Let your faith heal you!

By Elham, USA

Mohanji’s grace has always flowed in my life since I met him in 2014. This testimonial is one of many blessings that he showered on me, and I will cherish all his blessings for the rest of my life and can’t ask for more. Surrendering this testimonial at Mohanji’s lotus feet.

In April 2022, Mohanji was coming to the USA after four years and this was very exciting news for me. In the past couple of years, due to Covid, we could not travel to meet him. I could not wait and started counting down every day. As always, when it comes to meeting Mohanji, challenges will start happening, and to me, it’s a testing time of faith and conviction. It’s not easy to reach Mohanji; it’s not that we want to meet him. Pure intention is needed, and then, by his grace, barriers and obstacles are removed. 

Due to some circumstances, it was impossible to participate in the USA retreat, which meant we could meet him only for two days in Sedona! I was deeply sad about losing this precious chance. A few days went by with sadness, plus tears kept coming, and then I started surrendering to him. I told myself I would enjoy and cherish every moment of these two days to make them eternal moments and won’t stay in sadness. The closer we got to the events, the more opportunities to meet Mohanji were coming up! We learned about a fruit tree plantation in Phoenix, a satsang in LA, and later on, two more fruit tree plantations in San Francisco! WoW! Grace, Grace, Grace!

I need to give a little history about my health. I used to have hypothyroidism for more than 20 years, healed by Mohanji’s miraculous touch in October 2019, and I already wrote about that. Also, I have had two herniated and degenerated neck discs since 2015 due to some injuries. Hope nobody is familiar with such pain, but it can be very paralyzing. I had pain every day, from low to extreme pain, changing based on my activities or even mood. Anything could trigger that. Any simple daily chores were painful. This feeling that my nerves were getting smashed was there all the time. 

Treatments didn’t work, and I had to go for surgery, but I was not interested in such an approach. Sometime back, very severe pain started and lasted for five continuous days, nonstop from waking up to sleep, and no pain killer helped. I was wondering if it’s karmic, and I need to go through it to accept it more easily. I asked Mohanji, and he just said, “I understand.” Then he said, “Get help from Homeopathy and Ayurveda.” That’s it! The pain stopped completely in less than a couple of hours, and I never experienced such high intensity of pain anymore! 

Finding Homeopathic and Ayurvedic doctors in my area took time, but finally, after some time, I started taking those medications. It was helpful on the pain level, but still, the pain was coming and making me slow in my tasks and even affecting my eyesight. 

The time came to travel to meet Mohanji. My husband Farshad and I traveled to Phoenix by driving, and even though the week ending the trip was not easy, and I had pain every day, when we started traveling I didn’t feel any pain during those times that I was driving. Driving was one of the pain triggers.

We went to the airport to welcome Mohanji in Phoenix, and it was incredible to have his heavenly hugs! Immediately you feel freshness, love, peace and happiness. I was floating in the air and couldn’t believe that finally, we had met again. 

There was a fruit tree plantation event in Phoenix, and it was so hot that the sun was shining strongly. Mohanji was standing there, and George, who was in front of him, looked at Mohanji and said it would be good to have some clouds! We all laughed and knew what that meant. Mohanji smiled, and a few minutes later, he pointed at the sky with a finger and said something. Shortly clouds moved in front of the sun, and a very pleasant breeze started coming! 

I was enjoying each moment, and more grace was coming my way. In Sedona, a couple of times, we could be with Mohanji in his accommodation by his grace and invitation and also through my lovely Milica, for which I’m so grateful. His accommodation was just five minutes from our hotel, and being this close to his stay was another joy. For me, it was the first time to see him outside of programs. He was sitting on the sofa, so simple and silent, seemingly on his phone, but who knows where he is working and whom he is helping. This mind won’t know. 

We had the blessing to massage his feet which was a long-time wish, and he made it happen, and this was our gain, not that he needed a massage or anything else from us. He was fulfilling wishes one by one! I’m sure it’s not about me only; others also experienced this too; Mohanji gives love to all without any expectations, but the mind may forget and expect more from him if we are not grateful for what has been given before. 

In Sedona, Mohanji started having severe coughs. On the second day, it increased so much during his speeches. My heart was wrenching with each cough. Such sudden changes in Mohanji’s health were a sign that he took something from someone or even many people onto his own body. I couldn’t bear to see him in pain even though he does not suffer from pain.

Then I closed my eyes and went into a kind of meditative mode but could hear him speaking. I could hear some words bolder and louder. I heard him speaking about the connection and devotion of Hanumanji to Lord Ram. Then I heard these words, “Let your faith heal you.” It went deep into my mind, but I didn’t know the story behind those words. On the same day, I heard this quote from Christopher in a conversation, and I got more curious to know where it came from, but I didn’t ask, and it slipped from my mind. 

Later on, it came out that Mohanji took a severe lung ailment from an old lady at her final stage of life. She had a deep wish to live longer and had desires to fulfill. She prayed deeply, and as always, Mohanji answered sincere prayers. He says, “I don’t have any choice.” He is so innocent. These coughs and discomfort in breathing were there till the end of his travel to the USA. Even though it only reduced gradually, he didn’t stop anything, any plan, any program or interview. He was determined and selfless.  

Even though we didn’t have any plans of going to San Francisco, and it seemed impossible with my husband’s job, everything fell into place, and we could travel there with less than two days’ planning and stay in the same hotel with Mohanji. Such grace! 

One of the plans in Phoenix was to visit a Sai Baba temple which got cancelled due to lack of time, and I had the wish to go to the Sai Temple with Mohanji. In SF, without planning in advance, we visited a very beautiful Sai Temple with him! He fulfilled another wish. It’s like he has thousands of ears and eyes!

There were two fruit tree plantation events in SF. It was amazing to witness many people who came to express their love and respect for him. Nobody wanted to lose the chance to hug him or touch his feet. After SF, we all headed to LA. For us, it was a great blessing that he was coming to our city, where we met him for the first time in October 2014. He hadn’t come back here to the West of the USA until this time, after more than seven years!  

Another grace! I came to know that the house that Mohanji was staying in LA with his team was only 20 minutes away from where we live, and this, in the vast LA, means a lot and doesn’t happen accidentally! I was unsure if I could meet him there and not be a burden, and I prayed to him, “You are here just 20 minutes away from me, and I still look at your picture!” He heard my heart. 

He showered grace on me and said, “When I’m here, you can come every day, and you can come wherever we go.” I was flying! There’s no limit to his kindness! And it was amazing that every evening he would say, see you tomorrow morning. His unconditional love has the power to melt hearts. He is the rarest gem on Earth. He doesn’t belong to anyone. Nobody can own him, and he belongs to the Universe, to every being who seeks help, hope and light. It is a perfect delusion to think anyone can own Mohanji. As the Masters have said, “Mohanji is a friend of the Universe.”

It was the best time of my life, sitting and looking at him, walking with him, having the chance to bring a cup of water or such things and once he ate from what I made! So many wishes came true only by his grace.

Satsang in LA was amazing and so powerful. Almost all participants were meeting Mohanji for the first time and listening to him with all focus. After the satsang, he didn’t think about his health condition even though it was very cold, standing for such a long time and giving so much time to people to come one by one and talk to him, ask questions, sign books or receive his blessings. 

With his presence, LA was different, the crazy heavy traffic became so smooth, and cars moved out of our way. Everything was bright and shining. Nobody was out of his eyesight. When Farshad was coming after work to meet him, Mohanji asked if he had eaten and kept saying, “Eat something”. He is always working on people and, most of the time, in some ways that the mind can’t understand. 

Once, when I was overwhelmed with emotions and tears were rolling down, without looking at me, very calmly, he said, “Elham, have tea.” I said, “I’m fine, Father, thank you.” After a few minutes again he repeated and I said the same! At that moment, it came to me, what was I doing? Why do I keep refusing! There is a reason for what he says, always. He repeated that for the third time, and this time I said yes immediately and got tea, and after just a couple of sips, I felt so calm, no tears, not emotional anymore and something had been washed away from my heart! This was a repeated lesson for me that never resist when Guru tells you to do something; even if the mind says something else, just follow. 

Even though I was waking up early, going to sleep very late and was doing so much driving, I was not feeling tired and felt so fresh and energetic. Those dreamy days went by so fast, and Mohanji and the team flew out. After Mohanji flew out, we hosted Deviji for a few days, and as always, being with Devi and her energy is incredible! So dynamic and happy! 

After all those intense energies and everything that happened in that short span of time, everything needed to settle down. Soon one day, again, I remembered the quote and asked Farshad what Mohanji said about it. Farshad explained to me, and this is the story if some of you don’t know like me. 

When a person approached Jesus Christ for healing, Jesus asked him one question. Do you believe I can do it? The person said yes. Then Jesus said, “Let your faith heal you.” 

This was very meaningful to me. I already experienced healing by Mohanji for my thyroid, and I knew he had the power to do any healing. Then I started realizing something more and more every day. At first, my mind could not believe it, but I was sure after a few days. There was no more pain in my neck! It is impossible that I don’t have any pain within a couple of days, and now I do not have pain even though Mohanji is not here physically!

A few days later, I heard Mohanji had a stiff neck! I understood what that meant. A stiff neck is something I’m very familiar with after many years of neck issues. I was sad that he took this onto himself; it was a very strange moment as I was happy that there was no pain when I heard this. 

I was thinking nobody does such an act of love, without even mentioning it, without any propaganda, very silent, very humble. If you ask him about such things, ask whether he has done that; he will only smile at you. You never get an answer because Mohanji is so humble. Mohanji always practices being insignificant. Sometimes he even gives the credit for a miracle or healing that he has done to someone else. This could be a test of ego for the person too. 

It’s not possible to thank him. Words are so small in front of such greatness. I felt I should write and share this as a way to express my gratitude, and it may reach someone who needs it. People often get many things from Mohanji, either healing or material wishes, but sometimes they don’t say at all. Maybe they think that they might lose it, or sometimes the mind manipulates the experience, and they think it happened by itself or it’s because of their hard work. 

Acknowledging the source opens the door for more grace to flow. It also helps deepen the connection and to increase the faith. It took me time to write this testimonial, so meanwhile, I started sharing it verbally with whomever I was talking to, and I noticed I felt even more improvements in my wellbeing. Through this healing, the quality of my life increased so much, and this is priceless to me, and every morning I wake up with gratitude to Mohanji. Thank you, Father.

