Mohanji’s Grace

By Pankhuri Sethi

Pankhuri Sethi

Dear All,

Though I have been a regular reader of all the mails in the group, I never wrote about any of the numerous experiences we have on a daily basis reassuring us that Mohanji is always with us.
But this one experience I had last week which I felt that I must share it with you.
I have been blessed with an angel recently and I had gone to my in-laws’ place out of station for about 10 days.

One day before returning my mother informed me that a robbery took place at my home while I was still at my in laws’ place. That happened during daytime, too. Shocked and puzzled as I was when I got to know about it, I tried to recall all the stuff that was locked inside my home.
I was on the phone coordinating with my mom, dad and neighbors regarding some help. The first question that came to my mind was how the robbery was possible because when I left home I told Mohanji to protect my home. My husband asked me to check if his brand new office laptop was there or not. I asked my mom to check under the bed and it was there. Then I asked about the big household appliances and stuff, everything was in place.

Eventually I was able to understand how Mohanji has helped me as there were very few things which I thought thieves would have stolen like this laptop and my gold earrings which I had kept in locker of my almirah. My mother said one small jewelry box was scattered near the clothes. I was sure it had been stolen but trust me it was not bothering me much and this patience was given by Mohanji for sure. I thought to myself that they would be gone and I was settled with the fact and reassured myself that whatever would have gone… let it be gone. In a few minutes I was calm and started looking the positive side of the whole incident.
I asked my mother about some other things I could remember and she checked all being there still.

Sitting there waiting to come back home, I started thinking to connect the dots and realized that somehow I had already prepared for this to happen. I had left all the cash and camera and the life stuff at my mother’s place before leaving and all jewelry that I had at home, I wore it before leaving. My husband, before leaving the home, had covered his new laptop in a dirty poly bag and kept it under the bed. I also got an iron grill installed over the back gate of my house a day before leaving for my in-laws’ place which in all probabilities disabled the thieves to take any big stuff and they had to use the front gate which opened on a main road.

Usually, whenever I go somewhere, I never really bother to keep the expensive stuff at my mother’s place. This time it was different. It was “HE” who made me do all the robbery preparation before 😉 so that nothing is lost! Also, with him in my mind all the time, I was so calm throughout the time whereas everybody around was panicky!
I wrote to Mohanji “A robbery took place and no major loss. Thank you for being there: He replied “I know nothing was lost except some bad karma of yours. It was a huge cleansing of bad karmas.” Tears rolled down from my eyes out of sheer happiness for he holds me strong all the time even though I seldom get to see him physically.

When I reached home, I checked all the scattered stuff and realized that thieves missed that small jewelry in the hurry, too. I laughed. Not at the thieves but at the idea about who exactly was playing around 🙂

So all in all it was actually nothing they took apart from some small amount of cash maybe less than 500 rupees and a pen drive!! 😛

I am sure all have experienced and experience his presence in our lives all the time, it’s only when we choose to be ignorant, that we miss out on the bliss! 🙂





An Astral Travel with Mohanji

Written by Sandeep Mishra

 Sandeep Mishra

With the permission and blessing of BABA (Mohanji), I am writing my experience of how I came in contact with Mohanji and how he accepted me in his family.

 I am a devotee of Sadananda Maharaja, though I had never seen him physically. But I and my whole family are very well connected to his consciousness. Connection has been approved by numberless miracles at home with each member of the family.

 I had this concept in my mind that spiritual gurus, who sustain a ménage all, are not worth visiting or even reading 😦 .  As I had read about Sai BABA, Sadananda Maharaj BABA, Bhagwan Nityananda BABA and Gajanan Maharaj and they all were found infant without parents. As Mohanji , always, says that concept binds.

I came to know about Mohanji on internet while reading a blog Pilgrimage to Bhagawan Nityananda’s Shrine at Ganeshpuri and Shirdi Sai Baba’s Shrine.  I was very much fascinated with Mohanji’s picture with The Nath mandir priest. Though I had visited Ganeshpuri before, reference of Nath mandir in this blog made me curious and wanted to visit again. I did visit ganeshpuri again and visited Nath mandir.

The Nath Mandir priest, on uttering Mohanji’s name, made us to see the god and goddess on the inside wall. Though I was attratected towards Mohanji but not totally convinced. While meantime I noticed one thing that whenever I tried to meditate inspite of SADANANDA BABA face Mohanji’s face started coming in vision with very strong aura. I came to know that Mohanji is on facebook and I tried to connect with him and he accepted me as a friend. 

Mj with priest at Nath Mandir_saint2compressed

I constantly felt that I could communicate to Sadanada baba or could have got a chance to be with him physically. I liked Mohanji’s teaching and I thought that SADANADA BABA wanted me to try and read all this and practise. It is as if through Mohanji Sadananda BABA is speaking and instructing me. With this faith or concept I started practising. One day I had an amazing experience in BABA’s room doing floor seva and practising what Mohanji has taught. It was a wonderful experience, but I did not understand what was happening. I let it go and while reading another book I came to know that what I experienced was no-mind or Timeless state (which I, later, discussed with Mohanji and he confirmed it). Mohanji accepted me in his group and he answered my questions, most of the time very foolish and idiotic question too.  I saw him blinking in his picture on my desktop background and when I asked him he said, “Yes, I just did” 🙂 <3. Whenever I look into his eyes or he answers my question, I get a strange sensation in my spine. When I told him about this he told that sensation is his presence in my spine.

