Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 117 & 118

by Christopher Greenwood

Day 117 Lesson – Challenges of awakening

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you’re doing very well.

Some time ago, a man came to visit Mohanji. He was a Kriya devotee and he had some questions. He had clearly reached a point where he was stuck. So, he had spent some time with Mohanji, and the conversation turned out to be really great, because Mohanji shared a lot of wisdom, which will eventually be turned into a blog.   

One of the areas on which they were speaking about was the challenges on the path as you start walking, doing something different from your usual life. I think probably all of us reading this have faced this in some form or another, that when we begin to walk on the path of spirituality or connect to ourselves, life begins to shift. Sometimes, this is not always nice or comfortable, and the experience can be difficult. Especially when we think about this path, the path of Shiva, which is definitely not the feel-good path. It’s the path of annihilation. All habits, comfort zones, everything is stripped away, leaving the pure essence. That’s the idea. 

That conversation was good for me, because I remembered going through really difficult times some years back, when all the world around me seemed to be falling apart. Nothing that I had interest in before really mattered anymore. There was just this void, which I just seemed to be floating in. I met Mohanji soon after this time, and he spoke very few words to me at that event in London. But one of the sentences was, “The next few months are going to be really tough, but don’t worry, you’ll be okay.” And they were; I had all sorts of difficulties with physical issues, mental issues. I felt completely torn between an old life and something which was completely unknown.

This man was also explaining a similar thing, that shifts had started happening in his life. I think it’s a good lesson on a path like this, to recognize that these things will happen. And Mohanji gave some great clarity to him, which I’d like to share now with you all. He said that the struggle is usually because all the habits are getting broken. We’ve probably been living many lifetimes with the same patterns, same habits, same likes, same dislikes, the same things. And when they get broken, because we’re now looking to reach something more permanent, it shakes up all the other things in life, which we find abnormal. 

But actually, it’s not. It’s normal. Because the way we’ve conditioned ourselves is that we’ve started to think that being abnormal is our normal pattern. So, the same life, the society’s demands – you have an education, you get married, you have a job, you have a house, have children – the same pattern which society asks for. But actually, that’s not us, is what he was saying. So, if we can attain liberation, which is freedom from all this, that’s more important than the pattern. 

He was sharing, in a clear way, that when we’re exercising our patterns, society is very happy, because it’s the same thing that society wants. And we’re happy as well, because society is not against us. So, everybody is happy; the pattern of society is happy, and we’re happy because we’re following it as well. But when we start to fall out of that pattern, it becomes a problem, because then people are treated as eccentrics, they’re treated as abnormal, good-for-nothing. 

Mohanji was sharing that our true state is the awakened state and always being awakened. This is not easy to get because of all the habits which are external. Mohanji was sharing this with him as well, that gradually, little by little, we start to bring in a freedom from the senses and the mind. So that we can understand that there’s nothing really outside of us anymore, which is really capturing or conquering us. No possessions, no materials, no relations. If they’re there, it’s great. But if they are also coming and going, then no problem too. He also shared that this is difficult because those habits have been really strengthened inside over the years. So, it does take time. 

That whole conversation, and remembering it now, is a real lesson and also something for me to be thankful for, because I think only someone who has actually crossed over and gone through that, can stand on the other side and know what people are going through, and can really be someone to hold the hand and give good directions, which is exactly what Mohanji is doing for many people. 

Thank you. Have a great day ahead.

Day 118 Lesson – The kindness movement

Good morning, everybody. I hope that you’re doing really well.

Yesterday evening, we had a meeting with the board members of the World Consciousness Alliance, wherein Mohanji spent time clarifying the vision of the alliance and also answering any questions about the next steps. For me, these types of meetings are always a great reminder to listen to Mohanji because it gives the real scale of Mohanji’s vision, especially for the World Conscious Alliance as a platform. At its core, the aim is to raise the awareness of the entire generation across the world from the current patterns we have of greed, competition, anger, hatred, and jealousy, where success is based on wealth. From most businesses that exploit the earth to a mindset where kindness and goodness become a measure of the person’s wealth, your acts speak for you, acts of goodness, acts of kindness; and to when people start to take responsibility, rather than talk about their rights. So that’s the high level. Artists, entertainers, musicians, filmmakers, and all the other major influencers will be the torchbearers for that vision and that message because they have the audience and the reach.

