Skanda Vale and London – Part 3

June 2022

On Friday, I got a ride from Selma to the BE YOU event in St Albans, near London. Nico and Sita rode along with two Swamis from Skanda Vale. Again we felt carried and pampered by Mohanji during every part of the trip. The hotel was surrounded by greenery, and I was grateful that it was outside the city.

We had a lovely get-together with Parvati on the terrace in front of the hotel. Sita told us that she had read that morning in Guru Subramaniam’s autobiography that he was an incarnation of Swami Brahmananda from the Ramakrishna order. She was incredibly surprised. In all the years she had known Guru Subramaniam, she had never heard anything about this. Swami Gopal had confirmed and is regarded as the incarnation of Sarada Devi, the wife of Ramakrishna. Therefore, a trip to the Ramakrishna ashram in Bangalore was usually a regular part of our annual trip to Swami.

Sita and I shared our enthusiasm about yet another synchronicity. It felt like it had come full circle. I had still not fully understood my connection with and attraction to Skanda Vale and thought about it from time to time. Even when I said goodbye inwardly to Guru Subramaniam before leaving that same morning, I still didn’t understand how I had ended up in front of his picture in his ashram.

The next day in St Albans, I stood at the book table and picked up the book The Silence of Shiva. I asked Mohanji inwardly if he had a message for me and randomly flipped open the book. To my utter amazement, the first three lines I read told me that Guru Subramanian of Skanda Vale was the incarnation of Swami Brahmananda of the Ramakrishna order. This was too coincidental for words. Mohanji is not beside us. He is within us and all around us. He guides us in the smallest details of our lives. The incident made me feel even more embraced and supported by The Tradition.

During the weekend, I would sometimes sit and watch Mohanji give Shaktipat or sign books and bless items for people. He did everything with such intense attention that I loved to watch from a distance. To see him standing there so quietly and serenely, all in white, like a true Jesus with both hands raised to give the blessings, was a sight to behold.

When he was signing books, I saw a woman with a big pile coming. “In Silence with Mohanji”, the little booklet that I had written, was one of them. It wasn’t hard to see because it was the thinnest of all. Would Mohanji really sign it for her? I thought. What a blessing it would be to see him sign my booklet as if I still needed that confirmation as the crowning glory of my work. Something in me genuinely doubted that Mohanji was going to sign the booklet.

When he finally did it, it relaxed me and made me happy. The woman later told me, ‘When I gave the book to him, Mohanji said, “The woman who wrote it is also here. She is sitting over there,” and he pointed to you.’ That made me so happy. A little Satwic ego can do no harm, isn’t it? Mohanji knows what we need. Due to many extreme circumstances over the past six years, I had developed insecure feelings, and Mohanji leaves no stone unturned to re-empower me.

After the Consciousness Dancing session, we had a meditation, Blossoms of Love. During the meditation, all participants received Mohanji Energy Transfer (MET). I had not experienced this before. In my life, I had had many experiences with different kinds of healing power, but I was not prepared for the special effect of the MET. It was as if a small hole was drilled in my crown through which a tangible beam of light came in, into my head and torso. How does one feel light? I don’t know either, but that’s how it felt. And after the brief touch, the sensation lingered for a deliciously long time. An opening had definitely been created or accentuated. Thank you, Mohanji.

As I walked toward the event hall at one point, the thought came to me that every moment is meaningful and that we can make use of each moment to make a difference to someone. We had the possibility to not only receive Mohanji’s energy but also to give energy and attention. I did not know why this thought came to me. Surely we were in the middle of a program where everything was already organized?

When I walked into the room, a woman was sitting alone on a chair. I sat down next to her for a moment as she had my booklet on her lap. She told me she was going to have it signed. I asked her how she experienced the event because I didn’t know her, and maybe she was new. She told me that she had been informed by a friend and since her beloved dog had died only two weeks ago, she felt she had to come. I empathized with her. I know how it feels. And maybe someone else experiences it even more intensely.

Two tears rolled down her cheeks, and I literally felt her dog’s presence. He tried to give me a message by touching my left leg. I got an image of her dog licking her tears. My dogs have never done that, so it was not a familiar image to me. I asked, ‘What would your dog have done if he saw you in tears?’ Without hesitation, she said, ‘He would lick my tears.’ I said, ‘That’s exactly what he came here to do. I see it. And I feel that he is here.’ My hair stood on end, and I now understood why I had just thought of being open to offer help at any unexpected moment. Thank you, Mohanji!

A second chance to touch someone’s heart came when, after the event, I offered to distribute the leftover flowers to the attendees. Standing behind the book table was a kind lady. I asked her which flower she would like. I got to choose, she said. I tuned into her for a moment and chose the sunflower from the bouquet. She was moved because that had been her favourite flower since childhood and had a special meaning for her, another special moment that we both won’t forget easily.

At the airport, a friendly airport assistant guided us past all the long lines of people waiting. We had to wait near the gate, and a little later, Dirk van de Wijngaard, his wife Mina and Parvati arrived, also accompanied by an assistant. It turned out that they had booked the same plane. Our minds and hearts were already filled to the brim, but there was still room for more satsang, airport satsang.

Dirk was, as usual, full of stories which he shared in everlasting ecstasy and enthusiasm, and we were an eager audience. I especially loved the story about the angel-like picture of Mohanji, Dirk (on his knees) and Subhasree in Mohanji’s arms. A few rays of light touched the hearts of both Dirk and Subhasree and were living proof of their pure and unmatched devotion. I had been there when the picture was taken and felt the vibration of their love there and then.

Dirk confirmed that it was he who had given the ring to Mohanji as per the instruction of Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai Baba, telling him in a dream: “Hey boy, get up and bring the protection ring to our son.” I had had an immediate strong notion at the restaurant that it must have been Dirk who was the giver of the ring when I heard Mohanji talking about it to Vijay, who sat opposite him at the table. At that time, it was not yet clear who exactly had been the giver. From where I sat, I heard only bits and pieces of the story. When Dirk confirmed my feeling and explained how the stones were connected with the planets, the sun and the moon and that the ring was actually meant for protection, I sighed with relief and felt that this was the answer to my prayer for protection for Mohanji!

Dirk and I have known each other for more than thirty years, and it was through his inspiration that I set up People’s Trust Zijdeverwerking. A foundation to support a Vocational Training Centre in the People’s Trust project for the poorest of the poor in Srimanahalli near Bangalore. Dirk always keeps popping up in our lives and is a blessed example of absolute, pure faith and devotion. Was it a coincidence that I was sitting right next to his daughter Parvati on the plane and that Dirk and Mina were sitting with Nico and Sita of all places?

The security officer at the airport wouldn’t let me proceed since she thought that some strange glow was seen on the scan at the heart level. I think I know what that glow was. The official asked me to remove my rudraksha mala. She thought that maybe the mala was causing the disturbance. But it wasn’t. Even without the mala, I was a suspect. Probably a Divine Thief lives in our hearts. Parvati had the same experience! She was even shown her scan by the official. And something strange and inexplicable was really clearly visible as a yellow-golden glow in her torso.

For me, it was, without doubt, the golden energy of Mohanji’s divine love that rendered our heart chakra charged with literally visible energy, that we carried home to deepen the integration of his love and served as a strong and steady base for ‘survival’ during the cleansing period that started right after we arrived home. But that is material for my next testimonial.

A warm heart full of gratitude for Mohanji and the lovely UK team, our new family. We felt carried by the warm welcome all the way from home and back. Flying to Manchester in the same plane with Mohanji and flying back with Dirk, Mina, Parvathi, Sita and Nico and feeling carried on the wings of love all the way. Thank you, Mohanji. Thank you, team UK! With all our love!

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Skanda Vale and London – Part 2

In the first part of the testimonial, I wrote about Mohanji, catching the plane to Manchester just in time, the suitcase miracle and the amazing Protection Ring story. 

After the delicious meal at the Mexican restaurant, we continued our journey to Skanda Vale through the beautiful rolling countryside of Wales, which was a treat in itself, and we could not tell Rahul, who had graciously consented to drive us, how grateful we were. Fortunately for him, it was like a vacation trip. Just a day away from two busy kids. A win-win situation. I like that.

Arriving in Skanda Vale felt like coming home. At home with dedicated people with a beautiful frequency and at home in nature: a world without Wi-Fi. Although it took some getting used to, it was precisely this freedom from radiation, emailing, and apps that proved to calm my overheated mind. 

The wooden cabin with the bunk bed where I would sleep turned out to be very basic indeed. And quite dark with a small window. The toilet was further down the road in a detached building, and the showers were a little further still. But I was grateful that I had a place to stay, and I was used to some sobriety in terms of sleeping in an ashram. However, I did have a young and flexible body back then. 

Selma had really provided everything I could have wished for: a warm comforter, sheets, towels and even a warm, woolen vest and socks because she knew that could be needed in Skanda Vale. I felt blessed. Vijay and Brother Andy seemed much more bothered by the fact that I didn’t have a luxurious room than I was. I reassured them. After all, I had known about it from the beginning and was not forced to say yes to it by anyone. They wouldn’t hear me whining. 

Fifteen minutes later, Brother Andy came walking up to us happy. Someone had just cancelled, and I was immediately given the key to a beautiful room with a bathroom and a sweeping view of the valley! The building was called Saraswati, which is the equivalent of my Indian Swami-given name Bharati. Everyone was elated, including me, because everything felt so predestined and welcome. And my cold problem was solved because there was heating and the bed proved to be good support for my osteoarthritic shoulders. I slept wonderfully there. 

