Guidance through dreams

Here are three beautiful experiences which highlight Mohanji’s statement, “I am always with you”. He understands the needs of every person who connects with him and fulfils their wishes or gives them the guidance needed to move on this path of pathlessness.

The price for gossiping is a heavy burden

By Dragana Tesanovic

“When somebody creates gossips, scandals; when somebody character assassinates another person, who’s responsible? Primarily, the person who’s initiating it is responsible. He or she ends up paying the real price. And it’s quite a huge debt, based on the impact it created. First of all, the person who initiates it has to pay a huge debt. Maybe it will take various lifetimes to clear. It’s absolutely not worth it. Secondly, the contamination that it creates in the minds of various people, who gets to pay for that? The person who initiates pays for that also. If that person whose mind has contaminated the reader, the listener, and they transfer it further; they also end up paying a part of it.” 


I would like to share my experience on this point. Even though my Guru Mohanji spoke many times about the price of gossiping, still I could not grasp the understanding of this important matter. I understood it intellectually, but never did I assimilate it properly.

Not that long ago, I was speaking to my friend, and I willingly indulged in gossiping and creating prejudices about certain people. Even though I am aware of Mohanji’s warning about the debts and everything, I still gave myself to it. That same night, while I was asleep, I got my lesson. The lesson revealed itself on Kailash (The holy mountain known as the abode of Shiva; symbolically represents the ultimate destination and the crown chakra of planet Earth; an energetically high spot; and one of the holiest places where the spiritual aspirants go on pilgrimages).


So, as I am sleeping, I see myself in a very familiar place, but I know for sure I have not been there yet in this lifetime. The sky is darkish blue; I knew it was several hours before dawn. All the people that are deeply connected to Mohanji were present in this place. Mohanji was also there, but not physically. He was working on all of us, energetically, cleansing us, helping us go easy through this journey. We were at some kind of a place before we started moving towards Kailash again. 

While waiting, everybody was scattered in random places, sitting at tables with random people. I was sitting with my two friends, the same people that I had gossiped with about the other people that night. In one moment, they both flew away, they went somewhere, and I stayed sitting at the table. We were about to move, but the two of them were still out of sight. Then, because we needed to start moving, I decided to take their stuff along with mine. I dragged their baggage with me. It was getting harder to take each new step forward, as the things that I was carrying were becoming heavier and heavier. 

I was feeling helpless but determined to keep moving. My each and every step was hard, as my legs were like stones, my head dizzy. I felt a big pressure in my head, and my mouth dried out completely. I was still moving, but very slowly, more slowly than it was normal. Still, I felt Mohanji was supporting each and every single one of us on this journey, but it was me who did not want to drop these bags.

During this dream, I was aware that the reason this is happening was the gossiping and prejudice that I had been a part of, with those people the previous night. I learned a lesson that these things are making us heavier, and it is only logical that they affect the speed and the factor of lightness on our journey towards liberation.

The reason why I wrote all this is that I always wanted to remind myself of this experience and that hopefully, I will not fall into the trap of gossiping and having prejudice about anyone ever again. My dream was just a brief reminder, how painful it was to be slowed down on my trip towards liberation.

I am deeply grateful to Mohanji because, without his grace, it would not be possible for me to realize this deeply. I am also deeply grateful to all our Masters of the Golden Tradition of Liberation – Dattatreya Tradition – and to Dattatreya himself, because of their constant support and upliftment we receive, without any judgment and discrimination.


All Masters are one!

By Nirupama Chowdary

I completely surrender to my Guru and the Guru Parampara with deep gratitude. I am always protected and taken care of. 

The last few weeks were not easy. A lot of things were happening. I knew my Guru (I was initiated into the Nath Tradition before I meet Mohanji) Shri Shri Gulaab Nath Ji was not well. He was 94 years old. Lately, he was not even talking on the phone. All who have taken birth have to go. This is the reality of life. And one midnight, I got the news of his merger with the supreme consciousness. 

There was an urge to go immediately and be there for his samadhi at his village in Rajasthan. Due to Covid, travelling by local transport was not possible. And my husband was just recovering from Covid. So I couldn’t make it. On one side, I wanted to be there to pay my Shradhanjali (a tribute to the departed) to Baba, who brought me to the path of liberation, to the Nath Tradition and brought Mohanji in my life. He always said to me to be with Mohanji, that Mohanji would lead me forward and give me the answers I needed.

Baba always gave pointers, and one had to search and find out what it indicated, whereas Mohanji clarified each concept in simple words. Once I mentioned to Mohanji that Baba only gives pointers. Mohanji laughed and said, “Nath Masters are normally quiet, I am different. I talk a lot. Ah! I have a different agenda.” Both Masters complemented each other. Both for me are like my own prana. 

I was unable to go for Baba’s samadhi. Then I thought of going for the 12th-day ritual. But again, I couldn’t make it. I was in great pain. Baba always treated me like a daughter. I was praying for a miracle. Nothing happened. 

One night, I had a dream. I found myself in an open desert-like place. Many people were there, scattered around the place and talking in small groups. Suddenly everyone was quiet. And we saw Mohanji coming. With him were few people. Mohanji was wearing a white kurta and dhoti. I ran and bowed down. He blessed me and made me stand. Then he started walking, signalling us to follow him. He went towards the raised platform where priests were sitting. He sat on the asana (special seat) and signalled me to sit near him. No words said. Prayers began. With full attention, Mohanji started putting flowers where ever the pundit (priest) indicated. This was followed by a homa. 

After the homa, Mohanji asked me to bring my forehead forward, and he placed his forehead to my forehead. An electric current passed through my body. I was dazed. No feelings left, only contentment and peace. Suddenly I heard my morning alarm and was back in this world. As I got up, I realised Mohanji had come to Babaji’s village, and sitting on the platform with the pundit had done puja for Baba on his samadhi. 

Now I realise Guru and Guru Tatwa (Guru Principle) are one. In his subtle form, Mohanji not only fulfilled my wish, but he did a puja also, to make me realise that both Nath Gurus are one. Only we see them as separate beings. My deep gratitude to Mohanji, who made this experience possible. Each time Mohanji says I am with you, he keeps his promise. 

Always in the consciousness of Mohanji. 

A dream that transformed me with many messages

By Madhuri Araligidad

Being Sai baba’s and Mohanji’s devotee, on Sunday, Nov 8, I started doing a weekly parayan (saptah) of the holy book Shri Sai Satcharitra. In the morning of the 4th day of my parayan, I had a dream. It’s one of many, and it goes like this.

Along with my friends, I visited one of our lecturers’ home, where we enjoyed a lot of hospitality and spent much time there. Then we left her house and went to a lush green park which surrounded a beautiful monument. Our time together was full of joy, laughter and chit-chat. We took so many pictures and had some good food. The park was filled with many people like us, and all were truly having a joyous time. 

Suddenly, we heard gunfire around the monument, leading to a stampede in the surrounding narrow streets. We were all in a panic, and I witnessed some grenades falling in front of me, causing a massive fire, but somehow I escaped, unhurt. I got to see some militants with snipers in their hands in ambush. Luckily, they couldn’t see and harm me. After a few moments, I, along with my friends, reached a nearby bus stop which seemed a very safer place compared to the former. 

In that area, charity workers were providing food for the people who were the victims of this incident. The place encompassed tables and chairs occupied by many people and as such, we managed to sit on the floor and were served some good food with a bowlful of dessert. They served everyone with a lot of compassion, and there was no trace of panic on their faces or in their behaviour, which baffled us. We all enjoyed sumptuous food. After a while, everything became peaceful again, and there was no trace of attack that had suddenly happened.

We all gathered in the park again and started having a good time and forgot to make our way home. After a few moments, the gunfire started again, and we regretted not going to a safe place, our homes. Then I saw two fighter aircrafts flying above us and dropping missiles in the vicinity of the monument. Luckily, the aircrafts missed the target, and the missiles fell in a pond, which was a part of the monument, causing a huge surge of water. Right at that moment (even though in a huge panic state), we all got to see fireworks in the sky indicating our victory over evil. 

Meanwhile, a group of militants boarded on a four-wheeler, started subjugating people gathered in the park, and again, nobody was hurt. So many people, including ourselves, took refuge near the huge beautiful walls of the monument. Amidst all these horrendous acts, there stood a small Shiva temple in the middle of the park, not affected by any negativity, instead of radiating solidarity and valour. And I got to see a huge surge of milk pouring on the Shivaling, without anyone’s assistance, in the sanctum of the temple through an inlet present in the sanctum. With this beautiful scene, peace pervaded again in that area.

Around 7:45 am, I opened my eyes and woke up from my dream. Suddenly, I thought to myself, this is why Mohanji promotes non-violence and peace, and this very statement kept lingering in my head. The dream was so vivid that it took a few minutes for me to cope with the real world, and I just wanted to wipe out the entire dream, which was so unpleasant to handle. I’m penning this down because I don’t want to disown my experience. As Mohanji says our gross minds are such that they often dismiss and disown true experiences and Mohanji also says anything that transforms you, be it tangible or intangible, is real. In this case, though it was a dream and an intangible entity, it had transformative effects.

Messages I learnt from the dream.

1) Throughout the experience in this dream, I didn’t witness any bloodshed or any casualties. That meant grace was protecting us. As Mohanji says, “Grace protects you; it does not stop an event. Grace flows. It is pitched against collective consciousness. Collective consciousness creates situations. E.g. it elects the ruler or the king! Grace protects you from the sun but cannot remove the sun.”

2) If we completely surrender ourselves to our Guru, he always keeps us protected and unhurt. In this dream, I found myself completely unhurt and safe.

3) Through the charity workers, I got to witness how positive collective consciousness saves the lives of many and sends positive vibrations to the universe.

4) If we discard doership, grace flows beautifully. We should practice beingness.

5) How our thoughts affect the beings on Earth. Hence non-violence in thought, word and action are very much necessary to have a peaceful, prosperous and happy existence.

6) Being a Power of Purity meditator, I also understood why we should express our gratitude to inanimate objects. In this case, the monument gave us refuge to keep us hidden and safe.

May Mohanji keep blessing and protecting all of us. May Mohanji provide everyone with good health, wealth, happiness and peace. May Mohanji fulfil our selfless wishes. May, by Mohanji’s grace, we all practice positive collective consciousness and make the world a better and peaceful place to live in.


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A devotee speaks

Mohanji SA

A Conversation with Tayiji on her experiences with Mohanji

Q: Tayiji, Jai Mohanji!

