Walking with Mohanji

By Krishnan G. alias Vivek, Kozhikode, Kerala

The Grace of Brahmarishi Mohanji, available to one and all, is indescribable.

I hail from Kozhikode, Kerala. I have been a spiritual seeker since my youth. I was always keen to know about enlightened Masters and used to read biographies of various spiritual Masters. I had to face a challenging situation in my office in 2020, during the start of this pandemic. Being an HR (Human Resources) professional, I was forced to lay off many employees due to the financial crunch my company faced because of the Covid situation. Losing a job is the worst thing that can happen to a person, and imagine the plight of the person who has to forcefully remove the employees?. Needless to say, the sad faces of the people who had lost their jobs haunted me like anything.

I was desperately searching for peace of mind, and that’s when I came across the Mohanji Foundation’s website, and I immediately contacted the officials for techniques to calm my turbulent mind. That very evening, I received a call from Devadas of Palakkad that an online meditation session called ‘Power of Purity‘ was to be held through Zoom, and he asked me to connect to Kishore, who was going to conduct the same if I so wished. The meditation session had a profound impact on my life and my state of mind. I became calmer and was able to face challenges with more clarity and focus, and became a devotee of Mohanji.

“Peace is our very nature and the nature of all beings. Acceptance helps peace. Awareness stabilizes it. Restlessness rests only in the mind.”


Mai-Tri Session

On 20th January 2022, I was down with a high fever and was tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately, within two days, my two-and-a-half-year-old son, wife, father, and mother were all down with Covid. I desperately needed Mai-Tri sessions. So I contacted Devadas for the same but found out that he and his family members, all of whom are Mai-Tri Practitioners, had been affected by Covid. He gave me another person’s number, whom I called and found that he too was down with Covid. I did not know what to do in that situation. I prayed to Mohanji for help, and suddenly, Chitra came to my memory. I called her up and explained my situation, for which she readily agreed to do a three-day Covid Mai-Tri Sessions. We recovered soon, and so did my father and mother.

Chitra said Mohanji’s grace is protecting us like a kavacham (armour), and the impact of Covid was very low because of that. While doing the session for me, she said that she’d had a vision of a royal divine cow, which was fully satisfied, and she asked me whether we own cows or have a farm. I said, “No”. But then, suddenly, I remembered one of my bedtime stories told by my grandfather about the cattle he’d owned in his village in Kannur district and how he lovingly used to milk the cows. My grandfather had also been fond of a particular cow. This struck me like a thunderbolt; the appearance of a royal cow during my Mai-Tri session and my grandfather having a farm all seemed connected.

We don’t know or understand the spiritual messages and the grace that animals shower for generations. Chitra told me that the vision indicated that it would be good for me to feed cows.

I was in confusion about whom to contact and how to do the same because I did not know anybody who had cows in my city. Not everybody would be interested in giving permission for cow feeding during this pandemic. I discussed this with Chitra, and she told me she would enquire and get back.

The next day, she messaged me with the mobile number of Dr. Madhuraj and told me that he had cows in his house. He is the brother of Dr. Jyothirmayi, who is active in the Mohanji Foundation, and added that his home was located in my area as per the landmark. Another surprise was waiting for me as I called him and understood that I had known him since my childhood. I had noted him as a spiritual person since my childhood days. His home was only a kilometre away from my house, but I did not know that he owned cows. I really became excited to meet the person I admire after a long time. I thanked Mohanji for connecting me to him again after such a big gap.

I was bewildered and happy at the same time. I was searching everywhere, but Mohanji gave me this surprise near my house. What should I call this? Grace? Love? Compassion? I don’t have words to describe the happiness I experienced. I went to Dr. Madhu’s (Madhu Ettan) house. He was really happy to let me feed the cows, hug them and be with them. This was absolutely a magical event that happened in my life. I’m forever indebted to Brahmarishi Mohanji for showering so much compassion and grace on me.

I understood that if we make ourselves available with utmost humility, he will be there with us always, holding our hands tightly.

Manisha Patel, Canada

When you walk with a master like Mohanji, it’s not about having everything good in life. It’s about self-transformation while heading on your journey towards your merger with the Master. It’s not about gaining materialistic things; it’s about achieving and experiencing oneness with the Master. It’s not about fulfilling desires; it’s about awareness of contentment with what we have. It’s not about securing your future, but it’s about being in the present and accepting the moment we have now.

Life was very different before Covid started in early 2020. I had many plans and desires to live life as per my plan. I was thinking of quitting my job, having a break from work for six months and being semi-retired to be more available for Mohanji foundation work. Then Covid happened; my husband’s business closed down because of lockdown, which never came back to normal, and since then, I have been working six days a week.

As per our family plan, my husband and I should be at ease after working for 13 years in Canada. We should have relished the fruit of our hard work in Canada. At the moment, my husband does not have any business income; hence I’m working six days a week. We are extremely grateful to Mohanji for giving us the richness of awareness and understanding that he has a better plan for our journey with him. He has helped us develop unshakable faith and awareness. He made our family richer with his blessings and love in our hearts and lives. Lots of shedding happened. Faith increased instead of ego, and doingness transformed into beingness.

Earlier, I used to cry and worry about the future and old age. Now I have only the current moment to live. I don’t know if I will be alive tomorrow, whether the business will get sold or not, and what we will do if our business gets sold. We know only one truth in our life: “The biggest asset in our life is Mohanji.”

He brought more stability during this uncertain and turbulent time. He brought awareness of acceptance and contentment. He brought awareness that his presence in your journey is more important than any materialistic thing when your journey is with him.

I am always grateful for your presence and uncountable blessings, dear Mohanji!

At your lotus feet!


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Grace flows

By Ruchika Gandhi, India

Unpredictable times

I don’t know how to start and what to share. The last few months from February 2021 have been crazy with so many turbulences; what shook us as a family was the sudden deterioration in our mother’s health condition. She was diagnosed with the rarest of diseases we had never heard of. Autoimmune ILD (interstitial lungs disease), polymyositis (autoimmune muscles condition) combined with type two diabetes she has been suffering with for many years, landed with a cardiac episode the day she was admitted to the hospital on 26th Feb’ 2021 midnight. 

Throughout these 9.5 months, the entire family has gone through different stages of emotions. I wanted to share what I felt during this toughest phase of our lives but never got that space and time to write it. As I am writing today about my experiences, she is once again in the hospital on ventilator support; this is her eighth visit. 

My dad’s passing in 2017 was also sudden. We were not prepared for it at all. I was not that strong and stable at that moment to handle it. Mother’s difficult time started after my dad’s passing. She lost interest in life and has been holding so much within since then. It was extremely painful for her to lose a loved one, as we can see on a physical level. But despite being such a difficult phase for us, these nine months have also been full of Grace and Gratitude

What you can’t handle, just give it to your Guru and don’t look back… have faith. 

I have experienced many times, how Mohanji whom I lovingly call Father, and Shirdi Baba have worked unimaginably to give her all the strength to work out her karmas in this lifetime itself. 

She was very critical when admitted for the first time on 26th Feb 2021 and went on ventilator support for two months. I spoke to Mohanji that day, and he said that she doesn’t have any interest in life further. We don’t want to drag the soul, but we will see. 

His words didn’t scare me but made my eyes wet. I felt some kind of acceptance within. Let thy will be done which is meant for her highest good. Until now, I am praying only for that, as being ignorant of the divine play, I cannot ask selfishly anything better than this for my mother, who has lovingly served us for all these years.

Mohanji and Baba made me experience how they have taken upon themselves so much of the sufferings she was meant to go through in this life. She got the bed numbers 18 the first time, then 9, then 11. These numbers are signs of his presence for me.

Baba’s little idol was given once to Mumma when she was in the ICU; we told her to hold Baba in her hands and pray to him with all her heart. After some days, I noticed that Baba’s idol was broken from the neck. That was the day I realized that Baba shared my mother’s pain in his usual way.

You are being held every moment; just surrender and have faith. Mohanji works through many beings to strengthen you and allows you to receive and perceive situations with positivity. 

Throughout the initial period of her hospitalization, I felt stability within. I don’t know what was driving me and helped me witness what she went through at the hospital, and then later at the care centre where Mumma and I spent 5.5 months together. This stability was nothing but Mohanji’s energy that kept me going and didn’t allow my emotions to influence me so much as would have happened otherwise when we operate from an emotional level.

Kirti Khandelwal played an important role in just being available every moment for my and Mumma’s healing sessions. Important reminders were sent through her, Duggal di and other practitioners to face reality with full acceptance and awareness and allow Mumma’s journey to be smoother by not being attached emotionally. To allow the soul to travel ahead smoothly.