We slipped seamlessly into the ashram routine, from puja to abhishekam, from Murugan temple to Shakti temple to Vishnu temple. A Shirdi temple was still under construction. We were scheduled for four hours of seva each day that consisted of helping serve and clear food, cleaning, and cutting vegetables; fortunately, these were the only chores that we were capable of, as Nico and I had some disabilities. The heavier work in the gardens or around the Samadhi of Swami Subramaniam was done by fitter and more muscular residents and visitors. 

What dedication among the resident Brothers and Sisters! There was a quiet mood of devotion, seriousness, humor and work ethic. Nothing was too much for the Swamis and Sisters. ‘We just do the work in front of us, and we don’t think beyond that.’ Unceasingly one saw them working in many different places in the ashram. Then again in jeans, then in a sober brown habit or in dark blue rain pants. Rain or shine, the open-air pujas also continue throughout the year with a little bit of adjustment. A high energy frequency is built up and radiates from the area… one would almost wonder why there is still darkness left in the world. 

On Wednesday, Mohanji participated in the Vishnu puja. An elaborate puja for the large statue of Vishnu, who lies on a huge snake surrounded by water. We were seated under a canopy, but the statue of Vishnu was in the open with only the sky as a roof. 

After the puja, all attendees walked to the statue of Dattatreya, situated next to the Vishnu temple. Mohanji would partake in the arathi ceremony and waited quietly for his turn, with his hands in a namaste gesture in front of his chest. He bowed reverently to the statue, and I saw that he was making the same gesture – very subtly – to a small bird that was searching for food under the bush behind the statue, watching curiously as to what was going on. 

The deity had been placed in the open, embraced by the trees and the birds. I looked intensely from Mohanji to the statue and thought of the morning when I had inwardly asked him: who are you? At the time, I had known him only for a few days and knew virtually nothing about him. He answered immediately and unexpectedly, “I am Dattatreya.” I had heard the name dropped but hardly knew who that was and looked it up on the Internet. 

There I found not only all the information about Dattatreya but also the connection with Mohanji and the Tradition. Dattatreya was an incarnation of the trinity from Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva – the creating, sustaining and destroying aspects of the universe. I was truly amazed by the magnificence of his state and since then have not seen him as my big, wise brother as I had initially, but as all-encompassing. In everything and beyond everything. The totality. 

While looking at the deity, the thought occurred to me that Mohanji – as soon as he finished the arathi and came down the steps, would look directly at me and at no one else. There were many of us standing. But he would say something to me. It didn’t matter what. It wasn’t just mind-matter, and it had nothing to do with me. It was a kind of knowing. It would be a confirmation of the inner statement that he was Dattatreya. 

In that high-energy bubble, I followed the puja. Mohanji always confirms one’s state. If it had been only the mind, there would have been some doubt. But there was none. Mohanji walked down the little stairs after the arathi, carefully watching where he walked. At the bottom of the steps, he looked up and straight into my eyes. His gaze confirmed what I had already felt. He and Datta are one consciousness, one state of being. 

He then said, “Nice sari,” which seems like a nonsensical comment in this context. But it was another confirmation. A double one, even. The sari I was wearing I had picked out and put on with love that morning. It had been given to me by Swami Gopal Baba. My Master who had passed away in 2020. An Avadhoota from the same Tradition as Mohanji. Swami loved saris, and when I wore this same color (white, with orange borders) for the first time in his presence during an interview, Swami made almost the same comment. 

Even then, I had lovingly put on the sari for him five minutes before the interview because I knew he appreciated it. And maybe you know how difficult it is to put on a sari, but in those few minutes, I had managed to go up and down three flights of stairs and wrap the sari elegantly around myself. Mohanji confirmed his oneness with Swami, the Tradition and Dattatreya with a penetrating look and two simple words: “Nice sari.” In the same manner, Swami Gopal Baba had always spoken, short and sweet. And with the same loving look in his eyes. 

On Thursday morning, I meditated while sitting on the lower part of the bunk bed in my room. In Skanda Vale, my alarm clock went off at 3:33 every morning. Then I had plenty of time for personal grooming, yoga and Kriya before the 5 o’clock Murugan puja began in the temple. Everyone staying at the ashram was expected to attend the daily pujas. Since I was rather groggy, my eyes threatened to close. I heard inside, ‘Don’t fall asleep.’ I asked, ‘How?’ ‘You can stay awake.’ Again I asked, ‘But how? I fall asleep.’ ‘Fall awake!’ was the surprising and original reply. ‘This is Shakti. It is within me.’ 

How unique! Fall awake. Normally we fall asleep. But for me, that often happens with a little jolt when I sit up. Then one is actually startled awake from falling asleep. And often, because of such a small ‘fall’, I am afterwards clearer and more expansive than before. I thought about it often that day and shared it with whoever wanted to hear it: Fall Awake! 

During several moments that week, especially moments with Mohanji, I was overcome by an intense need to fall asleep acutely. You can understand that I seized all those moments to ‘fall in the vastness of being present.’ It was not easy; I have to admit. Fortunately, everything Mohanji said was so catchy that I had a good reason to want to stay awake. 

More than one week later, back in the Netherlands, I understood the real reason for his words. When I go to sleep, I often listen to Mohanji’s mediation while lying in bed, and within minutes I feel safe and relaxed and fall asleep listening. It felt a little like cheating, but I didn’t want to be too hard on myself and allowed myself my divine ‘sleeping pill’. 

But it turned out to be a bad idea, after all. The body had gotten quickly programmed and seemed to express: when I hear Mohanji’s deep resonating voice, I fall asleep! That is exactly what happened during every Q&A during the week in Skanda Vale and London. As soon as I heard Mohanji’s voice, I would start yawning. And I would try to hide it for Mohanji, of course, for the last thing I wanted was to look disinterested. You can imagine that there was no meditative ‘Mohanji sleeping pills’ hereafter!

After the Murugan puja in the temple, I did my Kriya practice at the statue of Dattatreya. I sat there very awkwardly on a wobbly, wooden bench, and my hands and feet got cold. I visualized a warm sun in my solar plexus chakra but to no avail. So I stopped my visualization attempt. As I was about to get up to leave, my hands and feet began to radiate lovely softness and warmth from within. I stayed. And enjoyed it. Normally without an external source of heat – once I was cold – I did not get warm. This was really exceptional. 

In the evening, like on other evenings, we went to the Shakti temple for puja. High up on the mountain, near the enclosure of the three elephants, the bird sanctuary and the horse stable. The temple was full, and fortunately, I was practically sitting in the doorway because I could breathe freely there. The low ceiling and the many visitors made it stuffy. Suddenly I saw Chris, Mohanji’s executive assistant, Tea, the photographer and Subhasree, Mohanji’s personal assistant. Where there is Chris, Tea and Subha, there must be Mohanji! And indeed, I had not seen him coming at all. The mood and the bhav were intense. The energy rose to the ceiling, as did the warmth. 

During the last mantra, we walked forward in a line to pay our respects to Kali (an aspect of Shakti, the Mother Goddess / universal energy). Mohanji is Kali, I thought to myself. So before I bowed to Kali, I looked Mohanji straight in his eyes as I walked past him, bowed to him and chanted the Kali mantra to him. Mohanji looked at me with an intense and piercing gaze and blessed me. Another confirmation of his omnipresence as any form of God. I continued walking towards the altar, glowing with Shakti. 

It wasn’t until the next day that I realized how much more depth this brief event carried. After all, Mohanji’s inner guidance from yesterday morning had been: ‘This is Shakti. It is within me,’ which was a bit of a puzzle for me back then. That is why I had kind of ignored it. Now clarity started dawning. 

The day before we left Skanda Vale ashram, I was lying on my bed and suddenly got overwhelmed by the dread of the possibility that Mohanji could be attacked by dark energy. Or by people’s actions. My creative mind took over quickly. What can we do to protect him? I prayed to Sai for a solution. Mohanji would never stop his mission out of fear. And he wouldn’t ask for anything for himself, either. That only left a possibility for the devotees. Could we not pray for him altogether? Back then, I didn’t realize that my prayer had already been answered by Dirk’s donation of the Protection Ring. I had heard Mohanji talk about the story of the ring while having lunch at the Mexican restaurant, but the word protection had not reached my ears.

Part 3 to be contd…….


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Deep desire fulfilled

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I have been Sai Baba’s devotee for a good 21 years. My journey with Sai Baba started from Sathya Sai Baba. I was very young at that time and didn’t understand what the Tradition had blessed me with. Although I was with a living Master, I didn’t put that much effort into my relationship with my Master. Before I understood Baba’s stature, he left his mortal coil. 

With Mohanji in my life, I felt it was a second chance given to me. People used to travel from far places to see Sathya Sai Baba. While I was in India at that time, I didn’t put in the effort to go and see him. I did not understand why living Masters are so important. 

One day, sitting in my temple, I talked to Mohanji, and I said to him, “Mohanji, when you come to Canada, please come to our house and stay with us. I know you always say that there should be no expectations from Guru. This is my desire, but I am happy with whatever you decide. I have wasted the opportunity with Sathya Sai Baba, and I want to use this chance given to me with you to learn and grow.” 

After this conversation with him in the morning, I received a call from Sanjay bhaiya in the afternoon stating that he feels I should have Mohanji’s Padukas! Mohanji partially fulfilled my desire that day itself. Having Mohanji’s Padukas means having Mohanji in our house, living with us.

In August 2021, Mohanji came into my dream, and it seemed like he was in Canada while I, along with a few other people, were talking to him. All of a sudden, Mohanji said, “Let’s go to the Conestoga mall!” I replied, “Mohanji, I’m not sure if they’re open right now because the timings after Covid have become really short.” My dream ended there.