I humbly surrender my whole existence at the feet of my Lord, Mohanji Baba; always at his lotus feet.


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Deep desire fulfilled

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I have been Sai Baba’s devotee for a good 21 years. My journey with Sai Baba started from Sathya Sai Baba. I was very young at that time and didn’t understand what the Tradition had blessed me with. Although I was with a living Master, I didn’t put that much effort into my relationship with my Master. Before I understood Baba’s stature, he left his mortal coil. 

With Mohanji in my life, I felt it was a second chance given to me. People used to travel from far places to see Sathya Sai Baba. While I was in India at that time, I didn’t put in the effort to go and see him. I did not understand why living Masters are so important. 

One day, sitting in my temple, I talked to Mohanji, and I said to him, “Mohanji, when you come to Canada, please come to our house and stay with us. I know you always say that there should be no expectations from Guru. This is my desire, but I am happy with whatever you decide. I have wasted the opportunity with Sathya Sai Baba, and I want to use this chance given to me with you to learn and grow.” 

After this conversation with him in the morning, I received a call from Sanjay bhaiya in the afternoon stating that he feels I should have Mohanji’s Padukas! Mohanji partially fulfilled my desire that day itself. Having Mohanji’s Padukas means having Mohanji in our house, living with us.

In August 2021, Mohanji came into my dream, and it seemed like he was in Canada while I, along with a few other people, were talking to him. All of a sudden, Mohanji said, “Let’s go to the Conestoga mall!” I replied, “Mohanji, I’m not sure if they’re open right now because the timings after Covid have become really short.” My dream ended there.

When I woke up, I realized the significance of the words “Conestoga mall” was to tell me that he is in the same city where I live. At that moment, I still hadn’t caught the real meaning. I thought he was telling me that he would come to Canada soon. Time passed, and finally, in March 2022, Mohanji came to Canada. I couldn’t even imagine that he would come to our home as the trip to Canada was very short. Yet, he proved me wrong by letting me know that he would come to our house. I was again in tears of gratitude and thanked Mohanji for his kindness. 

Mohanji had to go to British Columbia (B.C.) for a few days, so Mahesh bhai said that he was not sure when Mohanji would be able to come but perhaps, on 23rd March. I have a habit of asking Baba’s answers through little chits. Just to know when Mohanji was going to come, I made a few chits and placed them at Baba’s feet. The answer was 29th March. I did all the preparation for 23rd March but told my husband that Mohanji would not come that day. He will definitely come on the 29th. Later that day, Mahesh bhai explained how coming that day would not be possible and it would materialize only after Mohanji came back from B.C.

As I needed to arrange a day off from work, I asked Mahesh bhai when he thought Mohanji’s visit would be feasible. Mahesh bhai said he is not yet sure as Mohanji was unwell. I replied to him by asking him to convey to Mohanji not to worry about coming to our place as his health is more important, and I am very happy and content; he has already showered immense love on me.  

Mahesh bhai and I agreed that Mohanji would not come to our house. In the afternoon, Mahesh bhai called and said, Mohanji did not agree to it. He says I will go to her house; I will keep my promise; she has been praying for this for so long! So, the visit materialized on 29th March, just a day before Mohanji went to the USA. Although the visit was short, he fulfilled all my wishes and gave me immense contentment! I can never pay the debt of his infinite love.

Thank you, my Mohanji, for everything! Thank you for holding all your children so close to you! Koti koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Acceptance through dreams

I got connected with Mohanji in mid-2020, but I still had my tests through situations and dreams. Finally, I got accepted. I remember it was 20th June 2021 when I had an early morning dream. In that dream, I saw myself along with my younger daughter at a beach-like place. There was sand and water, along with some curtains with flowers in an open space. The wind was also blowing. It felt as if it was some kind of retreat, a dream of some sort of a festival. I saw Mohanji, and he allowed me to touch his feet. At the festival, I also saw Preethi Gopalarathnam (Mohanji Acharya from India). 

The dream ended here. I didn’t catch the significance. The same day, I came across a blog in which it was mentioned that touching Mohanji’s feet is a sign of his blessing and grace. At this point, there was no announcement of any festival. On 23rd July, a festival happened, to be precise, it was the “Festival of Consciousness.” It happened within 15 days of my dream, and guess what? Preethi had also travelled from India to Europe to attend the festival. Mohanji showed me this place to confirm that the dream was not just a dream but the truth. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for accepting me as your child. I will always be very, very grateful to you for your love, kindness, and compassion for all your children. You leave none longing for your love! Koti, koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Festival of Consciousness 2022 – Coming soon!


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Lifetime experience

By Bhumika Arvind, Canada

Mohanji’s retreat in Canada is just over. I don’t even know how fast the time went. Just the other day, Mohanji was here…There is so much that happened. It was nothing that I had imagined. From day one, a lot of stuff started coming up to the surface, such as comparisons, jealousy, and self-doubt. I felt I had made peace with some of these things, but I guess it was an illusion. Mohanji is really good at popping my illusion bubble, and I am grateful to him for that.

On the first day of the retreat, a lesson was learnt. I looked at Mohanji’s picture at home and spoke to him. I told Mohanji that this was not me. I am trying to be someone else to fit in, to please, but this is not me. I can’t do this. I will not indulge in such affairs, and the rest I surrender at your lotus feet; please take care. The following day, I felt much better. I also spoke briefly to Pooja, Mohanji Acharya, and that helped clarify certain things. But all those personality traits surfacing were not hovering over me. I could breathe and not feel suffocated.

On the second day of retreat during abhishek of Sai Baba, I was the second one in line to pour water on Baba. It was a bit unnatural for me as I knew it was live-streamed. There were so many people, and Mohanji was watching. Additionally, my ego was at its best. I was gently reminded to be quick when doing the abhishek, and my instant response was, “Tell others too”.

Mohanji had specifically given instructions, “Make sure the pot (kalash) does not touch Baba. Give bath to Baba as if you are giving bath to a child.” I made several mistakes while pouring water on Baba. My kalash touched Baba at least 2-3 times.

Mohanji got up from his spot and reiterated the message again. When he sat down, I apologized to him. Mohanji patiently spoke to me, “You have to pour water with deep respect, humility, and complete surrender.” I sat at his feet, pressing his feet; memories of the times my own kids had gotten hurt or fallen sick started to resurface, and tears started to roll.

When the abhishek was over, I approached Mohanji again and said sorry. Mohanji being so kind and gentle, just said, “It’s okay, you say sorry to Baba.” And then he casually said, “Tomorrow”. I didn’t understand what he meant. In the evening, there was a satsang. When the satsang was over, and as Mohanji was leaving, I approached him and requested him to grant me the experience of doing the abhishek to Baba.

I know this deep within that without the grace of a Guru, any experience is not possible. Mohanji knew what I had requested, and yet he started giving instructions to everyone on how we should give abhishek to Baba. I went home and spoke to Mohanji’s picture again. I had an honest chat with him. I told him I didn’t understand at all what he meant when he says do abhishek as if you are giving a bath to your own child. I said to Mohanji, “Because it is Baba, I am being so gentle. If it’s my own kids, I would be over and done with.” So what did he really mean….

I further said, “Mohanji, if I had received the love of parents, boyfriend, and husband, I would know what you are talking about. I have never experienced the love you are describing. So what am I supposed to do, how am I supposed to do?”  The next morning at 4 am, before starting for the ashram, I sat again in front of Mohanji’s picture, surrendering all these thoughts in my mind at his lotus feet.

I reached the ashram, and the abhishek commenced. Today I was almost the last one to do the abhishek. While doing the abhishek, something miraculous happened. Nobody mattered, nothing mattered…everything ceased to exist. The only thing that was present was me and Mohanji, and Baba.

I visualized Mohanji in Baba, pouring the water with love and gentleness that was unfamiliar to me. I felt so much love for Baba. I was pampering Baba like a baby. He was the baby Krishna, and I rubbed his hands, legs, and face, holding his chin. I gave a bath to Baba that day to my heart’s content. When the abhishek was over, and Mohanji was about to leave, I ran like a child towards him, I couldn’t control myself, and I told him, “Mohanji, this is what you meant; I didn’t know, didn’t understand; now I know. I feel so content and happy.”

It is really hard to explain how happy I felt at that moment. My heart was filled with love, so much love. Mohanji, I know that this was only possible because you granted me the experience out of your kindness and compassion. So casually, you said, “Tomorrow,” but gave me such a profound and deeply satisfying experience. It is just you who can do this. Mohanji, you are magic, my magic!

I would like to share what specific guidelines Mohanji gave us when doing the abhishek; maybe you will find it helpful.

Mohanji shared that you can pour water on the head, but washing both hands and legs is very important. He said one should start from the top and then move towards the feet. He also suggested that instead of using the kalash, if we pour water into one hand and then pour it on Baba and rub him, we will use less water and will be able to do it better.

When drying Baba, Mohanji was very particular about the towel once used for feet and legs should not be used for the face and head or upper body. So again, start from the head and upper body, and come down towards the legs and feet.  Most importantly, don’t be in a rush, do it gently.


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Guru’s embrace

By Turinski Branislava, Serbia

Translation: Maja Otovic

I read in one text that Mohanji is the Guru who finds us. I have to say that he found me long before I found myself, long before I knew who he was or that he even existed. I think it was the year 2015. A friend of mine shared a friend’s post on her Facebook page.

The picture showed a man in white attire, surrounded by many women and a few men. They seemed to be on some path in a forest (later, when I was there in 2020, I remembered that picture, and I knew it was Park Ravne 2 in Visoko, Bosnia). My thoughts ran fast: “Who does he think he is? Pretending to be Jesus, wearing a white robe, and everybody acting as if they’re under a spell.” When I wanted to see the same post a couple of days later on my friend’s profile, it was no longer there. Now I believe that it was not there for my eyes only.

About a month passed, and the same friend shared a post from her friend’s profile: “It is a blessing to have the eye card.” I remember my thoughts and reaction: “What they won’t think of just to fool people and make money off them!” Of course, nowhere did it say that the card was on sale, but only that it was a blessing to have one; however, my mind started racing. Needless to say, a couple of days later, I could not find this post on my friend’s profile.

