About mistakes, misunderstandings, and the Masters


by Annette Durga Human-Adamson


I am no writer, but some things need to be said, so I pray that I can do justice to these important issues. This blog is about the spiritual giants who have, and are still walking among us.

For starters, there are 5 things that I know, without a doubt, about authentic spiritual Masters:

  1. Their love is unconditional.
  2. Their message is the same across the board.
  3. They all work together for our benefit, whether they are still with us, or whether they have left their physical forms.
  4. They each have a unique and different flavor, and their practices differ, but their goal is always to liberate us and rid us of our illusions.
  5. We have no idea of how they operate in the subtle dimensions, the unseen world – we shouldn’t even try to understand their workings.

Once there is a ‘soul readiness’ in a person, a Master will cross his/her path, no doubt. This is the greatest blessing we can receive, and we need to realize this fully and have the necessary reverence and gratitude for this boon.

Very often, a Master appears when life has almost defeated us, when we are at the lowest point in our lives, when we are sufficiently disillusioned with the world and its toys – its empty seductions and its impermanence. At such times, we are stripped of most of our pretenses. This is also the time where the channels are open for a Master to reach our innermost recesses, and to do their work within our beings.

All of the above sounds so wonderful and it is, but alas, our ingrained weaknesses, fears and prejudices can ruin the incredible blessing of meeting an enlightened being and receiving the benefits of such a connection.

In 1992, absolutely every aspect of my life was in a state of complete collapse and desperation. In the search for affordable healing for my body, I met my spiritual Master, Mataji Narayani. There is so much detail about her and about my time with her, which is a beautiful story, but the purpose of this writing is not so much about that. What I will say on that, in short, is that she invited my son Hein and me to live in her ashram. She opened her arms, took us in, loved and protected us as only the Holy Mother can do.

pic 8
Mataji Narayani

It’s noteworthy to mention here, that my entire family was horrified. It was not a traditional religious path and they were convinced that I was on a slippery road to hell. Mataji lovingly wrote a letter to each family member, explaining (on their level), what I was doing there, assuring them that I was safe. I frankly didn’t give a damn about their opinion. My attitude about that is important, which will become clear later in the blog. Let me just say that Mataji Narayani saved my life and that of my wonderful son Hein.

About my son Hein; this world was not for him. It didn’t welcome him as it does the high performing conformists. During a conversation with him in 2011, he expressed desperation regarding living life on this earth. A mother knows her child, and I knew that underneath this confused exterior, lay a pot of gold, but it was hidden and static. I knew without a doubt that I couldn’t help him any more than I have, and I didn’t know how to further help him. Once again, the universe conspired to rescue us.

One day, on social media, a friend suggested that I contact a man called Mohanji, and talk to him about my Hein. Long story short, Hein went to meet Mohanji who was living in Oman at the time. It was déjà vu – here was my son, at a desperate time, meeting his spiritual Master, just as I did in 1992!


My joy was overwhelming because I knew from personal experience that Hein would be okay. There was also the added gift for Hein, of having a father that he didn’t have growing up. But alas, I fell into an erroneous trap – the trap of prejudice, of comparison and above all, of lending out my ears. At this time, Hein was in India, which was fine with me. He wanted to be close to Mohanji. At the same time, some of Mohanji’s devotees had decided to leave Mohanji’s fold. I started receiving information from many parts of the world, that Mohanji was treating my son with great disrespect and harshness. Well, that is a mother’s soft-spot, and I was horrified and exceedingly angry (just as my family was when I met Mataji – painfully ironic, that)!

I also fell into the trap of comparing my Master with Hein’s Master. Their styles and paths were so different. Mataji was the Divine Feminine, all softness and nurturing. Exactly what I needed. In contrast (superficially), Mohanji is the Divine Masculine, all fire, and brimstone. Exactly what Hein needed! But I didn’t want to see that! (Here, please refer to point no. 4 at the start of the blog), to fully realize my folly.


While I was dancing in and with my prejudices and misunderstandings, Mohanji was quietly honing the underlying gold in my son. Every year, Hein would visit South Africa to renew his passport to work in India, and every year, I could see more and more of the divinity coming to the fore. His quiet love, his wonderful wisdom, and above all, his absolute surrender to his Master, Mohanji. It would surely be an understatement to say that I’m so grateful to Mohanji and I am so sorry that I let my doubts get the better of me. To witness the transformation of my son, completely wipes out all the doubts I harboured regarding Mohanji.

We are all free to stay with, or leave a Master, to accept or reject a certain path, but let us do it respectfully. Above all, let’s keep our doubts and judgements to ourselves. The adage, ‘what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander,’ does not apply here. Let us allow everyone to follow their own hearts without our interference! This is an admonition to myself more than anything else!

purpose of liberation

We need to tread lightly and carefully on this subtle and mysterious journey to liberation. As stated before, we know so little of how these enlightened beings operate.

