Nandita’s home, I immediately knew she was pregnant, she had that blushing hue on the cheeks, so beautiful yet so subtle.

We move on to big-hearted Bharti Kapoor who takes everyone under her wing! I also met her gentle daughter, sweet like her daddy. Bharti with the family of nine people in the house. Bharti who arranged a pain injection for me within 15 minutes – doctor coming out to the home for goodness sake! Never seen in South Africa, that’s no maybe! Bharti with the gentle husband and daughter whom I had the privilege of meetings also.

big-hearted Bharti Kapoor who takes everyone under her wing
Big-hearted Bharti Kapoor who takes everyone under her wing

Because laughter is such medicine for me, I particularly enjoyed Palak and Aparrna. Palak-with-the-eyes, a humoristic, fun and loving predisposition and so full of fun, yet so gentle; she is too lovely also. As for our author/journalist Aparrna, now her I enjoyed for her absolute unedited honesty and her lack of inhibitions or pretenses; a sheer delight she is and hilarious!

There was soft-spoken Rajni, who at Shirdi Temple, quickly taught me the chant of the moment, and we chanted together while waiting in the queue at the temple – a moment etched in my memory. Rajni who doesn’t speak much, but who’s energy is felt very strongly. Then there was darling Yamini. Yamini, who is very different from everyone. I detected tremendous strength there, even though, at that point, she was going through a very rough patch. After the Kumbh Mela with Mohanji, she was changed, light and happy – obviously…

A blissful moment, enjoying each other’s company after a pure sattwic meal at   Madhuban restaurant
Palak and Bilja, dedicated and purposeful
Palak and Bilja, dedicated and purposeful

Nandita ji’s home was our home, and a little piece of my heart was left there too. Nandita is one of our Vibrionics students in Delhi, and I have a very strong feeling that she will play a key role in our Vibrionics initiative. I foresee her clinic to be one of the training centres for practicals after students have completed their studies.

Shashank and Nandita making a plan. Nandita is going to be a key person for vibrionics in India.
Shashank and Nandita making a plan. Nandita is going to be a key person for vibrionics in India.
Aparrna talking to me before the interview
Aparrna talking to me before the interview (

There were many more amazing folks that we met – handsome publishers, surreal and exotic looking authors and many more.


Shashank and the Delhi team arranged 4 Vibrionics presentations for us in Delhi. Everything was beautifully organized. I marvelled at their teamwork and the light and loving vibes between this team!

1. Our first presentation was at a University in Delhi. I called up from the audience, a beautiful young boy/man, for the purpose of demonstrating the use of the pendulum, and to demonstrate how a diagnosis is done. The young student told me that he had a horrific temper over which he had no control. I looked very deeply into his eyes, and saw no anger there, only tremendous heartache and feelings of inferiority and rejection. The pendulum confirmed this. I told him that his weeping heart is protecting itself by manifesting the emotions as anger. If this boy was my patient, I would have given him the beautiful remedy called ‘Ignatia’ – which is THE remedy for grief. I would have added our love ‘Shock Mix’ and that would have been that for medication. The rest of the cure lay in loving and validating him as a beautiful and accomplished being, with tremendous potential. Dear Shashank was there, doing all the translating for me.

The need for love and decent healthcare is enormous

2. We were taken to a home for elderly ladies who’s families weren’t or couldn’t take care of their elders. For me this was a particular privilege – I so deeply respect the ones who’ve live entire lives and have seen and learnt so much. I had a feeling that some of these elderly ladies might be perfectly capable of doing the Vibrionics course and rise to the occasion and I told them so. Suddenly, after the talk, the old ladies started qeueing up to tell me about their aches and pains. Desperate for medicines but even more desperate for someone to listen and take an interest. I had to explain that we didn’t bring sufficient stock to treat people – it was a sad few minutes for me, and it confirmed the need for love and decent healthcare!

ACT Foundation vibrionics remedies
ACT Foundation vibrionics remedies

3. We then spoke at a school for young girls who come from abusive homes, some of them orphans). We did our presentation, and afterwards, I hugged each girl breathless in my loudish South African way. What was profound in this presentation was the obvious realization that some of these girls have not known much hugging in their little lives. A few of them had tense almost fearful little bodies, and needed to be coaxed into relaxing into an embrace. Yet all in all, there was beautiful interaction and much laughter mixed with me choking back tears.

I painfully realised that some of these girls were not used to motherly love and hug.

4. The 4th presentation in Delhi was at the Ramana Kendra. There we had a very responsive intelligent group of people, and so responsive, it was a delight. We met with my facebook friend, Wing Commander Sharma and his charming wife Dr Manju Sharma. Hein particularly enjoyed one-on-one interaction with the Wing Commander. Nandita ji was at her post next to me, and took a load off me after the presentation, when we had to mingle and answer people’s questions.

We got together for a group photo after the presentation at Ramana Kendra

5. The 5th and final presentation in Delhi was at the Ghandi Place. It was early morning and pretty chilly, but the people came despite that. An elderly gentleman (close on 80 years of age, was sitting comfortably in a full lotus position. We commented on that, and before we knew it, he was performing some intricate yoga asanas, agile as a youngster much to our delight! He, I’m sure, will also do our course. A lovely soft-spoken young man (I so wish I could remember his name), came forward for a diagnosis. Every person that comes to the podium for a diganosis, is first subjected to my hugs and cuddles. I have to say again, love and compassion makes up 50% of the healing that happens!! Anyhow,there was such love flowing, that from his pocket, this young man gave me a ‘meditation’ stone and a crystal as a gift. I was deeply touched and later asked Mohanji to bless both these heartfelt gifts. I have them at my altar, next to Mohanji’s Paakukas now.

