An umbrella of Grace

By G Sreenivas

I wish to record the most joyful and miraculous happenings during the consecration of a Shirdi Sai temple in Pazhaya Seevaram village, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu, which happened under the divine guidance and presence of Gurudev Mohanji himself in September 2019.

My wife and I met Mohanji in Thrissur in Dec 2018 and requested him to consecrate our Sai temple. Mohanji most readily agreed and blessed us. The construction of the temple was in its final stages but like any other project, it got delayed towards the end. Mohanji’s appointment could be got till the end of March but after that, his diary of appointments was filled up. I continued to liaise with Rajesh Kamath and Preeti Duggalji. Some people involved with the temple construction appeared to be in a hurry. But then there was no convenient date. I prayed to Mohanji and one early morning, I had a dream of receiving an email that Mohanji’s appointment could be got only in early September 2019. The reason was that some cleansing had to be done; some karma had to be worked out. I shared this dream with my wife also. When I next spoke to Rajesh Kamath, Mohanji confirmed the date as 8th Sep 2019 with a quip, “Did I not already inform him? He knows!” It was just a reiteration of the message I got in my dreams. But at that time, we never knew the import of the message.

Since we had a good six months for the consecration, it was decided to build an annexe building to the Shirdi Sai temple, consisting of two rooms, one for the priest and one for us to stay as and when we went there. The work started. Then the roller coaster of events unveiled one by one. It was, in turn, a play of light and darkness.


It so turned out that my promotion for which I was waiting for more than 3 years materialized in the 2nd week of June 2019. It was my wife’s wish to go on transfer to Bangalore and stay with her son since he was hospitalized just a few months back. But I was torn between my duty towards my ageing parents and anxiety about the future maintenance of the temple. However, we had prayed to Shirdi Sai and gave an application for retention in Chennai with Bangalore as a 2nd choice, if the transfer was inevitable. Against all odds, I was promoted and retained in Chennai and posted to an office near my residence.

As they say, with the high comes the low. Barely a week after I assumed charge in my new post, we went to Bangalore to attend a family function. Just as the function culminated and we were looking forward to some time with our relatives, there came the bolt from the blue. Standing at the corner of a road, my son was hit by a speeding bike and had his right leg fractured. Emergency hospital admission and surgery followed within the next 24 hrs. I just kept holding on to the mental image of Mohanji and clinging to his grace to give me resilience. It was as though we had been tossed like a straw in the sea, churned by the turn of events. A week earlier, I had a strange premonition of wasteful expenditure and here it was turning out to be true. One hospital admission led to another for infection and the period of recuperation started.

It was painful to see our son suffering from severe pain and depression. But then ‘karma’ had to be worked out. Amidst the roller coaster of events, I kept my emotions at bay and clung on to ‘Mohanji Gayatri’. Due to severe water shortage in Chennai, we were compelled to keep our son in Bangalore, till he recovered. With the grace of Mohanji, we passed the storm and my son was ‘back on his feet’ literally by mid-August. Baba’s statue arrived on 25th August to the temple. I now understood the reason for Guruji’s appointment after a delay of nearly 6 months. By his grace, construction of the annexe building of the temple too was completed and lo and behold, Sep 2019 had come!

If life was churning out events in fast forward mode, Mohanji’s grace ensured that I did not falter and fall. His grace is the anchor that holds us steady even when the tide of events and happenings seek to overturn us.

On the temple construction front too, things were happening in fast forward mode. While work was getting completed, minor irritants cropped up. With the grace of Mohanji and Shirdi Sai, problems for funds miraculously got solved. But then to our shock, a person who was with us through thick and thin suddenly developed severe anger and animosity towards our family. It was personally very painful, hard and humiliating. Amidst all this misery, the only ray of happiness seemed to be the impending arrival of Mohanji for the consecration.


On 1st Sep, we met Mohanji who had come to attend a marriage in Chennai. When we showed him the picture of the statue of Shirdi Sai, he remarked that Baba was very beautiful and the statue was very powerful. This gladdened our hearts. We later expressed our anguish regarding the fall out with people close to us and Mohanji had these words “When Baba is coming, there will be great churning. People will leave us. Events will happen. But do not be rude with them. If they go, let them go, they will come back. But if you reply rudely they may never come back.” He further remarked “Do you think building a temple is a small thing? It is an event which has an impact on the whole lineage of ancestors and future generations. Even Swami Ganeshananda Giri went through so many troubles. He had to pick up the spade to do the temple work himself.” It was implied that we had to go through difficulties amidst all this and were thankful for Mohanji’s umbrella of grace.

Amidst our preoccupation with our son’s health and temple work, a proposed visit to Shirdi could not materialize. I desired to keep the temple invitation at Baba’s feet in Shirdi and implore him to ‘stay’ in my temple in ‘sookshma’ (subtle) form. It was also my desire to somehow invite Sulakhe Maharaj for the consecration. But it remained an unfulfilled wish. Just a day before the consecration, a close relative warned me that keeping a full-time priest for the temple would prove to be costly and uneconomical and I was suddenly beset with fears of sustaining the temple financially. I had no choice but to inevitably surrender at the feet of Shirdi Sai and Mohanji.