During my recitation of Hanuman Chalisa at the hospital, I felt many times Mohanji’s presence in the form of stability, acceptance, surrender and a sense of faith in the doctors. Situations were tough, but Mohanji gave the strength to face it all. 

Mohanji put us in the hands of doctors who were genuinely concerned about my mother’s wellbeing, handled the case with all the precautions to ensure that she didn’t have to go through any unnecessary procedures, given the multiple health issues. 

The Divine Guidance will come… through various channels. 

It was only his sheer grace that Dr Harpeet Wasir silently worked behind the scenes and was in constant touch with Dr Pankaj Puri, the main treating doctor at Fortis Escorts, who has handled Mumma’s case, right from the beginning. Words will not be enough to describe how Dr Wasir extended all possible guidance, made the whole family understand the most tricky situations so sensibly, calmly and helped us to reinstate our faith that doctors are doing what is right for our mother.

His prompt support, guidance and love was another way for me to experience how Mohanji was speaking to me through him. I am also amazed at the role Dr Pankaj Puri played and supported us in many ways during multiple hospitalizations and beyond as well. I offer my deepest gratitude to him for always being there to take Mumma’s case under him and oversee everything on his own. 

Mai-Tri sessions and grace 

Countless Mai-Tri sessions by so many Mai-Tri practitioners – Preeti Duggal di, Kirti Khandelwal, Nirupama Chowdhary, Nimika, Viji di, Prajakta, Nikunj Naredi, Rekha Murali, Shubha and many others made me experience that it’s not just this life, but deep cleansing of many lifetimes of karmas of my mother have been taken care of. 

In one of the sessions, I was guided by Nirupama di to give some fabric to a transgender person in my mother’s name. That whole incident was blissful. I am grateful to Mohanji and Divine Mother for allowing me to have her darshan in human form. I bought a beautiful light green color cloth, got it hand-touched by my mother, and then went out for seva at the animal centre. After the seva, I was on a rickshaw for my way back home; out of nowhere, a transgender person appeared near my rikshaw wearing the same color that I bought to offer. She said something in a different language (which I could not understand at all) and did some expressions with her hands. I bowed down and offered that cloth piece to her. She blessed me, touched the top of my head and disappeared immediately. But I felt Mother Kali appeared to bless and said, “Chinta mat karo” (don’t worry). It was a beautiful experience. Mother’s eyes were so bright and intense.

In another session, Mohanji and the whole Tradition were present and blessed my mother. I was in awe when Nirupama di shared that Mohanji gave Mumma Shaktipat. She also said to play Nirvanshaktam. I played it continuously and experienced that whatever Mumma was going through at that moment had been put to rest. The intensity of that physical suffering had been reduced immensely, as Mumma became more silent after that. I felt deep peace on her face and the way she was responding to the different health conditions she was going through.

Only compassion flows through my beloved Mohanji. We don’t need to ask for anything; he just gives without asking and blesses us every moment. Even at the hospital currently, she looks more calm, peaceful. She doesn’t have much to say; she is in total acceptance. 

Dr Puri said that “I have seen many cases in my career, but I have never seen a patient so calm going through such severe health issues.” Mohanji and Baba’s presence has been there every moment. I felt it when I flowed with my emotions sometimes and felt painful within to see Mumma going through such intense times.

A reminder, a thought that not to let emotions play havoc on me, to just watch them. Play your part well with all honesty, selflessness and surrender and give her love, serve in her name as much as possible. Face reality with full awareness and acceptance. This is Mohanji’s way to bring me back to the TRUTH. 

Mother is the highest form of the Divine, who serves her children unconditionally. 

Today, I realized that Mumma had given all of us, the entire family, a big opportunity to serve her in any way possible. To release us all from the karmic bond that we share together for lifetimes. Her invisible contribution, grace, and grit to fight, especially during this time, are experiences that I take as a blessing; my humble gratitude to my mother for allowing me to serve her and for being with us.

These unforgettable moments got all the sisters to be together at this time, especially during Covid, when travel around the world is restricted. It’s his sheer grace only that Mohanji allowed us to be together and do our dharma. I offer all that has been done till now and that I will be allowed to do in the time to come at his lotus feet. 

My humble pranaams to Mohanji, Shirdi Baba, Hanuman ji, Mother Kali, Lord Krishna.. they are all one. My heart, my whole being, offers deepest gratitude and love to the Supreme Divine for everything. For sending Mohanji into my life, for sowing the seed of knowing human existence beyond human mind limitations, for igniting the bhaav of seva, devotion, love for the Supreme Divine, for being able to experience him in so many beautiful ways. And also for not being able to experience anything at times, as those moments are reminders for me that I have many, many miles to go still to understand the real TRUTH. Every moment of ignorance is a moment of igniting that LIGHT within, shedding of EGO and crossing the oceans of heavy karmic baggage. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for everything. Thank you, Mohanji family, for standing with us, for sending your prayers, healings and financial contribution through Ammucare and thanks to our friends, family and relatives for their prayers and blessings. I am grateful to every being for supporting my mother and all of us silently. Love you all. 


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Birthday blessings

By Rekha Murali, India

This year of the pandemic has been volatile yet transformative for most of us. We have all learnt to let go, accept life as is, adapt to the new ‘norm’. Amidst all this, we are still going through turmoil, upsets, emotional upheaval, and loss of possessions, positions and relationships.  

It was no different for me. The year did not begin well as I’d lost my dear brother-in-law to Covid, and it was not easy. I was helpless watching my sister go through the pain. I was also going through a state of helplessness, and fear crept in on the impermanence of life. Apart from these, there have been many more compelling tests that I am not comfortable articulating. I was being pulled into a vortex of emotions, although my dear Mohanji stood tall looking after me and guiding me. I was deeply involved in Acharya activities and was in a hyperactive mode flitting from one activity to another along with my regular work. This empowerment by Mohanji as an Acharya kept me going and I remained connected with my only source – Mohanji! I was steadfast and consistent with my Acharya work, was involved in all the global/country programs, and for Shivratri, conducted Conscious Gapless Breathing (CGB) for five days in a row. I mention this because it brought to the surface many pent up issues that needed clearing.

Soon, we fixed a date for my son’s marriage for the end of March. So I was in a flurry of activities, planning and organising the happy yet simple event amidst my other work. But I still found that I was emotionally being pulled down and would be in a frenzy in my alone time. I felt I was progressing very well as an Acharya, but at the same time, every few steps forward, I was also regressing a few steps backwards.

February dawned, and we (the testimonial team) had just finished editing the fourth volume of Guru Leela. I wrote a long message about my state to Mohanji, and I did not get any reply for the first time. Naturally, this upset me further, and I was in knots. The only thing that kept me going and balanced was the activities I was involved in. Keeping myself busy always gives me satisfaction, and that was the saving grace for me. I somehow did not share this state of affairs with anyone, knowing that Mohanji had my back and would walk with me. He is my all; every aspect of mine comes from him and merges into him.

It was also my birthday month, and 19th February 2021 was a memorable day etched in my heart forever. The previous day, I was in turmoil and extremely upset due to some personal issues and more than that, it was the culmination of the state of mind from previous months. CGB also aided in this process. Ultimately, I had a complete breakdown of sorts; I burst out crying amidst prayers to Mohanji to help overcome this mind and its affairs.

After the tremendous release through this bout of crying, I recognised that it would not help me and that I would have to pull myself up and approach everything with a positive outlook. Setting the alarm for 4:30 am, I tried to sleep and promised myself a good birthday year ahead. I promised myself a fresh start, pressing the reset button. Adding to this, I heard the delightful news that Mohanji wanted to speak with me. He was in Mumbai preparing for his trip to Turkey.

With barely any sleep, I woke up cheerfully to do my kriya and my other practices. The kriya practice was powerful and a huge cleansing experience. I felt the blessings of Mohanji, and I received a download of some verses in Tamil (a regional language of India), which took me by surprise. I quickly noted it down after completing my kriya. I want to share that I am not proficient in this language, and I can only read and speak. The words were new to me, but I wrote them down in English to not forget.

Mohanji listening to the song

This was indeed my first birthday gift for the day as these verses were soon transformed into a beautiful song by our dear Manaswini and converted into a lovely video by Neelu Vepu with the blessings of Mohanji. Here is the link to the song with the meaning of the verses given as subtitles.

I was in a positive, happy frame of mind with a blissful feeling of Mohanji’s presence within me and a heart filled with gratitude. Soon, I got a text message from Subhasree that Guru Leela 4 was officially released by Mohanji and that I would get a signed copy of it. The book reached me precisely a month later (19th March). It was such a huge blessing. My second birthday gift!

Unfortunately, by mid-morning, I developed a severe migraine out of the blue. It was a raging tsunami, and I could just about pray to Mohanji for help, request for a Mai-Tri from dear Shyama and crash between bouts of vomiting and crying. At that point, it did not matter if Mohanji would call or not because my physical pain caused by the mind had taken complete control. Tossing and turning, every sane moment was a plea for help to Mohanji!

