Mohanji Satcharita – Chapter 8 – “An unexpected journey”


Man thinks, God directs! This was experienced by Shivani Sanganeria as a simple desire that she had was fulfilled by our beloved Parabrahma in the most unexpected way! Read on and enjoy how the desire was fulfilled through this story in Chapter 8 of Mohanji Sacharita.

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Unexpected journey and communion with the Divine

By Shivani Sanganeria


I have known Baba (Mohanji) for the last 2 years, and my life has changed dramatically for the better. I have found my path, my guide and feel more connected to my soul.

One day while watching  Mohanji’s video on Shiva and Shivaratri, I decided to get a Shiva lingam (The lingam is the form symbol or the visible symbol of God, that which reminds us of the Omnipotent Lord, which is formless) for the auspicious day. I wanted to get it from Tarkeshwar, a well-known Shiva temple 2 hours away from Kolkata since I was planning to go there.

However, just days before Shivaratri, my husband had some work in Varanasi and asked me to join in as well.  I jumped at this fabulous opportunity to visit the holiest of all Shiva temples – Kashi Vishwanath and decided to get my Shiva lingam from there. I asked Mohanji mentally if it would be possible to meet Him there?  The answer was affirmative which I felt in my heart, and that made me more ecstatic.

On the auspicious day of Shivaratri, standing in front of Kashi-Vishwanath temple, I surrendered to Mohanji.  I hugged Nandi (the Bull-vehicle of Lord Shiva) tightly outside the sanctum and was overtaken with an intense feeling of love and bliss.  As I stepped inside the sanctum, I was overwhelmed with emotions, love for all, and bliss once again.  With Mohanji’s grace, all this was possible. After the beautiful darshan, I was also able to purchase a Shiva lingam.

One more event took me by surprise on this trip! My husband and I decided to go to Prayagraj for a dip in the Triveni Sangam (confluence of three rivers), which was completely unplanned.  What more could I ask for on this auspicious day? It was beyond my wildest dreams!!! I kept looking for Mohanji throughout the trip but could not find Him.

While returning, I silently asked Him that He did not meet me as promised, and voila! I got a reply. In that silent moment, it struck me that He did meet me.  He is Kashi Vishwanath, He is Shiva! 


I was again flooded with the beautiful feeling of love and bliss that I had during the darshan of the Shiva lingam at Kashi Vishwanath Temple.  I also remembered the lines from the Mohanji aarati, “Vishwanath dharate hain dhyan, sharan hain tumhari” (Lord of the Universe, who is immersed in deep meditation, we surrender to you).

I now realize that He has not only shown me the path, He is the path and He is also the destination.

Words are not enough to express how I feel. Love you always Mohanji.

With total gratitude at your lotus feet.

Shiva is beyond explanation, notion, understanding, or even awareness. Shiva is The Beyond. It has no comparisons, it has no boundaries, it is beyond dimensions. It is an experience that the experiencer dissolves completely into.
It is Shiva.” – Mohanji




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Mohanji’s EYES Changed my LIFE

Written by Dusan (Serbia)

 From doubts to faith

My name is Dusan. I live with my family in Belgrade from Serbia and I feel that it is my duty to share my experience with Mohanji, including how he came into my life and what he did for me as it may benefit some people who have doubting minds like me.

Before I met Mohanji I didn’t have much faith and didn’t believe in anything, including god, souls, past lives etc.

I almost felt handicapped or numb while feeling emotions deeply and displaying them to everybody, including my kids. I had three jobs at the same time and for me that was my life.

Then, in July 2015, my wife started to tell me about her Guruji (spiritual guide) and the meditations that she had been attending. On hearing this, I was very angry and deemed it to be non-sense. I told her she is manipulated by evil!

Two days later, when I took her phone, I saw Mohanji’s face as the screensaver. I immediately asked who this man was, and on her replying that this was her Guruji,  I started to feel some strange feeling in my body. In the same moment, I just couldn’t take away His picture from my mind.

The next day after I saw Mohanji’s picture for the first time, I became ill and got a temperature of 39.5°C. I was in bed for 5 days and constantly kept looking at His picture and crying!

I was so confused, and asked myself what was happening. But deeply, in my heart, I strongly felt that I  finally found the meaning of my life. I found Mohanji on Facebook, and shared my experience. It was a  soul recognition, because we’ve known each other for so many lives.

After that I started going for group meditations held in my city by Mohanji Foundation. I started to watch Mohanji’s videos on You Tube and felt a stronger connection day by day.  My life started to change very fast.