The tireless work of those around us ensured that all arrangements were in place for the consecration. Mohanji, Preethi Duggalji and yet another Swamiji had checked into a hotel in Kanchipuram, the previous day. The moment of Mohanji’s arrival had come. We were super excited as were the other ‘Mohanji brethren’ there. Mohanji was welcomed with ‘Poornakumbha’ and mala. We were desirous of doing pada puja and Mohanji very kindly consented before asking twice, “Do you surely want to do pada puja?” How could we miss such a wonderful chance! Thereafter Mohanji proceeded to do the consecration duly consulting the Brahmins there. Baba’s eyes were ‘opened’ through the prescribed rituals. A treasured moment! Mohanji then put in a bundle of money into the hundi and also directed Devadasji and others to put money in the hundi. The ceremonial fire in the Dhuni was also lit by Mohanji.

Later he asked me “Do you know why I put money in the hundi?” When I looked askance, he replied: “Don’t worry; now you will get enough money, run the temple nicely.” I understood that it was an unasked reply for the earlier day’s predicament and question. A doubt set to rest, a wish fulfilled by Mohanji. Such is his compassion and grace! My prostrations at his feet. Needless to say, since then money has been coming in various ways and through unknown sources for the development of the temple!

As we were returning after lighting the Dhuni, Mohanji casually quipped that he had got a call the previous day from Sulakhe Maharaj who was returning after doing aarati from Shirdi sanctum, and Sai baba had whispered in his ears, “Call Mohanji, call Mohanji.” When Mohanji told Sulakhe Maharaj that he was going for the consecration of a Sai temple the next day, Sulakhe Maharaj conveyed Baba’s message, “Tell him (Mohanji) that I am already there.” Such grace!

Even as I recall this incident, I get goosebumps. It just meant that Shirdi Sai was replying to my ardent prayer and also conveying the message via Sulakhe Maharaj (whom I had wished to invite) through Mohanji to me. All this without my verbally conveying to anyone! Is it not proof that my Guru, clothed in the cloak of ordinariness, is one with the Supreme Awareness, who fulfils the innermost desire of his devotees? I recall he had written in a book I had purchased “I am with you always.” So true! Only because he was ‘with’ me, he could fathom the wish in my heart and fulfil it.

Mohanji also mentioned that he was currently in Jammu (North India) and he had come all the way specifically for the function happening in South India. When I expressed my gratitude and thanked him, he said he had to come because Shirdi Sai had bid him do so and that ‘we all’ are one before the eyes of Shirdi Sai. Such humility! I can only bow before his stature.


Meanwhile, Mohanji kept speaking and blessing people who paid their obeisance. His expression of giving himself totally to those around him did not change a wee bit. It was our ardent desire that our son also meet him and Mohanji had a down to earth conversation with him regarding his career and plans. Such effortless getting into the groove of another person and interacting with them as per their inclination and interest has to be seen to be believed. A chance meeting with an old friend, one Mr. Murali happened and Mohanji promised to wait till his old friend completed his meal and then recalled their association and enquired about his family member’s well-being as well. We, the members of ‘M’ family, made the most of those cherished moments, savouring his physical presence and clinging to his words.

I had intended to donate to the Mohanji Foundation as Guru Dakshina. I handed over a cheque of Rs. 50K to Preeti Duggalji in an envelope. Within 10 minutes, she returned it to me stating that Mohanji had refused to take anything from Baba’s place, i.e. Sai temple. Later, Preeti Duggalji stated that Mohanji had asked me to keep the money intended for donation for the improvement of the Sai temple.

Later, I called Preeti Duggalji to check if any extra expenses were incurred by Mohanji and the group at the hotel in Kanchipuram. I wanted the bank details to transfer the money for any expense that they may have incurred. Preeti Duggalji replied that there was no amount due and Mohanji also wanted to pay back for the room booking as he had come for Sai’s work. I was speechless. Such is Mohanji’s love for Sai. Mohanji’s humility and respect for the tradition and Sai Baba stands out through this gesture.

Mohanji does not expect or require anything from us. He willingly and lovingly stretched himself to be present for Baba’s consecration in spite of his hectic schedule and back pain. He works selflessly, supporting his devotees and goes out of his way to help in every way possible.

Words fail to express the feelings of gratitude in my heart. The praise of my Guru cannot be sung in words adequately. A stanza from Shiva Mahimna Stotra sums up my predicament.

असित गिरि समं स्यात् कज्जलम् सिन्धु पात्रे

    सुरतरुवर शाखा लेखनी पत्रम् उर्वी ।

 लिखति यदि गृहित्वा शारदा सर्वकालं

    तदपि तव गुणानां ईश पारं न याति ॥

Shloka as Romanized text

asita giri samaM syAt kajjalam sindhu pAtre

  surataruvara shAkhA lekhanI patram urvI |

 likhati yadi gRuhitvA shAradA sarvakAlaM

  tadapi tava guNAnAM Isha pAraM na yAti ||

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Perhaps taking the mountain of ink, dark ocean as the pot,

 branch of the heavenly tree as the pen and earth as the leaf (paper)

 even if Sharada (divine of knowledge) writes forever,

 even then, Oh Ishvara, the boundaries of Your glory cannot be found!!