T: Jai Mohanji!

Q: Tayiji, please tell me, is Mohanji an ordinary person or is he an avatar? What is your opinion about this?

T:  In my view, Mohanji is not an ordinary person because he has appeared to me in many forms of God. So how can I say that he is an ordinary person? And in my view, he is an avatar. An ordinary person can never take the form of God. Hence Mohanji is not an ordinary person.

Q: Tayiji, did a guru or any great man ever tell you something about Mohanji being an avatar?

T: Many gurus have said so, one of them is Tyagananda Saraswati living in an ashram in Hyderabad. He said that his guru gave him a rosary and instructed him, “A Guru named Mohan will meet you after 15 years, give it to him.”

When Tyagananda Saraswati finally met Mohanji, he told Mohanji this and placed the rosary in his hand.

He saw the third eye on his (Mohanji) forehead. He also told Mohanji, “You cannot have one Gayatri Mantra (sacred chant), there should be many Gayatri Mantras. You are not a regular saint- All the gods and goddesses dwell in you.”

Once, Mohanji stayed in Delhi with a Guruji Maharaj for 2 days. And when Mohanji was about to leave, the Guruji Maharaj also started going with him. Mohanji said, “I am an ordinary person, why are you coming with me?” He replied, “You are not an ordinary person, you are a great man. Three generations ago, our Guru wrote the names of some soon-to-arrive great men. Your name was among them.”

Another time, Mohanji and his father met a young man in Kerala from the Naga community. The young man showed him a Shiv linga: “This is a fire shivlinga, can you take it?”

So Mohanji extended his hand and said, “I can take it.” The young man warned, “It is fire, no ordinary person can lift it. And only one who is of Shivansh (shiva nature) can take it. If ordinary people touch it, they will get paralyzed.” The young man then told Mohanji, “You are not an ordinary person, you are the form of Shiva. You are Shiva.” Saying this, the man prostrated at Mohanji’s feet.

The man asked Mohanji’s father, “Immediately upon birth, did Mohanji laugh or cry?” Mohanji’s father replied that Mohanji had laughed. The man said, “Your son is not an ordinary man, he is an avatar. Let him do what he wants.”

Mohanji’s eyes are very intense, only the yogis can recognise their brightness. Ordinary humans cannot.

Let me tell you one more incident. In South India, there is an astrology called Nadi astrology.
It tells about the previous births, based on the pulse of an individual. A Nadi astrologer said that Mohanji had not been interested in incarnating. But thanks to the prayers of mankind and some yogis, he had to incarnate and come to Earth. Mohanji will stay for 1008 years. His glory will travel the whole world, preaching the eternal religion (Sanatana Dharma). And finally, he will reside in India to the age of 75 and give salvation to mankind by giving darshan.

Q: Tayiji, please tell us who is Nadananda ji?

T: Nadananda ji is a highly-respected avadhuta (austere monk). He lives in his ashram at Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. He gave the title of Brahmarishi (supreme sage) to Guru Mohanji and said, “Based on the communication from the Gurus in the Guru Mandala (a sacred league of sages), I am conferring the title of Brahmarishi to Mohanji.”

He also entrusted his powers to Mohanji and said, “Guru Mohanji is fourth in the list of 16 glorious Maha Gurus (great sages) of the Guru Mandala.”

Q: Tayiji, when and how did you meet Mohanji?

T: Mohanji came home with our son in 2011. When he came, Mohanji was wearing jeans, shoes and his hair was long. Seeing this, I doubted whether Gurus are like this! So we prostrated at his feet, he came in and sat on the couch. Looking at me, he said, “Some people are suspicious of me and wonder how can someone wearing denim and shoes be a Guru!” I was embarrassed about my thoughts and asked for his forgiveness.

During our conversation, he casually asked, “Why did you stop performing the aarti (worship) of Shirdi Baba?” When we earlier lived in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh (India), we used to perform Baba’s aarti every Thursday. And as happens in Shirdi, we used to sing all the songs of the Aarti.

We discontinued this practice for some reason after coming to Delhi. We were very surprised that Mohanji came to know about this. We sought his forgiveness. He advised us to start again. So we started singing Aarti once again.

Q: How did you get the idea of writing the Ashtottari (108 names) of Mohanji?

T: Whenever Mohanji came to our house, he would be accompanied by others who would narrate their experiences. I wondered why I should not write Ashtottari in his name. This was my resolve.

I wrote Ashtottari in August 2013 and when Mohanji came home, I told him that I wrote his Ashtottari. He simply looked at me and said, “Ashtottari is very good, but you did not write the name of my parents and my Gotra (lineage).” I was taken aback. After asking him again, I included the name of his Gotra and his parents.

Q: Okay. Then, how did you get the idea to write the Sahasranama (1000 names) of Mohanji?

T: Mohanji would often come to our house, accompanied by some people. One day, I felt that after listening to so many experiences, I too was having my own experiences. So I thought why not write his (Mohanji) Sahasranama? When I told him this, he laughed and said that the Gurus don’t have Sahasranama. I said, if you are doing all the work that God does, why can you not have Sahasranama. So I started writing the Sahasranama in August 2014.

One day, we came to know that Mohanji was staying in a nearby hotel. So we went to meet Mohanji in the hotel, prostrated and sat down. Mohanji looked at me and asked, “You are writing the Sahasranama, yes? How many names have you written so far?”

I replied around 61 or 62. He said – no, you have written 74 names.
When I came home, I saw I had indeed written 74 names. I kept on writing this way.

In between, I could not write for two months when a baby was born in the house. Later, I restarted and completed it in December. One day, my son came home and was talking to Mohanji on the phone, “Today is my Tayiji’s birthday, please bless her.” So Mohanji spoke to me and blessed me. I said, “Guruji, your Sahasranama is now complete on my birthday.” He replied, “How is this possible? It will be done on my birthday.”

Then I started verifying once again; many names were repeated two or three times. There was also some mistakes after eight hundred names. After correcting these, I kept writing more names. An instruction came to write these in English. Once the English edition was ready, by the time we could courier it, Mohanji received the Sahasranama in Dharamshala, exactly on his birthday.

Q: Tayiji, when you had already written the Ashtottari (108 names) and Sahasranama (1000 names), then why write the Mohanji Chalisa (40 devotional couplets) as well?

T: In the Ashtottari and Sahasranama, every leela (play) of God is translated into a name. But in the chalisa, all his leelas are described. For example, Hanuman’s deeds are described in the Hanuman Chalisa. In the same way, I have tried to write some of Mohanji’s leelas in his chalisa. My aim is that just as Hanuman Chalisa is read in so many houses, if Mohanji’s chalisa is read in many houses, people will know his glory.

Q: Now please tell us about your experience with Mohanji.

T: I will narrate my experiences with Mohanji between 2012 to 2018:

In May 2012, Mohanji was going to come to Madhuban in Gurgaon, India. Shubha (known fondly as Amma- mother) and I both wanted to go and meet him. Mohanji was supposed to arrive at 5 pm. There was such a loud storm between 2-3 pm that the doors started knocking. There was so much rain and dust that we gave up hope of going to Madhuban.

Around 3:00 – 3:30 pm, the storm and rain gradually subsided and everything was clean. The sun came out, then we went to Madhuban in the evening and met Mohanji. We were surprised that a storm would come suddenly and stop. Sumit was there and said that Mohanji has done a Yagna of Panch Tattva in a temple in Gurgaon. The storm was a result of that. We were stunned again to know that Mohanji had such a hold on the five elements.

Later that year, Mohanji came on the occasion of Dussehra. I requested him to allow me to do his Pada Puja (worshipping the feet). Mohanji said, “You are already doing my Pada Puja everyday then why do it specially now?”

I had never done his Pada Puja before. I had only been doing Pada Puja of Shirdi Baba with devotion every day. It is the glory of Mohanji that he said so.

In 2013, my son informed me that around 10-15 people including Mohanji are coming to eat. My sister had gone out. I had not cooked food for 10-15 people. I got worried, my daughter-in-law was at home. I got up early, took my bath and lit a lamp in front of Baba and then prayed: Babaji is coming to our house for the first time. Others are also coming. Please give me the strength to cook delicious food for everyone. Later, both my daughter-in-law and I started cooking together. We made 2 – 3 dishes and then made more food.

After a while some devotees helped us, they made rotis and papad. Some work was done in this way.

When sitting to eat, Mohanji said to the others, “She has been up since morning and praying- That I cook well, make delicious food, praying to Baba. See how tasty the food is. Have you all eaten?”

The food of 15 people was eaten by more than 25 people. People kept coming and eating that day. This is also one of his great leelas.

One day in 2014, we all went to meet Mohanji when he was heading out. He sat in the car and we all greeted him. And one such message arose in my mind, “Who is Mohanji – is he Sai Baba or Dattatreya or Mohanji?”

Suddenly, he opened the door of the car and looking at me, said, “I am Saibaba, I am Dattatreya, I am Mohanji.” Saying this, they closed the door.

I can tell other experiences of 2015. One day I was sitting near the dining table. The kitchen glass door was closed. A globe entered through the door.

In it, I could see the world: blue sky, white clouds and some flying birds, big tall buildings and people, instead of sea and sand below. And that globe went a little way and disappeared again.

On the same day, a small globe came in front of the mother’s photo, during my sister’s pooja.

I asked Dhritiman Biswas Ji at home that day about this. He asked, “Do you still not know who was that world? It is Mohanji.”

In June, Mohanji took us to the tomb of a Punjabi Guruji in Chhatarpur, Delhi. My sister Shubha and an Englishman were also with us in that day. The three of us went with Mohanji. Since it was a Thursday, our car was stopped far away. So we had to walk towards Guruji’s tomb. I was thinking I can’t walk this far Baba. I am not able to walk for long. Mohanji was ahead and walking quickly.

Suddenly his walk slowed down a bit and he started moving with heavy steps.

I suddenly remembered the Mahadev (Shiva) TV show. In it, Shiva carries his consort Sati Devi on his shoulders. This scene was tangible, Mohanji’s hair was also long. We all met near the stand, so I told this to Mohanji. He said, “You have no illusion, Mahadev is not a serial. I carried both of you on my shoulders because you were praying right- saying I can’t walk-That’s why I did it.”

So again, we started going in the queue. There were many people there that day, and suddenly Shirdi Baba, Sai Baba appeared on my forehead. They both were running towards me laughing, raising their hands and blessing me. This went on for some time. When we started climbing the tomb, the scene stopped.