And then, I think it was at some point in 2017 I read that the Guru was coming to my town. I let my imagination run wild, picturing him decorated like a Christmas tree. Why so, I do not know. Maybe because I had identified him with actors adorned with gold that I watched in Indian shows, the play of the mind was then endless…

I told my now ex-husband that I wanted to go and see what a Guru looks like, so that I could tell others that I had seen a living Guru because the ones I had heard of until then had already transcended from the physical body into another realm. “Are you nuts? They’ll drug you, sell you into slavery, take your organs. That’s a dangerous cult.” I blocked the person whose Facebook posts my friend shared on her wall in panic.

Then life’s path took me to a crossroads…

I put on heavy shoes and dressed in self-accusation, hatred, pain, jealousy, envy, and all negative emotions and thoughts that were coming my way because I myself chose to be filled with them. The reason was a divorce, for which I now feel very grateful, but back then, I’d been able to see only pain and hatred. Another door opened for me. In those days of temptation, my path turned orange. I joined the ACT Serbia Foundation. My heart got to know the power of serving and unconditional love.

A few months later, on 22 February 2020, we had an activity. The person who had posted about the man in white attire, the eye card, the Guru’s visit, the one whom I had blocked on Facebook, invited me to the Happy Center. “Let’s have a coffee together and walk through the labyrinth.” In that post, I remembered it said: “Guru’s visit and walk through the labyrinth”. I was curious. In my mind, they were labyrinths of high green fences. There was also a fear: “What if she pours something in my coffee… but I am not going alone; there will be a total of seven volunteers. But what if…”

However, my curiosity was stronger than my fear.

If you could only see the look of disappointment on my face. With too many expectations and excitement, disappointment was inevitable. There were just some piled rocks instead of a labyrinth of high green fences. Only when I crossed all 108 blocks and reached the center, did I feel the energy flowing through my legs, then up my spine, towards the head. For the first time, I was drunk with such high energy, as if I was levitating, as if I was not walking; I heard a call from a distance for all of us to enter the Happy Center. Thoughts started racing. Thoughts of fear…what if… white slavery, organ trafficking, cult…

Curiosity won over fear again. Later, I felt grateful for the curiosity and my victory over, as now I can clearly say, unnecessary fear. I was embraced by that beautiful energy, covered in the smell of frankincense, white sage, and incense. Amazed, I sat on a pillow and closed my eyes. When I opened them, my eyes wandered toward Mohanji’s picture. “Where can I buy this picture? Out of all his pictures I see here, this one is the most beautiful.”

“You can buy them all in Novi Sad or Belgrade, but not this one. This one is received, that is, the Mai-Tri practitioners receive it.” “That is the most beautiful picture. Those eyes of his…” The next thing I remember was a call into Mohanji’s eyes. I was at the foot of some mountain. Mohanji and somebody else were on its top. They were telling me something, but I could not remember what. I know that I felt good and that I was at peace. When I came back to my body, I heard the other volunteers talking, but I could barely say: “I was called into his eyes. I was at the foot of some mountain. He and another person were telling me something.” 

I did not feel comfortable saying the name Mohanji; instead, I said he as I shared my experience. After listening to me, “Welcome”, said Maya, the seemingly physically fragile woman who embraced me with such power, tenderness and warmth. Where was I being welcomed to? Did I set off somewhere in order to arrive? All of the present volunteers had warm smiles on their faces, and I did not understand a thing. Well, I was not asking to go somewhere. I’d just had the urge to look at those eyes in the picture; it was not done with a purpose.

As dawn was approaching, one of the ladies said, “Let’s have a picture. First, I’ll take a picture of you, and then you can take a picture of me.” I published the picture on my Facebook profile. Above the picture, there were nine hearts. At first, I did not get it that I put two extra hearts, as we were only seven volunteers in total. I was about to erase two of them when I received the first mental message from Mohanji: “The two of us are also there; don’t erase those two hearts. Me and Baba are there.” “Who am I talking to? Who are you? What “Baba” are you talking about? (translator’s note: “Baba” means “granny” in Serbian) These are all younger women. There are no grannies here.”

“Me, Mohanji, and Sai Baba are there.” “Maya, I am talking to someone! He says he is Mohanji and that there is some Baba (granny) there. I am telling him there are no grannies here, but only younger women.” “This is Sai Baba”, Maya said, pointing towards the altar. I was ashamed of my ignorance, but I took it as a sign that I was ready for new teachings. Later, through meditations, dreams, and Reiki treatments, I received messages from Mohanji that I lived with full acceptance. For example, right after sending my first experience sharing, I got a message that it should not be published. I could not understand why I was told not to publish it back then, but I obeyed and stopped the first publishing. Now, it is time to publish this text.

After that day – 20 February 2020, my connection with the Master started becoming stronger day by day. I got answers from him in various ways, through Facebook posts on Mohanji Official page, video recordings, and texts from his book The Power of Purity. Through connecting to him, I received the answers to my unexpressed questions. That was a true blessing.

My true wish was to get a hug from Mohanji. In Divcibare, on 20 May 2021, my wish came true. I physically met the Master, and I felt blissful in his embrace. The peace and unconditional love that I received that day filled my soul. Initiation into Kriya and the first Shaktipat… one by one, the lights in my chest began glowing. I got closer to the light so that I could shine brighter, more today than yesterday and even more so tomorrow. It all continued from the retreat at the Bosnian Pyramids.

That strong pillar of light that illuminated me during the meditation intensified the light in my heart. I had a feeling that I was filled with light. It was within me and around me. In such moments, one should express gratitude for all the grace. As the retreat drew to a close, for some reason, I had a dispute with the organizers because I wanted to attend the satsang on 14 June 2021. As usual, and for my highest good, I got a message in my sleep: “All that you need, you have and will receive through Shaktipat. I will give, and you will take as much as you can; you won’t take any more tomorrow rather than today. Give your spot to somebody who needs it more.”

In the morning, even though I had paid for a suite just to spend one more day in the Master’s aura, I made a decision to do as the message said. On my Viber, I got a call from a dear friend: “It all happened as you said. The flight to Abu Dhabi has been cancelled. I am in Belgrade, getting back to Visoko. I’m worried I won’t be able to attend the satsang as I did not register. Whom should I talk to?” “Just come. I’m not going, so you can take my spot; you need it more. Say that you will attend the satsang instead of me.” “Thank you. Thank you so much,” my friend was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mohanji,” I thought. And that’s how the message came true. Somebody needed it more, and she went instead of me.

I was sitting in meditation and looking towards the hall where the satsang was taking place. As if I was present there, through connecting internally, I felt peace and unconditional love given as blessings from the Master.  Then a group together with Mohanji came out of the tunnel. “Come with us; it is time for individual pictures.” said someone. I will receive another hug, my heart sang. Once again, I’ll be in the aura of the Guru.

“You did not attend this satsang, so you can’t take a picture,” said a dear soul from the organizing team. I wanted to explain that the reason was not a lack of interest in the satsang, arrogance, or the cost, that it was not anything like what she (might have) thought. However,  I did not feel like justifying myself to her or explaining that the reason for my cancellation was Mohanji’s message that I had received in my dream – to give my spot to someone else who needed it more.

Without any explanation, without ego, without feeling insulted or angry, I took a step back and watched all the others who were lucky enough to be in the Guru’s embrace. I was happy to just look at him with physical eyes. He’s always with me. These were just moments of physically looking at him. Suddenly, the organizer said, “I was only kidding; of course, you can take a picture with him.” Like everybody else who took a picture, I got the hug I had longed for. Without uttering a single word, the Master and I understood each other in those moments of silence. His hug was the embrace for my soul. My hug was the openness towards the peace and unconditional love that I embraced in all its glory.

The days continue… I shine brighter; my heart is illuminated.

Peace, love and light to the world.


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On a rocky road to Nepal

by Ulla Bernholdt, Denmark

It seems like a wonder that I embarked on a trip to India to meet Mohanji in Shirdi at the end of December 2021. What a huge blessing of a lifetime it was to celebrate Datta Jayanti with him at the feet of Sai Baba and the Dattatreya tradition! Not only that, but I was also graced soon to go to Nepal to introduce Mohanji and his teachings.

Let me first tell you about the rather miraculous background for the travel.

In June 2021, I received an e-mail from a person named Rabi who inquired if any Mohanji activities were going on in Denmark. He told me that he had experienced a vision while meditating in which two unknown persons appeared. The first man was an elderly, poor-looking man who pointed his finger at a younger man with long hair and a beard. The younger man spoke, but the words were not audible.

When I read this, pictures of Sai Baba and Mohanji immediately came to my mind.

Rabi continued that when he opened Instagram the following day, the first photo he saw was that of Shirdi Sai Baba. He now recognised the man from his vision and came to know his name. Curious, he searched YouTube for material upon Baba and found Mohanji’s videos about him. He recognised Mohanji as the other person, and now he had found both.

We arranged to meet the next day, and I was excited, especially because when I’d read his LinkedIn profile, I’d realised that his real name was Gurudatta! Rabi was just a name he had chosen for the sake of convenience. This must be some guidance from the Tradition, I thought. What will happen next?

Gurudatta told me he was from Nepal, and he wanted to visit his home country the following autumn to do seva. I asked if I could join him. We teamed up and started doing ACT4Hunger annadan from Denmark remotely through our volunteers in Nepal.

Our plan to go to Nepal was postponed a couple of times, but when we suddenly got the news that Mohanji’s Dattatreya Jayanti retreat in Shirdi was happening within three weeks, we purchased tickets.

At the retreat, I met up with Gurudatta and his mother. Before leaving Shirdi, we took Mohanji’s blessings plus his instructions and advice regarding visiting Nepal, doing annadan and T-shirt donations for protection and visibility in the country.

We had flight tickets from Delhi to Kathmandu, but unexpectedly, we were both denied access to the aeroplane due to positive Corona tests! Usually, at home, I would go for a second test to confirm, but now we had to make our minds up quickly because my Indian visa was about to expire.

We agreed to go by bus to Nepal in the afternoon and quarantine if needed in Nepal. It was a ride of nearly 900 km to the Nepali border in Sonauli.

Arriving at the border, we found out that I needed to travel another 100 km to do my new PCR-test in Gorakhpur, the place of the grand Gorakhnath mandir.

After taking the blessings of Gorakhnath, who is the incarnation of Shiva himself and is the patron deity of Nepal and the one who decides who can enter the country, I received a negative covid test, and I was ready to cross the border.