I started to spend more time with my kids, expressed a lot of love to my family, and finally I almost didn’t think about my jobs, however, I started to earn more money!  Divine Grace started to flow!


In September I had an incredible experience. As I sat in my living room with my kids playing around me, I looked at Mohanji’s picture and within a few moments, I was in the astral plane with Mohanji. He took my hand and started to bring me into the light. That light was the most beautiful light that I have ever seen in my entire life. On asking Mohanji what it was, He simply asked me to come closer. Each step was more beautiful than the previous one. My wife told me that I was shaking and crying at the same time! I wasn’t even aware of it, it was transcendental. All my life I have been a heavy consumer of very strong drugs, but I have never seen anything like this in my highest hallucinations!! The next day I asked Mohanji about this experience. I understood that He showed me my soul! An amazing soul who was very strong and beautiful.

Until May last year, I had several ups and downs in my life. I had been addicted to drugs and gambling.  I quitted playing roulette and slots. I also stopped abusing cocaine and synthetic drugs but couldn’t seem to get rid of marijuana and my habit of placing bets. I just didn’t have the strength for it.

On the 1st of May this year, I was truly blessed when Mohanji visited me in my apartment. My mind kept playing games and kept confusing me. Alas, when I saw Mohanji, I simply confessed everything to Him. I told Him how impossible it was for me to quit marijuana and betting.

In one go, He asked me to just stand straight and He pressed his fingers into my lower stomach and my spine with His divine touch. I felt a strange sensation which cannot be put into words. But from that day onwards, I felt released of my addiction completely! In fact, I feel that I’ve never had a problem with addiction at all!

I know this is truly unbelievable, but my purpose to share this is to give hope to the ones who’re struggling with addiction just as I was. I know how hard it is to fight that and I still really do not know how to thank Mohanji for this incredible shift!! Faith made the difference. Complete faith is very important.


I would like to mention another incredible experience with Mohanji which I was blessed to have. This happened during my retreat with Mohanji in May 2016. All of us were sitting sharing our experiences of retreat and Mohanji.  Mohanji was not in the room with us.

I suddenly felt the need to change my seat. I moved to a seat on one side of the room in the third row. As soon as I moved, I saw Mohanji come into the room and walk towards his seat on the stage. As he entered the room, I felt as if he was walking towards me.

Mohanji sat down on his chair and started looking at everybody in the room. Finally his eyes rested on the face of a woman who was sitting in front of me. He started looking at her intently, without batting an eyelid, and she reciprocated the same way. Meanwhile the experience sharing was going on. Mohanji was doing something with this woman. I was right behind her and I could not bear the intensity of his eyes.

During experience sharing, Mohanji seemengly looked ordinary

At first I started to feel a lot of heat in my heart which grew stronger and stronger. This became more intense by the minute. After 10 minutes I almost stopped to feel my body.  My heart rate was more than 180 and temperature felt more than 40° C. I almost felt that I would explode but at the same time I could neither move nor explain to anyone what was going on.

Suddenly, as I looked at him, I felt Mohanji changing shapes. Everything in that room, from the people to their voices, started to disappear. What remained was just Mohanji and His eyes!  That time I saw unbelievable fire emitting out from His third eye!! SHIVA!!!


 It was so hard for me to digest this experience. All along I perceived Him to simply be a man. I somehow didn’t relate to Him as predominantly Consciousness itself or a Master beyond the body. I fell on the floor and cried my heart out.

Oh, I have never cried like that in my life! I still couldn’t feel my body but felt so infinitely blessed to see the Master in the form that was revealed to me.

It’s a pity that words are so limited. Words can never do justice to what I have felt in real life.

I can only say that I 100% saw GOD in human form with Mohanji’s light and power shining through.

I sincerely wish that you all get a chance to see that, because after that you can definitely never be the same person again.  I can only hope that my sharing can give you an idea of the immensity of what I felt.

Mohanji tells us how one knows if an experience is real or a hallucination. Real experience will change you.

All the blessings that I have received have led to inner peace, the freedom from terrible addiction and a life full of love. I am still digesting these experiences.

And after this particular experience of witnessing Mohanji’s radiating third eye, I feel connected to him 24/7. I see my life floating by and feel that I can actually ‘watch’ my mind more now. People’s behaviour toward me has changed for the better.

Thank you to everyone who took out the time to read this experience. I think most of us really don’t know how blessed we actually are to have Mohanji near us!! I was indeed double lucky to be blessed with this vision, too.

Dear Master, one more time thank you for everything!!!!!

Love you