My cousin brother has a friend who is Sai BABA’s great devotee and could see future or what he says, “BABA speaks through him”. Due to some personal reason my cousin brother called me to meet him. He predicted that this Diwali was going to be significant. As soon he said this line I came to know that something spiritually big was going to happen :). After that while chatting with Mohanji I asked him once that I want to see him personally, want to visit him. He replied that I always see him. That time I was practising seeing BABA in everyone and got amazed how he got to know it. One thing I noticed about him: if you write him with pure devotion or emotion or with real curiosity, then only he answers. He never entertains fake devotion or emotion or formality.

One day before Diwali morning I had a strange dream, which Mohanji, later, told me that it was an astral journey. The journey started like this. I first visited SADANANDA Ashram (as before doing any good work or travelling I always visit the Ashram).  After I met some people, saw them, spoke to them and enquired how they are and all.  After that suddenly I saw a Grand stage and lot of people standing on the stage wearing white robe and whenever I tried to see their faces it was Mohanji’s face. Though I could distinguish whether they were male or female , but the faces were same as Mohanji’s face. I saw BIBAJI with Mohanji’s face and saw her pointing Mohanji’s attention towards me and letting Mohanji know  that I was there. I was sitting on the ground crawling and crying when I saw Mohanji’s face I could see whole space or universe in that. I was so frightened I started crying louder (I don’t know how to explain it, I was scared by looking at the face but his face was intense).

Then Mohanji came forward and by holding me by my shoulder , he lifted me and I woke up. When I woke up I felt so energetic. When I asked Mohanji about this he told in this astral meeting he removed my fear and uplifted me. This dream washed away all my confusion and everything. I came to know that Mohanji and Sadadnanda Maharaj are one. As Mohanji was knowing everything what I was practising and he orchestrated the show (ASTRAL) in such a way that I could see all this what I was practising and gain faith in him.

We  are all so blessed that he choose us to be with him and guide us. I pray in your lotus feet BABA please keep loving and guiding and protecting us like always.

Thank you BABA, Thank you for everything 🙂  ❤

Mohanji 3010

Mohanji’s ‘Shiva dreadlocks’ – cut off today!

Mohanji’s ‘Shiva dreadlocks’ – cut off today!

Written by Biba Mohan on 23rd October, 2013

A last look at Shiva's dread-locks before they were removed. Clearly not the normal dreads that are seen everywhere!
A last look at Shiva’s dread-locks before they were removed. Clearly not the normal dreads that are seen everywhere!

Many of you may be aware that over the last couple of months Mohanji’s hair underwent a natural formation of two mighty dreadlocks (were visible from the back). During his recent stay in the US he went to a hair stylist who specializes in unlocking dreadlocks and this man was amazed – he said he never saw anything like it and that there is no way those two dreadlocks can be untangled!

In spiritual terms, twisted, matted ropes of hair (called dreadlocks) are known as a symbol of renunciation and spiritual stature, an expression of disregard for profane vanity.

Lord Shiva and his followers were described in the scriptures as wearing “Jataa”, meaning “twisted locks of hair”. According to the ‘Hymn of the longhaired sage’ in the ancient Vedas, long jatas express a “spiritual significance which implies the wearer has special relations with spirits, is an immortal between two worlds and the master over fire.”

In modern times, many people grow their dreadlocks out of fashion or cultural expression, using various methods and styles. However, in Mohanji’s case they formed naturally, certainly due to his Shivic energy – knowing Mohanji, I wouldn’t be surprised if more leelas occur in relation to the two dreadlocks now that they are cut off. We’ll certainly preserve them as a memento of his unique leelas…

With love, Biba

Mohanji 23rd Oct 2013

A Strong Whiff of ‘Kapur’

Durga Puja
Durga Puja

With the formative years being spent in Kolkata, Durga Puja has always been a much awaited festival.

During Mohanji’s recent visit to Muscat, our home and various meetings and interactions, I would always ask if he, astrally, ever visited us at home, it used to elicit a smile and a confirmation.

11th October 2013, was astami. I received the most welcome gift from the most sought after visitor. I was watering the plants in the enclosed corridor outside my kitchen, when, at a particular spot, I got a strong whiff of ‘Kapur’. I must confess that I have the most insensitive sense of smell in our house. I called Navin, who continued being in the balcony, thinking that it may have infused from the neighbor’s. When I described the spot, which is enclosed, he too came and confirmed the smell of ‘Kapur’.

We later shared our experience with the formative years being spent in Kolkata, Durga Puja has always been a much awaited festival.

It was a most reassuring feeling.

Hence, I dedicate this astami of Durga Puja to Mohanji. We are indeed blessed by his omnipresent presence amongst us. Please continue visiting your family. Bina Shrivastava – Muscat.

 Mohanji. Body of light

Merudanda Ashram – A Place for MohanJi and Masters to Gather

Merudanda Ashram

A place for MohanJi and Masters to gather

Written by Yashik Singh

The Deity of the temple .... Shree DakshinaMurti MohanJi
The Deity of the temple …. Shree DakshinaMurti MohanJi

Looking back over the past four weeks, I get a sense of overwhelming gratitude. I know that everything was divine will and we were just instruments. How else can you explain converting an empty house into a fully furnished home in two weeks, and an old garage into a place of worship simultaneously? I would like to share my experience with you, and take you on the journey we went through in building the first temple dedicated to our beloved Guru, Shree Raja Yogi MohanJi. 