When I woke up, I realized the significance of the words “Conestoga mall” was to tell me that he is in the same city where I live. At that moment, I still hadn’t caught the real meaning. I thought he was telling me that he would come to Canada soon. Time passed, and finally, in March 2022, Mohanji came to Canada. I couldn’t even imagine that he would come to our home as the trip to Canada was very short. Yet, he proved me wrong by letting me know that he would come to our house. I was again in tears of gratitude and thanked Mohanji for his kindness. 

Mohanji had to go to British Columbia (B.C.) for a few days, so Mahesh bhai said that he was not sure when Mohanji would be able to come but perhaps, on 23rd March. I have a habit of asking Baba’s answers through little chits. Just to know when Mohanji was going to come, I made a few chits and placed them at Baba’s feet. The answer was 29th March. I did all the preparation for 23rd March but told my husband that Mohanji would not come that day. He will definitely come on the 29th. Later that day, Mahesh bhai explained how coming that day would not be possible and it would materialize only after Mohanji came back from B.C.

As I needed to arrange a day off from work, I asked Mahesh bhai when he thought Mohanji’s visit would be feasible. Mahesh bhai said he is not yet sure as Mohanji was unwell. I replied to him by asking him to convey to Mohanji not to worry about coming to our place as his health is more important, and I am very happy and content; he has already showered immense love on me.  

Mahesh bhai and I agreed that Mohanji would not come to our house. In the afternoon, Mahesh bhai called and said, Mohanji did not agree to it. He says I will go to her house; I will keep my promise; she has been praying for this for so long! So, the visit materialized on 29th March, just a day before Mohanji went to the USA. Although the visit was short, he fulfilled all my wishes and gave me immense contentment! I can never pay the debt of his infinite love.

Thank you, my Mohanji, for everything! Thank you for holding all your children so close to you! Koti koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Acceptance through dreams

I got connected with Mohanji in mid-2020, but I still had my tests through situations and dreams. Finally, I got accepted. I remember it was 20th June 2021 when I had an early morning dream. In that dream, I saw myself along with my younger daughter at a beach-like place. There was sand and water, along with some curtains with flowers in an open space. The wind was also blowing. It felt as if it was some kind of retreat, a dream of some sort of a festival. I saw Mohanji, and he allowed me to touch his feet. At the festival, I also saw Preethi Gopalarathnam (Mohanji Acharya from India). 

The dream ended here. I didn’t catch the significance. The same day, I came across a blog in which it was mentioned that touching Mohanji’s feet is a sign of his blessing and grace. At this point, there was no announcement of any festival. On 23rd July, a festival happened, to be precise, it was the “Festival of Consciousness.” It happened within 15 days of my dream, and guess what? Preethi had also travelled from India to Europe to attend the festival. Mohanji showed me this place to confirm that the dream was not just a dream but the truth. 

Thank you, Mohanji, for accepting me as your child. I will always be very, very grateful to you for your love, kindness, and compassion for all your children. You leave none longing for your love! Koti, koti pranams at your lotus feet.

Festival of Consciousness 2022 – Coming soon!


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Lifetime experience

By Bhumika Arvind, Canada

Mohanji’s retreat in Canada is just over. I don’t even know how fast the time went. Just the other day, Mohanji was here…There is so much that happened. It was nothing that I had imagined. From day one, a lot of stuff started coming up to the surface, such as comparisons, jealousy, and self-doubt. I felt I had made peace with some of these things, but I guess it was an illusion. Mohanji is really good at popping my illusion bubble, and I am grateful to him for that.

On the first day of the retreat, a lesson was learnt. I looked at Mohanji’s picture at home and spoke to him. I told Mohanji that this was not me. I am trying to be someone else to fit in, to please, but this is not me. I can’t do this. I will not indulge in such affairs, and the rest I surrender at your lotus feet; please take care. The following day, I felt much better. I also spoke briefly to Pooja, Mohanji Acharya, and that helped clarify certain things. But all those personality traits surfacing were not hovering over me. I could breathe and not feel suffocated.

On the second day of retreat during abhishek of Sai Baba, I was the second one in line to pour water on Baba. It was a bit unnatural for me as I knew it was live-streamed. There were so many people, and Mohanji was watching. Additionally, my ego was at its best. I was gently reminded to be quick when doing the abhishek, and my instant response was, “Tell others too”.

Mohanji had specifically given instructions, “Make sure the pot (kalash) does not touch Baba. Give bath to Baba as if you are giving bath to a child.” I made several mistakes while pouring water on Baba. My kalash touched Baba at least 2-3 times.

Mohanji got up from his spot and reiterated the message again. When he sat down, I apologized to him. Mohanji patiently spoke to me, “You have to pour water with deep respect, humility, and complete surrender.” I sat at his feet, pressing his feet; memories of the times my own kids had gotten hurt or fallen sick started to resurface, and tears started to roll.

When the abhishek was over, I approached Mohanji again and said sorry. Mohanji being so kind and gentle, just said, “It’s okay, you say sorry to Baba.” And then he casually said, “Tomorrow”. I didn’t understand what he meant. In the evening, there was a satsang. When the satsang was over, and as Mohanji was leaving, I approached him and requested him to grant me the experience of doing the abhishek to Baba.

I know this deep within that without the grace of a Guru, any experience is not possible. Mohanji knew what I had requested, and yet he started giving instructions to everyone on how we should give abhishek to Baba. I went home and spoke to Mohanji’s picture again. I had an honest chat with him. I told him I didn’t understand at all what he meant when he says do abhishek as if you are giving a bath to your own child. I said to Mohanji, “Because it is Baba, I am being so gentle. If it’s my own kids, I would be over and done with.” So what did he really mean….

I further said, “Mohanji, if I had received the love of parents, boyfriend, and husband, I would know what you are talking about. I have never experienced the love you are describing. So what am I supposed to do, how am I supposed to do?”  The next morning at 4 am, before starting for the ashram, I sat again in front of Mohanji’s picture, surrendering all these thoughts in my mind at his lotus feet.

I reached the ashram, and the abhishek commenced. Today I was almost the last one to do the abhishek. While doing the abhishek, something miraculous happened. Nobody mattered, nothing mattered…everything ceased to exist. The only thing that was present was me and Mohanji, and Baba.

I visualized Mohanji in Baba, pouring the water with love and gentleness that was unfamiliar to me. I felt so much love for Baba. I was pampering Baba like a baby. He was the baby Krishna, and I rubbed his hands, legs, and face, holding his chin. I gave a bath to Baba that day to my heart’s content. When the abhishek was over, and Mohanji was about to leave, I ran like a child towards him, I couldn’t control myself, and I told him, “Mohanji, this is what you meant; I didn’t know, didn’t understand; now I know. I feel so content and happy.”

It is really hard to explain how happy I felt at that moment. My heart was filled with love, so much love. Mohanji, I know that this was only possible because you granted me the experience out of your kindness and compassion. So casually, you said, “Tomorrow,” but gave me such a profound and deeply satisfying experience. It is just you who can do this. Mohanji, you are magic, my magic!

I would like to share what specific guidelines Mohanji gave us when doing the abhishek; maybe you will find it helpful.

Mohanji shared that you can pour water on the head, but washing both hands and legs is very important. He said one should start from the top and then move towards the feet. He also suggested that instead of using the kalash, if we pour water into one hand and then pour it on Baba and rub him, we will use less water and will be able to do it better.

When drying Baba, Mohanji was very particular about the towel once used for feet and legs should not be used for the face and head or upper body. So again, start from the head and upper body, and come down towards the legs and feet.  Most importantly, don’t be in a rush, do it gently.


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Linda Abrol, Netherlands

Beyond boundaries

At times, my non-confirmative, all-encompassing Parabrahma, Jesus, Buddha, Dattatreya-Mohanji reflects my Guru Swami Gopal Baba’s words or behavior from the time Swami was still amongst us in physical form. 

One night in November 2018 in Bombay, we eagerly expected Swami Gopal Baba to arrive at a devotees’ residence where we were invited. We had formed a line in the driveway of the house while waiting for His car to arrive. It so happened that the car door opened right in front of me, so it was on me that Swami’s first glance rested. He smiled delightedly, and with a sense of both surprise and confirmation, He said: ‘Linda! You have come!?’ He must have known that it had been crazy timing. 

We were in the midst of an incredible move, shifting houses, county and profession, all at once. We were in the process of opening an Indian vegetarian/vegan restaurant in the centre of Alkmaar. After more than thirty years in fashion development and sales, this was very exciting. But I was a hundred per cent sure that my longing to meet Swami was pure and would be supported. 

My trip fell exactly on the days that we had to wait for the Indian chefs to arrive after we finished the refurbishing and furnishing of the restaurant. I had booked the flight at an earlier stage, but the timing couldn’t have been better! Which was surely the Masters’ grace. So, both my readiness and willingness to come and the Masters’ miraculous timing made this memorial visit possible.

Something similar happened, but this time with Mohanji, during our recent journey to London. Parvati and I decided to travel together and booked our tickets for the event on March 14th 2022. We were planning to arrive on March 12th and depart on the 15th. At one point, Parvati found out that she had a very important appointment on the morning of the 15th, which couldn’t be delayed. But flying back after the event in the middle of the night would certainly trigger my migraine. 

I decided that I couldn’t join Parvati without forcing myself, so I cancelled my ticket for the event. We would have to book an event ticket, three corona tests, a taxi, return flight tickets, and probably a hotel, all for a one-day event that could be followed online. Although I was longing to meet Mohanji and be in his presence, my frail health condition made it an impossible, crazy and far too expensive move. This actually was the limited mind concept. 

