Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6 , “I AM THERE”

Mohanji _ I am with you

We present the first story of Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 6, for this month. More stories of this chapter will follow through out this month spreading the fragrance of Mohanji’s divine leela.

Here is a unique sharing by Dr Wasir, bearing the signature “I am always with you,”  the promise of Mohanji !, in which Mohanji’s grace and compassion is seen.

It is beautiful to see Dr. Wasir feel that his experience was meant as a means to share Mohanji’s grace and love for all. Read on…


By Dr Harpreet Wasir, New Delhi

Mohanji's grace _i am with you_ with Dr Wasir

I would like to share my experience with Mohanji’s grace. This is a testimony and a sharing with roaring conviction to what  Mohanji says always,


I get a call at 6am, when I am ready for my operating room schedule. We had lost our senior most family member, a father figure of 4 generations at age 101. Although hard to believe, I got permission to leave from the department as the patient posted became unfit for heart surgery due to sugar problems. It was a 150 mile drive and I embarked on the journey. Father (Mohanji)  got me out of the most dense winter fog, and I reached the place just at the right time, to see the funeral pyre, the moment the body was immersed in flames. It occurred to me that when all is left to Him, even while doing my difficult duty, grace carries one through.

I completed the rituals and was ready to head back to New Delhi. It was supposed to be a 4 hour drive and I even started preparing for my open heart cases intensely along the drive. We took a highway which had just been opened for public travel. To my surprise, 100 miles and no soul on the road! Slowly a dense fog set in and visibility was just 100 meters. I prayed and concentrated on the route.

Mohanji Satcharita I Am There_no man's land

At around 10.15pm we took a wrong turn, which brought us to a road with a traffic jam that could take several hours to clear. The estimate was that it could take 9 hours, in other words until 7 am the next day and I had to perform surgery at 6am.

At that time, no prayers came to my mind; there was nothing but a feeling of dense claustrophobia; we were stuck between two 30 tyre trucks and no door could be opened.

Mohanji practising Positivity

Suddenly, I hear police sirens of some VVIP behind my car. There was no place to move ahead!

I had traveled almost 50 miles and never once saw a VIP en-route. I wondered, “Where did they come from?”  Since I was ahead of them, if they had to move forward, it meant that the police had to clear the accumulated traffic! With rain-swept terrains and almost 700 trucks and cars, it seemed impossible. “In this dense fog and traffic, I can never reach, not just the hospital, even my home in the next 10 hours,” I told myself.

Out of the blue, a huge police brigade appeared and started clearing the traffic along the 10 mile stretch. The impossible seemed possible!

That’s when I folded my hands and humbly realised this was not just an episode but another experience to reassure all of us what faith and surrender can do, even if one is not thinking of it.

To me it was clear.

It was Mohanji’s grace showered not just on me, but also all the others that day, who could travel smoothly because He sent a VVIP along the route!

Finally, as the VVIP’s car went past mine, I noticed that his car number showed #9; Divine number!
It was all answered.

Here are some sincere thoughts that occurred:-

We are all devotees in some way.

No one is more or less.
All that He wants is connecting to Him without exceptions.

Not to worry about the rest.


I am sharing this to only express that if He is with a small seeker like me, He is there even more with all of you, in fact much more. 

He is available to deliver. But it depends on how much we can fill ourselves.


I reached home with an experience and a learning that He made me go through and share with all. I have to be in the operating room in 5 hours, but decided to pen it because all that transpired seemed mystical and meant to be shared with all.

Love to all.
In Mohanji’s grace for everyone!

— Harpreet Wasir.


Dr Harpreet Wasir is one of the top heart surgeons in India, serving in a reputed hospital in New Delhi.

Reading his story above, it’s very clear that when we surrender to our Guru, just by remembering His name, the grace appears.

As Lord Shiva narrated to Devi Parvati, in Shri Guru Gita verse 69.

Yasya smarana- matrena
jnaanam utpadyate swayam,
Ya-eva sarva sampraaptis
Tasmai sriguruve namah.


Salutations to Shri Guru, merely by remembering whom knowledge arises spontaneously. He is all attainments.

We leave you with this video of Mohanji’s message on grace –

“Grace is oxygen” says Mohanji !



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The Blessed Day with Mohanji and Vittal Babaji

Written by Kiran

With the blessings from Mohanji, I would like to narrate my experience that I had yesterday both with Mohanji and Vittal Babaji…

As it was planned to meet Mohanji on Friday evening (22nd Nov), I was awaiting for Shashank’s confirmation on the schedule as soon as I reached Hyderabad. But I got the message from Shashank saying that they would be late to Hyderabad as Mohanji wanted to spend some time in Kuruvapuram.

As I was eager to meet Mohanji, I was disappointed a little bit but thinking that I could spend all the time with Him the next day, I was happy.

On Saturday morning (23rd Nov), I got a message from Shashank saying that they would be planning to go to NIMS to spend an hour there. I was thinking that Mohanji might be visiting the Hospital to meet some patients and distribute fruit.

Then I thought to meet Mohanji in NIMS instead of going to the hotel where they stayed in. It was raining heavily and I decided to meet him at any cost. I was wearing a white kurta and pyjamas and  took only two pomegranates for Mohanji.