Building the seats for the deities
Building the seats for the deities

Like everything, all actions begin with a first step. Even this step clearly showed the grace of MohanJi. I have been looking for a home for a long time, but nothing seemed to come right until now ( I wonder why 😀 lol). The whole story of getting lost and eventually finding myself outside the property, the agent just happened to be there, getting a loan that was being refused, other offers being put forward for the property……all this is a story for another time… But suffice to say, MohanJi kept his promise to me…and the property was finally purchased.

The temple started out as a double garage, full of webs, dirty walls, old shelves and vibes that screamed “workshop” and not the serene atmosphere you would expect from a temple.

As is customary, a small prayer was done to say thank you before the building started. And here MohanJi showed his presence. While offering a coconut, a string materialised on the palm of my hand. This string was definitely not on the coconut, as Vishal held it while I ran into the house to get some camphor. If there had been a string on the coconut, we would have seen it. There was a feeling of absolute peace and protection. This really was proof enough that MohanJi accepted the temple and will come to stay here when the shrine was ready.

I started building the temple myself, slowly laying the bricks as best I could. Getting the bricks was such a challenge. Delivery issues, pricing, getting the trucks into the yard, and not to mention work and students coming down hard on me. Trying to balance work responsibilities and getting the centre ready was difficult, especially when some colleagues do not value the centre as much as you do. But through the help of close work friends, Shikara, Vickasen, Abhishek, Vishal, Aunty Praveena, Uncle Sunil, Naveen Mosa and Mosie, Uncle Raj and Aunty Reena, Aunty Rosh, Lishen… all just seemed to fall into place. A special mention goes out to my parents and Kerisha who dropped everything for the two weeks and came to the centre and spent lots of time, money and effort into getting it ready. I pray that MohanJi blesses all these people, and those I did not mention, with joy and abundance.


While building, probably because of working with cement and the cold, I developed a lung infection. To me this was a test of my conviction, and I kept going. But after a while this body was weakening and we thought it best to hire some help. Eventually, after two weeks the temple was built and tiled.

Then there was another problem…we needed lighting (imagine doing the pujas in the dark lol), but I could not afford it. I prayed to MohanJi, and he sent one of the most wonderful people I have met to help, Uncle Ramesh and his wife and uncle Kay and wife. They so selflessly came in and offered their services: they sponsored and fitted the lights in the temple!! A very big thank you to them. You are truly god sent.

Eventually, after much effort, lots of help, many moments of uncertainty and of course lots and lots of blessing from MohanJi, the temple was complete. On Saturday, 7th September (the same month we met MohanJi the year before), the temple and centre was officially opened by MohanJi.

Mohanji opening Merunanda Temple
Mohanji opening Merudanda Temple

MohanJi entered the temple and blessed each of the murthis and yantras. Unfortunately, all the murthis did not come from India in time, so we had to manage with other murthis to make the temple look full …. Lol.

After MohanJi blessed all the Murthis he asked me to touch the feet of Shree Sai Nath Maharaj. Now his murthi is made out of marble, which is usually cold. But when I touched his feet they were warm!! His feet felt so supple, almost as if I could bend his ankle.

MohanJi blesses SaiNath Maharaj... who then becomes warm to the touch
MohanJi blesses SaiNath Maharaj… who then becomes warm to the touch

Even the one-meter high Banu Linga changed. I always felt energy coming out of this special Linga, but after MohanJI blessed the Linga, he asked me to put my hand above it. I felt a volcano of energy, just shooting up!!! MohanJi said that this Linga now has special properties and will charge the temple and the surround area. It will charge the temple with energy that will heal and protect all those that come.The temple is not just a temple, but will be a shakti stanam, a seat of energy, and he promised that the people’s lives will change if they come to the temple regularly.


Afterwards, padam puja and arthi was performed for MohanJi. A Ganesha puja followed and a hawan with MohanJi’s gayatri.

Biba homa

So many experiences happened, from people seeing deities in the fire, the face of Shirdi in a cup of water and a sense of utter calmness and peace.


Mohanji -Opening of Merudanda Temple

At the end of the day, there was a sense of peace. We all knew that MohanJi will stay at the ashram, and bless and protect all that come to him for help. Thank you MohanJi for all that you have done for us. Thank you for the blessings you have showered on us. Please bless every person that comes to the temple, allow them to connect to your energy, hear their cries and help them , protect and bless all that come to you.


Mohanji Planted Seeds of Transformation in the USA – Part 1

The Big Day!!!

Written by Viji Sagar
It is a bright sunny day, with a gentle breeze and birds chirping in joy. Celebrating in anticipation of the arrival of the Master.
Welcome party
Welcome party
It was a busy morning preparing for HIS arrival. Thanks to technology, Lady  Google gave us tips on “how to welcome a guru”J
The Master has arrived
The Master has arrived
The preparations started a week before his arrival, making a list checking it twice, planning the menu, getting his room ready… we were like giddy teenagers, planning the coolest party in town.  The day had finally  arrived.
Warm welcome
Warm welcome
Someone is enjoying his shadow
Someone is enjoying his shadow
 Mohanji  was welcomed by his youngest devotee in the US, a little girl named Tanishka who has a very strong connection with Mohanji and was very happy to see him and give him the picture she drew for him.  This was the first time she had seen Mohanji in physical form and there was an instant connection.
When Mohanji arrived home, he was welcomed with honors (Poorna Kumbha and aarti). 
Lighting the lamp
Lighting the lamp
Seeking blessings
Seeking blessings
Once home. Mohanji put everybody at ease with his relaxed style.  All the excitement that was building up over the weeks quickly dissipated and I felt like my big brother was home for vacation.  No excitement, no butterflies in my stomach, no anxiety or nervousness.  Just a feeling of security. 
A little voice in my head kept saying “all is well!! all is well!!”
First talk in America
First talk in America

