Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 35 & 36

Christopher Greenwood

Day 35 Lesson – The Path of Liberation or Path of Fire 

Good morning, everybody! I hope you’re doing very well. 

Today, I was reflecting on my journey on this path, reflecting on the changes and transformation that have happened for me over the past years, and awareness that it has become more intense since living with Mohanji. In walking this Path of Liberation or the Path of Fire, there have been several significant changes in my life and transformation for the better with more clarity, focus, and purpose. What I enjoy the most now is a better resilience to life; many of the situations that usually would have affected me; don’t so much anymore. When I look back, it hasn’t exactly been a ‘feel good’ path at all; there’ve been many difficulties. Staying close to Mohanji is, as he says, ‘being closer to the fire’; there are more subtle issues starting to surface like – fears, insecurities; patterns becoming more noticeable; they’re all coming up. 

I understand that these difficulties are actually part of the path because it’s looking at liberation from all these long-held patterns and habits. Added to that, we are experiencing our karma. I noticed this today because it also seems to be the same for many other people who connect to Mohanji. Once they’ve connected, they’ve been steady for some time; there are normally challenges or tribulations in life. Some people have serious troubles, but they connect, spend time, and he encourages them to keep walking and have faith. This is why he reiterates that this path needs determination. 

As I was asking him about this, he said, “There should be the determination that you’re climbing Everest, that nothing else matters until you reach the summit. All the difficulties, the upsets, and the challenges are simply part of it. They have to be because we’ve collected so much over lifetimes.” But he said that once we reach the peak, we’ll know that we have achieved it. What is it?

 It’s that perpetual contentment. “It’s not a sensation or an experience or simply enlightenment,” he says, “It’s a state where there’s extreme stability; life will have that clarity; there’ll be a purpose, and the contentment will give happiness, which is unshakable.” These are the intangible rewards essentially for that – determination, consistency, and conviction are needed, and I feel in a world where everything has been turned upside down; I personally can’t think of anything more valuable at this time than having that state and that awareness. 

I was looking back at my experience here and recognizing that this path is also extremely pure since nothing has really been asked of me. It’s now been 18 months since I’ve been here and agreed to work by my own choice. I remember when I said to Mohanji that I wanted to leave my job. (I’ve been working for some time. Well, I’ve worked all my adult life. I had a good career.) But I now wanted to do something with more of a purpose; he asked me, ‘How would you survive without the work?’ I replied,” I have saved up some money, not to worry, I’ll be able to sustain myself.” So he asked me how much and I told him. He said to me, “Okay, that’s great. But your goal should be that you don’t touch that; those savings stay intact. You should aim to have the corporate program up and running so that you and other people can be financially stable.”

For me, this was another example and confirmation that with this path; there’s no need for anything from anyone really; it’s all just available for people if they like. There’s no insecurity, and it’s all available. Anyone who enters, having spent time with Mohanji and observed him when they connect to him, anyone that comes to him, is well looked after, regardless of who they are, what stature they have in the society. When I’ve listened to Mohanji’s conversations, he treats everybody alike. There’s no real transaction, you know, if I give you this, you give me that. It’s not like that; it’s really free, clear, and selfless.  The only real criteria he mentions quite a lot are determination, conviction, and consistency. We gain stability, clarity, a sense of purpose, greater inner richness, and contentment.

 I was thinking, “How do we know that? Especially being here in the middle of all the difficulties and challenges; it can sometimes be hard to see.” By looking at my life, that’s what I did today; I can see what’s transformed, what’s changed. Mohanji uses a great metaphor, like when we were children, and we were growing up, we only really knew that we were growing because one day the clothes didn’t fit anymore. Similarly, those old patterns and habits and fears don’t exist anymore.