I reached NIMS at 9am and enquired at the reception. I asked the receptionist, “A swamy has come from Delhi. Could I know where he is?” They guided me to MRPR wing in the hosptial. Actually MRPR Wing is meant for VIPs. So I was not sure whether I was guided correctly. Then I asked the security guys at the gate. Seeing me in white dress, they might have thought that I belong to Mohanji as He was also in white dress (in fact, Mohanji only said this), they showed me the way to the rooms. I went inside and was searching in which room, He would be in. I asked another security guy, “A swamy has come from Delhi. Where can I get Him?”. He asked, “One swamy in saffron dress?” Hesitatingly I said, “Yes” wondering if Mohanji might be in Saffron attire. The security guard knocked there and somebody opened the door.Without peeping inside, I asked, “Is Mohanji there?” He said, “Yes”.

To my surprise, Mohanji was talking to a patient (Swamy) who was in Saffron attire. When I went inside, I gestured Namaskar to Mohanji and another Swamy. Then I came to know he was “Vittal Babaji”.

Then I gave the pomegranates to Mohanji and He blessed them. Then I asked Mohanji to give them to Vittal Babaji. I got to know that five minutes before this, Mohanji had been telling Rajeshji that it would have been better if they would have brought fruits for Vittal Babaji. Then I felt both my and Mohanji’s wishes were fulfilled.

Mohanji gave a book “Power of Purity” to Vittal Babaji who talked to everyone with patience and narrated so many stories about Sripaada Sri Vallabha swamy and Swamy Samartha Ramadas.Vittal Babaji has given tasks to Mohanji to publish the books on Sripaada Srivallabha swamy and Akkalkota swamy.

In between he asked about Mila and Bibaji. Since I know Telugu I explained what happened on that day when Mila had fallen from height and the hospitalization details. He blessed Mila and Bibaji.

There I met Shashank, Rajesh Singh, Nandita and Dhritiman. I didn’t get much time to talk to Shashank and Dhritiman as both left for the airport for their flight at 1 PM.

Mohanji, Rajeshji, Nanditaji and myself arrived back in the hotel. We had a blessed time with Mohanji. Mohanji told me that I am also from Datta Tradition. Then I remembered somebody had told me earlier I belonged to Sripaada Sri Vallabha swamy in my earlier birth.

At that time, Mr. Srinivas W. and his wife came to meet Mohanji. They took His blessings.

Then Mohanji asked Rajeshji to share his divine experience in Srisailam. He narrated his profound experience that he had in Srisailam. As all of them were about to go to have Goddess Bhramarambha Darshan. As they were about to start, there they saw a beggar. Mohanji asked Rajeshji to give some money to the lady beggar. Rajeshji gave some money to her and folded his hands showing the reverence. As he was about to turn back to enter the car, the lady beggar was giving him a rupee coin. As he was hesitating to take the coin, Mohanji gestured towards him to take the coin. He took that coin and then when he was about to turn back again, she gave him another rupee coin. I felt as if he was blessed having taken that coin too. Then they all went and had the darshan of Bhramaramba Devi darshan. To his surprise, he saw the same face of the beggar in Bhramaramba Devi. He was shocked and tapped at Mohanji’s back about his feelings. Mohanji smiled at him. This was a miraculous experience. As Rajeshji was explaining this experience, I saw the aura changed around his head. Even while I am writing this experience, I have goosebumps all over my body. Mohanji said that Goddess blessed him the two coins – one is for the inner peace and the other one for the external peace. What a wonderful and unfathomed experience.

Then on remembering Sathya Sai’s birthday, I sang a few bhajans, which Mohanji liked very much. Mohanji also told us that He used to sing one of those bhajans in Shirdi Sai temple. That bhajan goes like this… ,“Maanasa bhajare guru charanam, dusthara bhavasaagara tharanam…”, which Sathya Sai himself used to sing. The meaning of the song is “O Mind, without worshipping the Lotus Feet of Guru Sai Natha it is not possible to cross the ocean of life and death. Victory to the Noble Teacher, Lord Sai Natha. Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Chant the name of Lord Shiva, who resides in Arunachala (the sacred mountain in Southern India associated with Lord Shiva). Chant the name of Lord Baba, whose form is Om”.

 The Blessed Day with Mohanji. Kiran's experience

Mohanji asked all of us to go for lunch. We were about to go for lunch.

Then Mohanji asked Srinivasji about the translation of the Power of Purity meditation into Telugu. He said that it had been done. Then Mohanji told us that we had to translate all of his books and meditations into Telugu language. Srinivasji mentioned about a lady professor who could help us transalate them into Telugu. At the same time, Mohanji reminded us of the lunch time. We all followed Mohanji to the dining session. To the surprise of us all, we met there the lady professor whom Srinivasji had mentioned about a few minutes before. See her divine luck… She met Mohanji and got the blessings from Parabrahma.

After lunch, we moved to the room. There, one more family came to take Mohanji’s blessings. After that we gave Aarti to Mohanji. While giving Aarti, one more person came to meet Him. Mohanji calls him Venkatgaru and said humourously that Venkatgaru was teaching Him Telugu language.

As it was the time to leave for the airport, Rajeshji and myself accompanied Mohanji and Nanditaji to the airport. There we gave a sendoff to Mohanji and Nanditaji.

In total, my heart is completely filled up with unconditional love towards Mohanji. I felt very blessed to be with Him all day. A divine day of blessings…