Back at the Indian immigration office, they told me to come again the next morning. The same officers said they could not allow me to exit early the next day because my Indian visa had expired the previous day. And here, the calamities started.

Gurudatta was able to leave. Being a Nepali citizen, he stayed with his relatives just across the border. We stayed in touch online.

I had to stay back and go to many different offices far from the town, but with no outcome. We made a lot of phone calls to the different authorities in India, Nepal, and even Denmark, but nobody could help me get an exit permit. In the process, I had to go through an online application, and there was no time limit set to it.

I now stayed at one of the only available hotels at the border, waiting to leave India. What are the normal living conditions for many people in Asia became a severe challenge for a western conditioned mind.

It was a cold hotel with muggy walls and no hot water if there was water at all. There was no electricity during the daytime—no places to eat except a sweetshop that served snacks only. Very poor internet connectivity made telephone calls a challenge. On top of it all, I also found that people would ignore me when I asked them about something or that people would make fun of me when I walked the street, being the only foreigner in town. Communication was not easy either, as practically no one spoke English in that area.

I must admit I had previously carried a romantic fantasy that if I had to isolate, I would only be happy to deepen my practice, meditate and chant. But this situation was so unexpected that I could not find peace of mind to practice seriously.

I remember Mohanji saying that he creates situations and circumstances for people to test them. Or rather, the Tradition tests you.

And I was tested!

My SIM card expired, and the internet was not working.

It seemed like there would be a new issue on top of the other each day. I thought to myself, is this a bad joke? But it was real, and I started to feel the heat and pressure within as the situation escalated.

One week passed, but I still did not receive permission to leave. I observed my mind becoming more unstable as my expectations of going to Nepal were not met.

We had announced our arrival in Nepal beforehand, and people were waiting to meet us and participate in Mohanji events. I could even peek over the border, but I could not go.

My mind questioned if I would be able to go at all? Maybe I was not eligible to go? I felt desperation creeping in.

I would pray to Mohanji and Gorakhnath to hold my hand throughout this experience. Not at one point in time did Mohanji leave me. I asked Mohanji to please help me to be able to go and serve in Nepal.

This seemed like a big-time test. Did I have enough determination and clarity of purpose needed to go to Nepal?
Would I give up? Would I quit? Would I turn back?

I felt I had no choice but to stay put despite all the obstacles. Going to Nepal was what I really wanted. Keeping in mind that all situations and experiences, good or bad, will pass, and having come this far, I waited rather impatiently for the obstacles to dissolve by the grace of Mohanji and time.

Now that I was in exile, deprived of comfort, I had to face all my addictions, dependencies, and patterns of insecurity. There was nothing to do but feel it.

I cherish this experience today because there is so much relevance and authenticity in observing your mind when under pressure. A mind full of constant craving, never satisfied and filled with endless desires.

Sitting in my room, the mind itself felt like a prison, and I felt I was here on a life sentence. This is a simple truth that we would normally avoid facing.

It was not that I missed the comforts a lot. What I longed for was a peaceful mind. I longed to be in Mohanji’s state of freedom, need nothing, go beyond the mind, and not be dependent on the outside world.

While connecting consciously to Mohanji, there were moments of causeless happiness in the middle of this agony. Mohanji is like the calm centre in the eye of a hurricane. He carried me all the way through like a silent companion.

As the days passed, my state of mind slowly started changing, and a transformation happened.

From feeling totally helpless, I wondered what else I could do when I could not change my situation. I longed to do something purposeful, so I started feeding the many stray dogs living outside of the hotel. I felt how it cleansed me and brought me new positivity and stability. Next, I tried to plan for a bigger annadan for people in the town. I had noticed that many of them looked very poor, pushing heavily loaded bicycle rickshaws all day.

I looked for people who could help me cook food, but suddenly, my application for the exit permit went through, and that was the end of 14 days of staying in an unknown place.

As if a dark spell had lifted, the people at the immigration office suddenly started to act friendly and humane. It was like being in a play that had all the ingredients of a drama, even a happy ending. One police officer listened to my story and kindly offered to take me in a rickshaw to the next town to sort out the complicated online payment for the exit permit, which I could not do with a foreign card, and help me prepare to leave the next morning. He said he saw his daughter in me and that it was his moral responsibility to help me. I had no other option than to trust him and Mohanji that his intention was pure. The policeman was indeed very helpful, and trusting him helped me get out of my situation.

Overall, it has been a fantastic experience. We often forget to be grateful for what we have and remember that things we take for granted can leave us in a split second.

Only the hand of Mohanji helped me get through these challenges. He inspired me and encouraged me to keep walking, not to give up, and keep the focus on my purpose. Through his own example, he reminded me that we can always do something for others even when we cannot do much for ourselves.

I thank him for the experience that made me once again realise the raw power we have inside to rise above the situation and our need for grace from the Master and God, without whom we are absolutely nothing.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 109 & 110

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 109 Lesson – “Our Path is not complicated.”

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you’re doing well. 

Over the past few days, I’ve had the opportunity to go back over some of the notes I made during conversations that spontaneously happened with Mohanji at the house. Some of these have proven to be great reminders for me. 

I’d like to share some of these with you over the next recordings because I think they give wonderful lessons and clarifications on some important aspects of our path, of Mohanji, and what it’s like to walk this path. Mohanji has said before that this is a path of no-nonsense, the path of Shiva, and the path of fire, which means that there will be challenges and hurdles. Now looking back, some of these have resonated with me as good reminders. 

Today, I wanted to share what Mohanji spoke in conversations about the path. Some of these will be notes as I took them. Some of them could be words that Mohanji said, so I apologize if it doesn’t come across as one succinct flowing piece of voice. 

Mohanji essentially said that this path is not complicated at all. All that’s required for the path of an Avadhoota is a deep, unshakable connection with the Master. And this was the case for all the Avadhootas, just connection to the Master. Thus, if I consider Mohanji as the Master, then it’s a deep, unshakable connection to Mohanji. This is not complicated. “But why then”, he asked rhetorically, “why is it complicated? Why can it be complicated?” He said that’s because of the mind. 

The mind itself can create tests. The Master has no interest in testing anything because all the Master is doing is simply being available for people to connect to. People can connect, or they don’t connect – no problem, a master has nothing to do with it. Mohanji explained quite nicely that we are all on our journey in life. Each of us has a unique journey. Situations will keep changing, different situations will happen, and a corresponding effect will be there. And he reminded us that the Master is not creating this; our karma is creating it. 

For me, this was an interesting understanding. Because it’s our karma that allows us to come to a certain situation in life, even to have a certain awareness, or even the opportunity to connect with someone like Mohanji. We don’t know exactly what’s happening, but we can be sure it’s because of our karma. As karma brought us to this situation, it can equally take us away. He reminded us that our job is simple in a way, just to ensure that we have alignment with all our activities so that we’re focused on the real purpose. Because then everything else is not so important. 

In that case, a Master will know what’s good for us, what’s necessary, and will give what’s necessary, no more and no less. This gives stability all the time, and steps can be taken in a stabilized manner. Only what’s essential is given, and our job is to stay integrated simply – no doubt, no criticism, no judgments.

Mohanji shared a story about one person who saw Sai Baba eating onions, and because of that, he left Sai Baba. What was the problem? It wasn’t that Sai Baba was eating onions that the problem was. His concept of the situation was the problem. He decided that a Master shouldn’t eat onions and left. Mohanji reminded me that it doesn’t matter what you’re doing once you cross over because you’re operating from a plane of grand existence. 

But for the majority of us, we’re operating at the karmic level, which means that there’s a price we have to pay for everything that we do, everything counts. Once we cross over, there’s no karma. So, there’s no desire, inclination, and there’s no price. It’s just responding to the situation. That’s how masters exist. They simply respond, reflect, respond, reflect. When someone comes with anger, emotions, a master will respond accordingly; he reciprocates. He’s not projecting anything. He stopped projecting long ago; there’s just a reflection; there’s no karma. 

Mohanji also explained that there’s no testing on the path; there’s no interest in testing because who are we to be tested? He simply explained that the path itself is like a flowing river. It’s just flowing. To say that these tests come from a Master is like saying that the flowing river is interested in me taking a bath in it. The river doesn’t care. We can take a bath if we want to, and we need not take a bath if we don’t want to. But if we enter, we’ll get wet. We should know that. The river doesn’t need to tell us that we’ll get wet if we enter. That’s for us to know, for us to understand. 

Mohanji explained that this is how things work. The Master is like a flowing river, completely flowing. And if we want to use the Master, we can use him. But the Master is not telling, “Please come and use me.” This was an important reminder because I’ve seen that Mohanji is not binding anybody to himself. He’s not asking anybody to come. But to those coming to him, including myself, he’ll give very clear instructions and directions to say, “Do this” or “I think you should do that.” Because what that does is break boundaries and comfort zones so that reality can be seen better. This is what he does. 

Apart from that, he’s not binding anybody. If anyone wants to come, that’s fine. If they want to leave, no problem. He is available for our evolution and our growth, just like the flowing river. If we want to use it to take a bath, we can jump in and let it take us. And at the same time, if we don’t want to, no problem. Regardless, Mohanji will still be there, as the river will still flow. 

I hope you have a great day ahead. I will speak soon.

Day 110 Lesson – The magnetic pull of tamas  

Good morning, everybody. I hope you’re doing very well. 

Today, I share another of my recollections of the notes I made some time ago. I think this one is very relevant, and that is not to underrate comfort zones and tamas. 

Mohanji said that the root cause for all the calamities in the world is tamas. For people who don’t know, tamas is extreme inertia, procrastination, sleeping, indifference, and settled in comfort zones. Thus, he said that the comfort zone is the root cause of disturbances. Because if a society is proactive, creative, benevolent, alert, and aware, there’ll be no calamity. But when tamas comes, people are taking it easy, procrastinating, talking too much about rights, instead of acting on responsibilities. And that causes wars. 

This was quite an interesting insight for me because when you look at the world and the general sentiment of society, you can see this. Nobody wants to do anything. Then, anybody can come in and manipulate, which is what we’ve seen. In a proactive society, which would be based on Dharma (righteousness), there’ll be no wars because the right action is always taking place at the right time. 

Extreme tamas is inertia, procrastination, sleeping. Mohanji shared that we have to break out of that if we’re seeking elevation. Living with Mohanji has definitely meant there’s no room for tamas; he makes sure of that. He kicks tamas’ butt, as he says. But I know from my own experience that it comes back; comfort zones pull back, and I’m more aware of that now. 