Living here with Mohanji, being able to create really good friendships with some of the people who’ve had longer time connected to Mohanji, I’m aware that there are people who couldn’t continue on the path, they weren’t able to carry on. It’s usually because of expectations that there was going to be something attained, which eclipsed the overall purpose or perhaps some overwhelming inertia – meaning it wasn’t possible to move or cope with the pace. Sometimes maybe people have listened to the opinions of others, and then that swayed their own experience, and they didn’t continue anymore.

I understand that these are all possible traps for me and others as well; they’re useful to us as reminders. Keep them as a reminder so that we know that determination, conviction, and consistency are what’s needed. 

So for me being here now, I’m aware that there are probably more challenges to come but along with it comes excitement; as Mohanji said, He’s always there. He’s walking with us.  Each of us is walking our own individual path, but at the same time, we’re all together for a greater purpose. 

Thank you for listening, and I hope you have a great day ahead.

Day 36 Lesson – Every day is an opportunity for Re-invention

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing really well.

What I am learning from Mohanji (I can’t say “I have learnt” because it is always in progress) is that every day brings a new possibility for our own reinvention. 

Yesterday, we had one of the final sessions of the Mohanji Bootcamp, which the Invest in Awareness team had organized; it’s been really great. Many people have shared experiences and comments that this is new content; they haven’t heard Mohanji speak about these topics in this way, and it’s given a new perspective. What we’ve done is we created a program that takes people to a deeper understanding of themselves so that they can clearly see what makes them up – their inclinations, their patterns, how they are. So that awareness can be increased, clarity can form, and transformation can come into people’s life. We have the tagline, which is Reinvent, Renew, Reborn, and as the program concludes on the 27th of December, it puts people on a good footing, ready and fresh for a new year. 

On the 27th will be a live Q&A event with Mohanji, which you’re all welcome to join. It will be streamed live on the Invest in Awareness Facebook page. I was thinking about this because the core of the program is about reinvention, which is very applicable to the times that we’re in. In my time with Mohanji, it’s given me first-hand opportunity and experience to see that, no matter what situations we have in life (which we think we are, what we think we’re capable of), there’s always a possibility to reinvent ourselves, to do something new, to transform if we are open to it. Then we can cross those barriers that we make in our minds that say we’re either not capable, deserving, or not good enough. (All these things can come up.)

Many situations have occurred for me since spending time with Mohanji, and it’s been really a fast track of progress. In retrospect, I’ve had to learn many new skills, which I didn’t have before, or had no inclination that I would be doing them, such as audio editing for the podcasts. More recently, video shooting and editing, framing the composition, finding out how YouTube works, and other social media platforms. All these things, I had no real idea on how they worked or what I could do. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, but at least I’m able to contribute something that’s bringing some value. 

And by refining the activities which we’re doing in the office, we ensure that we’re sticking to this 24-hour turnaround policy. Speaking in public in front of the camera was also something I was very nervous about, and recording my voice on daily messages like this for people to hear. 

Months ago, I would never have considered these possibilities. Mohanji has said that the tallest wall of life is our closed mind, and I feel this is worth contemplating. 

The world is a very different place now, and I feel those who can flow with the change or ride with the change will see positive transformation in their lives, whereas resistance will bring the opposite.  

The time spent with Mohanji has taught me that we can meet every day as an opportunity to reinvent ourselves for the better with the right attitude. It helps that he is close to kick my butt and remind me, but there is now momentum growing. I’m becoming less and less a hangover of the past.  

Whilst I also have developed some practical skills, how to manage the technology and things like that, it’s also been an opportunity being here to really see who I am; to be able to handle more of the subtle traits of my character with things like impatience, or anger, or any of the other things in life, which we don’t quite consider, that lay dormant until the right situation comes and provokes something. It’s all contributing towards this reinvention. That’s what I feel. There are some good days and bad days; hence not always there is the full motivation. But what I have learned about reinventing is that things continue to move forward by creating discipline and momentum. If, for example, I can only take one step for one day, I take that one step. Or days when it’s possible to take ten steps, then take ten steps.