The biggest blessing of all was yet to come. Early in the evening, I was praying to Mohanji to take me away when I was at my worst physically, and the thought sprang up, “I am born alone and will die alone.” I brushed it aside, thinking it was a play of the mind, a mind wallowing in self-pity and loneliness.

Just then, my phone rang, and I heard the familiar, deep and loving voice at the other end apologising for not calling in the morning. It was a call I had been waiting for, and Mohanji’s voice was a balm for the tired soul. 

Tears flowed, and I don’t remember if he even wished me for my birthday or if he knew. All that I remember was saying thank you and the message he conveyed. He told me I could ask him one question, and as usual, I had none at that time, but he kept speaking.

“You are born alone and will die alone. You don’t have anyone in this life. You have earned me in this life. Stay connected with me, and I will take care of you.”


He also removed my anxieties regarding my son, “Your son is a fine young man, and you let him be. Be grateful to him for choosing you as his mother.”

He apologised for not messaging me earlier as he wanted to speak with me and said that he had telepathically sent messages in the morning. As usual, the dunce that I am, I could not recognise it, and when I told him, he said, “Doesn’t matter, it will reveal itself.” I wished him the best for his trip to Turkey.

I went straight to bed soon after in a daze and, after the wonderful Mai-Tri by Shyama, had a fitful sleep.

The next day was a rebirth for me – A new I! I wondered why Mohanji called me on that day and soon realised a connection was made to remove something from deep within me. I weighed myself that morning and found I’d lost two kgs overnight! Indeed a visible sign of his blessings!

The few minutes had probably removed lifetimes of karma. Subsequently, vivid dreams in the past few months have revealed how Mohanji has broken some unknown patterns of lifetimes which I would have never been aware of otherwise! Through this, he has assured me that I am on the path of liberation.

This entire experience was a lesson on stability, having shaken me from the roots. Staying stable, steadfast with conviction and staying connected with the source was the key. (Incidentally, this blog is also being published on 19th.)

Every wish that I have is continually being fulfilled, however subtle or commonplace it may be. He has given me everything, yet my heart yearns for his physical presence, although I am strongly connected with his consciousness. 

Kya Karein! Yeh Dil Maange More! (What to do! This heart asks for more!)

My heartfelt gratitude to you, dear Mohanji, for never leaving my hand!

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My ride with Mohanji

my ride with mohanji

By Chakradhar Yakkala, Switzerland

I met Mohanji for the first time in October 2017 and have been meeting him regularly since then. More than the teachings and the worldly activities of Mohanji, what attracts me to him the most is the stillness he carries and the energy he exudes. Every time I visit him, I just plug into his silence, and I enjoy that silence within myself so well. It is like a drug for me, intoxicating and invigorating but never incapacitating. In addition to that, he always pushes my awareness a notch higher every time I meet him.

Earlier this year, I attended the retreat that happened in Istanbul in February 2021. I learnt and practiced Conscious Gapless Breathing there for the first time. One day after finishing that practice, as I lay down, as usual, to relax (with closed eyes), Deviji played some soft music. During that period, my breath rate dropped below a certain threshold. As one’s breath and mind are interconnected, not a single thought occurred on my mindscape while the awareness was at its peak. In such a state, I saw an expanse of a blue-colored matrix that had no limits. It was all-pervasive, and various forms were appearing and disappearing on it. I could not recognize any of those forms except Mahavatar Babaji. He appeared briefly, and His gaze had immense love, which I could never articulate in words. If he had continued that gaze for a little more time, I would have definitely gone mad with love.

I enjoy travelling, so after the retreat, I planned to travel across Turkey. After a few days of my solo travel, I felt dull and had severe body aches. I ignored them and pushed myself to quench my thirst to explore without listening to my body. After 90% of my expedition, I reached Izmir, a metropolitan city in Turkey.There I was struggling to talk and developed a persistent cough. I tested myself for Covid-19, and as one would expect, I was tested positive. I isolated myself in a hotel room and took the medication given by Turkish Government health care workers. I suffered from a severe cough and intermittent labored breathing.

I informed Mohanji of my situation, and he wrote back reassuring me that he is with me and watching over me always. He blessed me and asked me to connect more to his form. Thus, I spent a significant amount of time each day just looking at his picture. At this time, I recalled an event that happened during the retreat in Turkey. During our 1-1 time with Mohanji, he gave me a powerful mantra and asked me to chant it every day. That mantra is about being free from all kinds of diseases and having perfect health. I felt that he must have foreseen the situation that would take a toll on my health; hence, he gave me that mantra.  

A few days later, the cough became persistent, and every time I coughed, it felt as if somebody was piercing me with a knife in the diaphragm. I received a message from Mohanji during this time. He wrote I had a severe attack, but he had reduced the intensity of it.The same evening, my breathing was severely impaired, and I had to call for an ambulance to get admitted to a hospital in Izmir. The following morning, I felt it was time for me to go back to the soil. I could accept the severe bodily pain I was going through but could not accept dying in pain, as I had always dreamt of dying in a blissful state. So I wrote to Mohanji, “If I have to die, please make me free of pain”, as I did not want the pain to be my last experience of life. Mohanji replied that he is doing everything he can about my situation, and there was no need for me to worry.

I stayed for almost a week in the hospital on oxygen support.  I constantly watched another Covid positive man that was sharing the room with me. He was in his 70s or 80s, suffering terribly, and looked like he might die any moment. Whenever I felt a bit low, I would close my eyes and visualize Mohanji in the center of my forehead. I would experience a strong presence of him and in no time would feel normal again. After I got discharged from the hospital, I informed Mohanji of my status, and he told me that the worst is over, and I am on the road to recovery. He also mentioned that a lot of cleansing has happened, and a sort of re-birth will occur.

After getting discharged from the hospital, beginning of a new life

From the time I tested positive, my friend Judith from Switzerland wrote to me daily to check how I was doing, updated Mohanji regularly of my status, organized prayers and Mai-Tri sessions for me, where Mai-Tri practitioners from Switzerland and UK took turns and did Mai-Tri for me on a daily basis. She played the role of a Mother when I needed help the most, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to her and all the people who prayed and performed Mai-Tri for my recovery.

Once I returned home to Switzerland, I noticed that no matter what was happening in my life, I was just in gratitude all the time for still being alive. The most precious thing in our life is that we are alive, and most people tend to forget this and take life for granted (and expend a lot of time indulging in petty emotions). There is no guarantee that we are going to live next moment, so be grateful that you are alive now. Every morning I would wake up, look at Mohanji’s pic in my bedroom, smile and remind myself that I am still alive. One day when I woke up and smiled looking at Mohanji’s pic, he sent me a telepathic message, “Look, look.” At that very moment, my awareness got absorbed inward. I could see that although my body was awake, my emotional and psychological structures were dormant (literally sleeping) within me. I could see some energy (like electricity) flowed through those latent structures, and only then, they became alive and awake within me. This process happened within a span of few seconds after waking up.

Thus, my experiential understanding shifted from “I am this body and mind” to “I am the energy that is empowering this body and mind.” There is a world of difference between knowing this fact theoretically by reading some books or listening to some Masters and knowing it experientially. Once your identification shifts from the body and mind to the energy that flows through them (even for a brief period of time), you become inclusive in nature because you realize that it is the same energy that is flowing through and empowering every being.

After a considerable amount of recovery post Covid, I started practicing Conscious Gapless Breathing again. One day while I was lying down and relaxing after the practice, I wanted to get up but could not. Instead, something else got out of me, and I was witnessing myself in a different space. That space was just empty, slightly grayish, a little dark, and was extremely powerful. I was looking at myself sitting in that space and was observing the central axis in me. As I sat there, I remembered my friend and tried to transmit that power to him also. Sometime later, I did not know how to return from that space to my body as I have not figured out the mechanics of life yet. So, within myself, I said, “Mohanji, Mohanji, Mohanji”, and I was able to get back to my body from that space. Only then I could actually move my body and get up from the floor.

Recently, I attended the retreat in Montenegro. I went to Mohanji to thank him for being with me when I needed him the most. His words were, “So you went to hell and came back.” The following day, Mohanji said, “I heard that you were crying a lot”, referring to my struggle during Covid. I replied, “I thought it was time for me to go.” He then said, “It is a good practice, right? Now, when the time comes to go, you are already prepared!” I agreed affirmatively.

The following day of the retreat, the participants that were leaving early were told to come and receive Shaktipat (energy transfer) from Mohanji. When I went to receive Shaktipat, he said to me, Chakradhar, you are leaving! Why are you leaving? I hesitantly replied that I wanted to travel and explore Croatia, and that is the reason for my early departure and not participating in full retreat. Then he said to me, “You should go where your soul guides you, not where your mind guides you. See, you previously went where your mind guided you in Turkey, and you fell sick; before that, your soul guided you, and you were healthy, right?”