Power of Purity Meditation


What started out to be an event for a very small group of devotees turned out to be meditation and Shaktipat for over 50 attendees.
What started out to be an event for a very small group of devotees turned out to be meditation and Shaktipat for over 50 attendees.
Mohanji's devotees were very excited to be led through the meditation with their beloved Master.
Mohanji’s devotees were very excited to be led through the meditation with their beloved Master.
The whole group was in a total state of bliss.
The whole group was in a total state of bliss.
This was indeed a blessed day, since he has planted the seed of transformation in the Western Hemisphere.
This was indeed a blessed day, since he has planted the seed of transformation in the Western Hemisphere.

An Auspicious Beginning- At Sai Baba Temple

Mohanji conducted his first satsang in the US at the Shirdi Baba Mandir in Dulles, Virginia.  Coincidentally he happened to be the first guest at the temple which was just inaugurated a month before.

2 M was invited to the Sai Temple for a discourse (satsang) and to do Baba's aarti...
Mohanji was invited to the Sai Temple for a discourse (satsang) and to do Baba’s aarti…

The trip started with the blessings of Baba
The trip started with the blessings of Baba
During his speech Mohanji said that this is the STARTING OF THE TRADITION in the USA.
During his speech Mohanji said that this is the STARTING OF THE TRADITION in the USA.
Mohanji had an evening of rest and he was ready to work.  His day started  off with a TV interview with Ganesh. Random people at the TV station were drawn to him and wanted to talk to him.  One of them Mr. Surinder Singh was really impressed with Mohanji .  The taping was done in one take with no interruptions or retakes. Without much preparation, the interview flowed with easy, one question leading to another.
You can watch this video on YouTube:
Interview with Mohanji by Ganesh Venkatachalam on the USA television GTV 13



Mohanji  felt like he was home. He was in love with this temple and the organizers made sure he was welcomed with full honors and felt at home.  Being a Thursday, there was a steady stream of devotees who came to the temple for darshan and stayed on for the satsang.  Although people were a little hesitant to ask questions, once they heard Mohanji’s answers to their questions, people let their guard down and soon the questions were flowing.  Before long, it was time for Aarti and Mohanji had to end the session.  I could actually  hear the sigh of disappointment from the crowd.  They did not want the program to end. As has been the case with all of Mohanji’s session one never gets enough of him.  Mohanji conducted the Aarti for Baba with such devotion and love.  I had the privilege of taking pictures of him doing the Aarti, and looking through the lens waiting for the right moment to take a picture, I could actually experience his love and devotion for Baba in his facial expressions.  Lucky Me!!! 
Aarti for Baba
Aarti for Baba
It was an auspicious beginning to a very successful and gratifying tour in the US.
I felt so overwhelmed with mixed feelings that day.  Like a kindergartener going to school the first day  holding her Papa’s hand, feeling safe that he is there, yet a little scared and confused, proud of her dad, clueless as to what’s going to happen next,  and Boy! Does  a child’s life change after that first day in kindergarten…  So did mine!!!  Thank you Baba!!
Attentive seekers
Attentive seekers
Gearing up for Guru Poornima – Food Seva

Guru Poornima celebrations started early  in the US.  On the 19th of July, we kicked off the events with a Food Seva Activity. We visited Embry Rucker Community Shelter in Reston Virginia USA , a shelter for homeless people and families, for food seva with Mohanji and all the devotees who contributed towards this noble cause. As we entered the shelter the management greeted Mohanji and all of us with a very warm welcome. The seva bhaav in all the volunteers of the shelter and us was amazing. All of us got together in their huge kitchen and started preparing for the food seva. After the food seva Mohanji and we all met the Senior management of the shelter to talk about the future plans, how ACT can help the shelter in their activities and projects, about the future goals and vision and how we can achieve that together.

   This facility  provides transitional housing for approximately 15 families and also serves the larger community providing hot meals.  ACT Foundation USA had been working with this group in the past and it would only  be appropriate to take the Masters to this shelter. 
Preparing the food
Preparing the food
Although I have had some amazingly  miraculous experiences with Mohanji,  my mind always tried to convince me that I was imagining stuff.  I guess Mohanji knew that too and he started to hit me up with one miracle after another till I put my hands up in truce J.  I was about to have a taste of Mohanji’s leela.
Fresh and wholesome
Fresh and wholesome
We had cooked food for about 40 people.  I had planned the menu to be an easy breezy spaghetti with tomato sauce, salad and dinner rolls and cookies for dessert.  This does not need any cooking skills, just an assembly  of store bought products.  In typical Mohanji  style, night before he informed us that we should cook Indian food… samosa.  That was my first test.  He put a wrench in my  perfectly planned assembly  line of food. Where was I going to get 50 samosas before 11am?  I put my thinking cap on and quickly made arrangements for Indian food.  We had vegetable rice. Chole. Vegetable cutlets, salad, and fruit salad.  All proud of ourselves. We loaded up the van with the food and happily drove off to the center to deliver the food. 
Little helpers
Little helpers
His games did not end there.  He was ready to play……
We set all the food out and were ready to serve… Lunch time arrived and there was nobody around.  I asked the director and he informed me that a new policy was in effect and that they had sent out messages to their regular patrons that they do not serve lunch in this location anymore and that he expects approximately 15 people.   I was devastated… we jumped through hoops to get the Indian food for 40 people and now there was no one to eat it. 
I swallowed my pride and humbly  walked over to Mohanji and updated him on the situation and suggested that we should eat and leave and the  rest of the food will be served at night. He told me “don’t eat the food, after everybody  eats we will eat what is left over”.  “Yeah Right!!!!” I thought to myself as we started to lay out the food and Mohanji sat there in the kitchen watching over us.
Busy organising
Busy organising
Thirsty anyone?
Thirsty anyone?