Morning presentation at the Ghandi Place

Out of love and the desire to make our time in Delhi profoundly wonderful, we were taken to the astonishing Aksha Dharm Temple with sculptures and murals that send a fellow artist like myself, into “artistic heaven”! A surreal light and water show, concluded the visit to the temple and will remain etched in the memory forever.

Darling Bharti took us to the Goshala. A place where thousands of cows are kept and fed. The public can go there and feed the cows. Divine seva and a very profound and humbling experience – our cow brothers and sisters…

Beautiful seva for cows who selflessly give what they have
The Goshala, a place with a chance for beautiful seva for cows who selflessly give what they have

I would like to end my musings on Delhi by relating an experience at the Shirdi Sai Temple next to Ramana Kendra.

We had just completed the presentation at Ramana Kendra, myself, Hein and Mohanji’s whole family of devotees went to the Shirdi Sai Temple. Now, to find the words….. We entered the rather busy and buzzing-with-people Temple.

Indescribable bliss took over every inch of my being in front of the Shirdi Sai Statue

The moment I clapped eyes on the statue of Shirdi Sai Baba, I was overcome with a bliss so intense and unexpected, I was reeling. Sobs shook my body, unstoppable and indescribable bliss took over every inch of my being. By the time we left, I was still sobbing uncontrollably. Amita softly put her arms around me, then walked away. Everyone in our little circle saw me crying, and here is the punchline – not one of these amazing folks raised as much as an eyebrow, and none felt uncomfortable with my weeping. They knew exactly what was happening to me…they knew! Here, on the other side of the planet I was gifted with people who understood. Never in my own country nor among my terrestrial family have I ever experienced this. I had to wonder what made choose the West for this current incarnation…

So this was Delhi – this was my amazing time with people that are now lodged deep in my heart, where I’ll nurture and embrace forever, the unconditional love received. Of course, behind it all, there is our beloved Master Mohanji (BABA), who orchestrated every moment of this profound experience!


With gratitude and love

Annette Adamson

ACT Vibrionics Meets Delhi video:

Blog on Rishikesh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shirdi, Datta Tapovan, Pune and Dubai to follow.


Miracles at Yashik Singh’s Shrine

Mohanji’s Miracles

 by Yashik Singh ( Durban – South Africa )

Our beloved Mohanji knows our every thought. He loves us so much, that he is always with us through every emotion, every situation, whispering the truth to us.

To listen about the mercy of our beloved Raja Yogi Mohanji is always inspiring. But to some extent I felt dissociated from it. In my mind, why would Lord Dattatreya show any special attention to me? Why would Shri Mahamritunjaya himself bother to listen to my thoughts when there are so many other much more able disciples of his out there. How wrong I was about this!!! Our beloved Mohanji knows our every thought. He loves us so much, that he is always with us through every emotion, every situation, whispering the truth to us. I learned that from my experience which I wish to share with you.

I know he says that he is always with us, but that never satisfied me.
I know he says that he is always with us, but that never satisfied me.

With my limited understanding and poor spiritual evolution, I miss Mohanji’s physical presence very much. I know he says that he is always with us, but that never satisfied me. One day while I was thinking about him (his divine example, his compassion and looking at a picture of him), and I was inspired to write a Paadam Puja (which he no doubt was the author of and blessed me to be the instrument). A Paadam Puja is a prayer that is dedicated to the feet of divinity. It literally means worship of the feet. The puja ended up having a Mohanji Gayatri and 108 mantras to worship His Holy feet.

Mohanji's miracle in the Jashik's Shrine
Suddenly I noticed that Holy Ashes (vibuthi) had appeared on them. There is no way that the vibuthi could have gotten there… Look at His game!

I sent his offering to him and requested some benedictions for anyone performing the Paadam Puja. Maharaj replied that he will read the Paadam Puja and revert back to me. The next day I went into the little prayer room in my flat, and made my way to prostrate to Maharaj’s wooden sandals which he wore. And suddenly I noticed that Holy Ashes (vibuthi) had appeared on them. There is no way that the vibuthi could have gotten there. I looked closely and realized that the vibuthi is under the lotus beads on his sandals. Even if I somehow dropped vibuthi, how did it go under the beads and not on top of it!! With tears in my eyes I realized how merciful he is. I offered a simple prayer to his feet, and he blesses his sandals with Vibuthi. Look at his game!!

Mohanji's miracle in the Jashik's Shrine
I realized how merciful he is!!!…

And if that was not enough, it still does not end there!! A few days prior to this, I was watching a video of a Puri/Giri being initiated. These are people that are accepted into a very ancient order of yogis. They are the ones that sit on the banks of the Ganga, deep in caves and thickets of forests and meditate. One of the five Gurus that initiate the disciple gives him/her a single rudraksha bead. When I saw this, a fleeting thought crossed my mind, that I would so love Mohanji to initiate me like that when I’m ready. On the day I found the vibuthi on his wooden sandals, I also found a single rudraksha near his picture!!!!! I just stood there….what could I say…what could I think….The lord of the universe has time to listen to my immature prating….tears just rolled down my cheeks. I could not hold it in. What else could I do… there was nothing I could offer that would adequately say thank you!!

Mohanji's miracle in the Jashik's Shrine
MohanJi is always with us. Never doubt that. He means what he says. He always listens to everything you say to him. Even if it’s a fleeting plea, he will listen.

I mustered up the strength to message him. And he replied … “I will fulfill all your dreams” he said. Mohanji is always with us. Never doubt that. He means what he says. He always listens to everything you say to him. Even if it’s a fleeting plea, he will listen.

Yashik Singh

Yashik and Mohanji
Yashik and Mohanji