Bhima Pushkar 2018 at Nivruthi Sangam with Mohanji – Part 2

This blog is the continuation of the  Part 1 of Bhima Pushkar 2018 at Nivruthi Sangam with Mohanji

After completing all rituals at Nivruthi Sangam, Mohanji started on His journey to Hyderabad airport. However, before travelling to Bangalore, He had one more job to finish, which no one would have even envisaged!

Meeting the 92 Year old saint Swami Ramanananda Saraswati:

The 92-year-old Saint Ramanananda Saraswati, is one of the pontiffs of Shri Datta Peetham, chosen by Vittal Babaji. Due to his physical restrictions, He couldn’t physically be present at Nivruthi Sangam for the Bhima Pushkara. Hence, Mohanji himself went to the Swami’s residence, despite the long journey amidst time constraints. Bhima Pushkara dip for Swami can only be accomplished this way. Why so? We will understand this soon.



Swami Ramanananda was no doubt elated to see Mohanji. While talking to everyone, he gave a clear message, “Mohanji is none other than Lord Datta himself.” He continued, “Mohanji is Lord Dakshinamoorthy and Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi, together.”

Swamiji then recited a shloka to convey that, “Mohanji is the one, who operates through silence and the one who has achieved “Poornatwa” or Completion.” This shloka of Lord Dakshinamoorthy explains it all!

मौनव्याख्या प्रकटित परब्रह्मतत्त्वं युवानं
वर्षिष्ठांते वसद् ऋषिगणैः आवृतं ब्रह्मनिष्ठैः
आचार्येन्द्रं करकलित चिन्मुद्रमानंदमूर्तिं
स्वात्मारामं मुदितवदनं दक्षिणामूर्तिमीडे ॥१॥

Mauna-Vyaakhyaa Prakattita Para-Brahma-Tattvam Yuvaanam
Varssisstthaam-Te Vasad Russigannaih Aavrtam Brahma-Nisstthaih |
Aacaarye[a-I]ndram Kara-Kalita Cin-Mudram-Aananda-Muurtim
Sva-[A]atmaaraamam Mudita-Vadanam Dakssinnaamuurti-Miidde ||1||

1: (Salutations to Sri Dakshinamoorthy) Whose Exposition through Profound Silence is Awakening the Knowledge of the Supreme Brahman in the Hearts of His Disciples; Who is Himself Youthful …
2: … but is Sitting Surrounded by Old and Great Sages who are Devoted to Brahman,
3: The Hands of the Supreme Spiritual Teacher is Forming the Cin-Mudra (gesture of the Knowledge of Brahman) and Whose Appearance is Still and Blissful,
4: Who is Rejoicing in His Own Self which is reflected on His Blissful Face; Salutations to Sri Dakshinamurthy.

Swamiji told to Mr Krishna Murthy and the others who were with Mohanji, ” Do not leave His hand ever!”

These words of wisdom from a saint of such high stature are reminders to all of us – a reminder of the reality of who Mohanji is, behind this ordinary human physical appearance.

Swamiji very passionately took Mohanji to his shrine room and also showed his personal diary in which he keeps Mohanji’s card like a treasure of lifetime.


swami_ramana_5 swami_ramana_4

During the loving conversation, Mohanji kept His hand on swamiji’s chest and said, “I always live here!”


Swamiji’s joy upon meeting Mohanji was unbound. On a lighter note, Mr Krishna Murthy asked swamiji, “were you waiting for Mohanji to come?”

Swamiji laughed and told “No.  I was waiting for him (pointing his finger to the sky), to come to me through Mohanji”. And he laughed.


As Mr Krishna Murthy narrated, it was not just humility and respect that Mohanji showed towards Swami Ramanananda by visiting him straight after Bhima Pushkar dip. It was Swamiji’s aradhya (worshipped)  Lord Datta’s blessings in form of Mohanji’s visit to him to shower him with the purity of Bhima Pushkar!

Because swamiji could not come to Pushkar, the Lord took Pushkar to him! Such is the power of devotion, and such is the compassion of Lord Datta.

The Return:

After meeting Swami Ramanananda, Mohanji then took the late evening flight to Bangalore to be available for the Ammucare Volunteer meet beginning on 13th October!

48 hours of a Marathon race, from 10th October to 12th October, that Mohanji took with just few hours of physical rest, after the intense journey to Thiruvanamalai, was for a much larger purpose. Mohanji had to ignore His physical rest and comfort because He was on a mission. There are an uncountable number of beings waiting for their Moksha through Pushkara dip, and Mohanji had to take them all the way!

This powerful event of a dip at Bhima Pushkar will remain a silent witness of the beyond ordinary mission of the extra ordinary Master, I still lovingly call “Jeans wale Avadhoota” – “The Avadhoota in Jeans”.

Koti Pranama at your feet, Mohanji.

Jai Shree Guru Datta.

Jai Mohanji.



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Bhima Pushkar 2018 at Nivruthi Sangam with Mohanji

By Subhasree

After dip 4

Mohanji on the Go, with the speed of Lightening – 48 Hours from Mohanji’s diary:

I recently published a blog explaining Mohanji’s busy schedule and constant travel in the month of August 2018. I spent a major part of this month with Mohanji, and hence could observe closely, the speed and mode in which he was working, travelling from place to place.

Right now, thousands of miles away from Him, I still observe His busy schedule. This divine opportunity to be able to observe Mohanji’s schedule and witness His leelas, is surely for a purpose! I feel the purpose is to share Mohanji’s leelas and create a deep awareness within everyone. To be able to witness, to know and to understand Mohanji’s leelas is like drinking the sweet nectar that will transform everyone, eradicate karmas from lifetimes, reduce the iterative life cycles!

