BTW Pune – Short, Sweet and Intimate, by Dr. Deepali

Dear Biba and Mohanji, 

We had BTW meditation on Friday 29th Jan at Pune.
Mohanji told me earlier me that I need not inform him about the time of meditation and that, as we start the Aum chanting, he will get connected. It happened that way! 

Art as a Blessing - Original Paintings by Berislava Grace

My father-in-law’s best friend Mr. G S Thorat, who is a CA, runs a massive firm and is a consultant for more than 20 sugar factories. His first sugar factory will start functioning soon. This was his time first to meditate ever! He was deeply affected by it. Later on, he asked so many questions about spirituality and meditation. We were discussing that till late night over dinner. 🙂 

Seema Khot who is the Head of Corporate Social Responsibility with SUZLON Foundation, and my dear friend, said: ‘Deepali I never wanted you to remove your hand from my head!’ 

Mohanish said that his abdomen and back had become water and were forming waves!
All had their unique experiences. All, including my Mummy-Puppa, had lost time sense. They were amazed when I told them that we sat for 1hr and 15mins! 

This was a short, sweet and intimate meditation indeed.
Mohanji, they all asked me to convey “Big thanks” to you. 

With deep love and complete surrender,

With Faith Come the Miracles – Sharing by Shernaz

Dearest Biba, 

I would like to share with you a small miracle, or shall I say, Divine help that came to me two days back. 

Shernaz's Post-BTW Glow, Dubai, 2009

As you must be aware, Glaucoma in the eye is a very serious disease and it is hereditary. Since my mom lost her eyesight because of this dreadful disease, the doctors had advised me to check my eyes regularly. For months I have been thinking of doing that, but never pushed myself to go to an eye doctor although my visit was long overdue (last checkup was 3-4 years back). I have a very bad habit of keeping myself miles away from any doctor. I know I have suffered, but I hate going to doctors or taking medicines unless and until it is very,very essential. 

Now here comes the divine help. Two days back somebody kept an invitation on our door step regarding the opening of a new clinic close to our house. My husband Baji said that ,since it’s close by, we should get our eyes checked to see if our numbers have increased or not. As usual, my first reaction was “NO” but later on I agreed to go and check my eyes for Glaucoma (I don’t know what made me change my mind). When we went there, the doctor checked my eyes and gave me the sad news – that Glaucoma already started and that the damage on my left eye is already 24%. That was a shock! He asked me to come the next day in order to do a more detailed check up. He said that, if I waited for another month, Glaucoma attack would have really ruined my eyesight. 

I knew right away that there was a Divine hand in this. How many times I told Dr. Bajaj (the eye doctor who stays in my building) that I would come one day to his clinic to get my eyes checked, but that day never came. Now as I contemplate, I know that my Sai was making me meet Dr. Bajaj quite often to warn me of my coming illness, but I failed to get that signal. We are at times so ignorant that we fail to catch the warning signs given by the Masters. I feel Baba was so concerned about my eyesight that finally he had to ‘serve it on a platter’ for me and got this clinic opened next to my house, plus sent an invitation! I thank my Baba from the bottom of my heart for this great blessing and miracle. He is ALWAYS with HIS devotees, helping and guiding them all the time. 

When I returned home I went straight to my Mandir and meditated. I did not want to allow the fearful thoughts about losing my eyesight to pollute my inner space. I opened my heart in deep gratitude, thanking Baba, Mahavatar Babaji, Swami Nithyananda, and all other Masters for their divine help. However, since Mohanji is my ‘most immediate’ Guru, who is always there for me, especially in the matters of urgency, I connected with his 3rd eye and then also sent him an e-mail to appease my agitated mind. 

The following day, another miracle related to my Glaucoma issue took place.
Before going for the scheduled appointment at the clinic, I was a bit nervous, of course, but then prayed and connected with Mohanji’s 3rd eye sincerely. I could feel a beautiful energy and somehow my fears just vanished! I also read Mohanji’s e-mail reply in which he said: “Indeed Sai arranged it. Do not worry. I will be with you the moment you think about me.”

Shernaz in melting devotion - Dubai, May 2009

After a thorough checkup, the doctor looked at me rather shocked and said: “Your left eye, which had the 24% damage, has somehow recovered to only 5%, while the right eye is completely normal!” He couldn’t believe that the percentage of Glaucoma could fluctuate so much in just 24 hours!!! 

He had no logical explanation for this and agreed that it was nothing but the divine grace. I was so choked with emotion and love for the divine that I could not control my tears. I immediately called Mohanji to thank him. I know for sure that he indeed was present at the clinic when the test was going on.
I couldn’t wait to share this miraculous experience with my dear Baji who was equally overjoyed – we both agreed, this can be nothing but a divine miracle! 