Mohanji also gave a good illustration which helped me picture this in my mind. He said, “Imagine that you had a huge iron rod on your back, or a thick coat of iron. And your bed is a huge magnet”. So, the majority of people in the world are stuck on that bed, i. e. the magnet, with the iron rod on our back. We’re eating, sleeping, drinking, procreating, the usual unconscious life, tamasic life, not caring, breeding indifference and comfort zones. 

We’re lying on the bed with a magnet and this huge iron rod. And we can’t get up and go. It’s very, very difficult because we’re stuck to the magnet. Mohanji said that the path from there is at least sit up in the bed; you must take it step by step. So, you are rising to the level where you still have part tamas and part rajas (action). You have the initiative to do something. Mohanji said that if we’re associated with a Master who’s doing something in the world, like Karma Yoga, it comes in very handy because Karma Yoga is a selfless service, which means that you’re engaged in action. And slowly, slowly, you’re removing the junk of tamas. 

Then, the next step. Once you reach that point, the pull of the magnet is lessened, so then it’s time to stand up. This means that you have some more initiative, more rajas, more activity to stand up. Again, the Master will help you stand up, encourage you to engage in activities, give work, give guidance so that you slowly come out of that cycle of tamas. After that, we have to start walking; we have to practice it. That means we have to practice what the Master tells us to do, not what we’d like to do. Because what we would like to do (if we understand that tamas is connected to comfort zones) is moving back into what’s familiar. 

A Master will tell us what to do, not that he needs us to do something, but he’s guiding us through the right course of action for us to move out of tamas, to break it. He tells us how to come out of it. At that point in time, if we say, “I’m not interested in that, I’ll only do what I like. I don’t feel like it anymore. Why do I have to do this?” – that’s when we’re falling back into a comfort zone. 

In that way, people become lazy. Then they sit on the bed, and then before they know it, they’re lying back on the bed, with their back stuck to the magnet with the iron rod. They are so relaxed in the bed that they can’t even move their hand to take the food. They’ll open their mouth and say, “Please feed me.” Like that, you’re back lying on the bed again. Then you have to begin all over again, with all the effort, to first sit up in the bed, then stand up. 

Mohanji shared that this can be an interesting and difficult trap for some people because they move through life with great initiative and speed, and they accomplish many things. And then what can happen is, because they’ve reached a place of comfort, where they have power, money, they can hire help, they can do what they like to do, and then in the bargain, they can begin to fall again. Thus, that can be a trap. What I understood from that is that we always need to have movement to always do something and never settle. There’s always an evolution, then. 

When we finally stand up, Mohanji says that the next stage is to start running. This is where there are lots of rajas. This can be a dangerous time because we feel great, we have the grace behind us, many things are happening. Mohanji explained that this could be dangerous, too, because there can be a lot of predators who recognize that one has gained some spiritual balance, and they’ll want to take that. They’ll start to share ideas or doubts such as, “You’re doing so great, you could be so much more. Look, your Master is holding you back. He wants to keep you like this; he wants to control you.” 

This happened to people who’ve been connected to Mohanji, and then they’ve left him to experience the big fall. But a Master doesn’t give everything because he’ll only give what can be individually handled at that time. He can’t give something which we can’t handle, because again he will also fall back. He says, “Okay, sit, now stand, now walk, walk gently, strengthen your legs, gain momentum, and then eventually you run.” It’s not that a Master can give 10 kilos when we can only lift five because we will just collapse. 

This was a really good conversation for me because it was a reminder that we would only be given what we could handle at the time. We won’t be given anything which can take us down or cause us to fall. That’s not in the interest of a master. It’s not for him to say, “Okay, take more and more and more,” and then we die. Then it’s finished. It’s not to do that at all. 

Until we have reached that stable state, we will always be prone to this sway of comfort zones pulling back and the risk of lying down on that bed with the magnet, to be stuck, to have to go through a lot more effort again just to even sit up. However, the Master will guide us to the right activity to bring us out of it. 

I hope you have a great day ahead, and I will speak to you soon.

I hope you have a good day ahead and we will speak soon.


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Shirdi experiences – Part 2

By a Mohanji follower

I took my seat in the hall and began waiting for Mohanji. I was happy and excited. My mind, however, was oddly quiet and vacant. But it had been more silent than usual from the time I had signed up for the retreat. Also, though this retreat was a dream come true for me, I’d not arrived with any particular expectations. My biggest wish was to be in Mohanji’s physical presence finally. Something in me was just not interested in thinking of anything beyond that. 

I vividly remember the moment Mohanji walked into the hall. I was asked later how it felt to see Mohanji for the first time, and I couldn’t think of anything to say – and even now, I am drawing a blank while trying to think of the best way to describe how I’d felt in that instant. Was it joy? Peace and calmness? Excitement? Yes, it was a mixture of those emotions, but it was also much more… 

I was completely elated and overwhelmed. My eyes were full of tears, and I was smiling. I felt intense vibrations in my feet and calves as if the floor was pulsating with energy as Mohanji walked past the rows of seekers. There were no thoughts of the past or future in my mind. I felt very present and in the moment, fully aware that I was experiencing something extraordinary. That’s the best I can do to describe my state of mind. During Mohanji’s talk, tears kept filling up my eyes now and then for no particular reason. 

Then the Kriya initiation began. The atmosphere in the entire hall changed once the initiation started, and the very air seemed to be vibrating with sacred power. As I took out my dakshina, my mind began to behave like its usual self and started to tell me about all the things I had done wrong and was going to go wrong.  

Was the dakshina appropriate? Was it enough? When I would walk up to Mohanji, would I stumble and fall and drop everything and ruin the divine atmosphere? This last concern was not baseless since I have a hard-earned reputation for being as graceful as a drunk bull in a china shop.

May be an image of 2 people, beard and text that says "mohanji.org"

A gaze divine

Soon, I was walking to the side of the stage with my dakshina in hand. As I stood there while waiting for my turn, the worries eased, and a quietness fell within me. As I walked onto the stage and approached Mohanji, he looked at me. Mohanji’s eyes looked red, and at that moment, I felt as though I’d received a glimpse of something incomprehensible to my mundane brain. I’m not capable of describing it further. 

During the initiation, Mohanji’s fingers on my forehead felt abnormally hot, and though my mind was empty, there was a feeling of being in the presence of an immense power. Later, when I was standing for the group photograph, I realized I was swaying like standing on a boat. I tried to control it since I was standing with everyone for the picture, but the swaying continued. I tried again with more determination, and it finally ceased. 

The following day, I woke up early and went to the Samadhi Mandir for darshan with some wonderful new friends. I had carried my Sai Satcharitra with me in my bag, and as we began moving towards the main hall, I took out the book and held it with no particular intention. Then I thought – it would be nice to get a leaf or petal from Baba to keep in the Satcharitra. 

After darshan, we left the hall and went towards the neem tree. At that point, a member of our group kneeled down and reached through the steel bars to pick up some fallen leaves, and she gave me one too, which I accepted with great happiness and love, and felt very moved that such a small wish of mine too had been fulfilled by Baba. Then we visited the Chavadi too and stood outside on the road outside Dwarkamai for some moments. Overall, my wishes related to Sai Baba were all fulfilled that morning.

The day began with a group Mai-Tri session, which was really powerful. I felt wonderful internally by the end of it, but there was a crushing pain in both my shoulders. I’ve had pain in my shoulders for years now, but it usually afflicted one shoulder at a time. And the pain had never been this severe. It actually felt like my shoulders were breaking. Also, my head felt very heavy, and extreme drowsiness overcame me. It wasn’t ordinary sleepiness. It felt as though I’d taken a powerful medicine and was dealing with its effect. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was almost afraid that I would fall off the chair and cause a small planet-sized dent in the floor. 

Mohanji arrived soon, and when he remarked that everyone looked sleepy, I felt a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one struggling to be awake. Mohanji asked everyone to do the five-speed breathing to get rid of the drowsiness. Preethi Gopalaratnam guided us through the process. It helped me feel more alert, but the sense of drowsiness continued during Mohanji’s morning satsang. When there was a lunch break, I was worried that I would feel even more drowsy after a meal. Instead, as soon as I’d finished my lunch, all the drowsiness vanished, and I felt refreshed. A Mai-Tri Practioner confirmed later that the session had been very powerful, and the drowsiness and pains were indicative of the energies working in me. 

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The devotion of Hanuman

During Mohanji’s second satsang that day, I listened with full alertness, and tears continued to flow out of my eyes frequently. When he began speaking of Hanuman’s devotion to Shri Ram and how Hanuman would not tolerate even a word spoken against his Lord, I couldn’t control my tears. His words had reminded me of an argument I’d had with someone close to me about the Shirdi retreat. They knew very little about Mohanji, and their only intention had been to make sure that I would be safe during the trip.

While they had not expressed anything hurtful, the doubts that I had sensed in their questions had upset me, and I had responded harshly. I had felt astonished later at the rage and hurt I’d felt in those moments. And I realized that the incident had helped me understand just how much devotion and faith I had in Mohanji, and my lingering irritation towards that person turned into gratitude. 


After the powerful satsang, Mohanji gave Shaktipat to several people in the hall, and I was fortunate to be one of them. During Shaktipat, an almost unearthly peace and silence filled up my insides. As I stood with my eyes closed and hands joined, a white light appeared in my vision towards the left. The inner peacefulness and stillness lasted for a long time afterwards.

Later, many people queued up with books, crystal bracelets and malas to get them blessed by Mohanji. They talked to him about their doubts or problems or just conversed with him happily. I decided to get my purchases blessed the next day and just sat watching Mohanji for some time, trying to think about what I could say to him when I finally got the chance. And as has been my experience during the Empowered classes, I couldn’t think of anything to ask him or tell him. I only wanted to be in his presence. 

When we were returning to the hotel after the programme, it struck me that I wasn’t feeling tired at all, and I hadn’t felt tired on the previous day too despite the long road journey to Shirdi. And that was astonishing, considering even a 20-minute walk is usually enough to make me think I have earned two full days of rest. I realized Mohanji’s energy and blessing were keeping all exhaustion at bay. That night, I got my periods. I walked to the photograph of Sai Baba in my hotel room and thanked him happily for having permitted me to take his darshan that morning. 