I said to myself, all these Gurus use heavy vocabulary such as soul guidance, guidance from the higher self, etc., and I have no clue what they talk about. I went up to him a few minutes later and asked, “How do I know if the soul is guiding me or the mind is guiding me?” He said that it is very simple. “If your mind is guiding you, it is seeking for repeated experiences and pleasures; if your soul is guiding you, it is seeking for transformation and silence.” These words were so simple, yet so profound. He then added, you are a scientist right; this is elementary stuff!

I left for Croatia and was happily exploring city after city. The last stop in my itinerary was Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is a 295km2 forest reserve, and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there in the midst of nature. On my last evening there, I walked to a restaurant that was 30min away from my accommodation. On my way back, I felt like walking a bit in the forest before returning to my hotel. I walked on a well-demarcated path on the periphery of the forest for some time.  I saw some marked trails that led into the forest, so I took a turn and walked alone as there was no one around. The marked trail ended at a certain point inside the forest, and I was supposed to go back on the same marked path where I had come from.

I have always had a wild streak in me since childhood. Very few people in my life have seen that side of me. As a result, I have experimented quite a bit in my life and with my life. Sometimes, it turned out to be great and, at other times, terrible, but I have always learnt some amazing lessons. Instead of walking back, I entered the forest. I said to myself, “Although it is an unmarked territory from here, let me explore it. If I continue in this particular direction, I will still reach my accommodation, but through the forest. I have already walked this far in this direction, and I do not want to turn around now. Let me walk all the way!” Thus, I continued to walk inside the forest for almost an hour in the direction I thought was right.

Then, it dawned on me that somewhere I made a wrong turn and have walked deeper into the forest. Otherwise, it should not have taken this long for me to reach my accommodation. I had no clue where I was, and it was already 7:15 PM, and the sun was about to set. A bit of frustration, and a bit of fear started to creep in. I visualized Mohanji in my heart center and asked him, “Could you please guide me?” He guided me to walk in a particular direction. I walked in the appointed direction for approximately 40 minutes. I felt like I had arrived nowhere. By then, I already got a few cuts and bruises, and the heel of my right foot was bleeding continuously. I felt a bit dejected, not able to clearly figure out which way to go. I again got a message from Mohanji, “Keep walking son, even if you do not see any clear path, keep walking in the same direction I showed you.” I continued walking for 20 more minutes in that direction and stopped again, not knowing if I was doing the right thing. Once again, Mohanji sent me a message, “Keep walking, son; you are almost there.”

I continued walking for 15 more minutes. I was so dehydrated that the surface of my lips started to peel off (I neither carried any water nor I had come across a pool of water in that part of the forest I walked). On the other hand, that forest is home to bears, wild dogs and wolves. I took out my phone that was running out of battery and thought of calling the owner of my accommodation. I wanted to inform him of my status in case I managed to survive the night with wild animals and dehydration, so he could send a search/rescue team the following morning. Once again, I felt the message from Mohanji, “Continue in the same direction for ten more minutes; if you still do not see anything, make a phone call, but not now.” So trusting the message, I continued for another 10 minutes, and to my amazement, I reached the village where my accommodation was, just 5 minutes before it became completely dark. Only then, I understood why Mohanji said to me in Montenegro, “Do not go where your mind guides you!” Hahahaha!

Although my story appears to be different on the surface, on a deeper level, I feel that it is very similar to the stories of most people. Most of us walk into traps; somebody who has a physical compulsion will walk into one sort of a trap, another with an emotional compulsion will walk into a different sort of a trap, and similarly for the one with psychological compulsions. The bottom line is that unconsciously most of us walk into traps; what kind of a trap you walk into differs based on the predominant constitution you carry. Moreover, in many cases, by the time one realizes that they are stuck in a trap, they might have dissipated a significant amount of their lifetime and life energies. The only way to avoid it is to enhance your awareness and to connect to a higher frequency that will nurture, assist and facilitate the evolution of your awareness.

Finally, I would like to thank Mohanji immensely for always making my perception and awareness evolve, and would like to stress the fact that if someone connects to him, he is available to that person always. One needs to have the necessary subtlety and receptivity to recognize it and cherish it. 

The Master who never leaves your hand


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Final Journey of Appa, Mr T R Gopalakrishnan

Subhasree Thottungal, London

On the 18th of June, I received a message from Kishore that Mohanji has asked to do Mai-Tri for Mr Gopalakrishnan, who was critically ill and undergoing unbearable pain while in the hospital.

I understood, if Mohanji has given direct instruction, it must be really important and urgent. Hence I did the Mai-Tri session immediately. 

I didn’t know much about Mr Gopalakrishnan. However, Kishore mentioned that Mohanji respects and loves him a lot and calls him Appa (means Father in Tamil).

During the Mai-Tri session, I had the vision that truly amazed me; it blew my mind.

I saw all his forefathers in his heart centre, getting Mohanji’s golden light and then dissolving. The pain that Appa was experiencing was the collective pain of his forefathers, which had kept some of them still bound, not attaining complete release. Appa had come forward to take that pain, and with Mohanji’s grace, all of them were merging into light.

I understood that Mohanji allowed Appa to be an instrument for the liberation of his forefathers in his journey towards the eternal light. I had no doubt that Mohanji will take him to light whenever he exits, while in this process, each of his forefathers was also being released to light. One by one, each one! 

After I completed the session, I said to myself, “How amazing is that!” Mohanji guided me during the session to continue his Mai-Tri, and I discussed with Kishore, and we listed out five different Mai-Tri Practitioners to do Mai-Tri every day for five days.

After the session, I shared this vision with Mohanji. Of course, Mohanji allowed me to witness this; he knows everything, but telling him was my expression of gratitude for this beautiful opportunity to witness another of his grand actions.

When I wrote to Mohanji and described my vision to him, he said, “Indeed.” As he had already guided during the session, verbally also, he advised continuing the healing for a few days.

Mohanji also wrote to me more about Appa, which really took me by surprise and then the vision became even clearer. So let me narrate Mohanji’s words here.

“He was my father in another life. He was a King, and I was the Prince in waiting in that life. I was quite disinterested in having to rule but had to take it on when he died. He loved me a lot but, being the King, was very reserved and couldn’t express his love for me. In this life, ever since he met me, he was showering me with love, and he is an evolved man. He knows about our past life together; I am completing a son’s responsibility in this life. He has no children. His only son died when he was a student.”

This explanation made it very clear why through this phase of Appa’s journey, Mohanji was actually allowing his entire lineage, ancestors to be released! Mohanji was performing his duty of a son!

After that, the daily healings continued.

Today, on 23rd June, exactly on the 5th day of healing, I received a message from Kishore, same time in the morning, that Appa has moved on to eternal lights. At that moment, I witnessed a glimpse of King Dashrath and Shree Ram! (The epitome of love between a father and son).

I saw Mohanji holding Appa’s hand and taking him to complete brightness!

In less than seven days, Appa had accomplished closure of more than seven lifetimes. Only through Mohanji’s grace! 

As a mere Mai-Tri instrument, I witnessed this beautiful journey of final release and the eternal bond of a loving father and dutiful son. 

May Appa, Mr Gopalakrishnan’s soul, rest in peace in the embrace of the pure and bright light. Thank you, Mohanji, for your grace and blessing to experience yet another amazing truth of life through the beautiful and powerful journey of Mai-Tri.


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The views, opinions, and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 19 & 20

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 19 Lesson – How I developed belief, faith and trust in Mohanji

Good morning, everybody. Today, I wanted to share an experience and lesson about the importance of belief and faith. The idea to share this today came from a talk with Mohanji this morning. 

We were discussing the ‘Invest in Awareness’ program. And he was sharing great content about the path of spirituality with a reminder that it is an individual journey. And all he did in his life was to find himself. And now he is guiding others to find themselves. This is his focus. 

We spoke briefly about belief. My mind instantly recalled a situation months ago here at the house when I had to believe what my mind could not comprehend because there was no other explanation. And how I did that was by having trust in Mohanji and then using a filter of my own logic to reconfirm why I have trust in Mohanji so that I could believe that this situation happened. 

So as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have any capacity really to see beyond the ordinary. I know others do, Mai-Tri and MTM practitioners. And I’ve heard many stories. But whilst I find them entertaining and definitely fascinating, I’ve always just kept a watch that, for anything I’m doing, I’m relying on my own experience and belief rather than anybody else’s. Although I trust people, I know that some people can change their minds. And this is some advice, which I picked up from Mohanji when I first met him two years ago at a Satsang where he said, “Nobody has to believe anything blindly. There’s plenty of room for people to take their time, have their experience, and develop a belief or a trust.” He also said, “Once you’ve decided, then stick to that because that’s then a benefit for you. Because then you can go further. You start digging where you stand, and eventually you’ll reach water.”

