Service at the abode of Shiva: only Master’s grace

By Dr. Nikita Naredi, India

Traveling to Kailash was never in my bucket list until a few years back.  I had heard many experiences of various devotees and had even read the book, ‘Kailash with Mohanji’ in bits and parts. It was mesmerizing to read and hear about Kailash and the  ‘Kailashis’ but nothing stirred me enough to consider my trip to Kailash; probably Shiva did not consider me eligible at that time. Kirti Khandelwal, a beautiful member of Mohanji Family from Pune would always nudge me, “Didi, you must go to Kailash,” and I would brush it aside thinking I am not physically or psychologically fit enough.

It was again in 2018, I had to go on an official trip to Rajasthan for a fortnight when Kirti reminded me about considering my trip to Kailash. She also asked me to read the book ‘Inner Kora’ which is a compilation of the experiences written by the devotees who were fortunate enough to circumambulate the inner Kora of Kailash along with Mohanji. She thought that reading the book would inspire me to consider the Kailash yatra as it had done to so many others. Incidentally, I had this book with me since the 2017 Rishikesh retreat where Mohanji himself had blessed and given me this book; but I could somehow never even open the book till then. So, the book accompanied me during this Rajasthan tour of duty. Once I started reading the book, I found it fascinating and in no time I was devouring page after page. As I was nearing the end of the book, the yearning to be there in Kailash was taking shape inside me. By the time I finished the testimonials of the other ‘Kailashis’, this yearning had turned into a resolution. My mind was all ready to be a part of this ‘Journey of a lifetime: Kailash with Mohanji.’ I believe that this was my ‘inner calling.’

Having decided to be a part of this journey, the process was set into motion. Kailash being in China; I being in the Indian Armed Forces, official permission had to be sought to travel abroad. But, before this permission, the permission of our very own ‘Shiva’ had to be taken to confirm my eligibility to step on the holy land of Kailash. The permission came in the form of a reply to my text message to Mohanji – “Go ahead”. The grace flowed. The official permission was a cakewalk. It was much later that I was made aware of the application of one of my seniors who had also applied for a trek to Kailash, with some other group, which was promptly rejected. The grace really flowed for me.

With the actual dates of travel creeping in fast, came the excitement and also doubts. Excitement is self-explanatory, but doubt started filling me and consuming me. I was afraid. “Will I be able to manage the trip?” This was bolstered by the fact that I never considered myself to be physically fit and enduring. I could barely jog for a short distance before slowing down to a walk. But the resolution to give it my best shot prompted me to build up my stamina. I started my endurance building with long walks and jogs. But these runs were irregular both due to commitment at work and, at times, procrastination. The only regular thing I was doing in that period was ‘surrendering’. I would surrender to my Master, Mohanji, and to the Master of the Universe – Shiva. I would say, “If you have called me, I am sure it is only you who can make me sail through”. My husband and my daughter were also very supportive and encouraging throughout the preparation process and their role in my determination cannot be belittled.


Time flashed by and we were in Kathmandu on 5th August 2019 to commence our yatra. It all started with a beautiful evening ‘satsang’ with Mohanji and meeting the other enthusiasts from all over the world; a greater part of them not known but were soon going to become like family.

Being a doctor, my duty for the trip was assigned and I was briefed by Dhritiman Biswas, whom we fondly know as DB, about my role as a doctor to the group. He also made a statement that day, “Your hands are going to be really full as we proceed”.  I really didn’t understand the weight that the casual statement carried till I finished my Kailash Parikrama.

The ensuing day at Kathmandu visiting temples and bonding with the other co-travelers was indeed joyful. The helicopter ride to cross the border was mesmerising but the long road journeys on the bus and staying at different destinations every other night was getting all of us out of our comfort zones.

We reached Keyrung through an exciting helicopter ride and the Indian pilgrims were fortunate to reach a day earlier as the crossing-over formalities were smoother. We rested and relaxed before our international counterparts joined us the next day. The highlight of this stay was the impromptu satsang with Mohanji which commenced at 9:30 pm at night and culminated at 00:30! What a beautiful session we had; questions answered and blessings showered.