Then I told this thing to Mohanji. He said, “You were saying in the morning that you do not see any gods. You were feeling sad. That is why I got you their darshans. Anyway, all gurus are one.” Without any sadhana, I saw both Gods by the grace of Mohanji and so I was very happy.

After that, I always used to perform Mohanji’s aarti in the evening. But I had a habit of watching a TV serial at 6:00 pm. So somedays, I would do Aarti early, or after the serial or during the ad breaks.

After a few days, Mohanji came to the house and he said in front of everyone, “What is the matter? I come everyday and listen to your Aarti. One day you hurry, one day at 6 o’clock, one day at 6:15, why are you giving aarti like this?”

He knows everything, but he said so to get rid of that habit from me. So I apologized to him. I stopped watching the serial and started performing Aarti at the same time every day.

Let me tell you some experiences of 2016. In April 2016 on the night of the Kshetra Purnima (full moon),

I could not sleep. At 2-3 am, I heard my own voice. I was screaming loudly. “Who are you? You have come in a disguise. You are not Mohanji.”

Then suddenly my voice was heard. “You are that original element.”

In the same month, once I was listening to a Qawwali (Devotional music of the Sufi sect) on TV. The devotion in the Qawwali brought tears to my eyes. Suddenly I noticed that Mohanji is sitting in meditation at some distance, wearing white clothes. As soon as I saw Mohanji, I started calling him and moving towards him. After taking some steps, my feet suddenly stopped. I was trying to take a step, but could not lift my feet.

After a few days, Mohanji came home. I asked him about these two experiences. He asked, “You are writing about my Charitra (nature), is it not? I am the core element, now you know it, so write. No one can come to me in their body, they can come only in their consciousness.”

Then on the day of Guru Purnima, I saw Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasya, Yukteswargiri and Paramhansa Yoganandji standing near the lift. And our Guru Mohanji was coming in. He wore a white dhoti with a golden edge, a white kurta and a Rudraksha garland around his neck. He went inside.

I had a rose garland in my hand. I thought who among these four gurus should I garland? As a result, all four gurus disappeared. When Mohanji came home later and I asked him, he said that he was in USA on the day of Guru Purnima, taking class. He wore the same golden border dhoti.

I saw Lord Narasimha ji (The fierce part-lion part-man avatar of Lord Vishnu) in the corridor one day that year. I was sitting near the dining table. Seeing Narasimha ji, I was terrified, scared. He had golden hair, a golden crown, big eyes, big teeth. He kept his hands like this and went in. He wore a dhoti till his knees, a vest with some designs and jewellery in both hands. He also wore Mohanji’s ring in his hand. And he went towards Mohanji’s room. Mohanji appeared to me as Narasimha that day.

On the day of Kartik Purnima that same year, Rajesh was also in the house. The three of us together worshiped Shiva. We have a custom of lighting 364 wicks on Kartik Purnima.

Mohanji was at home that day. When we told him this, he said, “You people should worship. I would come automatically while lighting the lamp.” Saying this, he went into the room and closed the door.

After lighting a lamp, we offered prasad to God and performed the aarti of Mohanji and Shivji.

Then Rajesh and Amma touched Mohanji’s feet. When I went to touch his feet, I noticed a lot of sand in Mohanji’s feet. I keep quiet and asked him later when he was eating. He replied, “Today is Kartik purnima, is it not? So I went travelling. That is why there was sand. This is why I wear my dhoti lower, so that no one sees my feet.”

The same day Mohanji asked Amma, “Who did you see while doing abhiskek (pouring water) of the Shivalinga?” She replied that instead of Shivling, she saw Mahavatar Babaji. He remarked that the form of Shiva always changes. The form of Shiva is not what you think.

I will tell you about my experiences in 2017. I fell down in March 2017. I had a large operation of my hip joint replacement. When I came home after the operation, Mohanji came to see me and after seeing me he told my daughter and son, “A big accident was going to happen. I got her out by one of her legs.

The same day, when I came to know that he was coming, I was welcoming him in spirit in the early morning, by laying roses in the corridor. Then instead of Mohanji, Dattatreya came in running. There was so much light behind him, that it rose like smoke. He was only wearing a dhoti and a Rudraksha garland around his neck. There were three heads and only two hands. With a rosary beads in one hand and a water pot in another, he was laughing and walking quickly. When I said this to Mohanji, he said, “Yes, I am visible nowadays as Dattatreya. In Canada also, a devotee saw me as Dattatreya.”

That devotee stretched out his hand and asked Mohanji to walk over it. Soon all the devotees lay down there and spread their palms and said, “Walk on our palms.” Mohanji felt bad about this and he refused. On their repeated requests, he walked on their palms. I asked Mohanji, did they not have pain with your steps? He said, “It did not happen because I made myself lighter.”

Then I understood how Lord Ganesha sits on the mouse and how Lord Karthik sits on the peacock. I felt that God makes himself lighter to sit on his mount.

In April, Mohanji was coming again to see me. Then I spread jasmine flowers in my feelings and started welcoming him. Instead of Mohanji, light came like a flame, gradually growing in size and came towards me. When I asked about it, he said, “Nowadays I have become like light.”

One day at 3:30 am, I suddenly heard loud Hanuman Chalisa. A rendition sung by Bal Subramaniam from South India. After that, I heard Hanuman Chalisa sung by MS Subbalakshmi. Both Hanuman Chalisa began to be heard loudly. I saw a chariot decorated with flowers on the road. And hundreds of people were walking behind the chariot. And I saw Raghavendra Swamy sitting inside the chariot.

Raghavendra Swamy is an enlightened being, a yogi, and he took living samadhi at a place called Mantralaya. That place falls on the banks of the Tungabdra River near Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh, India. I was telling all these things to someone very loudly: “Tungabdra is a river. This is Raghavendra Swamy. This is called the Mantralaya.”

Then suddenly I saw a very big hall, all the people were sitting across the hall. And singing praises of Raghavendra Swamy.

I was late. And then when I went to him, I accidentally touched a little bit of his cloth. Then everybody was screaming- Do not touch the guru. When I went ahead to bow to him, his face was Mohanji’s.

The whole head was shaved. Raghavendra Swamy is also shaved. Tilak was on his forehead and then he was sitting, like Raghavendra Swamy. So I wondered, if it is Mohanji, why is his head shaved?

While bowing to his feet, I picked up his dhoti a little to check if they were Mohanji’s feet. And I could see Mohanji’s feet. So I was shouting loudly- Mohanji’s hair, Mohanji’s hair- and the scene stopped.

When Mohanji came to the house and I told him, he said- it is a good thing that you are seeing great yogis.

But he did not say that he came as Guru Raghavendra.

Let me tell you about three more experiences of 2017. In August 2017, I went to Mohanji’s room. I wished to pay my regards to him by touching his feet but the doctor had told me not to bow down. I sat down in front of Mohanji with his permission. Mohanji was doing some work on his mobile, and I wanted to sit down for some time and get up. Suddenly he lifted his legs from the chair and stretched them on the bed in a cross.

He asked me to sit. After some time, when I got up, he said – come now and touch the feet. I had not told him I wanted to touch his feet. Then I went to him and I saw him in many forms, such as Shri Rama, Krishna, Narasimha, Hanuman, Dattatreya and Sai Baba. Speaking their names, I was touching his feet.

And when I said the name of Dattatreya, Mohanji asked me to stop, “See how my feet have become when you were saying the name of Dattatreya.”

When I saw, his two feet were on top of each other on the bed. And the top leg was shorter and softer, like that of a 15-16 year old boy. Mohanji explained, “You were speaking the name of all the deities with devotion. This is why while speaking the name of Dattatreya, my foot became like this. Dattatreya’s foot is like this.”

My happiness knew no bounds. This was no ordinary thing. I made obeisance to him repeatedly by touching his foot. Without my saying, Mohanji knew my wish and let me touch his feet. He said that, “When anyone touches my feet with devotion, I feel good. Otherwise I feel sad.”

Let me tell you another experience of 2017. One night at 3 am, I could see an idol of Lord Hanuman (Hindu God and ardent devotee of Lord Ram).

That idol was so big that if you saw the feet, you could not see his face and if you saw the face, the feet could not be seen. And in front of the idol, there was kanji (starch from hot rice) in a very large handi (pot). The pot was steaming. And salt was kept in a big bowl.

Seeing Hanumanji, I said to him, “Hanumanji, are you also drinking Kanji like Mohanji? I will come with rice.”

Saying this, I was bringing white rice in a big pot. Then Mohanji appeared there.

Why did I say Mohanji, although his face is that of Hanuman. And the body is all of Mohanji. He wore a dhoti of magenta color. And wore a dhoti on top. The color was a mixture of red and white. And he was standing there and I kept salt, rice and a ladle for him to eat. Mohanji spread his hand and said, keep it four steps ahead. I recognized the ring in his hand.

Then Hanumanji was standing there just like Mohanji. And Mohanji became like Hanuman there. He said, “Keep it four steps ahead.” I did not understand what to keep there- was it the ladle? The scene later stopped.

Then in October, I saw a very big black circular boulder. It was surrounded by floral designs. Inside there were two feet embedded in the stone, more than a meter long. When Mohanji came, I asked him for an explanation. He said those were the feet of the tradition. I considered myself blessed to see the feet of the tradition. And I would pay obeisance to them daily.

Let me tell you about some of the experiences of 2018. In February, Mohanji had come home. He was sitting having snacks in the evening. I was sitting near the dining table in front of him, suddenly the electricity went away.

I had been simply gazing at him at that moment. I saw that his forehead was completely shining in gold. A glow was seen shining in the color of gold. Then electricity came back and he started having breakfast.

I kept quiet and then Mohanji asked, “Tayiji, what did you see?” I replied, “I saw gold colour on your forehead.” “Yes, I am in gold color when I am in the subtle form.”

When Mohanji came on 24 July, he was sitting in the morning eating dosa for breakfast. Before eating the dosa, he was praying as usual, offering the food to all the gods and goddesses. I was sitting there in front of him, Rajesh was also there. Mohanji prayed, gave a piece of dosa to Rajesh and said, “Give it to Tayiji.” Then Mohanji asked me to eat. When I ate, I found that the piece of dosa was sweet. He asked, “How is the dosa, Tayiji?”

“It is sweet, Mohanji.”

“Yes, I make food nectar before feeding it to the deities.”