And this came from a story. One morning, we sat downstairs for our morning meeting. This was months ago. And Mohanji was giving guidance or instructions on tasks I can’t quite remember. But we were speaking; I was sitting on the floor, Mohanji was in his chair. And we had eye contact, and we were speaking. And then, mid-sentence, he just stopped. His eyes turned to the window, looking in a different direction, complete silence. And I was confused because this was a complete shift. Imagine you’re talking to someone, just having a conversation, it’s flowing, and then all of a sudden, they just stop and look the other way. It’s a big shift. 

Then he stood up, which is even more strange, walked a few steps ahead. All in silence, we weren’t speaking. Then he took a cushion, he put it on the floor in the middle of the room, and then he came down to his knees on the cushion. So, I’m sitting; he is now a few steps in front of me on his knees facing the window. And then he went into a push-up position. And I was completely confused. I really couldn’t understand. I was thinking, is this an impromptu morning workout session? Am I meant to take something from this and join him, start doing some push-ups? I didn’t know. So he started doing some push-ups. I can’t remember the number. But then he stood up, put the cushion back, sat down, started looking at me and said: “Right, what was I just saying?” As if nothing had happened, as this was all just a play in my imagination. 

Now, if you picture that scene, it’s quite abrupt. Just to watch all this happen, and then it to finish – I was amazed! And Mohanji must have clearly felt my confusion. And he just casually said someone was dying. They were in the hospital. I think he said the person was on life support. And he said they were praying to him. So he had to help, and he had to bring the person back to life. 

Now, we were just talking about something very mundane. And then this situation happened. So I couldn’t contain myself and instantly asked with a very confused mind: “But how is that even possible?” To which he responded: “Well, what do you want, a scientific proof?” And my mind gave up; I realized it would be impossible to comprehend. 

And I’ve had a similar experience when I first met Mohanji a couple of years ago. The situation happened where my mind just couldn’t take it.

But this was the lesson for me that has come together now, restarting that conversation around belief and faith, which I thought might also be useful for some other people. Because what I’ve realized is that when I can’t see for myself, and when I say ‘see’, it’s not just physically, it’s perceiving the deeper work that’s going on behind everything that Mohanji does, but I’m aware of something happening. Not much has been spoken to me, yet I’ve had a big transformation in my life. It hasn’t been: Okay, now you do this, now you do that, this is the teaching, like a school. It’s just happening. It’s naturally happening. 

So when there’s a situation that’s beyond comprehension, what do you do? What do I do? So I had two options, really: I could believe it, or I could reject it. What I realized helped keep me steady in that belief because I could easily have taken the view that this is just absolute craziness. But now, I realized that and the method that I’ve been using, which we spoke about this morning since I had met Mohanji two years ago, is that when I can’t see something for myself, I have to develop a belief. That’s the only thing really that I can hold on to. But it’s not blind belief. I have to have a belief in something, something that I choose to rely on. 

And this is where the belief and the sort of logical understanding have helped because I’m a rational, logical person. And what I realized was that I completely trust Mohanji. I feel completely safe. And I had to use my logic again: Why? Why did I trust? And how was I so sure that I had this trust? 

So, for me, the lesson is that I have a few reminders that I can always go back to if my mind sort of wavers. And the first one very clearly is that he asks nothing from me. Nothing! All this is of my own, the opportunity has arisen, and then it’s my own free will and contribution. Yes, I’ve experienced a big transformation in my life since meeting Mohanji. So my own experience of being with him is something I can trust, knowing that he doesn’t ask anything. Then the second one: he is completely consistent. Everything he’s spoken about since I’ve become aware of him, he lives that message. And I’ve been with him for months now. And he’s living exactly what he says since I first came into contact with him. 

And then there’s also zero pressure for me to follow him or be with him. So he needs nothing and is completely secure; humility personified. So then I realized he has no reason that he would make this up. I saw this event, I saw this experience, he told me frankly, and that’s what happened. So I have that belief. And I think when you can develop that belief with more conviction, that’s when it becomes faith. I think this is something else that’s important. 

So this is the message for today that maybe can also help people in their own thinking or belief – trusting their experience and using logic to help their experience or belief get strengthened and faith strengthened. So I’ve learned that belief is incredibly important when you can’t see or experience something for yourself. 

And believing in a trusted source. So having something that you can trust to anchor that belief too is important. So first believing in myself, my own experience, and then believing in a trusted source if that’s not available, and for me, I know that I completely trust Mohanji.  

Logic brings that further understanding so that it stays steady. 

That’s the message for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you enjoyed this story and could imagine that situation which happened. It was quite a shock. 

Have a great day ahead.

Day 20 Lesson – Who is Mohanji Part #2

Good morning, everybody. I hope you have a great day ahead. 

Yesterday, I spoke about my faith and belief in Mohanji, how that developed, how I had to use my logic to move past some hurdles. Today, I continue this theme alongside a question I asked in earlier recordings: ‘Who is Mohanji?’. Because still now, the more time I spend with him, the less I really know about him. I just can see what I can see, you know, what’s inside me. And whilst I’m focused on very terrestrial matters, there’s always something much more happening. Many people are connecting to him; he reaches many people, despite the fact he is physically sitting in front of me. 

And he doesn’t display; he doesn’t show, he doesn’t try to explain. And if I ever ask a question, or someone else asked the question, he simply says, “I do my job”. And this was difficult to understand at first because there’s little outward display. Now it’s just come to an acceptance and trust. 

And he’s also completely fine with saying, “Those who have eyes to see will see, and those who don’t, it’s okay.” And I was surprised because this even relates to other Swamis too, because he confuses them, as Mohanji doesn’t come from one of the traditional paths or routes. He is self-made. 

But those who are practising Mai-Tri and MTM can see the work. When I’ve asked him about this too, whether that’s the whole picture or is there more going on, he again smiles and says, “I do my job, I’m doing many things.” So there’s little outward display. 

But an experience I wanted to share is one of the more subtle ways that Mohanji can work and give people experiences. But you have to be really attuned to catch them. I think someone said this to me before as well that Mohanji is very unassuming, and he could easily just slip into the shadows if you let him; he would just go. You have to keep a keen watch. 

And before I met Mohanji, I was searching for a long time. I was looking for answers. But answers to the questions I didn’t even know. There’s just something I was searching for—so many spiritual communities, a yoga practice, the Theosophical Society, and even Freemasonry for many years. So in deep questions, I was searching and searching. 

And one question that stuck with me since meeting Mohanji was: These previous paths, do they also reach the source? It was a small mind question. I avoid taking these types of questions to Mohanji because I respect his time; he’s got a lot to do. And I want to keep the interaction purely on what we’re doing with the work. And I also knew that this question was just for my mind sake, just for my interest. But it was playing on my mind for some time. 

Downstairs is an office room with a bathroom adjoining it, and it has a bookcase with many great books in there. Mohanji had gone to the bathroom, and I came, and I took a towel so that he could dry his hands afterwards. And as he came out, he looked at the bookcase and said: “Causal body”, and walked out; there was no discussion. I remembered at that point that when with Mohanji, everything has the potential to be a lesson if you have the observation. Because generally, his life is a message. He lives his message. He lives his teachings. 

So I decided, “Okay, Causal body, there’s a book there, let’s have a look at this.” I picked up the book to read it later. And then, when I read it, and I quickly skimmed through all the sections that I was drawn to, of course, I found clear answers to the questions which were clogging my mind. And my mind was happy, and I put the book back. 

This may seem very small, but it was quite profound for me at the time. Because again, there was no display, but he did his job. Even for the smallest annoyance, I had in my mind, even though I hadn’t verbalized it to him, I got my answer, and then that was gone.

I don’t know really, who Mohanji is, how he’s working, but it’s definitely more than I can perceive. And I remember in the earlier days before I was actually living with him, I was trying to understand this as well: ‘Who is he?’ Because I couldn’t quite put it together. And one thing which really stuck out for me is when I was watching Facebook, the posts and the photographs were coming up of all the people that he was meeting, especially all these great masters, all these great saints who had their own stature, they were big in their own right. When you look back at all of these, they show such reverence to Mohanji. They shower him with reverence. And all of them are from different lineages. It’s as if the masters of all lineages are coming together; connecting with Mohanji in that way – from the Siddha, Kriya, Shakti, obviously the Avadhoota lineage; great masters, Siddhas and Saints such as Devi Amma, who gave the title to Mohanji ‘Friend of the Universe’. Then Avadhoota Nadananda gave the title Brahmarishi, Ganeshananda Giri, a staunch disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba, whom Sai Baba actually told: ‘You know, you need to find Mohanji’; then Vittal Babaji gave Mohanji the title Raja Yogi and Vasudev Swami, a great master and a devotee of Bhagavan Nityananda. And there are many more as well, such as Gorkhe Guruji, who I mentioned, was a big master in his right, and he actually wanted Mohanji to sit on his chair after declaring in front of people in public that Mohanji was part of Dattatreya. 