The arduous journey was yet to begin. As we ascended in altitude and the long drives on the bus started, many of us started getting sick. Motion sickness, headaches, nausea: a few ailments which were common to all. I was not immune to any of these (doctors get ill too) but an invisible grace and energy kept me going and encouraged me to help people with small and big ailments. The altitude was already taking a toll on all of us and this was evident at Saga. Along with Riana, a beautiful soul from South Africa who had participated twice before in this sacred journey, I took a round of all the rooms checking on everyone. Some were down with headaches, some with breathlessness and others anorexic. The whole group was spread all over the hotel on different floors and believe me; we both were going from one room to another without any difficulty.  The ‘voltage’ for this was being provided by the source. My responsibility as a medical care-giver to the Kailash family was very different from the specialty I practice, but what I was doing at that moment felt new but strangely familiar.  A feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment had already settled in, not knowing what lay ahead.

Another arduous journey with both morale and health going up and down, we reached the banks of Mansarovar: Our first destination…

In spite of the happiness and satisfaction of landing on the holy land; most of the group members were not really well that night. I was called by Mohanji, instructed to take a round of all the rooms and meet all the members of our family and look into their health. Most of them were under the effects of high altitude and the resultant hypoxia.  The oxygen levels of a few were really down and we administered oxygen to them. The altitude was already taking a toll on a few.  The next morning everyone was very excited about the dip in the holy lake: a dream of every Hindu. However, due to the new policy by the Chinese government, we were prohibited to do so. We were sad but acceptance is what we have been imbibing since we joined the Mohanji family. We were all given our share of water to bathe and we loved every moment of it when all the members were helping each other with the ice-cold serene divine water chanting ‘Om Namah Shivaya.’

In spite of the ups and downs, each of us was full of gratitude to the divine, and our Master for getting us to this holy soil and being with us physically and spiritually too. I was beckoned every now and then by my comrades due to their ill-health and never once did I get overwhelmed, moving from one place to the other. The purpose of writing this and reiterating the same facts is just to highlight that my journey to Kailash was for this larger purpose. Gratitude to my Master, my Guru. My first-aid kit which I was carrying with me was made full use of, and I was thanking my husband who is also a doctor for cajoling me to carry more of the medicines. Again, I don’t take any credit for this because I knew I was being facilitated and empowered by Mohanji to do this job. Had I ever imagined that my profession would be made use of at 18000 feet?  Gratitude again to Shiva….

The next morning at Mansarovar I got up feeling really sick, feverish, splitting headache with hardly any energy. After freshening up, as I got out of my room, Rajesh Kamath told me, “Big Boss is calling you.” He meant Mohanji. His tone was not too assuring. I started wondering if I had faltered anywhere. Let me be frank; feeling a bit apprehensive, I went to Mohanji’s room. He looked at me and said, “Colonel, I want to tell something to you.  Listen very carefully. You will be compassionate towards everyone when it comes to helping and treating people but you will not be sympathetic.  Do what is correct and I am with you. Don’t listen to anyone when it comes to professional advice.” He was very stern when he said this. I did not understand an iota of the connotation of his words and just nodded in affirmation. He said again, “Do you understand?” I just said, “Yes.” I also told him that I was not feeling too great that morning. He said, “I know it.” He asked Ivana, a beautiful Mohanji Transformation Method practitioner, and an accomplished person, in an assertive tone to do a session for me and build a ‘Kavach’ (an armour) around me so that no negativities or physical strain affects me. Believe me, that Kavach was indeed an armour which made me last the entire Parikrama.

After Mansarovar, we were to embark on our most solicited journey: the trek around Mount Kailash. All excited, the whole group assembled at the ‘Yam Dwar’, which marks the starting point for the circumambulation. It is said that at this sacred site, we have to leave our past behind. As we cross it, we begin a new life all over again. Some on ponies and some on foot like a bunch of small kids embarked on the first day of the Parikrama.  Everyone was assigned a pony and a porter to assist in the trek.


