Dare to be free

By Olivera Miskic, Serbia
Translated by: Maja Otovic

Since my first retreat with Mohanji in 2014, I’ve tried not to miss any of his programs, at least when it comes to the Balkan region. If I had to choose one word that describes all of his programs and retreats I’ve attended, it would be, Transformation. Each meeting with him brought about an inner change that reflected not only on my life but also had a subtle positive impact on my family. 

Due to the epidemiological situation in the last 2 years, our meetings have moved to the online platforms, but it did not reduce the strength of the programs; on the contrary, everything intensified. It is as if Mohanji was preparing us to face what is happening everywhere in the world as strong and as stable as possible.

I was looking forward to the Empowered 1.0 program in September 2021 with anticipation and was wondering what he had in store for us this time. Based on my previous experience, I knew that the changes start right away when you’re open and are sometimes felt physically. 

As always, Mohanji gave us tasks that seemed very simple at first glance. They may seem simple, but they are truly subtle and powerful. At one point during the program, I felt pain behind the right shoulder blade, which is my weak spot. Later in the day, it developed into a mild spasm, and I waited no further to schedule a massage before it deteriorated further to the point of stiffness. In such situations, it usually takes one or two shiatsu massage treatments for it to go away. 

However, after the third massage, it didn’t go away, but it felt tighter and tighter. That’s when I realized that my body was telling me to completely release the belief, which was triggered from the depth of subconsciousness and got stuck somewhere on the physical plane. It dawned on me, “This is something deep; now you need to let go of it all.” I understood that there was no point in me doing anything physically, but only on the energy level. 

I called my friend, a Mai-Tri practitioner, to do a session for me. It all fell into place as she was free that night. I felt the energy moving in my energy body from the beginning of the treatment. Energy swirls were calming me more and more. I felt something being unhooked and unblocked in my chest area as I sank into a deep sleep. Usually, people can’t wait to hear some feedback from the Mai-Tri practitioner, but I didn’t wake up till the morning. 

I knew that everything that had to go was gone. In the morning, there was no trace of any spasm or pain. It completely disappeared. That is how Mohanji is helping us in various ways to free ourselves from patterns and blockages that keep us enslaved and prevent us from being truly powerful. I was thrilled with the clarity, depth and efficiency of the program.    

After Empowered 1.0, a new life challenge was waiting for me as usual. That’s because when you gain strength, you are then ready for new growth. My father ended up in a covid hospital with severe pneumonia in both lungs during this time. Doctors were shaking their heads and kindly pointing out to me that he was 90 years old and that I shouldn’t hope too much that he’d be cured. 

I prayed for my dad to be released at least for a day so that if he was meant to leave his body, it would happen at home, as he had wished. After a series of Mai-Tri treatments for covid, my father recovered pretty quickly and left the hospital after two weeks to the doctors’ amazement.  

Even so, a new life challenge was emerging. Dad could not get on his feet alone, and being a 90-year-old, he was recovering slowly, so I got a home oxygen concentrator and found people that could take care of him as he needed 24h attention. 

And then came a new Empowered 2.0. 

If through Empowered 1.0 we were supposed to realize who we are not, that is, who we really are, in this second part, we were supposed to learn how to live what we truly are: pure consciousness without any fears, emotions, thoughts, and attachments to what we have gained in life and which is so fragile and transitory and is indeed only an illusion of our mind that binds us and distracts us from our strength and essence.

The program was unfolding each day through clear, simple tasks. However, everything that Mohanji packs in simplicity is actually very deep and pierces into the most subtle parts of our being. 

On the outside, things were getting more and more complicated in my life. I was facing new challenges regarding my dad’s health daily: three rounds of persistent bacterial infection, Clostridia, that is difficult to treat in outpatient settings, and that can have a fatal outcome, frequent calls to the ambulance during the night due to sudden jumps in blood pressure and oxygen drop. 

We just got rid of the intestinal infection, and pneumonia appeared. I somehow managed to find a doctor that agreed to do a home visit in the whole covid situation, and he told me after examining my father: “Olja, he needs to go to the hospital.” I was determined to fulfill my father’s wish and provide him with the entire care and therapy at home. If this is the end of his life, then let it be where he wants it, at his home. 