But generally, every day, the teaching that I’ve picked up from Mohanji is a possibility for something new. We can always be looking at things afresh, seeing what else we can do, looking at what other opportunities are there, what else is out in the world, and how we can do more. And this also brings a fresh perspective to my own life as well. There’s more acceptance: Okay, this is where I am, and I have these capabilities; what can I do? This helps with clarity; there’s not so much confusion. Thus every day can become an opportunity where we can try something, reinvent ourselves, do something. Sometimes hang-ups have come in the way for me here, though, as well, so I have had some insecurities pop up, or I didn’t think I was capable of doing something. 

And generally, as Mohanji has said before, these are often hangovers of the past. Don’t be the hangover of yesterday is what he said, as these can restrict progress. To keep moving helps with that, having that momentum, taking one step if we can only take one step, and ten steps if we can only take ten.” 

This was the lesson from Mohanji that I was reflecting on today (that’s also ingrained in that Bootcamp program), that our reinvention is always ready and waiting for us to take that step. A lot of people are joining the weekend event, the ‘reinvent yourself with Mohanji’ this weekend, where he’s creating a special process for them. So for all those that are taking part, I wish you great success and that it becomes a real milestone on your own journey. 

Thank you for listening, and have a great day ahead.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 7

sandra 4

Day 7 Lesson: Get it moving!

By Christopher Greenwood

“Get it moving” is a phrase you hear Mohanji say a lot when you are working closely with him. He is practical, and rather than discussing ideas, he wants to see action. Results. Because that means people in the world are being benefited. 

“True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take” is one of my favourite quotes from Mohanji, and I’m learning by living with him to increase my capacity to move into action.

I have also learnt that he has a vision, a purpose and a mission to fulfil. He is uncompromising in this. He does not judge anyone, but the work has to happen, which means if I’m not willing, able, or delaying, then the task will be done another way. The first time he asks, and I agree, the details will be given with full clarity, all the details. The second time he asks will be a reminder. The third time the task is with someone else. 

This is not a nice feeling as my ego takes a big hit, but it shapes my attitude and understanding that we all have a job to do together, for a higher purpose. The more we can apply, the more people are benefited in the world. 

Also, none of this is to benefit Mohanji. It’s for the people. 

Less discussion, more action, “Get it moving!”

Good morning everybody. Today, I wanted to talk about an aspect of Mohanji – an attitude related to his sheer relentlessness of activity, driven by a very clear sense of purpose, a vision to raise people worldwide with the highest awareness possible. The highest possible qualities that a human can have is kindness and compassion. If you observe Mohanji, he acts more than he speaks; he does more than he says. All his platforms exist, and they’re each powerful in their own right. The philosophy is very simple, and that’s action. Get it moving. ‘Do it’ and ‘Get it moving’ is something that we, the people close to him, more often toggled. Just get it moving, move, get the momentum going. For him as well, if you can’t do it, then there’s no point in talking. In fact, he will quite often say to me if I come for an idea: ‘Don’t speak to me, they’re just words. I want to see the action.’ That’s how he is. He doesn’t entertain just chitchat, discussion, theorizing philosophy; he’s more about practical action. Are you doing something? Especially for me: ‘What are you doing? What more are you doing?’

So, everything that he talks about in his teachings, he’s actually doing himself. The platforms that he’s created, if you look at them, are so vast and varied in number that it’s amazing witnessing what he’s done. And this is living by one of his quotes, which is probably my favourite – ‘True wealth is what we give to this Earth and not what we take.’ 

red jacket

And every day, he’s delivering this. People will be aware of the main platforms we have, such as the World Consciousness Alliance, EBC, Mohanji Foundation, the teachings, the meditations, etc. But right now, as we speak, there’s much more being planned and executed too. For example, on the 23rd of October, he signed the land registry in Ganeshpuri, on which the first ashram or Center of Benevolence will be placed. Since then, he has been giving absolute clarity on how that can be set up, how it can be established, and how it will be a complete reference point for the Tradition. 