Slowly the first person came, then the next and the next and the next… before we knew we were all so busy serving folks over two windows.   The management team at the shelter was amazed at the turn out.  Within less than an hour we had served all the food we had taken.  After everybody was done eating, the ACT team sat down to eat only to find that all the food had been served and the only food left was a tray of salad.  In a few hours, Mohanji taught us lessons in humility, faith, surrender… I believe that was the day my internal clock was reset.  My life has never been the same since…

Thank you Baba for all the blessings in my life and I am blessed indeed!!!




Guru Poornima Celebrations

Guru Poornima celebrations went on throughout the weekend, starting with Food Seva on Friday to Pada Puja on Monday.
Honoring the Paadham
Honoring the Paadham
Sunday, the day before Guru Poornima day, was a very busy day for Mohanji.  It started off with Guru Pooja and chanting at Lata and Ganesh’s house at 10am.  The group chanted xxxxxx stotras. 
Expanded state
Expanded state
Mohanji led the Datta Gayatri chanting followed by the group.  The whole house was reverberating with high energy from the chanting. 
Offering  of food
Offering of food
Mohanji was served an authentic Kerala meal prepared by Lata.  After lunch Mohanji went for a very short afternoon siesta, followed by  Satsang at the Rajdhani Mandir.  Here, Mohanji spoke about the Importance of Guru in one’s life and the significance of Guru Poornima.  Mohanji was seated in front of the Shirdi Baba statue while he gave his speech.  It felt like Baba was watching over HIM as he was speaking and answering questions.  From there he moved on to the Shirdi Sai Mandir again for a brief Satsang and Q & A session.   Since they had a taste of Mohanji earlier in the week, seekers came prepared with questions for Mohanji and made good use of his time.  Again, when Mohanji closed the session, people felt that they had not had enough of Mohanji.  They wanted more, understandably so.  This has been the trend wherever Mohanji goes.
Paadha Pooja
Paadha Pooja
Aarti for the Master
Aarti for the Master
Amazing grace!!!
Amazing grace!!!
It was a long day for the Master, but he was not ready to call it quits.  He replied to emails and a little past midnight, got ready to record his Guru Poornima message.  I wish I had 1/10th of his energy and life would be golden.  Karan was recording and I was the light girl… as Mohanji delivered his message in one single take with no rehearsals.
You can watch this Mohanji’s Guru Poornima message given on 22nd July:
Divine Mother Aspect in Mohanji
Divine Mother Aspect in Mohanji

On Monday, Guru Poornima day, a pada puja was arranged for Mohanji at our home. The pada puja was followed by chanting of Mohanji  Gayatri and short Satsang.  This was the first time I could experience the various changes in Mohanji’s energy and form. Today was a day for Devi Bhav.  I could feel the caring love of a Mother in HIM.  I was not sure if it was real or if it was my imagination.  Seeing the pictures later, confirmed my gut feeling. It was indeed Mother.

Love and Devotion
Love and Devotion

Mohana Leela

Many a time I have heard people jokingly say Mohanji was messing with them.  I could not relate to it till this happened to me. 
The jalebi lesson plan
The jalebi lesson plan
Mohanji had casually mentioned to us that he enjoys  Jalebi.  That was all I wanted to hear since I LOOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE Jalebis myself.  Taking advantage of this, I ordered Jalebi for Guru Poornima day celebrations, mainly for Mohanji but with the ulterior motive that I can chow down a few myself.  With all the activities going on that day, I could not eat any.  When I woke up the next morning while I was still laying in bed, I started to crave jalebis.  So I quickly brushed my teeth and went down to get a jalebi.  To my disappointment I couldn’t find any.  I know that there was whole box packed away but couldn’t find it for the life of me.  I called all my friends who were helping me clean up.  All hands pointed to the refrigerator. I searched high and low, in the fridge, the pantry, the dishwasher, the trash bin …(Yeah I was desperate) bending down, squatting, laying on the floor, twisting like a pretzel…..anything I could do to get my hands on one little jalebi… I was like a junkie looking for drugs.  Finally I gave up and casually asked Mohanji what did you do to the jalebi… He gave me a broad smile and said, “ you don’t need jalebi now… I know you have been searching all morning”.  I assumed it was a casual, offhand comment and moved on. 
After lunch, the thought occurred to me again that it would be nice to have a one itsy bitsy piece of jalebi to satisfy my craving.  I resigned to the fact that we don’t have any.  As I opened the pantry, to put away something, a box of jalebi was sitting SMACK in front of me.  I had my head in that pantry about 10 times the same morning looking for other stuff and I swear that box of jalebi was never there. I KNOW that for a fact.
My heart skipped a beat… With the door half closed I leaned over and looked at him, without showing him the box of jalebi … and again he gave me the same broad smile and said “you can have one now”. 
To some, the jalebi incident may seem trivial but to me it took care of any bit of skepticism I had and sealed my faith in him.  Any little doubts that I may have had were out the window.  HE knows how to get to a person, with me it was with Jalebi. 