In my inner world, huge changes were happening daily as well. I was practically put to the test every day to face my deepest fears, patterns, attachments, as if my life was setting up a training ground for me to practice what we learned in the program. I felt how Mohanji was giving me energy and how he already knew it all, how he was providing his guidance in a gentle yet clear manner, never leaving us. Yet, we have to walk on our own two feet. My faith grew stronger. I knew I had the power to face whatever the new day brought. 

On top of the problems with my father’s health, my work was also going through a crisis. I was also troubled with big issues related to my kids. It was as if everything was uniting at that very moment to distract me from the program and convince me that it was all pointless and that I was wasting my time on this online program, meditation, contemplation, etc. But I didn’t give up. 

When fears and huge challenges with my children were pressing on me, I practiced what Mohanji was teaching us. Sometimes, it seemed that I had up and down oscillations every day as if I was back to square one. But it is all our mind’s trap. Each moment of conscious living is important and is never in vain. Conscious living is what stays in our bank account and what gives us stability.

As time went on, acceptance of every situation grew in me. Even in the most critical situations, I managed to keep a cool head and make good decisions. I did not let fear and questions such as, “Why this is happening?” distract me, and I connected to Mohanji’s Consciousness every day. I did not despair, but I surrendered to Mohanji’s guidance with deep faith. 

Guidance would always come in the form of the right doctor, right therapy, the right person to take care of my dad. Many patterns from my past, even from my childhood, came to surface thanks to the methods that we learned and applied daily; they would be illuminated by awareness and thus resolved. 

My favorite technique is the so-called ‘Pause Method’ that literally roots me into myself, into the center of my strength, in a powerful yet simple way. It is just one out of many tools and guidelines that Mohanji provides. 

As I write this, new health-related and emotional challenges emerge in my family. However, I feel as if I have taken some burden off my back. I can see more clearly; I calmly accept everything that comes my way. I manage to overcome worrying, to avoid reacting. I observe myself, my thoughts and emotions, to embrace the part of me that I consider as a failure and, through it, discover the power of acceptance, to face the death of my loved ones; in a word, I feel empowered.  

A lot of people wonder what the purpose of life is. The purpose is to be You! And who is that you? Who am I? Which part of me is my true self? Has anyone ever taught us how to answer this question or showed us how to find the answer? Am I finding the strength and stability in what I have gained in life, material wealth, or positions that I have achieved through education, professionally, or any other way? Who am I when it comes to my relationships? 

Am I the emotion or thought that keeps bothering me, or the concepts I have acquired in life or inherited from my parents and society? And, who am I when they all change or when positions, possessions and relations are gone? What happens then? Does a part of me disappear with it all, or is just an illusion of the mind? 

The answers were gradually emerging as the program progressed and I allowed them more and more to pop up. Ego’s rigid structures were slowly dissolving under the effect of pure love and awareness. As the fears and doubts fade away, love emerges by itself and overwhelms you as if it was waiting behind the corner for you to open the door for it finally. 

Mohanji is a Master who takes you to the center of your own being so that you would discover the immense power that lies behind all of the roles that we identify with in life. We are not those roles (daughters, mothers, wives, doctors, sisters…). They are transitory, and we can live and experience them with a lot more ease when we don’t get attached to them, but when we realize instead that eternal aspect of ourselves. 

Indeed, this journey into our inner being, thanks to the intensive and to the smallest detail well-organized program, has brought me peace and stability. Although the storm in my daily life is not subsiding, I’m presented with new challenges that await me; I now know how to connect with this peace that is in the core of my being. And I know that this peace as the source has always been there and that it will always be. That is the priceless gift and blessing that I have received and still receiving through the Empowered programs and the very connection to Mohanji.

In his own words: 

“The truth lies within, waiting for you to discover it. The truth is your own reflection.”


I can’t wait for the new Empowered 3.0 program in February 2022 that is dedicated to Mastery. Mohanji is preparing us to become masters of our minds, which leads to complete freedom. Is there anything more precious than that? 