Finally, to Mohanji’s devotees and all others who have found their spiritual teacher, power on in faith and surrender, and let no-one shake your conviction.

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mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Krishna and Arjuna

Since ancient times, the Guru’s unconditional love and protection came to the disciple who had complete surrender and faith. This has been proven time and again through copious examples that are spread through all mythology and religions.

Lord Shiva has narrated in the Guru Gita, “The Guru can remove the fear of aging and the dread of death. The Guru offers protection to his disciples, even if they are cursed by the sages, demons or Gods”

Below are two testimonials that show how selflessly and unconditionally Mohanji protects everyone who is connected to His consciousness. These real-life experiences also show how Mohanji works in extended dimensions through his completely thoughtless, no-mind state. Being at one place, he is able to respond to disciples across different geographies. Nothing can bind Him – time, location or situation.

Complete and perfect surrender to SATGURU, making HIM the main object of worship, obeying HIS words to the fullest, can cut out the weeds of uncertainty and help one attain supreme bliss. – Mohanji

Guru Mohanji’s protection – every moment, every time

by Subhasree Thottungal, London

For me, Mohanji, my eternal Guru, is Parabrahma, the manifestation of supreme consciousness. He appears in different roles as per the situation. He is beyond any form of address – not confined to an image or relationship.  He protects all the time as a father; loves unconditionally and compassionately as a mother; empowers by giving knowledge and shining light on the spiritual path like a true guru; listens and empathises with every feeling just like the dearest and closest of friends; and brings immense joy and gives the fulfilment of life just like a son! He is Shiva, He is Shakti, He is Vishnu. He is Parabrahma! He is all relations in one name! Being aware of His presence everywhere at every moment is the awareness of the supreme consciousness.

As my awareness of this eternal connection grew day by day, my faith, devotion and surrender kept growing manifold to the point that I now recognise the non-existence of my existence! Total merger with Guru tattva has given me freedom even from the desire of liberation! Bliss in oneness, fulfilment in non-existence. However, while the physical body is there, all karmas need to be exhausted, all worldly dharmas need to be discharged and the character needs to be tested to strengthen conviction, faith, and surrender.

I was recently confronted by a situation that made my conviction more strong, my faith more firm, and my surrender more steady. I am not sure whether it was a karma that had to be exhausted or a test that had to be cleared. But that doesn’t matter.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Saved by Mohanji from car accident 1
The car whose front passenger side door I hit!

On a grey foggy winter morning, I was in a rush to drop my son at his school bus stop. In my haste, I rushed and banged into another car on a roundabout. This was my first accident.  There were no passengers in the other car. Even though there was a baby car seat, thankfully there was no baby in the car at the time of the accident. No one – me, my son or the other driver – was physically injured. Only the other car’s front passenger door sustained some damage.

My husband was out of town. I had my son in the car and was getting late for school. Deviji (Mohanji’s wife) was at home and I had to make breakfast on time before she goes out. My other son was still in bed and had to be woken up and gotten ready for school! In short, I was not in a good situation. 🙂 Since this incident happened right in the middle of the roundabout, I wasn’t sure how the driver of the other car would react. Myriad questions rushed through my mind in those couple of seconds – would he call the police? what would be the next process? How long would I be stuck on the road?

I looked at Mohanji’s photo in my car, called on Him silently, and immediately felt His protection.  I remembered later the shloka from Guru Gita –

Yasya Smarana maatrena, Jnaanam utpadyate svayam;

Ya eva sarva sampraapti, tasmai shri Gurave namah.

“Merely recalling my Guru, knowledge arises spontaneously. Remembering him brings all attainments automatically.”

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji frame in car dashboard
Mohanji in my car, watching me always!

After I felt Mohanji’s energy, I asked my son to step out of the car and walk to his bus stop. I also got out of the car. I was expected a heated up shouting but to my surprise, the other driver approached me and very calmly and quietly asked me, “Were you not looking?” This was the first indication of Mohanji’s protectionI immediately apologised and said, “Apologies. It was my mistake, but I could not really see your black car.”

He asked me to move the car to the side lane to clear out the main road for others and talk it over. This was the second indication of protection. He didn’t create a big scene in the middle of the main road and was definitely not involving the police!

Once on the side lane, he asked me details about my insurance. I informed him that all the details are with my husband who is currently out of the country. However, I did give him my contact details. While I was trying to contact my husband, he was also trying to contact his insurance. In a few minutes, he came and offered me a chance to consult with my husband if  we would like to settle this through insurance or privately and inform him later. He allowed me to leave! This was the third indication of protection – not worsening the matter and also not getting stuck on the road for long. We agreed to catch up after he gets the quote for repair.

I returned home at about the same time as I would have otherwise returned after dropping my son at his bus stop! There was no delay and I could easily tend to the rest of the tasks that I had to do in the morning. This was the fourth indication of protection– Everything went on normally, as if nothing had happened! All through this situation, I was much calmer inside, feeling the cushion of Mohanji’s protection.