So, such reverence from all these people. I don’t know who Mohanji is, but by observation, there’s something that all these great people are respecting and seeing in Mohanji. 

I hope you have a great day ahead and speak to you all soon.


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Journey to Girnar with Mohanji

Jayashree Mukund Shinde, USA

Feb 2020

Jai Gurudev Datta. Guru Mohanaya Namaha.

Surrendering at the lotus feet of Lord Datta, who is also known as “Girnar Raja” – the king of the Mountain Girnar, I am beginning my story of “Journey to Girnar with Mohanji”. 

More ancient than the Himalayas is Mount Girnar – the mountain that symbolizes “a Guru is always on top of the world”. Lord Dattatreya, the Adi Guru of Dattatreya Tradition, is believed to have meditated at the peak of this mountain for over 12,000 years. Many devotees of Lord Datta climb up Mount Girnar throughout the year to get a glimpse of the benevolent Guru, Dattatreya. It is said that to reach the peak of the mountain and to have the darshan of his (Lord Dattatreya) holy footprints, one should have a lot of determination, dedication, surrender, and utmost faith. One should follow the same path as his Guru, in the same direction, and only then can he reach the destination. Lord Dattatreya is present here protecting all his devotees.

I had travelled to India in Jan 2020 to attend a retreat with Mohanji, spend some time with my parents, and to attend a cousin’s wedding. I was going to be in India for some more time, and while I was there, I tried to spend as much time as I could, being around Mohanji. In late January 2020, the Bhumi Puja of the ‘Home for Seniors’ land was happening in Thiruvannamalai, and I was so fortunate to attend the ceremony and to be able to meet Mohanji there.

A few days after returning from Thiruvannamalai, I heard about a short trip that Mohanji was making to Mount Girnar, to the temple of Lord Datta. I had not heard about this mountain and Lord Datta’s temple before. I had no idea what it takes to go there! But as soon as I heard about it, a calling from my heart came to travel with Mohanji to Mount Girnar. A wet blanket was soon thrown over my excitement when I heard that going to Lord Datta’s temple on top of the mountain means climbing up 9999 steps and down the same too!

I shivered with the reality check. I didn’t think I could do this as I am not very fit physically. I gave up the idea. That’s when I got a message from Rajesh saying “You are coming to Girnar. Jo Dar Gaya Samjho Woh Mar Gaya.” (The one who is scared, is dead). His words were motivating enough, and I felt as if these words were coming from Mohanji! So, I decided to take the journey! On top of that, Rajesh assured me about the possibility of using the doli service, where you can be carried up rather than walk. I decided I would go to Girnar and take a doli. 

I reached Junagadh in the afternoon of February 11th. Several people from Mohanji family had already arrived there, and I was taken to the beautiful Gorakhnath Ashram overlooking Mount Girnar. After lunch, Ruchika and I went around feeding cows around the Gorakhnath Ashram Later, after Mohanji arrived, all of us gathered in his room. Mohanji was very happy to see all of us. I noticed that the swelling on Mohanji’s left foot had not reduced (which was there since the Thiruvannamalai event). Seeing all of us worrying about his foot pain, Mohanji very lovingly told us, “You are all Mai-Tri Practitioners. So why don’t you do Mai-Tri to this body? To the body only, not to Mohanji!” It’s beyond our imagination to heal Mohanji’s body, but we realized that to keep our worrying mind at rest, Mohanji was giving us this opportunity. In my heart, I was praying to Datta to relieve this physical pain from Mohanji’s foot.

Mount Girnar

We had a small satsang with Mohanji about Girnar  and the plan to climb in the night so as to reach the top by early morning for aarati at 5:30 am. Rajesh Kamath mentioned that I wanted to take a doli as it was difficult for me to climb. Mohanji immediately said, “Shinde has to climb, she will climb, it’s her sadhana”. This was a command from my Guru, and I bowed down to this and said, “Yes Baba, all your grace, your will”.  

As Mohanji reminded us all, “A visit to Girnar is not an ordinary journey. It is a surrender and commitment to the Tradition. Unless you have deep commitment and conviction, you may not be in this land. In fact, there is no better place, more powerful and more relevant than Girnar for a true spiritualist in the path of the Avadhootas (total dissolution). We aren’t talking about enlightenment or even the Path of the Siddhas here – this is much beyond human realms or thinking. Even today, the nine Naths and 84 Siddhas visit Girnar in sookshma form, chant and pray for the darshan of Lord Dattatreya who continues to guide them. Grace alone can bring an individual to this land. Grace and surrender alone will help one complete this holy pilgrimage. Jai Gurudev Datta!”

After the empowering satsang with Mohanji, we got ready to start our climb to Mount Girnar. Along with me, Ruchika, Sonia, Hemkant and his wife Shilpa were ready too. After attending the aarati at Gorakhnath temple and dinner, we started our walk around 9 pm. We took blessings from the idols of Lord Datta and Hanuman at the bottom of Girnar and started climbing from there.  

We had no idea about what the climbing path would be like, or how long it will take. We all carried a stick, a bottle of water, and chanting Lord Datta’s name, we kept on climbing. As we picked up our pace, a couple of people fell behind. As I was walking, I felt that there were Masters from above looking at us. I could feel their energy around us. 

Walking up the steep steps wasn’t easy for me. My knees hurt, and my legs felt weak to move. I had to take frequent stops to sit down and then kept on walking. At some point, all of us met up again, and we sat down at that point to meditate for a few minutes and then continued walking. As we were walking, another elderly couple joined us. As we were climbing, I spoke to them about Mohanji, Mohanji’s mission, liberation and gave a brief of his teachings, too.

At some point during our walk, we noticed that George had arrived. He was walking very fast, chanting “Jai Gurudeva Datta, Hari Om Tat-Sat” loudly. When he saw us, he hugged us and kept on walking. Seeing the energetic George walking with such speed, chanting loudly, I felt a sudden surge of energy in my own body. He reminded me of Lord Hanuman, who was empowered because of his faith and devotionHemkant started walking fast, ahead with George. The rest of us were walking at our own pace, Shilpa and I were together, walking, talking, resting. It was not so easy, and the body would give up. In those moments, I thought of Mohanji and Lord Datta and reminded myself that this is my path; this is my destination; this is the goal – to reach Datta, I have to do it. 

Surrendering each step to Lord Datta, I kept walking. Something in me started telling me, “keep walking.” Slowly, the energy started flowing and I could climb with lesser effort.

After some time, I saw that Hemkant was resting because of severe pain in his knee, and Shilpa was with him. George went ahead. I could not wait with Hemkant because the inner voice said,  “keep walking”. I kept walking, and another old couple were walking along too. We sent a balm for Hemkant that the couple had with them through some people going down, and we kept on walking ahead. 

After 3000 steps, we reached the Neminath Tirthankar temple along with the elderly couple.

Following a brief rest, I started climbing up again alone. It was pitch dark. I had no torch. The couple were still resting behind, but I kept walking even in the darkness. I could feel the pull of some divine energy which was making me walk. I didn’t know the path, but I kept on walking. When I felt tired, I would feel a sudden surge of energy as soon as I surrendered to Mohanji and Dattatreya. After a while, I heard Mohanji and his group coming behind us, Mohanji in a doli. I looked back at them, and I wanted to go towards Mohanji. Mohanji saw me and said, “Shinde don’t come back, keep walking, and go ahead”.  Now, I was walking with even more energy and joy knowing that Mohanji and the group are walking just behind me. I had no more fear, no more pain; I started climbing higher and higher. With each step, I was surrendering and climbing.  

It was dark everywhere and pin-drop silence. Not a single soul to be seen. I was just taking each step slowly and going up with complete faith. After the 5000th step, I reached Ambaji’s temple. The doors of the temple were closed, and I did not know what to do. Mohanji’s words “keep walking” were always ringing in my head. So, I got up from the temple and started climbing again. Through ups and downs, amidst the dark in the silent path, walking continuously, finally I reached the Gorakhnath temple at around 7000 steps. At this point, the only sound was the sound of the wind blowing; hard-hitting, strong and cold. I also knew there were wild animals in those mountains, which I could not see or hear. I felt the presence of some Masters above me, walking along with me.  It was not that I was walking alone. Datta Guru  Mohanji was watching over me and that was the reason for this huge surge of energy coursing through my body, making me walk.  I remembered only these two things while walking.

mohanji black tshirt

At one point, the steps go down, and then they take off to go to the ultimate, Guru Shikhar – the peak. Climbing these steep steps towards the peak, I suddenly felt there were no thoughts. There was only emptiness. I had only two thoughts in my mind, to reach Guru Shikhar and be at the Datta temple before the aarati and to keep walking. 

