Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9 – Divine umbrella of love and care


We bring to you the sixth story in the Mohanji Satcharita series – Chapter 9. Deepali Bais narrates one of her innumerable experiences in which she has felt Mohanji’s loving presence. 

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Divine umbrella of love and care

By Deepali Bais

Spirituality is a very interesting journey and for us, it has unfolded many tales which are embedded deep in our hearts. Since the time we have been associated with Mohanji i.e. since 2012, there have been innumerable experiences showing His loving presence in our lives. We always thought of cherishing it in our hearts, but of late the need for sharing has become important as our loving Mohanji never expects anything in return.

The experience I share here is special in many ways.

Life puts us through seemingly difficult phases to check our preparation for the next phase and to gauge our reaction through these testing times. A situation unfolded with us recently when our son came back from playing on the evening of 31st Jan 2019.

Generally, we don’t expect many visitors in the evening, hence when the doorbell rang in three quick successions, we were alarmed. Before my husband (Anurag) could reach the door, my son could not wait any longer and turned the latch and gave one big push to the door and it sprang open. During the next few seconds, I could hear a conversation between Anurag and my son. Anurag announced that we have to take him immediately to the hospital as it appeared to be a fracture in his arm. Then I noticed my son holding his left arm with his right hand and writhing in pain. He told that whilst taking a turn, he had slipped and fallen from his bicycle and one bhaiya (elder boy) dropped him home by carrying his bicycle. He was gasping for breath. Anurag washed his face and gave him a glass of water to drink while I got ready.

The moment I saw him crying with pain, tears rolled down my cheeks and I broke down. Without any reminder, I started chanting the mantra given to me by Mohanji in 2012. This mantra has become a part of my life since 2012 and for a long time. I have never felt the need to chant it consciously and loudly as it would repeat itself within me in auto mode effortlessly, very much similar to our breath.

I was continuously chanting the mantra and remembering our beloved Mohanji. We all know we need not tell Him or ask help from Him. He is protecting us 24×7, but the mother in me was worried about seeing my child in pain.

Various thoughts crossed my mind as we were getting ready to go to the hospital. Since his exams were near, our worries started compounding. Anurag put a cloth under my son’s arm and tied it up carefully around his neck to give him some comfort.

Mohanji I am

As Mohanji says,

I am always around you and you need to just “SWITCH ON”.

Within a span of 10 minutes during our drive to the hospital, I started feeling strong vibrations on my forehead along with a mild circular motion on the third eye. I am sure many can relate to this feeling/sensation. This is how I have felt Mohanji’s energy from the time we have been connected with Him. My eyes became really heavy. I felt strong vibrations and shivers in the whole body and I knew He was around, protecting us. During all this, I continued chanting.

The moment we reached the hospital, it was 20:00 and hence only the Duty Doctor was available. The doctor called the radiology department duty person and asked him to take an X-Ray. I was sitting in the waiting room chanting and my husband took my son for an X-ray.

The first X-Ray showed some signs of a fracture and when Anurag announced it to me, my heart sank. Somehow I felt that something was not convincing but looking at the X-Ray, I didn’t raise any queries. During all this, I continuously felt Mohanji’s presence around me and also the assurance that all is fine.

The doctor then sent the photo of the X-Ray to the Orthopedic specialist to seek his opinion. The specialist asked him to take an X-Ray of the right hand too along with the X-Ray of the left hand from other angles.

As we were waiting for the specialist’s opinion, we were mentally prepared for the cast being put on the left arm and the possible consequences in the near future due to final exams just around the corner. Anurag had also taken an appointment for renewal of passport for my son a day prior and had already paid the fee. He and my son were to appear at the Passport Office the next day i.e. on 01 Feb 2019. So he was thinking of cancelling the appointment and was mentally making plans for a future appointment which would be possible only after the exams. He was worried since taking an appointment is really difficult and to cancel the appointment, he has to go through all the procedures again.

As the photos of subsequent X-rays were also relayed to the specialist we waited for his opinion. Suddenly the news came that it was not a fracture, but only a tissue or muscle damage. A sense of relief and euphoria engulfed me although a requirement to put a cast was still there to allow the tissue some time to heal. It felt as though a heavy load was lifted from my head as soon as I got to hear this. Additionally, it was a slab for minor support to the hand and not a complete cast.


Within a span of 30 minutes, things changing from a fracture to tissue damage WAS SO MAGICAL. Though the healing and treatment took some time, the way Mohanji had reduced the impact is difficult to put in words. We have no words to explain the feeling. This is how masters operate and protect you in difficult times. We are indebted by the unconditional love showered by Mohanji.

After the cast was put, the doctor asked us to take an appointment with the specialist for the next day and then we left the hospital. Next day, Anurag took our son to the Orthopaedic specialist where he reiterated his stand that it was not a fracture and instructed us to continue with the cast for the next three weeks. Anurag mentioned to me later that when they left the hospital at around 10:30 hrs, he thought of giving a try at the passport office for his appointment as well. An appointment was scheduled at 11:15 hrs.