From now on, everyone had to be on their own, walking at their own pace; walking, soaking in Kailash, chanting mantras, or just being with themselves. The terrain was difficult but the view and the serenity were breath-taking. The other beautiful aspect was the bonding with the porter and the pony man. After a couple of breaks, the 12 km trek culminated in Dirapuk where we visualised what we were striving for: the North Face of Kailash. It seemed we were in the lap of Shiva’s Abode. Each and every one of us was beaming and gleaming with delight, happiness, and gratitude. It seemed we were so close to the holy mountain. After we had parked ourselves and our luggage in the assigned rooms,  a few of us got out to climb a small uphill area to have a closer view of Kailash. Some were clicking pictures and others sat chanting and meditating. Along with my sister Nikunj who was also there for the Kailash yatra, after a few pictures to commemorate our victory of the first lap, we sat down to meditate and listened to ‘Shiv Kavacham’. It was indeed an out of the world experience.

Suddenly I heard someone calling out for me fervently.  Someone from our group was really sick and I was asked to go and attend to her. I rushed down the hill to reach her room. She was lying on the bed, looking very pale and even cyanosed (bluish discolouration). Her heart was beating very fast and the oxygen levels were very low. After examining her, I was very sure she had suffered an acute insult due to hypoxia. She needed urgent medical care. We were not completely equipped to provide any emergency care except oxygen which I immediately started. Sumeet immediately suggested that another group from a different organisation was having a medical camp and that they would be better equipped. Their location was slightly far and that we had to go downhill and again climb up. He asked me, “Doc, will you be able to manage that?” as I had to go and give the medical jargon to retrieve the equipment and drugs. I immediately said, “Yes”. We had to really go downhill and once I had acquired the things climbing up would have been a challenge especially in that emergency, when the time was of paramount importance. Even today as I write, I don’t know from where I got the energy, strength, stamina, and endurance to keep pace with Sumeet and climb up to reach our halt camp. I gave her the emergency drugs, settled her but she needed immediate evacuation.

That is when I had to be firm and assertive. I declared she needs to go down to be taken to a hospital right now. I had to face a lot of resistance. There were many opinions: many felt she will settle down; healing would help her, she has completed the first day of Parikrama and her journey would be incomplete, and so on. But her physical condition was not good. There were senior members in our group with mixed responses but our dear Mamu said we have to do what the doctor says. Everyone was finally convinced, parallelly, arrangements were made for her transportation. It was getting darker. With assistance, we shifted her to the vehicle and from there she was taken to Darchen and admitted to the hospital. In medical jargon, she was progressing from acute mountain sickness to high altitude pulmonary oedema, which if not timely intervened, can be fatal. She was admitted to the hospital for three days and with medical help and above all Shiva’s grace, she was discharged. That is the time when Mohanji’s words dawned on me, “Be compassionate but not sympathetic. Execute what is correct.” It was not me. It was him who was making me take decisions.

nikita 2

The second day of the Parikrama is supposed to be the toughest. It entails a very steep climb, much rarer oxygen, and greater altitude when we cross the Dolma La Pass. Enveloped in the divine energy, with blessings from the supreme Parabrahma, we reached Dolma La Pass. It was enthralling …. It was unbelievable… only one trick did the magic, ‘Om Namah Shivaya”. Then came a new dilemma! At the Pass, we could see the beautiful emerald green Gauri Kund; the divine water where ‘Maa’ the Shakti used to purify herself. Going to Gaurikund is again a daunting task. We all started contemplating whether we could manage or not. I started remembering Deviji’s experience of her climb and descent to Gaurikund.  During her presentation, she had categorically mentioned the climb up after Gaurikund darshan was the most challenging. I doubted myself again. Would I be able to make it? My porter and the pony man both dissuaded me but again some inner voice shouted, “You have reached here. Why will you not go to Gaurikund and have a feel of the nectar?” With the other companions, we reached down and were at the banks of Gaurikund. With the mesmerising view of the green water, divinity at its best, we all washed ourselves with the holy water and carried some in bottles for our group members who could not make it and our families back home.