Jai Parabrahma Swaroop Gurudev Mohanji!

Radha Shyam

Radha Sreenivas adds:

We are grateful to Mohanji for not only fulfilling our biggest wish, the consecration of the Baba temple, but also for the small desires, just like a father. 

Whenever I listened to the Guru paduka stotram, I would mentally picture myself worshipping Mohanji’s feet and would intensely desire that it would turn out to be true.

This wish was fulfilled quite unexpectedly and I still cherish the possession of the towel with which we wiped his feet. Such was his blessing!

We cherished every moment spent with him and stuck to his physical presence all through the program and it was my secret wish to get some prasad from his hands. This was also miraculously fulfilled when Mohanji sat for lunch. I was overjoyed when he handed over a piece of laddu to me. He gave Rekha a laddu to be distributed to others. She was also given a piece of the papad that he was eating!

I felt overwhelmed when Mohanji left, as if I was bidding adieu to a near and dear one.


Rekha Murali narrates:

It was a double treat for the Chennai M family as Mohanji visited us on two consecutive weekends. With great excitement, our small group waited for his arrival at the temple. His beautiful smile as he greeted each one of us filled our hearts with love and we were basking in the bliss of his presence. 

Just the previous week, during the marriage, I showed him the picture of the statue of Sai Baba that had arrived at the temple. He looked at it deeply for a few seconds and mentioned that Baba was beautiful and powerful. 

Radha and Sreenivas were anxious to meet him and formally hand over the invitation for the consecration. When I asked Mohanji if they could come over to the wedding hall to invite him (on 1st September), he immediately replied, “This is Baba’s temple. I don’t need an invitation.” 

On 8th September, severe back pain did not deter him from travelling from Jammu to Chennai for the second time followed by an hour’s travel by road to this small town near Chennai for the temple consecration. 

It was a hot day and Mohanji patiently stood in the hot sun watching and participating in the proceedings. His love for Baba was visible in the manner in which he carried out the rituals. Wiping Baba’s eyes after an abhisekam and wiping his mouth very gently was a sight to behold. 

He not only gifted an audumbra plant, but he also planted it himself at the side of the temple. He also spent three full hours patiently blessing each person from the village who thronged the temple. Amidst this crowd, when he spotted a young bride and groom, he ensured that they were given his card with his blessings. While blessing the crowd that fell at his feet, he spoke to every member of the M family who was present there giving all of us a patient hearing and showering us with his grace and blessings. In spite of the humidity, he kept all of us in good humour, teasing and pulling our legs. Along with this, the photo sessions were also in progress. Truly an incredible day!

In his most casual way, he heard each of our thoughts and blessed us accordingly. As Mohanji says, he was doing his job. Every small desire was fulfilled amidst the function. 

I had a dream of receiving prasad from Mohanji during the havan in Kailash. Surprisingly, the Kailash water was handed over to me by Chitra Aylam during this consecration. Unassuming and casual, he saw that he gave each one what was required. 

I relive that day of bliss often. For me, the statue of Sai at the temple came alive. I was in the presence of Sai, a walking, talking, hugging and loving Sai Mohana!



Compiled, Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 28th November 2019


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Mohanji’s Divine Presence

Mohanjis Divine Presence 1

Shri Guro paramam rupam viveka chakshushomratam,

Mandabhagyaa na pashyanti andhah suryodayam yatha|

The absolute form of the guru is like nectar to those who can truly see. To those who cannot see through veil of illusion, the true form of the Guru is shrouded like the sunrise is to a blind man!

When one has pure devotion and surrender to the divine, divine will appear in any form. There have been many truly connected Mohanji’s followers, who have felt His presence in various occasions either via direct visions or even through indirect but realistic indications.

Two such sincere and honest experiences are described below, which clearly shows how Mohanji’s divine presence have been felt by these true devotees.


Mohanji is ever pervading!         Mohanjis Divine Presence 2

Experience shared by Mr. Sankaranarayanan, Priest, Chenakkathoor Temple

I was in Sabarimala temple assisting the Chief Priest during the season from November 2017 till mid Jan 2018.  Lord Ayyappa temple Sabarimala, situated on a hilltop, is located in a forest Pathanamthitta, Kerala.

Lord Ayyappa is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu who appeared as “Mohini”, the beautiful lady, was born to bring an end to the demon Mahishi. Ayyappa, as a baby was adopted by the king Rajashekharan of Panthala and named as Manikanda. Later on, at about the age of 12, taking the vow of celibacy, Manikanda left the palace and went up the hill to Savarimala and resided there as Lord Ayyappa.

Mohanjis Divine Presence 3-6

This temple is one of the most sacred temples in India and is open in specific days of a year. Reaching the temple is not so easy. Pilgrims have to walk on foot about 4 km through the thick forests or get to the river Pamba and then climb the hill for about 5 km. In order to come to the temple, the devotees have to follow strict traditional practices, rituals, preparations and dress codes. In preparation for their visit, pilgrims wear black beads around their neck, dress in black or blue mundus/dhotis and abstain from the consumption of non-vegetarian food and alcohol for 41 days. They also take a vow of celibacy for the 41 days prior to their pilgrimage.
Mohanjis Divine Presence 7-8

Despite the strict rules and physically straining path to reach the temple, 100s of thousands of pilgrims arrive in the season when temple is open.