I was walking like a daredevil, without any fear of the solitude or darkness. Suddenly at one point, my stick slipped from my hand and went down somewhere in the dark. It can be quite a discomfort being without a stick in the darkness. I started chanting and climbing down slowly. Maybe after 50 steps or so, I saw my stick! It was stuck to something, and I had spotted it even in the dark. I picked up the stick, thanked Mohanji and Datta and started walking again with focus. At times, the fear of walking alone came to mind, but at those times, I felt the Masters watching over me and Mohanji’s presence with me, protecting me. My fear vanished with this understanding. I remembered Mohanji’s words, “keep walking” and so I kept walking.  

The final part of climbing was very steep, but I didn’t even realize how I climbed that part. Finally, I saw a flag and the top of Guru Shikhar, the top of the temple and I started climbing further. It was getting even windier at the top, and I felt that I might fall. After climbing carefully, I reached the top, and I saw George sitting just below the Datta temple. He guided me to go further up near the temple, and when I reached there, I saw Rajesh Kamath and DB. It was 4 am (Brahma Muhurtha) when I reached the Datta temple.

I walked up and touched the temple; now was the time to sit down! At that point, I had an immense surge of energy in me, and I wasn’t feeling cold or wind beat. Rajesh forced me to wear my jacket and then I sat down. It was as if Mohanji acted like my mother, making sure I was protected from the cold wind. As soon as I put on my jacket and sat, intense pain started in my stomach centre near the navel, going back to my spine, like some pull, it was very painful. I didn’t know what it was and I started crying out to Datta. Rajesh helped me lie down and to rest completely, and soon I felt better. Datta’s healing energy had taken my pain away in minutes! 

After about half an hour, Mohanji and the rest of the group arrived too. As soon as Mohanji saw me, he said, “Ah, Shinde, you are already there”. I said “Baba, all your love and grace” and I bowed down to him.  

We were waiting for the temple to open at 5:30 am for the aarati. While the slight delay was happening, Sonia and Ruchika arrived. Then after the temple opened, while we were going inside, Hemkant and Shilpa arrived too. The entire Mohanji family was inside the temple just in time for the aarati. Mohanji ensured that everyone was there together with him.

Lord Dattatreya

This was the great divine grace of Datta.  

Just before the aarati, while I was standing behind Mohanji, he said to Ananth who was there in the front, “You know this Shinde, she can talk about liberation in three minutes”. I blushed because I realized that Mohanji heard my conversation with the couple while we were walking about our Tradition, Masters, liberation etc. Mohanji reminded me once again that he is always listening to us. 

Soon aarati started. It was such a powerful and divine moment to attend the Datta aarati in the physical presence of Mohanji. I couldn’t believe myself; I was physically there receiving this grace!!! I was speechless, completely merged with the divine grace of Mohanji and Datta. Time had stopped for me at that moment. So far, it was one of the greatest moments of my life.

After aarati, we went around the Lord Dattatreya’s idol inside the temple, had a good darshan and came out.

After the 7-8 hours long sadhana of climbing up, the descent was joyful. Yes, Mohanji ensured that the descent was joyful. Sonia, Ruchika and I started climbing down together, talking laughing, eating, our legs were flying with joy! Such satisfaction, such contentment!

We had many interesting incidents during our walk down, like meeting some strange people. We went to Gorakhnath temple, heard the inspiring story of the priest there who had left his banker job to serve in the temple. We then reached the Ambaji temple where we had darshan of the divine Mother and finally decided to sit down for some time to take rest. We were feeling as if we were flying, and we felt so light. We laughed at small things. On our way down, we met an old man looking like a yogi. He told us so many stories of Mount Girnar. We kept walking down, enjoying our journey together. After a while, we saw some monkeys and gave them watermelon. Then, from nowhere, a person started walking with us even after we said we didn’t need any help; he just wanted to accompany us. In between an old mother wanted some food for her children and we bought some food for her. Finally, in the mix of laughing, sitting, and walking, we reached the bottom of Mount Girnar and arrived at the Gorakhnath ashram. We offered food and some money to the person who had been walking with us all this time. 

The next day, before leaving Girnar, we met Mohanji to express our gratitude and take his blessings. Again, Mohanji said to me, “Why do you need a doli, when you have this body?” He explained to me what a beautiful gift we have as this body and its importance. I was in deep gratitude, and tears rolled down my cheeks. Everything that happened the day before was only by the grace of my Datta, Guru Mohanji. 

After returning from Girnar, I felt Mohanji was Lord Datta and daily did the Swami Samarth Datta aarati. However, Mohanji fulfilled every desire of mine within a few days.  Mahesh Bhalero sang a new Girnar Datta aarati to Mohanji. I was overjoyed and now I do the Mohanji datta aarati every day.

On my return to Bangalore, I also visited Devi Amma to give her Ganga water from Varanasi and some tamil books and spoke about the Girnar trip with Mohanji. Devi Amma said, “You have shed many lifetimes karmic baggage by climbing Girnar with Mohanji.” Then I understood what Mohanji had meant when he said, “It’s your sadhana.” It meant shedding karmic baggage.

Visiting Girnar had not been on my bucket list. Not even a thought had been there, at least not in my conscious mind. But it all just happened with the grace of Datta and the miracle of my Guru Mohanji. Even today, when I look back, I get goose bumps. How did it happen? 

The truth is that the journey to Girnar happens only with complete faith and devotion, the grace of Dattatreya, and Datta Guru Mohanji, who carries you ahead.

This yatra (pilgrimage) to Girnar with Mohanji will remain close to my heart forever. 

At the lotus feet of GURUDEVADATTA MOHANJI!


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Divine guidance

Mohanji eyes closed

Priti shares with us a beautiful testimonial of Guru’s loving grace in times of pain and difficulties which she experienced when her niece Monika was very unwell.

By Priti Bhardwaj, UK

Just a little background to Monika’s story that I would like to share here as I feel tremendously grateful to our beloved Mohanji and Guru Mandala for the grace and blessings they have bestowed on her personal journey so far, and am sure will do so beyond her time here.

Mohanji and the Nath Gurus have played such an important part in Monika and her family’s life in the last 2 to 3 years without them even knowing, and this is the ultimate unconditional love Mohanji and the Masters have for all! Incredible grace comes – just a sincere prayer brought the Masters of the Tradition to this family! (The family are not into spirituality or religious in anyway). 

Two years ago, Monika and her boyfriend, who was driving at that time, were hit by a car that went into their side passenger side. Monika was unfortunately badly injured; her boyfriend suffered minor shoulder issues. Monika was told she may not walk and will have to wear a metal neck and back brace for a long time as there were serious spinal injuries. This was devastating news as Monika was a party person and it was very difficult for her to even sit in one place. 

Mohanji sent me as the first person to see her in hospital after the crash. Immediately I was guided to ask for Mai-Tri for her and prayers were performed thru the Global Prayers Whatsapp group, which was kindly heard by the grace of the divine energies. Monika continued to improve to the point that she actually started walking and attending work after four months, and she was even able to attend some parties.

I feel now with hindsight a very serious incident/accident was averted at that juncture; such is the grace of the Masters because she had unfinished agendas here on Earth. This, I believe, was extra time given to her, so she could spend time and make amends with her family and friends as 18 months later she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Amazing that she recovered from the car accident but unbelievable that this illness was diagnosed.

Again, Mohanji sent me to her, and I was guided immediately to seek Mai-Tri for her. This was performed within three months during the initial Spring lock-down and hospital delays. Monika’s cancer became aggressive. At the same time, Monika’s Dad suffered a stroke and is still in a convalescence home as he can hardly walk or eat solids. Calamity after calamity, but the grace of the Masters was always there. Grace comes when you have faith in the Master.

Monika, her family, relations and  friends became incredibly close, united in looking  after her with  limitless love and care making her every waking moment full of love which I believe kept her going. Couple of times the doctors would say that she only had 72 hours to live, however, the love that she was receiving from all 4 corners of the world and her strong will  to live till her last breath gave her extra moments with all her loved ones. Time and time again, despite all the painful treatments and the callousness of the cancer spreading, growing rapidly throughout her body, she did not give up smiling and greeting the umpteen visitors  who came to see her. She was always surrounded by bountiful of flowers wishing her well…..