However, the warm and kind U.K. Team members assured us that we most probably would be accommodated in a devotee’s house, and Priti suggested to expect a miracle, which I did. Why not? It was an amazing suggestion. I told Mohanji inwardly that I would love to see him again. Without asking anything, I simply opened my being to the possibility of a beautiful weekend in which all went smoothly, and then I let go. 

Parvati called right after my inner communication to tell me that she had found a possibility to travel in the afternoon of the fifteenth! I rebooked my event ticket, and we started searching for flight tickets. I had bad flu and could hardly concentrate, so we happened to make the booking one day late for a refund possibility in case of a positive corona test. KLM cancelled that possibility after March 2nd. If I got a positive test before our flight ten days later, my ticket would be wasted, and Parvati would be on her own. Nothing could be changed now, so we surrendered. We had to give it a chance. 

On arrival in the house (better described as a mansion or estate) of our warm and welcoming hosts, Yamini and Vivek, we heard the exciting news that Mohanji was expected that very evening. The program was still unknown. No one knew what to expect. Parvati and I didn’t even know if we were allowed to be part of the event, but we were happy to share in the entire household’s high energy frequency and buzz. We were thrilled when we heard we could join the program. 

Waiting in the entrance hall for Mohanji to step in, he first received a loving welcome from Yamini with aarati. Passing by me, Mohanji looked in my eyes with the same loving, surprised and confirming look that Swami Gopal Baba had given me in Bombay a few years earlier. He said, ‘Oh, you have come!’ Proving once again that for a Master of the Nath Tradition there are no boundaries anywhere at all times.

Rise from love 

Being in London, I noticed myself criticizing my every word and move. Insecurity came up. But I didn’t make it bigger by criticizing my inner critic. I watched it. In the morning, during my meditation, I surrendered and relaxed in the midst of the physical tension and stress that my inner critic caused. I felt as if Mohanji was consoling my inner child, and I simply let my head rest on His shoulder. I clearly heard Him say kindly: ‘Rise from Love.’

How simple, loving, and to the point were these words? Isn’t that what we should do, being kind? Let love be the foundation from which we can start to build? Any other foundation would be

 the cause for buildings to collapse in time. Especially the love for ourselves is the best starting point. Letting love in, I could raise my frequency from there instantly. 

Which reminded me of an incident in which Mohanji had told me (inside), ‘I will give you so much love that you will forget everything else.’

A divine guest at the table

On the 13th, again, another surprise awaited us. We were invited to come and visit the Shri Ram Mandir in London. Mohanji offered gorgeous gifts and Arathi to the Sri Jaganath deities. 

The next story requires a little intro. A few weeks ago, I had a dream. I was sitting at a long dining table. A very casual one. With Mohanji by my side. No words were spoken. Ever since then, I have offered a part of my food to Mohanji as if he is sitting at my table. It’s a reminder for me to eat more consciously, for my body is very sensitive and doesn’t like to digest everything I like eating. 

Now I will shift to the reality in the Sri Ram Mandir. Parvati and I went to the dining hall for our lunch. Mohanji was coming out of the hall. We presumed He had blessed the food and would eat in a quiet room. We took a plate, searched for an empty place to sit, and found out that the big table was the only place with empty spaces. After taking our places, Mohanji stepped into the hall and took the seat right in front of me. We immediately stood up and took our plates from the table to make room for his P.A.’s and the members of his party. 

Mohanji smiled and motioned us to stay seated. We dropped back in our seats and were flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say or do, so I focused on conscious eating and left Mohanji to eat in peace. With Mohanji sitting so close to us, remembering was a conscious practice. After lunch, I ventured, saying, ‘Mohanji, just a few weeks ago. I dreamt that you were sitting with me at a long dining table.’ Mohanji smiled and said: ‘It was not a dream!’ which left me in awe. How many unexpected blessings can one digest? 

Wishes fulfilled

On the 14th, we attended the event in the Kensington Hotel in London. Mohanji graciously consented to individual and group pictures with everyone present. After the group picture with the entire U.K. team and all participants, including the Skanda Vale Swamis and Sisters, we waited in a row for our turn. Parvati saw Mohanji standing quite straight and not touching anyone in the beginning. She smiled mischievously and said, “We are not going to let him get away with this, are we?” “No,” I answered and smiled. “We will nicely snuggle up.” We giggled like small children. Which we were. Our inner child still needs to be healed.

When I approached Mohanji, He immediately opened his arms and wrapped his left arm around me, and I naturally let my head rest on his shoulder, feeling loved and safe, just like in my meditation. ‘Rise from love’ became very tangible. I heard somebody say that day: Mohanji fulfils everybody’s deepest desires. This is true. And I can add, he fulfils more than I can even think of. Better to stop thinking at all and enjoy in awe and gratitude. 

Now, if you think that my mind had subsided to a higher truth, the truth of self-acceptance, I must disappoint you. A sequel to the ‘picture story’ started right after the picture-taking procedure. My monkey mind started making comments. Old trauma caused turbulence in my body. Where I had felt so elated, so high in energy frequency (which is shown in the result of the pictures that Tea kindly sent to me) during the picture-taking procedure, after the session, my mind tried to drag me down, mentioning all the things that I should or shouldn’t have done. I especially shouldn’t have taken the freedom to lay my head on his shoulder. Mohanji would surely disapprove of it. And I could definitely tell that from the look on his face. I witnessed my mind, did my best to not believe a thing and didn’t succeed very well. 

I knew already that I judged myself at times but was not aware that such an explosion of insecure feelings was possible. This weekend really showed me lots of it. It must have been the high energy of the Master, shining brightly on the greyness of the lower frequency thoughts and feelings. When I sent the picture to Sita, I received her comment immediately. She didn’t know what my mind was trying to make me believe about it. She wrote, ‘I love the look on Mohanji’s face. So spacious. The universe in his eyes,’ which made me fully aware that only my mind was churning. 

This morning, I woke up with the inner message: ‘Heaven laid his head on my shoulder.’ I smiled. The remaining gloominess concerning the picture left me instantly, even though I didn’t fully understand the words. 

But the mere sound of it was so wonderful! Later in the day, I started to understand a bit of the meaning of this amazing message. Mohanji is definitely far too busy experiencing bliss and focussing on purpose to think about Linda’s do’s and don’ts. For Mohanji, most certainly, there isn’t even such a thing as a person called Mohanji and another one called Linda. There is only heaven. So, whoever lays their head on his shoulder, it is all heaven. Inside, outside, everywhere, nowhere. And this is what I am. We are. 

Narayan Kaur posted this beautiful text on F.B. later on the same day:

“Avadhootas have deleted their internal and external world. There is only bliss. They become just a presence.” Mohanji


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Everything is always exactly as it should be

By: Jelena Raicevic, Serbia

Translated by: Maja Otovic

I have witnessed many miracles since Mohanji came into my life, and especially since I took his hand and learned to feel that grip in all the turbulences of life. And just when I think that nothing can surprise me, something stronger than ever shakes me and triggers an avalanche of emotions in me, blurs the senses and stirs the mind. These storms are now very brief and quite intensive. Like electroshocks, they reset the system and further sharpen the receptors for information coming from space outside my mental body (mind, intellect and ego). 

One such electroshock was a retreat in Divcibare in 2021. Unlike the previous retreats that had their introduction, culmination and conclusion, this one was without rules, completely unpredictable, and the conclusion it left was very difficult for me to accept. Namely, it was the moment when Mohanji let me know that I should detach myself from the attachment to his physical being and sharpen telepathic communication because any communication with him in the physical body was slowing down my telepathic connection. I knew that moment would come one day, but I assumed that I would be completely ready for it when it did. And in my estimation, that was definitely not the spring of 2021, but it was so, according to Mohanji. 

After the retreat, my husband and I returned to Belgrade. I was supposed to start working, but my suffering for the above mentioned and the powerful processes that began in the retreat were not allowing me to do so. I stayed at home for a few more days in order for the emotions to settle down, and they were the most diverse emotions indeed. Some of them were so foreign to me on the conscious plane and were hard to accept, but as the resistance was becoming stronger, so did the suffering. I had no other choice but to slowly surrender and accept with great faith that, in the end, it was the best possible scenario for me. And as time worked wonders, peace, understanding, and my daily routine were slowly returning to my life.

Through social media, I found out that Mohanji stayed longer in Belgrade, and I felt occasional bursts of happiness because we were in the same city. Once, as I was going through the pictures of the Mohanji family on FB, a thought went through my head, “If I could only cast a glance at you before you leave!” The thought was still flowing when I heard Mohanji’s voice, “I’ll see you tonight!”

I looked at the clock. It was around 17h, and my husband and I were supposed to get ready for the meditation scheduled for 18:15h at the Lotus Yoga Center. After that, we had agreed with our best friends to take a stroll around Zemun because the evenings at the beginning of June were wonderful. And it was our wedding anniversary that day.

Um… it’s not that I didn’t believe the voice that I heard, but the logic said: what are the odds that you will run into your Guru in a city of two million in the late evening hours!? You have to agree, not very big. So, I quickly suppressed that voice, considering it an echo of my desire, and proceeded with my plan for the evening. 

And the evening went according to plan. Optimal temperature, dusk, Danube, Zemun promenade, all this dispelled the fear of the corona and drove people outside, so Zemun really looked magnificent. It reminded me of my first encounter with this small town, back in the 90s, when, also one June evening, it dispelled the fear and horror of the wars in the Balkans with its beauty, and I thought: “I want to live here! This is my spot…”

Sunset had already passed when someone suggested that we could have a drink, “Let’s go up to Gardos, in the pizzeria Taurunum, because of the beautiful view of the Danube!” We all agreed that we could walk to it, and if we were lucky enough to find a place for so many of us, then great.

