Transforming through love

Inspired by Mohanji, Rowena from the Philippines shares her experiences of some of the service activities she’s carrying out with her team members, bringing love, friendship, and happiness to many children in her community.

By Rowena Conlu, Philippines

Being able to know and meet these little angels allowed me to witness God’s transforming power of love!


Our meditation group found Danica, a 12-year-old girl who is affected by cerebral palsy and meningitis, living in the coastal area of Cogon. She is the third in a family of eight children. Her mother died of a heart ailment in 2017. The father is a fisherman. When the group found her, she was skin and bones, dying of malnutrition. Darry, the father was lost in despair because of the death of his wife. Immediately, the group supported her family with food supplies for three of the younger children. Danica was on a liquid diet, so we got her a blender. Being a widow myself, I felt in my heart the hardship a single parent goes through, mentally and emotionally. I also connected Danica to a doctor friend who kindly committed to checking up on her every week, and supplied her with vitamins as well. We also supported the father by giving him work in our hotel as a groundsman.

I was new to the Mohanji family at the time I met Danica, and I was doing some seva activities in a few places where possible. In 2019, I also started a kids/teen yoga and meditation programme. It was my dream to share this consciousness to the kids, for them to have a better life in the future. So being in contact with Danica’s family, I asked Darlyn her younger sister, to ask her friends if they would like to learn yoga.


This became the first group of Mohanji teens/kids. Danica’s siblings and some of her friends joined the yoga sessions. At that time, I started practising Mohanji’s teachings about non-doership, living a life of surrender to God, selflessness, love, kindness, and compassion. I believe this is the perfect example of the transforming power of love. Danica thrives not only with good nutrition but by the love, support, and hope that was given to her family. We are all a part of the pure universal energy and that is what Danica feels when we are around her.

The group of 10 kids I started with has now grown to 35. The numbers increase every week, and we are serving two areas here in Roxas City. Children from the coastal areas and also from the main city join us for our sessions regularly. It gives me a lot of joy to be able to help so many people in my community.

Mohanji teens/ kids

‘Meditation Garden’ is what we call our group. We are a group of meditation students using Mohanji’s guided meditations that we found online. It’s been almost two years since we started feeding those who needed support and introducing yoga and meditation in almost all areas here in our province. Once I asked myself, “How are these activities going to be effective to people if we do not go back and encourage them to do the sessions regularly?”

It was February 2019 when a thought came to mind, ‘What if I gather the kids here in my place every week and teach them yoga and meditation, and give them vegetarian snacks?’

So I sent Darlyn a message, she is Danica’s sister, the person with a disability our group was looking after, near a coastal area. One Sunday, Darlyn gathered her friends and siblings and attended my first yoga and meditation session. We did some light yoga stretching, breathing techniques, and a short silence as an introduction and had healthy snacks afterwards. Then, I asked them to write down their experiences in a journal so that I could monitor their progress.

Then the next week, another 5 kids from the same area joined us to do the same activities. On the third week, Mataji invited five kids from another underprivileged area in the city, and every week the numbers are increasing. At the start, I thought the children were coming because they like the food since most of them are from poor families. But there are days when they hardly finish the food. And as I observe them, what I realised was, what they love in our meetings where the hugs, the conversations, and the games we play with them, because the parents hardly have time with their kids, so they feel unloved.

It’s been a year already, and now these kids have developed mindfulness through yoga; their behaviour has changed for the better. Even the ways they dress has changed, they are always clean and smell good, and are ready to learn new things. They have learnt to share with the other kids as well as we take them for our seva activities in different communities. Now we are introducing them slowly to chakras, some of Mohanji’s teachings like ahimsa, selflessness, etc. They love wearing their Mohanji t-shirts and wish to meet Mohanji in person. I gave each child a framed picture of Mohanji as a gift and shared with them that they can always talk to him because he is like a Father to them. He is someone who loves them, cares for them, and only wants the best for them. Now, even some of the mothers are joining the kids every Sunday for our sessions.


I am very grateful for the beautiful opportunities to help these children and their families. It’s wonderful to see how love can transform so many lives.