When he gives vision to people or has an idea, he’s giving absolute clarity. It always comes with something new, something innovative that’s bringing value. So again, he doesn’t just philosophize; he gives direct, actionable clarity. He is uncompromising when it comes to getting work done. And what that translates for me, here in the office, working closely with him, is fast-paced, dynamic. It’s completely aligned to a purpose, which means he’s going to make it happen one way or the other. But this doesn’t mean he thinks bad about anybody or that he judges people; that is definitely not what he does. But with or without you, with or without me (I include myself in this), he’s clear about what he wants to achieve. 

So how he generally works is that he’ll ask me once, and that first time he’ll give me all the vision, everything that needs to be done about it. I love the opportunity to ask any questions, clarify everything. The second time, he’ll remind me: ‘Have you done this?’ And then the third time, he’ll speak to somebody else and get it done that way. There’ve been some small tasks that I may have forgotten, or I didn’t give as much importance as I should have. And sooner or later, I see that someone else has done it. 

So that’s when I get the message: First time, asked, given the clarity, opportunity to ask all the questions. The second time reminded. The third time, it’s gone to somebody else. Sometimes, he will even take it on himself, which is not a good feeling when you know how busy he is already. I know how busy he is, and then, because I forgot something, I find him having done it himself. And it’s a message in itself. 

So, this reminds the close team and me that we have to have movement – we’re creating movement, and it’s phenomenal, really. And it’s all under that one sentence: ‘Get moving.’ If you look around at the platforms, each of them has that diversity. And if you take ACT Foundation, or Ammucare, which has been running for over 17 years now, serving people all over the world, it’s based on those three principles: First, focus on the right action, do what needs to be done now. Second, the right presentation of the activity, which can become an inspiration for somebody else. And thirdly, we discuss, talk about what we can do. So, first is always the right action. 

And another thing I’ve learned in this, which was a real benefit for me, is that it doesn’t always mean perfection; it means getting moving. That means that once something has started, we can always change it, it can always be improved, and it can always evolve. I used to get stuck on really making sure that everything was right; everything was correct; I had everything in place before starting. This habit is gone now, which brings a real sense of esteem. Because, if I think back, and maybe people listening can also think back, how many times you would have put off starting something, or made up a reason why we couldn’t begin: like believing that you don’t have the skills or worried about what others will think. It’s often those times when if we just moved and got something going, that something would have been created, and we don’t know how it would have evolved. 

For example, the Early Birds Club, which is running now, was formed based on this principle. I think it was conceived as an idea, as a concept. And then launched within a day, I think one or two days. And obviously, it was rough at the start getting that all together. And slowly, there’s been improvements made. Now there are many clubs across the world; there are regular weekly events taking place, great speakers are coming on, adding value to people’s lives. The whole philosophy is really fantastic; this idea of waking up early, using those early hours of the morning to connect with ourselves so that we can be more stable in our life and then have more time for society. So that still has some potential to go, but it’s an example where that philosophy of just keeping moving, less talk and more action have brought value to people’s lives, and it can go further. 

This was the lesson that I can take away from this, and I wanted to share today. Let’s take more action and, ‘Get it moving’, as Mohanji would say.

chris and Mohanji


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Day 1

chris and Mohanji

By Christopher Greenwood

Dear family, 

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live with Mohanji?

Lessons Living with Mohanji 

WhatsApp Group (https://chat.whatsapp.com/KHnbnLbUvHGK5YaVE81lg9)

Since April, I have had the opportunity to live and work side by side with Mohanji. It has been a real blessing. I’m incredibly thankful.

As I work to help arrange Mohanji’s time, appointments and schedule, I’m aware of the many people around the world who’d like to be with him physically but can’t because of the Covid situation.

As a humble and modest gesture to all those who would like to be with him but can’t, I will begin a daily recording of Lessons Living with Mohanji. These will be short recordings of my time spent living with Mohanji, the lessons I’ve learnt and my insights into the Grand Tradition of Liberation. 