As I was ascending, the thoughts keep pouring.  What I had done to get this reward? Blessings from my ancestors, my family, my patients, and above all, our living Shiva, our Guru. Back at the base camp in the evening after the toughest day, we all felt victorious because what lay ahead for the next day was a cakewalk; the last day of Parikrama – the easiest part. We completed our last leg enjoying, smiling, soaking in the place, collecting memoirs, and finally reached Darchen. Once we were in the hotel, everyone was thanking, appreciating, and encouraging me for the medical help which I could provide by his grace and it only filled me with gratitude. Meeting our friend who had fallen critically ill was most satisfying.


At that moment, I earnestly wanted to meet Mohanji who was waiting behind at the hotel facilitating our yatra, giving all his energy to every member connected to him. We were told he had not consumed any food until the time we were back. He is our Father, Mother, Friend, and Divinity in a living form. I asked Madhu if I could meet him. He fulfills all our desires. I was called. As I reached his room, He was sitting on a chair. I fell at his feet. Tears started rolling down…. His words were, “Doctor, you have done an amazing job.” His words stirred the level of satisfaction and victory which probably was even more than the feelings I got on accomplishing the highest degree of my profession. I reaffirmed, “I did not understand the words you had spoken at Mansarovar till I was cornered to take the major decision.” He knows everything which is going to unfold; every word he utters has immense connotations.

I bow at his feet for taking me to Kailash which is indeed a journey of a lifetime and even more than that to do service in this Holy Land….

nikita 1


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Grace at the time of need

mohanji smile

A beautiful narration of the power of Mai-Tri and one’s deepening connection to Mohanji. Pooja writes about her recent experiences with Mohanji and the profound effect of Mai-Tri received by her dad. Subhasree also shares her experience as the Mai-Tri practitioner who responded to Pooja’s message for help in the most unexpected way.

By Pooja Jobanputra, UK

I would like to share my recent experiences and ongoing beautiful journey with Mohanji.

At the outset of the corona pandemic, I began to listen more regularly and with an increasing passion to Mohanji’s podcasts, videos, and blogs. This period has allowed me to connect to Mohanji’s consciousness at a much deeper, profound level. I have begun to experience subtle changes in my way of thinking and have felt the presence of Mohanji in my daily life. It feels incredible, it feels as though I have found my way in the world and it feels like I need nothing else. I bow to the feet of Mohanji and the Tradition for showing me the way and guiding me to a new way of living.


I have found myself eagerly awaiting each new video, podcast, and programme on the UK Facebook page. I have been encouraged to join the EBC Club and the daily Power of Purity meditation sessions, and I have enjoyed every moment. It has been thought-provoking, life-changing and has given me the chance to experience pure happiness like nothing else.

I have also connected profoundly with Shirdi Sai Baba through Mohanji’s guidance and this connection has also started another beautiful journey of love for Baba. A recent experience has shown me the power of the Masters at work and provided me with huge respect for the Tradition.

One day, I received a call from my mother who was concerned about my dad as he was feeling unwell and increasingly uncomfortable with some heartburn. She was very worried and asked me to come as she was calling an ambulance.

As soon as I got to their place, I could see that my father was struggling. He was uncomfortable and had been feeling this way for a few days. Within a few minutes, the paramedics came and identified an issue on his ECG. He was told to go to the hospital with them and my mother was becoming anxious.

pooja 2

As these events were unfolding, something happened within me where I could feel inner strength. I prayed to Mohanji and Baba to help and guide. I had watched a video about the power of Baba’s Udi just the week before, and I could feel that things just started to flow. I asked my mum to give some Udi in water to my dad, as he made his way to the ambulance. He drank the water quickly and I just knew this would help him. I saw a small picture frame of Baba in my mother’s kitchen shrine and I placed it in my father’s bag. Again, this just happened like second nature.

I felt the need to connect with Mohanji and placed a message in the global prayer group. It was late in the night and I was not sure if anyone would see it, but I just did it quickly. I remember very clearly now that Subhasree came into my mind at that point, but I knew it was too late to call anyone. I somehow connected with Subhasree, and again I cannot explain, there are no coincidences. Grace was beginning to flow.

The ambulance crew were not happy with the second ECG and decided to go quickly to the hospital. Again, I felt a sense of calmness. I prayed to Baba and Mohanji, and I asked them to do whatever was in the best interests of my dad.