I am infinitely grateful to my Master and Guru Mohanji for each word, road sign, great support, guidance, and immense love for us all; my deepest pranaams at your feet, dear Mohanji.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 15 & 16

Day 15 Lesson – Consistency is difficult, but it transforms

by Christopher Greenwood

Today is a lesson about consistency and how it can transform when we’re committed to a path. And it came from a conversation with Mohanji, as I was curious about experiences that people have because I have never really had any amazing experiences or visions. For example, even though I’ve been practising Kriya yoga for over two years, I only see black. That’s because my eyes are closed: I don’t see anything else. So I was curious about this, and I asked Mohanji. And as it can be the way with Mohanji, if he feels something needs to be answered differently, he shifts it. So he shifted it to a more important message of consistency on the path. This was a light discussion, and it was quite fun. 

He said that some people have various visions, and you can never be quite sure whether they are visions or projections. And he has said before that a real vision would transform you; you will know that you’ve had one. For example, he said, on a different type of vision, someone had said, “I don’t need Mohanji to be a medium for Shiva. I’m speaking directly to Shiva now”… or something like that. And Mohanji rightly said, “When did I ever say that I’m a medium for anybody?” Earlier that day, I had done a Shiva Lingam abhishekam. So he joked at me because he said, “You know, when I asked you to do a Shiva Lingam abhishekam, I asked you to pour water on the Shiva Lingam, not pour water on my head.” That made me laugh! 

And again, we continued to speak that he doesn’t pretend to be anybody else. He is Mohanji, and his job is to take us directly to Shiva. He’s not carrying anybody on his shoulders or being the middleman. He’s showing us the way; he’s giving the path and (as I’ve shared in the previous messages) the platforms to help us. So any visions, hallucinations, or projections are something we need to handle. And he said the best method is always to stay surrendered to the Guru, whichever Guru that is. And he shared the story of Deepaka. And I only know this vaguely, so I share what I can remember because I think it’s a great story. It really rounds up this message. 

Deepaka was serving his Guru consistently. His Guru is a crazy guy from the story, always abusing him, beating him, shouting at him. And at some point in their journey, the Guru developed leprosy. So he quickly became immobile and couldn’t move. And the wounds started getting really bad – they were oozing with pus. It smelt horrible, flies and everything. And Deepaka would clean the wounds every day and help his Guru. 

And the Guru would abuse him. For example, when he was hungry, he would abuse Deepaka: “You haven’t given me any food. I’m hungry; I can’t move. How can you do this to me?” So then Deepaka would go and beg for some food. And when he came back, then the Guru would abuse him for leaving: “You’ve left me here, you don’t care about me.” So he couldn’t do anything right at all. 

And in the story, Shiva was impressed by this. And he came to see Deepaka and said: “I’ve seen your great devotion. I’d like to give you a boon. Anything you want, I can give you.” Deepaka thought, and the only thing which came to his mind was for his Guru to be healed from all his diseases.

“But I’m Shiva; you don’t want anything from me?” “Nope. Just for my Guru to be healed.” Shiva left. Deepaka was excited, and he went to tell his Guru that Shiva came and he would heal him. Again, the Guru beat him up really bad, saying, “Trying to get rid of me, aren’t you? Had enough of serving me? You know I have to pay my karma. How will I do that if I’m healed?” Just abuse, abuse, abuse… 

Deepaka went back to Shiva and just said, “I’m sorry, Shiva, but please don’t give me anything. My Guru was really angry.” So Shiva went away. 

The point is that he had integrity: he wanted nothing. Then Vishnu heard about this and came. Vishnu asked him, “What can I give you?” Deepaka straight away said, “If there’s any gap in my bhakti towards my Guru, any gap in my devotion towards my Guru, please fill that up. I don’t want any gap between him and me. Please bless me that my devotion intensifies.”

So obviously, he didn’t tell his Guru this because he knew what would come next – the abuse and whatever else. But the Guru knew, and he asked, “So Maha Vishnu came, right?” Deepaka said, “Yes, he came.” The Guru said, “Well, now you’ve become bigger than me; you’ve actually grown higher than me. You’re much higher than me. You know, it takes thousands of years to have the darshan, the sort of darshan of Maha Vishnu you attained. And you’ve got that just by serving me.” And at that moment, the Guru completely stripped himself of all the diseases, and he was fine. He said, “I don’t have this disease; I just tested you. In that test, you passed, and you became bigger than me.” 

That was the story that was shared with me; this is what happens when your commitment, conviction and integrity are strong. So to be careful of illusions was the message. To be careful of visions and to stay surrendered. He said as well at the end, that of all the messages, to sum up, that consistency is really difficult, but it transforms, and you’ll experience that yourself. And instead of searching for glories and anything else, glories are sure to come if we apply to work. 