Token with the number 108

Though slightly late, they started at around 11:00 hrs and reached the venue at around 11:30 hrs. They both managed to enter the office. Then an interesting thing happened. As they were waiting to show the documents, a token had to be generated. This token is your identity as one goes through various phases of verification. Hence, after checking the documents at the first counter, the token was generated which showed in big bold letters “108” thus signifying Mohanji’s presence throughout the ordeal. All the necessary paperwork was completed and his application was accepted.

Anurag mentioned to me that since the morning, he was mentally remembering Mohanji, both at the hospital and also during the appointment at the passport office. The entire sequence of events is proof that Mohanji’s grace is always available waiting to be tapped. Life generally goes through various ups and downs in a cyclic manner with few spikes (signifying testing times). These spikes have an inherent tendency to test your mental toughness so that you witness your every move as you tide over the situation. This situation reminds me of the scene from the movie “Life of Pi” where the main character in the middle of a cyclone, pleads with God to test him more. During these testing times, one’s connection with Mohanji is the only real and unbreakable connection which helps one to sail through.  

So when the number 108 appeared on the sheet of paper, it brought tears in Anurag’s eyes. He was spellbound. He stood motionless for a moment in that crowded room as if time had stopped. A gush of fresh air filled his lungs and assured him of Mohanji’s presence which ultimately led to the completion of this complicated paper action. Such is the grace of Mohanji that we cannot comprehend. I bow down to Mohanji and the universal energy which is manifesting through Him.

Words are less to encompass Mohanji’s grace and stature. We are blessed to have Him in our lives.

Pranaams at His lotus feet!




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Mantras of Gratitude


In a recent Satsang, Mohanji explained that

Mantras are frequencies codified to create a certain effect. So each mantra has a different reason and a purpose. Mantras are a conglomeration of words to create a certain frequency within you. He further adds that this thing called problem or a situation arises from the mind.

This is exactly what happened to Maja O. She went through stressful periods that were both physically and emotionally challenging. It is not surprising that Mohanji, in his loving way, stepped in to mitigate the issues through mantras and healing. The result is that Maja is now at peace, filled with gratitude for her beloved Guru.

At the end of the day, it is just grace and blessings that make a difference in regular life. And gratitude opens doors for grace to flow – Mohanji

Here is Maja’s expereicne as expressed in her words.


With deep gratitude to Mohanji, I’d like to share with you some of the reasons that I have for this eternal gratefulness. It is clear to me that my knowledge of what Mohanji has so far done for me (and many people around me) is very limited, and that these experiences which I am aware of, is just a small portion. I’ll describe three experiences with mantras that were given to me by Mohanji at different times and for a different purpose each time. My inner being is singing gratefully to Him.

~Devi Mantra~

A few years ago, when I first moved to Ecuador, I got very sick. I was vomiting continuously, and I could not tolerate even a sip of water. It was going on for several days. I was very weak, unable to walk, pale, and without any sign of improvement. I was afraid of ending up in a hospital, as my housemates were about to do something about it. I strongly dislike modern medicine, and I usually have a reaction to drugs prescribed by doctors. Still, I gave it a try, but it only worsened my condition. Apart from those physical ailments, I was also going through weird sleep states where I felt as if I was going through different worlds and felt so drained because of lack of energy, that I was afraid to go to bed again. Sometimes, I would have strong sensations in the crown chakra with terrible sounds, such as a motor engine. I spoke to my homeopathic doctor (and a friend) from Serbia, and she advised me to speak to Mohanji about it.

Back then, I had not been in touch with Mohanji for a couple of years, so it was not a normal thing for me to communicate with Him. After my one and only retreat with Him, I fell seriously ill for the second time in my life. As per Mohanji’s instructions, I was not even meditating. It lasted for a couple of years, and thanks to Iskra (Spomenka), I managed to tide over that stage with just homeopathic medicines. Even though I always carried Mohanji’s picture with me, I was feeling very confused and disconnected. It took one more year after the event I’m describing here, to get answers and clarify my doubts. So this time around, when I finally reached out to Him, all the illnesses of the past and present were collectively dealt with by Mohanji, once and for all. Not an easy task, but oh, how grateful I am to Him!

Now, let’s get back to this story. Even though I was unsure, I sent Mohanji a Facebook message, and He replied immediately. He just asked me where I was geographically located. As soon as I sent my reply, I felt Him entering my system through the crown chakra. It took Him just a moment to see what was happening, but as usual, no diagnosis was shared with me. Instead, He gave me a prescription. I received ‘The Devi Mantra’, and Mohanji’s words that the Mother will save me. I had to chant it so many times that I didn’t even bother to remember the number. I just said to myself, “That’s fine, you just chant as many times as you can.” I neither had the strength to sit on my bed, nor to utter a sound, so I just lay down and chanted mentally. Soon after I finished the very first round of chants, I was back on my feet!!!  It took around 30 minutes of chanting for me to get up, walk outside to the market, and buy myself some food. I began chanting 2-3 times a day, and recovered at full speed (to my housemates’ amazement)! Since then, I didn’t vomit even once. Even when I got completely well, I continued the chant for a whole year, and during that period I never fell seriously sick.