Mohanjis Divine Presence 9-10

Mohanjis Divine Presence 11 center

To go inside the temple to the sanctum sanctorium, the pilgrims have to climb the 18 steps called “Pathinettapadi”. These steps signify a very important message, that in order to reach the divine, you must be free from the 5 human senses, 8 negative attitudes (ashtaragas – kama, krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Maltsarya, asooya, dhumb, 3 Gunas (Satva, Rajas, Tamas) and the rise above knowledge and ignorance.

When you rise above all these 18 steps, you reach Ayyappa, divine, you become one with Him!

During the end of December 2017, a few people from Chennai City visited Sabarimala. They had met Mohanji, who was visiting Chennai at that time. Mohanji had directed them to meet me as he was aware that I am in the temple in this season assisting the chief priest. They approached some of my colleagues to meet me for some special rituals and gave Mohanji’s Card to one of them. Later on my colleague handed over the card to me. I arranged the rituals that the devotees requested. I had also taken tokens for special darshan for them in the evening. However, I could not meet them after the rituals. I searched them everywhere but I could not find them amongst the crowd.

The Chief Priest and his brother saw Mohanji’s divine Card (for the first time) and were amazed by the power of Mohanji’s glowing eyes.

During the evening pooja session, one of my colleagues came to me and told me “Sankaran, your Guruji has come to the temple for darsan! I ran towards the sanctum sanctorum to see Mohanji. I was deeply surprised because I knew that Mohanji was not in Kerala and how could they see Mohanji here in Sabarimala! And there was no warning from anybody that Mohanji was coming here. On the way, many of my other colleagues also told me the same as they all had physically seen Mohanji. One of them even asked me whether we should book accommodation for Him. All 18 of my colleagues saw Mohanji! I was in a total shock and searched Mohanji but I didn’t see Him anywhere!

It was evident that Mohanji appeared in sookshma (subtle form) in the temple. His appearance had multiple messages. This showed a deep meaning to some of those people who were skeptical and even had remarked that these modern gurus are all fake.

To me, it indicated Guru’s protection and love towards me, that even though he was in Chennai at that time, He responded to the skepticism or some of my colleagues to save me from any kind of explanation or proving to anyone about my Guru.

Mohanji takes care of His disciples, as He can take care of Himself. He does allow people to fall in frequency by not understanding Him though. But, when it is a question of protecting a true follower, He never misses.

I clearly understood Mohanji is everywhere and we cannot understand HIM till we rise up those 18 steps to reach to the divine himself!

Deep gratitude my Guru for your timely actions and showing me every time your presence. Thank You!

Power of Purity!  Mohanjis Divine Presence 14 left

Experience of Mrs Nalini as shared by Devadas from Palakkad

Mrs Nalini is about 65 years old and have been practising Power of Purity Meditation at the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Palakkad for last 2 years. Right from the day 1, she has had visions of Mohanji very vividly.

Recently, one day she called my wife Anila and said, “You know, Mohanji came near me three times today. First time it was with white kurta and dhothi, it was blue kurta and saffron dhothi second time and final one was with white kurta and saffron dhothi wearing black slippers. I could feel his breathing falling on my hands”. Anila explained about her strong connection with Mohanji.

Mrs Nalini is used to telling us these kinds of experiences from her first Power of Purity meditation.

Sometimes she will see Mohanji standing in water and blessing her, sometimes Mohanji will become Krishna and bless her. Similar to what 75 year old Taiji from Delhi had experienced which she converted into Sahasra naam of Mohanji (thousand names), Mrs. Nalini has also started seeing Mohanji in many forms. Devotion, connection and conviction draws the master to you and he appears to you as per your flavour and intensity of connection.

Mohanjis Divine Presence 16 left

When Mohanji visited Palakkad in December 2017, a few of us were sitting with Mohanji having a small satsang. He casually asked Anila about the meditations in Palakkad. She started talking about the general aspects of it.

Suddenly Mohanji asked Anila, “Did that lady tell you about my visit to her house?” We were amazed that the experience that Nalini aunty shared with us was what Mohanji was telling us too! It was like a shock wave.  But we all realized once again, Guru is everywhere, we just need to have the eyes to see him! Another realization. Deep gratitude. Jai Mohanji!

Honest and sincere experiences like these only confirm the below verse from Guru Gita, that Lord Shiva Himself had explained to Devi Parvati about Guru and Guru principle.

“Akhanda Manadalakaram Vyaptam yena Charaacharam

Tadpadam Darshitam Yena Tasmai Sri Guruve Namaha”


Salutations to Shri Guru, who has revealed that state which pervades the entire sphere of this Universe, which is composed of animate and inanimate objects.


Blessed are those souls, who in this life, are able to realize the value of Guru principle and can feel the presence of Guru in every form, every moment, everywhere!