And I remembered I was curious how best to serve when I first connected to Mohanji. And I really enjoyed the simplicity of his message. Because even though I’m physically close to him now, so now I have that opportunity; back then, I didn’t. And his message was very clear. The best service you can do for a Guru or someone that you consider to be a Guru is to live the teachings – helping the helpless, leaving the Earth better than when we came, adding value to society, all the things that we’re doing for all the platforms – is service. 

Day 16 Lesson – Visualize before starting a task. Set determination higher than expectations

Today’s message is another one of how Mohanji is really effective in work, completing tasks, activities and management. He gives such great advice. And at the moment, within the office, we have a strong focus on increasing visibility, promotion, and the right presentation of all the platform activities. So we asked the question: how can we make these platforms reach every corner of the world to reach more people – bring the awareness that we all benefit from, to more people. 

World Consciousness Alliance

And one of the platforms we have is the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), which has Andra Baylus as the President. Simply put, WCA stands for humanity, towards raising the awareness of people to the highest level of human refinement: the highest potential that humans can express in the world, such as compassion, kindness, unconditional love, integrity, responsibility. And we’ve created this platform for the world to bring on performing artists, entertainers, and unite actors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and various other personalities to speak the message that now is the time to unify skills and bring a positive shift to the consciousness of the world. So, it’s a grand global vision. 

And in the past two weeks, we were speaking with the team about videos that we should be looking to create more of a promotion for the platform. So I started working on a concept of this to help the activity, and I was going to propose it to the team today or tomorrow. I put in a lot of effort and did my best. But something was missing. And I had the opportunity to ask Mohanji his view. 

He’s quite straightforward. And I say, quite straightforward. In fact, he’s completely straightforward. He said he couldn’t feel much from it; it had no impact at all. He spoke about some practical tips to adjust my approach to some of these activities. It led to a conversation on how to make work more effective so that our activities carry inspiration for us and bring contentment to the work we’re doing. Because I think he must have felt I was becoming a bit deflated by the critique session. 

And so we spoke, and this is my understanding of what he said – and therefore not his exact words, I want to be clear on that. It’s mainly around visualization of a task before you start doing it. And then also, around the fact that disappointments come when we have more expectations than determination over a task. That’s around visualizing something before you begin and making sure that our determination exceeds our expectations so that we don’t become disappointed. He said that before you undertake any task, it’s good to just sit with it for some time, don’t dive into it straight away. Just sit with it, and visualize it and picture what it could be. What’s the highest potential for that activity that you can achieve? And that’s because you need to know where you want to reach before you start walking. And so to visualize all aspects. 

And in this case, who’s the audience? What is the message you’re trying to convey? What’s the attention level of people? That’s an important thing these days. And also, if the total stranger, fresh off the street, was to look at it, what are you expecting him to feel or do? And how should certain people feel once they have this? Are you expecting them to share it with friends? Will they talk about it? All these types of things to visualize as a whole picture. 

And he also mentioned that today’s attention levels are very low, whereas distraction levels are very high. So with everything we’re doing, if we’re considering visual and audio, we have to remember that the subject itself has to be very attractive, or the visuals itself have to be very attractive to catch attention. 

So that’s the first tip he shared: visualize the activity before you dive into it. 

And then the next one was around success. For Mohanji, success to him is contentment. And from contentment comes happiness. So not necessarily be too bothered about any results or anything but that you’re content, that what you’ve done, is good to the best of your ability. He says the reason why many people aren’t successful is that they’re too focused on the result. They are focused on this specific result that might or might not come, and when it doesn’t come, they are disappointed. If it does, they are happy with the result rather than the goal or the vision. So whenever expectations supersede determination, we’re open to disappointments. And that’s because we put the result and what comes from that, over and above the determination to achieve a goal or to see through a vision. 

Because if you have more determination, you won’t be worried much about the results. And if you don’t get the result you want, you are fine if your expectations are not met. Because if it hasn’t helped towards the goal or vision, you’ll do something else, change course or try something new. But if you have all your expectations pinned on them, and it doesn’t happen, then what comes next? Dissatisfaction, discontentment. Motivation takes a hit. 