Yes, indeed, by reading the satcharita of Mohanji, a true seeker will find an enhanced spiritual bank balance in the path of liberation. Therefore, I cannot keep these experiences just to myself but through these blogs share it with each one of you.

What I am writing is not just my emotion or devotion to my Guru; these are facts, careful observations of the facts, which otherwise gets overlooked/ignored.

It is astounding how Mohanji’s speed and frequency of travelling has been increasing day by day, back to back, spanning across South of India to North of India! That’s certainly a long distance to cover in the Indian sub-continent.

Mohanji_badrinath.jpg Mohanji_Arunachalam

Amidst all these travels, He is always connected with his devotees not just in the consciousness, even physically too. Through emails, Whatsapp, Facebook, phone calls etc., he is available 24×7 to true seekers who need to connect to Him physically.

“Too busy” or “No time” or “Not the right time” – these phrases do not exist in His dictionary! I can say this confidently, because I have communicated with Him through these modes amidst His travels to Badrinath, to Thiruvanamalai and just recently, to Nivruthi Sangam. It’s like, if I am awake and ready to communicate at any point in time – morning, noon or night, He communicates! That’s ridiculously true! How? Why? I wonder at times! He answers through consciousness:

“When something is needed, it must be done then and there. There is no postponement in our tradition!” says Mohanji. “Make yourself available”, is His mantra, which he demonstrates through His own actions!


After finishing a retreat at Rishikesh, followed by a trip to Badrinath and Kedarnath, Mohanji was back in Bangalore in the first week of October. He attended and addressed the devotees participating in the Kriya Intensive retreat there.

On 6th Oct, The Avadhoota in Jeans was on His journey again. This time to Kailash of the South! From the northern tip of the country  – Kedarnath to the south of the country – Thiruvanamalai!


It’s been super exciting to just watch the photos, read devotees experiences at all these holy divine places. Just by watching these, and having direct communication with Mohanji at times, I felt content that I too could join them spiritually! The satisfaction was no less than that of attending such pilgrimage physically! This is only possible with Mohanji’s grace. When He says He is with us and He keeps us with Him and carries us spiritually, He really means it and does it. After observing these places from a spiritual level, there is no more desire for a physical visit to these places left!


Divine Communion with Mohanji:

Well, His trip to Thiruvanamalai concluded on 10th October. In the meantime, I had to communicate with Him regarding some matter, and during that communication, I came to know that He was at an airport that time. I simply assumed that He is returning from Thiruvanamalai to Bangalore!

Again on the night of 11th October, when I had to communicate with Him for another matter, I was stunned: in 24 hours, where all He had been, physically!

I was rubbing my eyes…am I reading it right?

That time, it was about 10:00 pm, Copenhagen time and about 1:30 am in India, when I saw His message. I wondered if my message that I had sent earlier woke Him up. Guilt clouded my mind. However, He answered immediately, “No, I just reached Raichur, after 5 hours’ drive from Hyderabad airport. I have to be at Nivruthi Sangam at 4:30 am for inaugurating Bhima Pushkar”.

My head started to spin!

He was at some airport on 10th. On 11th, He is again coming off Hyderabad airport, travelling by road for 5 hours, and with a programme to attend in about 4 hours!

Many questions popped up: what is Nivruthi Sangam, what is Bhima Pushkar? Where is He coming from?

Slowly all the questions were getting answers, some through google search and some directly from Mohanji.

I just wrote it down for my own awareness and the list wasn’t simple!

So here it goes:

  • On 9th Oct, Mohanji travelled from Thiruvanamalai to Chennai.
  • On 10th Oct, from Chennai to Delhi and Delhi to some other place.
  • On 11th Oct morning, He returned from that place to Delhi, took a flight to Hyderabad and further travelled for  5 hours by car to reach Raichur at 1:30 am on 12th Oct! This is when I received His message.

I was amazed that even after these long travels for many days and the long travel on the day, Mohanji got only a couple of hours of sleep, before He went to Nivruthi Sangam at 4:30 am.

Before sleeping, I wanted to look up Google to get more information about Nivruthi Sangam and Bhima Pushkar.

What I read, about these, made me very excited and I felt so divinely blessed that I had the opportunity to know about this divine journey of Mohanji. At once, the question in my mind was put to rest – why Mohanji does something, whatever He does! The non-stop journey to this divine place is certainly worth it, having understood the benefit that He is going to bestow on all of us, to the entire world, to every one!

When I heard about this journey of Mohanji’s and His lack of rest, I knew, it must be something big! With this in mind, I retired for the night. In my sleep state, I had an amazing vision of Mohanji and found myself with Him along with few other disciples. It was a very ordinary village location with a very simple house. I did not recognise this place until I later saw the pictures of Nivruthi Sangam area. I would have enjoyed myself in this pious location doing seva to Gurudev, if my alarm did not wake me up! “Oh Mohanji!”, were the first words to come out as soon as my eyes opened and then I had the divine view of the photos of Mohanji having a dip in Pushkar.

I realised, my dream of being with Mohanji and other disciples in that simple village location was nothing but Mohanji carrying us spiritually to Pushkar. Mind still acts, sometimes! Probably I did not dare to believe this completely. (Sometimes, it seems too good to be true, because it’s just simply so magnificent to travel astrally with the Master!). Well, Mohanji knew my thoughts, as always!