The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of Mohanji, Mohanji Foundation, it’s members, employees or any other individual or entity associated with Mohanji or Mohanji Foundation. We make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness, suitability or validity of any information presented by individual authors and/or commenters on our blogs and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries or damages arising from its display or use.

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Sadananda – Mohanji

Mohanji Silence

Written by Sandeep Mishra

After meeting Mohanji and coming under his wing, I always prayed to him that he might send me a sign or something to show that he and Sadananda Baba have some connection. I knew it was a pure mind game, but I couldn’t resist this thought.

Sadananda Baba established four ashrams and allocated one festival to each ashram. In this context the Ramnavami function is held at Rayapura, Hubali. It is also the same ashram where Sadananda Baba took his Maha-Samadhi.

Before making my travel plans, I told Mohanji that I was planning to visit the Rayapura Sadananda Samadhi Ashram for the Ramnavami function (on April 8th). To that he replied “Bless You. My Pranaams and Prostrations to Sadananda Baba”. After reading his message I felt a very strange happiness. I took it casually, fooled by Mohanji’s humble nature (forgetting his true stature, and acknowledging him with merely human emotions. Not always, but yes sure, this time I did).

I reached Rayapura on the morning of April 8th. After freshening up I went to take the Baba Samadhi Darshan. Here I observed that as I was about to enter the Ashram, they started playing my favorite Bhajan. The same thing happened last year on Ramnavami too. I finally made it into the Ashram, sat down with all the people and lovingly contemplated Baba’s idol.


Third Eye on Mohanji's eye card
Third Eye on Mohanji’s eye card


Suddenly I felt that I should connect with Mohanji’s eyes. I took out his “Unconditional love is our true nature” eyecard, from my wallet. I tried to look into his eyes. I could see some Arabic type letters ( I don’t really know that alphabet) below Mohanji’s third eye (just as I had seen Mahavatar Babaji and Sai Baba too on Mohanji’s third eye. I have shared the Mahavatar Baba experience in a previous sharing and Mohanji is aware of it). While looking into the eye card the angle of the card was such that the back part of the card was facing towards the ground. After seeing those strange letters I tilted the card in such a way that I might see the letters more clearly, towards the light. With this adjustment the card was standing straight and the back side of the card was facing Baba’s Idol.

A person known to me suddenly asked me about Mohanji’s picture “Is it a new Baba?”. I was a little startled by his sudden question and didn’t want to say anything. So I turned the card back, pretending that I was just looking at the card. When I flipped the card I saw Mohanji’ s image in the prostration position towards the light. As soon as I saw his picture on the back side, his words about the prostration to Sadananda Baba came into my mind. And my heart knew “He meant it and he did it”. I was so overwhelmed!


Rayapura Sadananda Samadhi
Rayapura Sadananda Samadhi

When I came to Mumbai, I messaged him that the trip had been wonderful and that I had seen him prostrating to Sadananda Baba. Mohanji replied “I am Glad”. I asked him about those strange letters. He just said “I know” and did not say anything more about them. There are a lot of incidents that happen. Mohanji only explains if an incident is relevant, or if it is something I might need to know at that particular time. When eligibility comes, all is revealed  .
After this incident, the question in my mind about the link between Sadananda Baba and Mohanji vanished. I don’t know what else to write because I never knew what to write and how to write. It is Mohanji who always takes care of all the events in my life. Mohanji you only did this miracle and you only witnessed it. You only asked the permission to write and you only wrote. I just want to thank you for holding my hand and taking me to the light. I know I am not worthy. I don’t know what more to write. All I can say is thank you and offer you love from the heart. Love you always Mohanji <3.

Backside of the eyecard, facing the Idol
Backside of the eyecard, facing the Idol

The Homecoming…

We often ignore or take the eligibility of visiting these extremely sacred places lightly or for granted. However it is the most important part of the yatra (pilgrimage) – the permission from Para Brahma to undertake the yatra and stand in HIS presence. We fail to understand that the mere permission given is an acknowledgment by HIM of HIS loving Grace on the person.

A group of five people had the privilege to visit the holy places of Srisailam and Kurvapur along with Mohanji. It was not less than a journey of a lifetime. Full of experiences and miracles, it was extremely humbling for the devotees accompanying. It was a homecoming from them.

The journey started from Hyderabad. In 6 hours we reached the outskirts of Srisailam. And the miracles started! Nandita Singh explains, “Before visiting the Mallika Arjuna temple at Srisailam, one needs to visit the Sakshi Ganesha temple which is at the outskirts of the town. We stopped there to take the permission and blessings of Lord Ganesha before proceeding further. When we reached the Sakshi Ganesha temple, it was already quite dark. We went in after buying some flowers and offerings. Mohanji asked us to sacrifice a coconut at the stone outside the temple for the benefit of the world. After the darshan we were moving out of the temple, Mohanji asked me to give some money to an old man sitting at some distance. He was sitting with his back to the deity! It is usually considered as irreverence to sit with one’s back towards the deity of the temple.  I gave some money to the old man. As I turned back, Mohanji asked me, “What did HE say to you? I replied, “Aum Namah Shivaya”. I was curious and asked Mohanji who that person was. Mohanji replied, “Lord Shiva himself”! We all were stunned at the reply. He added, “Who else can sit with his back to the deity of the temple!”. Then he asked me how HIS eyes were. I replied that his eyes were “glassy” and powerful! “That’s it!” Mohanji replied.