As I listened, it was a good reminder for me of a number of lessons which I’ve shared before in the past and picked up from Mohanji. One of the main ones that I took was that if we want to bring a change in the world, we have to act, we have to take steps. Especially now, when the majority of society is more concerned about their own comforts; if they’ve got everything which they need, then they’re happy. Rarely are people sharing, or giving their time, or being selfless. Very few will wake up in the morning and think, “What more can I do.” 

In the meeting, Mohanji shared a quote (I think it’s from Albert Einstein) that the world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. This was a reminder of some lessons I picked up before from Mohanji because one thing I learned the hard way is that Mohanji really doesn’t accept any passivity in life, to any situation, no matter how small. If there’s something that has to be done, it should be done.

This is a mindset that I’m cultivating as well. When I see something that needs to be looked at, I address it then and there. For him, passivity and watching from the sidelines doesn’t really have any place. He also shared with me before that it’s just as bad to stand by and watch on while something adharmic or bad is being committed as it is to actually commit the act yourself. You face the same fate. This is always interesting for me to remember. 

Now with the team, given that clarity, the aim is to bring forward a new society, a different society with a different mindset, where it’s based much more on respect for all the beings, all the creatures, the entire environment we are a part of. And where kindness and goodness become something that is natural and spontaneous. And it’s also recognized and appreciated. So that people begin to live their life taking their responsibilities. 

It’s happening as well, through some of Mohanji’s teachings. There was a really lovely moment and story as well. During the EBC kids’ presentation, one of the small girls had her birthday. She was there with all the other children too. When I was younger, I would be looking forward to my birthday and all the presents I was going to get, all the gifts that were going to be coming my way. But what this small girl actually did is that she decided herself, after listening to something that Mohanji had said, to go to an animal shelter and feed some of the sick and abandoned animals on her birthday instead. So, she shared this. And then, a few months later, nine of the other children there had also decided that, rather than having presents and things like this, they would have some money donated, and have their parents take them to the animal shelter to feed the abandoned and sick animals.

This is the shift in mindset, which is really inspiring. Maybe it’s on a small scale, but you can see that when that act of kindness was rewarded and encouraged, other people started to pick it up. So that’s on a small level. But at a grander level, with all the artists, entertainers and musicians, this is the message that we want to start sharing and spreading. And we can all do that too in our own ways.

Hope you have a great day ahead.


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Lessons living with Mohanji – Days 15 & 16

Day 15 Lesson – Consistency is difficult, but it transforms

by Christopher Greenwood

Today is a lesson about consistency and how it can transform when we’re committed to a path. And it came from a conversation with Mohanji, as I was curious about experiences that people have because I have never really had any amazing experiences or visions. For example, even though I’ve been practising Kriya yoga for over two years, I only see black. That’s because my eyes are closed: I don’t see anything else. So I was curious about this, and I asked Mohanji. And as it can be the way with Mohanji, if he feels something needs to be answered differently, he shifts it. So he shifted it to a more important message of consistency on the path. This was a light discussion, and it was quite fun. 

He said that some people have various visions, and you can never be quite sure whether they are visions or projections. And he has said before that a real vision would transform you; you will know that you’ve had one. For example, he said, on a different type of vision, someone had said, “I don’t need Mohanji to be a medium for Shiva. I’m speaking directly to Shiva now”… or something like that. And Mohanji rightly said, “When did I ever say that I’m a medium for anybody?” Earlier that day, I had done a Shiva Lingam abhishekam. So he joked at me because he said, “You know, when I asked you to do a Shiva Lingam abhishekam, I asked you to pour water on the Shiva Lingam, not pour water on my head.” That made me laugh! 