I had never seen Ram in my life. Nor Shiva nor Krishna. Not even Sai Baba. But Mohanji blessed my life by showing himself to me, in the form of all these deities. I want to express my gratitude for this and bow down to him a billion times. I want to express my deep gratitude for the darshan (visions) he gave me on this birthday. Mohanji, I bow down to you a billion times.

Please click on the post – – to access her video.

Translated by Aviral Srivastav


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Divine guidance

Mohanji eyes closed

Priti shares with us a beautiful testimonial of Guru’s loving grace in times of pain and difficulties which she experienced when her niece Monika was very unwell.

By Priti Bhardwaj, UK

Just a little background to Monika’s story that I would like to share here as I feel tremendously grateful to our beloved Mohanji and Guru Mandala for the grace and blessings they have bestowed on her personal journey so far, and am sure will do so beyond her time here.

Mohanji and the Nath Gurus have played such an important part in Monika and her family’s life in the last 2 to 3 years without them even knowing, and this is the ultimate unconditional love Mohanji and the Masters have for all! Incredible grace comes – just a sincere prayer brought the Masters of the Tradition to this family! (The family are not into spirituality or religious in anyway). 

Two years ago, Monika and her boyfriend, who was driving at that time, were hit by a car that went into their side passenger side. Monika was unfortunately badly injured; her boyfriend suffered minor shoulder issues. Monika was told she may not walk and will have to wear a metal neck and back brace for a long time as there were serious spinal injuries. This was devastating news as Monika was a party person and it was very difficult for her to even sit in one place. 

Mohanji sent me as the first person to see her in hospital after the crash. Immediately I was guided to ask for Mai-Tri for her and prayers were performed thru the Global Prayers Whatsapp group, which was kindly heard by the grace of the divine energies. Monika continued to improve to the point that she actually started walking and attending work after four months, and she was even able to attend some parties.

I feel now with hindsight a very serious incident/accident was averted at that juncture; such is the grace of the Masters because she had unfinished agendas here on Earth. This, I believe, was extra time given to her, so she could spend time and make amends with her family and friends as 18 months later she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Amazing that she recovered from the car accident but unbelievable that this illness was diagnosed.

Again, Mohanji sent me to her, and I was guided immediately to seek Mai-Tri for her. This was performed within three months during the initial Spring lock-down and hospital delays. Monika’s cancer became aggressive. At the same time, Monika’s Dad suffered a stroke and is still in a convalescence home as he can hardly walk or eat solids. Calamity after calamity, but the grace of the Masters was always there. Grace comes when you have faith in the Master.

Monika, her family, relations and  friends became incredibly close, united in looking  after her with  limitless love and care making her every waking moment full of love which I believe kept her going. Couple of times the doctors would say that she only had 72 hours to live, however, the love that she was receiving from all 4 corners of the world and her strong will  to live till her last breath gave her extra moments with all her loved ones. Time and time again, despite all the painful treatments and the callousness of the cancer spreading, growing rapidly throughout her body, she did not give up smiling and greeting the umpteen visitors  who came to see her. She was always surrounded by bountiful of flowers wishing her well…..

After a couple of months of Monika having operations, chemo and radiotherapy to treat the illness, she gradually became worse. This time it was Subhasree who saw my messages requesting for prayers for both. Subhasree, despite a gruelling backlog of work immediately gave Monika Mai-Tri. In fact, by this stage MTM (Mohanji Transformation Method) was given, a deeper level of the Mai-Tri Method. This was indeed an honour and again, Mohanji’s grace! A deep trauma had led to this cancer. Mohanji completely cleaned the entire trash that had caused it. Mohanji does his job!

I was also guided to ask Mahesh to perform a Guru Raksha Homa for Monika’s family at the Mohanji Datta Tapovan Ashram in Canada, and certain Pujas were carried out in India during initial lockdown which lasted 7 hours despite strict curfews and shop rationing… all Mohanji’s grace!

During my many trips up to Birmingham to see Monika, on one occasion, we slept very late as the family were interested in knowing how and why these illnesses occur, so by the time I put my head down it was 3 am but couldn’t sleep as had a very strong urge to connect Monika (who was in the hospital at that time having a hip op as cancer had spread there) to Shirdi Sai Baba and give her Udi, but didn’t know how to do this…. Towards the end of the morning all my attempts trying to plan how to introduce Mohanji/Sai Baba to Monika turned out to be in vain, so I surrendered the whole thing to Mohanji and tried to sleep.

An hour later, I heard noises coming from downstairs. My sister-in-law walked in from the cold front doorstep. I asked her where she had been so early, and her answer amazed me and almost knocked me over.

mohanji sai

She said her eyebrow threading lady who was a Sai devotee had called her early in the morning and told her Sai Baba had instructed her to tell my sister-in-law to go to the local temple and take some sweets to Baba and leave it at his lotus feet with a prayer and some change for Sai Baba to look after Monika. Can you believe how my late night thoughts and prayers actually transpired and became a reality. But even there grace flowed, when my sister in law went to purchase the sweets the shutter to the shop was closed, due to open 3 hours later. As she stood outside the shop thinking where to get some of these Indian sweets, the shop shutter opened, and the shop keeper let her buy the goods. Amazing right?!

We also managed to get Manasarovar and Gauri Kund water to Monika, who was a complete non-believer in these things. (There’s always several deeper reasons as to why we go to far off places like Manasarovar and Gauri Kund – sacred waters came from my pilgrimage to Kailash with Mohanji 2019.) That too was pure grace.

Despite a being a non-believer, Monika was beginning to recite the Gayatri mantra, and the whole family were starting to see life from a positive angle rather than the gross negativeness. Is this Mohanji doing his magic? Yes!

Monika was an amazing fighter or maybe that Mai-Tri prevented her from feeling the worst of the pain. Whenever she was asked if she had pain, she said, no! She didn’t want to die in a hospital on her own and did what she could to avoid this. Her wish to come home came true every time.

I saw her couple of days ago although she was drugged up heavily on morphine and was breathless, we sang songs and my daughters, and I danced to her favourite songs from the late 90s (once a party person always a party person).

With the grace of our Guru, she died peacefully, and I am sure she is being guided as we speak to the light. Rest in Peace, my darling Monika. I love you. 

Thank you all for your prayers and wishes.


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Flying with me to Canada


By Arpana Nazre, India

At the office, there came a situation where I had to travel to Canada on work. I was tense as I had to leave my little son and go. I am a single mother and have always been by his side at all times. It also meant that I had to leave him with my aged mother. She could take care of him, but it would not be same as me, since she had her physical restrictions though not less in spirit. I tried all ways not to go, but then the work demanded it and finally I had to make up my mind to go.

A month before I had to leave, Mohanji was in Bangalore, and we had various activities and Satsangs organized. At the end of one of the Satsangs, I told Mohanji that I would be travelling to Canada and I was terrified to leave my son since I had never done that before for such a long period considering he was still very young. He said, “Do what you HAVE to do.” He said whatever business reasons I am travelling for, is for my good only and I will find success in this project and future too. He also said, “I would be travelling with you to Canada.” When I told him that my family would be alone, he said in his typical loving style, “Main hoon Naa (I am there right)! I will take care of them.” And indeed he kept up his words. 

He travelled with me and gave me signs of it too. And best of the best, he took care of my family too. My office work and relations improved too. What more could you ask in life, – the presence of a living legend, an elevated Master, Brahmarishi Mohanji with you. He sets everything right for us. Every step of our life is taken care of. OMG!! I can’t imagine how hard he works, while we complain of small pressures in life!! Here is a writeup of how Mohanji kept his words.

The day finally came, and with a heavy heart, I started on my journey. While I was boarding the flight to Canada from Bangalore, I think I saw a Chinese man, sitting right behind me. Don’t know what made me observe his presence. But there was something eerie about him.

I just looked at him before boarding the flight; he was still sitting in the waiting area. I got up to proceed to the security check-in to board the flight. Obviously, we are all in the queue. Since he was sitting, he was supposed to be still behind me. When I was going through security check-in, he was still sitting. Once I was inside the flight, I saw him standing right next to my seat. How did he reach before me? There was no way he could have reached since I was way ahead of him in the queue. Anyways, since he was blocking my way, I asked him to make space so I could take my seat. He looked at me, then made not only space but also took my cabin bag I had in my hand and kept in the luggage area without me asking him to do it and allowed me to sit. His action had a strange sense of care in it. He sat beside me for barely 5-10 minutes and soon left. After that, I didn’t see him for the entire flight. Since I was tired, I used his seat too to sit comfortably and also lie down.

Another point to note was – while all the TV monitors got switched off as the passengers were asleep, his seat TV never got switched off, despite the seat being empty. If there’s no activity from the user’s side, the monitors get switched off, but all through the flight, this was the only monitor that was on. Somehow, then, I started feeling it was Father (Mohanji). It was his way of telling me that I am with you. I was even mentally asking, “Father; it’s you right!” All through the flight, I was chanting Mohanji’s name and remembering him.

When we off boarded the flight and were walking out, I saw this person again, walking to the airport terminal exit, again right ahead of me! Where was he all this while? Also, while exiting the flight, there was no sign of him. He appeared out of nowhere!!! Another indication! Goosebumps!

It was as though, Mohanji was telling me and giving me indications, “I have started the journey with you and seen you through the entire journey.” Our human mind engrossed in the gross world doesn’t understand subtle indications. Probably, this was Mohanji’s way of giving me signs, “I am with you”. He had kept his promise when he told me that he would be travelling with me, and he also made sure that I get to know that it was him travelling with me. All through, there was always an inner voice which told me that it was him. Koti Koti Pranams to you, Mohanji. I know I can never thank you enough for being there for me always.

The person who is sitting behind was the one who also incidentally sat next to me in the flight. If you notice, there are two monks right ahead of him, and he is right between. Is it that he has his own guards too? Unbelievable. 

I reached Canada safely and called back home to inform that I had arrived. By that time, my mother informed me that my son had a slight fever. I didn’t bother much, thinking that it would slowly come down, since it was just a fever. Next morning, when I called again, I was informed that the fever had increased and he was also vomiting. He had not eaten anything and was not taking medicines too. Since I was the one who used to always take care of him whenever he was sick, mom was finding it difficult to handle him. He was refusing to take medicines, and it was bothering her since if he doesn’t, his condition might get worse. I spoke to him over Skype, and when he looked at me, I instantly knew that he was missing me terribly and was trying to control his tears after seeing my face on Skype. But he behaved so maturely, he didn’t shed a drop of tear and kept looking at me and never said anything.