~Shiva Kavacham ~

About a year later, I was back in Ecuador again. Some strange events started happening, and I received instructions from Mohanji that it was time for a deep cleansing. I had been waiting for it for so many years. I was aware that I was holding on to some things that didn’t belong to me, and that made me feel bad, but I just didn’t know how to deal with it. I was aided in this process by an awesome lady who was working with me, even though she lived in a different continent. We went through many sessions, and I was feeling quite exhausted. As this was the time when some of my greatest fears were surfacing, Mohanji gave me the gift of the ‘Shiva Kavacham’.

Even after the cleansing, Mohanji asked me to continue listening to the Shiva Kavacham. I was surprised (and still am) at how difficult this task was for me. My mind would get hyperactive as soon as the chant started, and I had to admit that I was doing very poorly at it. One morning, many months later, my mind was surprisingly still while listening to the chant. I was focused on my crown point, and was just utterly peaceful. Nothing on the outside mattered nor existed, just felt immense peace. I vaguely felt the smell of something burning, but even to go to the level of the senses meant leaving the tranquil crown space, and I just kept moving back to that blissful state. The smell of burning was growing stronger again, and again, and my mind started to shift to the outside world. I was soon able to connect to my ‘’usual self’’ and was forced to open my eyes ASAP as there was something burning. I instantly jumped up from the floor, as I saw that Mohanji’s picture had caught fire. The candle in front of the picture with no frame was the cause for the fire. I was saddened to see the beloved picture damaged in the shape of a black half-circle by the fire. I was thinking of throwing the picture away, but it was hard to do that, so I wrote to Mohanji’s team for advice. They remarked that the colorful circles around the damage were unusual, and they forwarded the picture to Mohanji. (I didn’t know if the circles were normal, as I was not very familiar with how burnt pictures are supposed to look like.)


His reply was that I should continue using the picture because the yellow and red circle, together with the purple hue that appeared sometimes was an auspicious sign indicating the protection of the Tradition. So, I am still using the same picture, but I bought a nice frame for it. Six months later, one day when I returned home from a healing meditation, I noticed that this picture had another detail: a small vertical line of light.


~Mahamrityunjaya Mantra~

In the meantime, I received a couple of other mantras to chant at all times. I can’t say my experiences with mantras have always been successful. Sometimes, my head would just reach a state where I sensed that my head would explode, together with all the trash from my mind, at which point I would just have to drop the mantra. However, it was not so with the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.

In June last year, I received the news of my mother’s poor health. My mom had been struggling with a terrible illness for many years. She had been through the stages where both her memory and personality would leave her, and now it was her body as well. Her physical functions had refused to perform, and the situation was clear. I was very sad and helpless. I knew she had been through so much that she deserved peace, but I was just so emotional about it. I felt that there was nothing for me to do on a physical level, but I wanted to ease her pain as much as possible and not burden her with my emotions, while crossing over to the other side. Once again, Mohanji came to my rescue. He gave me the ‘Mahamrityunjaya Mantra’ to chant constantly. Almost instantly, the sorrow melted, and tranquility set in. I was peaceful even upon hearing the news of her departure, some 2 weeks later. I cried, but I was mainly in a state of peace. It was surprising, as I am usually emotional and I had a strong connection with my mother. A few hours before her passing away, while I was chanting the mantra internally, I had a beautiful experience of Mohanji. It was not an extraordinary experience; it was just feeling him in a more subtle way which for me was new. It was only later, when I spoke to Swami Bhaktanandaji about it, that it made more sense.

Twelve days later, I had a chance to have a short conversation with Swamiji after a group healing meditation in Ecuador. Previously, Swamiji had performed healing for my mom, and I felt very grateful to him for that. This time, he had even bigger news for me. While my tears were just rolling, he told me how my mother was saved by Mohanji from further incarnations, how she was now in a very high realm where she exists as a pure spirit, and that she will eventually merge with the Infinite. He said that it was thanks to her kindness and good heart that she was able to reach those levels and be liberated. I was simply dissolving in gratitude and joy. The joy I felt, and still do, is complete and comes from my very core. I could not have imagined anything bigger than that. A lot of people were feeling sorry for my mother because of her misfortune. It was explained that her soul is always in peace, and that it was her choice to go through her illness for a higher reason. I deeply respected her decision and admired her strength that made sense only now. How limiting it is making our judgments based on the ephemeral physical world with our limited awareness, while the soul keeps the wisdom to itself. My mother was not religious or spiritual. Instead, she was just kind, loving, and hard-working, at all times. Even the last time I had a chance to see her, her eyes were emitting only love. I am grateful beyond words to Mohanji, I simply can’t express it in a written form.

I remember leaving that meditation with a heart overflowing with utmost joy and confidence in myself and the world around me. I felt that all I have to do is just be grateful for everything that comes my way. For whatever comes, there is a reason, and I need not worry about a thing. Why worry, when we have Mohanji and the Tradition taking such good care of us!


Thank you, dear Mohanji, for all that I know you did, and for all that I’m not aware of.

With Love
Maja O.


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