A miraculous shield

red jacket

by Ami Hughes

There was a dull thud upon impact. I realised my car was hit.

The car just ahead of me took a left turn. I followed, also turning left into Twickenham Road on my daily route to our work headquarters in Auckland Park – a Johannesburg suburb.

It was a quiet morning, not much traffic on the roads. Twickenham was even quieter. No other cars aside from ours. The multi-coloured Toyota Avanza turned right on to the oncoming lane, and I passed it.

Suddenly I heard a dull thud. My heart sank. There was that sickening kind of feeling in the pit of my stomach as I realised my car was hit. 

Then the scenes turned surreal. I felt half in and half out of my body. Everything that followed appeared to be like in a movie, and I witnessed the scene from far away. 

Everything was in slow motion.

This is how it unfolded.

The street was still quiet. There were no human witnesses to what had just happened, only the All-Pervasive, All-Seeing, All-Knowing Mighty Divine beyond the range of physical perception. 

I got out of my car, shaking like a leaf. I just couldn’t stop shaking. The fear of the cost of the damage to my vehicle was uppermost and completely consumed my mind at that moment. Repairing BMWs do not come cheap even though insured. My car is not even three years old.

I was not hurt but was anything but rational. I was gripped in a mixture of shock and fear and anger too and engulfed in that horrible sick kind of feeling. This was exacerbated by weeks of worry and stress over uncertainty at work with the threat of retrenchment letters hanging over our heads. On a personal physical level, l was afflicted with unrelenting debilitating headaches. They caused my blood pressure to skyrocket – and now this!

The accident was just the catalyst that burst my emotional dam wall. The pent-up frustration was at boiling point and spilt over in anger. I was seething. It overrode all sensibilities. 

I looked at my car in horror. The back bumper looked awful, oh and the mag wheel rim (more sick feeling). It also looked hideous. Again my thoughts raced to the cost of the possibility of having to get a new rim as well!

The other driver also got out of her car, which was still on the opposite oncoming lane in half left turn back towards the left lane again. We approached each other. It was another lady driver.

Looking at the state of my car in disbelief, I shouted to the lady as we approached each other, “What have you done? You turned right!”

And she shouted back, “I indicated.”

Me: “No, you didn’t.”

Lady: “Yes, I did.”

Me: “But you turned Right!” 

Lady: “I indicated!”

Me: “Look at my car!”

And this went on and on with our voices getting louder and louder in the quiet suburban street. Both of us were in shock. Our reactions were far from calm, rational or reasonable. The lady was driving a company vehicle. All the noise brought out a few residents from inside their homes into the street. They looked on with much curiosity as to the cause of all the noise. 

I have to admit that I was not myself at all, sadly. With all that I had been experiencing physically and energetically over the past several months which were very trying and testing, I felt alone, unsupported, and physically, emotionally, mentally tired and generally just fed-up with my lot. Ridiculous thoughts flooded my mind like, ‘Beam me up, Scotty. I’m done here.’

As the commotion was going on, a car approached on the oncoming lane. It happened to be one of my work colleagues. She was so amazing, ultra-calm, and she immediately took charge of the situation.  

Colleague to me: “You’re shaking. We need to get you some sugar water.” 

My colleague helped me take deep calming breaths, and she also spoke to the other driver, gently and kindly. 

By then the lady (driver of the Toyota Avanza) had radioed her colleagues and reported the incident. They worked in the security department at the University of Johannesburg, outside of which the incident occurred. Her colleagues arrived on the scene quite quickly and assessed the situation. The other car was still in the oncoming lane. 

Everyone on the scene was very kind. They helped the other driver and me to take down each other’s details. They guided us to take photos of the cars and reminded us to report the incident to the police within 24 hours.

Their calm handling of the situation kind of brought me back into my body. I felt as though I was waking up from a dream into conscious awareness.

I was taking in the finer details of things around me. Curiously, I noticed the other driver’s hands, fingers and fingernails. They were very elegant with red nail polish. I looked at her face and thought she was so pretty, and I liked her, and I realised she was also scared. 