Day 1 Lesson – Do what needs to be done today, today. Don’t delay.

Today’s recording is a lesson from Mohanji’s practical way of working with high efficiency and doing what needs to be done today, today.

Mohanji never rests, he is always working, and today the lesson is about efficiency.

I hope you find it useful.

Hello everybody, my name is Christopher Greenwood, and I’m a Mohanji Acharya. Through blessings, grace, destiny and situations of life, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with Mohanji in very close proximity as part of his office, and more recently spend very close time with him, living with him, working with him due to the restrictions of lockdown and the corona situation, which has been an incredible blessing that I’m extremely thankful for.

One of the things which Mohanji had said to me when I took up this position, and also where I am now, spending time with him at home in India, is that there are many people across the world, who would love and are craving for the opportunity to see him physically and be in his presence. So, never forget that. And do what you can to serve those people, so that you can, through some way of your own, share the experience and give people a feeling and a flavour of what it’s like to spend time with me.

So, this is the first in a series of recordings. It is probably some videos, which is my humble attempt to share some of the learnings and the teachings, which I’ve managed to be privileged to since staying with Mohanji.

Now, for anyone who’s spent some time in close proximity to Mohanji, they’ll probably tell you that his pace is incredibly quick and efficient. And in fact, he said to me, numerous times: “If you could all go faster, then I could be doing much, much more. I have to actually reduce my speed down to about 20%, just so that you can cope and keep up.” And even then, we still struggle. So, the potential is there for much much more. And I’m sure this will come in the future. 

So along with that theme, the first insight that I wanted to share with all of you today, is something that I’ve really been thankful for, which is this idea of efficiency, productivity and doing tasks now, doing them today. Because this is how Mohanji operates, and it’s how he has trained us here to work. And I’m now personally finding a lot of benefit from it. I mean, I get much more self-esteem, because things are completed on time, there’s much less stress because the mountain of activities to complete is much less. And also, there’s movement, a momentum, which, again, creates more motivation.

So, I’ll give some examples soon. But generally, if I speak about Mohanji’s way of working, he has a purpose, without a doubt, and he is completely crystal clear on what outcome he wants to achieve. So, everything for him is driving towards that. And as quick as we can reach that, the better because it’s better for everybody within the family and better for the world.

So, one thing that he does not compromise on is efficiency. So, he is incredibly efficient in his own work. And all the work he’s tasked with within a day, I’m still astounded at what he completes. And he manages to make sure that everything that is pending with him is completed within 24 hours. There are some exceptions, but generally, that’s the rule, any request, any call, any conversation, any message, any activity is completed within 24 hours and moved from his desk, as he says. So, sometimes that might not mean that everything has to be completely finalized. But if you imagine the work that comes into you, the request that comes into you, you’ve at least done some consideration, you’ve done some activity, you’ve transformed it in a way, and moved on to somebody else. So it’s now on their desk. So the idea of creating that movement is something that I’ve observed and taken into my day to day work, which is really good.

And he also does not accept any delay; the delay is not something that exists within his vocabulary because he doesn’t understand why that would happen. Any time there is a delay or ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, can’t be accepted; there’s no tomorrow for Mohanji, it’s always now. It’s always today. Do what you can now when you have the time and do it promptly because that brings auspiciousness to the activity, generating further movement and momentum. Mohanji does not accept delay or inertia. 

From my perspective, the examples of what I’d sort of share is how I used to work would be: if there was a request for Mohanji’s time, a task which I needed to complete, something which had come in unexpectedly, I would begin writing my list, and I’d be like in my mind ‘Okay, I can do that tomorrow, or I can leave this for tomorrow’. I soon realized that the pace of work means that you’ve got a mountain for tomorrow if you leave it for tomorrow. And if you leave that for tomorrow, the mountain grows, and quickly you become under this absolute burden of tasks and activities.