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From imprisonment to a life of purpose


By Restituto Oqeundo, Philippines

Translated by Inigo Jesus Conlu

When I was sentenced and sent to prison, I was extremely scared. In my first week there, I was made to sleep on the floor. What made it worse was being next to a stinking bathroom where I could not sleep because everyone was passing by to get to the toilet. The only time I could rest and sleep was when all the inmates were already asleep. I can never forget that during my first few days, I was bitten by a cockroach and I really suffered a lot. There was no one that I could ask for help. I got sick because of the heat and congestion but nobody ever helped me. No one would take care of me inside the prison cell. I also suffered from separation anxiety, missing my wife and my son BJ. There was a group who used to visit us and sing prayers. When this group came and prayed, I could not control my tears as I felt remorse.

prsion 5
(L to R) Wee, Resty, Inigo and BJ

When my son BJ visited, he told me that the mother of his best friend (Inigo) visits this prison monthly to feed the inmates and conduct yoga and meditation. I had no idea which group she belonged to. So every time we had a visitor, I looked forward to meeting her. That’s why I pushed myself to attend every programme and participated in it. Then in one visit, I finally recognised someone I knew and she was Irene. She mentioned that a lady named Wee was looking for me. I later found out that she is the mother of Inigo. I was overwhelmed with shame knowing that Wee knew what I had done to my family, especially to my son BJ. But she never saw me as a bad person, showing only kindness and a desire to really help. During our yoga and meditation sessions, my fellow inmates and I had the time to reflect and share happiness. It was as if all our discomforts, sufferings and pains were put aside, and we even forgot our problems in those moments. Since then, every last Monday of the month, I would look forward to the meditation group to come and have the session with us, because it was not only me who was excited but also my fellow inmates.

What really made me change was when Wee gave me the responsibility to look after the free library that the group placed inside the prison. This made me realise that there are people who still value me as a person and would still show their love and trust in me. And as the days went by, I started to realise the difficulty of living with the absence of my family and peers. But this made me look within, and I found myself learning how to pray and seek a closer relationship with Jesus. There were so many hindrances to all my hearings which I never saw as something negative but used them to build hope and strength in me.

Then in one of the visits of the group, Wee introduced to all of us her meditation teacher, and she even left his picture with me when they left. Little did I know that the man in the picture would change my life forever! The man in the picture as said by Wee was miraculous Mohanji. Wee explained that Mohanji was not a God. She told me that Mohanji was a man who has given himself to help the world, to bring out the goodness in the world and create changes through meditation, yoga and selfless service. She said that Mohanji sends love, help, and guidance to those who seek. It made me curious. So I asked Wee more about Mohanji and she would tell me that whenever I feel down with life I could talk to Mohanji and ask for guidance because he always listens. Even some of my inmates asked me about him, so I just shared with them who Mohanji was as explained by Wee.

Mohanji bless

From that day on, I placed his picture beside Mama Mary and Jesus and started the practice of praying and silencing the mind. Every night, I would pray to Jesus and talk to Mohanji. I always asked for guidance and forgiveness and a second chance to renew my life. As the days, weeks, and months went by, I was still waiting for the dream of getting out of the prison, and despite the delays, I never lost hope. I also promised Wee that once I get out, I will join her group to help and inspire others. As I practised meditation, it made me calm and relaxed, removing all the discomforts felt inside. Sometimes I would just fall asleep but be conscious in my body. I felt happier even in my situation, I also felt acceptance of my time there. I started feeling inner peace even on hot days or lonely nights inside the cell.


It was already a year and a half and it felt like I had been there forever. Then on one random day, the warden called me and asked me to come to his office. He informed me that my name was on the list of inmates who will have a hearing the next day. I was surprised to know this as I was not expecting this news at that time. Lo and behold, on that hearing I was finally allowed to be released and be under probation for a year, for using drugs. It felt like a miracle but then I realised that the universe was working for me to have a new life. The chance that Wee’s group gave me helped me to learn the values of self-love and self-worth. I realised that if others can see value in me, I could also do it. I now know that life should be lived with a purpose and not just wasting it with things that will be harmful to me and others as well.

The day arrived when I was finally going to step out of prison. So many inmates were asking for my clothes and other belongings and I decided to leave everything with them except for my pillow and the picture of Mohanji. As I left the place, I hoped and prayed that my inmates would look at me as a symbol of hope for them. I am a free man now, the world outside welcomed me with a bright sunny day. My son had a big smile on his face as he welcomed me, waiting for me outside. Up to this day, I still talk to Mohanji as if he is there in front of me, still asking his guidance every day, as I continue serving people through the Mohanji Philippines group lead by Wee, which I am now a part of.