Determination should be connected to a goal that has clarity: there should be a very clear goal. There should be clarity about what is going to happen, what’s going to be achieved, and then determination becomes the friend to make that happen. And then it’s all about sheer determination of the result. 

These are two things that I’ve picked up that I can now take into my work and complete this task. Because I didn’t fully take into account that picture in a rush to get something done to move straight into activity, I missed this visualization piece – which actually meant it’s become quite inefficient because now I need to rework, which I wasn’t expecting to. 

And then, he also mentioned as well that there’s a difference between working hard and working purposefully. Working purposefully means we’re beginning to express a vision. That is, we are purposefully expressing a vision, whereas working hard is just an activity. For example, he said, “You know, a donkey works hard. But he’s got no idea why he’s working hard or what he’s carrying. He’s just doing it for the sake of it. Whereas working purposefully, you’re working towards a goal; you’re working towards a vision. And there’s actually little contentment if we don’t know what the vision is or what we’re working towards.” 

A side product of having that clear vision and goals and working with purpose is that the distraction level is less; you’re less open to distractions because you’ve got a focus on where you want to go and what you want to achieve. 

So these were the two main things that came out of that conversation: 

  1. Visualization before starting an activity – look at all the aspects and facets which make up that; what does every piece of it look like, and how does it feel.
  2. Ensure that our determination is higher than our expectations, so we’re not so open to disappointments and what comes from them. Remembering that satisfaction comes from completion, seeing a vision expressed in the world, and a job well done to the best of our abilities, not the result itself. 


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Transformations through selfless service


The Testimonials Team is happy to publish a series of beautiful experiences by our volunteers. Selfless service brought forth wonderful experiences that helped them recognise and accept the various transformations happening within them. We share here two profound experiences by Sankaranarayanan Meetna and Chitra Aylam.

Transformations after meeting Mohanji

by Sankaranarayanan Meetna

Like any other ordinary man and totally new to the spiritual world, when I met Mohanji, my overwhelming feelings were mostly in the form of anxiety and doubts. I often asked myself about my preparedness and my eligibility for any possible entry to this new wonderful world. But very interestingly, each time a new question or doubt awakened within me, I happened to get an answer either through a speech or a blog/FB post of Mohanji

Sometimes I felt that through these valuable hints, Mohanji was directly addressing my doubts and questions!! 

It has been six years since my first meeting with Mohanji. I don’t know about the spiritual part, but yes, there is an emotional transformation within me. Earlier I was very serious about all happenings in my life, like thoughts, patterns, persons, acquired properties etc. Quite often, I used to fall prey to my anger and cry for self and others’ perfection. Honestly, I can say that after I started learning through Mohanji’s teachings – blogs, speeches and satsang etc., slowly but steadily, he made me understand the need and importance of ‘Self Awareness’ in all walks of life. 

Mai-Tri Method

Among the numerous things I received from Mohanji, an important technique was the Mai-Tri method. I had been suffering from a headache for quite a long time. One day the problem got very acute, and I decided to get a Mai-Tri done. With Mohanji’s grace and the effect of Mai-Tri, I got complete relief from my headache.  

On another occasion, I had participated in the online Group Mai-Tri Method session conducted by Preeti Duggalji during the peak days of the Covid 19 pandemic in July 2020. During that session, I experienced a bright light energy fly away from my Swadhishtana Chakra level. Though I was not sure about the effects of this, overall, I felt so pleasant after that. I hope a sort of inner cleansing must have taken place because of this Mai-Tri. I express my gratitude to Mohanji and Preetiji for this beautiful experience.

Participation in Seva Activities

With Mohanji’s blessings, I could participate in a few seva activities also. The first seva activity I participated in was at Kurnool during the Ugadi Seva in 2017 – an annual offering of seva activity for the Shiva bhaktas going to visit Sri Sailam Shiva Temple. It was an eight-day-night service camp, including oil massaging of Shiva bhaktas’ feet, serving food/drinking water, medical treatment, resting place for the bhaktas etc. Masters – Nadananda Guruji and Mohanji were enormously pouring their blessings on the Shiva bhaktas and gave the energy to the seva volunteers who were involved in seva activities throughout day and night. The vibrations from Shiva Mantra chanting by both, Shiva bhaktas and the seva volunteers bound them together as one entity, as both surrendered fully at the feet of Lord Shiva. Thus the seva would become above all doership and ownership barriers. It transforms from mere performing karma to a divine state of oneness. Everything felt fully dissolved in Shiva Tattwa. 