When we reached Srisailam, we checked into a guest house which was very near to Mallika Arjuna temple. We could hear the chants of the evening aarti. The caretaker’s name was also Mallika Arjuna Reddy! He was a noble soul and was extremely helpful. He explained everything about the abhishek pooja that we had to perform the next morning. He made all the arrangements for the pooja and then took us out for dinner. We enjoyed authentic Andhra spicy food.

Sahiti Nilayam the homly guest house where we stayed at Srisailam
A black dog who stood guard at the gate while Mohanji walked inside the guest house

When we returned to retire for the day, suddenly Mohanji moved to the dining room and started eating custard apples which we had bought on the way to Srisailam. He asked us to join him. He said that if we won’t eat them, the ants will! This seemed like a passing statement but Mohanji never says anything without a reason. The next morning, when we came back to the guest house after visiting the temple, the path that led to the table was full of ants!

Mohanji enjoying custard apple

Shashank Jaitely narrates his experience. “We were supposed to get up 5 am as we had to reach Mallika Arjuna Temple at 6 am. I was sharing the room with Mohanji so I wanted to get ready before Mohanji got up. I woke up early and when opened my bag to take my white clothes out, I got a shock because the hair shampoo that I was carrying had leaked and had spoilt all my clothes! The only way I could wear them was to wash and dry them quickly. I did wash but as the time was short, in no way they would have dried up in time. Soon Mohanji got up and I started attending to him, praying for a miracle. As if Mohanji heard me. He asked me to check with the caretaker what we were supposed to wear for the temple. The caretaker confirmed that traditionally men don’t wear anything on top while inside the temple complex! So that was half my problem solved! When I informed this to Mohanji, he turned towards his bag and took out one of his dhoti and said to me, “Wear this now and for the rest of the trip, dress up like me”. I was stunned. In one simple swift gesture, Mohanji solved my dilemma of managing the wet and stained clothes!” Remember, I had never discussed my problem with him at all. Thus, I wore Mohanji’s dhoti and eventually got used to it and ended up buying a few more of that kind. 🙂 

The visit to Srisailam was surreal. To worship Bharambara Devi in front of thousands of year old Sri Chakras and then to worship Shiva with Shiva was an experience which is beyond the purview of words. Being able to touch and do abhishek of the Shiva linga which has been worshiped by almost all the Avatars and Great Masters including Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Pandavas, Great Saints like the Datta Avatars etc, was indeed a memory to cherish for a lifetime. We also saw the Shiv Linga installed by Sri Rama which has 1000 shiv lings embedded in it as well as the Shiv Linga worshipped by Ma Sita.

After finishing the pooja we went out and sat in our car to go back. Rajesh Singh adds, “Barely had we travelled a distance of about 50m that Mohanji asked the driver to stop. He then asked me to go out and give some money to a lady sitting by the side of the road. I said, “Mohanji, I have just run out of all the change that I had.” He replied, “Please give her whatever you have.” I got off the car and took some money from my wallet and offered it to the lady sitting on the floor. As I got up to leave I saw that she had risen as well and was taking out a coin. I heard Mohanji’s voice from behind, “take it”. I accepted the coin with gratification. Then as I turned to return, I saw that she was taking out another coin. I accepted both the coins, thanked her did pranam with folded hands and returned to the car. As I sat in the car, I asked Mohanji, “Who  was she”? Mohanji replied, “She was Devi (Goddess) – Herself”.  Mohanji continued saying, “One coin is for inner richness and the other coin is for external richness”. The two pillars that balances a human existence. I was thrilled with the thought of having been blessed by Devi herself. I thanked Mohanji in my heart.”

We then completed our breakfast. As we came out we saw that seven saints dressed in saffron color were standing on the side of the road. Mohanji asked us to offer food to the saints. Later Mohanji told us that they were Saptrishies. Mohanji ensured that all of them were given the food of their choice and asked them if we have their permission to go. We also gave them some money as dakshina (offering of money as gratitude to a saint or God)They blessed us and we left.

Rajesh Singh further adds, “After completing our purchases when I returned to the car. Mohanji was sitting in the front seat.  I saw that Mohanji was talking to a saint dressed in saffron and whose hair was neatly tied at the back with a cloth, in the same way that Shirdi Sai Baba tied it. Mohanji asked me to give him money for food. This saint was talking fluent english. He told Mohanji that he is here since last 12 years and once one comes to the soul of Sri Sailam, cannot leave this place. Sri Sailam has great importance in Hindu culture. I offered him some money and we left for Kurvapur”. On the way we stopped at Sakshi Ganesha temple again and thanked him for finding us worthy and allowing us to have such an amazing experience.