I asked him if he was missing me and he said, “Yes”. I could see he was controlling his emotions and not let them come out, lest it would disturb me.

I felt helpless and didn’t know what to do. Did I have to make this trip, leaving my child alone at this time? I prayed to Mohanji. I messaged mom, telling her to let him sleep without the medicine. He could take medicine after a nap. To which she replied that he drank the medicine by himself and went to sleep. He never takes medication by himself. It was a miracle by itself. I felt relieved to hear it and came to the office. 

Next day again, he had started vomiting, and though the fever had come down, he was not eating his food and complaining of weakness and throat pain. I spoke to him for a long time, trying to convince him to eat something, else he might feel frail. He was not in a mood to listen, and I could see him turn pale due to weakness. I asked my mother to take him to a specialist for further guidance. Despite a lot of people coaxing him to eat, he was not ready to budge and eat anything and complained of throat pain. I felt the same helplessness again. I prayed to Mohanji again, and chanted Mohanji Gayatri, all through my commute to the office from the hotel. When I reached the office, I got a call from mom, saying that he ate his food by himself, and now he is playing with his cousin—miracle of miracles. I had seen him on the skype video chat; he was terribly weak and suffering. In half an hour, there’s no way he could have recovered all by himself. Mohanji was at work again. Tons of gratitude and love to Mohanji for taking care of my family. He always keeps up his promise. He indeed was taking care of my family at this critical time. Not only my neighbours and family offered to help take my son to the doctor voluntarily but also turned up right in time for other necessities during his illness. Finally, with Mohanjis blessings, Ansh (my son) got well within a few days. He was fit and fine.

Another incident which I can never forget is, how even during my stay in Canada, Mohanji ensured that I am well guarded all through the day. I am just quoting a few here.

During the weekend, we were visiting some places for sightseeing. We took a bus, and I sat in the very front seat of the bus. By that time, another passenger got onto the bus, and he didn’t have enough coins to buy the tickets. He caught my attention as he was speaking to the driver. The driver said, either you need to buy a daily pass card to use the bus services, or you need to render exact change to buy the ticket instantly on the bus. He was a little confused, and he said, “Ok, I will get down and buy the pass and board the next bus.” By the time, the driver, knowing he was a tourist, said, he would allow him to travel this one time without a ticket since he was new here. I noticed him because of all this commotion. Finally, that passenger got into the bus. I forgot about this incident and person, and we went to our destination and were roaming around. While I was near the aquarium, I think I again saw him right behind us. It dint occur to me at that time, but we must have seen him a couple of more times during the day.

End of the day, we were back to our hotel area and stopped by to buy some groceries for the week. Suddenly, my roommate said that the person who had boarded the bus in the morning was in the same superstore. Vancouver is a vast place, with lots of supermarkets, buses and sightseeing destinations. The fact that he chose the same bus, same place(s) and the same supermarket too, was too much of a coincidence. I knew at that instant that it was either Mohanji or one of his angels taking care of us. BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED. Not sure if I deserve all this, but we know, Mohanji is unconditional love and keeps up his promise no matter what.

Finally, on the project work getting straightened; it was a new project, and I was just 2-3 months old in the project. I was already feeling the pressure. It was too much and unbearable. There was a time, when one of the days, I just snapped and with tears in my eyes, I decided I was not capable/eligible of handling this project. There was too much going on, and I could not handle the same. But somewhere down the line, I knew that Mohanji put me in this project for some reason; for me to grow, learn some lessons.

I messaged Mohanji that I might not be eligible for this project. Mohanji’s team replied, “Things would be fine. Do what you have to do with an attitude of surrender. He is with you always.” In-spite of a lot of hurdles and working odd hours, long hours etc., I continued working on the project. Somehow internally, I knew that this is something I need to go through probably, for my good and growth. I remember Mohanji saying while he was in Bangalore – “When the disciple has reached a certain level, he increases the fire. The temperature increases and it becomes more difficult, but that’s the test we need to pass.” I kept my faith in him because it is my experience that if he has increased the fire, he is also walking with me, holding my hand and giving me all the support to walk this tough terrain. And it was proved time and again. While working on this project, many a time, since it was completely new, and none of my previous years of experience helped, problems have got solved just like it was a miracle. Until the last minute, I wouldn’t know how to go about a problem, with no help around. Next minute somehow there would be a help or an idea in some form or the other. 

I was also entrusted with three big projects which cost huge amounts to the company. It was not about the money, but the trust that was placed on me to carry out the same that mattered to me. Many things which seemed impossible at the beginning just cleared out, by merely surrendering to him. I finally realized that we are not the doers at all. Who are we in this vast space of the universe to claim ownership of things? When his grace is there, hard work is ours, but finally, good results are because of HIM.

It is a true blessing to have a guru of Mohanji’s stature in our lives.

This writing is my humble way of showing gratitude and also at the same time, requesting others to have firm faith in Guru, no matter what. Masters are there with us all the time, to hold our hands in this journey of life. At the same time, they remind us of our duties to ourselves and the world. We keep taking things from various people, places, family, friends, earth, and cosmos. We need to start thinking, what have we done in return. A lesson I learnt from Mohanji is that he only gives, and never asks anything. All he asks is to treat everyone with love and gratitude and not to harm anyone AND GIVE BACK TO THE WORLD AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. I pray that I live up to his teachings!

Koti koti Pranams to Mohanji!


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The art of forgiving

By Rekha Murali, India

Since childhood, I have often heard these phrases, “To err is human, to forgive divine and yet another one, “Forgive and forget”. Pondering on these two statements, I felt that I could forgive but never forget. It seemed simple. The minute an incident of the past came to my mind, the person who did it to me appeared in my inner eye along with the situation. So, I felt I could never forget.

Recently, there were a few incidents that hurt and saddened me, causing immense stress, disappointments, upheaval, sadness, anger etc. You name the emotion, and I felt all that. I felt it was the end. It felt as though things would never lookup. I would die a lonely, sad soul. All that changed through something that Mohanji did and as usual, ‘He walked with me!’ 

I heard about the Forgiveness Process that my Guru Mohanji had given to the world. Even then, my first thought which I jokingly shared with someone was, I am prepared to do anything as an Acharya, but I am not ready to forgive. The pain and wounds were fresh, and I felt it was not easy. It was indeed my mind fooling me.

As an Acharya, what I had learnt and knew deep within was that I had to forgive and move on. Mohanji always said, “Forgiveness leads to freedom.”

Slowly with all my other practices, I realised forgiveness, letting go and moving on towards my purpose was the top priority. Soon, I got a wonderful opportunity to practise the Forgiveness Process that was recorded in Mohanji’s voice. Now, my interest was piqued. Whatever Mohanji did was always for my highest good. I was eager to unhook and forgive each and everything. My heart soon craved for the freedom that Mohanji always spoke about.

Finally, I got to do the process as it was offered to all the Acharyas for a week. I did not want to miss the opportunity and so did it all the seven days, although it is not necessary. Needless to say, I was left speechless and awed. 

The first time, it was as though I was in the world of Harry Potter, with Mohanji using a magic wand to remove all the memories from within me that were deeply embedded and dissolve them. What was surprising was that during the process, neither did I remember the people nor the situations. All that I remembered was that I had gone through varied emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, guilt, regrets and so on. I felt unappreciated and betrayed. Being a perfectionist, whatever I did was never good enough. So, a sense of unworthiness too seemed to linger. 

As Mohanji guided me lovingly through the process in a soothing voice, I was able to unburden myself and soar high for a few minutes with him. I understood with clarity the purpose I was born for, and I visualised my Master holding my hand and guiding me forward, leaving all the unwanted impressions, patterns, and karma behind. As we soared higher and higher, he gently sent me ahead and stayed behind to guide other souls lovingly. This really showed the liberated existence of a Master. 

This happened on most of the days that I did the process. The whole process would start with bouts of crying, and my heart would feel so heavy each time, I felt it would burst. I have never ever cried like this before. Soon it would cease, and a feeling of lightness would cover me. I would then follow Mohanji faithfully on my journey. 

This entire process of forgiveness showed me my purpose. I realised my purpose is to serve the world with unconditional love, kindness and compassion. This made me so free and accepting of my situation in life. 

Later, thinking about the process, I realised that this Forgiveness Process was not an ordinary, guided process. With each word, the Master was working on me. He was operating from a different frequency, and all that I was expected to do was follow the instructions. As usual, he did his job. He cleared layers of muck that I’d collected over lifetimes. Another strange thing was that although I got to do the process, even if I was delayed and didn’t do it at the same time every day, I’d start feeling the emotions exactly at that time.

I was under the impression that it would be easy and with a session or two, I’d be fine. But I can tell you that this process is such a precious gift, it continues to keep you in awareness and helps you to let go of the situations that you may come across in your day to day life. It is life-transforming, indeed!

Not only that, I suddenly realised that what I was holding on to, playing the victim and thinking I could never forgive disappeared. I was able to accept the situations and move on. How did that happen? As layers of impressions were getting cleared, I was able to accept myself unconditionally with my weaknesses and strengths and totally forgive myself. Once I accepted myself, forgave myself, it was automatically reflected on the outside; the forgiveness of others, the situations and the surroundings became easy.

The pain, the scars of the situation and the people who caused it did not matter because, with Mohanji’s guidance, I chose freedom, I chose acceptance of myself, I chose to love myself, and I chose the path of liberation.


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Dying to live

Mohanji golden

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Our greatest fear is the untouchable deadline of leaving our physical bodies. This morning our beloved Swiss Shepherd dog-child died. Previously as a family, we would have mourned the passing of loved ones with great emotional pain. Previously, we would have had our Veterinary surgeon put them down to prevent them from suffering. Mohanji has since taught us never to take their lives but allow them to leave it on their own terms. 

Our beloved pet had kidney failure, which in turn led to multiple organ failure just like us humans. As a new Mai-Tri Method practitioner, I did Mai-Tri (Mohanji’s energy for regenerative healing across physical and subtle sheaths) for him. My husband, who has yet to connect to Mohanji, gave him pain medication to make him comfortable.

I noticed how I pray has changed. No longer do I ask Mohanji for things. I surrender all at his lotus feet and walk away. It was, however, very hard to put that into practice with our beloved dog. My attachment to him as a mother made me want to cling on. I wanted him to live for me. Every morning, he would greet me with beautiful twinkling eyes and tail-wagging excitement. His soulful eyes glistened with such love. Unconditional love. Come rain or sunshine; his love was consistent. 