My heart melted for her. I felt empathy; immediately and sincerely, I apologised for all the shouting with the purity of my heart. The exchanges had been loud on both sides. She also genuinely apologised.

I instinctively reached out and hugged her (at the moment forgetting all about the covid social distancing). She hugged me back.

Thinking about her family, and perhaps she might have children or old parents relying on her (these were the thoughts that I found were racing through my mind as I was slowly and consciously taking everything in). I urged her to please stay safe and take care.

We parted as one human caring about another. It felt right and natural. It felt good.

My car was not mechanically damaged. I gingerly drove to work. We need an access card to gain entry into the parking, and into our greater office building. I drove to the third floor and parked in my parking bay. 

I was feeling quite light-headed. I sat in the car for a few minutes, breathing slowly and deeply, trying to steady myself. Gathering myself, I got out of my car, opened the boot to get my handbag, and realised I did not have my access card with me. My mind was a complete blank. I could not remember where I had put the access card.

I had to think for several moments, yes, I had to use the card to gain entry into the car park, so the card had to be in the car. For some 40 minutes, I searched high and low inside the car, under the car, I emptied my handbag – no card in sight. Where could the access card be?!

My awareness level was zero; my mind-body-senses were not in alignment. My energy field was scattered.

I wondered whether I had dropped the car at the entry point. So ensuring in a slow and measured way that I had the car keys in my hand, I locked the car and slowly walked down three winding floors to the entrance, still feeling quite shaky in the body.

The card was not there either. I asked the security guards whether they had seen an access card perhaps dropped at the entry point at the checkpoint. No, they hadn’t.

Again there was much kindness from the guards. One of them asked whether I was alright. I said no, I didn’t feel so good and that I just couldn’t remember where I had put my card.

He kindly walked me back to my car on the 3rd floor and helped me search for the elusive card. We could still not find it. Goodness, it appeared to have just vanished! My mind was again all over the place, and I still felt acutely light-headed.

Then my eyes fell on my little purse inside my handbag that held my driver’s licence and identity card. I reached out for it and opened it. And there it was – the access card!!!

For the life of me, I did not recall putting it into that purse. I was so relieved. The kind security card was also smiling ear-to-ear, so happy for me that I had found the card. You can imagine the state I was in, not to have remembered where I had put the card.

I was still feeling misty-eyed when I got to the office. I quietly sat at my desk for about ten minutes. I made myself a black coffee to ground myself. Thoughts were racing through my head. I needed to go to the police station, get an accident report number for insurance and all the nitty-gritty of paperwork.

A moment of pause, I took a deep breath and messaged my Beloved Master, Mohanji, telling him about what had happened. By then, the waterworks were in full flood. I just cried and cried and cried silently. My colleagues respectfully let me be.

Mohanji’s reply came within a few minutes, “Be Cool. You will be OK. Proceed with the rest of formalities.”

OMG! Mohanji said, “Be Cool.” Thinking back on the drama earlier, I was anything but cool!

And my Master knew it. He was physically thousands of miles away but was a first-hand witness to the unfolding drama earlier.

My beloved Master also said something else in the message. It’s something of a personal nature which I don’t feel I can share publicly. In reply to my response, Mohanji said,” I am with you. Be cool. Be Mohanji.” I felt very comforted and strengthened by His messages. 

The police formalities proceeded smoothly. It was the first time I had driven to the famous Brixton Police Station in Johannesburg!

Considering what to do next, I drove straight on to my car dealership for guidance on how to proceed considering the car was still under a motor plan. They cautioned me to go to their recognised repair centre to ensure I don’t lose the motor plan’s benefits. I immediately drove to their recommended repair centre some ten kilometres away. All the formalities were done with pictures taken of the damages. They said they would email me the quote. Again it was quite a straightforward, painless procedure.

As I drove home, I felt compelled to take the car straight to the carwash near where I lived, for a thorough wash and full valet service.