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by Cathy Johnston, UK

Having gone through 30 years of various gynaecological procedures (and subsequent total hysterectomy 10 years ago) following the respective births of my two giant-sized babies (10 lb each), I had become used to living under the governance of my ever-increasing bladder alerts. Wherever I travelled I’d automatically, mentally calculate my liquid intake and the very real prospect of a cross-legged stagger to the nearest bush (in the face of a commonplace lack of public conveniences).

Most often, my decision was a toss-up between remaining hydrated, and taking the risk, or deciding to dehydrate to avoid a crisis. The latter usually prevailed. Day times weren’t the only problem, this was a 24/7 vigil with sleep disturbances a ‘normal’ for me. Aeroplane and coach journeys were the things of nightmares. Careful consideration and planning beforehand were extremely necessary for me.

Mohanji 3

When the opportunity to attend Mohanji’s Serbian retreat (October 2019) came up, the first considerations that came to mind were all of the above.

(A couple of months before the planning of the travel for the retreat, I had had the dawning that my next birthday would be the big six zero. I had then decided, once and for all, that the time was right to get my problem sorted before I began my 6th decade and duly made an appointment to visit a female gynaecologist in Manchester. Unsurprisingly, it was confirmed that I had a prolapsed bladder and required one of two surgeries. Another appointment – for the investigation to decide which one of the two operations I needed – was planned for the Wednesday after I’d arrive home from Mohanji’s Serbian retreat.)

I have to admit I was sorely tempted not to attend with the thought of flying 2 hours to Zurich followed by a 5-hour coach ride (did it have an onboard loo?) was too much to contemplate. I was traveling with my younger son via a stop-over with him in Switzerland, and who, by sheer and ruthless pester-power (and a lack of real empathy or knowledge about the debilitating and restrictive condition I lived with) convinced me there would be a loo on board the coach and that all would be well.

Mentally, I decided I’d abstain from all liquid refreshments and be prepared to arrive at the retreat feeling like a prune. I could re-hydrate in the comfort of my room with my lovely private en-suite. (Just as well I’d planned ahead as there wasn’t a loo on board the coach – we did, however, stop halfway at a service where I made 3 trips to their ladies room).

Before booking, I had also noted the ‘code of conduct’ sentence that prompted those who needed to leave the room regularly (speaking directly to me!) during satsang, would be best advised to sit at the rear of the hall to avoid interrupting Mohanji’s flow, etc. The first satsang arrived during our first evening together with around 200 other attendees, so I made sure I arrived early to pick my seat at the back, not wanting to have to elbow other, like-bladdered women out of the way.

(Incidentally, all of this particular retreat’s events/words/language was entirely alien to me – not to my son of course who had occasionally uttered these Indian sounding words in my presence – so my expectations were basically, zero!)

The evening of the first satsang arrived (satsang – what does this mean?), and I duly sat at the end of a back-row seat. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, the blonde lady in front of me had rather big, fuzzy hair and my views were so restricted that I found myself constantly bobbing up and down as I became more and more drawn to the truth this Mohanji person was speaking. I became very frustrated (also a little exhausted after such a long journey) but cannily spotted the next seat for the following day that I would nab. I’d get there early once again to avoid any drama!


The following day’s satsang arrived with me smugly seated at the end of a curved middle row, close to another exit door. I settled in and was so happy with my perfect view. I’d monitored my liquid intake and knew I could last about an hour before having to ‘nip to the loo’.

About halfway through, my mind became distracted by my usual obsession as I wondered when a good time would be to duck out invisibly, not wanting to draw attention to myself or disrupt the flow. I was also beginning to cross my legs and in all honesty, didn’t want to miss a trick of what was going on. I was totally captivated by this person. He spoke to my own heart, directly, speaking my truth and reassuring me about myself. I was transfixed and also uncomfortable with the increasing knowledge of an imminent dash becoming quite necessary.


Suddenly, out of the blue, Mohanji stopped speaking and asked aloud ‘does somebody need to go to the toilet?’ My heart stopped and skipped a beat as I shrank down into my seat and averted my gaze, praying to God no-one would recognise my body language and realise it was me!! God only knows how I managed to sit through the next half of the satsang, but I was really puzzled. I wondered, “Did this person read my mind? How can this be? This has to be a coincidence,” blah blah, as I raced out at the end.