My friend and I were a little behind the rest of the company that had already arrived and entered the restaurant. The two of us were standing in front of the restaurant and talking about something when my best friend ran out visibly emotional and said, “You can never guess who is here!” She paused for a moment and added, “Mohanji!”

I remembered the beginning of the evening and the words, “I’ll see you tonight!” My heart started pounding like crazy. You know that moment when everything stops. When time, space, mind, intellect freeze, only you exist. I walked into the restaurant and saw a large table filled with a diverse group of Mohanji family, observing this strange encounter visibly happy and surprised. I felt the energy of Mohanji’s presence, so familiar to me that seems to thicken the air in the room.

Mohanji himself stood at the table and asked with a wide smile, “Well, how is it possible that we met?” In my excitement, the only thing I could say was, “I knew it,” and to hug him, infinitely grateful for this timeless experience. He asked, “Did you!?” But those words were unnecessary and superfluous. All the most important things took place on another level where everything is clear, where there is no doubt and probability theory, where a strong, sincere desire of a pure heart is realized at the speed of light.

After greeting and taking pictures, we parted, and my companions and I sat down at the nearby free table. I tried to get involved in the conversation that was going on, but it wasn’t easy. I looked over my shoulder several times in the direction of the Mohanji family table to see if it all really happened. Yes, they were there! Then I looked at the tables around the restaurant. People were sitting and talking casually, with no idea that they were in the field of someone who transcended the boundaries of everything they knew. Someone who changes your life, even if you only lightly touch as you pass by each other.

I turned towards my husband; we looked at each other and laughed at the same time: “If these people only knew…!”


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Shirdi experiences – Part 2

By a Mohanji follower

I took my seat in the hall and began waiting for Mohanji. I was happy and excited. My mind, however, was oddly quiet and vacant. But it had been more silent than usual from the time I had signed up for the retreat. Also, though this retreat was a dream come true for me, I’d not arrived with any particular expectations. My biggest wish was to be in Mohanji’s physical presence finally. Something in me was just not interested in thinking of anything beyond that. 

I vividly remember the moment Mohanji walked into the hall. I was asked later how it felt to see Mohanji for the first time, and I couldn’t think of anything to say – and even now, I am drawing a blank while trying to think of the best way to describe how I’d felt in that instant. Was it joy? Peace and calmness? Excitement? Yes, it was a mixture of those emotions, but it was also much more… 

I was completely elated and overwhelmed. My eyes were full of tears, and I was smiling. I felt intense vibrations in my feet and calves as if the floor was pulsating with energy as Mohanji walked past the rows of seekers. There were no thoughts of the past or future in my mind. I felt very present and in the moment, fully aware that I was experiencing something extraordinary. That’s the best I can do to describe my state of mind. During Mohanji’s talk, tears kept filling up my eyes now and then for no particular reason. 

Then the Kriya initiation began. The atmosphere in the entire hall changed once the initiation started, and the very air seemed to be vibrating with sacred power. As I took out my dakshina, my mind began to behave like its usual self and started to tell me about all the things I had done wrong and was going to go wrong.  

Was the dakshina appropriate? Was it enough? When I would walk up to Mohanji, would I stumble and fall and drop everything and ruin the divine atmosphere? This last concern was not baseless since I have a hard-earned reputation for being as graceful as a drunk bull in a china shop.

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A gaze divine

Soon, I was walking to the side of the stage with my dakshina in hand. As I stood there while waiting for my turn, the worries eased, and a quietness fell within me. As I walked onto the stage and approached Mohanji, he looked at me. Mohanji’s eyes looked red, and at that moment, I felt as though I’d received a glimpse of something incomprehensible to my mundane brain. I’m not capable of describing it further. 

During the initiation, Mohanji’s fingers on my forehead felt abnormally hot, and though my mind was empty, there was a feeling of being in the presence of an immense power. Later, when I was standing for the group photograph, I realized I was swaying like standing on a boat. I tried to control it since I was standing with everyone for the picture, but the swaying continued. I tried again with more determination, and it finally ceased. 

The following day, I woke up early and went to the Samadhi Mandir for darshan with some wonderful new friends. I had carried my Sai Satcharitra with me in my bag, and as we began moving towards the main hall, I took out the book and held it with no particular intention. Then I thought – it would be nice to get a leaf or petal from Baba to keep in the Satcharitra. 

After darshan, we left the hall and went towards the neem tree. At that point, a member of our group kneeled down and reached through the steel bars to pick up some fallen leaves, and she gave me one too, which I accepted with great happiness and love, and felt very moved that such a small wish of mine too had been fulfilled by Baba. Then we visited the Chavadi too and stood outside on the road outside Dwarkamai for some moments. Overall, my wishes related to Sai Baba were all fulfilled that morning.

The day began with a group Mai-Tri session, which was really powerful. I felt wonderful internally by the end of it, but there was a crushing pain in both my shoulders. I’ve had pain in my shoulders for years now, but it usually afflicted one shoulder at a time. And the pain had never been this severe. It actually felt like my shoulders were breaking. Also, my head felt very heavy, and extreme drowsiness overcame me. It wasn’t ordinary sleepiness. It felt as though I’d taken a powerful medicine and was dealing with its effect. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and was almost afraid that I would fall off the chair and cause a small planet-sized dent in the floor. 

Mohanji arrived soon, and when he remarked that everyone looked sleepy, I felt a little relieved that I wasn’t the only one struggling to be awake. Mohanji asked everyone to do the five-speed breathing to get rid of the drowsiness. Preethi Gopalaratnam guided us through the process. It helped me feel more alert, but the sense of drowsiness continued during Mohanji’s morning satsang. When there was a lunch break, I was worried that I would feel even more drowsy after a meal. Instead, as soon as I’d finished my lunch, all the drowsiness vanished, and I felt refreshed. A Mai-Tri Practioner confirmed later that the session had been very powerful, and the drowsiness and pains were indicative of the energies working in me. 

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The devotion of Hanuman

During Mohanji’s second satsang that day, I listened with full alertness, and tears continued to flow out of my eyes frequently. When he began speaking of Hanuman’s devotion to Shri Ram and how Hanuman would not tolerate even a word spoken against his Lord, I couldn’t control my tears. His words had reminded me of an argument I’d had with someone close to me about the Shirdi retreat. They knew very little about Mohanji, and their only intention had been to make sure that I would be safe during the trip.

While they had not expressed anything hurtful, the doubts that I had sensed in their questions had upset me, and I had responded harshly. I had felt astonished later at the rage and hurt I’d felt in those moments. And I realized that the incident had helped me understand just how much devotion and faith I had in Mohanji, and my lingering irritation towards that person turned into gratitude. 


After the powerful satsang, Mohanji gave Shaktipat to several people in the hall, and I was fortunate to be one of them. During Shaktipat, an almost unearthly peace and silence filled up my insides. As I stood with my eyes closed and hands joined, a white light appeared in my vision towards the left. The inner peacefulness and stillness lasted for a long time afterwards.

Later, many people queued up with books, crystal bracelets and malas to get them blessed by Mohanji. They talked to him about their doubts or problems or just conversed with him happily. I decided to get my purchases blessed the next day and just sat watching Mohanji for some time, trying to think about what I could say to him when I finally got the chance. And as has been my experience during the Empowered classes, I couldn’t think of anything to ask him or tell him. I only wanted to be in his presence. 

When we were returning to the hotel after the programme, it struck me that I wasn’t feeling tired at all, and I hadn’t felt tired on the previous day too despite the long road journey to Shirdi. And that was astonishing, considering even a 20-minute walk is usually enough to make me think I have earned two full days of rest. I realized Mohanji’s energy and blessing were keeping all exhaustion at bay. That night, I got my periods. I walked to the photograph of Sai Baba in my hotel room and thanked him happily for having permitted me to take his darshan that morning. 

The next morning, Mohanji’s satsang was yet again powerful, profound, and also full of humour and warmth. Laughter rang out through the hall again and again. I had all my usual periods-related aches and pains, and shoulder pain from the previous day had not subsided fully, but I was oblivious to all of it. When it was time for Mohanji to sign and bless books and other articles, I quickly joined the queue with a book and two bracelets in a pouch. 

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Digambara, Digambara

I was also carrying a coin that I had received (along with other prasad) via courier from the Sripada Srivallabha Mahasamsthanam in Pithapuram after registering for a puja online. I had become a devotee of Sripada Srivallabha Swami ever since I’d read his charitamrutam at the end-2020 and had also accepted him as my Guru. And strangely, it was after that turn in my life that more and more of Mohanji’s teachings began to come my way, and an inner transformation began. And I’ve felt since then that Sripada Srivallabha Swami guided me to Mohanji.

Coming back to that morning in the retreat, I had a brief confusion if I should ask Mohanji to bless the coin too. Then I decided to go ahead and keep the coin in the pouch. Instantly, the song that was being played in the hall changed to “Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha Digambara”. I think it played for a couple of minutes, and then the previous song returned. I almost laughed in a burst of exhilaration. 

As I moved closer to the stage, I tried to think of something I could ask or share with Mohanji. But nothing crossed my mind. The contentment of being in Mohanji’s presence continued to overrule everything else in my head. And ultimately, I remained silent and just smiled happily as Mohanji signed the book and blessed the bracelets and the coin, and I felt intense gratitude as I touched my head to his feet.