Hmm!!!! My earlier lesson was a little packet of mayo in December and now Jalebi.  I see a pattern here… something to think about…

Mohanji in Pitsburgh Sai Temple

Embracing silence
Embracing silence


After a long spell of really hot summer days, today we finally had a day of really nice weather. The sun was out, the air was crisp, with a gentle breeze….a perfect day for a long scenic drive. We loaded up the car and left for Pittsburgh around noon. During the first half of the trip Mohanji was immersed in silence, perhaps contemplating his grandmother’s life and death. After the lunch in a small town, we proceed on our trip. During the second half of the trip Mohanji was chatty. He shared little nuggets of wisdom through anecdotes and references to the Mahabharat. There are many facets of Mohanji, the guide, the father, the spiritual master, the business coach, the life coach….you name it and you will find that in him. Today it was very interesting to see a very chill side of Mohanji. We realized his mind is as wide open as his heart. His views on some subjects that are generally considered as controversial by society are very simple, straightforward and logical. Today we understood the true meaning of unconditional love. Nothing is unacceptable, and there are no judgments passed. He loves you just the way you are.
Here’s what we got out of this informal satsang in the car.


If you can live with your decision, then be at peace with yourself. Don’t worry about what other people say or think about you. Because in the scheme of things others’ opinion of you does not really matter. Mohanji’s teachings align with the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff. How empowering is that? Life can be beautiful if we allow it to flow.

Offering to the deity

We reached the sai mandir at 7:30pm. Mohanji was received with full honors as per tradition. Initially there was a small gathering of devotees. But, as it has been the case in every place he has been to, the crowd gathers and people gravitate toward him. At the end of the satsang there were approximately 150 people who were listening to him with undivided attention. Today was a lucky day for the devotees at the mandir. Mohanji decided to give Shaktipat which was very well received. The youngest recipient was a little baby that was just a few weeks old. It was very interesting to watch people who were hesitant to take his card from us before the satsang started, were coming back to us to get multiple cards so other family members could have them as well.
Mohanji was honored by the Malyala family with a shawl and was served a full meal that was offered to Baba.

Mohanji was honored by the Malyala family with a shawl...
Mohanji was honored by the Malyala family with a shawl…
… and was served a full meal that was offered to Baba.
Revitilising grace of Shaktipat
Revitilising and purifying grace of Shaktipat

Written by Viji Sagar


The Lifestyle Retreat With Mohanji


Announcement of THE LIFESTYLE RETREAT WITH MOHANJI on Novosadska Television:

Serbia, Great Britain, Macedonia, Latvia, Oman, all at one place 🙂 Mohanji unifies all

This was the first retreat with Mohanji ever. We spent two and a half days in His presence. It was 16-18th November. Full-day programme of various activities meant for cleansing and spiritual growth.

The day began at 4am. We gathered at 4.30am for a water therapy.

Water therapy at 4.30am

We avoided new accumulation of toxins by eating fresh and simple vegetarian food and drinking water, green tea or fruit juices, and we kept being active, without laying in bed for sleep or rest.

Then before dawn we had yoga session. It was in the venue 1.5km away from our rooms, downhill, so we walked there before dawn.  There are selected yoga asanas  compiled in such a way that they work a lot on the energy of the spine and stimulate spiritual growth. It was followed by energy balancing and replenishing, and AUM chanting. We were moving energies with our breath. Directing energies consciously is so powerful. Amazing. Yet, it is so simple. Afterwards, we went back along the same way, the mild uphill lane. The dawn had already broken and there was a fresh morning sunshine in the sky, both days. Oxygenized and refreshed, we went for breakfast.

Concentrating within before the yoga session

This was a special morning time, as we interchangeably sat with Mohanji, and we always mixed and changed places so that everyone can sit with everyone. No clusters were allowed, but some fluidity and one spirit. During one of this talks, Mohanji said how a woman who can see regardless of the distance, and can see Mohanji clearly wherever he is,  called him saying she saw a big grey cloud from a group of people coming into him, and that she was horrified at the sight, warning him he would die if he takes so much poison from people onto himself. Mohanji replied to her “That’s why I am here”. He took all the negativities that started melting from our inner system and all the activities that stimulated cleansing. So much more could be scraped. Not a second was a fluffy holiday weekend. The experience was much more deeper as we were within the energy field of a master. People are usually not conscious of it. There is a feeling of relaxation. Apart from that, there was a feeling of headache. Everybody noticed that. And everybody noticed how Mohanji’s health deteriorated. He took huge quantities of the blockages, negativities or “poison” from people onto himself, and left to people only a mild headache. His one body was bearing that heroically. Through headache as a tangible symptom, we understood that cleansing was happening, that it was intense and real. We were bathing in his energy field. It was a true energy spa. He improved us all. I’m deeply grateful for this blessing. No words can describe it. My love increased. My awareness increased, too. Mohanji said that people will be aware of the changes more after two or three months. It will manifest in our everyday life. Now they do not know what happened in Vrdnik. Zoran from Macedonia knows. He already goes into blank states.