After I completed all the morning chores, I sat down and thought about what happened. It could have been a major accident had there been a passenger in the front seat or a baby in the back (on the same side). I always believe that Masters don’t interfere with our karma, especially when exhaustion is a must, but they certainly reduce its intensity. In this case, that’s exactly what happened. This was probably a karma that had to happen, but my Guru’s protection reduced the impact and let me come out of it with very less damage. A potentially larger problem was reduced to a miniscule dent! The monetary damage was insignificant compared to bigger issues that could have otherwise happened. This was the most important indication of how Mohanji’s protection shielded me!’

“The front of my car had miniscule dents”

With this incident, my conviction, faith and surrender to Guru and Guru Tattva (Principle), have become more strong and it has only proven that the understanding was correct.

Being in Mohanji’s protection feels like being in the most secure and safe place like a mother’s womb. I know he is carrying me and will never ever let me fall. When he says “I am with you”, he really means it and this is just another experience that confirms it.

May everyone with the conviction and faith in Guru and Guru Tattva be blessed to realise and understand this truth and bliss of being in the eternal protection of Guru. We may leave Guru’s hand, but He will never leave ours!

Upon reading my update regarding this incident on Facebook, Preeti Duggal, who was with Mohanji at that time in India, immediately commented the below:

“On that day, Mohanji had planned to visit a place later in the morning. We were all ready by 11.30am but He did not come out. The door to His room was closed. It is unusual for Him to be late! I thought that He was resting so we didn’t disturb Him. He came out at 1 pm and said that he had slept off. It has seldom happened that something is planned and He forgets about it. After I heard about your incident, I realized why He was resting. Mohanji is omnipresent. When you remember Him with full faith and devotion, He will always be there by your side and what He promises, He always delivers. His message to all of us, “I AM WITH YOU” was proved again yesterday. Thank you Mohanji for always holding our hand and being there for us in all situations.”

Upon reading this comment from Preeti didi (sister), I realised that He was with me the moment I glanced at His photo in my car and remembered Him! For me, this was a clear indication of His expanded existence and His ability to work in multiple dimensions beyond the physical body.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji blessing
Expansion into multiple dimensions beyond the physical body.

Mohanji, my loving gratitude for your compassion, unconditional love and protection to me and to every being in this world. Thank you for being with us every moment, every time.

Shaken but not Stirred

by Anja Jeremic, Serbia

I haven’t managed to write any of my experiences so far, but today’s event just forces me to share it with you.

A few hours ago, I experienced a traffic accident – seemingly banal. After work, I was leaving the parking lot when a car hit the door on my side. The glass from the window was shattered and scattered all over me. Tiny bits of glass everywhere.

All this happened in an instant As it usually happens! For a moment, I didn’t realize what happened. It was so fast, but then again the blow seemed to last long. I got out of the car through the other door and went into the building to remove the glass, which was all over my face, hair, and clothes.

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Saved by Mohanji from car accident AC3

The important point is that even the glass fell all over me, I did not have a single scratch. Usually, I put on the seat belt before starting to drive, but I did not have the seat belt on at the time of the accident! This was a blessing in disguise because the force of the impact threw me on another seat due to which I didn’t get hit or scratched. There was no physical pain, no hurt – as if nothing had happened! Just a shock with the accompanying shaking 🙂

I immediately realised that it was Mohanji’s love and protection that allowed me to come out unhurt! I am infinitely grateful to Mohanji and all the Masters of the Tradition for their protection and love 🙏❤️

Mohanji’s message

With heartfelt gratitude to life for teaching us many great lessons and to the Guru and Guru Mandala for their constant protection, we leave you with this powerful message from Mohanji (sent after the incident was conveyed to Him) that brings utmost clarity about these incidents and is relevant enough for everyone to remember always.

“Nothing that destiny brings can be avoided 100%. But it’s impact is substantially reduced with grace. Grace happens when faith happens. Doubts removes grace or at least blocks its flow. The incident is over. Now the residue memory of it. The aftershocks. This also need to be handled gracefully. Every compelling incident leaves a strong impact in the mind. Conscious nullification of it is extremely important. Otherwise, memories reproduces everything at a later date which we call pattern. You are not directly responsible for this accident but your residual memories are. Hence, surrender and trashing or total clean up is essential. Less analysis is better for this. More you analyse, more you remember and more you store. More you talk about it, the more you remember. Let go. Leave it. Your part in this story is over with this experience. I always do my part but I don’t remember it afterwards because I have no house inside to store anything. Be Mohanji. Do not store anything. Be free from memories. Avoid re-creation of anything in life. Incidents experienced one time need be considered like a daily newspaper. Once read it should lose its value. Keep floating through life and gather nothing. I shall do my job. I love you and am always with you. Keep flowing without residual memories of any events of life. The world loves you and the world is you.
With Love

mohansuniverse - Mohanji - Mohanji blessing 3

|| Jai Brahmarishi Mohanji ||

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