The dance of the Ganas

As Mohanji left the hall, I felt sad, but there was also a strong feeling that I had gained something miraculous that would not be lost. And needless to say, I was extremely grateful for the grace that had allowed me to be in his presence for three consecutive days. 

However, once Mohanji left, I became conscious of all my physical discomforts. I felt listless and tired and had considerable pain in my shoulders from the previous day. I struggled to sit through the Power of Purity meditation. Mentally and physically, I felt very reluctant to participate in Conscious Dancing, which was scheduled as the day’s last event. I even wondered if I ought to go back to my hotel room after lunch and leave for Mumbai. 

But there was a strong instinctive reluctance to leave, so I found myself sitting in the hall when it was time for Conscious Dancing. But the whole process was explained so beautifully and with such wonderful energy by Monica Nedic that I rose to participate with considerable interest and enthusiasm. It was very intense and brought up a lot of emotions, but it was also powerfully healing. And I’m so glad and thankful that I was given a chance to experience it. 

Towards the end, we had the choice to either sit with our eyes closed in meditation or dance. I sat down with my eyes closed. The floor was reverberating with the energetic footsteps of those who were dancing. 

A thought of Lord Shiva’s Ganas flitted through my head. And my imagination showed me a picture of the Ganas dancing exuberantly in joyous abandon around their beloved Lord. 

Then Mohanji appeared in place of Lord Shiva, and all those who loved him and devoted to him became the Ganas. The thought and imagery caused a wave of emotions to engulf me, and tears flowed down my face. 

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Unforgettable visit

I was on an emotional high for days after my return to Mumbai. And then, by the grace of Sai Baba and Mohanji, I was granted the opportunity to revisit Shirdi in January 2022. I was able to take darshan in the Samadhi Mandir thrice over two days. During the first two visits, I was preoccupied with anxieties and could not pray peacefully. 

During the third darshan, I was still thinking of some issues rather than praying while walking towards the hall. But as I moved ahead in the line and began to come closer to Baba’s samadhi, I was suddenly hit by a strong feeling of Baba’s presence pervading everything around me. It was a very intense, emotional, blissful feeling that ‘Baba is everywhere’. It overpowered me wholly, and I forgot all my worries. The feeling persisted after I left the Mandir and began to walk to the exit. It was as if I could sense Baba’s presence all around me at every step. Baba was in the air itself. It was a very intense experience, and I had a hard time concealing my tears from my family. 

This was the first time I had such an indescribably beautiful experience. And I know without a shred of doubt that it happened only because of Mohanji’s grace and blessings. I love visiting temples and have had the good fortune to visit many shrines over the years, including the Samadhi Mandir. I have often felt exhilarated and moved by the power in holy places. But this had been unlike anything I’d felt before. And not only did it grant me a tiny insight into the eternal truth that divine consciousness pervades everything, but it also helped me understand how transformational the presence of the Guru can be in our lives. 

A resetting of the inner self

Over the next week, my parents and aunt developed fever and cold, and they tested positive for covid, and so did I. But despite the chaos and general anxiety, I instinctively felt that the situation was a blessing from Sai Baba in a way that couldn’t be grasped logically and that Mohanji and Baba were with my family throughout and taking care of all of us. There was a constant sense of being held carefully by loving hands. 

I also believe the powerful teachings and techniques imparted by Mohanji through the Empowered programmes helped me handle the tension and worries with much more stability and calmness than usual. It enabled me to do whatever I could to take care of my family without being too disturbed by all that was happening. 

On the whole, after the Shirdi retreat, I’ve felt as though my inner self has hit the reset button and that I’ve finally reached a major turn in the road that I’d been travelling towards for ages. 

I offer my humble pranams, filled with deep devotion and gratitude, to my Guru, Mohanji, for his divine grace and presence that has blessed my entire being and pray for eternal refuge at his holy feet. 

Shirdi experiences – part 1

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Empowered 2.0 – Part 4

By Sandra Sankar, South Africa

Day 1 – Empowered 2.0 – Being You online workshop with Mohanji has just taken off! We are all on our way to becoming the ultimate version of ourselves. Mohanji describes this as being very powerful and akin to the state of Being You, which is his core teaching. He asked us to rethink how we view ourselves and others in society. We tend to look at people purely based on their position, possession or relations. This is a severely handicapped perspective. We are much more than that, he said ever so gently.

Breaking patterns is paramount to accelerating our journey to liberation. Being aware of how easily we get stuck in comfort zones from lifetime to lifetime had a sobering effect on alert ears that listened in full awareness. There were a lot of priceless gems that Mohanji taught us today. 

Remember. Even as Mohanji talks to us in the physical world, he is simultaneously working on us energetically. So be open and receptive and stay fully connected to every moment. Today is also a solar eclipse so enjoy harnessing the powerful energies during your sattvic practices.

Day 2 with Mohanji has kicked into high gear. Today our rapt attention was drawn to how time influences our spiritual journey. Hundreds of delegates understood what the major hindrances were in this age of Kali Yuga. The big lesson was not to accept anyone else’s notion or opinions without close scrutiny and careful analysis.

Mohanji spoke about a plethora of other precious pearls of wisdom. To name a few, some related to the illusion of relationships and how it limited connection to that specific role, notions connected to concepts, over-dependency, and stability of the mind and methods that will purify us. 

As always, much of his time was also taken up answering burning questions that came up and talking to new people. It was wonderful to see their awe and excitement at making a connection to Mohanji’s beautiful presence beyond the physical dimension. You have to be there to experience Mohanji in his full glory.

Day 3 with Mohanji revealed so many precious life-changing insights about the Power of Purity and how guilt and regret connected to the past weighs us down. Mohanji looked us deep in the eyes and said becoming a ‘time rider’ will keep us stable and fast-track us to sublime heights of bliss state. This is how we become unshakable amidst the chaos that life throws us.

Patterns transcend lifetimes and should never be underestimated. They create our realities, life and environments. Although everything else will change, patterns will remain a subset of our reality from lifetime to lifetime. Most people get stuck without ‘grace’ oiling the roller coaster wheels we call life but not us!

Mohanji discussed the binding factors that we need to be aware of and what elevates stress and abnormal behavior. Another huge learning was understanding how insensitivity to people and situations disrupt our lives.

Get to know the pulse of the people around you, and this will help us deliver stable outcomes. Mohanji gracefully covered blind belief systems and fears of an imaginary God because it comes up a lot from people wanting to migrate to a higher level of understanding.

Having the noblest intentions is a great purifier, said Mohanji ever so lovingly. Sincere love flowing from our hearts is unmistakable. Be yourself fully. Be love unconditionally. So, I guess this means we become Mohanji in essence! 

Day 4 workshop was the first of two sessions conducted by our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree. It was a sublime day of sacred practices energised by Mohanji’s energy. Many felt the shift at different levels regardless of how long they have been doing these techniques and the Power of Purity meditation. 

Day 5 with Mohanji resumed with exhilarating lessons about how stability ultimately takes us into the depths of silence. People walk to the last bit, then become disillusioned and stop just before fulfilment. In his loving and gentle way, he also advised delegates to be aware of the fluctuations of the mind, which is ruled by patterns.

So many lessons came up about the over-analysis of the intellect, ownerships, personality-driven decisions and the innumerable struggles we go through because of being trapped in cyclic patterns. Our inflated mind asks for everything.

Another big one was the lure of temptations. Like the tragically beautiful song of mermaids who caused innumerable shipwrecks, the suppressions and denials of temptations lead to the downfall of faith on the path of liberation. Mohanji said ever so lovingly that we must enjoy it, taste it, do not deny it but express it in moderation. He warned us not to fall prey to relationships, learning, people, senses because it binds us. 

We learnt that doubt is the key that evil uses to enter the unsuspecting mind of a person and use it as a vehicle. Be very aware of this trap. A key learning here was that an enlightened person operates from the level of righteous duty as opposed to that of the ego-mind. Mohanji then went on to introduce us to a beautiful Guide to Stability. This is an ingenious and most invaluable tool that will keep us firmly on the path to liberation. So exciting! 

Day 6 – the team made an exciting announcement. There is an upcoming Empowered 3.0 workshop with Mohanji from 26 February to 6 March 2022. Great news for those of us so immersed in the beauty of Mohanji’s magnetic presence without presence, and the opportunity to see him again leaves us breathless with excitement! 

Mohanji always starts the sessions amidst enthusiastic, joyous greetings from the delegates. He hits the ground running, leading us into subtle aspects that are normally difficult to digest. Mohanji talked about feelings from the physical body and the soul, respectively. That led to understanding the differentiation between dynamic change and the unchangeable state. 

Be consistent with your sadhana; he reminded us ever so gently. As stillness increases, so does witness-hood, and the latter happens spontaneously. He laughed and chided us, saying if we chase rainbows, we will get water vapour! Desires shift the mind, and we have to flow with the mind to decrease our resistance. Mohanji said he was not here to spoon-feed us. He said he was here to give us ideas so solutions would happen spontaneously. 

He went on to warn us about escapism which leads to excuses about why we cannot achieve completion in our lives. The mind is kept unstable by time. The frequency of this time is instability; therefore, it is important to trust your guide. Mohanji discussed how egoistic feelings of positions, possessions and relations delude us. Avoid regret and guilt at all costs, came the loving warning.

We were encouraged to use our imagination at all times. It is a catalyst for beautiful things to happen in life. Be aware passivity and indifference lead to regrets and guilt. Mohanji encouraged us to use our vision to visualise where we want to go in life. Many more pearls of transformation were delivered to us ever so lovingly. 