So now, as an example, if somebody says or Mohanji tells me: “Someone would like to meet me, can you arrange a time?” As soon as he says this to me, I’ll be on my phone; I’ll contact that person. I’ll look in the calendar, suggest the time and then pass that on to them as a suggestion. So straight away, it’s come from Mohanji to me, and then it’s gone to the other person. So, it’s off my desk. The same if I need to make a phone call, or the same if I need to make just a general conversation with somebody, as soon as I can, it’s done. If possible, the same for tasks is completing a document or completing a draft, sending them to be reviewed and updated.

So this might be an insight which you may not consider as so spiritual. But I’ve started this first talk because Mohanji quite often says that he’s more practical, before being spiritual. And when we’ve got activities to complete, a whole variety of platforms, activities to progress and strengthen, build up what we’re doing in the world, this momentum, this efficiency, and being practical before being spiritual are incredibly important. And that’s a general theme, which we have day to day working here. There’s a morning routine where we come together. We’ll have a conversation about the activities that completed yesterday, what needs to be completed today, discuss what has to happen. I’ll take that away and work on it so that everything needed to move today has moved by midday or by afternoon, and there’s momentum.

So, I hope that was useful insight for you; there’ll be more to come. You can send me questions or comments. And if there’s anything I could orientate towards or any questions which anybody has about being with Mohanji, living with Mohanji, I’d be happy to answer them as well. Have a great day.

Answer to a question about the delay:

Today, I was asked to clarify what no delay and procrastinate means and how to overcome this. So, I’ll share my experience and also the original message from Mohanji. So, no delay. That means no postponement, no tomorrow. It’s now. As simple as that. And if we can take that teaching into our life, we can become incredibly powerful. And if we take it to another level and look at Mohanji’s larger work, which is to take people to liberation – What’s he liberating us from? It’s this cycle of birth and death in the world. This karmic cycle. And what is karma? Unfulfilled pending desires. So, if to be liberated, we have to exhaust our karma, then there is no postponement, no tomorrow, there’s only now. That’s how he sees it. If he is taking us to the highest, finish it now, complete what needs to be completed. And that’s another dimension to the message. 

The second point about procrastination is that I also had to come out of it recently here. For me, I had a little bit more encouragement, because Mohanji is here, and he definitely doesn’t allow people to sit idle, you have to move, so there’s an extra motivating force. But if we think of ourselves as a bundle of habits and patterns, we have essentially trained ourselves to be lazy and procrastinate. And the most predominant force is gravitational, to pull us down into a comfort zone. Suppose you take exercise, for example, when you’re trying to work out, increase fitness, increase strength, or increase muscles while doing the activity and having the momentum. In that case, it’s very easy to maintain. But once you stop, you quickly slip back into poor, unhealthy eating, not much movement, and it’s very easy to do that—the same with procrastination. You have to combat it with the opposite, which is action, and the activity of just doing it—getting on, getting moving. And do it now. And that can be cultivated. And I find that once I start just putting myself into action, looking at the task, don’t let my mind think ‘okay I’ll do that later’ or ‘I can do something else’, I just push through it. It’s an effort to rebuild and retrain to start activities. Once you start the activities and keep moving, you generate some momentum, which then brings results, which then brings motivation, which then brings satisfaction. And so it’s almost like you’re starting, pushing a big, heavy boulder. But once you start moving it and it starts rolling it’s much easier. So, it really is just taking that effort to achieve a purpose. And if our purpose is liberation, as for many people connected to Mohanji, then it is that message of no postponement, no tomorrow. It’s now.


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Dreams of reality

Mohanji 8

Four powerful dreams are presented here which show how Mohanji does not need his physical body to connect with people, heal, assist or convey messages. Read on and relive the experiences of Jyoti Bahl, Shyama, Deloshni, and Pramod.


A dream or not a dream!

by Jyoti Bahl, India

Jai Mohanji!

I would like to share with you an amazing experience that happened recently.