And again, we continued to speak that he doesn’t pretend to be anybody else. He is Mohanji, and his job is to take us directly to Shiva. He’s not carrying anybody on his shoulders or being the middleman. He’s showing us the way; he’s giving the path and (as I’ve shared in the previous messages) the platforms to help us. So any visions, hallucinations, or projections are something we need to handle. And he said the best method is always to stay surrendered to the Guru, whichever Guru that is. And he shared the story of Deepaka. And I only know this vaguely, so I share what I can remember because I think it’s a great story. It really rounds up this message. 

Deepaka was serving his Guru consistently. His Guru is a crazy guy from the story, always abusing him, beating him, shouting at him. And at some point in their journey, the Guru developed leprosy. So he quickly became immobile and couldn’t move. And the wounds started getting really bad – they were oozing with pus. It smelt horrible, flies and everything. And Deepaka would clean the wounds every day and help his Guru. 

And the Guru would abuse him. For example, when he was hungry, he would abuse Deepaka: “You haven’t given me any food. I’m hungry; I can’t move. How can you do this to me?” So then Deepaka would go and beg for some food. And when he came back, then the Guru would abuse him for leaving: “You’ve left me here, you don’t care about me.” So he couldn’t do anything right at all. 

And in the story, Shiva was impressed by this. And he came to see Deepaka and said: “I’ve seen your great devotion. I’d like to give you a boon. Anything you want, I can give you.” Deepaka thought, and the only thing which came to his mind was for his Guru to be healed from all his diseases.

“But I’m Shiva; you don’t want anything from me?” “Nope. Just for my Guru to be healed.” Shiva left. Deepaka was excited, and he went to tell his Guru that Shiva came and he would heal him. Again, the Guru beat him up really bad, saying, “Trying to get rid of me, aren’t you? Had enough of serving me? You know I have to pay my karma. How will I do that if I’m healed?” Just abuse, abuse, abuse… 

Deepaka went back to Shiva and just said, “I’m sorry, Shiva, but please don’t give me anything. My Guru was really angry.” So Shiva went away. 

The point is that he had integrity: he wanted nothing. Then Vishnu heard about this and came. Vishnu asked him, “What can I give you?” Deepaka straight away said, “If there’s any gap in my bhakti towards my Guru, any gap in my devotion towards my Guru, please fill that up. I don’t want any gap between him and me. Please bless me that my devotion intensifies.”

So obviously, he didn’t tell his Guru this because he knew what would come next – the abuse and whatever else. But the Guru knew, and he asked, “So Maha Vishnu came, right?” Deepaka said, “Yes, he came.” The Guru said, “Well, now you’ve become bigger than me; you’ve actually grown higher than me. You’re much higher than me. You know, it takes thousands of years to have the darshan, the sort of darshan of Maha Vishnu you attained. And you’ve got that just by serving me.” And at that moment, the Guru completely stripped himself of all the diseases, and he was fine. He said, “I don’t have this disease; I just tested you. In that test, you passed, and you became bigger than me.” 

That was the story that was shared with me; this is what happens when your commitment, conviction and integrity are strong. So to be careful of illusions was the message. To be careful of visions and to stay surrendered. He said as well at the end, that of all the messages, to sum up, that consistency is really difficult, but it transforms, and you’ll experience that yourself. And instead of searching for glories and anything else, glories are sure to come if we apply to work. 

And I remembered I was curious how best to serve when I first connected to Mohanji. And I really enjoyed the simplicity of his message. Because even though I’m physically close to him now, so now I have that opportunity; back then, I didn’t. And his message was very clear. The best service you can do for a Guru or someone that you consider to be a Guru is to live the teachings – helping the helpless, leaving the Earth better than when we came, adding value to society, all the things that we’re doing for all the platforms – is service. 