Satsang began even before we entered the venue

     During the satsangs, QA sessions, Milan, a journalist from “Sensa” magazine was keen on asking questions. He loves the chance he got to write a text about Mohanji. All Vrdnik experience boosted his inner growth, too. There was an interesting moment. When Milan interviewed Mohanji face-to face, he recorded the interview. But When he reached his room, the recorded just buzzed and nothing could be recovered. Mohanji’s energy was so strong, that the gadget failed! And he got deep answers that satisfied him, grateful for what he learned. Then he wrote a draft of their interview while it was still fresh.

There was a lot of laugh in the satsang. Dragan laughed his head off, and it was contagious. Daina added it was spreading to the whole group in waves. The next day, when somebody wanted to sit on Dragan’s place, Mohanji joked, “That chair is dangerous, you may start laughing without reason or control, HA HA 😀

It was what was perceived on the surface. We bathed in Mohanji’s energy field. Each cell tuned to this vibratory level. We could not resist but be taken over by the higher into purer realms. Huge inner letting go, relaxation and stability happened. Spines got stronger. Questions were directed to the divine in human body that was in front of our eyes. Omnipresent infinite oneness of consciousness, truth, knowledge, abundance and compassionate love. Each Mohanji’s word was an elixir to the soul. He was removing layer by layer of our conditionings.

Also something really interesting happened, which depicts one of Mohanji’s dimension of operating:

This picture was taken by Dheeman Ranjan during the several seconds when Mohanji blessed Shashank as an old man during food seva in Gurgaon.

What happened in GURGAON:
“When Food Served in Seva becomes Elixir…

When the day arrived today, it promised to be special. The bright Sunday morning looked like any other day, but there was something in the air which stirred up feeling of immense love. The feeling was blissful. It was a sign of something very special that was going to happen!
Sunday mornings are associated with Food Seva that happens in Gurgaon where more than 300 labourers and their families are served hot breakfast. These labourers are daily wagers and don’t have permanent jobs. Many a times they don’t get work and sleep hungry. Sunday is one day they look forward to, as they get hot and nutritious breakfast with Mohanji’s blessings. Food seva usually lasts for 45 minutes. As seva has been happening for almost 8 months now, they look forward to it, eagerly standing in the line, waiting patiently.
But today, it was different. There were just 5 people standing in the queue! Even when the serving started, more did not join. I waited, but there was no one coming. I waited more, then slowly very few trickled. It was very unusual. It was 30 minutes past and only handful of people had come to take food. Mind did try to work and think of possible reasons, “maybe it is too early today”, “may be they have shifted from there”…but the faith remained intact. Mohanji’s words echoed, “Numbers don’t matter; I will only send those who really need it, even if it is just one”. These words came as a relief. It reminded me that we were just instruments and only Masters decide who would par-take food!
After waiting for some more time, I decided to pack-up with food for almost 200 people still left! I decided to distribute food to other locations. But the moment I was about to leave, an old man, who had his share of breakfast, walked up to me and said that the food tasted like amrit (elixir) as it was a very special day. I felt it was a nice gesture as it seemed that he was trying to comfort me as the food seva could not complete. I thanked him and touched his feet. He blessed me and said it was really a special and auspicious day! I wondered why it was special. On enquiring, he told me that it was a day before Chatt Pooja! Chatt Pooja is one of the most important festivals for people from the Indian states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. And almost all of the labourers in Gurgaon and neighbouring towns belong to these two states. I could then think of reason why they were not here as they would have gone home for celebrating the festival. I thanked the old man for comforting me. When I was about to go, he asked me to stay. There seemed no reason to stay as there was no one to feed. But there was something in his voice, something magnetic, which made me stop. He said that he has a feeling that the seva will be completed today. I smiled at his kindness and thought of staying only to make him happy.
Then what happened cannot be put in words. Suddenly there was a stream of labourers and their families, with bag and baggage, walking towards the nearest metro station. They were going to the main railway station to catch the train home. I could not believe my eyes. One of the people from the group walked towards me and asked if he could have some food. I served him. Then suddenly the whole group stood in the line for food! And there was something different in their behaviour, they were smiling, laughing, enjoying. Usually they are somber and sad, but today they were elated! It seemed like a community celebration!
And the best part was that every time they took the serving, the blessed! Never ever, they have blessed before. But today, everyone was blessing, including children. One of them started singing a song in praise of Bholenaath (the compassionate form of Lord Shiva). He loudly announced that the food was Shiva’s prasaad and their journey home would be blessed. It was such a blissful sight! When the last parantha (Indian bread) was served, all had the share of food! No one was left hungry. It had to be. They were chosen by the Masters! Even after the food was finished, the group stood there for a while, chatting laughing and singing. It was such an amazing sight. They had forgotten about their tough life and were enjoying the moments of NOW. I was speechless. I just had the feeling of reverence and immense gratitude.
And I looked for the old man to thank him, and he was not there! I searched for him but he was gone. I don’t know who he was, where he had come from, as I had never seen him before. But I really wish that I meet him again in any of the coming Sundays, so that I can express my gratitude.
Eternal gratitude to the Masters. Eternal gratitude to Mohanji. ”
by Shashank Jaitely

What happened in VRDNIK:

“While the food seva was taking place in Gurgaon, something interesting happened during the satsang with Mohanji in Vrdnik, Serbia .
Oxygenized and relaxed after the water therapy and early morning yoga we all enjoyed the satsang. We bathed in the intense energy, being purified just by Mohanji’s physical presence. He talked and patiently answered both those new and those many times answered questions. His words hit our conditionings directly, unwinding layer by layer, bringing us to our soul. They were elixir to the soul. At one moment his face stood still, and his eyes became wider and bigger, as if he suddenly disappeared, and only the same expression on the face remained. He remained more than ten seconds in that state. It has been recorded by camera and will show on the video.