One of Mohanji’s devotees, Harmeet, messaged me that her friend had hurt her toe against the bed and that her condition was really bad. She asked me to pray for her friend and to send healing prayer. As I am not into healing, I just closed my eyes for two minutes and prayed to Sai Baba and Mohanji. I just said, “I don’t know anything, I can only pray in this situation. This is the best thing that I could do for her. She’s in pain right now. So be with her.” After this, there was nothing in my mind. The next morning I was watching a video sent by someone about Shirdi Sai Baba. The message in the video was that without a guru, you can’t reach Baba Sai. So I listened to that video and I had a nap.


I had a dream. In that dream, I saw Mohanji sitting in front of me and I could see that a satsang was happening. Mila was playing around and so many activities were taking place in the form of a satsang. Mohanji was sitting in the center, and people were singing bhajans. After some time, I saw Mohanji sitting near me and I was pressing his feet. This seemed so real, that even now I can feel his feet. I was pressing his feet and suddenly he showed his two toes to me, which were totally swollen and covered in blood. I asked Mohanji what it was as I was not happy to see him in this condition. Mohanji shared that he had taken on a devotee’s pain and that only I would be able to heal this. I was surprised as to why Mohanji was saying, “Only you’re going to heal this!” I’m not a healer. I’m nothing actually, I’m a big zero. Soon this dream got over. On waking up from the dream, I was thinking, “What is this Mohanji, I didn’t understand this dream?

Mohanji 3

Then I started with my daily routine activities. Around two o’clock in the afternoon, I just sat in my puja room. Suddenly this revelation came to my mind. Oh my God! Mohanji had taken on himself the pain of the lady for whom I’d prayed yesterday. So I immediately called Harmeet who had asked me to pray for this lady. Harmeet had sent me the picture of one toe that was hurt the previous day. I didn’t know that two of her toes were hurt. So when I called Harmeet, she told me, “Di, her two toes are much better now and the doctors having ruled out a fracture, have tied her two toes together.”

I was taken aback! Mohanji had also shown me two toes. This is what he had done. I don’t have words to express as this is how a Master works.


Mohanji’s affirmation for protection

 By Shyama Jeyaseelan, UK

Being a part of the recent Mohanji Acharya training in Serbia was a blessing and a privilege. The training was intense and comprehensive with everyone learning so much from Mohanji.

Mohanji 2

One of the presentations that showed me a glimpse of how Mohanji works beyond the comprehension of my mind was Ivana’s presentation on Mohanji Transformation Method. It really was amazing and made me think of things that I’m not normally aware of. Negative energies and entities exist and can affect us, whether we believe in it or not. As we were leaving the hall, somebody said, have sweet dreams tonight. I laughed and agreed. Then before going to bed, I wished Mina who was sharing a room with me, sweet dreams of Mohanji and golden light and she gently said, “Wish you the same.

Mohanji light

I don’t have dreams very often but had one that night. Mohanji was in a satsang hall and I was somewhere outside the hall doing some work. Suddenly I heard Mohanji say very loudly and sternly so I could hear this outside the hall, “Those who don’t belong here can leave.” Initially, I thought he was referring to someone in the hall. Suddenly I felt something pulling the shawl of my dress. Realising something was not right, I started running towards Mohanji and the hall, calling Mohanji’s name repeatedly. The unseen force that was pulling my clothing was strong, as I was trying to hold on to it. Suddenly I felt Mohanji say, “Let go of it,” as I was running towards him. As I run, the shawl vanishes. Calling his name I woke up, it was a few minutes after midnight. I remembered Mohanji saying negative energies are at their strongest from midnight to 3 am.

Although quite shaken, I realised the power of protection from Mohanji, of connecting to him and chanting his name. I’m guided to say these positive affirmations in my mind.

I’m Mohanji’s beacon of light.

 I belong to the White Tradition.

 I’m here to add value to society.

 I’m filled with love, compassion, and light.

 I’m merged in Mohanji’s golden light.