The paramedics decided to change course and go to a local specialist heart hospital, this was not a coincidence. It just happened like clockwork. No panic, no stress, just a sense of stillness that I felt.

As I waited in the hospital car park, I chanted Sai mantras and connected with Mohanji. I looked at my phone and saw that one person had sent prayers for my dad and then I saw Subhasree’s message. It literally pinged out of my phone with a thump!

I could not believe that she replied at this exact time of need. It was all like clockwork. She reassured me immediately as we messaged and prayed and she began Mai-Tri for my dad. Everything flowed and I didn’t feel any anxiety or panic. As soon as Subhasree said Mohanji is with you, I felt him sitting next to me in the car. It immediately calmed me further. I knew that he was taking care.

Mohanji car

My sister drove out of the car park and just as we turned the corner, we saw the paramedics who had taken my dad to the hospital. They were smiling and so helpful, they reassured us that dad had a quick procedure in a record time of 16 minutes to place a stent in his blocked artery and that he was back on the ward.

They said he was lucky to have been seen so quickly and that all had gone well with a good outcome. We spoke to him and he was fine and resting.

I could feel what had happened and I began to piece it together. Subhasree had been woken unusually that day, I had asked for help and it had come. Divine grace flowed and flowed, and my dad had not felt any pain during the procedure. Mai-Tri had been given whilst the procedure was being done.


The consultant, who is renowned for his skill and speed, had decided unexpectedly, to stay late that day as he was running late. He decided to spend the night at the hospital which he was not planning to do, I later found out. Again, this was not a coincidence.

I shall be eternally grateful to Mohanji, the Tradition, and to Subhasree for the love and grace given to my family that day. Eternal love, eternal gratitude!

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

That day was a very busy day at work. Long working hours, constantly being on conference calls, by evening I was pretty drained. Shyama happened to call me for something and she realised that I was not feeling my usual self. She kindly suggested me to have a Mai-Tri session. I requested her to give me a session and then fell asleep around 11 pm. I was fast asleep.

Suddenly, I woke up and checked the time. It was 12:30 am. Once I fall asleep, normally I don’t wake up in the middle and that night when I was so tired and had received Mai-Tri, there was no reason for me to wake up. Instead of trying to fall asleep again, I just took my phone to see the time and looked at my WhatsApp. There I saw a message on the Global Chant and Prayer group from Pooja (she is from our Mohanji UK family) about her father being taken into hospital due to heart issues.

I sent my prayers for him on that group. Soon, I saw that she had messaged me privately. She was desperate to connect to Mohanji and to receive his healing for her father. While sitting at the hospital car park, she was feeling very distressed. I was guided to send her Mohanji’s Shiva Kavacham to listen and also told her that, “Mohanji is sitting right next to you.” Of course, I don’t plan and say these words nor do I say this just like that! I realised that Mohanji was sending her the message. I was just an instrument. After a few minutes, I also did a Mai-Tri session for Pooja’s father.

Around 1:20 am, Pooja messaged me saying that her father had been given the correct treatment he had urgently needed and was now recovering! While Pooja and I were talking about Mohanji’s presence with him and her, and while she was listening to the Shiva Kavacham, and while I was doing the distant Mai-Tri for him, exactly during that time, her dad was undergoing the procedure!

No doubt Mohanji was there with Pooja and her father right from the beginning when she started calling him, but he also ensured that Pooja feels his presence! By this time, I had realised that I didn’t wake up by chance! Mohanji woke me up! I had to send his message to Pooja, I had to pass on Mohanji’s energy through Mai-Tri. After that I fell sound asleep.

The next morning Pooja called me and narrated the whole thing and her realisation of Mohanji’s protection, his grace, and how faith and surrender work in reality! She even mentioned that when I sent her the message saying, “Mohanji is sitting right next to you”, she felt Mohanji in her car next to her and she immediately felt very relaxed!

Being a witness to this incident, I realised that this is yet another reminder to all of us how Mohanji is with us all the time, 24×7. Big or small, whatever the matter maybe, when we call out to him with deep faith, we can clearly see how his grace flows.

I am so happy to feel Mohanji’s grace, witness Mohanji’s miracles, and to be a real character in Mohanji Satcharitra!

Mohanji meditate



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