After a couple of months of Monika having operations, chemo and radiotherapy to treat the illness, she gradually became worse. This time it was Subhasree who saw my messages requesting for prayers for both. Subhasree, despite a gruelling backlog of work immediately gave Monika Mai-Tri. In fact, by this stage MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) was given, a deeper level of the Mai-Tri Method. This was indeed an honour and again, Mohanji’s grace! A deep trauma had led to this cancer. Mohanji completely cleaned the entire trash that had caused it. Mohanji does his job!

I was also guided to ask Mahesh to perform a Guru Raksha Homa for Monika’s family at the Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada, and certain Pujas were carried out in India during initial lockdown which lasted 7 hours despite strict curfews and shop rationing… all Mohanji’s grace!

During my many trips up to Birmingham to see Monika, on one occasion, we slept very late as the family were interested in knowing how and why these illnesses occur, so by the time I put my head down it was 3 am but couldn’t sleep as had a very strong urge to connect Monika (who was in the hospital at that time having a hip op as cancer had spread there) to Shirdi Sai Baba and give her Udi, but didn’t know how to do this…. Towards the end of the morning all my attempts trying to plan how to introduce Mohanji/Sai Baba to Monika turned out to be in vain, so I surrendered the whole thing to Mohanji and tried to sleep.

An hour later, I heard noises coming from downstairs. My sister-in-law walked in from the cold front doorstep. I asked her where she had been so early, and her answer amazed me and almost knocked me over.

mohanji sai

She said her eyebrow threading lady who was a Sai devotee had called her early in the morning and told her Sai Baba had instructed her to tell my sister-in-law to go to the local temple and take some sweets to Baba and leave it at his lotus feet with a prayer and some change for Sai Baba to look after Monika. Can you believe how my late night thoughts and prayers actually transpired and became a reality. But even there grace flowed, when my sister in law went to purchase the sweets the shutter to the shop was closed, due to open 3 hours later. As she stood outside the shop thinking where to get some of these Indian sweets, the shop shutter opened, and the shop keeper let her buy the goods. Amazing right?!

We also managed to get Manasarovar and Gauri Kund water to Monika, who was a complete non-believer in these things. (There’s always several deeper reasons as to why we go to far off places like Manasarovar and Gauri Kund – sacred waters came from my pilgrimage to Kailash with Mohanji 2019.) That too was pure grace.

Despite a being a non-believer, Monika was beginning to recite the Gayatri mantra, and the whole family were starting to see life from a positive angle rather than the gross negativeness. Is this Mohanji doing his magic? Yes!

Monika was an amazing fighter or maybe that Mai-Tri prevented her from feeling the worst of the pain. Whenever she was asked if she had pain, she said, no! She didn’t want to die in a hospital on her own and did what she could to avoid this. Her wish to come home came true every time.

I saw her couple of days ago although she was drugged up heavily on morphine and was breathless, we sang songs and my daughters, and I danced to her favourite songs from the late 90s (once a party person always a party person).

With the grace of our Guru, she died peacefully, and I am sure she is being guided as we speak to the light. Rest in Peace, my darling Monika. I love you. 

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.


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Blessings Unlimited

Mohanji yelllow

Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

“You didn’t come to me, I came to you. That is how much love I have for my people.” Mohanji

Whenever I read or remember this quote, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and have tears flowing down my cheeks. I come from a family in Kerala, India, where both my parents and in-laws do not believe in following a Guru’s teachings. So even though I was very religious and used to visit temples frequently, I never believed that a Guru would walk into my life and change it forever.

I always had the desire to do social service, charity work, and to help people who were in need, but was always skeptical because I did not know if it was reaching the right hands most of the time when money was donated. I never used to feel happy because of the above reason. I was working back then and did not know any organisation to go all out and to be among people to help directly.

During Power of Purity Meditation – Thus Spake Mohanji

Then Mohanji came into my life in February 2017, and even though initially it was through blogs and videos (I had finished watching all his videos and read all the blogs before I physically met him), the connection was already strong by the time I met him in January 2018, in a satsang in Thrissur, Kerala. I still remember I was waiting for the satsang from December onwards and was so excited about meeting my Guru for the
first time. My soul was rejoicing and my heart was so expanded in happiness as if I had found a treasure for which I had been waiting many lifetimes. I remember praying nothing should go wrong and that I should reach Thrissur from Cochin on time. Needless to say, my experience there was so profound all throughout the satsang.

From the time I met Mohanji, he has fulfilled all the true desires I had sincerely wished for. It was during the 2018 Kerala floods that I joined Ammucare, and we as a team could reach out directly to many needy people in distress and  I was feeling so happy because that innermost desire to serve was getting fulfilled. It is only his grace and experience from Ammucare that helped me to start doing the ACT activities here in Ethiopia from the very first week we landed here. People here warned us saying Ethiopia is not safe but I was not a bit scared as Mohanji had assured us that he is always with us and was taking care of us. He has always said,

“When you start taking responsibility for the well-being of the world, the world takes responsibility for your well-being too. Life is always reciprocal in kindness.”

There had been a phase just before we moved to Ethiopia when I was completely down due to an incident and I was constantly praying to Mohanji to guide me so that I could accept the situation with awareness and let it go. I was not able to forget the incident and every morning I was waking up with a heavy heart as I was more or less free at that time as my husband had just left for Ethiopia and we were to move there in a few months’ time. As usual, Mohanji always listens and one day, a week later, I got a request to write on the Mohanji Consciousness page. I was not sure if it was my cup of tea but I agreed as I felt I will be more close to my beloved Guru’s consciousness. I started writing and within 2 days the weight of the incident started reducing and within a week I forgot all about it even though it had been a serious incident of betrayal which had broken me down completely. I still feel it was a miracle that had shifted my mind from it. I became my normal self again in a few weeks’ time and it had lost its importance in my life. Without any struggle from my side or any self-talk, I had accepted the incident even without my conscious knowledge as a part of my karma and moved on.

During Power of Purity Meditation – Thus Spake Mohanji

Now, I’m coming to the present incident that happened recently during the 41 days of PoP sadhana. I love to do the Power of Purity meditation as it makes me feel so blessed and rejuvenated. Moving to a new country had forced me to do the meditation alone. Since I knew the importance of group energy during meditation for blockage clearings, I had an ardent desire for PoP to be conducted online as a group. When I enquired back then in December 2019 before the Covid-19 situation, I came to know it was not possible to do online sessions. Last month in June 2020, suddenly one day, I came to know that 41 days of PoP sadhana was going to be done online and my joy knew no bounds. Another desire in my heart was thus fulfilled in a few months’ time. Immense gratitude to Mohanji for making this impossible thing possible.

Registered with South Africa Mohanji Acharyas, my sadhana began beautifully. About 15 days into the meditation, I started getting severe headaches. The migraine was so bad that even with migraine painkillers like Ibuprofen, it would not go away. It would fade for some time, and come back with more severity. After each meditation, my third eye would throb and the headaches became unbearable.

Mai-Tri - Mohanji Foundation

Since it was getting impossible to bear the pain daily, I asked Mai-Tri practitioner Savithri Vasudevan for a Mai-Tri session. After the session, she told me a lot of blockages across lifetimes were getting cleared through the body. She told me once the blockages are cleared, I will be fine. But I was finding it so difficult to get up in the morning for the EBC routine with the head throbbing badly. 10 days continued this way and since it was not getting any better, I asked her for another Mai-Tri session. She said it is not required and later told me that Mohanji had asked her to work together with Mohanji Acharya Preeti Duggal. Preetiji, immediately messaged me saying that I should take Baba’s Udi in water till the headaches subside.

I did not have Baba’s Udi with me but have read many experiences of devotees in the Sai Satcharitra that it is the faith and devotion that matters. So I chanted Baba’s Gayatri 9 times, and drank the water mixed with the Udi I had with me. I got engrossed in my work and later within an hour or so found that my continuous headache of 10 days had reduced considerably. I was feeling very happy but decided I would continue to
take the Udi every day till I recovered completely. The next day, I got up and found my headache had reduced further and it was only like a very feeble heaviness in my head. Within 2 days, I was completely fine and my headaches had disappeared. They have never returned after that day and I completed my 41 days of meditation successfully. The miraculous power of Baba’s Udi cannot be explained in words. It was Mohanji who introduced Sai Baba to me and told me the power of Udi when my son had been sick. I have known all great Masters of the tradition only through Mohanji. I also started reading the Sai Satcharitra every Thursday. It was only with Mohanji’s and Baba’s grace that we could visit Shirdi for the first time last year.

Sai Baba – Experiences With Mohanji

I feel so grateful for all the blessings and grace that has been showered on me and my family and my only wish now is to always remain surrendered to Mohanji and the Masters of the Tradition so that I can move steadfastly on the spiritual path. Koti koti pranams to the lotus feet of Para Brahma Swaroop Mohanji.



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