Two beautiful, helpful souls setto work. I told them what had happened. They were very sympathetic and said not to worry. You should have seen just how they went about cleaning the car.

Finally, it was all done. They said, “Come see ma’am.”

I expected to see scratches and dents. There was not a single scratch, nor a dent on the bumper. Nothing! I looked on in utter amazement and peered closely at the rim. Here too, there was not one scratch on it. I was dumb-founded.

I recalled hearing a thud at the time of the incident. There was an impact, and yet there was nothing to show of the morning’s incident. It was a Miracle! A Miracle! My Master’s Miracle. 

Mohanji’s protective presence is a powerful shield. When he says, “I am with you,” these are not empty words. They are the words of a powerful Master filled with the energy of Source. This was tangible, observable proof. Mohanji always says to us all, “Stay connected. Do not doubt.” 

How often our minds lead us astray in messy, knotty thought entanglements. We apply our limited human concepts to our Master. Yes indeed, Mohanji is in a physical body, and how often have we, mistakenly, thought of him as being just an ordinary human being. He actually prefers it that way.

But please let me just say, put the ‘extra into the ordinary,’ in our definition of Mohanji, we will be getting a little closer to the truth of his extraordinary source stature.

Back to the incident of my car, there’s more! While still at the carwash, I checked my email on my mobile phone. I was surprised to see that the quote from the repair centre had come in. That was quite quick.

I opened the email, and there was the quote staring at me, detailing a long list of repairs which amounted to a grand total of nearly 24 000.00 Rand!

At the carwash, I had paid just R200.00 for the washing and full valet service. To think I was so worried about the cost of repairs.

Miracle, Miracle, Miracle!

This is my Master’s grace, his unstinting blessings, his mighty cover of love and protection. This mind cannot fully grasp the depth of his unconditional love for us. This is my father’s love always and in All Ways.

About a week after the incident, I received a call from the University of Johannesburg’s legal department inquiring whether I had the three quotes from the repair centres to sort out the insurance.

When I explained the eventual outcome after the car was taken to the carwash, the man was at first taken aback and then completely amazed.

I mentioned the amount quoted for the repair centre’s repairs and how much I had paid at the car wash. The man chuckled in disbelief and relief too. I told the gentleman that there were no damages to my vehicle and that there was no need for any insurance claim. I asked him about the condition of the other car. He said there was a slight crack to the bumper and damage to one of the light covers. Nothing major! He asked whether they could close the case, I replied with a happy and emphatic Yes!

“I am with you.”


My heart is so deeply grateful.

Thank You, my beloved Master Mohanji. 

All praise! All thanks to You!


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The Shield – Mohanji’s Kavacha

Mohanji Kavacha

Our Gurur Mohanji is working relentlessly and tirelessly working round the clock to protect us: something that most of us know and have experienced.  This is clearly evident from the following experiences.

Preeti Duggal, Bangalore

Late one evening, after dinner, Preeti’s children and sister-in-law, Devyani, went out for ice-creams to a frequent haunt, not far from her home in Bangalore, India. After enjoying their ice-creams, while walking back towards the car, a person suddenly appeared from nowhere and tried to snatch Devyani’s handbag. The snatcher gave her a hard push and she fell flat in the middle of the road! The road was a busy one with fast-moving vehicles and it was miraculous that there was only one speeding bike that stopped inches from her! Thoroughly shaken and in a panic, my daughter rapidly got everyone in the car and tried the ignition,  but it wouldn’t start. She then called her father, Rajiv, who quickly reached the spot, faced no problem to start the car, and drove the family to the nearby hospital.  By the time they reached the hospital, Devyani was in great pain, unable to move. We expected a fracture or internal injury from that hard fall on the concrete road.

All this while, Preeti constantly chanted Mohanji’s Gayatri  Mantra and transferred  Mai-Tri Healing energy to Devyani. After a couple of hours, to the great relief of the family, the X-Ray and scan confirmed that there was no fracture nor internal injury.  When they returned home after this 3-4 hour-long ordeal, on retrospection, the family realized one thing very clearly – how much Mohanji had protected them during this incident.