Within a few minutes, I received many photos of events at Nivruthi Sangam from Mohanji! As I scanned through the photos, the entire sequence of events became crystal clear. While I was looking at the photos, I suddenly forgot my existence of sitting in the room in Copenhagen; rather I felt as if I was there at the Nivruthi Sangam! It seemed very real! My body touched the water. My skin felt the sunrays. My nose sensed the sweet smell of water and the earth. My eyes felt the glare of the sunshine from the water surface. I actually felt myself holding the water in my hand and doing Abhishek to Lord Datta, and to Lord Shiva through Mohanji! I actually felt the graceful, loving embrace of my Master!

This is when I realised; it was true that what  I thought of was a dream of being with Mohanji, I was actually, very much with Him at the Sangam astrally! He had prepared me for this by letting me know about it last night! When I didn’t believe my spiritual experience, He had to show me the truth through these pictures.

I was getting late for office, but I was completely dumbstruck and couldn’t move from where I was sitting. My heart chakra was expanding; head was spinning, tears flowing! There was only one chant going on in my head – “Mohanji”, “Mohanji”, “Mohanji”….

Slowly I realised, there is a much bigger purpose of me being aware of this truth of Mohanji’s work, and His tireless travels. I must express to the world, what I have realised! Because when someone reads this expression, the person will understand the truth behind Mohanji’s tireless efforts, His mode of working and the realisation of His mission. When this wisdom comes, all other blockages that may be stored for lifetimes, will clear up, just like how darkness vanishes with the Sun’s rays!

After this realisation, while I gathered myself slowly and got ready to go to office, my heart chakra remained in an expanded mode, filled with gratitude to my Master Mohanji for this out of the world experience! I was determined to gather more details about Nivruthi Sangam and Bhima Pushkar and everything that happened on that day.

Very soon, I realised that this was a divine plan for me to be aware of this event and I started getting more and more details and clarity of this day and event.


Narration by Mr Krishna Murthy:

Luckily, I got the contact of Mr. Krishna Murthy who has been with Mohanji in this entire journey. With his help, all the details became very clear. Not just details about Pushkar, Nivruthi Sangam and why Mohanji was there in the event, he also shared some extremely important messages that happened on that day.

Mr Krishna Murthy have been associated with Datta Peetham and the Swamis and he had all the back ground knowledge and details that he shared with me as below:

Nivruthi Sangam:

Nivruthi Sangam is a very powerful Datta Kshetra (sacred location of Lord Dattatreya) located near the Krishna Railway Station in Telangana. This is a confluence of the two rivers – Krishna and Bhima. This place was brought into the light by His Holiness Sripada Srivallabha Swamy, the first and foremost Datta incarnation during the 13th century.


During the course of his extensive travelling after the Chathurmasa stay at Srisailam, He used to visit this place to enhance the vitality of this place and help the human beings. Before leaving for His final resting place at Kuruvapuram, His Holiness Sripada Srivallabha Swamy had taken a bath at this confluence. As His Holiness Sripada Srivallabha Swamy had explained, Nivruthi means clearance or removal of blockage and Sangam means the confluence. Nivruthi Sangam is the place where all blockages/sins get cleansed.

For all Datta devotees and followers of the Datta tradition, Nivruthi Sangam holds a special place as one of the must visit sacred Datta Sthala.

 Bhima Pushkar:

Just like Kumbha Mela, Pushkar has a very deep significance as per Hindu tradition. This is the period when it is believed that the river Ganga and all thirty-three and half crores of holy rivers, all deities, all rishis, enter into the particular river (every year the Pushkar festival happens in a different river). Thus the river becomes the most pious river. Anyone who takes a dip in the river during this particular period, all his sins and blockages get cleared and he will be blessed with punya. Usually Pushkar runs for a period of 12 days.  This year the Pushkar that occurs from 12th October 2018 until 23rd October 2018, is called Maha Pushkaram, as all the zodiac signs are aligned together, which occurs once in 144 years. This Maha Pushkaram is happening at the confluence of the rivers – Bhima and Krishna. This is also known as Bhima Pushkar.

Bhima Pushkar that happens this year is of great importance because the river Bhima (originating from Pune) passes through the famous Datta Kshetra Ganugapur and reaches Nivruthi Sangam.

It is considered that post the dip in the auspicious river, doing an Annadanam paves the way to liberation.

After dip 3

Background on significance of the events at Nivruthi Sangam & Mohanji’s presence:

Mr Krishna Murthy explained to me, that in 2006, His Holiness Swami Sri Sri Sri Vittalananada Saraswathi Maharaj  (known as Vittal Babaji) initiated the auspicious event of Bhima Pushkar followed by Annadanam. Krishnaji also mentioned that “Vittal Babaji, who had conferred the title of “Rajayogi” to Mohanji considered Him as his “manasa putra” – spiritual son.

Vittal Babaji.jpg


After the Mahasamadhi of Vittal Babaji, Sri Ramaprasannanda Saraswathi became the Peethadhipati (Pontiff) of Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Dattatreya Swamy Mahasamsthana Peetham (Sri Datta Peetham).


After 12 years, when the Bhima Pushkar was scheduled for October 2018, Pontiff Swami Ramaprasannanda Saraswati invited Vittal Babaji’s manasa putra (spiritual son) Rajyogi Mohanji to inaugurate this auspicious festival followed by Annandanam. Release of a calendar in the name of Vittal Babaji was also scheduled for this event.

This sacred event, in the calibre of Maha Kumbh Mela and keeping the tradition that was initiated by Vittal Babaji, was significant enough for Mohanji to continue on his 48 hours long non-stop journey from Thiruvanamalai – to Delhi – to Jammu – to Nivruthi Sangam! Along with the Pontiff, Mohanji had to inaugurate the auspicious Bhima Pushkar festival, keeping up the tradition set by Vittal Babaji! Hence, physical stress or discomfort did not bother Him!