Saptrishies blessing

We continued our journey and stopped over at Phaladhara-Panchadhara. These holy streams Phaladhara-Panchadhara signify their origin from the forehead (phaladhara) and the five aspects (panchdhara) of God Shiva. This was the place where Adi Shankracharya did penance and composed  Shivanandalahari and Sowndaryalahari. Behind the stream, there was a cave where Adi Shankracharya meditated.

Mohanji in communion with Adi Shankaracharya
Mohanji in meditative state at Phaladhara-Panchadhara
The source of the teerathjal sacred water flowing on the lingam at Adi Guru Shankracharya temple
Cave behind the stream where Adi Shankracharya meditated

In the evening, we reached the ashram of Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj at Kurvapur. It was like homecoming. The place had amazing temples. We visited the temple which had the portion of the stone where Shripad Shri Vallabh used to worship. There was a trishul (trident) that belonged to Sripada Srivallabha. The story goes that the trishul was given to Vittal Babaji by a very young boy. The boy told Babaji this trishul belongs to Sripada Srivallabha and he found it in the river. It’s a half broken trishul. After handing over the Trishul to Vittal Baba the boy left. Nobody saw that boy again. In the complex we did parikrama of the Audumber Tree. The audumber tree is Lord Dattatreya himself. Our tradition teaches compassion and love for all, be it human beings, animals or trees. Mohanji went in deep communion with the Audumbe tree at the temple.

The altar at the ashram
Mohanji with Neelkanth, a self less man who love and devotion towards Mohanji was inspiring
A mural at the ashram of Krishna Viraat roop
The ashram felt like home
Mohanji in communion with the deity
Mohanji prostrating to the temple where the stone and trishul of Sri pad is installed

Then a miracle happened. Rajesh Singh narrates it in his own words, “After doing parikrama of the audumber tree, we went up to the temple of Devi – Anagha Lakshmi. Mohanji was up ahead offering his pranam to the Devi. As he moved back, I could see the full face of the Devi. I tapped Mohanji on his left upper arm and told him, “Mohanji, the lady that I offered money to in the morning was identical to this lady. Their faces were identical – exactly the same. I was shell shocked at the resemblance between the two. I went up ahead to the altar and offered my humble pranams to Mata Anagha Lakshmi. My soul was stirred as I prostrated at the Devi’s feet. Shashank then came up to me to show some pictures that he had clicked. The first picture I was standing in front of the altar. In the next photograph there was a  hazy outline of mine standing next to Mohanji and in the very next photograph I was back again in front of the picture and Mohanji a few steps behind me. I later understood that the second photograph captured the moment that my causal body was getting separated from Mohanji’s after the merger. Mohanji later explained that he had entered me to give me experiences or the eyes to see the truth so that I could recognize the connection between the incident in the morning and this idol. It was a proof of what Mohanji told us in the morning and the relevance of giving dakshina to Goddess and her confirmation of acceptance as well as her blessing. Then the impact of the event sank into me and I felt completely blessed by what I had witnessed”. In one’s lifetime, this kind of experience is hard to happen. One needs to have the eyes to see beyond the ordinary and need the grace of a true guru to attain that power. Saying something is easy. Witnessing it and experiencing it from deep within is not easy at all. That is truly extra ordinary.

Mohanji merging with Rajesh so that he could witness the truth. Instantly Rajesh understood the deeper impact of a seeming ordinary action of giving money to the lady on the street and understood who she was!
Rajesh Singh returning back to normal state after this divine experience


Next day morning, we took the boats to go to the island temple of Shripadh Shri Vallabha. The moment we reached the bank, we could hear the chants of digamabra, digambara, shri pad vallabha digambara but we could not see anyone chanting. The chants were peculiar. Shashank adds, “Mohanji asked me, can you hear the chants? I said, I can hear the birds chanting the mantra, Mohanji. He then turned towards me, smiled and said, “Are you sure they are birds?” Then I could understand that they were the divine entities, welcoming Mohanji to the temple!”

Sri Pad Shri Vallabha temple

With  Mohanji’s grace we had the privilege of participating in the abhishek of Nirgun Paduka of Shri Pad Shri Vallaba Maharaj. It was not less than a celestial event. All deities from Shirdi Sai, Bhagwan Nityananda, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva appeared. Their appearance and sights were vivid. Shashank adds, “I was sitting just behind Mohanji and during whole of the pooja, was looking at Mohanji’s hair. I could not take my eyes off. I tried concentrating on the pooja, but sight used to come back to His hair. Then I knew the reason! I could see whole of Vaikuntha being formed on his hair. Sheshnag with Lord Vishnu laying down, with Lakshmi on his side. I also saw the lotus flower and Lord Brahma sitting on it. It was a spectacle. The hair curls of Mohanji also formed the waves of the Ksheera Sagar. It was an overwhelming experience and brought tears in my eyes. After the pooja was over, I rushed to Mohanji and before I could tell him, he said, “I wanted to tell you that you will see Vaikuntha today!” I was speechless and had tears of gratitude in my eyes.”

Mohanji was feeling at home and took us around the complex showing and explaining the significance of each place. We came across the sacred tree of knowledge, the tree of the tradition! The sacred banyan tree at the temple whose roots connect straight to your soul! Mohanji asked us to hold the roots and feel the vibrations!