As I said these repeatedly, I calmed down. I’m eternally grateful for Mohanji’s protection in all states of my existence (waking, dreaming, and deep sleep). I know he’s holding my hands and will never let go, taking care of me with so much love. Just as I started to type this experience to share with the others in the Acharya group (I couldn’t go back to sleep), Sanjay Bhai from Canada shared this picture with me. I really wanted something tangible for comfort and I received a wonderful sign from Mohanji to confirm he’s always there. Thank you Mohanji for the wonderful timing in sending me this beautiful picture of Sai.


Two days later, during the training one morning, Mohanji gave us all the affirmation for protection to chant in the morning, night and when needed. I was amazed to see the similarities between the affirmation and what Mohanji had guided me to say when I woke up from my dream. I am deeply grateful for the love and connection I experience with Mohanji, it’s his grace and blessings that we think of him at all. Dearest Mohanji, I remain in gratitude, humility, and surrender at your feet.



Dreams of purpose

By Deloshni Govender, South Africa

During the recent year or two, I have not had such deep yearning to be in Mohanji’s physical presence like I used to when I first met him. I am ecstatic if I can see him in person but if this doesn’t happen, I don’t have any regret or unfulfilled wishes. I feel him with me always.

This time when I left the Acharya training, I was the only one from South Africa who was not staying for the retreat and there was just this tiny part of me that wished I could have stayed. I didn’t give this too much attention because I was more than happy with the time spent with him.


Yesterday around 3 am, I had a vivid dream. I was still in Serbia and I was leaving a remote venue with a few people. We were in a taxi leaving for the airport. I was in the front passenger seat. I know this was Serbia because the driver’s seat was on the left and I sat on the right. Had this been a creation of my subconscious surely the driver’s seat would be on the right like it is in SA (which is what I am used to).

I see Mohanji in white approaching the car, so I exit to give him a seat. He sat in the front passenger seat and I then went to the seat behind him. As I sat, he gripped my left ankle and I was shocked. I told him that he can’t touch my feet as he is my Guru but he said that he was removing something.

The next thing I remember is that I was at the airport. The dream continued with me missing my flight for some reason, paying for new tickets and getting lost. No one would help me.

I feel strongly that he showed me what he prevented me from experiencing had I stayed on longer in Serbia. He clearly also removed something from me during that dream. Maybe it was that tiny desire to stay on longer? He has shown me with this dream that he allowed me to stay for the retreat because I had this dream after the retreat had just ended.

Since returning from the training, I have seen even more tangible signs of how hard he is constantly working on us.

Eternal gratitude at the feet of Mohanji and the Guru Mandala for all they do for us…Protecting us during times when we must go through experiences, removing experiences which can be karmically removed and supporting us unconditionally through it all.

No matter what experiences life may have for me in the future, I have no fear because I know that my Master is already there.


Blessings from the Master

By Pramod Nair, UK

On 5th October 2019, I had a beautiful dream where I saw that I was with Mohanji.

Mohanji was dressed in a white kurta and mundu. I was so excited to be with him. I was just walking behind him. My excitement was like a child who got to see his father after a long gap. Like a bee hovering over the beautiful flower, I was just by Mohanji.

Mohanji 5

 Mohanji was smiling and looked very happy. Mohanji suddenly turned and looked at me and said “Pramod! By the way, my work on this earth plane has begun. People will soon know my intention and purpose. We have a lot of good things to do before we leave this earth. After the project takes off, it will be on autopilot mode, there will be chosen ones who will steer it. The rest will be taken care of. I will then go into silence.

 ”But Deva what about me?” I quipped.

You do not worry, be assured I am always with you. Blessings and keep smiling.

When I woke up I knew it was a wonderful experience, as I could recap everything very clearly. It was not just a dream to forget. It was a message by Mohanji about his work for everyone on the earth plane, not only for me but for others who love him and also for those who have not met him physically.

 Love and Pranaams at his lotus feet.




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