I used to sing to him as I prepared his breakfast, and he used to sing right back! An abundance of heart-melting moments like these made my life shine so brightly. A few times, I stopped Mai-Tri, overtaken by the rush of tears and helplessness. Then immediately, I began to self-correct my thinking. He is Atman. He is eternal. He will die to be free. Fearless and free. Mohanji’s energy surged through in powerful vibrations. I felt like the ground under my feet was shaking. 

Then I grew calm and continued being an empty channel for his grace. Hours later, everyone in the family was calm; emotional storms long gone. Only grace. We are cocooned from the storms of life. Most times, we are clueless. It is not only that when we can call Mohanji, he comes. It is more so that Mohanji is present everywhere at the same time, and we tap into his energy when we think of him. Unconditional grace. Only love. No likes nor dislikes. Only love. My subtle senses perceive Mohanji’s energy as brilliant white light shining luminously with specks of gold.

Experiencing the death of loved ones is life changing. The passing of dearly loved ones like my mother about twenty years ago changed the direction of my life completely. I went into a deep depression and felt intense pain. Not long after that, Mum came to me in a dream and smiled at me ever so lovingly. She looked young, vital and full of life. And she shone so brightly!

That was a major turning point. My life shifted from ambition and the calculated pursuit of materialism to seeking the truth that life exists after death. 

Today, as I sit typing this testimonial, I feel Mohanji’s loving embrace as always. I am aware of great pain, but it has not torn me apart like before. Such is his grace. Mohanji says all other life forms that share this Earth with us are ‘people’ too. We are all Source. We are all the same energy. Parabrahman. Thank you, thank you, beloved Mohanji, for teaching me that we die to live, but we should not live to die.

Love you Mohanji!


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Igniting our inner flame

By Vesna Mišić, Serbia

I think the turning point on my spiritual path (besides the fact that I met Mohanji) was when I went to the retreat called “Ignite Your Inner Flame,” held in October last year. I’d been following Mohanji for three and a half years, and I developed some kind of telepathic communication with him. In everyday life, sometimes, it manifested in a way that the signals and messages were immediately clear to me. Sometimes he had to work hard to draw my attention to a particular issue (usually when I didn’t like something and when I was subconsciously running away from it). In guided meditations, however, everything was fast and crystal clear. But what had happened to me during the retreat surpassed all my previous experiences.

Ignite Your Inner Flame Retreat

Of course, the meditations were fantastic and deeply purifying, with a lot of insights and emotional release through crying on my part. Then came the sixth morning! I remember it well!

During yoga, while we were doing the five-speed breathing, as soon as I lay on the mat (we were breathing in the fetal position), I fell into a meditative state, and I was not doing yoga anymore. Instead of it, I was going through a very animated movie of my own. Long winding tunnels of gleaming white upstanding blocks. What a wonderful feeling! I was passing through them, I was actually floating, and everything was sliding somehow. The images overflew, like in a video game or in the Matrix movie. I was not afraid; I just let the movie unfold. The others started with the exercises. I didn’t. I was flying through those tunnels, and at one point, Mohanji joined me. We were not in the form of humans. We appeared as silhouettes, holding hands and going through the tunnels. Light, light, there was light everywhere. I was happy, I was delighted to be with him, and everything was so beautiful! Then, it started getting a bit darker. At one point, it was as if we were on some medieval rampart, which was made of gleaming white stone blocks. Behind us was a gleaming light, in front of us, tunnels, but not so bright. We were standing, leaning against the rampart, looking down at those paths bounded by high ramparts which appeared darker the farther they went.

Suddenly, I knew what was coming next. We were going to get my father, who had passed away six years ago. The landscape changed quickly. Steppes, bare trees, darkness, tunnels, tundra… everything was barren and dark. “No, I’m not afraid,” I answered Mohanji’s question. “Are you sure?” he asked me. Then I realized that I would have to go and get my father all by myself. I cried: “I’ll go, I’ll go, I’m not afraid. I’ll go, and I’m not afraid, but I don’t know how to find him.” So, I went alone (the day before, also in yoga, Mohanji cleansed my biggest problem with my father, he cleansed it up so that everything remained the same, but I was at peace with it). It was as if I had some navigation inside of me, occasionally I felt my father’s presence, and then I lost him. I cried, I didn’t know whether to do yoga or to continue with this or to pick my things and go, I laughed a little. Moments of complete interruption of the visions… Nothing was happening!

I was waiting to be led on, to move on, and I continued to wander through those dark landscapes, bare black forests, and muddy meadows. I panicked, I completely lost the signal, then again, somewhere in my heart, I heard a ringing! It was so pale and weak. I saw a black coiled lifeless mass that looked like a man for a millisecond. Then I lost the image, and I wandered for a long time; I was more and more terrified that I wouldn’t find him. “You have to call him out,” Mohanji told me. “And he also has to decide for himself to answer,” he was saying to me. I cried, I called out to my father, he was gone, why did I lose him? Why did the signal appear and disappear? Where was the signal receiver? Did I have it? Where was it inside of me? I’d realized that I needed to tell my father something; to let go of my biggest pain, the one Mohanji had cleansed the day before. And then, all of a sudden, my father, who was some black lifeless mass, just glued on to me. He didn’t cling to me; he glued on to me. I carried him in my arms; to a place where my mother was waiting for me (she had passed away eleven years ago). She was in the shape of tiny smoke, but she looked young and vital, whereas my father was black and motionless, dead in fact. I handed over my father to my mother, and I wanted to tell her something, to hug her, but then I gave up, it wouldn’t be good, everything had been done, I needed to go back.

I returned along the same path that was going from darkness to the light, traveling by light speed. Mohanji was waiting for me on the rampart. We held hands while we were sailing through bright tunnels into the sky. Then he let me go, and I flew through the sky alone. I flew, I flew, I laughed, bathed in the sun, I rolled over, I turned, I was sure I was free, unlimited, I knew that he was somewhere and he was keeping an eye on what I was doing, but this complete feeling of freedom was unrepeatable, this was better even than flying while he was holding my hand.

HSTY Yoga group

A year has almost passed since then. Everything’s been happening at an incredible speed. I’ve entered into this year with his energy in the company of Devi Mohan during the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade; I spent almost two months in an ashram near Bangalore learning HSTY Yoga and practicing in daily meditations, chanting, and contemplation. Along with the other course participants, I was blessed to be in Mohanji’s physical presence for two beautiful afternoons, and I felt like I was flying again. I am currently participating in the Online Women M Power Boot camp. The transformation I feel is huge. I get to know myself more and more every day, and more and more, I like what I find out. I get to know my strengths, my wisdom, my peace. It is interesting; I feel that I am only now getting to know Mohanji and how great his selfless love and grace is.

My deepest gratitude and love to Mohanji always.


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The role of faith on our spiritual journey

M 2

By Eric Elbers, Canada

Back 46 years ago, at the age 30, when visiting friends over a weekend, I stumbled upon a few books by Edgar Cayce, known as the Sleeping Prophet. Being raised in an orthodox Dutch Protestant family, these books were my first exposure to the serious possibility of reincarnation and the associated law of karma. Edgar Cayce himself, a devout Christian and Sunday school teacher, was amazed when, in a deep trance, he started reading past lives and the karmic origin of current problems that the people who visited him for advice were facing. I still remember that a light came on, an insight happened: “Yes, of course, that makes a lot of sense and explains so many things in the world.”

That realization started a frenzy of reading of spiritual literature that appeared familiar to me and also showed me insights and knowledge of Eastern traditions that seemed familiar, even though they were not a part of my upbringing. A resurfacing of things I had known before. Then I had this prophetic dream, which I remember to this date. I was shown a beautiful, large mansion, and a clear voice told me, “This house has been built with patience and perseverance.”

That was it. That was the guidance I received with which I was sent off on my spiritual journey. Surprisingly, those two words are very similar to the shraddha and saburi [faith and patience] precepts, which are the core of the teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, who I would learn about forty years later, but first things first. 

During my early spiritual explorations, I learned about a movement called ‘The Science of Soul Travel’. It promised to teach out of body travel and travel with spiritual masters in the inner worlds. Now, that sounded like a great adventure and quite appealed to me, so I went head over heels into a path that promised to make me a ‘Spiritual Traveler’. I followed this path for thirty years. I became a ‘Higher Initiate’ and ‘Spiritual Aide’ and fulfilled a variety of leadership positions, but, disappointingly, the subtlety of Soul Travel kept escaping me, despite attending numerous seminars and diligent execution of the spiritual exercises. Still, I kept my faith until, in the early 2000s, a bombshell hit. One of the Higher Initiates carried out intense internet research and discovered that many of the teachings were plagiarized from different sources. The leader of the spiritual movement himself had fabricated a fake lineage of spiritual masters in whose footsteps he supposedly was walking. Needless to say that then a crisis of faith occurred, and it did not take long for me to leave the movement after thirty years. It was quite interesting though, that even though the masters were fabrications, they did seem to work for many people as spiritual guides and as sources of spiritual inspiration. There is an essential principle of faith at work here, which ties in with the pivotal role faith plays on our spiritual journey.

Being disappointed with fake masters, I reread and became fascinated by Yogananda’s ‘Autobiography of a Yogi,’ a spiritual classic about Kriya Yoga, the spiritual roots of which appeared genuine and very deep, which led me to start following the Kriya Yoga path. But one has to watch out here as well: the Kriya Yoga tradition has branched out in different paths with different Gurus of varying caliber, teaching different variations, and it took me a while to find a branch that resonated with me. But soon after, the Master of that path decided to stop traveling and remain in India, which made personal contact more difficult and thereby made my journey more isolated and sadhana centered. Is it necessary to have a personal connection ‘in the flesh’ with one’s Guru? Probably not, but one may consider it a huge blessing if the opportunity presents itself, and such personal meetings help to kindle the flame of devotion.

With all this study and pursuit, I developed a problem: too much head knowledge. I realized that while practicing Kriya Yoga, I was drawn to the Raja Yoga and Gyana Yoga paths but lacked in service [Karma Yoga] and devotion [Bhakti Yoga], so I started looking for a spiritual connection that could fill those gaps. A beautiful female Indian saint, known as the ‘hugging saint’ yearly visited North America, and I felt drawn to the love and compassion she taught and radiated. I followed the guidance of this inspiring saint for several years. Still, I realized that it would be hard to connect personally with her since, after thirty years of being on the road sharing love, compassion, and hugs, this saint had built up a vast following of hundreds of thousands to millions of devotees. Many thousands of people attended meetings at a time, and it would be tough to obtain access to her, let alone build a personal relationship. I kept reading and studying, and then something significant happened: Sai came into my life.

Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba [1838-1918] intrigued me from the outset. Here was a real incarnation of divinity. A presence so profound, a knowledge so deep, love and compassion so strong, abounding miracles and transformation, universal, non-denominational spirituality and a life dedicated to the service of the Almighty, what more could one be looking for? All boxes checked, except Sai was no longer in the flesh, having taken Mahasamadhi over one hundred years ago. However, more reading about the life and miracles of Shirdi Sai Baba followed. Soon, I ended up reading about Sathya Sai Baba, according to his revelation, a more recent reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, but also and more recently departed. While reading the Special Issue of Awakening Times about Sathya Sai Baba [1926-2011], I came across an article written by Mohanji. He explained his first contact and mystical relationship with Sathya Sai Baba, which had occurred after a tough and challenging period in his personal life. Reading the blogs of Mohanji about his spiritual connection with Sai Babas, Mahavatar Babaji, Nadananda, and disciples of Nityananda made it clear to me that Mohanji was recognized and supported by illustrious Saints of the highest stature as a very advanced Spiritual Master with an important mission. Plus, he was in the body and actively traveling and teaching. This was good enough for me. Here was my chance to connect with a Satguru in the early stage of his spiritual mission, which would allow me to be of service and have an opportunity for personal contact. Plus, Mohanji also was a Kriya Master in the Mahavatar Babaji Tradition. Another box checked. I quickly contacted Mohanji to request whether he would approve and bless me to start a weekly meditation class of his meditations in my home. The answer I received was that he had already received my request through consciousness and had approved it with his blessings. I was on my way!

It took a year and a half to meet Mohanji in person. While standing in line to greet him, I saw him glance briefly at me with a sign of recognition, and when a little later I was formally introduced to him, he said, “Eric and I have a very deep relationship.”

That was surprising and not surprising to me. Surprising because this ‘deep connection’ was something I had not been aware of [I thought I had searched Mohanji out] and not surprising because being allowed a close personal relationship with a Satguru is a privilege built up over lifetimes. How can it then be a surprise to hear that a deep connection exists?

Mohanji and Eric

For me, the propelling force on the journey from Edgar Cayce to Mohanji over forty years, following different teachers with ups and downs, was faith, and the dream-vision that “this house has been built with patience and perseverance”. However, while fellow travelers over the years were able to share beautiful inner experiences, the path I traveled was one of insight, patience, and perseverance; no fancy soul travel with elevated Masters, no inner plane cinematography. I grew up in a Christian environment built on faith and have had to accept that faith, not fancy experiences, is crucial for my spiritual growth. Peter, the disciple of Jesus, was able to walk on water when he saw Jesus after his resurrection. Yet, as soon as he looked down and realized he was walking on waves, the realization that this could not be happening caused him to start sinking, and the helping hand of his Master was needed to pull him up. Faith allowed him to walk on water, but as soon as it left him, he started sinking. The same applies to us all. 

The spiritual journey often starts with a tire-kicking phase, checking out different paths and Masters, checking them out, and going for a test drive here and there. Yet, once this phase is complete and we settle down and start following a particular Master, we better stop looking for the higher, better, more significant, or more glamorous and famous Master and begin building a relationship with our chosen Master based on faith. During the trying out phase due to the absence of faith, it is impossible to develop a strong relationship with any Master. This is illustrated in Stage I by the dashed lines and the various Master figures surrounding the seeker, experienced either simultaneously or sequentially. However, once a connection is made with a particular Master, and the seeker starts placing his/her faith in the Master, a subtle, energetic connection starts forming in the subtle realms. This connection begins tentatively but becomes stronger over time as the seeker, and now disciple starts to place more and more trust in his Guru and allows the Guru to flow guidance, protection, and blessings through this energy conduit. Stages II and III show how this energy conduit becomes bigger, and the energetic distance between the disciple and Master shortens as the connection between the Master and disciple strengthens.

Then, during Stage IV, an important change starts to happen as the disciple’s energies and the Master’s begin to overlap and merge. In this stage, the disciple starts to act increasingly as a channel for the Master to work through. Finally, in Stage V, a complete merger of energies occurs as the disciple becomes Self-realized as the ego boundaries dissolve.

The fundamental principle is that the entire progress from Stage II to Stage V is dependent on the faith the disciple places in the Master. It is faith that keeps the channel open. It is faith that draws the connection closer, and it is increasing faith that allows it to expand. Without faith, no progress is possible. 

And then there is the role of doubt. Doubts are the tests given to measure the strength and depth of the disciples’ faith. They will occur from time to time to test the strength of the bond. If the disciple allows doubts to enter into the relationship, there is little the Master can do. Doubts are the worms that chew away at the energetic connection. Once established, they will gnaw holes through which the connective energy starts leaking away, and the energetic connection weakens. Once the first doubt has done its work, a second one finds it easier to enter, and over time, holes open up in the energy channel [Stage VI]. Then the channel loses its ability to maintain an energetic connection between disciple and Master. Therefore the disciple needs to be vigilant and robust because doubts may enter innocuously. It may be a remark from a family, relative, or friend, a passage in an article, a whispered rumor or slander that gives credibility, etc. All serve to test the mettle of the devotee. Is there sufficient faith to allow for a closer connection? This testing happens all the time. Once doubts are permitted to enter and are entertained by the mind, the relationship sooner or later gets broken. The disciple loses a God-given opportunity for Self-realization in that lifetime. It may take many lifetimes to receive another chance to connect with a Satguru, and every time the tests will reoccur. Once broken by lack of faith, the connection is tested again and again until finally, one develops a connection that is strong enough to withstand all attacks and allows the devotee to complete the journey. Merger with the Satguru energies can then occur, which is the same as merging with the Absolute [Stage V].

An interesting illustration of the power of faith is that the devotees on the Soul Travel Path I initially traveled had inner experiences with spiritual Masters whose existence, as was later shown, were fabricated, having had no Earth history. Yet, a connection was formed on the inner planes through the faith of the devotees, which allowed Divine Spirit to use the Master’s matrix to function as a spiritual connection through which teachings and protection could flow. It was faith that initiated the relationship and trust that maintained it. 

In the words of Mohanji:

“Life is about faith. Faith happens, sooner or later. When ego subsides and gets nullified through consistent downfalls, faith happens. Faith leads. Faith soothes. Faith reinforces. Faith nurtures life. Faith elevates life. Faith stabilizes life. Faith liberates man. Faith increases with experiences. Faith decreases when we disown our own experiences; swapping it for other’s opinions or book knowledge. Faith increases when surrender becomes absolute. Faith decreases when ego becomes predominant. Faith is real if it is spontaneous. Faith is transitory if it is induced or inherited. If man’s herd instinct leads to a certain faith, it ends when he turns a new corner. Such is the passing faith, which has no longevity. Faith-based conviction is more real if the conviction is based on truth.”

Jai Mohanj. Thank you, dear Master, for taking me home. I place my faith in you. 


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Blessings Unlimited

Mohanji yelllow

Sreeja Ranjit, Ethiopia

“You didn’t come to me, I came to you. That is how much love I have for my people.” Mohanji

Whenever I read or remember this quote, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and have tears flowing down my cheeks. I come from a family in Kerala, India, where both my parents and in-laws do not believe in following a Guru’s teachings. So even though I was very religious and used to visit temples frequently, I never believed that a Guru would walk into my life and change it forever.

I always had the desire to do social service, charity work, and to help people who were in need, but was always skeptical because I did not know if it was reaching the right hands most of the time when money was donated. I never used to feel happy because of the above reason. I was working back then and did not know any organisation to go all out and to be among people to help directly.

During Power of Purity Meditation – Thus Spake Mohanji

Then Mohanji came into my life in February 2017, and even though initially it was through blogs and videos (I had finished watching all his videos and read all the blogs before I physically met him), the connection was already strong by the time I met him in January 2018, in a satsang in Thrissur, Kerala. I still remember I was waiting for the satsang from December onwards and was so excited about meeting my Guru for the
first time. My soul was rejoicing and my heart was so expanded in happiness as if I had found a treasure for which I had been waiting many lifetimes. I remember praying nothing should go wrong and that I should reach Thrissur from Cochin on time. Needless to say, my experience there was so profound all throughout the satsang.

From the time I met Mohanji, he has fulfilled all the true desires I had sincerely wished for. It was during the 2018 Kerala floods that I joined Ammucare, and we as a team could reach out directly to many needy people in distress and  I was feeling so happy because that innermost desire to serve was getting fulfilled. It is only his grace and experience from Ammucare that helped me to start doing the ACT activities here in Ethiopia from the very first week we landed here. People here warned us saying Ethiopia is not safe but I was not a bit scared as Mohanji had assured us that he is always with us and was taking care of us. He has always said,

“When you start taking responsibility for the well-being of the world, the world takes responsibility for your well-being too. Life is always reciprocal in kindness.”

There had been a phase just before we moved to Ethiopia when I was completely down due to an incident and I was constantly praying to Mohanji to guide me so that I could accept the situation with awareness and let it go. I was not able to forget the incident and every morning I was waking up with a heavy heart as I was more or less free at that time as my husband had just left for Ethiopia and we were to move there in a few months’ time. As usual, Mohanji always listens and one day, a week later, I got a request to write on the Mohanji Consciousness page. I was not sure if it was my cup of tea but I agreed as I felt I will be more close to my beloved Guru’s consciousness. I started writing and within 2 days the weight of the incident started reducing and within a week I forgot all about it even though it had been a serious incident of betrayal which had broken me down completely. I still feel it was a miracle that had shifted my mind from it. I became my normal self again in a few weeks’ time and it had lost its importance in my life. Without any struggle from my side or any self-talk, I had accepted the incident even without my conscious knowledge as a part of my karma and moved on.

During Power of Purity Meditation – Thus Spake Mohanji

Now, I’m coming to the present incident that happened recently during the 41 days of PoP sadhana. I love to do the Power of Purity meditation as it makes me feel so blessed and rejuvenated. Moving to a new country had forced me to do the meditation alone. Since I knew the importance of group energy during meditation for blockage clearings, I had an ardent desire for PoP to be conducted online as a group. When I enquired back then in December 2019 before the Covid-19 situation, I came to know it was not possible to do online sessions. Last month in June 2020, suddenly one day, I came to know that 41 days of PoP sadhana was going to be done online and my joy knew no bounds. Another desire in my heart was thus fulfilled in a few months’ time. Immense gratitude to Mohanji for making this impossible thing possible.