Day 16 Lesson – Visualize before starting a task. Set determination higher than expectations

Today’s message is another one of how Mohanji is really effective in work, completing tasks, activities and management. He gives such great advice. And at the moment, within the office, we have a strong focus on increasing visibility, promotion, and the right presentation of all the platform activities. So we asked the question: how can we make these platforms reach every corner of the world to reach more people – bring the awareness that we all benefit from, to more people. 

World Consciousness Alliance

And one of the platforms we have is the World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), which has Andra Baylus as the President. Simply put, WCA stands for humanity, towards raising the awareness of people to the highest level of human refinement: the highest potential that humans can express in the world, such as compassion, kindness, unconditional love, integrity, responsibility. And we’ve created this platform for the world to bring on performing artists, entertainers, and unite actors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and various other personalities to speak the message that now is the time to unify skills and bring a positive shift to the consciousness of the world. So, it’s a grand global vision. 

And in the past two weeks, we were speaking with the team about videos that we should be looking to create more of a promotion for the platform. So I started working on a concept of this to help the activity, and I was going to propose it to the team today or tomorrow. I put in a lot of effort and did my best. But something was missing. And I had the opportunity to ask Mohanji his view. 

He’s quite straightforward. And I say, quite straightforward. In fact, he’s completely straightforward. He said he couldn’t feel much from it; it had no impact at all. He spoke about some practical tips to adjust my approach to some of these activities. It led to a conversation on how to make work more effective so that our activities carry inspiration for us and bring contentment to the work we’re doing. Because I think he must have felt I was becoming a bit deflated by the critique session. 

And so we spoke, and this is my understanding of what he said – and therefore not his exact words, I want to be clear on that. It’s mainly around visualization of a task before you start doing it. And then also, around the fact that disappointments come when we have more expectations than determination over a task. That’s around visualizing something before you begin and making sure that our determination exceeds our expectations so that we don’t become disappointed. He said that before you undertake any task, it’s good to just sit with it for some time, don’t dive into it straight away. Just sit with it, and visualize it and picture what it could be. What’s the highest potential for that activity that you can achieve? And that’s because you need to know where you want to reach before you start walking. And so to visualize all aspects. 

And in this case, who’s the audience? What is the message you’re trying to convey? What’s the attention level of people? That’s an important thing these days. And also, if the total stranger, fresh off the street, was to look at it, what are you expecting him to feel or do? And how should certain people feel once they have this? Are you expecting them to share it with friends? Will they talk about it? All these types of things to visualize as a whole picture. 

And he also mentioned that today’s attention levels are very low, whereas distraction levels are very high. So with everything we’re doing, if we’re considering visual and audio, we have to remember that the subject itself has to be very attractive, or the visuals itself have to be very attractive to catch attention. 

So that’s the first tip he shared: visualize the activity before you dive into it. 

And then the next one was around success. For Mohanji, success to him is contentment. And from contentment comes happiness. So not necessarily be too bothered about any results or anything but that you’re content, that what you’ve done, is good to the best of your ability. He says the reason why many people aren’t successful is that they’re too focused on the result. They are focused on this specific result that might or might not come, and when it doesn’t come, they are disappointed. If it does, they are happy with the result rather than the goal or the vision. So whenever expectations supersede determination, we’re open to disappointments. And that’s because we put the result and what comes from that, over and above the determination to achieve a goal or to see through a vision. 

Because if you have more determination, you won’t be worried much about the results. And if you don’t get the result you want, you are fine if your expectations are not met. Because if it hasn’t helped towards the goal or vision, you’ll do something else, change course or try something new. But if you have all your expectations pinned on them, and it doesn’t happen, then what comes next? Dissatisfaction, discontentment. Motivation takes a hit. 

Determination should be connected to a goal that has clarity: there should be a very clear goal. There should be clarity about what is going to happen, what’s going to be achieved, and then determination becomes the friend to make that happen. And then it’s all about sheer determination of the result. 