At some stage later that day, we all toddled off for our ‘Conscious walking’ session in the glorious sunshine on the beautiful Serbian mountainside. Sitting quietly on a rocky outcrop at our mountain top destination, my son and I were discussing the experience so far when I felt a gentle hand on my head as someone navigated the bumps of the hill around where we were sitting. I thought absolutely nothing of it and looked up and smiled at Mohanji as he gently ambled on with the group he was walking with.

Conscious Walking

My son, looking wide-eyed and directly at me, was gasping; “Mum, Mum, Mohanji has just blessed you! Do you realise what this means?” I was smiling but really, in total ignorance of the whole shaboodle so far. Nothing was normal to me. The whole experience so far was a million miles away from my everyday life. All of these people talking so freely about their emotions and problems and this wonderfully wise guy walking casually amongst us all. (I was trying really hard to process but as the days wore on, my mind was becoming more and more mushed.)

I can’t remember the exact sequence of events but at some stage, we were informed that the timetable for the following day was to begin an hour earlier at 6 am and we were to go directly to the dining hall to drink a litre and a half of water followed by 12 almonds. Really? Why would this be? How was I going to cope with the two-hour yoga session afterward? (In truth, yoga was the deciding factor for attending this retreat and if it hadn’t been on the agenda, I definitely could have resisted the power of pestering!)

I was genuinely distraught, my body was craving for some yoga but I knew, deep down, that my whole week of yoga was in jeopardy with this ridiculous new instruction and the subsequent million dashes I’d have to make during yoga, in every session, disrupting the others, etc. and causing embarrassment to myself. Darn it! I felt that this week was going to be ruined for me and that I’d return home as unfit as I’d arrived.

The first session of yoga, following our new water and nut regime, was amazing. Yoga like I’d never experienced and from the word go, we were totally immersed in the feelings within. Starting with the gapless breathing (again something new for me) followed by the traditional full-body workout yoga session.


I hadn’t anticipated the overwhelming emotions at the commencement of ‘Shavasana’ when a wonderful guitar sprang to life and the most mournful voice began to sing its tune. I was unsure if this was a live or recorded performance and longed to know if it was live.

Upon rousing, I saw it was the beautiful Natesh, but my taps by this time were already on full-flow and thankfully, from my eyes. I couldn’t control my sorrowful weeping and was very confused as to what was happening to me. (Luckily, my Son was there to console me but I was growing more and more puzzled with all of these new sensations and feelings that were overwhelming me.)

The following day was almost the same, if not, more tears and it was only during the second half of this second day, during the afternoon, that it suddenly dawned on me that ‘Hold on! What’s going on here? I haven’t been dashing out to the loo, this can’t be right, I’ve seen so many people nipping in and out of the yoga sessions and not ONCE have I had to leave the room, this is bizarre, maybe I have soaked up all of the water because of the long dehydrating journey?’ 

I tried hard to fathom it all and maybe, after the 3rd day, I began to mention this to some of the other women I had made friends with. Each one of them smiled knowingly, some even giggled and I was totally dumbfounded. ‘How could anyone heal someone else’s bladder without surgery? What is happening to me? Who is this person?’

who is Mohanji

Words are so feeble a tool to try to convey the atmosphere during this event and I kept thinking to myself; ‘being here is believing, there are no words adequate enough to encapsulate the feelings and emotions bubbling up so frequently unannounced’.

More and more, I had the overwhelming feeling that I was witnessing something truly sacred and divine and I felt genuinely humbled to be enveloped by the grace of this person and his beautifully natural and unassuming family.

cathy 1

One particular word (Mohanji used more often than any other) tickled me and brought to mind a Beatles tune ‘All you need is Love’. It was Mohanji’s pronunciation of the English word, ‘Love’ that sounded like ‘low’ which made me smile every time he spoke it and this tune became cemented, on a permanent loop within my mind.

I became convinced throughout the remainder of the retreat that I had been touched by the grace of God and had even had a flesh-hug from the same. How could I possibly explain this to the people back home? Where would I begin to describe the goings-on and wonderfulness of it all? I then began to dread the prospect of being without these people, this new, spiritual family I had found.