I wanted to share these two small miracles with you to inspire you to walk the path in surrender and gratitude, and know that, once we operate from the inner space of gratitude, the grace of the Masters is always with us. 

In Baba’s yaad. 


From Brain to the Heart – Sincere Sharing by Dr. Sanjay Jaju

Dear Mohanji,


I am deeply indebted to you for helping me gain insight. This happened on the day Baba instructed you to initiate Prof. Hassan and Deepali to give Shaktipat. I am sharing my experience, along with some background, for the benefit of our friends.               

Dr. Sanjay Jaju, BTW Muscat

Experience: On 18 Jan 2010, I returned back from work in the afternoon, quite tired (not that I had really worked hard) and after a quick bite went for a nap…. I had a dream in which I saw Mohanji make me stand up straight with his right hand firm under my chin….and then he made a swift and sort of violent swing of his right upper limb in front of my body….I was expanded, my eyelids felt heavy, I was feeling a loss of balance and, in a panic state, I shouted to Deepali for help………and then I woke up vividly remembering the dream.

Background: Moushami, Deepali and myself had a heavenly and blissful time with Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji during the Inner Awakening in Dec 2009. Mohanji has been already spiritually uplifting us and he blessed us prior to our departure. Paramhansa Nithyananda Swamiji’s cleansing made me light of my karmic baggage. I had already been fully convinced with the ‘click’ that had happened to me with  Mohanji, that the ‘faith’ and ‘unconditional love’ are way superior to my intellectual conditioning. Mohanji’s assurance, the BTW meditations, and his blessings, changed me a lot. With this background preparation I went to Swamiji – with a strong ‘vitarka’. Before that for nearly 5-6 months Deepali and myself have been having wonderful understandings of spirituality with Sudeep. Prior to that I did learn a lot from Shri Prem Nirmalji about the spiritual path, and he did help resolve most of my intellectual questions. The 49 Healing Breaths and meditation technique he taught helped me to get grounded. I was destined to follow this spiritual path at this age. The satsangs with Mohanji, however, gave me better understanding and the ‘click’ I mentioned before. Since then I have been yearning to be consistently compassionate and just want to surrender to the Masters with full faith. But constantly I have been feeling the blockage at my ‘anahata’.  During the energy darshans in the Inner Awakening at Bidadi, I asked Swamiji for blessings to help me out of my personal problems related to my obsessive thought processes/flashes and the unnecessary intellectual arrogance I have developed over years, which prevented me from being able to share pure unconditional love. He assured me personally: “I will take care of you” and also to all the participants in His high energy Shiva state that He will lifelong provide us His ‘abhaya’.

However, since my return, I have been lethargic, tired, unable to carry on the meditations, irritable with family members, etc. I could just manage the chantings and seek Swamiji’s and Mohanji’s blessings.

In a helpless state, one day, I started connecting with Mohanji’s third eye in deep surrender….

Unmistakably Shiva

Insight: Later in the evening (18 Jan), I shared this dream with Mohanji and he immediately said: “Sanjay, it was not a dream. You have been connecting with my third eye since some days now and hence I came there astrally to help you. You were very resistant and I had to force you. I have taken away a lot more chunk of your karmic baggage”. I later told him the background happenings since return as mentioned above. Mohanji replied “In one of your past lives, your family had forced you into the ‘bhakti’ marg which you were totally against of. The recent ‘Bhakti’ experience with Swamiji has triggered and surfaced the old past life memories. Your present feelings and turmoil are a part of cleansing that Swamiji has done and this sort of experience has been mentioned in spiritual literature”. What a beautiful insight!

I am feeling much, much better now after the astral experience and explanation. I offer my sincere gratitude to you Mohanji for your unconditional love. I am attempting to sincerely ‘feel’ Swamiji and you from the depth of my heart. I must confess that a major part of my brain has still gone into drafting this letter, but I am convinced that someday I (self) will be able to pour my heart out.

With deep love and surrender,

Dr Sanjay Jaju

Dr. Deepali’s First Shaktipat Giving Meditation

Shaktipat - the Master Switch to the higher levels of subtlety


Dear Biba and Mohanji, 

This is about the first BTW in Pune and the first BTW after I was initiated into giving Shaktipat……. 

22nd Jan 2008 – A17, Vijayashree Towers, Dattawadi, Pune

Hardly 72 hours have passed since I was initiated into Shaktipat and there I was, landing in Pune on Jan 21st. With Mohanji’s permission, I organized BTW meditation. 