Registered with South Africa Mohanji Acharyas, my sadhana began beautifully. About 15 days into the meditation, I started getting severe headaches. The migraine was so bad that even with migraine painkillers like Ibuprofen, it would not go away. It would fade for some time, and come back with more severity. After each meditation, my third eye would throb and the headaches became unbearable.

Mai-Tri - Mohanji Foundation

Since it was getting impossible to bear the pain daily, I asked Mai-Tri practitioner Savithri Vasudevan for a Mai-Tri session. After the session, she told me a lot of blockages across lifetimes were getting cleared through the body. She told me once the blockages are cleared, I will be fine. But I was finding it so difficult to get up in the morning for the EBC routine with the head throbbing badly. 10 days continued this way and since it was not getting any better, I asked her for another Mai-Tri session. She said it is not required and later told me that Mohanji had asked her to work together with Mohanji Acharya Preeti Duggal. Preetiji, immediately messaged me saying that I should take Baba’s Udi in water till the headaches subside.

I did not have Baba’s Udi with me but have read many experiences of devotees in the Sai Satcharitra that it is the faith and devotion that matters. So I chanted Baba’s Gayatri 9 times, and drank the water mixed with the Udi I had with me. I got engrossed in my work and later within an hour or so found that my continuous headache of 10 days had reduced considerably. I was feeling very happy but decided I would continue to
take the Udi every day till I recovered completely. The next day, I got up and found my headache had reduced further and it was only like a very feeble heaviness in my head. Within 2 days, I was completely fine and my headaches had disappeared. They have never returned after that day and I completed my 41 days of meditation successfully. The miraculous power of Baba’s Udi cannot be explained in words. It was Mohanji who introduced Sai Baba to me and told me the power of Udi when my son had been sick. I have known all great Masters of the tradition only through Mohanji. I also started reading the Sai Satcharitra every Thursday. It was only with Mohanji’s and Baba’s grace that we could visit Shirdi for the first time last year.

Sai Baba – Experiences With Mohanji

I feel so grateful for all the blessings and grace that has been showered on me and my family and my only wish now is to always remain surrendered to Mohanji and the Masters of the Tradition so that I can move steadfastly on the spiritual path. Koti koti pranams to the lotus feet of Para Brahma Swaroop Mohanji.



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Being Unconditional

Subhasree, London

Gratitude in Action!

Today (18th Aug 2020) is the day for expressing gratitude for our Guru through actions.

Well, how can I express my gratitude to my eternal Guru, Mohanji? In which actions? I asked this question to myself this morning. My every breath, my every thought, my every action is his! So what can I do for him? What does he even need from me?

Well, whenever I have asked Mohanji, “How can I serve you,” he always says only one statement,

 “Serve the world.”

Though it’s the truth that even serving the world is made possible only because of him, he is the doer, he does it! I do not serve, He serves the world!

So what’s left for me to do then? Only thing I can do maybe.  To share some gems of wisdom that I get from him, not by lecture but through real-life experiences that he shows me through his own living example. Every time I have been around Mohanji, in his physical presence, I have observed many such gems of wisdom that he keeps giving us.

Let me share a couple more examples through which he has taught me of ‘Being Unconditional.’ In this write-up, I will not use the names of the real persons as we do not want to cause any kind of disrespect to anyone.

Mohanji_walkimg on the path of uncondionality

This is almost 2 years back. Mohanji and Deviji were invited to a global event of a spiritual congregation; where there were many other spiritual leaders present too. Along with a few other people from Mohanji family, I was very fortunate to be there too and was serving him as one of his assistants at that time.

While from mornings to late evenings were packed with many events, speeches by other leaders etc., I was observing Mohanji who was leaving a positive mark in everyone’s mind through his behaviour and treatment to others.

While most people had their own groups following around, maintaining distance, having their boundaries (to maintain some status maybe!) even during the social gathering time, Mohanji made sure that he meets and greets everyone politely, with a smile, talking to them very compassionately. Most of the time, he would even invite others to sit with him and offer a cup of coffee or so. During meal times, Mohanji would always invite others to sit next to him. Such a gesture often surprised many of the delegates. In a very impersonal environment, Mohanji was treating everyone with kindness and love as if he was the host of the event.

Also, it was very noticeable that Mohanji would always talk to the other leaders with ultimate respect and humility. There wouldn’t be a drop of ego or race to receive attention! In fact, there is one thing I noticed in this hi-profile spiritual congregation that surprised me. Many other so-called top spiritual leaders were always busy in grabbing the attention and ensuring that they had the spotlight on them, sometimes even pushing their way to the front!

Mohanji kept himself far away from this race. As simple as when there were photos taken, while some would ensure that they stand right in front or centre and get all the visibility, Mohanji will quietly slip to the row in the back!

Every single move from Mohanji was displaying his true nature of calmness, kindness, no judging and giving respect irrespective of anyone’s status and position! Trust me; this wasn’t that easily visible in other so-called spiritual leaders!

But what happened towards the end and how Mohanji again showed his humility, his true nature of unconditional love just totally blew me off!

There were a couple of very respectable leaders who had ensured that they get the spotlights on them in every session, in every platform and nearly made it look like as if the entire event was only possible because of them! Pardon me for saying this, but at one point, I couldn’t stop being annoyed when they deliberately kept ignoring Mohanji and even treated Mohanji as if he was some ordinary guy. There have been situations when they had even turned their faces the other side when Deviji sat next to them!

Few other instances like this were making their intention very clear of ignoring the presence of Mohanji and putting Mohanji’s stature completely down so that they could be seen higher! This hypocritical behaviour was making us very uncomfortable. How do we tolerate such insults to our Guru?

But when we expressed this to Mohanji that time, Mohanji would calmly tell us to ignore and stick to our principle of unconditional love, no expectation from anyone and to be with the attitude of gratitude. It was not easy to digest how Mohanji was so easily being indifferent to such insults to himself! The cherry on the top situation came on the last day!

We all had to travel to our next destination which was a drive for 2 hours. While we were just about to go out, the so-called special guests approached Mohanji directly asking for a lift for two of them! All these days, they hardly had a proper conversation or even exchanged a smile with Mohanji!

When I heard them asking Mohanji about this lift, I nearly shouted out loud “No way!” But Mohanji took us all by surprise in welcoming them.

Trust me, it took me some time to understand and accept what Mohanji just said. I was annoyed with Mohanji and was telling him off in my head, “Why?” I am sure Mohanji didn’t take much time to read my thoughts, which also must have been very clear on my face too!

He said very calmly to us,

“What’s our tradition? Unconditional love, right? It doesn’t matter who treats us in which way. We will always show our true nature in every circumstance, which is to be unconditional love. If someone asks me for help, I cannot say no. Saying no is not in our tradition, even if it puts me in trouble. It doesn’t matter.”

I was still annoyed and didn’t want to understand why Mohanji has to be so nice. But I was quiet on top. It wasn’t still over for me yet. The time came when they had to leave in the car. It wasn’t a very big car and it had to carry 4 passengers apart from the driver! That means 3 people to sit in the back seat. In normal circumstances, Mohanji would have sat in the front and just Deviji and maybe one more person would have sat in the back. Now with the two guests coming, can you imagine, Mohanji offered the front seat to one of the guests! And he quietly came and sat in the back seat. 2 hour long drive, cramped with 3 people in the back seat of a not very big car was no way a comfort. When I saw Mohanji sitting in the back seat, that was the end of my patience. My anger was bursting out as tears which I was trying hard to hide. Deviji was sitting in the middle seat, with her long legs folded and sitting not very comfortably either.

After they left, the rest of us ordered a cab and guess what, for the 3 of us, we received a huge 9 seater car! During the 2 hour journey in that 9 seater luxury car, I was just feeling so sad, imagining the condition in which Mohanji and Deviji went in the other car and here we are going luxuriously! This was of course yet another evidence of compassionate Mohanji who always makes sure that his people are comfortable. Whether he got the right food or not, we were fed well. Whether he travelled comfortably or not, we were sent a luxury car without any extra cost or specific ask!

I couldn’t stop questioning though, why did Mohanji accept to give them a lift in his car and had to compromise in his comfort!

Well finally, when we met again at our next destination, Mohanji came out of the car, after dropping the guests at their destination (and in fact after treating them with a nice vegan lunch), as if he wasn’t in any kind of discomfort what so ever.

It was so funny to hide our emotions and Mohanji just handled our bursting emotions in such an easy way. He told us how he kept joking, making the guests laugh all the way during the journey. Mohanji, in his usual jovial way even teased Barbara (who was driving the car), saying that she was so annoyed that she, in fact, wanted to drop them off at a train station. But Mohanji ensured that they were taken right till the end gate!


While Mohanji was telling all this in such a light and funny way, even we couldn’t stop laughing. Finally, through that laughter, the heaviness and anger or whatever feelings I had inside, all came out. And instead, my heart was filled with appreciation for Mohanji, to see how he demonstrated being truly unconditional. No matter who treats us in what way, we exhibit our true nature! It took me quite some time to overcome my turbulent emotions, but I understood through the example that Mohanji showed himself, the stability of the foundation on which Mohanji operates on.

A couple of days back, Mohanji again demonstrated a similar example of unconditional nature and that brought this memory back to me.

Once again, a high profile leader needing some help sent a generic message out to Mohanji, with no personal mention. This was kind of a public note probably he had sent out to loads of other people, as I had received it from another source too. Sending a public note and sending it to Mohanji, who was at one point like a close friend to him, without even personal addressing, didn’t seem very respectful in my eyes. Especially when you are seeking help, at least a personal note is a minimum curtesy, I would think.

My mind said when such an impersonal public note comes; do I need to even attend to it? Well, that’s how ordinary people like me will react. Once again, Mohanji is Mohanji. He took me by surprise. While I was almost convinced to ignore this particular request, Mohanji said, “Go ahead, and do help if you can, regardless of how the request came. We will do our job, unconditionally helping whenever we can.” Within a few moments, I did what I needed to.

My head bowed down with respect and my heart filled up with appreciation and a proud feeling of my Guru Mohanji, who reminded me yet again, “Our tradition is about unconditional love.”

Mohanji, truly is unconditional. Pranams to my Guru who shows us the right path every time, in all circumstances. Thank you Mohanji. Koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Mohanji, The Compassion Incarnate
Mohanji, The Compassion Incarnate


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