An innocent wish of a devotee, Krishna Murthy:

While telling me excitedly, about how Mohanji despite His busy schedules had accepted the invitation to come and inaugurate Bhima Pushkar, Krishna Murthyji also shared a very emotional story, which proves how God (in the form of Mohanji), does every possible thing to fulfil a true disciple’s wish! Krishnaji said that he couldn’t attend the Kumbh Mela in Nasik (2014) with Mohanji at that time even though he was invited. He also envisaged that he will not be able to join Mohanji again in the February 2019 Kumbh Mela. With a heavy heart, he had prayed, “If I cannot go to Kumbh Mela with Mohanji, why can’t Mohanji come to Pushkar which is the same as Kumbh Mela?” Bhagawan had to bow down to the sincere and innocent devotee’s wish!

Mohanji dip 1

Mohanji at Nivruthi Sangam, 12th October 2018:

As per the plan, Mohanji left for Nivruthi Sangam at 4:30 am on 12th October, reaching there on time for the event to start at about 6:00 am. The Pontiff Swami Ramaprasannanda Saraswati, Mataji Niranjananda Saraswati, Swamy Sarveswarananda and Swamy Shraddhananda of Shri Datta Peetham, very fondly received Mohanji.


With a sacred ceremony to invoke the glorious and pious rivers, Pontiff Swami Ramaprasannanda Saraswati and Mohanji inaugurated the event.

puja puja1


Then followed the ritual of floating various offerings in the river water. Shining with the crimson red rays of the rising Sun, the river was showing its satisfaction and receiving the offerings gladly and promising to purify all beings (in form or without a form) who takes the dip for the next 12 days!

river_offering river_offering2


The sacrosanct process of the dip in the river, commenced with Mohanji holding the sacred and powerful Datta statue in His hand. Amidst mantra chanting and praises to Lord Datta, Mohanji gave a dip to the statue, thus symbolising that with the Guru Datta, the entire Datta tradition, The Guru Mandala, disciples, devotees, everyone who is connected to the Datta tradition, took the Pushkara dip!


Then Pontiff Swami Ramaprasannanda, Mohanji and other swamis took the dip. This is when the water of the holy river became even more glorified. This was the invisible grace of Swayam Datta !

Mohanji dip 5

As Shiva explained to Devi Parvati in the Gurugita, even the most sacred rivers wait eagerly for the feet of the Guru to touch them and make their water glorified which then can purify every being.

This is what was exactly happening. The joy of the rivers Bhima & Krishna were seen through the shining glory of the water, by receiving the touch of Mohanji and the divine Datta Peetha Swamis.

With this dip, Mohanji was not just purifying the rivers but He was also purifying all the beings who travelled with Him, spiritually too, thus removing their blockages of life times, giving them moksha.

Mohanji dip 2 Mohanji dip 3

This is the reason, while Mohanji was taking dip; the Pontiff did abhishekam to Mohanji (Pouring water on Mohanji’s head). Mohanji also did abhishekam to Pontiff. The devotees and pilgrims, who were taking dips there at that moment, also did abhishekam to Pontiff and Mohanji. This was as if all devatas were doing abhishek to Lord Dattatreya thus making the river even more pious!


After dip 1

After this ritual was finished, Pontiff, Mohanji and others came out of the water and after getting back into dried clothes, they carried out a circumambulation of a special structure where there were sahasra (1008) Shiva Lingas arranged in a the shape of a pyramid.


After dip 5

This special structure was constructed by one of the Datta Swamis with the instruction of His Holiness Sripada Srivallabha. This structure with thousand Shiva lingas indicates infinity. So any rituals, ceremonies carried out at this place gives infinite result.

After dip 7

Mohanji and all the Swamis participated in the Calendar release function in the name of Vittal Babaji. Presence of Babaji throughout the ceremonies was very much evident.

Bitthal babaji_calendar


To energize this event more, Pontiff had arranged annadanam (food donation). Mohanji commenced this ceremony too and He himself served the people who were eagerly waiting for the prasadam. Many may not be even aware, that by receiving food from Mohanji, their life times’ of karma are cleared. They will never have any more hunger at any level, physical, mental or spiritual. All their hunger was fulfilled with Mohanji’s one serving! Mohanji standing and serving food there gave a feeling as if Swayam Vittal Babaji was standing there and serving food to everyone with a loving smile on His face.

annadanam51.jpg annadanam31.jpg

After all the events were accomplished by 10:00 am; Mohanji took His leave with the Pontiff’s blessings.


Mohanji then started His 5 hour’s journey back to Hyderabad. He had to reach Bangalore the same day, so that He could be present for the Ammucare Volunteers meet commencing the next day, on 13th October in Bangalore!

However, before travelling to Bangalore, He had one more job to finish, which no one would have even envisaged!

Please read the continuation of this journey in the Part 2 of this blog.




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The Blessed Day with Mohanji and Vittal Babaji

Written by Kiran

With the blessings from Mohanji, I would like to narrate my experience that I had yesterday both with Mohanji and Vittal Babaji…

As it was planned to meet Mohanji on Friday evening (22nd Nov), I was awaiting for Shashank’s confirmation on the schedule as soon as I reached Hyderabad. But I got the message from Shashank saying that they would be late to Hyderabad as Mohanji wanted to spend some time in Kuruvapuram.

As I was eager to meet Mohanji, I was disappointed a little bit but thinking that I could spend all the time with Him the next day, I was happy.

On Saturday morning (23rd Nov), I got a message from Shashank saying that they would be planning to go to NIMS to spend an hour there. I was thinking that Mohanji might be visiting the Hospital to meet some patients and distribute fruit.