The next morning, Mohanji’s satsang was yet again powerful, profound, and also full of humour and warmth. Laughter rang out through the hall again and again. I had all my usual periods-related aches and pains, and shoulder pain from the previous day had not subsided fully, but I was oblivious to all of it. When it was time for Mohanji to sign and bless books and other articles, I quickly joined the queue with a book and two bracelets in a pouch. 

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Digambara, Digambara

I was also carrying a coin that I had received (along with other prasad) via courier from the Sripada Srivallabha Mahasamsthanam in Pithapuram after registering for a puja online. I had become a devotee of Sripada Srivallabha Swami ever since I’d read his charitamrutam at the end-2020 and had also accepted him as my Guru. And strangely, it was after that turn in my life that more and more of Mohanji’s teachings began to come my way, and an inner transformation began. And I’ve felt since then that Sripada Srivallabha Swami guided me to Mohanji.

Coming back to that morning in the retreat, I had a brief confusion if I should ask Mohanji to bless the coin too. Then I decided to go ahead and keep the coin in the pouch. Instantly, the song that was being played in the hall changed to “Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara”. I think it played for a couple of minutes, and then the previous song returned. I almost laughed in a burst of exhilaration. 

As I moved closer to the stage, I tried to think of something I could ask or share with Mohanji. But nothing crossed my mind. The contentment of being in Mohanji’s presence continued to overrule everything else in my head. And ultimately, I remained silent and just smiled happily as Mohanji signed the book and blessed the bracelets and the coin, and I felt intense gratitude as I touched my head to his feet.

The dance of the Ganas

As Mohanji left the hall, I felt sad, but there was also a strong feeling that I had gained something miraculous that would not be lost. And needless to say, I was extremely grateful for the grace that had allowed me to be in his presence for three consecutive days. 

However, once Mohanji left, I became conscious of all my physical discomforts. I felt listless and tired and had considerable pain in my shoulders from the previous day. I struggled to sit through the Power of Purity meditation. Mentally and physically, I felt very reluctant to participate in Conscious Dancing, which was scheduled as the day’s last event. I even wondered if I ought to go back to my hotel room after lunch and leave for Mumbai. 

But there was a strong instinctive reluctance to leave, so I found myself sitting in the hall when it was time for Conscious Dancing. But the whole process was explained so beautifully and with such wonderful energy by Monica Nedic that I rose to participate with considerable interest and enthusiasm. It was very intense and brought up a lot of emotions, but it was also powerfully healing. And I’m so glad and thankful that I was given a chance to experience it. 

Towards the end, we had the choice to either sit with our eyes closed in meditation or dance. I sat down with my eyes closed. The floor was reverberating with the energetic footsteps of those who were dancing. 

A thought of Lord Shiva’s Ganas flitted through my head. And my imagination showed me a picture of the Ganas dancing exuberantly in joyous abandon around their beloved Lord. 

Then Mohanji appeared in place of Lord Shiva, and all those who loved him and devoted to him became the Ganas. The thought and imagery caused a wave of emotions to engulf me, and tears flowed down my face. 

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Unforgettable visit

I was on an emotional high for days after my return to Mumbai. And then, by the grace of Sai Baba and Mohanji, I was granted the opportunity to revisit Shirdi in January 2022. I was able to take darshan in the Samadhi Mandir thrice over two days. During the first two visits, I was preoccupied with anxieties and could not pray peacefully. 

During the third darshan, I was still thinking of some issues rather than praying while walking towards the hall. But as I moved ahead in the line and began to come closer to Baba’s samadhi, I was suddenly hit by a strong feeling of Baba’s presence pervading everything around me. It was a very intense, emotional, blissful feeling that ‘Baba is everywhere’. It overpowered me wholly, and I forgot all my worries. The feeling persisted after I left the Mandir and began to walk to the exit. It was as if I could sense Baba’s presence all around me at every step. Baba was in the air itself. It was a very intense experience, and I had a hard time concealing my tears from my family. 

This was the first time I had such an indescribably beautiful experience. And I know without a shred of doubt that it happened only because of Mohanji’s grace and blessings. I love visiting temples and have had the good fortune to visit many shrines over the years, including the Samadhi Mandir. I have often felt exhilarated and moved by the power in holy places. But this had been unlike anything I’d felt before. And not only did it grant me a tiny insight into the eternal truth that divine consciousness pervades everything, but it also helped me understand how transformational the presence of the Guru can be in our lives. 

A resetting of the inner self

Over the next week, my parents and aunt developed fever and cold, and they tested positive for covid, and so did I. But despite the chaos and general anxiety, I instinctively felt that the situation was a blessing from Sai Baba in a way that couldn’t be grasped logically and that Mohanji and Baba were with my family throughout and taking care of all of us. There was a constant sense of being held carefully by loving hands. 

I also believe the powerful teachings and techniques imparted by Mohanji through the Empowered programmes helped me handle the tension and worries with much more stability and calmness than usual. It enabled me to do whatever I could to take care of my family without being too disturbed by all that was happening. 

On the whole, after the Shirdi retreat, I’ve felt as though my inner self has hit the reset button and that I’ve finally reached a major turn in the road that I’d been travelling towards for ages. 

I offer my humble pranams, filled with deep devotion and gratitude, to my Guru, Mohanji, for his divine grace and presence that has blessed my entire being and pray for eternal refuge at his holy feet. 

Shirdi experiences – part 1

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The Omnipresence of Mohanji

Whatever the activity – Guru Raksha Homa, meditations or a simple wish, these four testimonials show the unseen hands of Mohanji embracing his devotees with love and compassion.

Experience in Shirdi

Alok Nath, India

It’s my first time in Shirdi. The day after the Kriya initiation, I went to Shirdi Baba temple early morning and felt the lightness when reaching near the samadhi. Then, I attended the group Mai-Tri as part of the retreat, prayed to Mohanji and ancestors, and tried to be present there. Preeti Duggal Ji started the process, saying it was Mohanji who was doing it. After some time, I started to feel vibrations in the right side of my face, cheek, neck and shoulder, where there were already energy blockages from an accident. It went deeper as time progressed; it became so intense, like all toxins were being pulled from my jaw bone and neck. My face was moving towards the right side like someone was walking around and pulling it, and I was resisting it. It became heavier as she said, “Kali Ma is here, Mohanji is here, Sai Baba is here.” My head was already bent down when she said we could bow down to Baba. It was that intense healing; I couldn’t even put my head up; it was totally bent with energy vibrations on the right side. It was very hard for me to open my eyes when the process ended. 

In the afternoon meditation session that day, I slept intensely. Q n A sessions with Mohanji gave me more clarity. The next day, it was Power of Purity meditation after the Satsang. It was the best one I have ever done; I could easily follow it deeply. Earlier times, I couldn’t raise my hands in a blessing position, but this time, it was smooth; the energy was totally different. 

Then came conscious dancing. I even thought about whether I should attend the event. When the process started, they said Mohanji was there, but I thought it was just an event for fun in the end. I tried not to resist and moved with the flow. Different emotions were rising, and tears started to appear, which she said could happen initially, but I thought it wouldn’t. Dimensions were shifting with grace. It was really hard for me from the heart chakra; I couldn’t talk much when it reached the throat chakra. It clearly showed me the blockage in expressing. When bhajans were on, tears were rolling on their own. Whenever I focussed on the outside, especially through my eyes, I was losing the flow of the process. Then I could hear Preeti Duggal Ji telling all to close our eyes to feel more. Everybody was enjoying in their own ways with Masters’ Grace. Thanks to Devi Ji for designing this session. 

The next day, there was a tree plantation, and I left Shirdi with Masters grace to nearby Ankai fort where there is an Agastya temple. Many things are still happening. Even if I don’t understand, I can see how background work is being done from above for all to receive grace. THANKS TO ALL.

Meditation Miracle

Jelena Raičević, Serbia

Jelena shares a testimony of the “Power of Purity” meditation held in Belgrade, Serbia. Many people experienced that Mohanji comes astrally to be with the participants when his meditation is practiced. 

First, I felt that Mohanji was standing behind me and that he placed his hand lightly on my shoulder. Then, as my palms rested on my knees while meditating, I felt his palm on my hand. When he let go, I saw that he started walking around the room, tapping/caressing people on the tops of their heads. He came near my friend Sanja, who was also meditating in the room and had never met Mohanji before. He held her hands and gently tapped her head. Then he hugged her. Then he returned to me and held both my hands. His hands were below, and he kept mine above, on his. Somebody told me that this way of holding hands is typical for Mohanji in everyday life, that he often holds his hands in the way described. Later, when we completed the meditation, my friend Sanja asked me, “Hey, did you hold my hand during the meditation?” We were one and a half meters away, so there was no way that I would have been able to reach her. I said I didn’t. She said, “I felt it physically, and also the warmth of the palm on mine.” I responded that it wasn’t me and that I saw Mohanji had come and held her hand. She said, “I felt it was him, but I didn’t want to seem like I’m imagining, so I thought, perhaps it was you.” 

Guru Raksha Homa

Mahesh Balerao, Canada

Guru Raksha Homa was performed for three families on Thursday, 29th April 2021. These three families requested to get the Homa performed on their behalf. The families were from India, USA and Canada. 

During the Homa session, Mohanji’s energy and presence were observed and captured on the camera. Every time I start a Homa, I always connect with our Guru, Mohanji. At the start of the Homa, chandan smell was experienced and to confirm Mohanji’s presence, a big letter “M” was visible in the Homa fire.

Mohanji, as the fire element, can burn any unwanted, unresolved, past lineage situations/karma and protect the whole family and their lineage. Guru Raksha Homa is very specific for lineage karma situations and unburdens the weight of unresolved situations. Fire is the only one of the five elements that remains pure and burns the negative or unresolved situations. 

When the Guru Raksha Homa is performed at the right time and space, Guru Mohanji steps in to resolve family lineage problems. Based on acceptance and only if karmically allowed, the Homa protects the current situation and helps the past seven generations and seven generations in the future. Lineage has karma which is passed on to every generation, and the complicated relationships make it even heavier. Mohanji removes and burns unwanted situations that are causing or creating problems to take the whole lineage towards liberation. Our path and Tradition leads us towards liberation (freedom).