Rajesh (Vijay Ramanaidoo) explaining about Mohanji ACT Foundation that he founded in Great Britain, and which is psreading around the globe. He also introduced VIBRIONICS, a method of healing through vibrations. Vibrionics will heal the poor around the world through Act Foundation. The Serbian Vibrionics Team has been created, too.

Later on, we asked what happened at that moment, he said that there was the food seva and a celebration at the same time in Gurgaon and people went to the celebration there while food for seva waited. The moment they thought to pack the food back and distribute it some other time, an old man appeared, asking what they were doing, and after getting the answer, blessed them, saying with kindness and gratitude for the food eaten, “Don’t worry, from now on, people will come”. That was said with love, and not only for comfort. That was Mohanji, working through other body. He was at both places at the same time. During the satsang, that other level of operating manifested as stillness on his face. Mohanji is always doing his job. The people really started gathering there for food, grateful and blessed.”

Mohanji changes his level of operating in a few seconds

After the Saturday satsang we had lunch.  For the meals of various parts of the day, we were constantly moving, changing places, mixing. Because of dynamics, we avoided making the same clusters. All sat with all. After lunch we went for a swim in the Hotel “Thermal” in thermal spa. The water is hot when it comes out of the ground, so it has to be cooled down to be warm for swimming. Because of the water content, it is healing rheuma. We swam, enjoying and playing like little children. In the evening, I thought, depending on the weather, we can go to the forest. “Don’t worry about the weather, I’ll take care about the weather” :), said Mohanji.

A wonderful weather on Sunday was a gift, as November’s weather is unpredictable, and there could be strong winds and rains. But there was a sunshine and brisk, chilly freshness. Who could order weather? We were simply grateful. We went for the afternoon walk into the forest, to the place called Lazin Vir, or Laza’z vortex. A long time ago, a child called Laza (nickname of Lazar) drowned in that vortex. The place and the name remained, though there is much less water there now and it is not dangerous any more. There also used to be a waterfall there.

Mohanji walked with us through the forest, too. What a blessing for the forest, too! 🙂 We felt one with nature, our hearts were chirpy, and bodies bubbly. We enjoyed it.  Fire has a significance as it is a purifier, and among elements, it has superiority because when water, air or earth cleanses, the remnants and dirt remain within. However, fire burns all, and disinfects all. Everything is burned to dust. There are also manthras for chanting around the fire and depending on the wanted effect, our ancestors lit fire of a particular size.

Among all the elements, fire is the highest purifier

Finally, people used Mohanji’s available time to talk to him individually. Here are some feedbacks:

“Impressions are WONDERFUL! I’m already missing all that we had in Vrdnik: Mohanji, yoga, socializing, meditations… I cannot describe how beautiful it was for me. It helped me a lot, I can see the change now when I came back to everyday life. For example, I feel calm as if I have some shield when my boss criticizes me or shouts. Second, I have four children and organize everything at home, so I tend to shout when things do not go as we agreed, so that the household can function well. Now the youngest child said, “Oh, mum, you don’t shout at father any more?” Third, There is no stomach problem I had had for a long time, when a homeopath recommended BTW meditation. I continued with the therapy daily. Paradoxically, though I drink gallons of water, my stomach is flat during the day. All the tension disappeared from it.”


“Vrdnik retreat was gorgeous.

One person went on retreat, and completely different one came back to Skoplje. A big transformation. Before leaving, I asked Mohanji if he had some message for me. He said, “Before you arrive home, you will know.”

I was driving home, and the moment I left Vrdnik, a woman hitchhiker stopped me to take her to Ruma. We talked about everything, and after some time she opened saying she had payed a visit to her sister who had lost her sight a few days before because of diabetes. Waves of Mohanji’s Love overflowed spontaneously from my heart to them. One of the changes after the retreat is unselfish and spontaneous Love. I notice of course the feeling of being energized, spontaneous with people, unity with animals, birds, nature. The day after the retreat instead of coffee, I prepared myself tea. Yes, the second day of the retreat I had a bothering headache which completely disappeared after the evening shaktipat. In the morning I woke up as a New Man.”


“What I noticed is that after the Power of Purity meditation, a feeling of the 360 degree awareness developed. I can concentrate to the spine easily and I have a feeling of roundness, completeness, transparency. I can see in front of me and behind me with my inner eye as well. Changes are noticeable and I believe there will be more.”


On the way to the forest

During his visit to Serbia, Mohanji visited Slobodan Milićević – Ćići (Swami Chidananda)’s grave. Ćići was cremated and his urn rests there. Mohanji intended to meet him during his next visit to Serbia. Now he died. As the word is the second level of creation, Mohanji felt responsible to fulfill the promise and remove the debt.

He also said that Chidananda expanded. Not only that he said so, but he also showed that to the lady who was his spiritual friend and was deeply connected to him.