Then I thought to meet Mohanji in NIMS instead of going to the hotel where they stayed in. It was raining heavily and I decided to meet him at any cost. I was wearing a white kurta and pyjamas and  took only two pomegranates for Mohanji.

I reached NIMS at 9am and enquired at the reception. I asked the receptionist, “A swamy has come from Delhi. Could I know where he is?” They guided me to MRPR wing in the hosptial. Actually MRPR Wing is meant for VIPs. So I was not sure whether I was guided correctly. Then I asked the security guys at the gate. Seeing me in white dress, they might have thought that I belong to Mohanji as He was also in white dress (in fact, Mohanji only said this), they showed me the way to the rooms. I went inside and was searching in which room, He would be in. I asked another security guy, “A swamy has come from Delhi. Where can I get Him?”. He asked, “One swamy in saffron dress?” Hesitatingly I said, “Yes” wondering if Mohanji might be in Saffron attire. The security guard knocked there and somebody opened the door.Without peeping inside, I asked, “Is Mohanji there?” He said, “Yes”.

To my surprise, Mohanji was talking to a patient (Swamy) who was in Saffron attire. When I went inside, I gestured Namaskar to Mohanji and another Swamy. Then I came to know he was “Vittal Babaji”.

Then I gave the pomegranates to Mohanji and He blessed them. Then I asked Mohanji to give them to Vittal Babaji. I got to know that five minutes before this, Mohanji had been telling Rajeshji that it would have been better if they would have brought fruits for Vittal Babaji. Then I felt both my and Mohanji’s wishes were fulfilled.

Mohanji gave a book “Power of Purity” to Vittal Babaji who talked to everyone with patience and narrated so many stories about Sripaada Sri Vallabha swamy and Swamy Samartha Ramadas.Vittal Babaji has given tasks to Mohanji to publish the books on Sripaada Srivallabha swamy and Akkalkota swamy.

In between he asked about Mila and Bibaji. Since I know Telugu I explained what happened on that day when Mila had fallen from height and the hospitalization details. He blessed Mila and Bibaji.

There I met Shashank, Rajesh Singh, Nandita and Dhritiman. I didn’t get much time to talk to Shashank and Dhritiman as both left for the airport for their flight at 1 PM.

Mohanji, Rajeshji, Nanditaji and myself arrived back in the hotel. We had a blessed time with Mohanji. Mohanji told me that I am also from Datta Tradition. Then I remembered somebody had told me earlier I belonged to Sripaada Sri Vallabha swamy in my earlier birth.

At that time, Mr. Srinivas W. and his wife came to meet Mohanji. They took His blessings.

Then Mohanji asked Rajeshji to share his divine experience in Srisailam. He narrated his profound experience that he had in Srisailam. As all of them were about to go to have Goddess Bhramarambha Darshan. As they were about to start, there they saw a beggar. Mohanji asked Rajeshji to give some money to the lady beggar. Rajeshji gave some money to her and folded his hands showing the reverence. As he was about to turn back to enter the car, the lady beggar was giving him a rupee coin. As he was hesitating to take the coin, Mohanji gestured towards him to take the coin. He took that coin and then when he was about to turn back again, she gave him another rupee coin. I felt as if he was blessed having taken that coin too. Then they all went and had the darshan of Bhramaramba Devi darshan. To his surprise, he saw the same face of the beggar in Bhramaramba Devi. He was shocked and tapped at Mohanji’s back about his feelings. Mohanji smiled at him. This was a miraculous experience. As Rajeshji was explaining this experience, I saw the aura changed around his head. Even while I am writing this experience, I have goosebumps all over my body. Mohanji said that Goddess blessed him the two coins – one is for the inner peace and the other one for the external peace. What a wonderful and unfathomed experience.

Then on remembering Sathya Sai’s birthday, I sang a few bhajans, which Mohanji liked very much. Mohanji also told us that He used to sing one of those bhajans in Shirdi Sai temple. That bhajan goes like this… ,“Maanasa bhajare guru charanam, dusthara bhavasaagara tharanam…”, which Sathya Sai himself used to sing. The meaning of the song is “O Mind, without worshipping the Lotus Feet of Guru Sai Natha it is not possible to cross the ocean of life and death. Victory to the Noble Teacher, Lord Sai Natha. Chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’. Chant the name of Lord Shiva, who resides in Arunachala (the sacred mountain in Southern India associated with Lord Shiva). Chant the name of Lord Baba, whose form is Om”.

 The Blessed Day with Mohanji. Kiran's experience

Mohanji asked all of us to go for lunch. We were about to go for lunch.

Then Mohanji asked Srinivasji about the translation of the Power of Purity meditation into Telugu. He said that it had been done. Then Mohanji told us that we had to translate all of his books and meditations into Telugu language. Srinivasji mentioned about a lady professor who could help us transalate them into Telugu. At the same time, Mohanji reminded us of the lunch time. We all followed Mohanji to the dining session. To the surprise of us all, we met there the lady professor whom Srinivasji had mentioned about a few minutes before. See her divine luck… She met Mohanji and got the blessings from Parabrahma.

After lunch, we moved to the room. There, one more family came to take Mohanji’s blessings. After that we gave Aarti to Mohanji. While giving Aarti, one more person came to meet Him. Mohanji calls him Venkatgaru and said humourously that Venkatgaru was teaching Him Telugu language.

As it was the time to leave for the airport, Rajeshji and myself accompanied Mohanji and Nanditaji to the airport. There we gave a sendoff to Mohanji and Nanditaji.