These are two things that I’ve picked up that I can now take into my work and complete this task. Because I didn’t fully take into account that picture in a rush to get something done to move straight into activity, I missed this visualization piece – which actually meant it’s become quite inefficient because now I need to rework, which I wasn’t expecting to. 

And then, he also mentioned as well that there’s a difference between working hard and working purposefully. Working purposefully means we’re beginning to express a vision. That is, we are purposefully expressing a vision, whereas working hard is just an activity. For example, he said, “You know, a donkey works hard. But he’s got no idea why he’s working hard or what he’s carrying. He’s just doing it for the sake of it. Whereas working purposefully, you’re working towards a goal; you’re working towards a vision. And there’s actually little contentment if we don’t know what the vision is or what we’re working towards.” 

A side product of having that clear vision and goals and working with purpose is that the distraction level is less; you’re less open to distractions because you’ve got a focus on where you want to go and what you want to achieve. 

So these were the two main things that came out of that conversation: 

  1. Visualization before starting an activity – look at all the aspects and facets which make up that; what does every piece of it look like, and how does it feel.
  2. Ensure that our determination is higher than our expectations, so we’re not so open to disappointments and what comes from them. Remembering that satisfaction comes from completion, seeing a vision expressed in the world, and a job well done to the best of our abilities, not the result itself. 


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Timeless Leelas

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

|| Om Shri, Bhagavan Shri, Brahmarishi Mohanji Namah Om ||

|| Om Namo Bhagavate Sada Shivaya ||

It mattered not if one was resting or working, there was a prevalent feeling of time racing past. Feeling besieged by the need for urgency, there arose a desire to speed up everything. The periods of ‘thoughtlessness’ were growing longer. Coming out of states of emptiness is unsettling at first. The conscious mind tends to become fearful and fights right back. It starts to find reasons for the sudden lapses in time and memory. Nothing made sense except the connection to the ALL-KNOWING SELF, whom I lovingly refer to as beloved Mohanji

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - Mohanji in deep contemplation in Mother Nature.
Mohanji in deep contemplation in Mother Nature

The mind seemed to be in stasis for longer and longer periods. Absorption with daily life and the people connected with me seemed to be the furthest from my mind during these loops into Absolute reality.

In this world, we were prepping for our home-schooled son’s final exams when Mohanji was due for a visit to South Africa. Still there was no sense of urgency, no fear, no connection to the importance of exams unlike previously. All around me, the ‘noise’ of life went on as usual. Everywhere I looked people were jostling with each other. So much absorption with ‘my this, my that.’ The only thing I effortlessly connected to was beloved Mohanji. Still do.

In hindsight, the only shiver of apprehension I did feel was when reading the dates announced for Mohanji’s visit to South Africa. Smack bang in the middle of our son’s final exam schedule! My heartbeats thundered in my chest. A very big test? My heart cried out ‘Mere pyaare Mohanji! Am I  going to miss meeting you when you are going to be here in person?’ Such anguish and yearning at the thought of potentially missing meeting Mohanji. What to do? Yes, was this a test? Yet that decision was made quickly. All outcomes were surrendered to Him.

Mohanji arrived in the country. I saw pictures of Him on Facebook arriving at the airport in a bright yellow shirt. My heart jumped for joy. Inside I was jumping up and down in anticipation like a little girl. Our light of lights was finally here! When I do meet Him this (second) time in person, it was going to be the very first time that I set eyes on Him, really ‘knowing’ who Mohanji is. There are simply no words to explain the thrilling exhilaration of meeting Parabrahma or Supreme Consciousness in human form. By this time, my son had started writing exams but I kept the timetable close with me to work out how we could make an approximately four-hour return day-trip to meet beloved Mohanji in Durban during that period.