Yesterday, when I was performing the Homa, I observed and realised the same – the burning of unwanted karma. While performing the Homa, I could see and feel the exact situation of a devotee’s house burning and destruction happening. Homa pictures with black, dark smoke represented the same, and at the same time, I heard Mohanji speaking and talking to birds and animals, making them happy and making sure that they were not affected by the fire; he was with the animals and birds in the property site to help them feel comfortable and calmer. Later, the devotee confirmed that the burnt house had the presence of many birds, and a peacock actually came and sat on the rooftop. They have never seen a peacock before in the neighbourhood!

Mohanji’s energy was working in 360 degrees and sucking up the whole negativity sitting there, and then Ganesha appeared from Mohanji’s energy, indicating a positive turn. Ganesha was seen planting the Nagvel – the green leaf we use for puja or any auspicious ceremony. It was a situation where Mohanji blessed the devotee beautifully.

Mohanji then started working on another family. This family has deep-rooted connection with Mohanji over generations. The family is going through relationships problems.

Although their connection to each other was very strong, they were not content in life and had difficulty facing the experiences and facts of life, having doubts and second thoughts when decisions had to be made. Often, the intellect created situations for the family to separate, and their relationships were broken. 

Mohanji, as a Guru and our energy source, did cleaning and hovered over the past-life situations to restore friendship and companionship. It was a lack of understanding and not helping each other to understand the soul aspects of relationships. Within Mohanji’s energy, Siddhas confirmed a powerful connection with the family. They performed fire rituals within Mohanji’s energy and discussed the relationship between companion souls, and restoration of relationships happened through Mohanji. 

Love and peace were prevalent, and Mohanji’s presence was fully felt in the situation, showering blessings on the children and their future activities.

Surprise Divine Birthday Wish

Bhumika Arvind, Canada

I am writing today to share Mohanji’s limitless kindness and compassion. It was my son’s seventh birthday. A day before, I had contacted Preeti Duggal to find out what to do with Baba’s shawl that I had recently received. She guided me that it’s okay to wrap my son in the shawl for protection and love. On the day of his birthday, the day was going along. I checked my email and was just blown away. There was a birthday card from Mohanji. I couldn’t believe it and stood there staring at it. I rushed to share with everyone at home, especially my son. He was busy playing with his new toys. But when I showed him the card from Mohanji, he paused and looked at it; I still remember that look on his face; he was surprised and curious but at the same time very happy. 

I wrote to Preeti di sharing what had transpired and how unexpected but such a beautiful, divine gift and blessing it was. I take her for being such a beautiful tool in Mohanji’s hands. She mentioned it is grace, but she didn’t share anything with Mohanji. 

I shared the recent update with my husband. I knew this was Mohanji’s leela, but my husband went on with his detective work. So he tried calling people at the Mohanji Datta Tapovanam Ashram to figure out who may be involved and to express gratitude for this blessing. He ended up with a more puzzled look than when he started his detective work. 

Mohanji, it is you and you all the way. There is no way I can pay back your compassion and kindness. And there is no end to your divine play. Mohanji, you keep orchestrating so many leelas simultaneously and fulfilling many devotees’ desires. Your divine play has at times brought solace to me; other times have been a hit on my ego; brought me contentment and peace during distress. And I am deeply grateful for everything that you do; it is only your grace that I am made aware of your leelas, but I feel it in my heart that you do much more behind the scenes that I don’t know and maybe will never know. It will only happen with your grace. I hope that I stay in your consciousness always and forever, Mohanji, no matter what!


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Shirdi experiences – part 1

By a Mohanji follower

When I began writing this testimonial, I thought I must begin at the point when I learnt about the retreat in Shirdi with Mohanji and the kriya initiation. Then I thought – no, this tale had actually started a few months earlier. Well, over a year before, actually, when I’d come across a blog in which I had read about Mohanji for the first time and seen his pictures. No, in truth, it began years ago if I had to link up the moments neatly. And then I realized I might have to write a booklet of sorts to narrate the entire story from the start, even though it consisted mainly of very simple moments. 

A prayer answered

So, after extensive debates with myself, which involved some unnecessary name-calling on both sides, I’ve decided to begin from a point in mid-2021, when I started to read seriously about Mohanji, listen to his talks and read his books. 

Every single thing I read or heard resonated very deeply with me, and I started to feel an intense devotion towards Mohanji. An instinctive belief took root that I had finally found my Guru. 

I prayed for a chance to meet Mohanji in person. In June 2021, I received training in Consciousness Kriya, and from that point, I was also eagerly waiting to be initiated into Kriya by Mohanji. Empowered 1.0 helped deepen the faith that Mohanji was my Guru, and my wish to meet the Master increased greatly.

The powerful saint of Shirdi

I had always believed in Sai Baba, but until I came across Mohanji’s talks on the internet, I had not known much about his life. But Mohanji’s powerful talks on Sai Baba encouraged me to purchase the Sai Satcharitra. By the end of the first reading, I felt that the entire book was a very powerful, spiritually cleansing mantra.

I did the parayan of the sacred book a few times, and each time, I would feel that something had changed for the better within me by the end of the reading. Also, if I had done the parayan for any particular reason, my wish would be fulfilled, or if I was facing any emotional/mental turmoil, I would receive insights that would soothe and calm me down. I encouraged some of my loved ones to read the Sai Satcharitra, and they too benefited tremendously and developed a deep faith in Sai Baba. 

There is a temple near my home, and many deities are worshipped there. One of them is Sai Baba. Over the past 3-4 months, every time I visited the temple, I would tell Baba – “Please call me to Shirdi” or “Please let me come to Shirdi.” At the same time, I was also praying for an opportunity to meet Mohanji and seek his blessings. 

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When I first heard that Mohanji would be coming to India, I was thrilled beyond measure and decided that I would travel to whichever part of India he was visiting. And then I received the next message that he was going to be in Shirdi. It felt as though the universe had opened up a big bag of blessings and poured them over me. 

A surprising sight

I was still grinning widely at the message about Mohanji’s visit to Shirdi when my mother called me. For many years now, she has followed the practice of giving freshly cooked rice to crows in the noon before we have our lunch. Usually, my father offers food to the crows. But he was busy that noon, so my mother asked me to do the needful. My mind was full of Shirdi and Mohanji as I carried the rice and emptied it in the designated spot. Two crows came and sat a little far away and began cawing. Then a raven flew up and perched near the rice. Immediately, another raven joined the first one and then a third one came flying.

I was taken aback because it is very rare to spot even one raven in the area. In fact, in the ten years or so that we have been living in the house, I’d seen ravens just once or twice before, and at the most, I’d seen two together. And this noon, three of them had appeared all of a sudden. I was startled for a minute. Then, for some reason, I found myself smiling and assuring the birds, “Yes, I’m going to Shirdi.” If anyone had seen me at that point, I have no doubt I would have been made to undergo a serious psychiatric evaluation.

Anyway, the first item on my to-do list was to apply for leave from the office. I remembered that a colleague had applied for leave on 17th December, the scheduled date of Kriya initiation. My heart sank for a moment since it meant that I would probably not be granted leave as we were short-staffed at that point. Then I vaguely remembered that she had posted something about that leave in our group chat just 2-3 days ago. I quickly checked the chat and saw that she had postponed her leave to the 20th from the 17th; another blessing. 

A request for grace

But there was one more issue. As per my menstrual cycle, I was to get my periods on the 18th or a day earlier. It’s part of my personal code that I do not visit temples/chant mantras/touch any spiritual objects if my periods are going on. The idea of visiting Shirdi and not being able to take Sai Baba’s darshan was unbearable. I became so anxious that I started doing a parayan of the Satcharitra with a request to Sai Baba that I should be able to take his darshan. 

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But then, on the second day of the parayan, I happened to watch a video in which Mohanji was talking about Sai Baba, and he’d said that we shouldn’t ask Baba for anything and should just surrender to his will. I felt guilty after hearing that, so I mentally asked Sai Baba to forget that I had asked him for anything before doing the parayan. I completed the remaining days of the parayan without having any prayer in mind. 

I think it was probably after I had completed the parayan or was close to doing so that I saw a dream one night. It was a long, convoluted one, but one moment of the dream was crystal clear, and I still recall it vividly. I saw Baba’s luminous form sitting on the stone, and he told me something to the effect that, “You were angry because you were kept away from saints such as Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. But I’m with you now.”

The dream moved me intensely because until I’d met Mohanji, I’d expressed my anger towards the divine many times over the years over a feeling that my prayers for a Guru were being ignored. But I’ve understood now that prayers for spiritual growth don’t go unheard. The dream also alleviated my anxieties related to the trip.

Was it really -? It was. But was it?

On the morning of 17th December, I left home at about six in the morning and waited outside for the hired cab to arrive. Then I learnt that the driver had parked in the wrong place. After giving him the directions, I stared impatiently at the turn in the road from which the cab would be arriving. It was dark, and in the dim illumination of the street lights, I saw an elderly man dressed in an orange/saffron kurta and white dhoti with a bag slung on a shoulder walking on that road. He was quite far from me, and there wasn’t sufficient light, so I couldn’t see his face. As I watched him, I idly remembered the experiences of Sai Baba devotees that I had read about and heard in the previous months and how Baba often appears in the guise of an old man. 

The thought had just popped up in my head when the old man glanced in my direction, and while continuing to walk, he raised his right hand as if in a friendly greeting. It surprised me, and I turned quickly because I was sure his wave had been meant for someone behind me. A middle-aged couple walked on the road behind me, but they seemed engrossed in a conversation. I turned again swiftly. The old man was still walking, he was still looking in my direction, and his hand was still raised. Totally confused, I stared at him blankly until a wall hid him from view.

The cab arrived, and the astonishment over the incident with the old man was forgotten briefly. Later, when I thought about it again, I felt a doubt that I had probably hyped up the entire thing in my mind. Maybe the old man had really just waved at someone further down on the road behind me. But in my heart, there has been no space for any doubt. It remains peacefully convinced that the unbelievable happened…  

Again, my mind is holding up a huge placard with doubt as I type this, but my heart is waving it off with a peaceful smile. I surrender both at Mohanji’s feet. 

Stranded and confused

I was to get down at a particular spot in Thane, where I was to meet with four wonderful souls and travel together to Shirdi in a different vehicle. All of us were eagerly waiting to meet Mohanji for the first time.


May be an image of 1 person, beard and text that says "mohanji.org"

I reached the designated spot by 6:45 am but learnt that the cab that was to take us to Shirdi had taken another route and stopped at a different place. Since I was completely unfamiliar with the area, it was difficult for me to understand the directions given by the driver of the other cab, and somehow, the location sent on the phone too wasn’t working properly.