In total, my heart is completely filled up with unconditional love towards Mohanji. I felt very blessed to be with Him all day. A divine day of blessings…

The Homecoming…

We often ignore or take the eligibility of visiting these extremely sacred places lightly or for granted. However it is the most important part of the yatra (pilgrimage) – the permission from Para Brahma to undertake the yatra and stand in HIS presence. We fail to understand that the mere permission given is an acknowledgment by HIM of HIS loving Grace on the person.

A group of five people had the privilege to visit the holy places of Srisailam and Kurvapur along with Mohanji. It was not less than a journey of a lifetime. Full of experiences and miracles, it was extremely humbling for the devotees accompanying. It was a homecoming from them.

The journey started from Hyderabad. In 6 hours we reached the outskirts of Srisailam. And the miracles started! Nandita Singh explains, “Before visiting the Mallika Arjuna temple at Srisailam, one needs to visit the Sakshi Ganesha temple which is at the outskirts of the town. We stopped there to take the permission and blessings of Lord Ganesha before proceeding further. When we reached the Sakshi Ganesha temple, it was already quite dark. We went in after buying some flowers and offerings. Mohanji asked us to sacrifice a coconut at the stone outside the temple for the benefit of the world. After the darshan we were moving out of the temple, Mohanji asked me to give some money to an old man sitting at some distance. He was sitting with his back to the deity! It is usually considered as irreverence to sit with one’s back towards the deity of the temple.  I gave some money to the old man. As I turned back, Mohanji asked me, “What did HE say to you? I replied, “Aum Namah Shivaya”. I was curious and asked Mohanji who that person was. Mohanji replied, “Lord Shiva himself”! We all were stunned at the reply. He added, “Who else can sit with his back to the deity of the temple!”. Then he asked me how HIS eyes were. I replied that his eyes were “glassy” and powerful! “That’s it!” Mohanji replied.

When we reached Srisailam, we checked into a guest house which was very near to Mallika Arjuna temple. We could hear the chants of the evening aarti. The caretaker’s name was also Mallika Arjuna Reddy! He was a noble soul and was extremely helpful. He explained everything about the abhishek pooja that we had to perform the next morning. He made all the arrangements for the pooja and then took us out for dinner. We enjoyed authentic Andhra spicy food.

Sahiti Nilayam the homly guest house where we stayed at Srisailam
A black dog who stood guard at the gate while Mohanji walked inside the guest house

When we returned to retire for the day, suddenly Mohanji moved to the dining room and started eating custard apples which we had bought on the way to Srisailam. He asked us to join him. He said that if we won’t eat them, the ants will! This seemed like a passing statement but Mohanji never says anything without a reason. The next morning, when we came back to the guest house after visiting the temple, the path that led to the table was full of ants!

Mohanji enjoying custard apple

Shashank Jaitely narrates his experience. “We were supposed to get up 5 am as we had to reach Mallika Arjuna Temple at 6 am. I was sharing the room with Mohanji so I wanted to get ready before Mohanji got up. I woke up early and when opened my bag to take my white clothes out, I got a shock because the hair shampoo that I was carrying had leaked and had spoilt all my clothes! The only way I could wear them was to wash and dry them quickly. I did wash but as the time was short, in no way they would have dried up in time. Soon Mohanji got up and I started attending to him, praying for a miracle. As if Mohanji heard me. He asked me to check with the caretaker what we were supposed to wear for the temple. The caretaker confirmed that traditionally men don’t wear anything on top while inside the temple complex! So that was half my problem solved! When I informed this to Mohanji, he turned towards his bag and took out one of his dhoti and said to me, “Wear this now and for the rest of the trip, dress up like me”. I was stunned. In one simple swift gesture, Mohanji solved my dilemma of managing the wet and stained clothes!” Remember, I had never discussed my problem with him at all. Thus, I wore Mohanji’s dhoti and eventually got used to it and ended up buying a few more of that kind. 🙂 

The visit to Srisailam was surreal. To worship Bharambara Devi in front of thousands of year old Sri Chakras and then to worship Shiva with Shiva was an experience which is beyond the purview of words. Being able to touch and do abhishek of the Shiva linga which has been worshiped by almost all the Avatars and Great Masters including Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Pandavas, Great Saints like the Datta Avatars etc, was indeed a memory to cherish for a lifetime. We also saw the Shiv Linga installed by Sri Rama which has 1000 shiv lings embedded in it as well as the Shiv Linga worshipped by Ma Sita.

After finishing the pooja we went out and sat in our car to go back. Rajesh Singh adds, “Barely had we travelled a distance of about 50m that Mohanji asked the driver to stop. He then asked me to go out and give some money to a lady sitting by the side of the road. I said, “Mohanji, I have just run out of all the change that I had.” He replied, “Please give her whatever you have.” I got off the car and took some money from my wallet and offered it to the lady sitting on the floor. As I got up to leave I saw that she had risen as well and was taking out a coin. I heard Mohanji’s voice from behind, “take it”. I accepted the coin with gratification. Then as I turned to return, I saw that she was taking out another coin. I accepted both the coins, thanked her did pranam with folded hands and returned to the car. As I sat in the car, I asked Mohanji, “Who  was she”? Mohanji replied, “She was Devi (Goddess) – Herself”.  Mohanji continued saying, “One coin is for inner richness and the other coin is for external richness”. The two pillars that balances a human existence. I was thrilled with the thought of having been blessed by Devi herself. I thanked Mohanji in my heart.”

We then completed our breakfast. As we came out we saw that seven saints dressed in saffron color were standing on the side of the road. Mohanji asked us to offer food to the saints. Later Mohanji told us that they were Saptrishies. Mohanji ensured that all of them were given the food of their choice and asked them if we have their permission to go. We also gave them some money as dakshina (offering of money as gratitude to a saint or God)They blessed us and we left.