Mrs. Vimal and Mr. Shrinivas and my dear and respected mother and father-in-law helped me a lot to get things organized. They have a big photo of Sai Baba and Akkalkot Swami. We kept those in the drawing room. With beautiful ethnic looking lamp and incense stick our decorum was ready. 

I had invited 2 of my friends whom I knew are deep devotees of Baba- Mr. Ramdas and Mr. Sudhir. We were total 8 people- my in laws, my son Mohanish and nephew Aditya, and my sister in law Neeta. 

I had given the time of 7.30pm and had informed that to Mohanji. I had constant anxiety about how would I know when should I start giving shaktipaat and where to give!!!! How would I know he is present!! He said that, “Deepali, you will be completely guided”. I had deep trust that I will be; I was lost on how. He asked me to send sms before we start but I did not send………….. 

One person was late but, sharp at 7.30pm my third eye and Sahasrara told me that Mohanji has arrived. I became a bit restless as I wanted to start on time. We started at 7.40pm without waiting for that person. After initial ‘Aum’ makar and breathing, I started the CD. The whole atmosphere changed drastically. Mohanji indicated telepathically very clearly about Shaktipaat…. when and where…… all was taken were. …. beautifully and methodically. …… no more anxiety. 

After meditation……….. all shared that it was wonderful, it was different. All had lost the sense of time and space the moment CD was started. Everyone gave different versions of when that last person came……… ha… ha.. !!! 

Mr. Ramdas 60 year old, real simple person said that he never thought he would sit at one place for such a long time. He said probably this is happening for the first time in his life. He felt tremendous energy surge during shaktipaat. He was so overwhelmed that for 1 hr after the meditation, he was sharing his life experiences with Baba… the way Baba helped him, saved him. 

Mr. Sudhir, paint technologist, said that he never experienced such peaceful sitting before. There were disturbances around but nothing disturbed him. He said, it was for the first time he experienced deep silence. He also said that thoughts reduced drastically after Shaktipat…. I felt it was very good understanding. 

My father-in-law who has read extensively about spirituality and vedic sciences said that he straight went into no thought zone. I noticed that he did not even raise his right hand for blessing. Rare indeed…. 

My mother-in-law who is always so deeply involved in pooja, was also not sure of sitting quietly for long time because of her join problems and cough. She stated that she had wonderful experience of silence and happiness. She actually wanted to laugh. She said “I had told Baba to take care of me and let me be able to sit for long time.” And she actually did. She changed posture once but she did not realize that! She was coughing a lot. I made her drink water in between, but she has vague memories of that! 

Neeta said that she was in a double mind of whether to come. Will I be able to sit? But she said that she did not realize the time. The most important thing she conveyed that was, “Deepali, I felt so safe when you were giving Shaktipat. I have never felt so before!” 

Aditya felt big energy travelling down from crown chakra….. the experience he never had before. He felt so much relaxed and rejuvenated. He was bubbling in joy for a long time. 

Mohanish said he was enveloped in the capsule of white light after the first Shaktipat. He experienced energy running everywhere in the body. He also had few muscle twitches and some of them were painful. Everyone enjoyed the meditation and Shaktipat, the concept which was so new to all of them. That only strengthened their faith in Baba. 

All felt lucky to have this meditation. I sincerely want to express my deep gratitude towards my Mother and Father-in-law, Mummy and Papa. They sweetly accepted my new role and helped me not only to organize but also encouraged me to progress. I am deeply indebted to them and indeed lucky daughter-in-law. 

This was my first meditation to be conducted ever in life. I thank all those who attended because they came out of total faith on Baba. I had just said…. I am conducting Baba’s meditation. Can you come? What a simplicity. 

Dear Mohanji, it was a wonderful experience conducting the meditation. Hope I was able to pick up your suggestions and have done it correctly. 

One sincere request, I need your photo nice and charged with energy. People want to see you also. Sorry for the long mail…. It is a story of the first achievement. 

In deep gratitude and complete surrender, 


BTW Muscat – Jan 22nd, 2010

Dear friends,    

I just read Mohanji’s latest Shirdi Sai blog post and can’t get my mind off of all the stories/experiences of the unfathomable ways in which He brings us back into his loving fold through lifetimes.    

The Unfathomable Shirdi Sai Baba

Yesterday evening’s BTW was fully Shirdi Baba – the intensity of his presence was unmistakable, and so was the love he bathed us with.    