Our beloved Mohanji family had already called many times to ask when we were coming to meet Mohanji. It was tough explaining the reason for our delay. It just got too much to bear. Mohanji was live on Facebook at a local event in Durban. Everybody around Him looked deliriously happy, being so close to Him at long last. In utter frustration at the circumstances that kept us away, I put my hands on Mohanji’s face on my cellphone and cried like a little girl. In that second, I heard His voice in my head saying ‘I am with you.’ Instantly pacified, I calmed down becoming quiet and peaceful. No overthinking about how I heard His beautiful voice gently reassuring me. Just calm and quiet inside. Inside where it is always peaceful.

We did eventually make a long day-trip to Datta Tapovan ashram in Westville, Durban. My son and I drove down enveloped in a bubble of giddy happiness. We arrived too early yet didn’t mind. After a while, I had walked out of the ashram (monastery) for a moment and as I looked up there was our beloved Mohanji walking towards the entrance! Baba! Heedless of being in a sari, I instantly fell to my knees, then prostrated from the ground and remained there. My third-eye and palms pressed firmly on the ground. Time stopped!

When I did try to get up, my lower legs just refused to move. I felt rooted to the ground. As it turned out, I had troubled beloved Mohanji and Milica to help me getting up. It was hard to think coherently. I struggled to stay focused enough to remember to thank Mohanji for His hug saying that the hug was also for a lot of bhaktas (devotees) around the world who specially messaged me for this darshan (seeing a Master). I thanked beloved Mohanji in all humility and awe for the innumerable divine leelas (play) experienced by the global family on the Facebook group  ‘Mohanji Consciousness.’

Mohanji just smiled gently and confirmed He reaches out to many people globally through the group. Yes indeed, there are no coincidences. If we are meant to be where we are, we will be. All sincere prayers are always answered. Although many do not openly write about it as English is not their first language, everyone continues to experience Mohanji’s beautiful leelas in some way.

For some, terrible physical or emotional pain was averted, others experienced divine contact and still more, direct healing during meditations. Many others reached transcendental states of bliss listening to Mohanji Shiva Kavacham, chanting Mohanji Gayatri Mantra, looking at His eye-card or picture. Their heartfelt expressions poured out so much awe, gratitude and humility to our Mohanji. Jai Baba Jai!

In the meantime, I returned to the Ashram for Consciousness Kriya initiation, a day before the Retreat. It was overwhelming as we were going to be initiated into Kriya after almost a year of training with beloved Deviji. Kriya Shaktipat as Mohanji explained, was going to be the only one we were going to need for the rest of our lifetimes. We learnt that Consciousness Kriya is a sacred rocket to liberation. Mohanji also gently reminded us that we are the path, the journey and the destination.

We were ecstatic as realisation dawned about the magnitude of this moment of Consciousness Kriya initiation. Standing in line for Shaktipat (Energy Transfer), I tentatively held onto my flower, fruit and dakshina (offering) money when suddenly, waves of energy surged through exactly half of my body. Mother’s Shakti energy always makes me dance. By the time I reached Mohanji’s feet to kneel for His sacred Shaktipat, it was hard to come back to full cognizance or awareness. As Mohanji performed Shaktipat, a deep silence settled within me.

Safe to say I managed to bow down at His divine lotus feet before returning to my seat. It didn’t end there. As I settled into my chair, I became aware of tremendous waves of energy still cascading through my body that it took a little longer to assimilate. Somehow there was also a feeling of completeness. The careful balance and poise of Shiva and Shakti reached an equilibrium. Full integration. Stabilisation.

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - The beautiful KwaZulu Midlands for the Calderwell Retreat
The beautiful KwaZulu Midlands for the Calderwell Retreat

Next day we drove up to the beautiful KwaZulu Midlands for the Calderwell Retreat. There were majestic wild horses near the entrance as we drove up the driveway. This heralded the promise of many divine leelas to come. Joy, joy, joy. Finally spending uninterrupted time with mere pyaare (my loving) Mohanji. Just joy. The main part of the hotel was quiet because we were early again. Somehow, I found myself in the beautiful rose garden outside. Kicking off my shoes, I lay down on the grass under a big shady tree looking up at the azure blue sky.