Mohanji, the compassionate guru that he is, protects not just those of us who believe in him, but their families, and the lineage, both in the past and future! Devyani could have been easily hit by a fast-moving vehicle when she fell in the middle of the busy road, yet there was only one bike on the road that stopped in the nick of time. This does not seem to be a coincidence. Certainly, a big karma had to be exhausted, but it happened in a much lighter way.

We thank you Preeti Duggal, for sharing this beautiful experience with us.

Jai Mohanji!

Chandralekha, Palakkad


I am a psychiatric counsellor, working for a psychiatric hospital in Palakkad. Since the past two years, I have been regularly attending Mohanji’s meditation sessions at the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple at Palakkad. Some days ago, Mr. Devdas gave me a copy of the ‘Siva Kavacham’ chanted by Mohanji and I started listening to the Kavacham from that day itself.

The following Monday, when I was sitting in my counselling room, a man was furiously rushing around with a metal rod having sharp ends. He was a psychiatric patient. Hearing a loud noise of something breaking, I hurried out to know what was going on. Suddenly, the patient rushed towards me with the metal rod.  I tried to shut the door quickly, but he pushed the door and tried to forcibly enter the room.  Struggling, I found a small gap and ran out of the room and managed to overpower him from behind. All happened within minutes. Soon, the other staff members heard the sounds and came to my rescue and took him out.

I am usually a calm and quiet person, and I have never experienced a situation like this in the past. I don’t know how I got the strength and the idea to manage the situation that day!  I also realised that neither patient nor I was hurt or injured in any way. I am sure my saviour saved me and my family!

Thanks a lot Mohanji, for being with me and my family.

It was then that I understood the purpose of getting the Shiva Kavacham.”

– Chandralekha

Rajeshwari, Delhi

Mohanji, SP is unwell with altitude sickness. He left this morning for Ladakh and it hit as soon as he landed. Please be with him.” This was the message I sent Mohanji a couple of days ago.

Recently, my younger daughter Devika and her father, husband, SP,  left for Ladakh, on a work trip. Ladakh has always been a part of our lives for over 30 years.  We went there as often as we could, taking our children there for the first time when they were barely 9 and 7-year-olds. The altitude, the biting cold, the terrain…none of these things had ever bothered us so far, even though SP suffers from chronic Asthma. So when Devika called asking me if I had heard of a tablet called Diamox, I panicked – the tablet was what one took in case of altitude sickness. She added that SP had been a bit dizzy since landing and he had blacked out on reaching their homestay. The nearest doctor was away visiting another village, and taking SP back to a hospital in Leh would take a couple of hours. I said a quick prayer – Mohanji’s Gayatri – and then told her to go ahead and give SP the medicine (even though we had no idea if SP would turn out to be allergic to the drug). I disconnected the call and immediately sent the message to Mohanji.

His response was quick – “I am with him”. Mohanji also asked me to chant a mantra as often as I could. The rest of my day was packed with meetings. I chanted in the car, between my meetings and on the way home.  I tried their mobiles every hour but I was unable to get through. Was I worried? Yes, I was, but I knew deep down that it would work out as it was meant to. When my phone finally rang around 10 pm, I heard SP’s calm voice, a bit softer than normal, telling me that he was fine. I said I had been worried. And he said, “Yes, I know and you told Mohanji.”

As I write this I marvel at the expansive silence that resides within me despite the patchwork that life weaves around me time and again. Mohanji has shown me the plausibility of faith and the positive impact it has on me and everyone around me.

Somewhere I have begun to understand what Mohanji means when he says, “I am with you”.

As I write this SP is back at work, still in Ladakh!

– Rajeshwari

These experiences prove beyond doubt that the Guru is always by our side gently holding our hand unconditionally and walking us through the storms of life towards liberation. 

HOlding Hand


The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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