Rajesh Singh further adds, “After completing our purchases when I returned to the car. Mohanji was sitting in the front seat.  I saw that Mohanji was talking to a saint dressed in saffron and whose hair was neatly tied at the back with a cloth, in the same way that Shirdi Sai Baba tied it. Mohanji asked me to give him money for food. This saint was talking fluent english. He told Mohanji that he is here since last 12 years and once one comes to the soul of Sri Sailam, cannot leave this place. Sri Sailam has great importance in Hindu culture. I offered him some money and we left for Kurvapur”. On the way we stopped at Sakshi Ganesha temple again and thanked him for finding us worthy and allowing us to have such an amazing experience.

Saptrishies blessing

We continued our journey and stopped over at Phaladhara-Panchadhara. These holy streams Phaladhara-Panchadhara signify their origin from the forehead (phaladhara) and the five aspects (panchdhara) of God Shiva. This was the place where Adi Shankracharya did penance and composed  Shivanandalahari and Sowndaryalahari. Behind the stream, there was a cave where Adi Shankracharya meditated.

Mohanji in communion with Adi Shankaracharya
Mohanji in meditative state at Phaladhara-Panchadhara
The source of the teerathjal sacred water flowing on the lingam at Adi Guru Shankracharya temple
Cave behind the stream where Adi Shankracharya meditated

In the evening, we reached the ashram of Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj at Kurvapur. It was like homecoming. The place had amazing temples. We visited the temple which had the portion of the stone where Shripad Shri Vallabh used to worship. There was a trishul (trident) that belonged to Sripada Srivallabha. The story goes that the trishul was given to Vittal Babaji by a very young boy. The boy told Babaji this trishul belongs to Sripada Srivallabha and he found it in the river. It’s a half broken trishul. After handing over the Trishul to Vittal Baba the boy left. Nobody saw that boy again. In the complex we did parikrama of the Audumber Tree. The audumber tree is Lord Dattatreya himself. Our tradition teaches compassion and love for all, be it human beings, animals or trees. Mohanji went in deep communion with the Audumbe tree at the temple.

The altar at the ashram
Mohanji with Neelkanth, a self less man who love and devotion towards Mohanji was inspiring
A mural at the ashram of Krishna Viraat roop
The ashram felt like home
Mohanji in communion with the deity
Mohanji prostrating to the temple where the stone and trishul of Sri pad is installed

Then a miracle happened. Rajesh Singh narrates it in his own words, “After doing parikrama of the audumber tree, we went up to the temple of Devi – Anagha Lakshmi. Mohanji was up ahead offering his pranam to the Devi. As he moved back, I could see the full face of the Devi. I tapped Mohanji on his left upper arm and told him, “Mohanji, the lady that I offered money to in the morning was identical to this lady. Their faces were identical – exactly the same. I was shell shocked at the resemblance between the two. I went up ahead to the altar and offered my humble pranams to Mata Anagha Lakshmi. My soul was stirred as I prostrated at the Devi’s feet. Shashank then came up to me to show some pictures that he had clicked. The first picture I was standing in front of the altar. In the next photograph there was a  hazy outline of mine standing next to Mohanji and in the very next photograph I was back again in front of the picture and Mohanji a few steps behind me. I later understood that the second photograph captured the moment that my causal body was getting separated from Mohanji’s after the merger. Mohanji later explained that he had entered me to give me experiences or the eyes to see the truth so that I could recognize the connection between the incident in the morning and this idol. It was a proof of what Mohanji told us in the morning and the relevance of giving dakshina to Goddess and her confirmation of acceptance as well as her blessing. Then the impact of the event sank into me and I felt completely blessed by what I had witnessed”. In one’s lifetime, this kind of experience is hard to happen. One needs to have the eyes to see beyond the ordinary and need the grace of a true guru to attain that power. Saying something is easy. Witnessing it and experiencing it from deep within is not easy at all. That is truly extra ordinary.

Mohanji merging with Rajesh so that he could witness the truth. Instantly Rajesh understood the deeper impact of a seeming ordinary action of giving money to the lady on the street and understood who she was!
Rajesh Singh returning back to normal state after this divine experience


Next day morning, we took the boats to go to the island temple of Shripadh Shri Vallabha. The moment we reached the bank, we could hear the chants of digamabra, digambara, shri pad vallabha digambara but we could not see anyone chanting. The chants were peculiar. Shashank adds, “Mohanji asked me, can you hear the chants? I said, I can hear the birds chanting the mantra, Mohanji. He then turned towards me, smiled and said, “Are you sure they are birds?” Then I could understand that they were the divine entities, welcoming Mohanji to the temple!”

Sri Pad Shri Vallabha temple

With  Mohanji’s grace we had the privilege of participating in the abhishek of Nirgun Paduka of Shri Pad Shri Vallaba Maharaj. It was not less than a celestial event. All deities from Shirdi Sai, Bhagwan Nityananda, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva appeared. Their appearance and sights were vivid. Shashank adds, “I was sitting just behind Mohanji and during whole of the pooja, was looking at Mohanji’s hair. I could not take my eyes off. I tried concentrating on the pooja, but sight used to come back to His hair. Then I knew the reason! I could see whole of Vaikuntha being formed on his hair. Sheshnag with Lord Vishnu laying down, with Lakshmi on his side. I also saw the lotus flower and Lord Brahma sitting on it. It was a spectacle. The hair curls of Mohanji also formed the waves of the Ksheera Sagar. It was an overwhelming experience and brought tears in my eyes. After the pooja was over, I rushed to Mohanji and before I could tell him, he said, “I wanted to tell you that you will see Vaikuntha today!” I was speechless and had tears of gratitude in my eyes.”