Day 7 shone ever so brightly with the exuberance, grace and competence of our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree Tottungal. What a trip it’s turned out to be! Subha expediently took us through the powerful Pause Technique, Feel Technique and the Coloured Ball meditation. Delegates shared so many incredible experiences about Mohanji’s divine guidance, which came to them as they experienced major shifting whilst practising in their own time.

The big lesson was watching in a detached way. Not doing anything, just watching; not, being pressured or pushed by the mind into action. Delegates shared how the Pause Technique is helping them reign in their turbulent emotions during challenging moments. Subhasree beautifully explained how we would find out who we truly are as we stabilise and get deeper into states of stillness. 

Mohanji had discussed the koshas, which acted as ‘deep’ pockets for deeply buried memories and, more often than not, the source of great pain – not only from this but other lifetimes. Delegates got more clarity about the churning they were experiencing. Such is this great wonderful adventure we are on with Mohanji. Truly, Mohanji has to be personally experienced for us to understand the depth and scope of the transformation we are currently experiencing.

Day 8 with Mohanji rocketed us to even greater heights. We got an alluring taste of what the upcoming power-packed Creating Masters 3.0 online workshop is going to be like. 

Following the usual welcome of Mohanji by the delegates, it soon became apparent that an extremely rare master class was in session. Mohanji dived right in, and we all followed. We learned that layers of past life impressions are made up from impressions of this and past life experiences. Emotion is the glue that makes it stick. Then Mohanji said, ‘now we are getting serious!’

He explained how this binding descends into all our realities. The huge learning was to fit into ourselves right now. When we are present, we become the presence! Anyone who has personally experienced Mohanji’s powerful, mind-blowing presence will understand the life-changing import of that statement. High-level functioning aspects like witness hood is only available in the present state of mind. We learned this is where we need to be.

Mohanji lovingly reminded us that we must become ‘Surf Riders’ in the flow of life. This was just a glimpse of the depth and scope of what we will be learning in order to become Masters. As we well know, Mohanji does not want followers, just masters. Many other elucidating concepts were delivered to us gently in bite sizes to allow us to grasp the depth and range of mastery. 

Final day 9 with Mohanji came to a dramatic close. Delegates were decidedly emotional and heart sore that this beautiful dance of transformation had come to a temporary halt. Mohanji started by recapping the superb learnings of the previous days in his disarming and easy to understand fashion. He described the Feeling Technique as being a key to achieving a seamless flow to life.

Feel feelings coming and going like bubbles, he said ever so lovingly. Feel life. Don’t just live life. Feel hungry for life. Feel nature. When nature becomes you, there is amazing connectivity.

He delivered yet another frank and sobering nugget of wisdom, saying we are like donkeys carrying a lot of weight on our shoulders, and we have no idea why we are carrying it! It was indeed sobering to picture this in our minds. We unconsciously accumulate karma without realising that we are carrying mountains of it already.

Emboldened by the learnings of the master class, we simply refuse to be donkeys carrying dead weight! We are shedding the baggage to keep up with our glorious Master, who is only interested in creating Masters. In the lifestyle of mastery, we are reducing the burden to step out unbound, unfettered and free of our mind cages.

Mohanji says that our soul is looking forward to completion. He laughed and described us as tactless gamblers who keep missing the point of taking a life and keep coming back.

Mohanji took the time to answer deep and insightful questions from delegates. From the quality of their questions, great dramatic shifts were immediately apparent. The Q&A continued with our beloved Mohanji Acharya Subhasree, who was sorely missed yesterday. 

A highlight was our beloved Andra Bayliss serenading Mohanji with a song whose beauty touched him very much. Acharya Maheshwari Mohanji, the genius behind much of the social media strategy, is the epitome of compassion and kindness. She quickly filled us in on finding Mohanji’s incredibly potent and highly transformative blogs. 

Mohanji reaches out to find those of us destined to power walk with him in this life. Undoubtedly, there is no greater blessing. Beloved global family, we meet again in February 2022 for the Empowered 3.0 master class like no other. 



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Empowered 2.0 – Part 3

Subhasree Thottungal, UK

I would like to share my experience with the Empowered program today (day 5). Every day, as I coordinate the session and lead the practice of techniques, I remain composed, stay in my body awareness so that I can be aware of the needs and requests of the participants. But today, while leading the Pause Technique practice, I went into the mode too. I would cherish this as it was Mohanji who allowed me to experience what I experienced during this practice today.

Bowing down to my Guru, I would like to share this with you all. As we were at the peak of the practice, pausing at the heart centre, visualising our Guru meditating, like every day, for me, it was the vision of Mohanji meditating inside a cave that was constantly in my vision. 

At one point, suddenly, Mohanji resembled Shiva and the mantra “Karpura Gauram” – the powerful Shiva mantra, started to ring in there. I visualised that I was chanting this mantra, kneeling down in front of Mohanji. Every word and every line of this mantra that describes Shiva fit so aptly to Mohanji. Shiva and Mohanji were one! And I was chanting this mantra to Mohanji.

I would like to explain to you about the mantra and the meaning and how it resembles Mohanji, in my eyes, my heart, my consciousness.

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1. Karpūragauraṁ karuṇāvatāraṁ

a. Meaning of the mantra: Lord Shiva, who is pure white like camphor, an incarnation of compassion

b. My feelings of Mohanji: This brings the picture of Mohanji filled with vibhuti (ashes) that erupted from his crown chakra, and of course Mohanji, the incarnation of compassion.

2. Sansārsāram bhujagendrahāram 

a. Meaning of mantra: The essence of worldly existence, whose garland is the king of serpents.

b. My feelings of Mohanji: Mohanji is the essence of my existence, with the Rudraksh malas on his neck that resembles the king of serpents.

3. Sadāvasantaṁ hṛdayāravinde

a. Meaning of the mantra: Always dwelling inside the lotus of the heart.

b. My feelings of Mohanji: Mohanji, who sits in the lotus of my heart.

4. Bhavaṁ bhavānīsahitaṁ namāmi

a. Meaning of the mantra: I Bow to Shiva and Shakti together.

b. My feelings of Mohanji: I bow to Mohanji who is the form of Shiva and Shakti together.

With such resemblance of the mantra with the image of Mohanji in my heart, I was deeply merged into the oneness and hence as we were about to complete the practice, I couldn’t resist but to chant the mantra out loud that was ringing in my heart.

This mantra always brings me this experience of oneness with Mohanji and takes me to a different level of devotion. Today was very special as this happened during the Pause technique, where I was in the bliss state of perpetual happiness of being one with the Supreme Consciousness – Para Brahma, Mohanji.

Thank you Mohanji, the gratitude is beyond any words I can use to express myself. All I can say is that my true heaven lies at your feet; my perpetual happiness is in belonging and in the oneness with you.

Koti pranams at your lotus feet, Mohanji.

By Jolanda Klaassen, Netherlands

Last August, I participated in Empowered 1.0. It was a lifeline I grabbed. Being an Empowerment Coach for over 16 years, I ended up in a relationship where I suffered intense domestic violence. My beloved partner had changed into a verbal and physical aggressor that robbed me of all my strength and sanity. My love for him, my expectations and desires, the inner needs I wanted him to fulfil, my wish to heal him, to analyze the situation rather than end it, had made me vulnerable and dependent – me, the free spirit that came into this world for a higher course.

For more than 47 years, I had been walking on Yeshua Ben Josef’s way. The Christened Path, that of Oneness Consciousness, brotherhood and sisterhood, that of compassion and forgiveness, that of unconditional love. But I got mixed up in the interpretations. Unconditional love wasn’t meant to be self-destructive. I went too far in my selfless service to others. I followed other people’s concepts, wishes, demands, requests, and plans too far. I still wanted to fit in somewhere. It was quite lonely on top of the mountain at times.

I kept on trying to co-create with others, giving in on authenticity, strength, power and wisdom. Holding back, not to see others feel themselves small or insignificant. Clinging on to my own comfort zones. Leaning on others when times got rough instead of picking up my own responsibilities and correcting what I had malformed. I had copied my mom, feared my dad in every man, pleased partners, followed teachers with a consciousness I had overgrown; I lost myself in all those patterns.

It was time to go back to the basics; to my own pure nature, to unconditional self-love, faith and total surrender to the Divine.

And then Mohanji stepped back into my life. A physical form of the Master that had tested me through hell and back for many rounds. That in itself was EMPOWERMENT in capitals. It meant I had passed so far. My embodiment had reached an advanced stage; I was made ready for the next level of delivery.

What an example Source gave me! Each thought, word, and action inspires and uplifts me. Concepts I broke my head upon are clear in just witnessing him. Every question I had was answered in 1.0

I freed myself from the fear of losing. The fear of losing my relationship, my dreams, the future plans we had made, the house I couldn’t pay by myself, my health that was going down by the day. And I let it all go. All! All the fears and anxieties, all my worries…. no more panic. Back to faith! Forward to freedom!

Empowered 2.0 started. I was still in the midst of resetting my life. Not even capable of attending all of the life sessions, in which I used to experience that Mohanji would sit there just for me like he’d do a personal coaching session. All my answers were once more answered. All essential topics discussed.

Within three months, I am totally free of all burdens. Okay, I might lose my house, my bank account is empty, my future is unknown. It feels like freedom, like an open book full of endless potential. No inner need to claim or direct the energies. No desire to steer the wheel. In full acknowledgement of all that is and all that I am, I am in peaceful silence and surrender. Okay, my body, due to its density, is a bit slower than the rest and doesn’t know it yet -that I am whole for the first time in my life, in every meaning of the word. I was landed, rooted, active, aware and delivering.

Now let my real life begin!