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - Colors of nature at the beautiful KwaZulu Midlands during the Calderwell Retreat
Colors of nature at the beautiful KwaZulu Midlands during the Calderwell Retreat

The colours of nature seemed more intense. It was also quieter than usual. My body seemed to settle into the soothing comfort of Mother Earth’s lap. As I lay there, I became aware of what can best be described as ‘roots’ growing from my body into the earth. A sort of grounding, it seemed. Felt more like merging into Shakti Maa. Oneness. Not sure how long I lay there in a timeless state of no awareness.

Next morning was our first meeting with Mohanji at the Retreat. Whilst we waited, I went to check on the ‘goldfish’ who told Mohanji two years ago that they could hardly breathe because the owner had not cleaned the pond in a very long time. 

This time the pond sparkled with vitality and the goldfish were numerous and very active. Undoubtedly, because they knew their Mohanji was back! The skies again, were very blue and the golden sunlight felt crisp and warm. A dapple of sunlight that fell on me felt like Mother’s soft gentle caress. After a deep refreshing night’s sleep, we were ready.

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - The beautiful pond at the beautiful KwaZulu Midlands during the Calderwell Retreat
The beautiful pond at the beautiful KwaZulu Midlands during the Calderwell Retreat

Not long after Mohanji began the satsang (sacred gathering), we began to feel very sleepy. He told us not to stop for anything but return to our rooms and sleep for an hour and then return for the afternoon . If I thought I could check my phone, it was not to be. I literally dragged myself up to my pillows and immediately satsang fell into a deep sleep. Lots of hectic incomprehensible dreams blitzed past: then ‘click’ my eyes opened and it was exactly an hour of being in a deep sleep state. Soon we had to return for the afternoon satsang. In fact, as it turned out, every one of us experienced the same sleep and awakening sequence. Awed at the magnitude of such a synchronised intense causal cleansing, we were all quiet.

Mohanji confirmed that when we are in dream state, it is easy to burn lifetimes of baggage. ‘It goes fast’ He said! Needless to say, we spent the first few days struggling to keep our eyes open, dealing with aches and pains that seemed to pop up from nowhere and experiencing intense personal cleansing from lifetimes past. Such are the divine leelas of our beloved multi-dimensional, intergalactic, beloved Master. I was learning fast to recognise that it was Mohanji’s grace that relieves us of the burdens we accumulate during innumerable lifetimes. At best, I was simply awed at how blessed we were to be there with our beloved Master.

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - Mohanji leading the Conscious Walk
Mohanji leading the Conscious Walk

Conscious Walking with our beloved Mohanji was another eye-opener. The skies didn’t look promising but He soon took care of that. His Grace showed us the new techniques to maximise and harmonise our energy’s output and input. We had walked up to a little island attached to a large pond. As Mohanji reached there, a tumultuous consternation broke out amongst the wild ducks in the water. We all soon filled that circular space as they settled down near Mohanji at the water’s edge.

During the Conscious Walk up to the island, I suddenly felt myself speed up and take a position in the centre of the group. There was no conscious intention from my part to do that. My thoughts had slowed down  to almost nothing during the walk. It was only later when I thought about it that it became clear. Mohanji then told us to sit down on the ground and close our eyes as He spoke about connecting directly to Mother Earth’s energy. At first, I found it hard to connect but as I registered that thought of discomfort, all my fingers dug hard into the earth. Then as I connected, the disquiet inside settled. Mind became empty. Later many others also testified to amazing experiences with the strong Shakti energy they had experienced there. 

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - A moment of contemplation with Mohanji after the Conscious Walk
A moment of contemplation with Mohanji after the Conscious Walk

As we walked back up the hill, Mohanji asked us to stop and look back at the very spot where we had connected with Mother Earth.  He pointed to the energy vortex that  had formed there. At first, most of us struggled to see it. Mohanji then advised us to use our subtle vision by looking through the slits of our eyes. It was an overwhelming sight. We learned that every time we connect to Mother Earth in this way, we create a vortex of power that regenerates and rejuvenates all of nature in that space. 