Mohanji was feeling at home and took us around the complex showing and explaining the significance of each place. We came across the sacred tree of knowledge, the tree of the tradition! The sacred banyan tree at the temple whose roots connect straight to your soul! Mohanji asked us to hold the roots and feel the vibrations!

The sacred tree of knowledge
Mohanji in communion with the sacred tree of knowledge

A little further there was a cave of Datta avatar Mahayogi Vasudevananda saraswati or Tembe Swami. Mohanji asked Shashank to enter the cave and said, “You will find me inside”. Shashank narrates, “The cave was very small and only one person could enter at a time. When I entered the cave and reached the place where Mahayogi Vasudevananda Saraswati meditated, I felt Mohanji was behind me. I wondered how he could enter the cave as it could only accommodate one person. When I turned, I did not see him, but felt his presence all around. The cave was dark as there was no light source. I switched on the flash of my camera and saw a spectacular site inside the cave. There were so many “M” on the wall and the eyes of Mahayogi Vasudevananda Saraswati in the picture were very familiar J. Glassy eyes! I did find Mohanji inside.”

Inside the cave of Datta avatar Mahayogi Vasudevananda saraswati

After spending some more time, we took the boat back to the ashram of Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj. Then we saw a breath-taking view. A golden snake was swimming in front of us, showing us the way to the shore. The snake then vanished in the grass which was in the direction of the snake pits outside the ashram. Before it vanished, it lifted its head up from the water and blessed us. Later Mohanji explained that the snake pits were the path to the Nag lok and the golden snake was the celestial snake that came to bless us.

The golden cobra Snake in the water


At the ashram, a yog workshop of Siddha Samadhi yoga was being held. Acharaya Jagan Guru ji was conducting the workshop. He had had an instant connect with Mohanji and he requesedt to address the students of the workshop. Mohanji agreed to address. Mohanji later said, “It is such an honour of giving talk at of Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj ashram, the same place where the Great Sripada Srivallabha used to conduct his Satsangs, centuries ago. All because of the blessings of Vithal Baba ji and Lord Sreepaada.”

Vijaya Kumari, whom Mohanji calls Amma (Mother) who accompanied Mohanji in many of his travels addressing the yoga students introducing them to Mohanji
Mohanji speaks to the yoga students

Later in the day we went to the place near the Krishna River where Sripad Shri Vallabh used to do surya namaskar in the morning before going for meditation and satsang. Dhritiman Biswas says, “Grace of Lord Datta continued on the group. HE allowed us to stand on the stone on which HE used to stand and walk on. HE also allowed us to touch the place where he used to sit and meditate. This was near the place where the swyambhu Ganesha is kept to whom we all bowed down to and prayed. The final Grace was showed, by the presence of Lord Datta himself in the form of a divine bird as we walked back to the ashram”.

Sreepada Sreevallabha used to spend the nights at the island Kuruvapuram, which is the other side of the river Krishna, and used to come to this bank during every dawn. He used to take bath, worship Shiva and Ganesha, do Surya Namaskars on a rock and sit and meditate for sometime and then conduct satsangs to Humans at the place where the current ashram of Vittal Babaji stands. This was in 1300AD. In the evenings, he would walk on top of water and go back to the island. The place he used to sit in Samadhi is the current nirguna paaduka temple of Sreepaada. In the nights, many celestial beings used to come to meet him and he used to conduct satsangs for them. The banyan tree is the celestial portal. What a divine place, so filled with vibrations of the highest order!

Mohanji standing on the spot where Sri Pad Shri Vallabha used to meditate
Mohanji pointing to the column of energy that existed on the spot where Sri Pad meditated
Mohaji in communion with Swyambhu Ganesha idol
Mohanji standing on the rock at Krishna River where Sri Pad Shri Vallabha use to do Surya Namaskaar
Celestial bird

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the love and hospitality at the ashram. While Mohanji was interacting with the people at the ashram and feeling at home, a duck came from nowhere and started cuddling with Mohanji as if it found someone it was looking for lifetimes. It started kissing him all over his hands and arms. Then it climbed Mohanji’s feet and sat there with authority. This went on for 25 minutes. In its expression of love, it plucked a few hairs from Mohanji’s arm and then carried it around in its beak as a precious gift!





Next morning we headed back to Hyderabad.  There we had the honour to visit Sri Sri Sri Vittalananda Saraswathi Maharaj. The group received a warm reception. Dhritiman adds, “Meeting Swami Maharaj Vittal Babaji was the icing on the cake. His boundless love overwhelmed each one of us, especially his discourse from an ancient book about a story on Lord Rama, Mata Sita and Lord Hanuman. It left many of us in tears. Grace kept on flowing till the last as Swami Maharaj Vittal Babaji blessings verily from Lord Datta himself, melted us and fused us all in one consciousness.” Vittal Baba later accepted the invitation extended by Mohanji on behalf of Shirdi Sai Baba samiti of Pallakad for the inauguration of a Shirdi Sai temple at Pallakad on 14th to 16 January. The group was later blessed by Vittal baba as he gave us the onerous task of proof reading the English translation of ” Sripada Vallabha Leela Vybhavam and the English and Hindi translation of a yet to be launched book written in Telugu, “Sri samaratha ramdas swamy charithamrutham.” We left the place fully gratified at the huge service opportunity that had come our way fully gratified at the love showered on each one of us.




Jai Guru Dev Dutta!