The sacred tree of knowledge
Mohanji in communion with the sacred tree of knowledge

A little further there was a cave of Datta avatar Mahayogi Vasudevananda saraswati or Tembe Swami. Mohanji asked Shashank to enter the cave and said, “You will find me inside”. Shashank narrates, “The cave was very small and only one person could enter at a time. When I entered the cave and reached the place where Mahayogi Vasudevananda Saraswati meditated, I felt Mohanji was behind me. I wondered how he could enter the cave as it could only accommodate one person. When I turned, I did not see him, but felt his presence all around. The cave was dark as there was no light source. I switched on the flash of my camera and saw a spectacular site inside the cave. There were so many “M” on the wall and the eyes of Mahayogi Vasudevananda Saraswati in the picture were very familiar J. Glassy eyes! I did find Mohanji inside.”

Inside the cave of Datta avatar Mahayogi Vasudevananda saraswati

After spending some more time, we took the boat back to the ashram of Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj. Then we saw a breath-taking view. A golden snake was swimming in front of us, showing us the way to the shore. The snake then vanished in the grass which was in the direction of the snake pits outside the ashram. Before it vanished, it lifted its head up from the water and blessed us. Later Mohanji explained that the snake pits were the path to the Nag lok and the golden snake was the celestial snake that came to bless us.

The golden cobra Snake in the water


At the ashram, a yog workshop of Siddha Samadhi yoga was being held. Acharaya Jagan Guru ji was conducting the workshop. He had had an instant connect with Mohanji and he requesedt to address the students of the workshop. Mohanji agreed to address. Mohanji later said, “It is such an honour of giving talk at of Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj ashram, the same place where the Great Sripada Srivallabha used to conduct his Satsangs, centuries ago. All because of the blessings of Vithal Baba ji and Lord Sreepaada.”

Vijaya Kumari, whom Mohanji calls Amma (Mother) who accompanied Mohanji in many of his travels addressing the yoga students introducing them to Mohanji
Mohanji speaks to the yoga students

Later in the day we went to the place near the Krishna River where Sripad Shri Vallabh used to do surya namaskar in the morning before going for meditation and satsang. Dhritiman Biswas says, “Grace of Lord Datta continued on the group. HE allowed us to stand on the stone on which HE used to stand and walk on. HE also allowed us to touch the place where he used to sit and meditate. This was near the place where the swyambhu Ganesha is kept to whom we all bowed down to and prayed. The final Grace was showed, by the presence of Lord Datta himself in the form of a divine bird as we walked back to the ashram”.

Sreepada Sreevallabha used to spend the nights at the island Kuruvapuram, which is the other side of the river Krishna, and used to come to this bank during every dawn. He used to take bath, worship Shiva and Ganesha, do Surya Namaskars on a rock and sit and meditate for sometime and then conduct satsangs to Humans at the place where the current ashram of Vittal Babaji stands. This was in 1300AD. In the evenings, he would walk on top of water and go back to the island. The place he used to sit in Samadhi is the current nirguna paaduka temple of Sreepaada. In the nights, many celestial beings used to come to meet him and he used to conduct satsangs for them. The banyan tree is the celestial portal. What a divine place, so filled with vibrations of the highest order!

Mohanji standing on the spot where Sri Pad Shri Vallabha used to meditate
Mohanji pointing to the column of energy that existed on the spot where Sri Pad meditated
Mohaji in communion with Swyambhu Ganesha idol
Mohanji standing on the rock at Krishna River where Sri Pad Shri Vallabha use to do Surya Namaskaar
Celestial bird

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the love and hospitality at the ashram. While Mohanji was interacting with the people at the ashram and feeling at home, a duck came from nowhere and started cuddling with Mohanji as if it found someone it was looking for lifetimes. It started kissing him all over his hands and arms. Then it climbed Mohanji’s feet and sat there with authority. This went on for 25 minutes. In its expression of love, it plucked a few hairs from Mohanji’s arm and then carried it around in its beak as a precious gift!





Next morning we headed back to Hyderabad.  There we had the honour to visit Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj. The group received a warm reception. Dhritiman adds, “Meeting Swami Maharaj Vittal Babaji was the icing on the cake. His boundless love overwhelmed each one of us, especially his discourse from an ancient book about a story on Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Lord Hanuman. It left many of us in tears. Grace kept on flowing till the last as Swami Maharaj Vittal Babaji blessings verily from Lord Datta himself, melted us and fused us all in one consciousness.” Vittal Baba later accepted the invitation extended by Mohanji on behalf of Shirdi Sai Baba samiti of Pallakad for the inauguration of a Shirdi Sai temple at Pallakad on 14th to 16 January. The group was later blessed by Vittal baba as he gave us the onerous task of proof reading the English translation of ” Sripada Vallabha Leela Vybhavam and the English and Hindi translation of a yet to be launched book written in Telugu, “Sri samaratha ramdas swamy charithamrutham.” We left the place fully gratified at the huge service opportunity that had come our way fully gratified at the love showered on each one of us.




Jai Guru Dev Dutta!