I also had the prospect of my second gynaecological exploratory appointment looming on the Wednesday after my return home at the weekend. ‘Would it be prudent to go along? Would this be an insult to Mohanji and maybe reverse my ‘miracle cure?’ What was I to do? Who would know the answer? Would attending this second consultation back home cast doubt upon my faith?’ I was in a quandary and towards the last day, I began to ask the advice of one or two people. My son was adamant and quite assertive in that I had to keep my faith and cancel the consultant’s appointment. Someone else told me the answer was within me. Turmoil!

The final evening dawned and it was my time to have a one to one, 3 minutes with Mohanji. I was more troubled with thoughts about my elder son and his future life and the recent near-fatal accident of my husband to think about using these precious minutes to ask about my personal, troubling decision. So I nervously blathered on to Mohanji about my husband and our life of striving together, ignoring the ‘Elephant in the room’ question.

After Mohanji had delivered his reassurances regarding my spoken troubles, I thanked him but just as I was about to open the door to leave him, I turned around and asked him outright, “Did you heal my bladder?” to which he responded, in his gentle, half-smiling way,

“I am always at work.”

My journey homeward bound was to stay two nights with my son in Switzerland, before flying back to the UK. During the first day out in Switzerland, I was dismayed to notice a slight return in my need to find the nearest ladies’ room and on my return to Geneva airport for my trip back to the UK, I glumly noted the frequency was increasing.

My 21:30 flight was delayed by two hours which meant a dismal hanging around a half-empty airport and once past security I found myself dashing towards the nearest loo. Typical of my pre-Mohanji cure, once inside the cubicle I had a frantic dash to prevent an accident and I felt utterly despondent and really confused as to all that had just occurred, in the space of a week. Did my indecision to cancel my consultant’s upcoming appointment reveal my lack of faith and put doubt into my mind regarding the healing?

I was at a complete and utter loss, with no-one to help or support me, so I looked up from the cubicle and asked Mohanji out loud, “Please Mohanji, tell me what to do, am I being punished for doubting or lacking in faith and by keeping my appointment will this undo all of the work you have done? Please help me.” I was feeling very sad and unhappy and so unsure of myself and the decision I had to make.


As I walked towards the washbasin and pressed for the soap, I looked into the mirror and suddenly noted that the song coming from the piped music was none other than ‘All you need is Love!’ I literally laughed out loud and smiled at myself and spoke out loud to Mohanji in complete and utter thanks.

My answer had arrived, and he’d known all along that I had had that tune in my head, throughout the whole week. How funny! God has got a great sense of humour and does work in the most surprising ways.

Needless to say, I duly cancelled my consultant’s appointment for the Wednesday ahead and have never looked back (or have had to keep my eyes peeled for the nearest convenience!).

Once again, words cannot begin to convey my gratitude for the whole, surreal and ultimately, humbling experience but most of all for my reintroduction to the God within. Mohanji, (I’m smiling now, typing his name) the world will indeed be healed. All we need is Love.

Please read Divine call of nature – 2!



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Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 9 – “Choosing faith over fear”

quote on faith

We introduce Chapter 9 of Mohanji Satcharita with this beautiful narration by Priti Rupee! Fear can be overwhelming unless we accept it and surrender it to our Guru with faith. Priti shares how she overcame this deep seated fear through sheer faith that gave her the confidence to forge ahead!

Choosing faith over fear

By Priti Rupee Bhardwaj, London

Two days ago, I had the opportunity to perform my first HSTY Yoga class which at first turned out to be a daunting task for me to perform. Both Shene and Subhasree were unavailable and I was the only other HSTY trained person available to step in. (It was Mohanji’s leela to get me out of my tamasic/non confident state). Mohanji knows what we are capable of, but our mind takes us away from it, adding in all our past fears, impressions and future notions.

About a week ago, just when  we were about to leave for the ‘Mohanji’s consciousness programme at Slough Temple by acharya Subhasree’, I fell over a pothole.

Yoga at SLough_12May

The first thought in my head lying there on the ground was of a previous fall, which caused fractures in two places in my foot, about  4 years back during a house move. Coupled with a back issue, for whatever reason, it took a long time to heal. Being on my own, this prevented me from planning a major house move, a pivotal time in my life where I wanted to move forward in my journey. But my past fears, apprehensions, impressions and projections had caught up with me!