To give you an idea of my situation, I was standing on a narrow service road, close to the foot of a major flyover, and vehicles were speeding past. There was no one around whom I could ask for directions, and to get a rickshaw, I would either have had to walk to a signal that was about 15 minutes away with my heavy bag. Or I would have had to walk for a while in the other direction, cross the road and wait for a rickshaw and just pray that the driver would be familiar with the area and would know the new meeting spot. The sky was just lightening, and there wasn’t anyone around whom I could ask for guidance. 

Unexpected help arrives

Just then, a rickshaw stopped in front of me, and the driver got down. He asked me where I wanted to go with a lot of kindness. I was hugely relieved and got him to speak to the cab driver. The auto driver told me he knew precisely where the place was and said it was about 6-7 kilometers away. He said he had been heading in the opposite direction but had spotted me standing on the service road with a lost look and had taken a U-turn (and also broken a traffic rule, I think) to reach me just to guide me about the route I needed to take. 

I asked him if he could take me to the right spot. He refused apologetically because he would have had to travel on the wrong way down a major road to do that. He told me to walk to the nearest signal, gave me clear instructions about what I needed to tell the driver of whichever auto I would find, and told me about some landmarks too. I thanked him sincerely, but I was still feeling quite confused as I picked up my bag and started to walk to the signal. 

But the auto driver suddenly changed his mind and asked me to stop. He said he would drop me at the location but would charge a higher-than-usual amount. I was so grateful that I almost told him that I would pay him double of that! 

A silent guardian

The driver of the cab that had brought me to Thane had not stirred while all this was going on. He had told me that he had recently moved to Mumbai from Bangalore and was very unfamiliar with the city, which is why I hadn’t thought of asking for his help. And I’d assumed he had continued to wait there because he was talking on the phone or was probably resting. But as soon as I got into the rickshaw, he drove off, and I realized only then that he’d stayed back just to ensure my safety because of the isolated nature of the spot where I was standing.

It felt as though kindness was pouring on me from all sides. The auto driver dropped me at the right place without needing to check with the other driver again or asking anyone for directions. Before he left, I told him gratefully that Baba had sent him to help me, and I truly believe that. 

Eventually, after a pleasant journey, we reached Shirdi in the afternoon, and after a short rest, arrived at the venue for Kriya initiation.  

To be continued ……

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Grace flows

By Ruchika Gandhi, India

Unpredictable times

I don’t know how to start and what to share. The last few months from February 2021 have been crazy with so many turbulences; what shook us as a family was the sudden deterioration in our mother’s health condition. She was diagnosed with the rarest of diseases we had never heard of. Autoimmune ILD (interstitial lungs disease), polymyositis (autoimmune muscles condition) combined with type two diabetes she has been suffering with for many years, landed with a cardiac episode the day she was admitted to the hospital on 26th Feb’ 2021 midnight. 

Throughout these 9.5 months, the entire family has gone through different stages of emotions. I wanted to share what I felt during this toughest phase of our lives but never got that space and time to write it. As I am writing today about my experiences, she is once again in the hospital on ventilator support; this is her eighth visit. 

My dad’s passing in 2017 was also sudden. We were not prepared for it at all. I was not that strong and stable at that moment to handle it. Mother’s difficult time started after my dad’s passing. She lost interest in life and has been holding so much within since then. It was extremely painful for her to lose a loved one, as we can see on a physical level. But despite being such a difficult phase for us, these nine months have also been full of Grace and Gratitude

What you can’t handle, just give it to your Guru and don’t look back… have faith. 

I have experienced many times, how Mohanji whom I lovingly call Father, and Shirdi Baba have worked unimaginably to give her all the strength to work out her karmas in this lifetime itself. 

She was very critical when admitted for the first time on 26th Feb 2021 and went on ventilator support for two months. I spoke to Mohanji that day, and he said that she doesn’t have any interest in life further. We don’t want to drag the soul, but we will see. 

His words didn’t scare me but made my eyes wet. I felt some kind of acceptance within. Let thy will be done which is meant for her highest good. Until now, I am praying only for that, as being ignorant of the divine play, I cannot ask selfishly anything better than this for my mother, who has lovingly served us for all these years.

Mohanji and Baba made me experience how they have taken upon themselves so much of the sufferings she was meant to go through in this life. She got the bed numbers 18 the first time, then 9, then 11. These numbers are signs of his presence for me.

Baba’s little idol was given once to Mumma when she was in the ICU; we told her to hold Baba in her hands and pray to him with all her heart. After some days, I noticed that Baba’s idol was broken from the neck. That was the day I realized that Baba shared my mother’s pain in his usual way.

You are being held every moment; just surrender and have faith. Mohanji works through many beings to strengthen you and allows you to receive and perceive situations with positivity. 

Throughout the initial period of her hospitalization, I felt stability within. I don’t know what was driving me and helped me witness what she went through at the hospital, and then later at the care centre where Mumma and I spent 5.5 months together. This stability was nothing but Mohanji’s energy that kept me going and didn’t allow my emotions to influence me so much as would have happened otherwise when we operate from an emotional level.

Kirti Khandelwal played an important role in just being available every moment for my and Mumma’s healing sessions. Important reminders were sent through her, Duggal di and other practitioners to face reality with full acceptance and awareness and allow Mumma’s journey to be smoother by not being attached emotionally. To allow the soul to travel ahead smoothly.

During my recitation of Hanuman Chalisa at the hospital, I felt many times Mohanji’s presence in the form of stability, acceptance, surrender and a sense of faith in the doctors. Situations were tough, but Mohanji gave the strength to face it all. 

Mohanji put us in the hands of doctors who were genuinely concerned about my mother’s wellbeing, handled the case with all the precautions to ensure that she didn’t have to go through any unnecessary procedures, given the multiple health issues. 

The Divine Guidance will come… through various channels. 

It was only his sheer grace that Dr Harpeet Wasir silently worked behind the scenes and was in constant touch with Dr Pankaj Puri, the main treating doctor at Fortis Escorts, who has handled Mumma’s case, right from the beginning. Words will not be enough to describe how Dr Wasir extended all possible guidance, made the whole family understand the most tricky situations so sensibly, calmly and helped us to reinstate our faith that doctors are doing what is right for our mother.

His prompt support, guidance and love was another way for me to experience how Mohanji was speaking to me through him. I am also amazed at the role Dr Pankaj Puri played and supported us in many ways during multiple hospitalizations and beyond as well. I offer my deepest gratitude to him for always being there to take Mumma’s case under him and oversee everything on his own. 

Mai-Tri sessions and grace 

Countless Mai-Tri sessions by so many Mai-Tri practitioners – Preeti Duggal di, Kirti Khandelwal, Nirupama Chowdhary, Nimika, Viji di, Prajakta, Nikunj Naredi, Rekha Murali, Shubha and many others made me experience that it’s not just this life, but deep cleansing of many lifetimes of karmas of my mother have been taken care of. 

In one of the sessions, I was guided by Nirupama di to give some fabric to a transgender person in my mother’s name. That whole incident was blissful. I am grateful to Mohanji and Divine Mother for allowing me to have her darshan in human form. I bought a beautiful light green color cloth, got it hand-touched by my mother, and then went out for seva at the animal centre. After the seva, I was on a rickshaw for my way back home; out of nowhere, a transgender person appeared near my rikshaw wearing the same color that I bought to offer. She said something in a different language (which I could not understand at all) and did some expressions with her hands. I bowed down and offered that cloth piece to her. She blessed me, touched the top of my head and disappeared immediately. But I felt Mother Kali appeared to bless and said, “Chinta mat karo” (don’t worry). It was a beautiful experience. Mother’s eyes were so bright and intense.

In another session, Mohanji and the whole Tradition were present and blessed my mother. I was in awe when Nirupama di shared that Mohanji gave Mumma Shaktipat. She also said to play Nirvanshaktam. I played it continuously and experienced that whatever Mumma was going through at that moment had been put to rest. The intensity of that physical suffering had been reduced immensely, as Mumma became more silent after that. I felt deep peace on her face and the way she was responding to the different health conditions she was going through.

Only compassion flows through my beloved Mohanji. We don’t need to ask for anything; he just gives without asking and blesses us every moment. Even at the hospital currently, she looks more calm, peaceful. She doesn’t have much to say; she is in total acceptance. 

Dr Puri said that “I have seen many cases in my career, but I have never seen a patient so calm going through such severe health issues.” Mohanji and Baba’s presence has been there every moment. I felt it when I flowed with my emotions sometimes and felt painful within to see Mumma going through such intense times.

A reminder, a thought that not to let emotions play havoc on me, to just watch them. Play your part well with all honesty, selflessness and surrender and give her love, serve in her name as much as possible. Face reality with full awareness and acceptance. This is Mohanji’s way to bring me back to the TRUTH. 

Mother is the highest form of the Divine, who serves her children unconditionally. 

Today, I realized that Mumma had given all of us, the entire family, a big opportunity to serve her in any way possible. To release us all from the karmic bond that we share together for lifetimes. Her invisible contribution, grace, and grit to fight, especially during this time, are experiences that I take as a blessing; my humble gratitude to my mother for allowing me to serve her and for being with us.

These unforgettable moments got all the sisters to be together at this time, especially during Covid, when travel around the world is restricted. It’s his sheer grace only that Mohanji allowed us to be together and do our dharma. I offer all that has been done till now and that I will be allowed to do in the time to come at his lotus feet. 

My humble pranaams to Mohanji, Shirdi Baba, Hanuman ji, Mother Kali, Lord Krishna.. they are all one. My heart, my whole being, offers deepest gratitude and love to the Supreme Divine for everything. For sending Mohanji into my life, for sowing the seed of knowing human existence beyond human mind limitations, for igniting the bhaav of seva, devotion, love for the Supreme Divine, for being able to experience him in so many beautiful ways. And also for not being able to experience anything at times, as those moments are reminders for me that I have many, many miles to go still to understand the real TRUTH. Every moment of ignorance is a moment of igniting that LIGHT within, shedding of EGO and crossing the oceans of heavy karmic baggage. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for everything. Thank you, Mohanji family, for standing with us, for sending your prayers, healings and financial contribution through Ammucare and thanks to our friends, family and relatives for their prayers and blessings. I am grateful to every being for supporting my mother and all of us silently. Love you all. 


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