When I looked back at the island from a distance there was a vortex of white light going up into the sky.

Timeless Leelas with Mohanji_vortex
Photo sourced from publishingbones.com – a vortex of white light going up into the sky

Mohanji mentioned that we are beings with incredible abilities. It was awe inspiring to hear this. Again, we were silenced by the magnitude of our experiences. Needless to say, we all experienced many timeless leelas during the Caldwell retreat. 

Milica already wrote about the bees that filled the rooms next to Mohanji. They later all died together. I previously shared Mohanji’s story of the Hadedas (big grey birds) who protected the area of the hotel from other entities during our stay there. All is the grace of our beloved Guru of all of nature. Hari Om Tat Sat, Jai Guru Datta!

During the satsang, Mohanji quoted a line that literally jumped out at me.

“When we do not ask – Shiva happens.”

It resonated strongly with me having come with no expectations.

“Watch, witness, let go.”

I learnt this is how we empty ourselves.

“Doership causes karma.”

I learnt we accumulate painful karmic baggage by holding onto things or relationships. There is already too much emotionally charged ownership and attachment in the world. This belongs to me, myself and I. Nope. Everything is Mohanji, Mohanji is everything. We are all Mohanji.

We may be emperors of nothing, yet at the same time we are everything. Super Beings with an unimaginable power for goodness and connection to the Source. Best not to waste precious time dwelling on why we forgot who we are. It’s far more expedient to rediscover our true Self. Tick-tock. Time is speeding up. Best not to forget that Mohanji works through us all. No more no less. Skip past the rose-tinted lenses of duality and recognise we are all part of nature. All Oneness. We are the Source beyond our limited comprehension. Supreme Consciousness. For the sake of writing this blog, there had to be a lot of painful ‘I’s. However it is enough to be aware of it. 

I will conclude by saying to our beloved family that if there is an opportunity to meet our beloved Mohanji ‘Don’t Miss It.’ This is not just an opportunity of a lifetime but rather a culmination of blessings from innumerable lifetimes. Time for connecting to our Mohanji’s pure consciousness is pressing. Frankly, there are not enough words in the English language to describe who Mohanji really is. When Mohanji acts as a mirror it is only His grace that grants us our hearts desire in the form we want to experience it.

I would also like to quote an extremely important message that Mohanji gave in His speech for ‘World Consciousness Alliance‘.

“The World Consciousness Alliance (WCA) is a very high and noble instrument of service to Earth. There is a whole vibratory shift happening now in our world and beyond; the next four years till 2022 are critical. The W.C.A. has a major role in this shift.

This is not just an activity. It is the highest possible thing any human can do in his existence. In that way, your own awareness will peak to the highest possibility.

WCA is completely incomparable to anything that has been done so far. There is no time to waste. You have to move forward with conviction, and rapidly. Through music festivals and creating awareness, you make an impact.

This is for the world. This is LIFE. This is the highest possibility of your human existence. There cannot be anything more important than this. Please understand this very clearly. “

Love Mohanji

For me Mohanji is everything and everyone. There is no longer any need for rituals. There is only …Mohanji. Coming back from spending time with Mohanji results in enormous shifting. The biggest shift is finally understanding why Mohanji never leaves us even though some of us leave Mohanji. It is knowing beyond any doubt we are loved beyond measure by our beloved bike-riding, para-gliding, shark-diving Avadhoota in blue jeans that gives me peace beyond measure. Thanking Mohanji is living His teachings. In short. Live and let live. Be Mohanji. Tathastu! (so be it)

Love you eternally mere pyaare Mohanji!

Mohanji Chronicles Blog - Timeless Leelas - Shark cage diving in Durban
Shark cage diving in Durban



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