Mohanji quote - destiny

Sitting upright from the fall outside Subhasree’s house, with pain going through my foot in the same place as 4 years ago, my head was bombarded by hundreds of thoughts about the past present and future, all not looking very good as I was also planning another trip to India.  However, I took a couple of deep breaths and connected with Mohanji’s Consciousness in my head, and sincerely prayed and surrendered this all to Him – “Please Mohanji, do what is karmically possible for my journey forward, I surrender to my highest good.” Subhasree immediately placed her hand on my foot without even being asked and did Mai-Tri Method of healing.

With Mohanji’s grace and blessings, I was aided up. I brushed myself up and in my head was ready for the Slough temple Mohanji event. I was volunteering to take the photographs during the event as Subhasree was conducting the programmes of Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Dancing.

As I took photos hobbling around the room for nearly three hours, the foot started to hurt more and more and before I knew it, the foot was swelling up! After the Slough event, I sat quietly during dinner at Subhasree’s home, listening to the satsang going on between some devotees, with a hot water bottle on my foot for the soreness, but I could feel things were not right. My foot  was swelling up. we decided to visit to the hospital (at this time of the night, it could be only the Accident & Emergency hospital) and check for any fracture. However, before leaving for the hospital, I requested Subhasree to do Mai-Tri healing on my foot and she did.

I was then taken to my local Accident and Emergency hospital by Sivayinee, who patiently drove me 33 miles and sat for six hours with me. M family, the true family!  She took me around in a wheel chair for two sets of X-rays and waited for the doctor’s consultancy only to find out at 2am there was nothing amiss, it was just a sprained foot . Oh my gosh, what joy! There was nothing amiss! My mind rested for a while, but during the six hours of waiting, the mind was taking me to some painful places which I thought I had resolved, but it was taking me there again and again. What I needed to do was to go deeper within and surrender all without expectations of results, resolving in my heart that whatever happens, Mohanji will carry me.

The difference between blind faith and full faith – a video of Mohanji’s talk!

Milica, a Mai-Tri practitioner in South Africa, later told me that Mohanji had smoothed away a karmic fall from a past impression, making it take place before my coming trip to India. I couldn’t believe it!

As I sat to contemplate about the whole situation, my fear, rebounce of painful memories, I realised one thing very clearly. All along, from the time of the fall till I got the final result from the hospital, Mohanji was with me. He was with me when I received the Mai Tri healing from Subhasree immediately after the fall, He was me when I was hovering around with my sore foot to click the pictures during the programme, He was with me when I was in the satsang later at Subhasree’s house watching my swollen foot, He was with me during my 6 hours waiting at the hospital! Whatever fear that was propping up, Mohanji put them to rest.

Finally, a week later, after few days of rest and few doses of pain killers, I was up and running on my feet and was able to do the scheduled HSTY Yoga session, as planned. This was the final proof to myself, how Mohanji was looking after me!

Mohanji’s unconditional love and protection has again helped me move forward, taking the edge out of my karma, enabling me to witness His pure heart and showing me what faith and surrendering is.

Mohanji quote

Today, I feel that ‘I’ had nothing to do with the yoga teaching. The mind tells me I could have done a lot better, but hey, the mind will always chatter on. Mohanji was carrying me all this time, even during my fractured foot days. My learning curve was to let go COMPLETELY and FLOW like the river whatever comes or goes. It’s all good, nothing is ever ‘bad,’ it is just a part of my journey to my deeper ‘Self.’

As Mohanji says, “Faith is important. I have faith…. This statement is not important. Faith should be practiced at every point in life, with surrender. E.g. this is a situation, this is me and my intelligence, and I have done 100% from my side…. Rest, leave it to the Masters, whichever Master(s) you believe in. Surrender at His feet and never look back. It will work. Or it will be like planting a seed and digging it out all the time to check whether it has sprouted.”




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Conscious Walking™ – a powerful dynamic meditation technique by Raja Yogi Mohanji

On June 21st 2015, for the first time in history, the world was observing International Yoga Day. It was declared by the UN General Assembly and suggested by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to be on June 21st as it is the longest day of the year (Summer Solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere. From Yoga perspective, Summer Solstice marks the transition to Dakshinayana which is considered a time when the Nature is most supportive for doing Spiritual practices. Also, the first full moon after Sumer Solstice is known as Guru Poornima, a day when Lord Shiva (Adi Guru) is said to have started imparting the knowledge of Yoga to the world.