Determined to make one healthy pumpkin snack for our BTWers, I lost the track of time – it was only when the door bell rang that I realized it was already time to start BTW. I ran up the stairs to call Mohanji. At a first glance of him I thought he was sleeping, but the moment he looked at me, I knew for sure that he was in a highly expanded state – his eyes were like two piercing lasers and gave me goose bumps. They were somehow too intense to bear. Heat was emanating from his body and could be felt clearly from one meter away. He told me: “Tonight Shirdi Sai will be present in a big way! You’ll see”.    

Many people were already awaiting Mohanji in the meditation room and some could not even fit in. We started right away. I was the first to receive Shaktipat – this time the warm energy that emanated from Mohanji’s palms and fingertips could be felt instantly, and the energy ‘pull’ that came with this warmth was that of pure love and sheer power which instills confidence and safety. It made me ‘drunk’. For some time I completely lost the track of time and sense of body – I felt like one big chewing gum, stretching in all the directions. Then I felt a prompting to stand up and start the Shaktipat – I stood for a while to balance myself by focusing my inner gaze onto Mohanji’s third eye. Shaktipat just flowed – endless waves of blissful warm energy gushed through my spine, manifesting in the outer world as warm energy in the palms and fingertips.    

The experience was captivating and none tried to verbalize it – Dr. Deepa just said that it was unlike anything she experienced before: “This time I really felt it!” Then something interesting happened – Q&A and Satsang just started, but most of the people present said they had to leave early as they had other engagements for the evening. In no time, they all vanished (as if someone kicked them out), except three of them. I was a bit perplexed as this never happened before – I knew it was not a coincidence. I was still feeling Baba’s presence and a suddenly quiet room felt cozy. For the next 2-3 hours, four of us enjoyed the most wonderful, intimate Satsang with Mohanji, a heartfelt sharing about Shirdi Baba, mystical experiences, love – it was all flowing through Mohanji and we soaked into it fully. From deep within, sweet memories from my life in Shirdi were flashing into my conscious mind. I felt very open and beautifully vulnerable – I could feel that my heart chakra was expanding and top of the head vibrating. As the evening was progressing, it became evident to me that those who stayed were honored by Baba, i.e. that this atmosphere of intimate sharing of experiences was created for them so that they could be reminded of their connection with Him by realizing it themselves. As Mohanji said in the blog post about Shirdi Sai: “A master should be internally felt and absorbed, not heard or seen.”    

One of the three, who is currently ‘at the crossroads’, facing a few tough challenges of life, received Sri Sai Satcharitra as a special gift from Mohanji ( i.e. from Baba through Mohanji).    

The living book - a gift from the Master


The special nature of this LIVING book, and immense blessings/protection of Baba that comes to all those who read it, was explained through Mohanji’s vivid description of his first experience with Sri Sai Satcharitra (which, I feel, is his to share if he wishes to). Stories of how Baba places us into most unexpected life situations and imparts knowledge through experiences awoke in us a childlike sense of wonder and excitement about life – there comes a point when one realizes that yes, it is truly so – faith and surrender is all we need to master the game of life and qualify for the highest…    

With love,    


Third Eye Like a Shining Sun – Ramuduji’s Experience, Oct 2009

Dear Mohanji, 


Thanks a lot for a lovely experience. We had a great evening meditation on 16th with your divine presence. 

Mohanji, when I met to you in the morning on Friday, I was not clear whether I am going to be there for the evening meditation or not as I had to take my family for a birthday party. Not only me, even Manoj, Rashmi & Dhanraj all 4 of us did not plan to come at all. We all had different excuses not to attend the meditation. My mind was telling “You already met Mohanji and why do you want to go again.” But your energies pulled all of us so much that we could not escape. Thanks a lot for your loving guidance. I believe in a Guru who will not allow the student to ignore or escape. Even if the student wants to escape, it is not possible for the student as Guru’s loving energies overtake our ignorance. Thanks a lot for your unconditional love towards all of us. 

Mohanji, during the mediation your love was just flowing out. Throughout the session you looked like Jesus Christ. I could not turn my attention from your glowing face with Jesus’s love. I was in total bliss and full of gratitude while immersed in those energies. During the meditation, as I was following the instructions, all of sudden I connected to your 3rd eye and immediately your 3rd eye became like a big light, like a shining Sun. My soul just entered into your 3rd eye, into that glowing light. The moment I entered I do not know where to go. Some voice told me to run into the light. There I saw a big statue of Siva and Shakti in the form of bright golden light. It’s so big that it covers one entire planet. 