The gratitude I feel for The Path, for all Masters that have walked the Path before me, for all those who will follow, for our beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji and the beautiful, loving family of Light around him, for each and every aspect of life and above all for Being Me, the one who was capable of recognizing it all, of surrendering, of being humble and free of ego, being bold, brave and rebellious, swimming against the stream, taking blows, bending under the forces of hurricanes and thunderstorms, holding on, going forward, no matter what, remaining pure, remaining love because he was holding my hand all along.

How precious will life become in springtime after seeding so much love and wisdom? Looking forward to round 3!

Jai Mohanji. Thank YOU.

My rock and pillar of light.

My sublime mirror and universal Master.

My beloved brother, my muse, my way-shower.

The only man I’m willing to share with the whole world because God, does he enrich it!

Mohanji, loving you all-encompassing & endlessly.



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Empowered by Mohanji – 1

By Subhasree Thottungal, UK

11 Days with Mohanji! Yes, we have just finished one of the most amazing workshops with Mohanji – “Empowered, The journey from fear to freedom.”

Nearly 900 people attended this program with Mohanji. Many have been connected to Mohanji for some time and others for the first time. But by the end of 11 days, everyone was mesmerised by the power of this program.

Today, I am going to share my own experience, my journey of this program, from a different angle than the participants. But before I do so, I convey my deepest gratitude to Mohanji for giving me the opportunity to experience all that I am going to share now and allowing me to witness that I did.

So here I begin.

On 20th August night, Chris (Christopher Greenwood, Mohanji’s Executive Assistant) gave me a call and said, Mohanji would like to do a 21-day event himself and that he would like the event to start from 23rd! Wow, that was some news! We all know, Mohanji would not say anything just like that. We were going to announce another global Acharya program for the end of the month, so this sudden decision from Mohanji was surely for a higher purpose. But I didn’t have much more clarity on how and what.

The next morning we had a call with Mohanji, and then he gave clear instructions, 11 days, one and half hours every day of deep processes, and he will himself conduct it, every day! Wow! I was zapped. I had to pinch myself and even asked Mohanji, “You will do the process, Mohanji? Every day?” “Yes,” came the answer. Unbelievable! 11 days, every day! Mohanji had also given this instruction to Madhu (Madhusudan, CEO of Mohanji Foundation). After the clear instructions, we then went away to do our homework of what preparation, planning execution etc. The program couldn’t start in two days, but he agreed for it to start in about ten days, so the 2nd September date was finalised.

Ten days is nothing! We knew hundreds of people would come, not just from Mohanji global family, even from outside too. Who will not like to take advantage of such a golden opportunity? But it was also our duty to make sure that we conveyed the details of the program properly and on time and to far and wide. Mohanji’s speed, his precision, his perfection! We were all on a roll!

We had to make sure to reach far and wide, and we also had to ensure the program could cater to a large audience, probably the largest so far! While Mohanji would deliver the program himself, we needed to ensure that we had the right technical support in every sense, technology, translations, communication etc., the list wasn’t a small one. And we had only ten days in hand!

Well, just a month back, the Festival of Consciousness in Belgrade was also organised in just three weeks! So the team by now knows the speed at which things will need to happen, and all we need to do is flow!

Soon the day arrived. 2nd September, the commencement of the EMPOWERED 11-Day event with Mohanji! We were prepared with the simultaneous translations (in 6 languages), webinar set to handle more than 900 participants, audio-video equipment etc. We had been rehearsing for a few days earlier. That morning, Madhu, Chris and I discussed about the opening of the program, who would start with the intro. Both of them suggested I do so. Not something that I was expecting, but well, if that’s what is needed, I would do so, I said to myself. The program opened, it was overwhelming as many people were meeting Mohanji for the first time.

Mohanji didn’t waste a moment; his delivery to almost 700 people on the live webinar session that time uniquely addressed everyone and made sure that every person was receiving it as per their frequency. It was not a “one size fits all” way; but customised uniquely. That session, of course, I was hovering between the six language rooms in the webinar to see if all translators were comfortable doing their work.

By the time the session finished, I had a feeling of bubbles rising from molten lava, molten lava, within each participant. That’s when I realised, Mohanji was not just imparting knowledge through his talks, but there was a much different impact at the energy level for everyone; that’s what I was witnessing. I was feeling the bubbling, emerging hot molten lava.

The next day, as soon as Mohanji came, looking at him, there was a sharp light from his 3rd eye. Suddenly, I got flashes in my left eye. Usually, I get flashes in my eyes when I am about to get a migraine, which grows unbearable if I don’t take a painkiller!

I was already sitting in front of Mohanji with the video on, so I couldn’t get up for a headache pill. I tried to ignore it and kept focusing on Mohanji and listening to him. But the brightness was growing, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on Mohanji’s 3rd eye. Almost after 30 min, I felt normal and opened my eyes, and yes, I was normal, no headache. I then realised that flash in my left eye was not because of my usual migraine; I was witnessing the brightest glow in Mohanji’s presence.

The previous day’s inner awareness of the bubbles of molten lava and now this bright light confirmed to me that this online workshop with Mohanji was much beyond just a webinar teaching or discussion. Beyond words and explanations, Mohanji was working at the energy level, beyond the physical dimensions.

That day, Mohanji must have received thoughts and questions from many people, so before leaving the session after two hours, he said to the entire group to stay on and discuss, and he called out my name said, “Subhasree, please continue the discussion and question answers for some more time.”

This was a command coming from my Guru; I had no time to react to the surprise! The moment his words hit my ears, they hit my consciousness, I guess. What happened for the next 2 hours was magical. People were asking questions, and I was speaking… well not me, clearly Mohanji. I had no sensation of my body, my speech, my knowledge at that time. Words were flowing. When the session was over, there was an outpouring of appreciation messages from so many. From our internal group to participants, how they all felt that Mohanji was speaking through me!

The next day, during Mohanji’s live session, while I was concentrating on what Mohanji was teaching us, I noticed swelling in Mohanji’s face, especially in his left jaw area. Mohanji was constantly speaking, flowing spontaneously, with no sign of pain or uneasiness or anything like that. I felt that Mohanji was absorbing, taking on all those oozing bubbles from everyone… that’s his style of giving all of us protection while letting the deep cleansing process happen. I witnessed how Mohanji shields everyone, including me, and takes some of the effects on his physical body.

This day also Mohanji asked us to continue Q&A and discussion following his session, and we all would flow in his consciousness. I was feeling Mohanji’s presence in me. That time, I had no feeling of myself. The only awareness I had was that Mohanji was in me, driving the car, I was just holding the steering, and he was controlling everything, absolutely everything.

Every day, we started the session one hour earlier to test with the translators, then one and a half hours with Mohanji, followed by the discussion sessions for 2 hours afterwards. Usually, after the sessions, later in the evening, we had to complete some other tasks regarding communications, Q&A submitted by email or texts etc. And I also had my office work to do. So there was no counting of waking hours or food or other terrestrial things. My fingers, elbow, shoulder all would pain all night and be stiff when I woke up in the morning too. But as soon as I got ready and sat at the altar ready for the program, the 5 hours would pass like 5 minutes. I had the energy to work again till late in the night.

There were many hindrances, too, technical glitches, but none of these had any impact on the program. Problems were coming; they were dissolving. I felt as if we were doing an obstacle course running race. Obstacles appear; we jump over them and continue running.

As we were growing day by day, the effect of the deep process was getting more and more intense. Mohanji’s presence was evident. By making me anchor the sessions in his presence and the discussion session after he left, Mohanji had given me a different awareness, the awareness that Mohanji was working directly through me. I was reminded of what Mohanji had told me recently when I was with him in Serbia. “I work through you directly, in real. I work through you in actual and in factual.” These words of Mohanji were still vivid in my head. I was witnessing this happening now.

I was feeling the Mpowerment. I felt immense gratitude for this; Mohanji had put an ordinary stone from the roadside as a crystal on the podium! I didn’t ask, “Why?” I didn’t ask, “Do I deserve it?” I only melted; I dissolved. I realised this ego, this identity called ‘Subhasree’, had no meaning because I was not operating from my own physical body. For me, this was an experience of merging with Mohanji, going beyond physical dimensions.

Mohanji had empowered me in such a way that my fatigue, my physical pain, my lack of knowledge, my incapability – nothing mattered. Because he was in me, he was directly performing. He gave me a tiny taster of his huge capacity.

My inner voice was crying, “I am nothing. I am nothing. I don’t exist, Mohanji. Please let me stay merged with you forever. I am a bundle of mistakes, weakness, and naivety; please let me melt in you and let these impurities burn totally.”

As our discussions were flowing every day, the attendees would give such sweet compliments that though I felt honoured and grateful, I also was embarrassed. I am not used to such compliments and that too for something that Mohanji was doing! But I also knew they were seeing Mohanji exactly as I was feeling.

With the growing praises and appreciation from people pouring for me, I had another realisation. I realised that what Mohanji had showered on me without me expecting consciously or asking for it must be a deep-lying desire from the past that he is fulfilling and thus exhausting it!

These realisations of how Mohanji was empowering me, protecting me, fulfilling my unrealised desires and probably removing my karma, allowing me to witness a tiny glimpse of his multi-dimension work on everyone else, had a deep impact on me; the impact of gratitude to this greatness, the grandeur of my Master, my Guru.

At this stage, all I wish is to just stay in that state of being merged with Mohanji forever.  

Thank you, Mohanji, for everything you do for all of us in so many truly indescribable ways. 

Love You! 

Mohanji – my friend, philosopher & guide and beyond that, a connection in consciousness!


Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 16th September 2021


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