In order to commemorate this occasion worldwide, Raja Yogi Mohanji’s followers assembled across the globe to practice the powerful dynamic meditation technique called The Conscious Walking. Conscious Walking is a newly created technique by Raja Yogi Mohanji. This simple yet very transformative technique is free of charge, and has multiple benefits:

– It is good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life,
– It helps self control,
– It reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears,
– It increases concentration.
– It increases togetherness and oneness.
What follows are some of the accounts of Mohanji’s followers regarding the Conscious Walking events that took place across the many cities through the world.


Conscious Walking in Mumbai

“Meditative walk in the lungs of Mumbai — we conducted Conscious Walk in Aarey this morning. 13 people joined us and enjoyed a refreshing meditative walk in a nature park in the middle of Mumbai metropole. The monsoon graced us with a gentle break, rain stopped exactly for the entire period of our walk and allowed us to breath in fresh air while fully going within.”

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Conscious Walking in Pune

“Our first Conscious Walking in Pune was an interesting and new experience for many. Although it was raining heavily and we couldn’t go out in nature, we carried on with our walk indoors. Some could practice very well, some wanted to practise it regularly to get the hang of it. People who have learned the technique found it useful as a daily tool to practice everyday. A nice start on the International World Yoga Day.”


Conscious Walking in Delhi

As the world celebrated the 1st Yoga Day, about 50 souls stepped out early morning to do the first Conscious Walk with Grace of Shri Rajyogi Mohanji. The Conscious Walk was organised at three locations in Delhi and its suburb Gurgaon. Some of the locations also did chanting, humming and breathing exercise before doing the Conscious Walk. People at Nizamuddin location also did yoga after the Conscious Walk. Every person who took part felt the immediate meditative calm after doing the Conscious Walk as this was completely different from morning walks while chatting with friends. In fact, some of the people have already got hooked on this and want to do Conscious Walk every day!


Conscious Walking in Gurgaon


Conscious Walking in Nizamuddin



Conscious Walking in Dubai

At 7 o’clock, we gathered at Zabeel Park, Dubai for our first conscious walk in UAE. After a brief about the conscious walk, which is designed by our beloved Mohanji for the betterment of the world, we started with deep breathing to calm ourselves from the day’s hectic activities. Then, we rotated our neck clockwise and anticlockwise three times, to relax our neck and shoulders. Afterwards, we started our walk. 

It was almost 40 degrees outside and over 50% humidity. But, once we started walking, we didn’t realize anything. We all had Mohanji filled within us. After around 20 minutes walking, we all shared our experiences. Rajeev said he constantly heard Mohanji’s voice, saying, “Concentrate on your spine”! Iliana said she felt a real calmness beaming out from within. Goolcher felt as if she was getting aligned, both bodily and mentally. Jay was walking quietly and slowly, enjoying the bliss!

Thank you, Mohanji, for this wonderful gift!


South Africa

Conscious Walking in Durban

Today marked an auspicious day in the lives of all these connected to Mohanji. As a gift to the whole world, on this day the international Yoga day, Mohanji introduces Conscious walking. It is a dynamic mediation at allows one to be in the present and expand awareness.

We had our first conscious walking session during our visit to the retreat venue. It was amazing. Even the retreat manager joined us and had after the experience asked if she could join us for meditations to experience more.

Thank you for this blessing on this wonderful day. To have you introduce this mediation and come to South Africa on fathers day, is such a blessing. Thank you Babaji. Thank you.”



Conscious Walking in Novi Sad

“CONSCIOUS WALK on the first summer day – After the cold and windy sunrise we had a really chilly morning for the last day of spring. The energy flow was high both from the fresh air and because there is no distraction on secondary things, all attention is on the inside and breathing. Mind is cleansed and energy spared and accumulated. After meditative conscious walk, feeling we spontaneously wished to meditate so we ended the conscious walk with a short meditation.”




Conscious Walking in Watford

“The Conscious Walking was done at the Hare Krishna temple in Watford, UK. There were 17 walkers in total, no doubt Mohanji was with us which would make 18.”



Conscious Walking in Skopje

Today in the City park in Skopje, we practiced the technique for dynamic meditation “Conscious Walking” developed by Mohanji. Though the heavily rainy day wanted to dishearten us from practicing, the rain stopped right on start off time so we could consciously walk for half an hour. In the end we practiced the powerful technique “Inverted Pyramid” which was a full jackpot since each one of the present reported experiencing Oneness and Expanded Consciousness.”


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