With Mohanji’s blessings in 2019, I could participate in the ‘Sabarimala Ayyappa bhakta pada seva camp also. This service was specially meant for those Ayyappa bhaktas going to the Sabarimala pilgrimage by walking more than 60 km through dense forest. Here our seva activity was oil massage of Ayyappa bhakta’s feet.

Conscious Walking and Consciousness Kriya

Before applying for Consciousness Kriya training, I used to practise Conscious Walking alone. I would start the walk around our apartment premises early at 5.30 am. The walking path was almost three fourth of a kilometre around the apartment block. I used to walk about eight rounds, enjoying the nature and strengthening my connection within. 

And after a wait of almost six years, I was blessed to enrol into the Consciousness Kriya practice. I had applied online for the CK training programme. On 12th December 2020, I underwent the CK training programme online and have been practicing consistently since then.

To conclude, all these techniques and practices helped me immensely. Slowly this ‘self-awareness’ started to give different colours to my habits and my overall outlook towards the world. I am so impressed with Mohanji’s teachings of “how to get relief from anger and disappointment”. He explains that we need to accept everything and everybody the way they are, not change them according to our requirements. This also enabled me to get rid of my unnecessary worries and fears!

I am unable to claim any specific spiritual transformation within me during this period. However, I am sure of one fact without a doubt that I am a bundle of so many karmic residues which are difficult to break or dissolve. I do not have any detail of the same. Only one thing I know is I badly need the help of the Master. Since the Master can understand everything within in no time, only the Master can help me out in this matter. I hope he has already started some work on me by hammering, hitting, pulling and pushing over and over again, as the rigidity is so strong in order to mould me to a different shape.  

I hope many more experiments and testing periods are on the way. 

Without wasting any more time or doubting his power and disrespecting the Grace of the Master, I humbly surrender fully at the feet of my Master Mohanji.

I’m truly blessed for having so many experiences during my journey as a seeker. My humble and ultimate prayer to Mohanji is to guide me towards the path of Eternal Liberation kindly. I express my humble gratitude and pranaam to Mohanji and prostrating at his feet.

Awareness through Service

by Chitra Aylam

Kerala was hit by floods in 2018, six months after I first met Mohanji. I had known only very few followers of Mohanji by then. When I saw people in panic, I quickly called my immediate family members and discussed what to do on our part. Seeing my fellow beings in such a plight and keeping quiet was not possible for me. At the same time, I sent an email to the volunteer team by searching on the website for activities initiated to assist the people in Kerala but didn’t get any reply. So, after two days, I messaged Sri Devadas, who promised to let me know. Within one or two weeks, I started buying, sorting, packing, distributing, attending to many calls through WhatsApp, messenger etc., which was almost a 20-hour work. 

But, when I saw people didn’t even have enough clothing and were waiting for some organizations to bring them food and water, I understood that Mohanji initiated every work I was doing for a good purpose. Each time I stepped out of the house to buy for the service, I would find many others offering the same stuff without being asked, guided by the Masters to reach out to the right persons. I understood that in the absence of ego, the Guru works through us; the only thing that matters is faith in the Master.

Now, during this pandemic, Kerala is more strict compared to other states, and it is difficult to hand over stuff to patients, inmates of any orphanages or the deprived directly. But, recently, when I went to the palliative care (hospice), two hours away from my house, I found that someone whom I have not met yet but connected with the hospice (where so many inmates are waiting for their last call) had arranged with the Director for my visit to those patients. I could see the leela of Mohanji here too. Significant learning is – Mohanji does all the work, and I am just an instrument for him to work through.

Daily at home, birds come for food and water because all the hotels nearby are closed during this period. For me, every sharing gave me an insight into where I stand now and allows me to be grateful for whatever I have with me. Sharing is caring. When I see the beautiful smile on the receiver’s face, a pleasant feeling of contentment fills my heart. I get benefitted when I feed my fellow beings, whether human, animals, plants, birds or fishes. So many people have lost their jobs or salary has been cut. So, only through kind words we can change the depressed states of many. 

I bow down in gratitude to dear Mohanji and Ammucare Charitable Trust for raising my awareness level regarding ‘Daan’ (giving). 


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