Mohanji and Ramuduji - Dubai, Oct 2009


Then suddenly Shirdi Baba came and gave me Shaktipat. After the Shaktipat they showed me the way to go down. And there I was in the group of souls. There were many souls in different colors. Each group with a different color identified as a plane they exists and each plane has its own level of consciousness. I was in the golden color group and also I saw there were many other people (millions of souls). There I saw Mahavishnu with lots of Masters. All the Masters looked like Vishnu itself, as if Vishnu multiplied into many forms. All the Masters were talking to each and every soul and guiding them into the next level of existence. As per the Masters, it is the level of love we have that decides our next plane of existence. There are more than 13 planes of existence and each plane has got some billions of planets. After the Masters’ interview I was sent to a different plane where Brahma manifests our soul into the body. In each of these processes they do lots of cleansing, depending on the level of understanding we have towards unconditional love and the gratitude we have towards the Creator. I do not know what is the meaning of the above experience. But I enjoyed the whole session and I was totally in bliss. 

During the whole process you were with me and guiding me with love. 

Mohanji, my limited mind does not know how to express the gratitude to you for the guidance you are giving to all of us. We are very fortunate to have a great Master like you in our midst. I feel all our prayers are answered through you. 

Pranams, and with heart filled gratitude, 


ACT Kolkata – Blanket Distribution on Jan 14th

This gift is only for you


Dear friends,        

My heartiest pranaams to all of you reading this sharing, to all the volunteers of ACT, Mohanji, all the Masters, the omnipresent One…        

Dana celebrating in the ACT's way


14th of January was a very special day for me – while all my friends in my home country (Serbia) celebrated the New Year, I too was celebrating, but in a much more rewarding way. It was one of those ‘divine coincidences’ that our date of blanket distribution was fixed for exactly that day (the Sonarpur School was shut a day before, when we initially planned to conduct this event).        

Furthermore, while on my way to Sonarpur School (outskirts of Kolkata) I found out from Meenakshi that Jan 14th is the Hindu New Year as well! All of us were so excited realizing that we are starting New Year with such a nice act as ACT KOLKATA’s Blanket Distribution.        

Starting the year with outpour of love!


Meenakshi’s mother, who was visiting her from Delhi, joined us as well, along with our enthusiastic volunteers from ITC Sonar – Snigdha, Mr. Haldar & Javed. I must mention that from the day one we have been receiving great support from ITC Sonar. Mr. Sisir Acharya has done a great job with all the procurement issues.        

ACT Kolkata, Jan 14th - the team!


From the moment we reached the school everything was happening so smoothly. Kids were already waiting for us and very soon we had all our donations (blankets, notepads and pencil boxes) nicely arranged for the distribution – all the children were sitting in front of us so humble and well behaved.  The age group of children at this school is 5-20 years. They have a church as well where they have children from 1 – 3 years old. The school has 81 children and church has 25 children. In total, there were 106 children to whom we distributed the blankets and basic school stationary.Such poor surrounding and so much of love and care in the air – the reason for that is that school is free of cost for all 106 kids, run by limited funds of Dhankehet Manovikas Kendra, which sponsors books and uniforms for children and salaries for 5 teachers. Out of the total 106 children, 23 are with special needs and 25 crèche children – all were overjoyed with our presence and with the gifts. One of the teachers was deeply touched by our help and told us that the last time school has received ANY help was some 3-4 years back when blankets were donated. They couldn’t express all their happiness and gratitude for having us with them.        

ACT NOW - there are so many hearts to be touched


Expressing gratitude in a pure way of a child


Before we started our distribution, kids and their teachers have gifted us a nice performance –they sang 2 songs in English for us. It was so lovely. Hearts of all the volunteers melted… After that, each and every child has left signature on a chart paper which we hanged on a wall low enough that even 3-year-old ones could reach it. Little ones who can’t write as yet scrambled something with love (photos will tell this story more vividly). Later on teachers and volunteers signed as well.        

 This is going to be our New Year’s gift to Mohanji and Ammucare. No artist can create an art peace such as this wall of gratitude and love. One of the teachers wrote in her cute beginner’s English: “We are so happy for Ammuchare Charity Trust”. Two others wrote: “Happy New Year”, so overjoyed for having us with them.        

Used as a classroom...


 We took a quick round of the school and became speechless.        

 Photo images will tell you all about the classrooms and overall conditions in which these children study. However, nothing stops them from smiling and singing… nothing should stop us from doing the same… Moreover, nothing should stop us from increasing their happiness and helping them as much as we can.        

Thanking once again all the volunteers of ACT Kolkata, I look forward to many more nice initiatives like this one…        

 Love & light,        


            Ammu, the mighty spirit force behind Ammucare       

When an angel beams the Light, all hearts rejoice